Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Had a few hours bowling, no coat on but had my jumper on. It poured down this morning but the green was ok, drained off well. Only had 2 cups of tea so far so the fast is going well. I’ve had to hide the Christmas choccies before I scoff them all. Denise hid them so I’m safe now

    Hemmy- glad I’m not the only one doing Christmas cards already! Quite a few of mine went astray last year & didn’t arrive until late January, so doing them even earlier! Very wet & muddy here too, dark already!
    Dave- nice you had a dry day! Good Denise has hidden your chocolate…a normal FD for you today?
    Jean- glad grandson is safely in Oz, hopefully he’ll make new friends & a new life for himself …
    Got very wet with Xena, so didn’t walk Enoch, he gets stressed in the rain & wind anyway. Have planned my Christmas cakes but haven’t got all the ingredients so will get those this week, have done quite a few Christmas cards as well as cleaning. Mum’s got a cold, don’t want to catch that so she’ll have to have a day on her own!
    Doing a liquid fast again today.

    Evening everyone, have had a nice quiet weekend.
    It’s our daughters 8th wedding anniversary shortly which is bronze apparently and as they both love their garden we thought we’d get them something bronze and ended up getting them bronze wind chimes from our local garden centre 🤞they’ll like them.
    I think the reason I’m managing to lose weight albeit slowly even though we eat out regularly is because I’ve realised that I used to view the meals out as a treat and never thought about the calories that much but it hit me that I need to think more carefully about my food choices and only have two glasses of wine . I’ve stopped drinking at home and will only do so if we have friends round for a meal.
    Bronwyn hope you can come back to us soon.
    Jean hope your grandson gets on alright.
    Hemmy you’ve made me realise that I need to get on writing our Christmas cards but am cutting down on the ones that I post and will hand deliver the ones that I can.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone.
    Nana x

    Good afternoon,I can see blue sky so that’s a good sign. I managed an 800 fast day yesterday and trying for a low one today. Denise as took good to get Spanish lessons, they all have so having a bit of a party, she said she’ll give me a ring when she’s ready to be picked up. She’s getting really bad now, can barely walk. I said well have to get a shopping trolley that she can get in and I’ll push her around. I’m hungry now only had 2 cups of tea

    Evening All..
    A better day quite nice walking out still very muddy… I felt warmer coming towards home…

    A lovely lunch out at an Italian, I don’t usually like them but I did enjoy it, 8 of out boules team.

    James seems to be enjoying Sydney, lots of walking and getting off and on trams really looking around the area. He has met quite a few different people and they all went out as a group last night. A walk organised from the hostel to Bondi Beach which he is going on tomorrow…he is on a high hope it continues.

    I must get some cards and get them sorted out, a job for tomorrow…running late this year.

    Bowling with a jumper on.. you must be very hardy!!

    Are you running late making Xmas cakes, I used to do them in late October …loads of colds about, 3 of the girls had them, one has had it for three months!!!.. hope I keep clear!
    Hope mums ok..

    A different anniversary pressy, good idea they always sound lovely.

    Jean x

    Hi F B Brits hope all is well with you and yours. Xxxx

    Its been a lovely sunny day wth blue sky to match. .. A good 2 hr walk for us.

    Came back and did a bit more wrapping.. I think I had said over the years its my Birthday Christmas Eve .. and Kristy’s Boxing day. So we have 2 a day celebration on top of Christmas. lol.. That’s why Mum named me Carol Mary. lolol

    I have only just realised since Mum went I haven’t been able to really find the interest in Christmas the last few years she was so much part of it. I am sooo pleased I seem to have renewed my enthusiasm again.

    OMG for anyone buying in Mince pies.. The Coop have won “Which” best pie award.. I bought a box of six today to see. They are soo lovely you honestly would have a job to beat them.. Its their Best luxury range I think it was £2..75 for six. Gorgeous crumbly star cutout dusted with icing suger .. Ohhh dear I have eaten 3 lolol.

    Nana … Well do you think you will have time in between all these lunches to write those cards lolol Xxxx Actually once you get going you soon do it.. I did so many per day.

    Dave.. Well done on 800 cals yesterday.. How is today going?

