February Challenge

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  • Day 26 – Lake district UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    @snowflake56 – Step back and see how you go, you can always return and we’d be glad to see you, take care of yourself.
    @cateaus – Isn’t it great to see that needle pointing at a smaller number!
    @michelinme – post holiday weight will soon go and good luck with the dentist.

    Plenty of spare seats on the wagon this morning, come and practice for lent.
    Sun is shining and not raining, I misread the weather yesterday it turned quickly and got caught in a squall miles from shelter out on the estuary, got a real soaking!

    Take care all

    Pocket list day 26

    Day 2 UK FD

    Thank you for the warm welcome.

    I’m out this morning but when I get back I’m perusing my MM books for inspiration in how best to use my calories. I’m confused about calories on FD. I’ve read different things. Anything from 1/4 tdee (is it the tdee or bmr we use) up to 800. If I’m honest I think I need to be on the lower end to lose. My tdee is 1170 & bmr is 1400. So my cals could be as low as 300! Have I worked it out correctly?

    I will be eating my first meal about 14:00 when I get back and my evening meal around 19:00. Yesterday my last meal was 18:00. Does that make it 20/4? That wasn’t my intention but I sense it’s not a bad thing.

    Wishing everyone a great day.

    Day 26 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    A somewhat erratic NFD yesterday. I felt like I was coming down with a cold too, but I think I killed it in its tracks – with rum & coke😳. Don’t know what happened with ‘dry til Fri’, but I really need to get myself in check. I WILL do my 3 FDs this week!

    So it’s a Happy Humpy Fast Day today! 🐫🐪

    Pocket List – Day 26 🍏

    Day 26 UK NFD

    Missing in action this past week as lost a bit of my motivation and when that happens I don’t post on the forum. That, I know, is a big mistake. Didn’t really go too much over the score though and getting back into the fasting place now as a new month approaches.
    I will definately be taking up one of the seats on that wagon. Gearing up for a good March challenge!

    Day 26, London UK, FD,

    Yesterday’s FD didn’t go to plan, more of a CD really, my downfall? ………………………………. Not locking the kitchen door after dinner, having chestnuts & cashew nuts in the house and not drinking the required 3L of water to drown my own personal dragon!!!

    Today was supposed to be a NFD as I’m getting back on the wagon by keeping it simple with bog standard 5:2 & sticking to 500cals, perhaps that’s what derailed me yesterday. The 500cals seems miniscule now, but when I started it was a doddle, then I slowly started justifying going up to 800cals which, to coin a phrase, released my “inner warthog” being ridden by my carb dragon!!! Back to basics, I’ve just talked myself into guaranteeing today WILL be a FD!!!

    @snowflake56, take care of yourself, there’s no need to force yourself to stick to fasting or to this forum, but if you feel the need to get back on the wagon we’ll be here!!!

    @funshipfreddie, abstinence seems to be my only key to success, although I’m sure I could rationalize that rum & coke cure!!! Working a 3 day week meant I was viewing Thursday night as my Friday and Monday evening as my Sunday …………………….. nothing wrong with a drink on the evening you finish work for the weekend & who doesn’t have a drink with Sunday lunch!!! So I was drinking from Thursday to Monday with justification!!!! I believe that’s the reverse of what ‘normal people’ do, since I was only actually dry for 2 days Tuesday & Wednesday!!!! Now I try (my very, very best!!) not to drink at home, so now I’m continuously begging people to invite me out!!!!

    The struggle is real people, but we just have to keep the faith, there really isn’t another option, so ……………………………
    Teresa of Avila: “Patient endurance attains to all things.”

    Day 26 ! where did that go ! UK FD

    Hoping the 2nd fast of the week will be a bit better than the 1st For some reason struggled on Monday So plan to keep busy today in the hope it’ll fly by
    Pocket List – Day 26 🍏

    Day 26 UK CD

    Yesterday evening I made yummy healthier pancakes with gluten free oats, banana, egg, raw cacao, baking soda and agave syrup. 84 calories a pop… x5! Unsurprisingly puffy today after yesterday’s pancakes – it doesn’t take much grain for me.

