Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Evening!
    Dave- very well done with 3lbs off! Funny how the chocolate works for you!
    Hemmy- good you’re not hungry at the moment! A shame you don’t have grandchildren…my friend was 41 I think with her 1st child, 43 with no2…the risks on Downs Syndrome go right up though the older you are. I was 30 when I had my 1st, they kept on about how I was an older mother 😀
    Jean- lovely treat, your fish & chips! Enjoy seeing your grandson on Sunday!
    Made my Aunt’s cake today, just a plain sponge & vanilla butter cream, lots of piped flowers, 2 tiers! Quite pleased with it, just got to get it safely to the pub tomorrow, & son is driving us 😂
    Oh, & I lost a pound this week, pleased with that as we were away last week …a couple of days off & then back to it.

    HH you have done so well of late, it’s falling off you. I was thinking back to when I started 5-2.I used to be on another forum and I was 24 stone when I started it. If I lose another couple of pounds I’ll be in the 19 stone area. It’s took a while but worth it. Fed up with the rain, got webbed feet.

    Still pouring down what a miserable day. Lamb steak for tea🤤🤤😋😋. Had the light on since 12-30😫. Always quiet at weekend.

    Evening All…
    So fed up of the rain.. although managed a late walk dry, coat still damp.

    Seeing grandson tomorrow I have made him his favourite chocolate cake, three layers of fresh cream..cake made ready for filling tomorrow.. made oaty biscuits to take too.

    Well done 3lbs off… nearly 5 stone lost that’s an amazing loss .. you must be so chuffed.

    Have a lovely time at the birthday party today hope the cake went down well..

    Jean x

    Good evening FBBs Hope all is well in your world. xxxx

    Like everyone else I am sooo sick of this wet weather .. we did manage a dry walk but its so soaking everywhere .. will take ages to dry now at this time of year.
    We just have to hope it doesnt turn cold and freeze now

    I had to give my little boot room a good clean this afternoon.. it was looking very mucky as i wipe and dry Pip off in there .. Floor towels filthy again. Its a job keeping up with it lol. Make s that 2 hr walk much longer. lolol

    This evening had my favorite eggs chips and beans. Simple but very tasty

    H H … Hope you are enjoying the party and the cake went down well. It sounded wonderful I could just eat some now lolol.

    Dave.. That’s a brilliant loss well done you.. Do you feel better for it. Your lamb steak sounded delicious what did you have with it.

    Sym.. Wow that cake sounded yummy and the biscuits too. Your G Son will love them. I bet.

    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone.. “Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.” Xxxx

    I had mash and veg with my lamb. It’s funny I don’t like baked beans with chips,I can eat them but prefer peas if I’m having chips. I want to lose another 3 stone then I’ll be happy. Dry at the moment but got soaked a few times yesterday. At least it’s not cold.

    Good afternoon everyone raining again☹️. Sick of the wet weather but at least it’s not snow. Fast day today and my son’s just come home with a big cake that a girl at Tesco made for him. So can’t have any of that, at least not today. I’m glad I am not working at royal mail now, in Manchester they get 1 million cards per night this time of year.

    Afternoon All..
    Blue skies and mild, walked with Natalie at 8 am..

    I have had a good fast day.

    I have had my gutters and fall pipes cleaned, the eaves, windows and frames. They were very bad £90 thought not bad really. It all looks good.

    Well done getting the boot room done, I bet it looks really nice.grandson enjoyed the cake and biscuits. He’s left now how his meeting/ IT course.

    I never have peas or beans with chips. I have some lovely pork cooked I shall have chips with it tomorrow ..

