Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Evening everyone, what a horrible cold rainy and breezy day it’s been here no cycling to the park & ride today we took the car instead. Had a nice lunch the pub we go to have introduced a deal of two smaller plates for £14 and as OH has been told to have smaller meals due to his hernia we went for that. I had haddock,chips & mushy peas OH had ham ,egg & chips plus my usual wine OH drove.
    Off to visit Auntie in Ely tomorrow as usual she said she’s got a bit of a cold and thinks she has caught it from her carers as they both have colds.
    Since coming back from Lowestoft last week I’ve stopped having breakfast,lunch around twelve to twelve thirty and my evening meal no later than five thirty so I get a nice fasting time of nineteen hours and I also try to have around 1300 calories max daily.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone.
    Nana x

    Good evening FB Brits hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    Oh an awful day here .. rain and more rain most of the day. We did a later walk lunch time not too bad then. Very wet and waterlogged over the fields as just really topped up from last time.

    A bit scary in case of slipping as we hardly see a soul in winter .. Lots just walk their dogs around the village. Especially the smaller ones. Its too muddy and wet for little Wesley.

    Well yesterday I started the Fung 16 8 I left it till 1pm to eat ..I had a 2 egg omelette and cheese .. 1 mushroom cup of soup. .. Well all I could manage this evening was 2 crumpets .. just butter .. 2 satsumas. ..

    I am soo surprised as I never felt hungry at all all morning. When I did eat I felt soo full.
    Will continue tomorrow. Hopefully lose the 2 lbs I gained.

    Dave… Lolol OMG you are soo good not weighing ..I really don’t know how you do that. lol I couldnt contain my self .. still I am probably naturally nosey lolol. Good luck at your next weigh Friday .

    Sym.. So glad your G S has got a plan probably do him good to get away although sad for the family I am sure.

    When is your cruise …

    HH Bronwyn.. Nana hope you are having a good day.

    It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness.” Xxxx

    Back from the dentist,back tooth out and a filling done.I was like a dartboard the number of times she pushed the needle in my gum.Another liquid fast today and I can’t have hot drinks 😫.Hope I have lost a couple of pounds at tomorrows weigh-in.

    Page has turned so missed the last posts …hope everyone is okay, pun cushion Dave especially 🤗
    Yesterday just had the one meal as we had a takeaway. A very muddy walk & did slide gently over at one point- Claire was in front so didn’t see 😂 Did our weekly shop, but will have to go again as I forgot a few things 🤦 Walked Xena in the rain, but it was so blowy we dried off, no answer from Enoch’s mum, first time in a while …did lots of cleaning instead! Doing a liquid fast today, not very optimistic for the scales tomorrow as my tummy is really bloated, don’t know why!
    Have a good evening everyone, sounds like we’re all keeping strong, whatever we’re doing 👍

    My liquid fast is going well, I still can’t feel my lip after 6 hours, only had a small glass of water today, so should lose something tomorrow at the weigh-in.

    While certain foods can aid in weight loss by boosting metabolism and satiety, no food can actually burn fat. Foods that slow down digestion, such as eggs and cruciferous vegetables, help your body burn fat. Apple cider vinegar, lean chicken, green tea, and salmon are some of the top meals that burn fat.

    I’ve lost 3.8lbs this week so very happy. Mouth is still a bit sore after the dental visit yesterday but getting better. My fast is now 39 hours and I’m not really hungry yet so will go a little longer. We have all had good results this week.

    Afternoon All..
    A beautiful dry day nippy around the ears… lovely not to totally dry and clean Charlie…
    Popped around to Natalie’s for a coffee, I am letting Oreo and Twigglet let out on Sunday, she has moved house I wanted to see where the key is etc..

    I have made some rocky road a new recipe, I might make it over Xmas.

    Lovely haddock and chips… could eat that now!