    I’m glad Lent is here and decided to keep it simple w sugar, and a more conscious effort to have 3 or 4 vegan days a week. Also taking up daily yoga & meditation, l0 mins each. Small consistent is so much more doable than big occasional!

    Off to set up the March challenge – is anyone up for looking after the spreadsheet?

    @snowflake56 sorry to see you go, I love your daily wisdom. But really important to do what works for you. Take care x

    whatever today brings, go gently.

    USA Day 26 CD

    @snowflake56: Oh, so sorry to see you go, I hope you’re alright. If you’re having trouble fasting, same as me (for EVER now) don’t beat yourself up. Stepping away from feelings of pressure is a good idea. I’m toying with that myself. A good way is just to “lurk” in the background and not actually feel compelled to write in every day. Whatever you do….my very best wishes xx
    @michelinme: Thanks for getting the March Challenge ready. “Springing up”…ha…ha!

    Day 26 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Monday’s FD went well and will be my last FD of February. DH’s birthday tomorrow so treats are in order. Briefly considered bringing FD forward to today but just don’t feel like it and I won’t kid myself that I will fast over the weekend. So weighed myself for the record and delighted to report that weight is unchanged from the start of February….I consider this an achievement after my birthday celebrations. Maintenance requires control but is so worth the effort.

    I will be busy over the next few days and probably won’t get time for the forum until my next FD on Monday so just want to wish you all a great finish to the month.

    @ciren2 thank you so much for hosting February 💐

    Day 26 – FD – Donegal

    Day 25 – NFD – Donegal
    When I opened the freezer last night what did i see only lovely bread rolls staring up at me shouting pick me eat me. TDEE whats that again ha. I would of been better off making pancakes but toasted bread rolls smothered in butter and cheese were delicious lol oh well back on the wagon again today though I feel so bloated. March is around the corner and its a new dawn

    Day 26, Cheshire UK NFD

    Checking in. Having a quiet day today. Took dogs for a long walk and now cooking some chicken for later.

    Good luck to everyone fasting today.

    Happy Wednesday

    Day 26 Canada NFD

    Maintaining 😊

    @snowflake56 wishing you all the best
    @cateaus congratulations that’s a good loss 👏👏
    @cavanya I like 16:8 it works well

    Day 26, md US, NFD

    Thank you, @songbirdme @ciren2 and @ccco

    I like the idea of experimenting. We have a fundraiser for our 6yo’s elementary school at the meltingpot tonight, he’s never been and think the kids will have fun. It’s probably been ~10yrs since I’ve had fondue and plan to enjoy myself for a good cause tonight 😋. Goal to take it easy and not overeat but enjoy! Have a good evening all!

    Day 27 country west Australia FD
    trying for another FD after a good FD yesterday.
    Would have been under 500 calories but the dreaded headache came on about 5pm so had a banana and 5 prawns and a spoon of rice.
    Still headachy but will see how it all goes.

    Day 26 Ohio, US — NFD (64 bites)
    Day 25 — NFD (64 bites)

    The last two days have been quite chaotic, since I lost my wallet with all my ID, credit cards, etc. in it. I searched frantically for it yesterday, and then began the process of contacting the card companies and banks, etc. This morning I got a duplicate driver’s license — it really is an uncomfortable feeling driving around without one. I had the suspicion that the wallet slipped out of a pocket while I was riding a city bus, so I called the transit people yesterday, and fortunately they called me today and said that it had been turned in. Hurrah! When they gave me the wallet, I was completely bowled over — everything was intact, including all the cash! Now almost everything is back to normal — there are still some consequences of shutting down all my credit cards that I need to mop up, but nothing urgent, so the pressure is off. An amazing thing is that with all of the stress and running around and catching meals on a catch-can basis, I still was able to meet all my eating targets and not go way beyond them. A year ago that wouldn’t have happened. So progress is being made!