    Jean x

    Evening everyone such a busy week last week socialising and it showed on the scales when I weighed on Friday that I’d gained one and a half pounds. A much quieter week for us this week, hard to believe that two weeks today will be Christmas Day.
    Well done to those on here that lost weight last week.
    Dave we had lots of rain over the weekend but today has been dry with a bit of sunshine now and then.
    Managed a low day for me of 885 calories today.
    Hope everyone is well.
    Nana xxx

    Dave- that’s a brilliant weight loss over time, you’ve done so well! Sick of the rain too, although today did stay dry…keep strong today!
    Jean- the cake & biscuits sounded good! And that price for cleaning all the gutters … Well done with your FD!
    Hemmy- I miss my boot/ utility room from our last house, it was so nice to get our Josie clean after a walk, & clean up from the garden, now it’s straight in to the kitchen, hate muddy towels in there!
    My Aunt’s party went very well, lovely to see family again, hadn’t seen alot of them since my dad’s funeral 5 years ago. The cake arrived safely & my aunt was very pleased with it, & the hamper we got her, sis & I plus all the children clubbed together to get something special. Not used to dinner & pud, I was so full!
    Youngest son popped in today, he wanted help wrapping up his gf’s presents, quite a few had been delivered here 😀
    Walked Xena & Enoch, made my Christmas cakes. Apart from licking the whisk it’s been another liquid FD, will keep fasting until brunch tomorrow, we’ve got a money off coupon for toasties at a local café.

    Good evening FBBs Xxxx

    Its been a lovely sunny mild day.. but still soo wet and muddy everywhere .

    After our walk .. which was a nice change not to get wet .. lol I just quickly cleaned my car not a brilliant job but at least decent to meet up with my friend for our garden centre monthly lunch and chat tomorrow. .

    After an early start I am lagging behind now.. need to get some more gifts.. and treat stuff.. I always do that.. my interest wears off .lol

    Dave .. did you resist the cake. lol

    Nana .. sometimes you just have to go with the flow and have a rest from fasting.

    H H .. It sounds like your cake and gift were very successful .. Enjoy your brunch tomorrow.

    Sym.. That’s a very good price to have that work done… sometimes you can just find someone who is reasonably priced and does a good job. Mostly they charge you £50 just to show their face lolol.

    I have just had some soup .. still not feeling that hungry .. weight good my lowest and staying.. I just said to my friend Sarah who is always dieting with shakes I am wondering if it is this Tablespoon of Olive oil I am having every morning.

    Enjoy your evening everyone. “Life is about accepting the challenges along the way, choosing to keep moving forward, and savoring the journey.” xxxx

    Yes I didn’t have any cake Hemmy, Had chilli and rice but only after I fasted for 24 hours.I will try a low day tomorrow and see what happens on Wednesday.

    Good morning everyone yet another wet rainy day🐤🐤 totally fed up with it now. Had a good fast day yesterday will see what happens today.I managed to go 24 hours before I had any food yesterday so was very hungry when I did eat, I was like a Tasmanian devil 😈. Had chilli and rice which didn’t last long. Not had anything yet but I do feel hungry, might have a snackerjack only 51 calories and quiet filling.

    Hemmy- not sure I could face a tablespoon of olive oil! But good if you feel it’s helping you…hope you have a nice lunch & catch up with your friend. I’ve still got some presents to buy as well, & food to plan…
    Nana- Our posts crossed yesterday, got to enjoy yourself & have some nice meals out, hopefully that little extra weight will go this week!
    Dave- well done with your FD yesterday, I’m the same when I start eating! Very fed up with the rain too, got drenched this morning!
    Jean- did you have a good FD yesterday?
    We had the best toastie I’ve ever had at a local café/ bakery, managed to resist their almond croissants for pud! Rang both my HomeStart families today, both long calls. Eldest son has 2 weeks leave but is poorly, hubby trying to avoid his germs!
    Have a good evening everyone 🤗

    Good evening everyone. Not a FD today will do one on Thursday. Still raining here never ends.Getting the Christmas feeling, choccy needed but Denise as hid it.Hopefully a low day tomorrow having a chicken breast and baked potato.