    H H …. Hope Mum is careful as there seems a lot of Covid about again this year. I bet your cakes smell lovely while baking. A real Christmas smell.

    Sym.. Glad you enjoyed your Italian.. I haven’t been for ages to one but they used to be my favourite restaurant

    So glad your G Son is settling in.. a lovely experience for him.

    Enjoy your evening everyone. Every step is progress, no matter how small.Xxxx

    Had a bit more to eat today1400 calories still miles below my tdee.Bowling again tomorrow,I don’t like Christmas food,mince pies, Christmas cake or any other Christmas stuff.Bought some Christmas garlands thought they would make a change, cost enough.My some birthday is the middle of December and my daughter’s the end of December. Must be a cold month March🤪.

    Dave- well done with your FD yesterday. Poor Denise, I hope the wait’s not too long for a new knee 😞
    Jean- nice to go somewhere different…glad grandson is enjoying Oz so far!
    Hemmy- I didn’t realise your birthday was Christmas Eve, & Kristy Boxing Day…a big celebration! I might try the Co-op mince pies, I’ve not bought any yet…Not made the cakes yet, it was going to be some point this week but have changed plans!
    Nana- you’re doing so well, it’s certainly working! A lovely idea for daughter’s anniversary present 🥰
    We have booked 2 nights away, just to the barns we’ve been to before, with Xena. We’ve wanted to go for a few weeks now but the weather has just been so awful… Must be careful not to over eat & spoil the good work! So the cakes will have to wait, I don’t usually make mine to early anyway, they get in the way!

    Good afternoon everyone. Had 2.5 hours bowling but did keep my coat on today. It’s 2°C so chilly. Will take Chloe out again for our second walk.

    Evening everyone, a very chilly bike ride to and from the guided busway stop today.
    A nice lunch I had jacket potato with prawns in marie rose sauce and two medium glasses of pinot grigo wine.
    Usual visit to Ely tomorrow and then once back home we’re going to get the Christmas tree and decorations down from the loft ready to be put up on Friday. We’re meeting a friend Friday in the morning for coffee and cake, and looks like it’s going to be a curry Friday evening.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay warm.
    Nana xxx

    Hi F FB Brits hope you are having a good day xxxx

    Its been a lovely sunny day but ohh so cold this evening.. When we went out at 4pm it was freezing.. never stayed long aa it is not good for a mature dog. Or me lolol.

    Just hoping there is no snow here..

    I haven’t achieved much as such today.. walked late then late lunch..just a sandwich and Cup of soup.. This evening its Chilli I made last week .. really enjoying it.

    H H .. Yes we are both Christmas B Days.. Yes try those mince-pies they are wonderful very moorish though lolol.
    It will be lovely having the break nice to get away and relax..

    Dave.. you are so lucky not being tempted by the Christmas fare. I love it unfortunately lol.

    Nana .. Enjoy the rest of your busy week..

    Sym .. Hope you are having a good day.

    Take care everyone.. its bitter out there .. Xxxx

    Tempted by chocolate though. Will leave it until Christmas week now hopefully.Drooling already thinking a about it. If I knew where Denise hid the toffees I would be raiding them.

    Hi FB Brits hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    Ohh I really don’t like this very cold weather .. When I came back in after walking those fields.. and didn’t want to move after lunch. lolol

    Croc pot on smells warm and lovely .. chicken breasts chopped .. peppers.. mushrooms carrot’s parsnip ..onion.. stock.. wine .a sort of stew soup.

    Dave… please step away from anywhere that maybe concealing chocolate lol.

    A nice treat .. is a cup of Cadburys hot chocolate .I only use a spoonful just for the taste. .. Hot and satisfying

    Just off out to play with Pip .. its looking dark already at 3.45 .. another really cold one tonight.. Stay warm and safe everyone.

    The small daily goals are the everyday wins. Xxxx

    Just back from taking Chloe out, she had her hat and coat on today. I think greyhounds really feel the cold. She seems to like her hat and she likes her PJ’s.3°C at the moment but will drop below tonight. Not sure what to have for tea tonight.

