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  • Day 13 UK FD

    Not eaten yet – strangely full day & feeling weird.Definitely not drunk enough today even tho i’ve had 2 litres water plus peppermint tea. Just finished long afternoon/eve with my 82yo mother, filling in form for additional help with day to day living. Seriously chuffed we got it done, but goodness I’m tired.

    Tomorrow is emergency dentist appt as I think i have an abscess. Difficult to know if pain is throat infection or tooth but hopefully get to the bottom of it. Not my best week healthwise!!! Late supper will be vegan fish and lots of green vegetables – banking a FD feels an achievement.

    Whatever you are doing, go gently 🙂

    Day 14, NFD, Aus

    Yesterday’s planned FD went south. Just don’t know what’s happening with my will power. I guess it secretly wants to elope with my mojo. What a couple they’d made, but just think what they could achieve if they combined their might for good!

    Still, I’m still posting. The next fortnight will be a challenge, however, as I’m travelling with work and I know that’s always difficult for me to make wise food choices.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Day 14, FD, Aus.
    I went out to lunch yesterday & had sweets & I am still full. So glad today is a FD!

    Day 13, UK, FD

    I’m still here, lurking in the background. I haven’t posted for few days because I feel I would just be a negative influence sice I just can’t seem to find my feet fasting 😟
    So I’ll keep quiet and read …..

    You guys rock, I love you all ❤

    Day 14 country west Australia NFD
    Day 13 FD
    Happy with the scales this morning after a good FD yesterday.
    Now just have to be mindful today…..

    Day 13 Oregon CD
    Day 12 NFD
    Day 11 FD
    Still wiped out from the migraine or more likely virus. Had a good FD on Tuesday. Next FD will have to be Saturday. Planned on yoga tonight but life interfered. I have to watch myself being all or nothing on exercise, as in, “It’s unavoidable when life happens sometimes and interferes with exercise, it is not the end of the world…”:/
    @penz, I loved your phrase about will power secretly eloping with mojo! Perfectly describes my week:)
    Good luck to any Feb 14 fasters!

    Day 14 – Japan – NFD

    Water fast day #12 was easy. Not overeating today is a different story.

    Day 14: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Well done to all of you who successfully fasted yesterday, and to those of us who didn’t…STAY WITH US, there’s always another day and 5:2 is flexible, ok?
    @dykask: You are so lucky, or should I say well disciplined….finding your water fasts so easy….but then, you’ve had loads of practice, and practice makes perfect.
    @penz: I know the feeling (very well) but stay with us and don’t beat yourself up. xx
    @shinything: Same for you….keep on reading and give us some posts too xx
    @angrypony: Get well soon xx

    Pocket list day 14:


    GO for it…..

    Yesterdays zero calorie day done.
    It’s strange how hunger passes. I went to bed early yesterday (9pm) because I was starving and really struggling, yet I’ve no hunger this morning. Maybe it’s because I know i’ll be eating at 10am.
    Good luck to all those fasting today.

    Day 14, Emden Germany, FD

    @michelinme take care!

    @shinything hi to you!

    @at how are you, haven’t heard from you for a while?

    Pocket list day 14


    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 14 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    What day is it??? Just back from a weeks holiday in the sun and have lost track of the days, so it’s great to realise it’s Friday and I am not back in work until Monday 💃
    I have not weighed but there has been a gain..I can feel it.

    I have only got to Day 7 on the forum so will have to catch up later as I really want to get out there and get my first decent walk in a week (my friend on holiday has bad knees and hips so our walks were slow strolls with lots of sitting down breaks).