    Good evening FBBS .. hope all is well with you and yours Xxxx

    Well another wet day here so fed up with it now .. but I expect snow and cant get out of the village would be worse.

    A lovely meet up and lunch with my friend .. both had Hunters chicken very tasty too.

    No pudding just a cappuccino..

    Did anyone else check out a tablespoon of Olive oil…. honestly if you buy a good one and just use it for taking neat .. its not bad a bit of a nutty taste.. I am fussy lolol and didn’t think I would be able to-do it when Kristy told me about it but actually I was surprised. I don’t feel really hungry at all.

    Dave … you are doing so well.. Just stay away from that chocolate .. good on Denise lol.

    H H .. Yes .. I need to get on and finish presents .. I did look at the GC today as they have lots of stuff but oh so very pricy for what it was.
    I will go to Bicester tomorrow .. just gift shopping and try to get it done I had started so early I always do this. lol
    Hope your son is feeling better soon.. and no one else gets ill. xx

    Enjoy the rest of the evening “When the going gets tough, put one foot in front of the other and just keep going. Don’t give up.” Xxxx

    Evening All..
    A mild day for a change…

    I went to see Chris, as I got there two nurses were starting an assessment, I knocked and went in. Her legs are very bad with oedema, one leg is leaking water. I asked two months ago for her to see a doctor about having water tablets nothing was done. This nurse took photos to send to the doctor as she agreed with what I said. She dressed her leg it looked like she had a plaster pot on it’s so padded.
    She had a temperature too.
    They were there for 1 1/2 hours.
    In a year she has put nearly 5 stone on, they don’t seem bothered. I told the carers months ago to stop giving her three puddings!! because she wanted them…Ridiculous…

    I haven’t tried the olive oil, I don’t think I could take it…😂
    It’s lovely meeting up with friends glad the meal was tasty.
    Good luck on the last bit of shopping..

    I have been dipping into Xmas chocs, once they have gone they have gone no saving till June.

    Yes a good FD….. I enjoy a good toastie.. will your son be striking with the fire service?

    Walking with Penny in the morning unless she knocks!
    I may go shoe shopping ..???

    Jean x

    Afternoon All…
    A very muddy walk across the fields, Fudge likes to swim so kept away from the swollen rivers, looked very nasty and swirling… it was windy and very bitter…

    Cooked Charlie’s veggies and made shopping list, might hold off till Friday Louise may come up Saturday. She has lots of Covid at work so seeing if she stays ok.

    I decided against from shoe shopping too cold…

    I shall be fasting tomorrow..

    Jean x

    My grandad had olive oil every day he lived until 84 so must have done him done good, he just drank it out of the bottle, he had his own bottle.I don’t remember my mum using olive oil it was always lard. Been bowling for 2.5 hours,a nice sunny day although it did rain for 10 minutes when we got there.

    Actually my grandad had caster oil not olive oil🤢🤢🤢. Denise just reminded me. Time to take Chloe out again, I just say to her shall we go and she stands up and gets excited, once out I have to drag her around.

    Good evening FBBs hope you are having a good day. Xxxx

    Soo wish the weather would just dry things up it seems to have been wet damp for ages now lol.

    I should have gone shopping after walking .. but ended up getting back later and it was getting darkish.. so just went filled up with diesel .. bought the mince pies from local Coop then ordered some more bits on Amazon.. . My enthusiasm is waning but i must curb it.. Forget about past Christmases.

    Interesting as this morning my lowest weight .. I really had to look again given the time of year .

    Is it the Olive Oil I ask myself or just feeling a bit down.. Usually though I would be eating all the naughties to compensate lol

    Honestly its not bad at all .. .. come on you lot .. Just tip that spoonful up lolol I would love to know if it is that keeping my appetite low and my weight the best ever

    .Dave..I wouldn’t fancy Caster oil at all lolol .. envy your sunshine today ..