    Good afternoon everyone it’s 1°C so 🥶.I stayed the same this week, naught having toast at night.Nice blue sky and sunshine. Soon be Christmas not sure if I will buy any drink or just have a cuppa on Christmas eve.

    Hi F B Brits hope all is well in your world and keeping warm. Xxxx

    A later walk waited for the sun to come out .. so never got back for lunch till nearly 2 pm and soon be back out in the garden for play at 4pm lol then I wonder why I don’t seem to achieve much these days. lolol

    My weight has keep the same this week just need to last it out till at least Christmas week.

    Well done Dave staying the same .

    Chicken casserole from the freezer for me this evening .. nice and tasty

    How did everyone else weigh today.

    Enjoy your evening everyone

    Losing weight is a mind game. Change your mind. Change your body. Xxxx

    Evening All…
    What a cold chilly day but dry and crisp…
    Hairdressers for my cut and blow and vets for tablets.

    Hoping to meet daughter on Saturday, halfway between our houses at a garden centre.. seeing what the weathers like….

    I forgot to weigh in this morning, I came back off my walk doing breakfast and realised .. never mind..

    I have posted the other day and it’s not gone on just realised…

    Horlicks used to nice.. hot chocolate always is a bit sweet for me..glad your weights holding.

    Hope your break away went well and it was warm..

    Hope your day went well. Enjoy your curry tonight..

    Keep strong with the chocolates..

    Have a good weekend all..
    Jean x

    Good afternoon, just put some Christmas decorations up.A few more to go then the tree needs doing, that’s Denise ‘s job. Steak for tea tonight but first I’ll take Chloe out again.

    Evening All…
    What a very cold day, I got my ski trousers out to wear, I got them in a charity shop in Houston for £2.50 still had a ticket on, brand new. They are so cozy I wasn’t cold in -6 .. best buy ever..

    I met Jacqui for lunch at a garden centre, nice walk around….bought a wreath for Steve… so very cold.

    Xmas tree up tomorrow and finish writing cards..

    You are in the decorating mode.. Hope the steak was nice..

    Night from us ..

    Jean x

    Evening All…
    What a very cold day, I got my ski trousers out to wear, I got them in a charity shop in Houston for £2.50 still had a ticket on, brand new. They are so cozy I wasn’t cold walking in -6 .. best buy ever..

    I met Jacqui for lunch at a garden centre, nice walk around….bought a wreath for Steve… so very cold.

    Xmas tree up tomorrow and finish writing cards..

    You are in the decorating mode.. Hope the steak was nice..

    Night from us ..

    Jean x

    Good morning F B Brits.. hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    It s been raining here .. so first morning for a while no frost.

    I put my tree up yesterday afternoon .. left it overnight to settle .. will decorate this afternoon.. Lots of other little bits to put out I have collected over the years .. I love my old pieces I find lots of todays decorations too bright and gaudy for my taste. I expect the little ones like them though .

    Weight staying good and low.. I don’t seem to feel very hungry at the moment..

    Sym… Your ski trousers sounded a good buy .. we need to keep warm in this very cold spell while walking.

    Have a lovely day everyone .. stay warm

    If it came from a plant eat it if its made in a plant don’t. Xxxx

    Morning All.
    Snow has arrived today a couple of inches, Charlie didn’t seem to even notice. It is melting now….sky looks full.

    I have brought the tree and my decoration cases into the hall ready for later.
    Just having a warm and cuppa and relax after walking.

    Like you I am feeling more xmassy this year. It’s my forth year without Steve.
    I have quite a lot of bits and pieces collected over the years.

    Have a good day everyone

    Jean x

    Good afternoon we had a tiny dusting of snow this morning 3am, that’s when I went to bed. But all gone when I got up. Putting our tree up today so feeling christmassy. Got to make the Yorkshire pudding batter ready for later. Chloe likes my Yorkshire’s. I gave her scrambled eggs yesterday but we paid for it during the night, she came up in our bedroom and we needed gas masks😜.