    I have come back from Lanzarote with a very hoarse throat and voice almost gone. Not from singing either…I must have picked up a virus or something but as the rest of me feels ok I am going to get out there and get some nice damp Irish air, which would hopefully be better for my throat and lungs than the dry sand-filled air of windy Lanzarote 🤔

    Later my dears….looking forward to catching up. Happy St Valentines too 😘

    Day 14 – CD – Ireland
    🚫 ✅ 🤸‍♂️
    Happy valentines to all you lovely people! ♥️
    Hoping for a good day generally… yesterday was not a good day… one of those days where lots went wrong and I had lots to deal with and ended up with a migraine but @angrypony like you I think it’s all viral… blood results were generally good but some markers indicating that my auto immune condition might be flaring up so I was a little upset by that… back to consultants for more tests….I’m over it now but was glum yesterday…
    @ccco and others on the dry I hope you are doing well! I may imbibe this weekend…🍹 we will see!
    @michelinme there is nothing quite like the feeling of a form well filled out… 🤗 good luck with the dentist!
    Stay with us @shinything and @basyjames 💪💕 and any one else who is struggling….
    Well done on a zero calorie day @mrshuggy I’m not sure I could manage that!!! And good luck to @cateaus, @snowflake56 and all other fasters today!!!
    Off for a weekend away and to enjoy quality time with my man ♥️
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 14 – Lake District Cumbria UK – NFD

    Another small loss this week so the tail end of the graph on my tracker creeps ever lower! The 4 days B2B FD’s worked, especially as last weekend more calories consumed than intended when I checked the weeks notes!
    Not feeling particularly hungry this morning, which is a surprise, however will have coffee for breakfast and look forward to a decent lunch.
    Halfway through February already, I’ve got to keep going, my first target is getting ever nearer!

    @michelinme – make sure on hydration, I felt weird a couple of times when not drinking enough on FD’s especially early in the day, worked it out, just not drinking enough.

    @penz @shinything @basyjames – plenty of spare seats on this wagon, grab a couple and give the second half of February a go! I need company, it’s slow going for me at the moment, need weather to improve then I can get gardening, it’s only being bloody minded (and being on here) that’s keeping me going!

    @daffodil2010 – don’t worry about the holiday gain, it’ll soon go, hope you recover from the bug quickly.

    Take care all.

    Day 14 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Woke feeling tired and not in the mood for a FD yesterday, but because I’m stubborn and I know how easy it would be to slip out of routine FDs I just managed with an apple and coffee until my evening meal of tuna salad. Slept really well, still feeling a bit groggy but I think its just the time of year, looking forward to spring and brighter days but there is another storm forecast for this weekend so I won’t be getting outdoors much and that affects my mood. February always seems extra challenging and probably my most dangerous time for weight gain with a combination of birthday celebrations and winter blues. Maintenance is feeling like hard work and the temptation to have a month off is strong……but I know where that would lead so I will push on with my Monday and Thursday FDs. I’m not going to mess up now 😉

    @shinything good to hear you’re still with us. I know how you feel. Hang on 🤗

    My next FD is Monday, going to enjoy a few 🍷over the weekend but will keep food choices healthy. Maybe sugar treats over my birthday week contributed to my low mood 🤔 this week.

    Happy Valentines everyone 💗

    Day 14. NFD Siracusa Sicily.

    Just popping in to stay in touch. Hope to haul myself back on the wagon next Friday. Sicily is stuffed with good food. As am I ….

    Day 14 UK NFD

    Small victory – no alcohol since Sunday and scales may not be reflecting my efforts but when getting changed for Pilates this morning delighted to feel a reduction in the dreaded back fat over my bra – tmi maybe but it makes me happy and motivated Have a good Friday everyone x

    Day 14 Oxfordshire, UK – FD/CD?
    Today may end up being a CD rather FD as we’re having a day out. So although I may walk further there may be more temptation.
    Happy Valentine’s day everyone.

    Day 14, Cheshire UK, NFD

    Yesterday’s FD, went well although I struggled with hunger all day. Today will not be controlled in any way as we have bought one of the supermarkets valentine “meal deals” . When choosing the food my head was saying get the fresh strawberries for dessert, so how did the chocolate cheesecake end up in the basket 🥴.

    Tomorrow is a friends birthday celebration, a Chinese banquet. So no lunch and I’ve volunteered to drive so at least I can avoid alcohol.

    Not expecting the scales to be kind on my Monday weigh in.

    Happy Friday everyone.