    I’ll catch up on everyone’s posts in the next couple of days!

    Day 27, Tasmania, Aus NFD
    Day 26 NFD
    Thank you, Ciren 2. It was a happy relief.
    Thanks I hate lettuce- As much as I try not to depend too much on the scales, it really was a relief to see a drop. Now, to stay off them again for 2 weeks….
    JudyJudes- I’m keeping it simple & sticking to 500 cals & will amend if I need to.
    Flourbaby- I feel safer with 500 too.
    matpi- that must have felt really stressful. Well done on sticking to your plan!
    After doing 5:2 for 1 month I can now say that my appetite has really dropped & I feel much lighter. Tomorrow will be a FD & then I’ll be back into Mon & Thu regularly. It is great that I can switch the days around so easily. I’m starting to really love it.

    Day 27 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    This back to basics and Dry till Fri is working out great and with DH on board with his own version of Intermittent Fasting, (14:10) hopefully things won’t get derailed. I am down 2lbs from Monday and today is my 2nd FD.

    Glorious sunny frosty morning and no rain forecast so going to have a great walk at lunchtime. The River Boyne on Monday was so swollen from all the rain that it was nearly bursting its banks, I want to see how it looks today, and it’s a lovely walk near my work.

    @matpi Yay for the goodness of human decency!

    Have a great Thursday FD all.

    Day 27 Melb Aust FD800
    Day 26 CD

    Happy to check in today. The scales are being kind to me. Of course, it’s much easier when you’re someone like me with lots still to lose.

    @judyjudes, TDEE means Total Daily Energy Expenditure, and it’s usually higher than the BMR, the Basal Metabolic Rate, as it also includes the amount of exercise you do, plus the energy expended even digesting your food. If you go into Resources – see top of page – you can enter your details and find out your TDEE.

    @snowflake56, farewell for now, but please consider just hovering (“lurking”). Occasionally check out everyone’s posts, and no need to comment. It can feel very pressured if the weight is going in the wrong direction, like just one more thing which shows you’re not doing well. I was there later last year, and just tried to tough it out. For a couple of the monthly forums, November and December, I basically just said “hi” about once a week and didn’t want to interact with anyone at all. January was worse, but this month the tide has been turning. However, above all else, you need to be kind to yourself, so if that means staying away from the forums until you might feel ready to engage again, then that’s the best thing for you to do.

    Let’s finish with a “big bang” everyone!

    Day 27 – Lake district UK -FD

    Good morning everyone

    Not quite as good a Fd yesterday, had a busy day doing some building work at home that I was hoping not to do, but the rain has been so incessant this winter got to keep the damp at bay.
    Mid morning realised I was going to need calories to keep the workload up, so did the sensible thing and was able to put in a full day. Just some painting to finish. Only problem is my hands look like I’ve been wrestling half a dozen cats in a bramble bush, scratches and bits missing everywhere and sore!

    However, ironically the sun is shining brightly although chilly. Last couple of days of the month, my weight loss has slowed, but still slowly heading downwards towards the first goal.

    Take care all

    Pocket list day 27

    Day 27, Emden Germany, NFD

    Dear @daffodil2010, @i-hate-lettuce, @flourbaby, @michelinme, @ciren2, @bellyblast and @betsylee, thank you all so much for your kind comments. My BP is out of control and I’m so cold all the time, so I have to stop fasting for a while. As I retired I promissed myself to keep the pressure out of my life, posting and trying to reply on comments is pressure for me at the moment so it’s better to leave it for a while. But don’t worry, everything will turn out fine and I will come back! Hugs to all of you xxx

    Day 27 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Another successful FD done; one more to go on Friday.

    @judyjudes – welcome to the forum! I think finding what works for YOU re fasting is half the battle. Some people consume zero calories, some have a couple of tiny meals. I eat nothing until 6 or 7 pm, because I find eating earlier just triggers hunger. I just have a little low-fat milk in tea/coffee until my meal, and aim to consume no more than 700 cals. NFDs I have an eating ‘window’ of 15/9.