    I am going away school holiday’s February a few months yet.. just a week..only time when daughter is off…
    Fung is getting everyone motivated…

    Lovely dry walk for us, the mud seems to be drying off a bit..
    Hoping my rocky road is ok, seen a Crunchie recipe looks good for over Xmas.

    Hope you are soon feeling better over your tooth…well done on your loss.

    I stayed the same, hoping to hold on to it, as it’s the same weight as last years pre Xmas weigh in.. I am in wriggle room of target but still 2 lbs to loose.

    Jean x

    Hi FB Brits hope you are having a good day. Xxxx

    It s a drier day here with sunshine.. the wet makes it chilly though.

    Well done Dave on your loss .. well deserved.

    I have lost a lb of the 2 I put on last week.

    Sym.. I think you had told me now I come to think of it the cruise was next year It will be lovely something to look forward too.

    I am going to make cottage pies again this afternoon..meat in the croc pot.. I enjoyed the last ones.

    Hope everyone else is having a good day

    A huge part of losing weight is believing you can do it and realizing it’s not going to happen overnight. Xxxx

    Fast as reached 43 hours now and still not very hungry no doubt I will be after I’ve had tea. Having a waggy burger with egg and chips and baked beans😋. It will be nice to eat again but must admit it’s been quiet easy fasting all day, hopefully it will become second nature.

    Dave ..

    How are you feeling going all the hours without food now its colder.. Do you feel well .. energy ok etc. .. Its all so very interesting as years ago Peeps would have said oh you must eat something this colder weather especially lol. All these DRs ok it though so must be good for us.

    How many days a week are you doing it .. a set amount or just when you feel like it.

    Evening everyone, yes Hemmy and Jean a very chilly day here and going to be colder here over the weekend.
    Well done to the losers on here meant in the nicest possible way. I was pleased to see a pound lost again this week despite having a Tapas meal at our local pub last night, but all that I’d had to eat beforehand was a mug of low calorie soup so that probably helped.
    Dave very impressed with the length of fasting that you’re doing. I’m going to carry on with my time restricted eating and 1400 calories daily at the moment.
    Takeaway Indian curry this evening.
    Another quiet weekend planned and on Sunday afternoon we’ll be going to a short remembrance service at our village memorial it’s held in the afternoon as we have to share the vicar from the next village.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and hope you have a nice weekend and I’ll be back here on Monday.
    Nana x

    Well done with the losses, 2lbs here, very pleased with that…managed another 42hr fast, this one seemed fairly easy too. Walked Xena then Enoch, he was more himself but has some nasty raw patches on his legs I guess where he’s been digging up the floors. I wish his owner would take some advice but she doesn’t listen & was too worse for wear today 😢
    Picked up flowers for Mum’s birthday, & saw her this afternoon. Have made a cake for tomorrow, will assemble it in the morning. Did have a bit of chocolate tonight, & we’re taking mum out for dinner tomorrow as well as cake, so will have to work harder to lose anything next week.
    Have a good weekend!

    Hemmy I’m going to try and do another long fast on Monday, it was quiet easy this time, must be getting used to it. I’ll keep going as long as I can ice lost over a stone in 3 weeks.

    Evening all…
    Just ordered a feather and down duvet ready for winter, it’s starting to feel cold…last year I put two together it was far too heavy.. it’s a two week delivery..

    How are you doing it.. evening meal and missing a full day of food then eating the next morning or is if longer?
    It sounds hard going but no washing up

    Have a lovely weekend

    Bedtime now..

    Jean x

    Afternoon FBB’s
    Cold but very sunny day here today. Our few solar panels have been powereing our little oil heater in out living room. Wish it was like this all winter 🙂

    Lost another 2lbs so very happy. Jason Fung keeping me on track. Thank you Jean for introducing him. I am slowly going back through his podcasts. It is the first time I have understood the role of insulin in the body. Especially with weight loss and eating carbs. I had to listen to that one twice for it to register.