    Sym.. lots of Covid about again.. this one has cough I think that lasts for awhile.
    My weather sounds like yours.

    H H .. What have you been up to today.

    Nana .. Are you busy .. are you having Christmas at home.

    I had a cheese and onion pasty from the shop at lunch time.. This evening its fried eggs and beans on toast just fancy it.

    Enjoy your evening “Success doesn’t come to you; you go to it.” xxxx


    Jean- not very good care at all for your sister, let’s hope that they can help her more now…will be nice to see Lou I’m sure, hope she doesn’t bring COVID with her!
    Dave- nice you’re still getting bowling practice in!
    Hemmy- so good keeping your weight down, & your appetite is gone, whether it’s the olive oil or not! It’s very expensive now though! Sending you a hug, a hard time of year🤗
    Walked with my friend & her dog, Xena finally seems to be warming to him, she even played with him today! Then we did a big shop, I hate how they move everything about this time of year, & it was so busy! Spent quite a while cooking this afternoon, tried a new veggie shepherd’s pie recipe, it took a while but was very good! Meaty one made for hubby, plus an extra one for the freezer … That was the only food I had today, getting like Hemmy & wasn’t hungry! A liquid FD tomorrow.

    I’ve bought a Crimpit, so looking for ideas what to do in it. I quiet fancy sausage and onions done with it. The temperature as dropped to zero so Chloe will need her hat and coat for out last walk later.

    Good morning, gone colder here today and rain is not far away☹️.The car could do with a good clean so I might get it valeted only a mini one. May take it to where Morrisons is and go shop while it’s done and maybe a coffee. How’s everyone doing. It’s a fast day for me today, not sure what to eat today.

    Good afternoon everyone in our little corner of the forum . Xxxx

    So far a dry day but of course still feeling very damp after this non stop rain.

    Pleased with myself as I was going to hot foot to our village shop for crusty roll and roast beef.

    I had words with myself lolol I said “Carol .. get those veggies in the Croc Pot with some bacon and lots of garlic and herbs..

    Soo I had cheese on toast .. and my soup /stew is starting to smell lovely .. will be ready about 6pm. All good stuff.

    I am having a day off to day from Christmas preps lol .. just need to wrap some gift box of assorted teas for a friend.

    H H that veggie pie I bet was lovely .. I used to make a Gary Rhoads .veg lasagne . roasted the veg first .lot sof mushrooms. Andrew was a big meat eater but loved that… it was so tasty. Reminds me I must look at Gary’s book its such a shame he is no longer with us.
    Lovely that Xena has found a friend she is happy with. Xx Pip loves and is relaxed with little Wesley..

    Dave…Yes this weather is playing havoc with trying to keep the cars clean …. What is a Crimpit lolol you and your gadgets lol

    Sym… It must be so sad when you visit your sister .. is their much of an age difference between you.

    Soo its homemade soup this evening no bread as i have baby salad potaoes in it .

    Take care all “Until you change how you get things done, you’ll never know what works best.” Xxxx

    Evening All…
    A very bitter today but dry… a lie in tomorrow Charlie had no play date!! We have been moving early the last 4 days…

    660 calories today … two weigh ins up to Xmas…

    My sister is 80 we are 5 1/2 years difference .. I am 75 in April.
    Enjoy your stew tonight….

    I am still thinking of the Covid and Lou visiting I shall ask if any more people have it at work. It might be better not to come.
    Busy day cooking…

    Jean x

    Hemmy a Crimpit is just like a mould, the one I have is the shape of a Cornish pasty.You can either put pastry in it and fill it or a wrap fill with your food that you want and gold it over. It as teeth and crimps it so the food doesn’t fall out You can get a square shaped one that you put thin sliced bread in fill the bread with whatever you want and pop it in the toaster or your can air fry it or dry fry it in a pan. Very handy. I’m going to do one with pastry adding sausages and onions and maybe ketchup or sauce.Type Crimpit in Facebook or Google dy will see it.

