Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Morning All…
    Looks like a very wet day… supposed to be walking with Penny but she lets me down a lot…

    Shame on your weight gain after trying so hard. Hope your new scales are kinder to you.

    I agree I get very disappointed with outside food. I suppose we cook a lot and expect a lot more.
    I have 1 lb more to loose to goal, it would be nice to get level before end of year.
    Well done with your pound off…

    Good you enjoyed your Chinese. Well done to you too on
    1 1/2 lbs off.

    Have a lovely birthday weekend.

    Jean x

    Black Friday and so far I’ve bought a new smart watch and scales and it’s still a week to black Friday.Chloe love’s her PJ’s, she dosent jump up on our bed anymore but the one night I didn’t put them on she was in our bed in between us😁.I will have to go back to 2 liquid fasts I think. It’s not easy to do but will try, and not have toast at night. So difficult to resist the toast😈.

    I just read this and thought it also applied to losing weight and getting fit, We mustn’t put it off. XXXX

    Barely the day started and… it’s already six in the evening.
    Barely arrived on Monday and it’s already Friday.
    … and the month is already over.
    … and the year is almost over.
    … and already 40, 50 or 60 years of our lives have passed.
    … and we realize that we lost our parents, friends.
    and we realize it’s too late to go back…
    So… Let’s try, despite everything, to enjoy the remaining time…
    Let’s keep looking for activities that we like…
    Let’s put some color in our grey…
    Let’s smile at the little things in life that put balm in our hearts.
    And despite everything, we must continue to enjoy with serenity this time we have left. Let’s try to eliminate the afters…
    I’m doing it after…
    I’ll say after…
    I’ll think about it after…
    We leave everything for later like ′′ after ′′ is ours.
    Because what we don’t understand is that:
    Afterwards, the coffee gets cold…
    afterwards, priorities change…
    Afterwards, the charm is broken…
    afterwards, health passes…
    Afterwards, the kids grow up…
    Afterwards parents get old…
    Afterwards, promises are forgotten…
    afterwards, the day becomes the night…
    afterwards life ends…
    And then it’s often too late….
    So… Let’s leave nothing for later…
    Because still waiting see you later, we can lose the best moments,
    the best experiences,
    best friends,
    the best family…
    The day is today… The moment is now…
    We are no longer at the age where we can afford to postpone what needs to be done right away. xXXX

    I love it Hemmy.

    Hemmy- that was lovely! Well done losing your pound!
    Bronwyn – happy belated birthday! Hope you have a lovely weekend & enjoy sharing that scrummy food with your family x
    Dave- shame about gaining, sounds like you’ll be losing a few pounds in the Black Friday sales instead!
    Jean- well done losing your pound! Shame about your treats yesterday…keep strong today!
    Nana- hope your Auntie gets better soon, & really well done with your loss!
    I lost a pound as well last week, feels like an awful lot of work for a pound, but that’s how it is for me! My neck was much better yesterday, we had a nice day out seeing a couple of antique centres & a scone at a tea shop. Another grotty weather day today, feel bad I didn’t walk Enoch but was drenched after taking Xena out… ironing done & saw mum this afternoon. Have done a FD, 630cals
    Have a good weekend!

    Yes I’ve lost a good few pounds, but hopefully well worth it.I think Chloe sleeps over 20 hours a day, you would think greyhounds would be much more active.

    Hi F B Brits hope you are having a good Sunday.Xxxx

    Its been an awful dark dank day here its so very wet every where. Parts of the fields are under water again.. Its never really dried out.

    A busy day .. as out with Pip at 9am instead of 11 am all due to DAVE lolol reminding me about Amazon black Friday deals lol..

    Sooo yesterday afternoon sat and ordered lots of pressies.. good deals too.. lol so had to be back to sign for some 10yr old whiskey for Phil… would you believe the guy even seeing me made me produce my driving licence re age lolol .. I know its policy but goodness, lolol

    I have made chilli in the croc pot it s lovely best thing yet.
    Pity I already have my dinner sorted .. my last cottage pie.from the freezer. lol,.

    H H … So glad you are feeling better sounds like you had my ideal day yesterday.. Well done losing that pound another one bites the dust xx

    Dave… You have done so well .. it must have been hard not losing after those long fasts. .
    I must admit its put me off after watching a vidio and the woman only lost a small amount doing long fasts. I don’t think you can beat … 500 -800 cal fasts.

