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  • Evening!
    Jean- welcome home! Sounds like you haven’t put on much at all, so that’s good! Hope you get to see Katie again before she goes home…
    Bronwyn- poor you with sciatica, not nice…I have neck trouble so have to take ibuprofen for that sometimes, it messes up the FDs. If it doesn’t get better soon there are nerve pain medications which might help, like Amitriptyline or Gabapentin. Hugs x
    Nana- have a great holiday in Sheringham! Think the weather should be okay 😎
    Dave- that would be an expensive day out for the cricket! You’re doing really well with keeping under your TDEE!
    Hemmy- are your neighbours home now, so just your garden to water?
    Had a bad night & very little sleep so couldn’t face a FD today, hopefully I can do one tomorrow! Got completely drenched walking Xena this morning, it rained for ages so didn’t walk Enoch…Have rung both my HomeStart families today & fell asleep on the settee in between calls 😂

    HH take it easy you do so much especially for other people, your so kind. I’ve lost 4lbs since Monday so very happy with that. Watching the cricket now on telly. All sports are so expensive these days, I’ll stick to speedway. Belle Vue win the best pairs last night so I’m a happy bunny.

    Afternoon All…
    A walk with Oreo this morning, they were so excited to seeing each other.. apparently Oreo has been stood by the gate howling for Charlie while I have been away waiting .. he had to be lead walked to get him walking…..

    Putting all the odds and ends away out of my case, takes time…then I tidied, sorted and thrown away stuff out of my airing cupboard then went on to my wardrobes, the top and then the bottom, thrown stuff away there too. I made more room….I have such a lot of Charlie blankets and room for my sun hats…

    Ironing is waiting … a bit of rain in the air…

    Looks like 5 lbs up after my holiday…. Needs to be worked at.

    Well done on 4 lbs off.. grandson had a day at cricket not sure which match, he went for a day on a bus with the oldies…would it be Birmingham?? Not sure..

    Jean x

    Afternoon everyone
    Just clocking in to say hello. Not fasting at the moment. My sciatica is still giving me trouble. I am having to eat breakfast to take Ibuprofen in the morning when the pain is worse.

    Hedgehogs, thank you for the advice re which medication is best. Getting an appointment to see my GP is near impossible. Just resting a lot. No exercising or gardening. Have been sleeping with my legs propped on pillows. Advice from the internet 🙂 not sure if it helps.

    Well done the fasters on your weight losses. Not had a weigh in this morning. Don’t want to feel any worse. The cricket is not good either 🏏🙁

    Jean, welcome home. The forecast is good for July so you will be able to top up your tan 🌞

    Best wishes for the weekend.
    Regards Bronwyn

    Bronwyn don’t spill the beans about the cricket 🤐🤐🤐Mel records it, I’ve watched it so I know how it’s going. My son is going on a Friday when it’s at Old Trafford for the 4th test.

    Morning All…
    A lazy start a bit of an upset tummy was up through the night.
    Village walk, a bit of rain about in the wind.. not forecast. Hoping to get the grass cut, wash down the front the ants have been making a mess while away making sandcastles everywhere …pop to cemetery to take my trough of flowers.

    Hope you soon feel better and you can start fasting again. It’s awful when you are in such pain, hoping keeping your legs up helps.
    I am at home this next week then Charlie and I are back to Bridlington for 4 nights. Hoping the weather keeps kind. Get some walking in…

    Jean x

    Good afternoon everyone,a good day out bowling yesterday. We had lunch and a carvery at night. Lots of calories but you have to enjoy life when you can. The cricket is fascinating.

    Good morning everyone how you all doing? It’s raining here and I’m bowling at 1:30☔. Will take Chloe out and see how heavy it is. Had a good day out on Saturday bowling in Bacup. They have gravey wrestling there once a year is on this year on August bank holiday, I’ve never heard of it before. 🤣🤣🤣.