    Day 14 UK FD (800)

    Willpower a bit missing today and yesterday. Mainly because I’m not at work , I think! Anyway will try to keep to 800 calories today to minimise damage.
    Thanks to @betsylee,,@CateAus, @jaifaim, @snowflake56, @matpi, @michelinme,@Caren 2 for good wishes after my little op!

    You are right @ciren2 re NHS management. I went to the clinic in April last year and had all the tests. At the end up was told the Surgery risk outweighed my need for it. This despite a continuing struggle to see when driving especially at night. So I consulted privately and was told there was no problem doing the surgery on what I considered my “bad” eye , and not only that he would fix the other eye too as that was becoming critical.
    I have to say it’s the first time I have paid for treatment and up till now have luckily not needed any! I couldn’t be happier. Great personal care and attention and wonderful surgery outcome!

    Day 14 UK CD

    Weekly weigh day. I’ve bounced up and down again, now back at 154lb/70kg, where I started the month. Feeling v puffy and large, aware that a poor few months has bounced me back to where I was in May 2018, 6 months into my 5:2 journey! Hoping that paying attention again, back to 5:2 basics and food diary will make for good progress over the second half of this month.

    Acute pain since last night – could be an abscess, worsening of the nerve damage in my neck or this very generous virus. Off to dentist shortly and hoping for some helpful answers.

    Baked bread this morning for a community gathering tomorrow. Trying on clothes and reading posts has helped me to resist the lure of taste testing! And reminds me that I rarely eat bread now – that habit has stuck 🙂 I used to bake a weekly loaf, now I only bake for community events – two this weekend! I’ll enjoy bread as part of them, but not today. Going to gently stretch then omelette and salad.

    TGet well wishes to all who are suffering. Hold fast to all who are struggling. Today is a great day to reset for the second half of Feb, and practice wonderful self-care. Well done to all who are harnessing mojo – keep posting, your encouragement is priceless.

    Whatever today brings, go gently x

    Day 14 Happy Valentine’s Day everyone! 36hr WFD for me today

    I completely forgot today is Valentine’s Day, OH was out of town all week and is returning today, I will stick with my planned fast though and break as scheduled at 7am tomorrow. There is an office potluck planned in the conference room across from my office at noon; needless to say I plan to stay away and not indulge.

    @mr Shuggy hunger does come in waves, and when ignored goes away. What I love about fasting is how it builds on itself, not giving in to impulse makes it easier to resist the next time and then the next…

    @flourbaby thanks for the ACV tip, I tried it last night and I did sleep better. I still felt too warm when I slept on my tummy but when I rolled over I felt fine. The cold air this morning was so refreshing. Funny how things change, I used to freeze all the time and now I welcome cold air – Wow!

    Thanks for the encouragement guys. I am not going anywhere, I remember what happened the last time I did that – epic wagon falling and all that! so no matter what, I plan to stick around and post for accountability; even if I can’t respond to posts

    Pocket list day 14:

    Anyone else hopping on?

    USA /day 14 FD

    Joining the pocket list today for a regular 500 calorie FD

    respond to posts

    Pocket list day 14:

    Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone. Since it is Valentine’s Day, I don’t expect our pocket list will be very long. Jaifaim, that going dry “thing” seems to be more difficult than giving up food!! LOL I love my wine in the evening in front of the fireplace in the Winter. In the Summer I have less trouble because I find wine too heavy in the hot weather. Needless to say, I am struggling a bit but persevering! Whenever I drink, I put on weight! Nasty business!

    Anyway, today I am working hard to come in at 504 calories at the end of the day! 🙂 I am doggysitting for two weeks while my daughter and her family go to the Caribbean, so walking the dog should add more opportunities for exercise!! I love her dog, so no problem!

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Not a bad day on my deliveries today…weather dry but cloudy, which was fine. Mail not too heavy….not too many valentine cards and only one bouquet of flowers! Leaflets all mostly delivered.
    @mia139: I think you did right to go privately….it’s a different world, and a great result for you. Several years ago my DH had a tear in his shoulder tendons, he was in a lot of pain. The NHS surgeon said he was “too old”….at 62!!!….to have it done, and the tear was “too large”. He paid £5,000 for the private op. This was eleven years ago, and his shoulder is fine.

