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  • USA Day 28 WFD

    Dykask, I have a few more hours to go and I am not even hungry yet! I did wake up too early. I don’t really understand why water fasting affects my sleep!

    Did my weekly weighin and last one for the month and found myself down a little over 2 lbs. It would have been 4 lbs. for the month but I got back on the roller coaster earlier this month!! 🙂 Somehow, now I think I’ve gotten completely back off the rollercoaster and back on the wagon. I seem to be in a good groove right now. I will eat again at 1 p.m. and keep myself very busy until then. I feel really good, so I think I will be doing another water fast on Monday. 24 hour fasts seem to be my sweet spot. It took me long enough to find that out and I need to stick with one pattern of eating all through March. My downfall has been I keep changing my plan, until I have no plan!! LOL

    Rocket List – Day 28

    Jumping onto the rocket list (rabette, I love it!!), since I am still on my water fast for a few more hours!

    Sorry for your loss AT! And Snowflake56, sorry to see you leave! Perhaps you will jump back every now and then. Ciren2, thank you for hosting this month. I was certainly kind of you.

    Have a great day, everyone! The grocery store is calling me!! LOL

    Day 28 – Donegal – FD

    Last fast of the month and thanks to @ciren2 for hosting February. Hopefully Storm Jorge won’t be too bad tomorrow 🤞. Stay safe everyone

    @at sorry for your losses x very sad

    Pocket / Rocket list Day 28 🚀

    Day 29, Cheshire UK NFD

    @at. So sorry for your losses,take care of yourself.

    Yesterday’s FD was a success, mainly due to the most horrible stew I cooked for tea last night. I couldn’t eat it and ended up having a small bowl of rice pudding instead!

    Today will be a controlled day at just over 1000 calories. I went to Chester Zoo earlier (you can go into the elephant house free) and saw their new baby elephant, less than 2 days old and no one knows what sex it is. A real cutie and the care her mum and big sister were giving was just lovely to see. On a dank windy day it was just the tonic I needed.

    I’m hoping to be controlled over the weekend and have volunteered to drive to friends tomorrow again to keep me off the booze. Our pub stay next week will not be controlled so wanting to get ahead.

    Happy Friday everyone.

    @at – very sad news. It reminds us to take care of each other because you never know what lies in store.
    FD yesterday went west – just didn’t want to do it. Reset button for Monday. New month, gives me the weekend to pull myself together. WF isn’t for me I don’t think. I found it too hard. Back to 500 cals. I can do that. Have a good, and safe, weekend all.

    Day 4 UK CD

    Good Afternoon All

    I’m continuing to follow 18:6 which I feel helps. I know from experience that the earlier in the day I start to eat, the more rampant my appetite and I ultimately end up eating over my calorie allowance. The later I start to eat the more successful my endeavours. Today I had intended having a FD but I woke cold & hungry. I had hot drinks which in part took the hunger away but I remained cold and could not get warm even though the heating was on and I was wearing layers. Therefore I ate a proper meal at 1:00pm. Warmed up a treat 🙂

    I enjoy reading about everyone’s experience and how people implement this wol. All helpful and interesting. Thank you for sharing.

    Thank you @ciren2 for hosting February and I really appreciate @michelinme for hosting March. I’m very much looking forward to navigating March successfully. Hopefully losing a bit in the process.

    I’m planning my next 7 days menus/FD/CD/NFDs. I find if I meal plan it helps keep me on track.

    USA Day 28 WFD

    I am hungry now but don’t have too much longer to go. I am patting myself on the back for grocery shopping while hungry and not buying anything I shouldn’t be eating!! It was very very tempting. I will have to wait until I eat again at 1 p.m. because I am feeling a little weak and dizzy!!

    Hope everyone is doing well today!

    Day 28 Canton OH WFD

    Hey y’all, it’s good to be back! I had a wonderful time away, the food was so good and it was great to let loose in a different environment. But I am glad to be back and fasting 

    I actually really enjoy the way I feel when I fast; and I sleep better because I am cooler. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy eating, and I like indulging in special treats once in a while but the hold is not as strong as it once was. Maybe it’s curse of carbs inducing hot flashes, the fact that after a while everything kinda tastes the same, combined with the realization that food tastes better after a series of water fasts. Quality over quantity seems to work better for me. Does anyone feel the same way?