    Hi FB Brits hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Its been cooler her the last few days .. much better for working in the garden.

    Hopefully every one is well.. very quiet at the moment. Lots of people missing from early in the year hope they are all doing well.

    Managing to keep at my lowest weight trouble is lots of trousers especially are looking very slack. Will have to get some new clothes I think.

    Sym …How are you today.. hopefully it was just a plip and all ok now. xx
    Dave you are always active with sports.. How did the bowling go.. I think I told you my first husband was a bowler. .. I never got into it..

    Take care all.. Things don’t always turn out to be perfect, but if you’ve given your best, appreciate yourself”. Xxxxx

    Hemmy I had a very enjoyable game.I got beat 21-19 but it was fun. Had around 1000 calories yesterday.Will be more today had toast already today, will hope for around 1400. The sun is out but it is much cooler here than of late.

    Good morning Hemmy, Dave, Jean, HH and everyone
    I am here in person if not in spirit 👋 I read the forum every day and follow your journeys like I have done long before I joined. It’s nice being a member 🙂

    Still got pain in both legs but not as severe as last week. Watching what I eat but not fasting yet. Went to the gym yesterday just to walk in the shallow pool and do some arm exercises. Just for 20 mins then into the hydrotherapy pool. Warm with lots of jets and bubbles. Not sure if it helps but it is pleasant.

    Cool here for the last few days. Back to joggers and jumper. Supervising DH in the garden. Cricket again on Thursday. Headingley will be noisy 😊
    Regards Bronwyn

    Dave, a little bit of trivia. The first ashes test my husband went to was 1961 at Old Trafford. He was 12! He is a lifelong Yorkshire member. Never misses a county game. They have priced out the old faithful for the tests but he admits you can see more on tv 🙂

    Afternoon All…
    Just taken Katie and children to catch the train, fortunately it all seems on time… she is staying at the airport hotel and also meeting up with a uni friend this evening.
    A few tears when she left but I will see them in September in Texas, hopefully.

    I am going away to Bridlington on Monday so struggling to fast this week I may manage an odd one.

    Bedding in the washer and getting the house in order, and relaxing too.

    Quite a few people away, hopefully all back soon.
    I have had a lovely time with Katie so lovely to have them with me and also the lovely holiday away, a lot of bonding with the children.
    All quiet now feels strange.

    I don’t mind cricket, my ex was a cricketer, he opened the batting and umpired when he finished.. I made a lot of tea’s !!
    I understand to a point…

    Sounds good doing exercises in water, even if it helps a bit. Takes so long to go sciatica take it steady and rest up.
    Fasting can wait.. but keep with us.

    Enjoy all the holidays a few away at the moment..

    Jean x

    Bronwyn you can see much more on the telly. For limited over games it’s better actually going to the ground though. I am not a lover of the one day game but it can be exciting especially if your there the only problem is you get a lot of drunks and when it’s over they throw the beer up in the air. Not proper drinkers, never waste beer. I don’t seem to have time anymore to go with bowling and Speedway.Denise likes cricket but as never been, maybe she will go when she gets her new knee.Very dull here today and bowling this afternoon, hope the rain stays away.

    Lost at bowling again but keep getting drawn against their best player. Hope my luck changes tomorrow I did ok losing 21-17. Very hungry now, going to have 2 bacon 2 sausage a tomato and poached egg.😋😋😋

    Watching the cricket before I go bowling again. Weather is dull so no suntan. Still quiet warm. We play the top of the league again today so not an easy game.

    Afternoon All..
    Trying for a fast day but hardly worth it when going away again on Monday.
    Just doing jobs around the house, getting washing and ironing up to date, garage swept, plants potted for the cemetery just to run the water through them again then I will pop them there.

    It’s a bit flat now Katie’s gone but keeping busy, she feels the same 😂

    We went to the park and had coffee, it was funny some community police officers came in Charlie was so excited to see them, they said is it the high viz jacket.. I said no he thought it was Sam his friend.. they gave him a good fuss.. they knew Sam, Twigs mum.