    Nearly down to my stone marker. A family get together for my granddaughters birthday tomorrow. These occasions trip me up however hard I try to be good. Buffet, cake etc. Need to lose weight for my hip problem. I might write something on the back of my hand to remind me to behave myself when I am enjoying myself 🙂

    Hope everyone is having a relaxing weekend.
    Regards Bronwyn

    Good afternoon FB Brit friends. xxxx

    What a beautiful day.. A frosty start then lots of warm sunshine. I need to get my pots of geraniums in this afternoon. They live in my little boot room off my kitchen all winter. Its lovely as the bright red ones look lovely from my kitchen door still blooming their hearts out at Christmas.

    Well done HH Nana and Bronwyn on your loses this week . Xx

    Dave… that’s brilliant good luck the coming week again.

    Sym…I think it seems the longer you go you don’t want food. I always thought going too long in between meals made me ” Light ” todo with blood auger being low.. but last night I ate my dinner at 6pm .. never had anything other than tea.. till 2pm this afternoon .. I wasn’t really hungry even after a two hour walk over the fields. Just had 2 crumpets with cheese and tomatoes .. plus a satsuma and feel absolutely full like a big meal. .. hopefully I will want some of the lovely cottage pie I have made this evening lolol Plus I dont feel tired at all which I often do after lunch. Xx

    Enjoy your afternoon everyone. The moment when you want to quit is the moment when you need to keep pushing. Xxxx

    Good afternoon everyone.The long fasts are getting easier to do, I’ll do one in Monday and hopefully Thursday. I’m amazed how easy they are too do once you put your mind to it. Got a thick steak for tea tonight hope I can chew it ok, my mouth still feels sore. Going to try and do it medium tonight,I always seen to do it to long, is still nice but just want to see if I can do it medium to well done. No idea what the secret is to getting the same taste as when I eat out.

    Dave… I can see that it gets easier to fast longer every time you do it.

    With Steak I just get the steak from the fridge about half an hour to an hour before using .. I do mine in the frying pan I know lots grill theirs.

    I cook mine in butter for the flavour. No need for salt then just season with pepper..Cook it on both sides smoking hot then lower the temp and cook till I consider it done for me. .. I like mine as they say ” cremated ”

    Sym and HH are very good cooks .. interesting to hear what they do. Enjoy however you do it lol X

    Hemmy I do mine in a pan now.I took the steak out 2 hours before I cook it,I rubbed it down to take all the moisture out then rubbed it with oil.I got the pan mad hot then put the steak in, I added butter and kept basting it. I normally have mine cremated but when I was on holiday i asked for it well done and the chef didn’t want to do that so we agreed on medium to well done.Many a time I have asked to have it cremated, think the next one I do will be cremated too😁I like the burnt taste.My mouth is still a little sore but improving.Chloe loves her PJ’s hope I can get them off her.

    Afternoon All…
    Bright but very chilly…. Village walk I couldn’t face the mud today ..
    I went to let Oreo and Twigs out. Natalie is looking after Twigs for a few days.
    I came back and gave the kitchen a good clean down.

    I know want you mean by Fung, it goes over your head or mine then I look at it again .. glad it’s motivating you and well done on your 2 lbs off…
    Dr Robert Lustig is good one too, works well with Fung but it’s about sugar.

    I might give it a go tomorrow try and go without all day just coffee and tea, I struggle to sleep if hungry..
    Putting your plants away for the winter definitely need it today…

    I cook my steak like Hemmy.. room temperature steak, a bit of veg oil and a hot pan sear both sides for a few mins each side then drop the temp to medium, then put butter in and keep basting it, turn every 5 mins or so, until it’s like you want it.. 15 to 20 mins depending how thick it is, I don’t like mine pink, cooked!… then rest on a hot plate for 10 mins covered…very important!

    Cuppa time..

    Jean x

    I’ll try that way next time Jean. Pouring down here, got soaked taking Chloe out. It was a struggle getting Chloe’s PJ’s off but managed it.Roast lamb for tea tonight,my favourite debating if I should make Yorkshire puddings.