    Hi FB Brits .. hope all is well with you and yours. Xxxx

    A very wet muddy walk nearly slipped this morning.. roll on spring lolol

    I have decorated my tree..it took me ages but looks absolutely full with years of baubles etc..
    I haven’t got around to doing the other bits.. windows fireplace etc..will do them as I go along I think.
    I am having an easy kitchen day .. roast beef rolls for lunch and dinner lolol.

    Dave… No snow here as yet thank goodness .. its the only weather that worries me about get Pip out. .. rain I am not bothered but snow and ice a worry.
    Hope your Yorkshire turned out well .. Do you do individual ones or one big one.

    Sym.. Yes it does get easier I suppose missing your loved ones.. but at Christmas it is still very hard.. Today .. I missed old Mum joining in the tree decorating with a glass of Bailys her favourite drink..

    You have to make an effort though for others. I think I am just willing myself into the mood IYKWIM .

    Time to get my old boys dinner… enjoy your evening every one..

    “What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.” Xxxx


    Hi all!
    All getting your trees up early! We were going to do ours yesterday but Kevin said it was too cold to brave the loft! We had a lovely break away, but poor Xena has been off since we’ve been home- we think a tooth abscess as her face is swollen & she’s not been eating much, & wonder if she’s hurt her back as not getting up very well & looking very stiff … Vets tomorrow, been cooking her bits of fish, chicken, eggs etc to tempt her, sardines and tuna as well.
    Got a busy week ahead, don’t think I’ll get the cakes made for a bit, got to make my aunt’s 80th birthday cake done on Friday, & a few other things on…
    Managed a liquid fast day yesterday & another tomorrow, try to mitigate any damage done while away, we didn’t over eat though!

    Afternoon All…
    A village walk this morning a bit off his lead on a closed old road.. expected awful weather but we were lucky raining but not heavy…couldn’t face the mud!

    Been out clipping two vases of holly with some red carnations mixed in. Will look nice when they open. One in the lounge the other in the kitchen.

    All Xmas food shopping now finished just a bit of fresh to do.
    Cards to finish about half done.

    Fasting today. Just having a cuppa.

    I don’t find eggs gassy, Charlie has sprouts they can be..
    Enjoy your bowls hope it’s dry.

    I thought of Steve when doing the tree, he always helped me get it up and bring the toys in.. he loved Xmas it always started in the 1st Dec… having to replace a lot of my chocolates again and again!
    All mine is finished now, it’s all I am doing.

    Hoping the vet can help Xena it sounds nasty. I do like a homemade Xmas cake.. it’s a while since I have made one.

    These walk times come round a hour and we will be off again .

    Jean x

    Hemmy I just make the batter, I leave it up to Denise if we have individual or one large one. Individual ones yesterday. Chloe scoffed the lot. Jean any food is gassy for greyhounds 🤪. Had an hour bowling, can just about feel my hands now I’m home. Had to change all clothing below the waist, all wet.

    Evening everyone, hope you all managed to keep warm over the last few days.
    Warmed up here and it’s been rain on and off the last two days.
    Managed to lose a pound last week but don’t think I’ll be losing this week as we’re out for lunch tomorrow no Wednesday lunch meet up but our Newmarket friends are coming over for a curry night and Thursday evening we’re meeting up with my old workmates for a meal.
    Put our Christmas tree up on Saturday.I love to see the outside Christmas lights going up around and about if we go out in the evenings.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone.
    Nana xxx

    Quick post- took Mum out today to get bank stuff sorted, helped her with her new Christmas tree (no. 3!!) Could’ve done with a drink after that 😂
    Taken Xena to the vets, she has an infection somewhere but it’s not her teeth, her back seemed better today. Got to keep an eye on her, keep trying to get her to eat… liquid FD for me, so she’s eaten more than I have 😂

    Good afternoon dry today for a change.Going shopping now, just took Chloe out for her walk and it’s a little warmer today. Trying for a low day today. Had a good fast day yesterday.

    Afternoon All…
    A dry walk which wasn’t expected and out for 8am, meeting Natalie and Oreo…
    A lot of cleaning done up and down, mopped floors, just busy most of the day faffing… a tinker with the tree pleased with it now.
    Finished my cards now just need to walk and post them.