    Evening everyone, it’s been a very cold day here today. We’re having our velux windows replaced and they had to cancel the installation yesterday because of the rain and rescheduled for today and we we’re a bit worried that they wouldn’t be done today as we had a bit of rain first thing this morning but luckily it cleared so two done and another one to be fitted tomorrow. Its hit me hard having to get up early the last two mornings, well 7am is early for me.
    A good visit to Ely and nice to visit Auntie.
    It was very cold though and we didn’t have the heating on as the workman were going in and out throughout the day. Lit the woodburner as soon as they left and it’s nice and warm now.
    Hopefully a good weigh in tomorrow and possibly my last one before Christmas as we’ve got a busy social week next week. Monday is daughter and son in laws 8th wedding anniversary and a meal with them is planned, Tuesday we’re having lunch with our widowed friend, Wednesday is a traditional Christmas meal with our usual lunchtime friends, Thursday is free at the moment and then Friday I’m going blood doning.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone.
    Nsna xxx

    Dave- enjoy your crimpit thingy! After that toastie the other day I could really fancy another one so might get our sandwich toaster out…
    Jean- would be a shame if you caught Covid before Christmas, but a shame to cancel Lou as well! Lucky Charlie with his play dates!
    Nana- I bet it was cold today! Hope they get the last window done okay tomorrow…glad auntie is okay, sounds like a good week next week!
    Hemmy- hope your stew/ soup was nice? I make a mean veggie lasagne myself, roasting the veg first does make it nicer I think.
    Have managed another liquid FD, quite pleased with myself as I was awake at 3am with a sore throat, so it’s been a long day! Cancelled seeing my friend as I didn’t want to share my germs & her daughter’s having a very off day too…caught up with cleaning & ironing instead, but had planned to do a bit of present shopping while I was out, so will have to do that another day! Weigh in tomorrow 🤞

    Good evening everyone. Xxxx

    Ohh my soup stew was lovely .. I think I realise what I was doing wrong. Too much liquid. .. the veggies and I guess the steam makes the liquid. I just put in a mug full of water with an oxo cube .. for liquid. So will have it again tomorrow.. freeze the rest. . Pleased with myself as I haven’t bought a ready meal for ages. Home cooking is so much better for you. Not always easy to bother just for yourself.

    Dave.. yes I looked up the Crimpit I am sure there is potential to do lots of experimenting there.

    I used to like sausages.. but someone put me off by saying they put all parts of the animal in them.
    I cant even fancy a sausage roll now.lol

    Nana .. a busy time for you and hubby ..are you having Christmas dinner at yours or your daughters. .

    H H … You are doing well with your fasts this week ..be careful with your sore throat.. Hot water honey cinnoman and a drop of whisky . Lovely and soothing. Xx

    Sym… I think I have asked you about yours and your sisters ages before. Be careful re being around any illness .. It seems that these current colds …infections are longer lasting than normal with a cough . My writer friend hasn’t been well for 2 weeks now although had antibiotics. I stay at the door well back.
    Living alone we have to be careful as its a matter of life and death to get those boys out whatever the weather lolol.

    Take care all..“We are never a failure. We are a learner.” xxxx

    The other week I went through a full box of tissues,I feared the worst. But when I got up the next day I was fine. The Crimpit I have is the shape of a pasty, not the square one. I’m thinking I’ll put weight on next week, I stayed the same this week. Will try this week but start properly in the new year.

    Afternoon everyone, managed to lose the one and a half pounds that I gained last week.
    Window installation all completed now and very pleased with the workmanship.
    Hemmy we’re spending Christmas Day on our own and so are our daughter and son in law as it’s nice for our son in law to chill out and enjoy his time off work. Boxing Day they are coming to ours not forgetting Poppy also.
    Dave lots of nasty cough and colds doing the rounds at the moment.
    Indian takeaway for us this evening.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.