    Dave- when I’ve done steak for my son I cooked it as the others said- really hot pan, sear both sides then turn it down, he didn’t like his too pink. Hubby just stews his in the pan for ages on low! Goes quite tough I think!
    Jean- hope your quilt is nice, definitely getting colder …
    Hemmy- hope your cottage pie is good tonight, you & Pip have long walks! I take Xena out for about 90mins…
    Bronwyn – hope that your family get together was nice, we did that when all the children were young but not often we can all meet up now, they work funny hours!
    Busy days Friday & Saturday- made a cake for mum & saw her Friday afternoon, Saturday I walked Xena, spent 2 hrs cleaning my car on the inside ready for it’s MOT, washed all Xena’s bedding & towels, then sis & I saw Mum for the afternoon…she did get very confused with all the presents, but she enjoyed herself! We all went out for dinner in the evening & had a lovely meal…today gave Xena a longer walk & then went to watch the Remembrance parade in our nearest town. Son has come home from his gf’s with lots of her washing – he serviced her car for her to save her money as a student! He’s not done that before, lucky her car still goes!
    Have done okayish food wise over the weekend, just one meal yesterday (& a bit of cake), & a FD today, about 600cals. Will join Dave with another liquid fast tomorrow, & hopefully Thursday like we did last week …

    Hi F B Brits hope all is well with you. xxxx

    Its been an awful day with the weather drizzle for most of the day… A wet walk this morning.

    H H .. I do a 2 hour walk in the morning but that’s it .. just half an hour in the Winter afternoons playing in the garden while I tidy at the same time. longer summer .

    Mind you .. Pips 12 on the 22nd Dec and I might cut it down a bit. I do think though it keeps us both Active.. Had 2 springers .. before Pip One lived to 11 .. the other 13.. so far touch wood Pip is doing brilliantly. His hearing isn’t so good now and the breeder who is on my Facebook.. says the same about his sister who she kept from the litter. Mine isn’t either though lol

    Glad Mum is doing well.. how old is she now.. .. I still miss mine soo very much especially weekends when she was here .

    Dave.. oh roast lamb .. I would definitely have Yorkshires .. Yorkshires with any roast lolol

    Sym… I don’t blame you not walking in the mud.. we seem to have had soo much rain this year .. I don’t know about you but I am sick of it. ..

    You have done so well over the years the way you fast etc..I think I will just play it by ear .. see how I feel .. I think it s ok to do these long fasts but when you eat with friend s etc or have visitors and eat with them does it all go straight back on. Interesting I reckon lol. Plus I have found the last few days I have felt soo cold.

    Enjoy your evening everyone whatever you are doing…. A strong mind is the greatest ability. It can make you do what may seem impossible. Xxxx

    Morning All…
    A very wet day.. early walk as BT coming this morning between 8 and 1.. hoping they arrive this time.
    Charlie not impressed being taken out of his bed for his walk.. !!

    Roast lamb got to have Yorkshire pud.. how lovely..

    Duvet takes two weeks to come it’s made to order in Scotland, a bit more expensive but I think it will be worth it.
    Do you think your Mum is getting any worse or about the same. Shame she got upset over her birthday.

    We were early starters with fasting with Kay, we are going into our 9th year now. Quite unbelievable really. It definitely is a way of life lovely to tweak as and when.
    A few changes in our life over the years too.

    It’s getting chilly now don’t feel like putting the heat on as the engineer will be in and out with the door open.
    Get the heated throw out!