    Hope you are starting to feel better…

    Are you into Tennis?.. I hate it give me cricket anytime…

    Jean x

    Evening All…
    I ended up a low day… a 2” square of flap Jack other than that a fast day… thinking on it, only eaten 300 cals plus the flap Jack.. it was small….

    Busy day, lots done.

    Meal out tomorrow with my park ladies, I know we are one down… it will still be nice.

    Jean x

    I absolutely hate tennis, didn’t mind playing it years ago but can’t bare to watch it. Give me any sport before tennis, tiddlywinks is better🤣.1210 calories today so I’ve gone 10 over. Decided to get weighed on the 14th of July.

    Good morning everyone, will watch a bit of cricket before I go bowling this afternoon.Weather is very good so no wet weather gear needed today.

    Morning All…
    A lovely walk and then popped to shops for a bit of frozen stuff and wine…

    My weight has dropped, 1 lb up on holiday weight.. 2 lbs up from goal. Lost 4 lbs, I have only fasted once so really it’s just getting back to normal eating. Breaking me in gently.

    Bridlington cottage on Monday, Monday to Friday, I won’t be eating much more than usual, fish and chips and an ice cream or two…it’s hard with Charlie on my own as I have to take everything I need as I can’t shop.. possibly a good thing.

    A lazy day for me 28 degrees forecast, reading in the shade later before the bad weather starts tomorrow .. looks like a very mixed week for seaside!!

    Enjoy the cricket and bowls later…

    Jean x

    Hi FB Brits hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    What a beautiful day.. had a lovely lunch at The Red Lion Adderbury with Pam.

    Just off now in the garden to read an easy day today.

    Yesterday was all go and apprehensive as it was MOT day .. we sailed through thank goodness but dont do many miles these days.
    Thats it now on the road till after Sunday as Silverstone just up the road and will be super busy. Helicopters going over too .. how the other half live lol..

    Weight good I dont seem to want to eat much this weather plus as I said to a friend this morning just cooking for one isnt much pleasure. Still miss old Mum.Xx

    Dave you are very active with your sport .. Enjoy the weekends games and Grand Prix
    Sym…Well done on your weight thats brilliant. Xxx You are so brave going to the cottage just you and Charlie.. I said to Pam yesterday I lost my confidence when Mum went and Covid. to
    Have a lovely time.Xx

    Hope everyone is enjoying this beautiful day .. What ever you decide to do today, make sure it makes you happy. Xxxx

    Hemmy can’t you go on a coach holiday, go to an hotel where they have a show on each night. I’d give it a go of I was single. Just home from speedway we beat Kent Royals easily. Cricket is still in the balance so should be a good day tomorrow.

    Good morning everyone, dosent look a bad day so shorts on again. No bowling until Monday so can have a rest. Will watch the cricket and later the under 21 football final between England and Spain.Chloe was whining so I got up and she’s gone to sleep on my sofa😱. Typical greyhound.

    Morning All..
    Walked across the fields this morning so humid, rain, thunder and lightening later..looking dark now.
    Going out with Fay for lunch no boules today.

    Good news on your car always an apprehension of big bills… I need 2 new tyres about September or before the winter.
    It’s a nice little cottage, strange on a night on your own but Charlie would sort anyone out.. it’s tucked away off the road.. looking forward to beach walks but weather looks mixed.
    Just 1 hour to drive there.

    Hemmy can’t go on bus trips as Mr Pip can’t go… I have looked at them you are on the bus ages!!
    Enjoy cricket.

    Jean x

    Hi FB Brits hope all is well with you Xxxx

    We just got caught in a heavy shower.. but its very warm so all good.
    Very dark and damp .. hopefully it will change again as lots wlll already be camping at Silverstone.