    My James Martin Yorkshire puds turned out fantastic… as I would say just like my mums! Go to recipe now.
    A milder today here too.

    Well done on your pound off… lots of lights up now outside started to go up in the middle of November… I don’t do them now as it was Steves job.
    Enjoy all your meals out…

    Hope Xena is still improving today with the tablets.
    A shame with your mum she seems to be getting worse ..
    I haven’t seen Chris, I must go in the next couple of weeks, the last three times she had argued with me big time, I can’t face going to see her, it makes me feel quite upset, 3 hour round trip to argue.. I know I must, she is just getting a lot worse now.

    Jean x

    Such a shame about your sister Jean. My mother had just started with dementia when she passed away so thankfully I didn’t have to see her deteriorating. Not been a bad day food wise only had a snackerjack so far and 3 cups of tea. Think I’ll have beans on toast for tea.

    Hi F B Brit friends.. hope you are having a good day. Xxxx

    Just lost a long post…

    Wet muddy walks here and by the forecast it doesnt stop for another 7 days.

    Just done a Tesco shop at Bicester .. looks like peeps are out early stocking up.

    All wine .. drinks snacks etc .. Pips stuff got.. just Turkey and fresh stuff now.

    Weight still good I was amazed today as never even thought of buying anything naughty lol .. Late lunch so just a bacon sarni this evening and fruit.

    Both my neighbours have colds /flu so staying well away just checking if they need shopping.
    Again I am soo glad I don’t have any injections at all. ..

    H H .. sounds like you are super busy.. Don’t forget to take care of yourself too.

    Nana .. Well done on the pound loss.

    Dave.. I love beans on toast .. and these days I enjoy the Branston ones best of all.

    Sym… will look up the James Martin Yorkies.. I do love him… Ohh If I was years younger lolol. Xx

    Enjoy your evening everyone.. To be successful at anything, you don’t have to be different. You simply have to be what most aren’t: Consistent.- Xxxx

    Hemmy- definitely keep away from the neighbours & their lurgies! You’re doing so well keeping your weight stable…our Tesco’s was busy today too!
    Jean- sounds like you’re organised! How is Jacqui doing without both boys now? Such a shame about your sister, I wouldn’t feel bad about it, she won’t remember whether you’ve been or not, & if all she does is argue it doesn’t sound as if she’s enjoying a visit either, it’s so hard 🤗
    Dave- well done with your FD! I love beans on toast too, has to be Heinz for me!
    Mary- you’ve done so well steadily losing, hope you have a nice week 😀
    Bronwyn – how are you? Thinking of you 🤗
    Kept my FD going until 3pm, have been restrained the rest of the day. Been quite busy, Xena’s much better, keeping her on short walks for now though. Did walk Enoch today, have had my hair cut & coloured, we did a Tesco shop & have spent quite a while cooking different bits…have to go to mum’s tomorrow as she has the electrician coming. She is getting more repetitive, she’s always worse at Christmas as there’s more to think about! But still managing most things herself…

    I have Branston beans nicer than Heinz. I’ve been told Aldi have the best beans but never had them. I’ve been working out a plan for maybe the new year Still waiting to hear from weight loss place.

    Dave.. I have heard Aldi baked beans are the best .. going there today so will get a tin to try plus check out price.

    Aldi Christmas cake is voted best by BBC food .. £8.99 it looks just like the Tesco one at £12

    We are not that mad on C Cake just get one for tradition. Xxxx

    I await your verdict hemmy on the Aldi beans. I have sticky toffee pudding at Christmas with plenty of custard.Denise and I are total opposites.Support different football teams, I’m 6 foot and she’s under 5 foot now, different religions,I like thick custard and she likes thin😱.Very little we both agree on but been married 48 years so we must agree that we like each other🤎.I managed 1100 or so calories yesterday so a good low day, not sure what’s it will be today.

    Evening All…
    A beautiful sunrise on our early walk this morning, very cold again and slippy out for our afternoon walk.

    Sorted Steve out and took the wreath and hand delivered village cards, just 4 to do in the car.

    James has decided to go up the east side of oz over the next month, I think he goes on the 10th.. he feels if he doesn’t do it before working he won’t do it.. again he may stay and work in another area when he finishes his trip . Money will be getting short so it will be a job or come home.