    Have a good day…
    Jean x

    Been bowling for a couple of hours, almost got blown off the green. Fast is 20 hours so another 20 hours minimum to go before I eat. I do feel a little hungry but it passes.Dosent it go dark early!Roll on summer. It’s dry at the moment but the rain is not far away I might take Chloe out early to avoid it

    Afternoon everyone, a horrible wet and windy day here as I’m sure it’s the same for everyone else.
    A nice quiet weekend for us and the remembrance service yesterday afternoon was the only time we ventured outside – very lazy of us I know.
    Dave well done for continuing with the fasting.
    Jean hope BT arrived and sorted out your problem.
    Went over my calorie allowance yesterday as we enjoyed a roast beef dinner with Yorkshire pudding so am cutting back on my calories today by having my favourite salmon and pasta dish.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.
    Nana x

    Hi FB Brits hope all is well with you and yours xxxx

    Ohh what a day with the wind still full blast here now.. I really don’t like it as it does so much damage. I worry about my dry stone wall as I have had 2 parts redone that had fallen in storms..

    A good day with food .. never ate from last evening at 6pm till 2 pm lunch.. Cheese and crackers .. nuts.. then I wasn’t hungry at 6pm.. so just had nutty breakfast cereal and some ice cream. What I fancied.lolol

    Tomorrow will be a different day as it s my monthly meet up with my friend Chris for lunch at Buckingham Garden Centre always lovely freshly made specials of the day. Yummy plus will be strange as we eat at 12.30 lolol

    H H Did you do a liquid fast today? Oh bless your Mum so glad she enjoyed her Birthday. Xx

    Nana .. You have to enjoy a roast lol .. your salmon pasta always sounds lovely.

    Dave… You are doing sooo well I would imagine a bit chilly now for outside bowls.

    Sym … Yes hard to believe we have been here that long lolol ..we should be twiggys. lolol

    Bronwyn … how has your day been

    Take care all When times get tough the tough get going xxxx

    Jean- hope all sorted with BT…not easy fasting when you’re up early! Mum’s definitely repeating herself terribly- we had the same 3 stories over & over again on her birthday, & in such a muddle with things, but on the whole she’s managing still…
    Hemmy- must be so hard at weekends 🤗 Great that Pip is still going strong. I agree about the fasts & weight going back on, will have to be careful!
    Dave- nice to get out bowling…keep strong with your fast!
    Nana- the weather hasn’t really been right for going out too much, a lazy few days won’t hurt! Hope your fast goes okay today…
    We had awful weather this morning again. Took my car in- it passed it’s MOT fine, the service was expensive though! Got some jobs done & some reading ready for tomorrow – I have a new HomeStart family to ring. Did a bit of shopping in Next & bought myself some new jeans, looked for something different for my aunt’s birthday bash, tried on a jumpsuit but chickened out!
    Another liquid fast today, it’s been okay…

    Hello FBB
    A very sunny day here in W Yorks but chilly. The rain last night was very heavy. Our part of the golf course at the back is still closed because of waterlogging. The dogs and walkers are very muddy.

    Hedgehogs, my day yesterday was good thankyou. A good 18/6 day after Sunday at the birthday party. My food choices were sensible, but then followed by s’mores and cake. Never heard of s’mores before, chocolate Hobnobs sandwiched together with melted marshmallows (who invented those!) When I got home I started nibbling which ruined the day. Anyway, a good day yesterday.

    Planning just one meal today at teatime. Gym at 12. I have stopped aquafit, it may have contributed to my hip problems, so just a swim and a walk in the water then into the hydrotherapy bubble pool to ‘stew’ 🙂. I have stopped doing the physio’s exercises they were too painful. I am hoping time and weight loss will work. He will not be pleased with me.

    Hope everyone is having a good day. Dave, I am in awe of your commitment, I am enjoying hearing about your fasts.

    Regards Bronwyn

    Sorry, got Hedgehogs and Hemmy mixed up. Still getting used to names, Apologies, Bronwyn x

    Bronwyn my latest fast as gone to 40 hours or will do in 6 minutes.I was hungry yesterday but held out.Will do a few hours more then turn into a Tasmanian devil 👿.I will drop Denise off for Spanish lessons take Chloe in the park then come home and wait until 2pm to pick her up and go shopping.