    Dave.. Sym is right its not me going alone on holiday its Mr Pip. He is 12 yrs now.. Springers dont live a great age as so very active. He loves his field walks .. I wouldn’t want to upset him.

    Enjoy the cricket.

    Sym… Yes good the car all done for a year .. Tax.. Insurance.. MOT.

    Its lovely you can get away to that cottage Charlie will know the routine. Do you rent it privately or from an advert. .

    Kristy had said about going away with us.. but they are renovating a vehicle for doing cocktails at events. .. maybe we could go later in the year. Enjoy your lunch Xx

    Jacket potato and prawns salad this evening so just easy.

    Enjoy your afternoon everyone still grey here but warm.

    The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are Xxxx

    Rain stopped play at cricket, no play today so far. It’s raining at Silverstone as well but they still drive in it. Football later under 21s final on channel 4 I think. I have never took a dog on holiday, to restrictive. My son looks after Chloe when we go away. Other dogs have gone in kennels.

    Afternoon All…
    A lovely meal out quiche and salad and a pud, a couple of coffees. Just the two of us…

    A nightmare coming home… I had an ants nest near my front door, I have been putting boiling water and ant spray down for a few days .. they have decided to come into my hallway ants and flying ants absolutely loads.. I have had to use my spray which I don’t like to do with Charlie.. I got the hoover and collected all the dead ones…one and two keep coming in..

    I don’t know if you are on Facebook.. the cottage is on there ‘Woodcroft Cottage’ there’s photos. It’s a private let.
    I must get sorted tomorrow…Charlie takes more than me!!
    She is booked up this year and she gave me a few dates for next year.. she is popular..

    You should take Chloe she would like it on holiday…

    Rained heavy no thunder as yet.. so humid… no sun.

    Jean x

    No I would never take Chloe.Lots of places you can’t go with a dog and we usually go abroad.Chloe panicks if there are people about,or anything else for that matter.Half the time I end up hiding behind cars or bushes when we are out because they’re are dogs about, completely the opposite of Heidi, she loved meeting other dogs.

    Got soaked playing bowls. Hate playing in the rain with my hat and coat on. Cricket was very good, roll on Old Trafford.

    Hi FB Brits hope all is well with you . Xxxx

    A dull warm day here but no rain. A good long walk then into the garden after lunch.

    I am as per usual not getting much done inside.. all out in the garden I am my mothers daughter lolol.

    Tomatoes and beans are doing well looking forward to them.

    Dave… I expect its completely different playing with a hat and coat on in the rain.

    Sym… Oh that cottage looks lovely I want to go there lol.. we are so far from the sea here.

    Hope you and Charlie boy are having a lovely time. xxxx

    This evenings dinner was… Coop lasagne and broccoli Rhubarb Yogurt .

    Hopefully everyone else is ok.. Happiness is not ready made.. it comes from your own actions. Xxxx …

    Sorry all, I keep forgetting to post!
    Jean- have a lovely break, you are brave going on your own…hope the weather is okay!
    Dave- I can imagine what Chloe would be like going away 😯 it would have to be totally isolated, she would’ve liked the place we went to in Norfolk! Not your sort of place though! It’s good your son’s about to look after her.
    Hemmy- the cocktail bar your daughter’s doing sounds great! Will be very popular I’m sure…my nephew has done the same with a horse box trailer & does gourmet fried chicken, it’s been really successful! So hard for you adjusting to not having mum to stay 🤗
    Nana- hope you enjoyed your break & shift any weight gain quickly!
    Bronwyn- hope your back gets better soon, rotten for you…
    Have struggled with fasting recently, but have done okay today. The weather’s been good here, starting to get veg but lots to do outside…have seen my sister’s puppy, & took Xena to visit, she was good but happier to see my sis & her family than Paddy 😄
    Hopefully another FD tomorrow!