    It definitely is an awful disease, I would rather be gone. Just like being in a prison fed and watered…
    They say opposites attract or the same.. Steve and I were so the same..

    Keep well away from the flu bugs.. still muddy here a bit frozen for two days but will be back from now.
    Well done on the shopping just fresh for me too…
    I got a small slab of Xmas cake, a taster 😂

    Jacqui and Philip are both struggling, getting odd texts which are concerning from James, last 48 hours have been bad but he’s settled again. I think coming to end of his tour all his new friends are now going on their way so he’s back on his own, possibly another couple of days before they leave.
    Hope you are pleased with your hair. Hope mums tree is sorted and electrician arrived.

    Have a good evening

    Jean x

    We played bowls for an hour and a half, very cold, first game was good then the cold got in our bones so we called it a day.1300 calories today so not too bad, will do a a FD tomorrow.

    Morning All…
    Raining yet again, heating has come on overnight so it must have been cold..

    Fast day for me.. I have had a few naughties and a heavy meal yesterday.. so well needed..

    You are very good to brave this weather bowling.. I have not played for over two months…a can’t be bothered feeling, might call it a day…

    Anyone else fasting?

    Jean x

    Good morning FB B Friends Xxxx

    Another wet day .. I am really not looking forward to this mornings walk. Its not enjoyable at all as its just a case of making sure you don’t slip.

    Weight is good .. at the moment I don’t feel hungry at all .. I often feel like that when getting lots of food in it sort of puts me off. lol Trouble is once started on treats its hard to stop its like your body keeps craving more. I seem to be all or nothing lolol

    Yesterday I got the Aldi cake.. 8.99 Tbh it looks the carbon copy of the Tesco one for £12

    I hadnt shopped at Aldi for a while but had seen they were voted back to No 1 best value spot. .. I really was suprised at the prices.. I bought some king prawns to have last night on a jacket potato they were beautiful and a very good price. Will shop there again now I think.

    Dave.. They do say opposites attract .. plus its ssoo good to get two points of view.

    Sym.. Its such a shame about your sister . is she your only sibling. Again its hard missing our loved ones especially at this time of year .. I am trying to fight it but its not easy . xx

    Enjoy your day everyone.. I am back to Bicester today to Tax my car at the P.O Its due on the 31st I expect it will be busy.

    You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream. Xxxx

    We had sleet in the rain while walking and very cold.

    Just chatted to William, grandson from Perth.. he is just at the airport coming to the uk for a work course…he is getting home for three days looking forward to seeing him on Sunday.

    Popping out for the boys carrots and a few bits, dropping last two xmas cards off.

    I haven’t been to Aldi for a while, we are having a new one being built opposite Lidl where I shop, 5 mins away .. I will have a good choice then … I do love Aldi chocolate so it will be a nightmare. Especially the almond…( nearest Aldi about 10 miles away)
    Yes I have just one sister….5 grandchildren and daughter all abroad now.. just Jacqui my elder daughter and SIL here….. such a small family…I have a step daughter who lives in south Wales, she’s popping up in a week or so.. I see her maybe 4 times a year.
    Well done on your weight…I have been at the biscuits a bit this week ..naughty!

    Jean x

    I have a very small family, son and daughter one auntie and one cousin that’s it. Denise as a much larger family but we don’t see them very often. Hemmy did you buy any baked beans? Raining here just avoided it on our walk. Fast day today but I’m hungry already. Might have some ready brek.Lamb casserole for tea with roast potatoes.

    Good evening F B B.. ( It felt like evening at 3pm here as very dark. Xxxx

    Ohh another wet muddy slippy walk .. its so tiring keeping up with a mucky boy wet towels etc… plus me lolol.

    The trip to Bicester get the Car tax done was awful.. lots of water on the road and big lorries heading I guess for Bicester Village outlet. They will be busy now.

    At least in and out of the Post office in 15 mins.

    Had a look around but just wanted to get home out of the rain. ..

    I did get a few bits ..for presents so all good as Car tax done too.