    Afternoon All…
    A dry walk on the river bank with Oreo… life seems to be very mundane at the moment nothing happening here at all..

    Daughter and grandson are coming tonight for a couple of hours..grandson has been good at the moment, she wants him to visit me, so he won’t go to quiz night which upsets him sometimes..as usually his ex is there.

    Interesting this morning on TV .. two doctors on..big studies are saying exercise will not loose you any weight. Your body adapts and you always burn the same amounts of calories over a months period. Exercise helps to keep you healthy and tone but that’s it… no weight loss. All down to the right food.

    A lovely beef dinner..BT all sorted now…

    Enjoy your lunch out today with your friend. It was very windy hoping your wall held up.

    Hope you are pleased with your jeans.. I don’t like jumpsuits, second time round for me. I remember going loo and having to take everything off to go.. I keep well away now..
    Good your car passed…

    Your sciatica is taking time to go, I think it’s just takes time.. mine was 3 months I think.
    I have never heard of those hobnobs.. I do like the chocolate ones.

    I am very impressed your fasts are really good…

    Jean x

    Bronwyn – ooh smores, lovely! We’ve made them for camp fires…shame about the aqua fit & the physio exercises, things sometimes hurt at the beginning but you’ve given them a good go 🤗
    Dave- well done with your fast, did you do 48 hrs too?
    Jean- nice you saw your grandson again, hope he’s still looking forward to Australia! A good idea to avoid his ex…
    Hemmy- hope your lunch was lovely! You’re doing so well maintaining 👍
    Nana- was your fast okay yesterday?
    Interesting about the exercise & weight loss- son keeps telling me that it doesn’t shift the flab just times underneath, maybe he’s right! I won’t tell him though 😂
    Did a 48hr liquid fast, the hunger was okay, but have a little shaky spell at 42 hrs so are then the other times as I’ve been going out, was at home all afternoon so it was okay today.
    We had another leak in the kitchen last night, the expensive emergency plumber couldn’t fix it, so our local one will come tomorrow. First phone call with my new HomeStart family went okay, she’s the same age as my eldest which is weird! Walked Xena & Enoch, did lots of cooking this afternoon. Taking mum to the Church yard tomorrow, it’s the anniversary of when we lost Dad.

    Hi F B Brit friends. Hope you are having a good day. Xxxx

    A dry day here  but OMG  our walk routes are sodden.  So fed up with all the mud.

     Another lovely met up with my friend of 50 yrs….  Its  a pretty time of year at the Garden Centre with all the Christmas goods  around. 
    My first lunch there this year I never enjoyed..  It was  a todays  special .. Sweet chilli chicken on  a jacket potato . and salad.. I thought the chilli chicken  bland  tasteless .. and salad was too cold for a damp  day .. BUT   am I getting to fussy in my old age I ask myself lolol. Xx
    Good thing was I only ate half and it was early  about 12.30   its nearly 6pm an still feel stuffed..  So maybe just a cup of soup later   a little cheese and biscuits.   Anyway a lovely time and sat for 3 hrs again  chatting old times. Again lots of staff about but noone  bothered us
    Bronwyn.. they do say that water exercises are the best .. probably good not to overdo anythings though just take your time and listen to your body  .. With exercise or anything really one size doesnt fit all.  Xx

    Dave… Blimey .. 40hrs that’s a long time.. do you feel tired at all or really good.

    HH.. Ohh I remember jump suits from years ago I sew they are fashionable again… these days if I had one on now mentally I would keep wanting to go to the loo. lolol How times change lolol

    Sym… I have also read exercise doesnt help you lose weight but I think it tones you up.
    Again today my friend and I were sooo amazed how many young peeps are well over weight and they don’t seem bothered about it at all .. We were saying its got to be all these treats that have such a long shelf life so what the hell is in them.