    Enjoy your evening everyone. Did you know that diet stand for Did I eat that .lolol Xxxx

    Evening All…
    It came very dark pm.. out at 3.15 for walk but it was raining..
    I had lunch at my daughters chatting with grandson he leaves for Sydney on Saturday.. I hoping to catch up one day in the week.. he is excited and nervous I think he will be fine….

    Love the long saying it’s very true.
    You have got going with your Xmas shopping.. I like a tipple of whiskey..

    Well done on your pound off… always nice to have a cream scone… I keep saying I must make some but I haven’t as yet.

    Hope the scales are kind when they arrive.

    Jean x

    Good morning FBBs
    The start of another week, hope it brings some weight loss for some of us 🙂

    I weighed myself this morning and I have gained 1.5 pounds over my birthday weekend. I am hoping it is a false weight like you can sometimes get – on quickly and off quickly. My DILs told me my face looked slimmer!! I don’t really want a thinner face 😂 it’s the rest of me. Back to 18/6 from today. Next weigh in Friday.

    My neighbours are having an extension built across the back of their house. It started today and it is very noisy with the machinery. Our dogs have started too. In for some noisy weeks 🐶🐶

    Dull day weatherwise but it has not been really cold yet here so that’s a bonus. Will get on with some jobs.
    Regards Bronwyn

    Morning All…
    A lovely mild walk still very muddy in places…

    I have ordered a dress ( for cruise and wedding next year) and my high tog duvet both are on the way … maybe tomorrow…
    I think I will get a few of Charlie’s blankets washed while dry…

    A bit of shopping later if I can be bothered…

    I am joining you today in fasting….hoping you enjoyed your weekend of birthday treats… weight will soon move..
    A noisy time with you on the building it can go on for a bit..

    Have a good day fasting everyone.

    Jean x

    Trying to do a liquid fast again, gone 17.5 hours so far, bowling this afternoon,I’m driving so have to pick them up.The weather is ok, very cloudy but dry.

    Had a couple of hours bowling, had some drizzle but carried on.21.5 hour fast so far so going well.

    Hi FB Brits .. how is your world today. xxxx

    Its been a dry but dark day again.. A sunny start for our walk but clouded over oh so very quickly.

    I made 4 chilli meals yesterday in the croc pot for the freezer will have with jacket potato or rice..

    I have just got all my Christmas stuff down to check on what I need re wrapping cards etc Bought lots of bits in the spring sales… Just need more tags.// wrapped up some gifts. So I must now stay well ahead and not as often slip back and rush last minute lol.. I have promised my self a easy Christmas all done and dusted well before lolol. I wonder lolol.

    Just had a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich lunch time… Chilli and jacket potato this evening .. No noughties for ages ..lol.

    Good luck if you are doing a fast today … Tomorrow is a 800 cal day for me.

    Enjoy your evening everyone. Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to the person from yesterday. Xxxx

    A good fast day here… just a normal one.. about 600 cals..
    A busy cleaning day then out to do a bit of food shopping..called into a charity shop brought home 15 books for £5.. my book shelf looks much fuller..

    You are getting very organised for Xmas..I suppose I am half done..Texas and Aussie 7 sorted, just 4 to do..
    I have a lot of food stuff in now, my list is going down.. just the fresh stuff.. frozen turkey to get…
    I need cards to get, see what I have upstairs… maybe next week.

    Duvet and dress arriving tomorrow..🤞🏻

    Jean x

    Hello all…
    Bronwyn – I’m sure the extra will disappear quickly! I suppose at least the building work isn’t in summer when you want to be outside!
    Jean- you did well with the book shopping! So pleased your grandson seems to have picked up, hope all goes well in Sydney for him …
    Hemmy- well done with your Christmas shopping! So controlled with your eating, very well done 👍
    Dave- keep strong on your fast, I’m with you!
    Nana- hope you’ve had a good weekend…
    A liquid FD again for me, have been okay. Walked Xena & Enoch, he’s still not back to normal, he’s lost weight & has lost fur in places, seems edgy on his walk 😞 Popped out to the shops & have found a jumper/ dress for my aunt’s birthday bash, it’s quite flattering & wasn’t too expensive! Popped to see youngest son, he told us some scary stuff about his fire course, glad I didn’t know at the time! His gf’s nail business is growing & he’s applied for another job which if he got it would give him more time to be on call for the fire service, so 🤞🤞
    Watching I’m a celeb, definitely not hungry now!