    @flourbaby – I’m sure you’re right re abstinence. I mean, last year I did ‘dry Feb, March, April’ & all the way through most of August and it wasn’t nearly as tough as I expected. I should stick to wine; I can limit myself to a couple of glasses. Dark rum is another story though; I find it very addictive. Vodka too.

    Here’s to a very sensible NFD, and an easy FD for the Thursday fasters 🥕

    Day 27. FD. London

    We’ll miss you @snowflake56. I hope your BP improves and you feel warmer soon.

    I struggled quite badly on Monday/Tuesday with not having any calories at all, whereas 500 calories was definitely doable. I think I was so keen to get back to fasting after the Italy trip I got a bit carried away with myself. I’m going to have another go today and tomorrow, and if it’s too much of a struggle I’ll go back to the basics. So I agree, @funshipfreddie. Gotta find what works for you. Happy Thursday all.

    Forgot to add myself to the pocket list – darn. I can’t seem to do it on my iPad. Please can somebody add me. ..

    Pocket list day 27

    Day 27 Oxfordshire, UK – FD
    Day 26 CD
    Good news my week has been salvaged. 1st pub lunch I got away with a bowl of soup, so yesterday became a CD.
    Today’s ramble has been cancelled due to the sprinkling of snow, as has the pub lunch. So I’ll aim for a FD today. Tomorrow’s girlie shopping trip is also looking doubtful so I may get another FD there.
    Still got to walk the dog twice so still getting in some exercise.

    I definitely agree ‘ it’s got to work for you’ I usually aim for 500 cals on a FD & I’m usually over by a few. That seems to work, 800 is not as effective but still doable. Can’t see me going without any calories at all.
    Adding myself to the pocket list.

    Pocket list day 27

    Day 27, London, UK, FD,

    It’s snowing!!!! Which is more than welcome, since I’m sick to death of rain!!!

    I’m with you @brightonbelle, hoping (& praying) this FD goes to plan, I think I’ve still got too much crap in my system for this to be easy. Once the wagon is on a roll it’ll be a breeze!!!! I struggled yesterday then threw in the towel since it was supposed to be a NFD anyway!! I must stick to my plan, however ………………..Today should be my last FD for February, but as I’ve been slacking, I think I should make an effort to fast on Saturday. My thinking is all over the shop!!! We’ll see how I feel tomorrow since I think being too strict has been my downfall, I AM a rebel at heart!!!!

    @matpi, there really are some good people left in this world (most of them right here!!!) who can put themselves in your shoes rather than put themselves first!!

    Phew, back on the wagon @daffodil2010, it makes a real difference mentally when you realise …………. I CAN do this!!!

    @funshipfreddie, we would make a right pair!!! I have ZERO willpower around red wine, but as much as I like rum or vodka, they’re firmly in the ‘take it or leave it’ camp!!! My drinks cabinet is bulging with Vodka, rum, port & sherry ……………………… the wine usually doesn’t even make it onto the wine rack!!!!

    Here’s where I drop the bombshell …………………………….. I’m aiming for “PARCHED MARCH”!!!!!! I’ve only my mums 81st birthday to contend with and I might have a small glass of bubbly with her, but that’ll be it for March, I promise!!!

    Pocket list day 27

    “Your time is limited, so don’t waste it living someone else’s life.” – Steve Jobs

    @flourbaby – it’s not snowing yet in our bit of SW London. Maybe it’s on its way.

    Day 27, Cheshire UK FD

    Checking in. I’m hoping to keep under 500 cals for the whole day. Off to visit MIL later – take her the usual shopping and catch up on the week’s happenings 😀. We’re off to Cumbria for a couple of days next week, staying in a pub with 4 friends so I’m trying to keep on track till then.

    Good luck to everyone fasting.

    Pocket list day 27
    @emma Taylor

    Happy Thursday.