    Evening All…
    I was having a lie in and Natalie rang to meet her.. I do enjoy her company she’s a lovely girl..

    I have stayed the same holding onto goal weight..

    I did have a treat to haddock and chips the fish shop is so good worth a 10 minute drive, we sat and ate it in the car, took a tea cloth and wet cloth. Charlie knew we were going he started crying as we got close he is a monkey.

    Made a new recipe of some truffle sweets, they taste like chocolate coconut bounty, very nice.

    Dave …
    You do like your gadgets, get some lovely cheese and tomato in it, you will enjoy it 😂

    Glad your window is sorted.. well done on moving some weight.. will you do a full turkey dinner for Xmas?

    Nice cooking and popping some in the freezer.. I am eating out of it again seem a bit full again😂
    I have cancelled Louise, Katie thought it wasn’t a good idea bringing germs in. She will come in the new year.

    Hoping your sore throat soon eases. Lots of bugs about.

    Jean x

    Hemmy- glad your stew was good, easy not to bother just for yourself…
    Jean- probably sensible to cancel Lou, so many bugs about … Is it just Katie coming over or the grandchildren too?
    Dave- the chocolate diet didn’t work this week then?!
    Nana- good the windows are all done! Very well done with your loss this week 👏
    Mine is slowing down- just half a pound, but better than none … Had a day off today, been picking a bit while I marzipanned my Christmas cakes & I feel stuffed! A bit coldy still but feel fine apart from being tired- hubby is having sinus trouble again & couldn’t sleep, I woke at 4am when he did! Walked Xena & Enoch, a dry day but muddy about.
    Have a good weekend!

    Jean wash your mouth out,cheese indeed 🤢.I watched a TV program on channel 5 yesterday, they did the entire Christmas dinner and pudding all in the airfrier and it looked lovely. They said cooking the turkey in an ordinary oven should cost 7 times more. The man from Which said it costs around £150 per year using an airfrier so you save hundreds of pounds by using one. I use mine all the time, I never use the oven anymore. Unless it won’t fit.

    Poor hubby is suffering with his sinuses again, didn’t get much sleep, I sneaked out to walk Xena…no answer from Enoch’s mum so didn’t walk him, did eldest a cooked breakfast as he’s off. Been to Mum’s this afternoon, she’s decided she’s going to stay with one aunt & then the other after Christmas, bless her, she opts out of any arrangements & just expects us to organise bringing her home!
    Have done another liquid FD today, a last push before Christmas this week!
    Have a good weekend everyone 🥰

    Good evening FBBs hope all is well with you and yours. xxxx

    A day with a decent temp and no rain.. thank goodness

    We had a long walk with little Westly and his Mum.. Pips favourite friend as they both like their walks and exploring and don’t interfere with each other.

    My friend was going back to glam up for the Red bull Christmas party tonight at Milton Keynes . They have lots to celebrate this year.

    Came back and did some bits and pieces .. Had a bacon sandwich this evening with a mince pie . No cooking as such today.

    Well done everyone that lost yesterday or stayed the same. xx

    Dave.. These air fryers sound interesting .. it seems you can do a lot in them and the cost is better than the oven.

    Sym Well done keeping the good weight .. Its just balancing out and then compensating on the next meal ..

    H H … Hope hubby feels better soon … Well done done your liquid fast today.

    Enjoy your evening every one.

    “Do not fear failure but rather fear not trying.” Xxxx

    Hemmy air fryers are absolutely brilliant. You can do so much with them and they are much quicker.I have 2 of them. One of them as a pressure cooker but you can use it as a normal oven or you can use it as a grill.Can cook all food and even bake cakes or bread in them. The sun is out so things are looking up. Soon be Christmas I’ve bought Chloe a very colourful jumper for Christmas😂.Roast beef tonight and I might try the airfrier for doing the roast potatoes, not done them in it before but the program on channel 5 did them and looked great. They did them as baked potatoes then peeled them and added a little oil and threw them in the airfrier. They looked absolutely amazing.