    I’ve gone 28 hours fasting and I’m starving. Will do another 12/14 hours then have food. Not sure if I’ll do another long fast, I need to come up with a plan where I can eat something at around 10pm.

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    Still going done 41 hours, this will be my last one this long, to difficult to do and I have been very hungry this time. I have proved to myself that I can do it, so it’s always there if needed. Got to come up with another plan.

    Still going done 41 hours, this will be my last one this long, to difficult to do and I have been very hungry this time. I have proved to myself that I can do it, so it’s always there if needed. Got to come up with another plan.

    Afternoon everyone, a quick check in.
    A lovely quiet weekend and then a very busy day yesterday starting with an Aldi shop first thing, then dropping off to visit our daughter and got to see our youngest great grandson. Then in the evening we went to our Newmarket friends for a curry night and got home at 1:30am.
    I only had a mug of soup during the day to try and save my calorie allowance for the evening but I’m sure I was well over.
    Today my widowed friend came for lunch which involved a chocolate muffin so will be over again today.
    Usual Wednesday lunch tomorrow and it’s looking like the weather will be alright for us to cycle to catch the bus.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.
    Nana xxx

    Hi F B Brits ..hope you are having a good day. Xxxx

    Its been damp and cloudy here .. not raining as such but oh soo very wet everywhere it never dries up. Looks like a run of some dry days now though.

    Went shopping into Bicester had intended to do some present shopping .. but by the time I waited in the Bank and Post office .. the time on the parking had flown.

    Never ate anything till 3.30 as never went to food stores. So far today.. 2 bits of toast One peanut butter the other marmite on e cup of soup.

    Just going to get Pips dinner but I am soo full lol.. Something light later ..

    Nana .. you do so well as I have said before with all your visiting and friends.

    Dave.. Didn’t not losing last week put you off the long fasting.. What about trying one meal a day to see how that pans out.

    H H .. such a shame about Enoch every time you mention him I think well done HH you are such a good woman. xx
    How is todays fast going.

    Sym.. I find it hard going this year with presents everything looks tatty to me.at silly prices. lolol Maybe sign of my age lolol.

    Bronwyn… Hope it hasn’t been too noisy today.. Funny it must be the time of year as lots going on around here Driveways etc.

    Have a lovely evening everyone…”Every day brings new choices.” Xxxx

    Nana- you’re having a lovely sociable week! Might not lose much this week but you’ve got to enjoy yourself!
    Hemmy- shame you didn’t get the chance for much shopping! I’ve got quite a few things online, but I have used Etsy so at least it’s independent sellers. Still very wet here too, another drizzly day…
    Dave- well done with your fast again! Strange this one has been harder…
    Jean- when does your older grandson come back for his course?
    Bronwyn – how’s your back & hips now?
    Fasted for 46hrs, was more hungry after I’d eaten though! Gave Xena a longer walk as she was enjoying the woods & squirrels so much, didn’t have time to walk Enoch today as I had to ring both my HS families, long calls! Had (veggie) ham, egg & chips tonight, been talked about on here & I really fancied it! We could only get french fries though so not quite as nice!

    Well done Julie, I struggled myself but lasted 48 hours without food. Not doing it next week. I’ve only had 900 calories today so almost another FD.Funny how hungry you get after eating food. I was exactly the same.

    Morning All..
    A walk on our own on our river bank, very mild out.. although I saw a gritter out, not gritting but on the move …

    My bed felt very nice last night under the duvet, just right not too hot. A tussle with the bed and Charlie fell out 😂.. he had his side and I have my side.. still it worked out well in the end I got my same 2 foot and he had the rest!
    I bought a lovely Hungarian goose feather and down duvet I don’t want him to flatten it down.. see how we go..

    William comes back 8th dec.. which will be nice to see him. I am seeing James on Friday before he leaves for lunch.
    I am not sure on these long fasts.. time will tell.. fasting and feasting I think works..

    These are long fasts, I really aren’t sure…they are not good if you are feeling unwell.

    I gave up on presents years ago, the children was beyond my thoughts and they preferred the money…it’s naughty but easy… I hate buying wasteful things what no one really wants.
    I must admit I am feeling more like Xmas this year, it’s my 4th without Steve.
    Will Kirsty be coming to you with her partner this Xmas?