    Pocket list day 14:

    Day 14 Canada NFD

    Still not feeling great, going to try flushing the system with lots of 💧💧💧

    USA Day 14 FD

    Ciren2, I couldn’t help but comment on what your husband was told by the doctor! I was 55 yo the first time a doctor told me that. He was in his early 40s at the time. I thought just wait until you are in your 50s and see how you feel when some doctor says that to you!!! Now I aim 70, so you can imagine what I am getting now, but I don’t give up. I am not dead yet! Just help me so I can get on with my business, even if I have to find someone else to help me. I am glad your husband went private but am sorry you had to pay out of pocket!

    Day 14 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Just checking in, better late than never! Hassle-free FD yesterday.

    Welcome back @daffodil2010, & a Happy Valentine’s Day (whatever that means?) to all.💘💔

    Day 13 and 14 posts, MD, US NFD

    Great news I see a difference at the end of this week, my appetite is lower and energy is good. Generally eating less and I feel strong knowing I got through my 3 FDs to date. Woo! My DH feels good too. Tiny miracles, will take it. NFD and it’s Valentines Day, he’s a pretty good cook so we’re having steak and lobster, I plan to enjoy it….did my solidcore class today and here’s to the weekend. Enjoy the rest of your Valentines Day All! 💘

    Day 14 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Very lovely Valentine’s Day here – hope you all had an equally nice one. I have over eaten, mostly healthy food at least (salmon, creamed spinach and baked potato with some Rhine wine for supper).

    Onward and downward.

    Day 14 Ohio, US — MFD
    Day 13 — NFD

    Yesterday was pretty busy and I was really wiped out last evening, as well as most of today. Maybe it’s the mid-winter doldrums?! In any case I’ll probably call it an early evening. With any luck tomorrow will be another day.

    Earlier this week I picked up three cookies (or biscuits) at the store and had them for an afternoon snack. One of the local supermarkets has a fantastic baking section where you can buy cookies one at a time. I felt really guilty about doing that. Then I realized that a year ago I was likely to buy a whole box of cookies and finish them off in a single sitting. So a lot of progress has been made! I think I need to shift my mindset from feeling guilty about sweet treats to incorporating them mindfully into my diet. It appears that I have some control, although far from perfect, and little by little I can see that increasing.

    @ciren2 When I was 62 I had a rock-climbing accident and had to have major shoulder surgery on my tendons. The recovery took a while, and has been complete. Fortunately we aren’t bound by doctors’ limiting beliefs. My favorite story about ageism in medicine is the following:

    A woman in her 80’s went to see her doctor about pain in her left knee. The doctor did an examination and then told her: “Nothing can be done. It’s just old age.” The woman replied: “The other knee is just as old and it doesn’t hurt. So why don’t you get busy and fix what’s wrong with the left knee.”

    I always keep that story in the back of my mind when I go for a medical visit.

    Pocket list day 14:

    Day 15, Emden Germany, FD

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 15: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Another stormy day coming up….a stormy weekend I think. Anyway, I’m absolutely NOT looking forward to working out in it today! I am taking a towel and a complete change of clothes to work, so that I don’t soak my car on the way home. Also I expect there will be next week’s leaflets to put into the frame first.

    @ccco: @matpi: The main problem, unfortunately, with our healthcare service is there is never enough money, caused by years of bad mindset and top-heavy management. Sadly, reform is difficult as it’s a political hot potato and somewhat a sacred cow. Everything has to be “free at the point of use”. My daughter, working in Australia, says they have to pay into an insurance system there, and there are doctors’ surgeries everywhere, all private, and you can go to another, if not happy with the first!

    Time for work….see you all later….probably looking like a drowned rat!

    Day 15 – Lake District Cumbria UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Going to be very wet and very windy this weekend, a number of predicted floods, hope everyone keeps safe.

    Take care all

    Day 15 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – CD

    To my fellow Brits – stay safe from Storm Dennis!

    Have a good weekend everyone 🌈

    Day 15, Cheshire UK NFD.