    I hope everyone in our little corner is having a lovely evening .. Onwards and upwards Xxxx

    I felt hungry this time after 24 hours ,I did go to bed early, well early by my standards 1 am. Did 43 or so hours this time, will do another one on Thursday. 🤞🤞🤞. Just renewed my driving licence online, never done it before as I had the old paper one. It should come in the post in a fortnight.

    I felt hungry this time after 24 hours ,I did go to bed early, well early by my standards 1 am. Did 43 or so hours this time, will do another one on Thursday. 🤞🤞🤞. Just renewed my driving licence online, never done it before as I had the old paper one. It should come in the post in a fortnight.

    Good afternoon went bowling was quiet warm so took my coat off, we played 2 games of 21 up and one of 11 then the rain came so we packed up.Im hungry now only had 2 cups of tea so may have a lamb hotpot and roast potatoes, that’s about 600 calories or so.

    Hello all!
    Hemmy- shame about your lunch, I hate eating out & having something disappointing, I think if you’re a good cook sometimes the flood’s not as good as your own! Nice that you had a lovely long natter though! Was your garden & wall okay after the wind?
    Dave- really well done with all your fasting!
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    Had a busy day, up early & our local plumber came & fixed the leak, a long walk with my friend & her dog, then did food shopping. Took Mum to the Church yard, then back for cake, so not a FD…FD tomorrow, have an appt with the dental hygienist 😞

    Good afternoon everyone hope your all well. Think I’ll do an 800 day today not another liquid one. I did a fast yesterday doing 700 calories so even a low day will do today. I ordered a fossil smart watch , it was 50% off in the black Friday sale. Yesterday I got an email from them saying it was cancelled and they apologized. They sent me a code with 15% off so I went online found the same watch cheaper so ordered it added the code and got it for£84, so very happy as long as it dosent hey cancelled again.

    Not feeling my best today, bad neck & headache, felt quite sick earlier so that’s helped the FD! Walked Xena & Enoch, washed the kitchen floor, been to the hygienist (new lady, very nice!), & ringing my HomeStart family shortly- should’ve been earlier but was changed. Hubby has complained about the emergency plumber who didn’t do anything & got a full refund!
    Hope everyone is okay 🤗

    Hi F B Brits .. hope all is well in your world Xxxx

    Just come back from a Tesco shop… A hundred pounds goes nowhere lolol.

    Happy this morning as I had lost the other pound I had put on. .. I wont be seeing Kristy now till 22nd December so will have a good chance to really keep on track. Although that 2 pounds I had put on was eating what she didn’t lol.

    Dave .. sounds like the watch was a good buy.. Early Xmas pressie to yourself

    H H.. Yes Thanks all good in those last winds.. just a small trellis down. Xx So pleased for you you got your leek done .. things like that stay on your mind. Hope your dental appointment went well. I always dread the hygienist they can be a bit hard going lol

    Hope everyone is ok in out little corner and having a good day.

    A moment on the hips and a lifetime on the hips. Xxxx

    H H… Crossed posts Xx I hope you soon feel better … Be kind to yourself like you are to others. Xx

    Afternoon everyone, back from our usual Thursday visit to Ely. Ely was extremely busy as there is a Christmas Fair taking place next to the Cathedral lots of coaches arriving. Auntie getting over a bad cold
    which has left her with a nasty chesty cough so her carers notified her Drs and they’ve
    arranged for her to have a chest x-ray tomorrow at Ely hospital.
    Have been doing 18/6 method of eating with 1400 calories or under each day since the beginning of this month which seems to be working for me so hopefully another weight loss tomorrow when I step on the scales.
    Hedgehogs hope you start feeling better soon and good news on the refund.
    Hemmy well done on losing the pound. You’re right you don’t seem to be getting much food for your money these days.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.
    Nana x

    Evening All..
    A lovely dry day a bit chilly.. a play date with Oreo, the river was very swollen…

    Lazy day, called at the pet shop for treats and dinners ..a bit of ironing done.