    @matpi that is awesome!!! Stories like that just warm my heart. Losing a wallet is a scary thing, like losing your phone. So glad you found it and so glad there are still honest people in the world

    @ccco I also sleep for less hours and wake up too early when I water fast. My hypothesis is that the body is not digesting food- which uses energy- and so has less need for rest. Also kudos on grocery shopping while hungry, that takes a lot of self-control and will power. Try putting some pink salt under your tongue; it may help with the weak and dizzy feeling…

    @at so sorry for all your losses. Warm Hugs

    @snowflake56 we will miss you very much. You know what you need and you have a duty to seek it for yourself. I had to do the same thing last year, I was overburdened and just needed the time off. I eventually returned when I was ready. When you are ready, we will be here to welcome you back

    This forum has been so good to so many of us, like a comfortable blanket it’s always here; there are always newbies to this WOL and seasoned oldies to offer support. I am so grateful for you all. Thank you for hosting February @ciren2 and thank you for offering to host March @michelinme

    love the Rocket list 🙂

    Rocket list Day 28 🚀

    Day 28, md US, NFD

    @ciren2 thank you for hosting this month!

    @at, so sorry for your losses. I truly feel the connectivity and any loss of a soul who has touched us can be hard.❤️

    Starting weekend early, off today but doing errands and some self care. Will try to keep it a controlled day and my 16/8 over the w/e. Monday is controlled FD for start of March. 🌼

    Awful, awful wet, rainy and miserable day on the deliveries today….wet through. Clothes now on the radiators, shoes in the airing cupboard….AGAIN!

    Now, don’t forget, February has 29 days this year, don’t all go saying goodbye yet! There one more day to go before we move on to March, kindly hosted by @michelinme.

    @at: So sorry to hear your sad news ((hugs)) xx
    Many of you have done well this month, recording losses. I hasten to add that I am (sadly) not one of those people….in fact I’ve gained. It all started with the two kilos I put on during my week off, and I just can’t seem to shift them….Ggrrr

    See you tomorrow for the last day of the February Challenge xx

    Day 28 Canada FD

    @at I’m so sorry to hear your losses, take care of yourself and those around you

    Rocket list Day 28 🚀

    Day 28 Oxfordshire, UK – CD

    @at – so sorry to hear of your pain. Sending loving wishes. Take care of yourself.

    @snowflake 56 – look after yourself and reduce those stresses. I left work due to stress, but it wasn’t until some months later I realised just how ill I’d been.

    Today has been a CD so far. We’re out tonight at a Jazz evening so I’m aiming to be controlled. We’ll see.

    USA Day 28 WFD

    My WFD has successfully come to a conclusion! I was relief to eat again. Now on to my next Monday WFD! I am determined that March will bring me into maintenance! Yay!

    Day 28 USA (Illinois) OMAD

    February has flown by, or at least just for me. Maintaining quite well on 6:1. Planning on continuing into March, Why not?

    Onward and downward

    Day 29 Melb Aust TDEE

    Weighed in this morning – a loss of 3.9 kg this month, which is really pleasing to jumpstart me into losing weight again after my gains. I had really hoped for the 4 kg, but yesterday’s FD just didn’t cause any shift on the scales. My measurements are less, which is great.

    Hope most of us have experienced a positive February. @at, sorry for your losses, and @ciren2, you’ve been so busy hosting us, you haven’t had a chance to focus on your own weight journey (that’s your “leave” ticket for this month! 🙂 ).

    See you all (I hope) on the March forum.

    Day 29, Tasmania, Australia, NFD.
    It feels good to wake up after a fast day & just enjoy healthy meals, without really worrying about counting every calorie. I will weigh on Tuesday I think after my Monday fast & then not again until the end of March. I lost 2kg in Feb & am very happy with that.
    @AT- I am so sorry that you have had so much sadness & loss. That is a lot to cope with. What an honour to be asked to speak at your friend’s funeral. I hope you cope ok with it.

    Day 29: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    It’s STILL raining here! 24 hours now, continuously. So I’m about to trudge out and get my car out for the wet journey to work….the roads will be running like rivers, probably.
    Well, today’s the last day of this monthly challenge, so let’s make it a good, controlled one.