    Day 27: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Day off work today. Seems cold and mostly sunny, with some black clouds around. There was the slightest touch of snow on the ground when I got up, but it was actually sleety rain at the time. Posties’ worst nightmare, snow, even more than rain, with the added risk of slipping and injuries occurring. So, it’s all gone now, thank goodness.

    Day 3 UK NFD

    Hi Everyone

    Thank you to those who responded to yesterday’s post, you’ve been very helpful.

    Yesterdays FD was successful and I ended the day on 495 calories.

    I am also doing IF , which helps. I naturally don’t want breakfast anyway, so in that aspect it is a little easier for me. I have a feeling my thyroid is preventing me losing on a lcd as I’m either yoyoing or gaining. I’m heavier than I was this time last year. I hate to think what my weight would be without cc. My thyroid blood tests aren’t due for another couple of months so will just carry on for now.

    Can anyone link the spreadsheet for me please as I can’t find it.

    Wishing everyone a great day.

    USA Day 27 WFD

    Pocket list day 27

    After a successful CD yesterday, I thought I would another 24 hour WFD. Hope everyone is having a lovely day!

    Day 27 UK FD

    Yesterday’s CD became NFD but good enough. Today has been almost nil by mouth – got so cold I didn’t drink water, distracted when I went to make tea, and too tired to remember what I was doing!

    Supper will be mostly veg, under 500 calories. Somehow 800 calories feels like a licence to blow and fewer seems too hard after a NFD. FD to WFD was more doable last year – must try that at some point once I’m back in routine.

    Feeling as tho not gaining too much will be a useful end to February, but March has to be a new start!

    NB Is someone for looking after the March spreadsheet please?

    @judyjudes welcome back. The spreadsheet is linked on the first post of the month – It runs up to 29 Feb

    @snowflake56 thank you for popping back to explain. yes, pressure best avoided – do whatever works for you, and we’ll always be glad to see you x

    Onward. Sometimes staying still is progress in itself 🙂

    Day 27, md US, CD

    Today was supposed to be a fast day but like others, I am hopeful March will really set the rhythm for me. So today is a CD. I’d like to get to a point where I can change my fast days easily and without getting to my head too bad. I am accomplishing 16/8 each day this week which I’m very proud of. And doesn’t feel difficult. I agree with others I think 500 limit is best bet for now on FDs until I get going.

    Did my Solidcore workout today and off work tomorrow. Stocking up on hand sanitary wipes for a trip next week to Texas with my 6yo. Can’t afford to take any risks these days while flying 😷

    Day 28, Tas, Australia, FD.
    I can now say that I feel like 5:2 is becoming my new norm. I started on the 23rd Jan. It has taken me a while to get into the swing of it again, but I feel good about it & feel the better for it.
    Happy fasting to anyone joining me today.
    Pocket list-

    USA Day 27 WFD

    I am starting to become pretty hungry, so I thought I would just drop in here to divert my attention. Fortunately, soon it will be bedtime! LOL I am doing pretty well!

    Day 28 – Japan – WFD #16

    @ccco I hope you made it. I used to have trouble sleeping the second night, now it is easier to sleep than be up! In the morning I don’t have much hunger. I hope it works out for you.

    Day 28: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Not looking forward to work today. Firstly we have some “high-up” boss coming to talk to us about Royal Mails new deal on pay and working conditions, begging us not to strike…..as the union has other ideas,,it seems. Groan!
    Secondly, the weather. The next lot of stormy weather is due to hit us before we go out on delivery and last well into Saturday…..

    Pocket List Day 28:


    Day 28 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Awful rainy morning, and yesterday was so nice and sunny. Storm Jorge is also on its way for the weekend. Although I spent a week in sunny Lanzarote this February, since I got back it’s been cold, wet and stormy, so I will be glad to see the back of it.

    And a good result this week with basic 5:2 and Dry till Fri…..I am down 3lbs from Monday. Yay!