    Now I dont feel hungry at all… Never had lunch till 3pm.. Toasted cheese and onion sandwich and a cup of soup. They are so filling at few calories.

    Not sure about later .. will see.

    Dave.. I had forgotten about the Aldi beans yesterday as I had been so shocked about the dense fog so just got the Christmas cake and came home. Looking on line there seems to be 2 sorts.. both very cheap I reckon Branston twice the price. Funny as for years I swore by Heinz and then I found them different watery .. Branston I reckon will take some beating for taste . I will get some though to try

    Sym… You must miss your family that are abroad..especially at these times of the year ..lovely to have all the grandchildren .
    I have just bought a gift for my friends grandchild.. I cant see Kristy having any now as 44 this Christmas… A shame for her..her dog is her baby… like Pip is mine. xx

    Hope everyone is having a good day whatever you are doing.. The purpose of our lives is to be happy Xxxx

    I went to Lidl yesterday, a flying visit to pick up some of their lurpak equivalent butter, supposed to be good for whiter butter cream, I made that today & is really good! May go back for a proper wander another time…
    Been quite busy helping mum out yesterday & then a HomeStart meeting, today I ran a friend’s son to college for her (amazing lad, so lovely, chatty & mature!), walked Enoch who was very skittish in the wind, dusted & hoovered & got our Christmas tree up, making butter cream…A liquid FD today apart from a taster to check the butter cream. Looking forward to making the cake tomorrow, doing something completely different to cakes I’ve done before!

    Evening All..
    Absolutely pouring down outside.. glad we are in…

    William has another 10 hours to go, his plane was delayed a bit..

    Hope the lamb casserole was nice…

    Good you got the car sorted out… I suppose 44 is getting a bit late for starting a family, she possibly has a couple of more years.. Katie was 38 with her last one..they seem to be having them a lot later these days.

    I go to Lidl I have never seen white butter, I buy their usual butter. I like the bakery section..
    What sort of cake are you doing?

    Jean x

    Good evening lots of rain today, Hemmy why don’t you buy your car tax online much easier. Can do it on your phone.Ordered Chloe a jumper for Christmas all my other dogs never needed clothes they were both working dogs, Heidi had 2 coats and was able to withstand minus 24 , my collie had a good warm coat but Chloe hardly as any fur, so short so feels the cold and we have to be careful of sunburn as well.

    A good week I’ve lost 3lbs. Had a day off last Friday and had a big bar of chocolate. Tempted to do the same today, see how I go when I get in Sainsbury’s.

    Good afternoon FBBs.. a sunny day here at long last but still flooded and muddy over the fields.

    Weight still good at my lowest. It soo strange as I don’t feel hungry at all very weird. lol

    Interesting maybe is that this week I started Sunday .. I have been having every morning as soon as I get up a tablespoon of Olive Oil neat..

    Kristy as i have said has lost a lot of weight .. into all the health stuff and told me about it.

    So I looked it up and yes it is recommended .. Have a google yourselves see what you think. It has to be good quality oil though. Funny as it sounds revolting neat but I don’t mind it. lol
    I will be interested in your thoughts. Xx

    Well done Dave on the 3 pounds.. a brilliant amount this week. … I don’t do anything on line if i can see the person face to face. lol .. hence the car tax. I bet Chloe looks lovely in her coat.. they a graceful beautiful dogs. Plus lovely gentle natured.

    HH you are busy.. I am waiting to hear what this cake is your making. lol

    Sym.. Hope your G Son arrived safely.. Yes too late now to have babies I think although never comment lolol .. it would be a complete change of lifestyle. What will be will be. Xx

    Enjoy your day everyone “Be mindful. Be grateful. Be positive. Be true. Be kind.” Xxxx

    Evening All…
    A dry day before the rain tomorrow…
    I have had haddock and chips for lunch absolutely delicious.. we sat and ate it in the car, Charlie having a few bits…

    I have lost half a pound not quite into the next pound..

    Very interesting about the olive oil I have never heard of that.. does it taste awful?.. might give it a go..
    Grandson has arrived getting very tired now.. bed early.

    Dave ..
    A very good loss. Well done..

    Jean x

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