    Not a bad day foodwise so can’t complain. It’s difficult bowling with a coat on. The one I played didn’t put his on and he got soaked but he won.

    Evening All..
    We got to the cottage, emptied the car and straight on the beach… a bit of drizzle about but ok, so humid and warm.
    Came back did Charlie’s dinner and a chicken sandwich for me spoke to my friend, then back to the promenade for a glass of wine and people watch.
    I think tomorrow will be our worse day a lot of rain forecast, see what it brings.

    Dave. ..
    Shame on Chloe being so nervous… it’s hard being wrapped up and playing I don’t like it either.

    Charlie is taking a bit to settle some heavy smelly plug ins.. I have turned them off, there’s a loud ticking clock I might take the battery out tomorrow.. just different sounds.. he loves the walks and beach though.
    You do love the garden I bet it’s so lovely and perfect.

    Paddy is so lovely.. nice they got another one. Your weathers better than here.

    Night such a comfy bed ..

    Jean x

    Morning All..
    I woke up to some of electricity off mainly my fridge and TV..lots of plug sockets, microwave, kettle, some in the lounge and my bedroom.

    My lady is on a cruise, I have text her but she could be at sea… if she doesn’t get back by 4pm I shall be going home.. all food back in my cool bag.

    I shall be having my fish and chips before we go… just having a cuppa ( from a pan) then we will go out again, so strange no tv when you are on your own, it’s too early to read.

    Shame but things happen can’t be helped..

    Jean x

    It’s pouring down here, always rains when we go shopping.Quiet heavy now. Tuesday is the day I seem to eat more, don’t know why. It’s Amazon prime days today and tomorrow.Some good bargains to be had. Got a few things.Glad I’m not bowling today.

    Afternoon everyone. Well have had a lovely time away and we were very lucky with the weather. My sister and brother in law came down for one of the days and we then met up with another couple who were staying in their caravan and had a lovely pub lunch with lots of laughter and good food and drink.
    Was brave and weighed myself Sunday morning and had gained three pounds so I think all of the walking we did must have helped it not being a higher amount.
    A busy few days since we got back so that’s helped me to get back on track.
    No rain here Dave but quite breezy.
    Jean hope your sorted out with the electrics would be a shame to have to go back home.
    Hope everyone else is keeping alright.
    Nana x

    Hi FB Brits hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A funny weather day here just had a good down pour and its dark but very warm windows open.

    Today has been a carb day lol.. Lidl bakery Pizza for Lunch then this evening its hot garlic prawns with some salad and crusty roll .. So a carb day today. Lots of exercise though so should be ok. Still my very lowest weight for years and loving it.

    Sym.. What a shame re the electrics..hopefully someone got in touch locally and it was something miner and you didn’t need to go home.

    I expect you checked the fuse box and none had tripped as strange only some were off.

    Hope everyone is having a lo
    vely evening.. Nothing makes a person happier than having a happy heart.” Xxxxx

    Watching a program on TV called Dogs: the untold story. Very good. Chloe is fasting, she seems to like to eat after 8pm.

    3rd post, keep losing them 😠
    Not a FD, went to an antiques centre with a lovely tea room, so had to try a cream tea! No breakfast though, & had toast for dinner as I didn’t fancy anything else…walked Xena & Enoch, plus did my village magazine round so quite a bit of exercise! Giving up & posting this before I mess up again 😂

    It’s raining again, so I will get drenched bowling. Coat on again I don’t like playing with my coat on and having to dry the bowls everytime🥺.

    Good afternoon everyone how are you all doing? Going to drop my son off at Piccadilly station he’s off to Nottingham for the night. A few years ago he wouldn’t go to the corner shop now he’s been to America and various other countries.Not very summer like the weather.

    Very quiet on here this week. Doing my weigh-in tomorrow hope I’ve lost something. Made an appointment at the quacks, almost a month to wait 😱.