    Still 1lb higher than start of month but as I had a holiday followed by the flu thus no fasting for 3weeks…..I am taking that as a win and look forward to March.

    Thanks @michelinme for hosting. If I get a chance tomorrow I might have a look at the spreadsheet for March, but as its a busy day tomorrow and if there is anyone out there who could do it before me then we would all be grateful.

    Thanks @ciren2 for your super hosting as always. You really are a star…and hey, maybe you could call yourself in maintenance as you stay the same.?

    @flourbaby my drinks cabinet is overflowing with vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, cognac, strange spirits bought on trips abroad and never opened and bottles dusty (Angelica from the Azores, Pisco from Peru, Rum from St Lucia….) but if it was WINE?? Well, suffice to stay that the cases we brought home from France and Spain last Autumn are long gone 🍷

    And as its Friday…..bring on the wine this evening….it will be a modest meal however, we have decided to stop being warthogs and be careful even on the weekend.

    Have a great Friday!!

    Day 28 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    It’s a lovely, cool, rainy day here in Kwazulu-Natal. Perfect for a FD. Last one for Feb!

    Pocket List – Day 28 🍏

    Day 24 – NFD
    Day 25 – FD
    Day 26 NFD
    Day 27 CD
    Day 28 CD – Ireland
    Hi all, back just for a quick post… thanks so much for all your kind thoughts and support 💕 I was so tired earlier this week after the previous week I couldn’t do much other than work and sleep…
    I’m back on track I think and ready for the weekend I’ll be with my wonderful parents and looking forward to that.. I’m due to ski next week and really hope I can go… the coronavirus panic is messing up my plans .. I do have two auto immune conditions (one which affects my lungs) though so will have to see what’s happening next week and make a call on it…
    I’m sorry I haven’t read the posts this week but hope you had a great birthday @flourbaby … I’ll have time this weekend to catch up..
    @snowflake56 I am so sorry to hear you are leaving us but I get it…. posting daily can represent a pressure sometimes and you’ve got to look after yourself and do what is right for you! Please mind yourself and even just check in from time to time to let us know how you’re doing… sending you hugs for the future 🤗 hugs to anyone else out there who can’t post for whatever reason..
    Enjoy your day everyone whatever you are doing!
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 28 – Lake District UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    @michelinme – Don’t be worried about binning a FD, you were cold,distracted and tired, something amiss, listen to your body. I binned a FD earlier this week, I was doing some building work at home, didn’t feel good, only had coffee before starting. Realised body was in need of calories. Stopped and got some food on board, massive improvement and got on with it for rest of day without a problem. (Well apart from muscles aching that night and next day, 64 y/o and don’t recover just as quickly these days)

    @daffodil2010 – Great result for the month! A holiday and flu but look where you are already, I certainly call that a result. That’s the way I look at a holiday etc, enjoy it, get home, jump back on the wagon and before long you’re back down! (and have had a great holiday) End of last year I had one Warthog holiday that put me up 8 lbs in just over 2 weeks! Think it was 3 weeks before I got down to a new low. Was it worth it? YES and the good thing is that’s happened a couple since July last year with Christmas, so I don’t worry, I just get back on the wagon.

    Weigh in day today, another 1 lb gone so that makes -4 lb for the month and another new low. The target creeps ever nearer, with a little bit of effort and good weather (more walking) March will see me reach my first target and have me looking at a new one!

    Thanks to @ciren2 for looking after us this month, equally thanks to everyone for helping ME along! You might not think it, but as a group, seeing the ups and downs I find it a huge help, that’s why I grab a coffee and ‘come in here’ each morning!

    Day 28, USA, FD 5th of B2B

    Tuesday was the only day I ate every single calorie of the 500. The other days have been homemade chicken broth with carrots and celery (after finally learning how to do it and/or not being lazy) I don’t think I can EVER go back to the store bought broth stuff.

    Firm FD today. No wobble Friday for me. I’ve got a plan and it will be great!