    Hemmy if I can go on channel 5 catch-up and watch the programme.Its called Air Fryers: Christmas made easy. You will be impressed.

    Doing roast potatoes in the airfrier today just to test if they are ok. If it’s a success will do them at Christmas.You bake them for 20 minutes instead of par boiling them then roast them for 30 minutes. If they are good I’ll do a few and freeze them.

    Hemmy- hubby has ongoing sinus trouble, it gets worse every so often, only answer really is regular steroids, or surgery, but the surgery looks brutal so he’s not keen! Thankfully it’s a bit better today 🤞
    Glad you had a dry walk, your friend’s evening sounds good, hope she enjoys it!
    Dave- hope the potatoes are tasty! Good idea to have a trial run before Christmas!
    I forgot to say I lost half a pound last week!
    Had a lovely walk with Xena, the sun was only just coming up & it was really quiet…Church & then cooking, made Crunchie tiffin again for son to take to the fire station. We’re having sausages & Yorkshire puddings with loads of roast veg tonight – for some reason my son doesn’t like toad in the hole but likes them separately 🤦

    Hi FBBs on this Sunday afternoon. ( Early evening ) lol.

    A dry day once again thank goodness a long way to go though to have a dry non muddy walk I reckon.

    Weighed this morning and still at my lowest weight … never been known at this time of the year lol I am still having treats but noticed less amount than I would have done at one time.

    I ask myself is it the tablespoon of olive olive first thing in the morning .. is it age related. Very strange.

    Having no inclination to eat in between meals at all. My friend Sarah who has lived on shakes tried lots of things is constantly just having a bit of this and that cant seem to shift any weight at all. Bless her. She is a lot younger and has a family of farmer sons so I suppose much harder.
    I ate more when Mum was here at weekends .. always a roast .. where as this evening a jacket potatoe cheese and beans.

    Dave… That does sound a good gadget to have in the kitchen seeing lots of lovely ideas to make some super meals .
    TBH initially I thought as named Air fryer it just deep fried everything lolol. As I have said before I am not good with gadgets they worry me lolol.

    The croc pot is easy… I just do everything high setting. lolol

    H H .. I had sinus problems years ago but thankfully grew out of them. Its not nice at all it really gets you down. Hopefully hubby will be ok for Christmas.

    Well done losing the half a pound .. that’s brilliant especially at this time of year and all the temptations. Plus cooking up a storm for your family oh and the guys at the Fire brigade . Xx

    Sym and Nana hope you are having a good day.

    Take care all .. jacket potato calls. “Pain is temporary. Quitting lasts forever.” Xxxx

    The spuds were a success, very crispy in the outside and fluffy on the inside. The airfrier hardly uses any oil, in fact a few things I do I don’t use oil at all. So much more healthy and cheaper and faster. No negatives at all. The only thing it can’t do is gravy😂. It says on telly it’s not a fad item one in two have an airfrier in the UK.Families I presume . Great if your on your own, the things you do in your Crockpot can be done faster in the airfrier.I sound like a salesman😂 but they are that good.

    Evening All…
    I have been cooking biscuits and chocolate coconut sweets…
    The biscuits are going elsewhere… just keeping 6…

    Quick clean up and Charlie blankets washed.

    Just Jacqui coming on Boxing Day…I have no one else here…hoping hubby soon picks up and better for Xmas.

    Hope your roasties do well in the air fryer. Struggling not to start Xmas keep strong yourself.

    Three dry days if really makes the difference and mild too.
    Well done keeping the weight stable.. still thinking on V olive oil, I do have a good one not open… very good write ups on doing it.

    Feeling a bit alone it’s not a good time…trying to keep going..

    Jean x

    Evening All…
    I have been cooking biscuits and chocolate coconut sweets…
    The biscuits are going elsewhere… just keeping 6…

    Quick clean up and Charlie blankets washed.