    Quick check in this morning. Another storm is on its way so no walking today. Looking forward to the Chinese meal later. I’m toying with the idea of trying a FD tomorrow, first ever on a Sunday. I’ll give it a go anyway. If I manage it then it’ll be b2b as Mo days fast day is set in stone for me!

    Good luck to anyone fasting today.

    Happy Saturday everyone.

    Day 15 Melb Aust NFD
    Day 14 CD

    Did okay this past week. Weigh-in this morning has me at a 0.9 kg loss over last week, which is good. I still have quite a way to go to get back to where I was around April last year, but we live in hope, and persevere. The point is, never give up! TDEE tomorrow, then back to 3 FD800s during next week.

    Hang in there, everyone, whether you’re struggling physically or mentally.

    Day 15 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Doing a OMAD today going out to dinner for our Valentine’s Day treat. Sure did enjoy yesterday,though, so must be judicious today.

    @matpi – LOVE your healthcare story, and at 71 I will remember that my joints are all the same age! 🙂

    Onward and downward.

    USA Day 15 FD

    Okay! Yesterday’s FD was a wash. Valentine’s Day candy and wine got in the way! No problem. Today is another day and a new FD500. Have a great day, everyone!

    Day 15 UK NFD

    Just checking in for accountability. Storm D is here (can’t keep up with the names) and I’m tempted to snucker down & snack!

    On antibiotics for infected tooth. Dentist suspects it may have been there a while & either exacerbated by or the cause of throat infection. Well that might explain why I’ve been feeling under the weather for the last few weeks.

    Ate 3 slices of my gf oat bread last night and woke puffed up like a michelin man! Weighed in at 158lb this morning, 4lbs up on yesterday & really feeling it. Baking another loaf this afternoon for an event tomorrow but won’t be snacking!!

    I think my back to basics isn’t working yet – and certainly not with two events in a weekend. Get thru tomorrow on maximum mindfulness and look forward to Monday FD. So looking forward to Lent and the extra boost it gives my mojo!

    Whatever today brings, go gently x

    Postal delivery was horrible today. The storm, which got really bad from 11am, soaked me. I slipped into a muddy puddle and twisted my knee as well as soaking my foot…it would have been worse if a van hadn’t been parked right there to catch me….or I would have gone straight to the boggy ground and looked a right sight! My knee hurts though…I took a change of clothes to work, and glad I did, as I was able to drive home in dry ones! I think it’s going to be wet and windy all weekend.
    @betsylee: You did better than me. Of the 2kg I gained while on holiday last week, I’ve lost 0.8kg…..sigh! Easy on, hard off!
    @michelinme: An infected tooth sounds pretty grim…I wouldn’t be at all surprised if your general feeling of ill health has been connected. I hope the antibiotics help.

    Day 15 Florida USA CD @bellyblast I can relate-I came down with a cold yesterday too. It’s ironic because my husband and I took a great 8 mile bike ride for Valentines Day. My bike is motorized but the effort to get out there and move with MS is still a lot. I’m drinking lots of water and tea. I’m in my first week of Dr Moseley’s “Fast 800.” I intend to do it for 8 weeks but if I reach my goal sooner I’ll go on Maintenance. Historically I slip while on Maintenance but I’m pretty sick of that pattern. Maybe the 800 calorie version of 5/2 will work better for me once I reach my goal.

    Day 15 Canton OH NFD

    Very, very late post today. Just checking in and reading posts while I wait for my nails to dry 🙂
    Went out for a steak dinner with the family for the day-after-valentine’s-day dinner. I cherish these opportunities as DD is heading off to college in the fall and I expect family gatherings will become less and less common. Time marches on relentlessly…

    After much debating, I have decided to maintain at this weight for now. I was told I was too skinny at my previous weight, and maybe I was; I was able to wear a US size zero jacket and I remember celebrating that here. Now I’m a comfortable US size 4-6 across the board. Healthy and strong, but not a size zero. I have been wondering if I need to try to get back there and I think probably not.