    See you later xx

    Stay safe, Ciren2 & thank you for hosting the Feb challenge. It has really helped me get back on track.

    Day 29 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    That’s February done and a big thank you to Ciren2 for keeping the wagon on the road this month. Been a good month for me – 4lbs and has set me up for a fresh start tomorrow!

    See you on the March challenge folks.

    Take care all

    Day 29 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Another good FD yesterday, but the last stubborn half-kilo won’t budge. I’m not going to stress over half a kilo, & I’m sure I would have shifted it if February wasn’t such a short month. That’s my excuse…😜

    @at – my condolences, and a virtual hug 🤗

    @ciren2 – thanks so much for hosting February. I hope you managed to stay dry today?!

    Wishing everyone a pleasant weekend; see you in March! 🐣

    Day 29, Emden Germany, NFD

    Yay, a loss of 1,5kg/3.3lbs this month, very pleased with this small loss.

    @emma-taylor, @jaifaim, @ccco, @basyjames, @at and @suki2 thanks for your kind words. The only thing I’m stressed about is my BP, it’s just not going down enough. Everything else is well in my world, I just can’t handle added stress right now. Don’t worry, I will come back, perhaps not for fasting but because I miss you all!

    @at I’m so sorry to hear of your losses. Take care of yourself as well as you take care of others! Hugs xxx

    @ciren2 thanks again for hosting this month’ challenge, you did a great job!

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 29 – NFD
    Thank you @ciren2 for all your support this month – you are very kind to have watched out for us all this month.
    Not a huge change for me this month… bopped up and down but haven’t lost much…. pretty much stayed the same I’d say… haven’t weighed as tripping around the country a bit but I’ll weigh Monday just to see… if I’m the same as end Jan I will be happy as life just up-ended me a little the past few weeks…
    Looking forward to joining you @michelinme in March, my willpower is shot a little after the year starting out so well but hopefully that will change after the weekend… the alternative is just not a good one for me right now so will stay here with you and all and post daily as much as I can… you are so right about the breathing 😂 but definitely need a break too so will have to find a remote seaside cottage somewhere if I don’t get away… 😁👍🎿 🤞🤞

    @at I am so sorry to hear you have had such a sad time too recently… what a dreadful time for you and for your friends! Sending you supportive hugs now and for Monday 💕.

    @judyjudes it’s lovely to see you back here!

    Well done to those of you who managed a good month!!
    Have a lovely weekend everyone!
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Second post

    Well done @snowflake56 on your loss… take care of yourself and check in with us from time to time to let us know you are ok. Watching your BP and stress levels is the most important right now. 🙏 💕

    A bientôt!

    Day 29, Cheshire UK NFD

    @ciren2, thank you for hosting Febs challenge. It’s got me back on the wagon and feeling more positive. March will be a challenge, it’s my birthday month. I have a couple of short breaks planned, the Lakes and later, Glasgow. Keeping in the zone will be difficult but daily checking in has kept me focussed in Feb, so will do the same in March.

    @snowflake56 look after your health and do what’s best for you. You will be missed.

    Happy St David’s day for tomorrow everyone.

    Day29 UK NFD

    Well got weighed this morning and same as where I started at the beginning of the month , which I’m taking as I’ll have a challenging start to March so after that it’s gloves off and I must get serious and get some of this flab off

    Thanks for hosting @ciren2 and big hugs to @at & @snowflake56 ❤️

    See you all in March x

    Day 29, London, UK, NFD

    So I decided to stick to my back to basics plan, no additional FDs just because!! So today will be controlled but not strict. @emma-taylor & @daffodil2010 ………………… why oh why do we have to go back to basics when the basic plan was what worked like a dream in the beginning??? I’m sticking to exactly what I did in 2017-18 which resulted in -44lbs, I’ve stopped kicking myself over reacquiring 16 of them in 2019, but from now on I MUST STAY FOCUSSED!!!!!

    @at, so sorry to hear about your recent losses, 2020 is proving to be a testing year. I’ll keep you in my thoughts whilst you contend with your grief. xxx

    @ccco, I was sitting beside you on that rollercoaster, chopping & changing my plan until I didn’t really have one and found myself on a low calorie diet!!!