    Jean x

    Good morning everyone, going bowling in 15 minutes. It’s been raining during the night so the green will be heavy.I ended up having 1000 calories yesterday so a low day after the long fast.My new scales are coming on Friday,no sign of my watch yet though.

    Played bowls for two and a half hours.So legs aching a little. Not sure what I’m having for tea possibly a cooked breakfast. Might try poached eggs done in the airfrier.

    Hi F B Brits.. hope you are having a good day. Xxxx

    Another grey day after the forecast promise of sunshine all day..

    A quiet walk .. still soo very muddy .. and although 13 deg a chilly feeling.

    Late lunch as just comeback from Coffee with my neighbour.. .. This morning I had lost another pound after not much yesterday .. being out shopping till late .. then late lunch .. only had a few crackers and cheese in the evening .. Soo my very best weight for years.

    I was just saying to my friend though.. she is struggling its soo much easier when its just you to cook for. . They have cooked lunch every day.

    Sym.. A good idea re the presents..I was just having this conversation with my friend. Young people seem to have everything.. .. years ago.. for adults you just bought a box of chocolates or bottle of wine.. A stocking filled with sweets and some tiny toys. for the children..

    Enjoy your afternoon everyone… hope the sunshine is with you. ” Avoid looking forward or backward, and try to keep looking upward.” Xxxx

    Hemmy- well done another pound off! It is hard having to cook for others…
    Jean- nice you can see one grandson off, & then have the other visit, I feel for Jacqui though 🤗
    Jean- I do get money for niece & nephews, & our boys get a few bits & mainly money, like you say, it’s better than wasting money …
    Dave- I hope you do lose this week, although with new scales it might be different…hope your poached eggs turn out nice!
    Nana & Bronwyn, hope you’re both okay 😀
    Walked Xena with my friend & her dog again- she goes loopy to see Claire, & her yummy dog treats! I contributed apple & cheese today…walked Enoch afterwards, he is so thin right now 😞
    We had to go shopping & have finally been able to put the stuff back in my kitchen cupboard, we’ve had the dehumidifier going to dry the floor out until now.
    Had a FD today, will be 500ish unless I get tempted this evening!

    Good morning everyone.Another dull day but dry at the supposed to be a fast day today but up early so not looking good. My scales and watch both came yesterday, I’ve set my watch up so the scales now need setting up. They do lots of things, weight, body water,bone density,heart age, even the weather. They are WiFi and Bluetooth. They record everything on your phone and store it for years.

    Dave- those scales would definitely be too technical for me, I’d hate them 😂
    A nice day here, out early with Xena & we weren’t popular on the park, playing with her ball but her doggy friends who were there weren’t allowed to play, not enough time for them! Hubby had a hospital appointment, all okay, in & out early so had time to walk Enoch. Got cleaning done today as we have friends coming tomorrow, & son wants a haircut when he gets home from work… busy enough that the FD is going quickly…a cuppa break & back to work!

    Morning All…
    I need up be up and moving early to take Charlie out.
    I am going to see grandson for lunch, he leaves for Sydney tomorrow evening.

    I have lost 1 lb it takes me back to goal, hoping I can hold on for end of year weigh in.

    You are still doing very well it’s definitely a way of life for us now although it’s hard for me to keep it there!
    I am enjoying my seeded Ryvitas, I had a small tin of tuna (100 cals) with mayo with 5 Ryvita’s very tasty..

    I agree the scales look very tec.. Hope they are kind to you this week…

    Balls are a nightmare out especially a squeaky one.. Charlie steals them and won’t give back..last tussle ended up with a fight and nasty bite on Charlie’s face, I keep well away if possible.

    Seems very cold out today.. thermals out ..??

    Have a good day…

    Jean x

    Good morning F B Brits.. I hope you have a lovely day. Xxxx

    Its chilly this morning as still damp from all the recent rain. No sun as yet but hopefully another dry day..

    Sym.. so pleased for you you are back at goal xx We must keep it up now and not come out of Christmas and New year with much of a gain for January .. I think I was 5 lbs up again last Jan .

    Its such a shame but in a way a blessing that I am not finding treats the treats they were. Lots far too sweet now and false tasting. Whether that is the case or just my taste has changed I don’t know. Like I said before my main concern is the very long dates on this stuff cakes etc. What the hell do they put in things.

    H H .. Enjoy today with your friends.