    Just Jacqui coming on Boxing Day…I have no one else here…hoping hubby soon picks up and better for Xmas.

    Hope your roasties do well in the air fryer. Struggling not to start Xmas keep strong yourself.

    Three dry days if really makes the difference and mild too.
    Well done keeping the weight stable.. still thinking on V olive oil, I do have a good one not open… very good write ups on doing it.

    Feeling a bit alone it’s not a good time…trying to keep going..

    Jean x

    Good morning, still dry here so going bowling at 12-30 , it’s 12°C do almost like summer 🌞. Might be able to take my coat off today while playing. The spuds were a real success so will do them at Christmas. Only a week to go.

    You will never be alone Jean, we will make sure of that.I went bowling today but it rained all the time so we stuck it out for around an hour then called it a day. It’s such a miserable day here gone dark. At least it will start to get lighter each day from the end of the week.

    Good afternoon FB Brit friends… hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Another dry day mild at 12deg but very dark but it is winter and lots to be thankful for.

    Just popped to Brackley Tesco as I am worried about the continual snow forecast. I couldnt believe how cheap the veg prices were.. Broccoli .. bags of brussels .. a whole counter all at 15p apparently they are holding these prices till Xmas.

    I only really went today to get a chicken.. we are not lovers of Turkey .. I got a lovely big free range one for £21 So decided to get most of what I needed today instead of leaving it..

    It was lovely I just strolled around had a good look at everything . .. So after eating my cheese and Branston pickle sandwich its off to unload it all

    Dave.. its ssoo funny as since talking about Air fryers here .. I keep getting recipes pop up lol.

    Hopefully the rain stayed away for bowling and its brighter for you there than here.

    Sym… I can imagine how you are feeling .. it never seems to get any easier at Christmas missing a loved one. .. I always feel it most at the Christmas table… more than birthdays.
    I am always pleased to see Boxing day and its Kristy Birthday.

    HH and Nana how are things going with you.

    Not sure what to have for dinner .. Better get all the shopping in. lol

    Take care everyone .. “Stay strong, stay positive, and never give up.” Xxxx

    Evening everyone,our get together with our neighbours for Christmas drinks and nibbles this evening has been cancelled due to them both having the rotten colds that are doing the rounds at the moment. Whilst I’m sorry that they’re poorly it did mean I could get a low calorie day in today although it was hard as I also had a low calorie day yesterday.
    Been a dull day here but dry, yesterday was a lovely sunny day but a very cold wind.
    Lunch with our widowed friend tomorrow and a glass or two of wine will be enjoyed.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone.
    Nana xxx

    Jean- sending you a hug, very hard time 🤗 Did you say that Katie is coming over in the new year?
    Dave- you should be a salesman! I like the idea of the air fryer, but I would need a huge one 😂 Yesterday I had 5 shelves full in my oven- I did sausages, veggie sausages, roasties, Yorkshire puds, roast cauliflower, parsnips, carrots & sprouts 😂
    Hemmy- good you’re not so hungry, I’m more like your friend I think, so hard to shift any weight! Good you found cheap stuff in Tesco’s, ours seems very expensive, even sprouts!
    Nana- shame about your neighbours, but well done having a bonus FD! Hope you have a nice lunch tomorrow!
    No walk for Enoch again today, I guess it’s a bad time for his owner too…a shame as it’s been dry here again, we could’ve gone round the field. Made sausage rolls, took a couple & the tiffin to youngest- he wanted me to pop in, hope he’s over his lurgy enough & I don’t catch it! Made a start icing the Christmas cakes, will leave them to dry before I decorate them. Eldest dropped flowers off to Mum for Christmas, she couldn’t remember his name 😢 She knew he was one of the grandchildren, she’d had friends round so I think was in a tizzy from that…
    Managed another liquid FD today.

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