    Long, musing post while my nails dry, thank you for being here to listen. Nighty night

    Weekly weigh-in.
    Lost exactly 2lb last week. Slow and steady.

    Day 16 – Lake District Cumbria – CFD

    Good morning everyone

    Well that was a wild and windy night, woke up a time or two and the rain was battering the windows. Luckily stopped this morning but everything awash, hope those in danger of flooding are OK.
    Yesterday, despite the weather …. we had a BBQ !!!
    Admittedly tucked in the garage doorway with the wind blowing away from us! The problem was I wanted to try a Tart Flambe recipe, which is best done in wood fire oven, next best thing, our BBQ. So fired it up and what a decision, will certainly be doing that again! Brillant, a real treat, Rick Stein recipe, very simple and quick to make. Went nicely with a beer or two, needless to say was my 5:2 ‘day off’ yesterday.

    @basyjames – I would suggest from your own comments you feel healthier, stronger and comfortable where you are now, so stick with it.

    @MrShuggy – yes, slow and steady, when I first started weight dropped off quickly, now very happy at 1 lb a week, just as long as I don’t fall of the WOL wagon and head upwards!

    Take care all

    Day 15, Emden Germany, NFD

    yesterday’s FD didn’t happen, will go for another FD tomorrow.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 16: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    STILL raining…they say we had a month’s worth in one day yesterday. At least I don’t have to be working in it today….phew! I’ve walked the dog however, so still got wet already.
    @snowflake56: sorry about your fast-day….I empathise, but at least you will do one tomorrow, so you’re better than me in that department!
    @basyjames: It’s good to find a weight that we can maintain on….rather than a “perfect” but unobtainably lower weight. So. celebrate; you’re a maintainer!
    I couldn’t maintain at the weight I once reached….my body seems determined I should be 10kg higher than my ideal…..sigh!
    @mr-shuggy: 2 pounds lost per week always seems to be held up as the gold standard….so I say it’s good.
    @i-hate-lettuce: As you say, the key is not falling off the wagon…..that’s where I went wrong.

    Day 16, London, UK, NFD,

    Another NFD to contend with and I’m feeling less than positive, I seem to have had the urge to consume as much sugar as possible!! Day 14 was relatively controlled, but dinner at my brother’s yesterday saw a fabulous Indian spread with wine, sticky-toffee pudding (THE food of the Gods!!) & cake!! I indulged, I enjoyed it but unfortunately the slice of cake I bought home served as a ridiculous breakfast this morning!!!!…………………… Doh!!! My teeth are itching from soooo much sugar!!

    Anyway, c’est la vie!! I’m going back to my posts from Jan 2017 to rekindle the positivity and that “Wow, this works, AND it’s easy!!!” feeling I had then. I know what to do, I …….just ……… need ………. to ……… do ……… IT!!! I refuse to fall off of this wagon!!

    Happy fasting folks, tomorrow is another day, another day to shine!!!

    Day 15 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD
    Day 16 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD Yesterday I definitely ate too much and today feel a little queasy. But we are due to meet DD, DS and partner for a lunch at local Thai/Indian restaurant. So definitely will be a NFD.
    I hope all those suffering from the flooding round the UK are ok. I’ve just seen pictures of the high street in my dad’s home town in south Wales. The river Taff has broken its banks. Must be devastating.

    Day 16, Cheshire UK, FD?

    Trying for a FD today after the last couple of days. So far I’ve just had a couple of cups of tea. We’ll see how it goes. I’m trying not to think too much about the valentines chocolates I was saving till tonight.

    I didn’t sleep much last night, thanks to Dennis. It was really windy and one of the dogs kept getting on and off our bed as she couldn’t settle, so I’m a little blurry today.

    Good luck to all my fellow fasters today.

    Day 16 UK NFD

    Enjoying the weekend but as usual overindulged But if I can be good Mon – Fri enjoy a few treats at the weekend and still lose some weight I’ll be happy Just need to find that balance Will be fasting tomorrow as usual on a Monday

    USA Day 16 CD

    Today will be a controlled day. Good luck, everyone, and hopefully you all are having a lovely weekend!

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