    Dave.. I do smile and envy at your love for new gadgets they are my worst nightmare.. I cling on to old tried and tested like gold. lolol

    Have a good day everyone .. sun just appearing in time to hang washing out. xx

    “If you take care of your body, it’ll take care of you.” Xxxx

    Well I have stepped on the new scales and have lost 2lbs😁 got to finish setting them up now, will do it later. It’s fascinating the things the scales do, they even tell you the weather.

    Afternoon All…
    I have had a lovely couple of hours with James, he is all packed and weighed, I took my scales he has another 6 kilos of space…. He is excited and apprehensive..
    They have a WhatsApp group now on the people he is meeting for the 7 day course and meet up… only 8 going up to now so that’s a nice small number…they are already organising a get together for the Tuesday, a few are getting there early like James.

    I got my wet grass cut, a job done!

    I was 2 lbs up last year hoping to keep were I am…not sure were I was at the start of the year I shall check my book.
    Unfortunately I still like my biscuits but I have cut back and no wine at the moment..
    Hope the washing dried, my neighbour had some out blowing very well..

    Well done on 2lbs off… nice scales!!

    Walk time soon, these days pass by quick..

    Jean x

    Just been out with Chloe, it’s freezing 🥶. The scales look great so I will have to sort out the rest of what they do. Will do it while Denise watches her Christmas films 🙄.I might try another liquid fast on Monday but if I get too hungry I’ll do an 800 fast.

    Evening everyone, managed to lose half a pound this week which is good considering we had a curry night on top of our usual Wednesday lunch. A chicken shish kebab this evening and my turn to drive so no alcohol for me 😇
    Jean well done on losing a pound. Glad you had a nice time with your Grandson hope he gets on okay in Australia.
    Dave well done to you also for losing two pounds.
    Hope everyone has a nice weekend.
    Nana x

    It’s 1°C here and time to take Chloe out, she will have her bobble hat on tonight, keep her ears warm. She looks good in it and dosent mind wareing it.

    Good Morning FBBs
    A beautiful sunny day here in W Yorks.

    I am going to stop posting for a few weeks. After a routine visit to the docs this week I am being sent to the hospital next week for some tests. I have been sent a very quick appointment. Not sure what to make of it all but I am keeping cheerful. Will keep reading your posts. I am doing well with the weight loss at the moment as I have lost my appetite! Catching up with jobs while the sun is out. Have a nice weekend.
    Regards Bronwyn

    Don’t go for too long Bronwyn, and let us know how your doing from time to time. It was below zero last night, very cold.Its very sunny outside but only 2°C. And another freezing night tonight. Going to finish setting up the scales now.

    Morning All…
    Very very bitter this morning wrapped up well.. nose was icy cold on the riverbank.. cozy now under my blanket with a cuppa, heating on too…

    Just had a lovely chat to William and girlfriend in Perth, he will be home for a few days in two weeks..

    James is already to leave catching the 1.30 train to the airport .. I shall speak later to him…

    Chloe all wrapped up for the winter.. Charlie wouldn’t keep a hat on!!

    Look after yourself and hope all goes well.. pass by and keep us up to date…🤗

    You eat lots of wonderful things .. well done on your weight loss…

    Enjoy your metro with your Dutch friends…

    Have a good weekend everyone..

    Jean x

    Posting because I’m putting off doing some sewing 😂
    Bronwyn- hope you’re okay, please let us know how you’re doing 🤗
    Jean- sounds really good for James the grandson, having people to meet up with as soon as he’s there should be very helpful, what course is he doing? Well done getting back to your goal, I’ve a way to go yet!
    Hemmy- I’m sure even if you put a few pounds on over Christmas you’ll soon lose it! Definitely worrying how long the dates are on some foods, they must be full of chemicals!
    Dave- well done losing 2lbs, the new scales were nice to you!
    Nana- well done with your loss again, it’s certainly working how you’re doing the eating …hope your night out & weekend are good!
    I lost 2lbs as well last week, probably back on after yesterday with the yummy Toblerone cookies I made! Feeling a bit fragile today, I get like that if I’ve got used to less sugar & then have more, a carby hangover! Had a lovely time catching up with our friends, Tom seems to have aged since we last saw him, he’ll be 80 on new year’s eve. They bought lots of Dutch Christmas goodies I’ll have to hide them away!
    Walked Xena, & then Enoch, he seemed so hungry, snatching biscuits from me, I did tell Linda he needs to have more food…my sister is seeing mum today, must get something productive done, 2 pairs of trousers to shorten, I hate sewing! A FD here…

    I’m undecided how to proceed this week. I may have a change just got a week and do what the app I’ve put on says.It does have intermittent fasting on it so will see. No steak today having a change, Denise is making a pie.