    Final weigh-in tomorrow, I’m not confident ……………………….. just hopeful!!!

    “The meaning of life is to find your gift. The purpose of life is to give it away.” — Anonymous

    Day 29 – NFD – Donegal Ireland

    Thanks @ciren2 for hosting February, I hope March bring your calmer dry days !

    Day 29 UK NFD

    Pleased to get to the end of February as it’s not been my best month. But delighted to somehow be back to 158lb where I ended January.. 10-18lbs up on where I’ve been for most of the last 2 years!

    I’m with @daffodil2010 and @flourbaby – March will be a 5:2 basics, eating more mindfully on NFDs. Keeping a food diary and drinking lots of water, getting plenty of sleep etc – all those things that have slipped so far this year, between viruses and infections, busyness and sadness…

    Thank you so much @ciren2 for all your wonderful encouragement & patient hosting in February. Hopefully the rainy season is done and you can enjoy putting energy into yourself over Spring…

    Whatever the day brings, go gently

    Hope to see you in March! x

    USA Day 29 NFD

    FlourBaby, we’ll get off that rollercoaster together! LOL Good morning, everyone! Thank you, ciren2, for hosting February. I can’t believe tomorrow begins March. The months go by so quickly!

    I don’t know if I lost any weight on that last WFD but I feel thinner. I am not going to weigh myself again until after my next WFD, which will begin 1 p.m. on Sunday and end 1 p.m. Monday. I feel really good after Friday’s fast. Somehow I think this is my month for a huge loss. I am feeling good about it. I hope I am right.

    Day 29 Oxfordshire, UK – NFD
    Yesterday’s CD turned into a NFD, but the Jazz evening was very good. Set to be a monthly event.
    So I therefore end the month the same as I started. Which given the social rollercoaster I’ve been on in the second half of the month is unsurprising.
    I don’t usually give up or change habits for Lent but I think I might this year. My neighbour is giving away forty things for Lent. We were the lucky recipients of an unopened 10year old bottle of port. I’m hoping it will stay that wayfor another few months.
    @ciren2 thanks so much for hosting this month.
    Have a lovely weekend everyone & I’ll see many of you in March.

    Day 29 Canada NFD

    I feel like I’m on a plateau at the moment but not at all worried about it. I have been having more CD’s than FD’s as I’m trying to get my iron levels up. I don’t take any meds or supplements so am relying on food. I definitely feel like I am in great shape inside and out thanks to this forum and WOL, thanks to everyone for being here and to @ciren2 for hosting this month.

    I like to end each month as if it was New Year’s Eve, reflect back and set intentions. Glad for good health and looking forward to getting fitter and healthier in March. It may be another CD filled month, we’ll see how it goes. Thanks for hosting it @michelinme.

    Equal congrats to everyone who lost in February and those who stuck with this forum, we will all get there eventually!

    Bonus day today, make the most of it 🙂

    Day 29 Canton OH NFD

    It’s the last day of February y’all. I successfully completed my 36 hour waterfast this morning. That’s the first step on the wagon, today will be a nfd and last day to have a couple glasses of wine; I start dry March in the morning.

    I think I’m in the groove and I’m grateful to be here. No stepping on the scales for me, I’m using inches and the way my clothes fit as a measure of my success. This is me on maintenance.

    See you all in March, once again thanks for hosting @ciren2

    Thank you everyone for staying the course during February, I’m proud of you all. Especially, @cateaus and @saffy420: congratulations on climbing back onto the wagon! @snowflake56: Good to hear you’re still around, AND you lost 1.5kg this month, which can only be good for the blood pressure. Many others have also lost pounds/kilos during the month….I claim NO credit whatsoever! YOU did it all YOURSELVES. Big round of applause everybody…you are STARS xx

    Over to @michelinme: thank you again for taking over the group for March.

    I will step back a little and watch from the sidelines for now, as the wagon seems unobtainable for me at the moment. I WILL be keeping an eye on you all though so @rabbette: remember, NO SNACKING!

    2nd post

    @jaifaim, @saffy420 and @brightonbelle thanks, I’ll be fine!

    @ciren2 the month felt so unfinished without posting the result, so I had to post it to close this month. I don’t want you to also leave the challenges, please don’t!

    Hi @jaifaim it’s good to be back!

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