    Finally whittle down some of these creeping lbs! Getting closer to first goal.

    @ciren2 – so glad when I was catching up on post I didn’t have a mouth full of water b/c the burst of laughter that came out from your no snacking comment was enough I surly would have ruined all electronics within a 3 ft vicinity.

    @flourbaby – yes the snack dragon is terrible and never ending once on that path. Got a good chuckle from your whiplash comment too.

    @daffodil2010 – Pancake Tuesday (at least it’s not waffel Wednesday *thats my sweethearts breakfast almost every Wednesday) but really pancakes to start lent does sound a bit counter intuitive. Maybe it’s to really get your goat on how much you will miss out on over the next few weeks.

    Rocket List – Day 28

    Decided to keep the typo of the pocket list name.

    2nd Post- Day 28

    @rabbette – Rocket List 🚀- I love that 😅 🚀

    2nd post day 28

    @funshipfreddie & @rabbette – Rocket List goes in the folder with my slip up with Bucket List and the even better one of Pocket Lust ! 🙂

    Day 28 Melb Aust FD800

    Going okay, and looking forward to my weigh-in tomorrow (unusual to be writing that!). So far this month I’ve lost 3.9 kg of the several I gained over the past few months, so I’m hoping to be over the 4 kg down mark by tomorrow. Of course, then it’s the NFD weekend, so a bit will potentially go back on, but not much. Finally feeling the positive effects of being down a bit in weight. And, looking forward to March. Thanks so much @ciren2 for hosting us this month, and @michelinme for volunteering to host us for March. It’s great that this forum continues to provide support to so many of us.

    Onward and downwards everyone!

    Day 28 – UK – CD

    Hello everyone – I have been lurking in the background but not feeling up to posting…….

    I have had a very emotional month, first losing my dear friend who has been battling a rare form of lung cancer much sooner than any of us expected, then the brother in law of another friend, whom I knew well passed away with bowel cancer and then this week I found out that the husband of another good friend was found dead ? due to a heart attack……..just too much 😢😢😢 “THOSE WE LOVE AND LOSE ARE ALWAYS CONNECTED BY HEARTSTRINGS INTO INFINITY”

    I am going down south this weekend for a week and attending the funeral of my dear friend on Monday – her husband has asked if I and another good friend could do a tribute to our friendship……this has been the hardest thing to write….I just hope that we can deliver on the day.

    @snowflake56 – so sorry to hear that you are leaving us but I can understand – if you are lurking in the background just pop in and say hello every now and then – I shall miss your posts 🤗
    @ciren2 – thank you so much for hosting February 💐and @michelinme – thank you for taking up the baton for March – I will be joining as I think I will need the support to refocus to stay on track with this WOL but may not join in until the 2nd week.

    Hopefully everyone is doing well and hope to see you in March 🤗

    Day 28 UK CD

    Another not-a-FD yesterday after post-supper nuts and a bit of cheese. But at least it was only a bit – that’s progress! Listening to my body and leaving it in a mindful relax-but-don’t-indulge mode until next scheduled FD on Monday.

    Quiet weekend ahead, a chance to catch up with myself and sleep. It’s so easy to feel wrung out physically & mentally with nothing to spare for those unexpected issues – I’m taking time to build in more rest & reflection to make me more resilient. And hopefully less likely to fall off the waggon!

    @daffodil2020 thank you for offer re spreadsheet – if no-one is able to pick it up today that would be great!
    @jaifaim hope you have a lovely weekend with your parents. Fingers crossed for the ski trip – but breathing is pretty important! x
    @rabette way to go with your B2B x 5 – wonderful achievement!
    @betsyless congratulations on your 4kg loss – ditto 🙂
    @ihatelettuce ditto – great result! And thank you for your reminder about perspective and adapting to what our bodies need 🙂

    @at i’m so sorry for your losses. To lose one dear friend is very sad, to lose three is unimaginable. Hold fast to love- and prayers for your journey over the next weeks x

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