    Some lovely Dutch things to hide away.. I am naughty I have had some Christmas nougat I had the need…
    James course really is a meeting of people who are wanting to work in Aussie.. just meeting up and doing some holiday things in the area, a one to one for a work placement and what they want to do, NI number, open a bank account and SIM card…getting to know the area. His flight is going at 8.40, he is just starting to board now..
    I will miss him but it’s an opportunity of a life time… or he may be back in two months…

    Why don’t you do a regular 5.2 week see how you go, then go back to liquid for a week..

    Jean x

    Yes I may well do that Jean, Monday and Thursday.Bowling tomorrow weather permitting. Got my handwarmer Chloe likes the fire, as soon as it’s on she’s there next to it, think there is a bit of cat in her.

    Hi FB Brits .. What a dark damp miserable ole day today

    For some reason I keep thinking its Saturday today.. It doesnt feel like a Sunday. lol It is the G P though … Come on Max.. lolol

    Back to a slippy muddy walk today..it was just drying up a bit..

    Lolol H H and Sym..
    I have also opened some Christmas chocolate .. that why I don’t like it about too early lol One year I had to replace stockings about 3 times lolol

    H H well done with your 2 lb loss thats brilliant. Whatever you are doing is working. Xx

    Bronwyn.. stay safe.Xx

    Sym.. Hope your Grandson arrived safely its hard missing the young ones but you have to admire their get up and go Xx

    Well done everyone that’s lost weight this week. .. Xx

    Be stronger than your excuses.

    I used to shout for Max in the Gp’s but he’s turned into a moaning mini.Red Bull are just to good, it’s ruining F1. When Hamilton was winning every year the cars and racing were much closer. Now you know who’s going to win before the start. Lamb for tea tonight, looking forward to it.

    Hemmy- I am okay with the Christmas chocolate, I won’t eat that… unfortunately most of the Dutch biscuits we have I’m the only one who eats them!
    Jean- a great opportunity for your grandson, hope he gets on okay, the course is a great idea! Keep away from your spare room & the goodies! Although your maintaining now so you can relax a bit!
    Dave- hard to know what to do sometimes, cutting out bread worked well for you before?
    The fields are drying up at last here, so didn’t need wellies for a change, had a long walk with Xena. Cooking roast chicken tonight, first roast this winter! Hopefully another FD today, unless I get tempted by the roasties!

    Morning All…
    A very wet walk, coat dripping in the garage thought it seemed easier… cold too.

    James is in Sydney settling in. I was chatting with him by text all the way and on the plane, it’s all text savvy now. If it wasn’t me it was Katie and his mum. Very time consuming 🤣😂 I am sure it will settle down. He met 4 girls this morning and walked to the Opera House and had had lunch with them, a good 5 hours they are at a different hostel..they were German and Austrian.. he is sat now chatting to a Argentinian who is in his room. It will be bed soon.

    I am fasting today.

    I must find some gloves my hands are cold.

    The weather is so wet and muddy.. dark these mornings too.
    I must keep off the Xmas shelf…

    Keep off the Dutch biscuits I would have them too.. I am usually quite good… tbh I am not good eating them these days they make me feel unwell.

    I didn’t sleep well last night so a lazy day for me.. a snuggle with my boy and a book!

    Jean x

    Good morning cold here but dry at the moment.Going bowling this afternoon so will need a jumper. Looks like it’s been raining so will put my trainers with the good grip on.A fast day today but don’t think it will be a liquid one.

    Hi FB Brits hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    Just lost a long post it sso annoying.

    Dark wet day here ..soaked on our walk.. so all is muddy again.

    Just having a quiet day .. finishing off Christmas cards .. just posted some..

    A sandwich lunch then just soup this evening .. so a low day. Must keep this weight now till Christmas week at least lolo.

    Sym.. So glad your G son arrived safely and settling in already A relief I am sure.

    Just off in the garden to do a bit of throwing for Pip I don’t usually go till 4pm but its got very dark.

    Enjoy your evening everyone. Be stronger than your excuses. Xxxx

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