    William is coming to London on a two day course, having three days at home first, then back to London for course before flying back to Perth, a surprise paid trip..

    Glad you got your leak sorted out.. nightmare getting people to come. Hope your neck soon feels better..

    A good deal on your watch, a big of a faff but worth it.
    I shall attack my printer over the weekend!

    Who are you feeding £100 shop !!.. getting the freezer full again 😂

    All busy and xmassy, I suppose it’s all started!
    We have our village Xmas Fayre on 26th usually quite good.. bottom of my street they close the street. I can just get out if I need too.. possibly go in the pub for hot mulled wine or two…

    Jean x

    Good afternoon FBBs
    Sunny here today, light breeze. Got some washing done and dried.

    I am having a weekend off from fasting in any shape or form. It was my birthday yesterday and I spent most of the day with just our two dogs. Family all out working and husband doing Jury Service at the crown court. So I have moved my birthday to the weekend 🙂 Family over for tea tomorrow and have bought some sinful things from M&S. Wine already chilling!

    Hedgehogs, hope you are feeling better soon. So many bugs around at the moment. Take care.

    Hemmy, I agree with you regarding eating out and being disappointed. I can usually tell by the menu how little effort is put into some of the food. A nearby pub which did a lovely Sunday carvery is now a tappas place. Little bowls of nothing much 😂

    Dave, how much weight have you lost with your long fasts? You have really stuck to your plan.

    Regards Bronwyn

    Afternoon All..
    A lovely walk this morning just the two of us, we were on our own river bank.. birds singing and so quiet. I met up with a neighbour on our way back, so that was nice.

    Sorted my printer out, messing about for a few hours, on Utube then back messing…it’s done now I am so pleased with myself.

    I have loss 1 lb this week…. I seem to be moving a bit now maybe more focussed… end of year looming!

    I had haddock and chips and a vanilla slice I have fancied them for a few weeks.. very disappointed on both accounts..it makes you think why bother…

    I always think a good idea to have a few days off sometimes it resets you… hope you had a lovely lazy birthday and now ready for a lovely weekend.

    Have a good evening..
    Jean x

    Not a good week, I gained 2lbs. I’m on the lookout for some new scales. Don’t know how I managed to gain but will have to pull my socks up next week

    Good evening FB Brits..Hope you are having a good day. xxxx

    Its been a lovely day.. lots of sunshine walking .. but going to be cold later I can feel it already.

    So ended the week on the pound loss. ..

    Bronwyn .. have a lovely Birthday weekend.. Ohh M&S food is my very favourite. .. You cant go wrong for tasty. I often wish after eating out and it being a fortune plus being disappointed wished I had stayed in and had M&S food.lolol

    Nana .. hope the scales are good for you.

    H H .. I do hope you are feeling better today.. Be careful with the long fasts this weather. xx

    Sym.. Well done on the pound loss that’s brilliant .. I know you had been stuck but its harder when you are at goal or near.
    Good for you sorting the printer.. It was soo much easier to do these things when we had someone else to consult.
    My problem is I am too impatient rush things don’t read instructions lolol Its a lovely feeling though when you sort things yourself.

    Dave.. You must be disappointed after all the effort with the long fasts this week. .Do you think that once you start eating again it goes back on.

    I must admit I went the longest without food this week about 22 hrs.. and had expected to lose more than a pound. Back to 500-800 for me a couple of days if I want to lose.

    Enjoy your evening everyone.. Tomorrow is another day. Xxxx

    Evening everyone, just enjoyed a lovely King Prawn Chow Mein.
    Pleased to report a loss of one and a half pounds this week so will carry on with what I’ve been doing.
    Hope you enjoy your birthday celebrations Bronwyn.
    Dave a shame after your fasting that you gained.
    Jean well done on sorting out your printer.
    Well done to the losers on here meant in the nicest possible way.
    Enjoy your weekend everyone and I’ll be back Monday.
    Nana x

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