    Hi F B Brits hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A strange weather week here .. at times dark.. then sunshine and a bit of rain. lol

    Mind you sooo good for the gardens.. I am so please with the colour in mine with Roses Hollyhocks which this year are massive… so tall I have some very dark red burgundy ones I got the seed from Warwick where Andrew and I moored our Boat. .. I was very naughty as the seed I took from some Nuns cloisters .. where we walked through into the town. lol I was thinking about it today all those yrs ago about 25 lol but the Hollyhocks reminded me vividly lol… Lovely times. xx

    Sym… how are you doing.. did you stay or go home. re the electrics.. I have been wondering about you and Charlie. Xx

    Brads.. You are always busy. What an achievement for your son.. Just getting out there and getting on with having a exciting life after a quiet one. .

    H H .. Oh love the sound of the Antiques Centre with Cream tea. Gorgeous .. my kind of day lol.
    We have Brackley Antiques Centre a few miles away it been on Tv a few times.. I must go to tea and look around again soon.

    Bronwyn .. how are you .. are you feeling any better.

    Nana .. Sounds like you had a wonderful time.

    This evening I had M&S Chicken Kiev not had it for ages.. ( Maybe years ) lolol.. Anyway .. did two in the oven .. had new potaoes.. and broccoli .. Tasty
    Tomorrow the other one cold with potato salad .. and salad.

    Kay hope all is well with you. Xx

    Hope everyone is having a good day.. xx You can be confident and strong AND be gentle and kind.💚

    Evening everyone, had our usual Wednesday lunch yesterday and it was also quite a breezy day so quite a bit of extra work pedalling one way. Today has been Ely and a visit to see my Auntie and have cup of tea and a chat which was nice.
    Weigh in tomorrow so 🤞 that I’ve managed to loose some of the three pound holiday gain.
    No Friday night meet up with friends and takeaway as we’ve got our Grandog Poppy overnight because daughter and son in law are going to Alexandra Palace to see a concert by a group called Bastille who I’ve never heard of.
    Nana x

    Dave- shame about the weather with your bowling, no fun in the rain! Good your son is getting braver with his travelling. Fingers crossed for your weigh in!
    Jean- hope your holiday was good overall, lots of walking! I guess you had to book it a long way ahead, before you knew about your holiday with your family? Will you book Bridlington for next year?
    Hemmy- your salad for tomorrow sounds nice, do you make your own potato salad, or buy it? We are lucky with the antiques shops around here…
    Nana- hope your weigh in is good tomorrow too, & have a lovely time with Poppy! How is your Auntie getting on?
    Bronwyn- thinking of you & your poorly back…
    Yesterday was a shopping day, made one of son’s favourites, roast red pepper sauce & pasta, only a small helping for me…to leave room for the raspberry ripple ice cream I’d made! Today was a FD though, & was very busy- son’s gf is coming for dinner & stopping the night, she’s lovely, but is borderline OCD with cleaning so have done lots today ( it’s been a bit neglected as I’ve been busy in the garden!) Helped Enoch’s owner take him to the vets for a claw clip. Tomorrow won’t be a FD though!

    Morning All..
    Came back late afternoon yesterday instead of today… we have done a lot of walking then repeating it I think three days would have been enough. A couple of my favourite cafes closed which I usually walk too both different ways, one for refurbishing at Fraisthorpe the other looks closed after covid at Sewerby. I did find another one at Sewerby.
    My electricity was tripped in a second box which I had missed about 4 hours later she got back to me. Apparently someone had had a fire in a microwave the people before me, she has someone coming out to check it.
    It seemed a long week with no one to talk too, possibly too close to the other holiday, we have enjoyed it. She is getting booked for next year already, I don’t know what I am doing, 3 holidays booked so maybe not, thinking of money.

    Charlie has walked 50 miles while we have been away so I have done about 35 miles. My feet know it.

    I have Tony ( Steve’s best man ) coming to stay on Sunday till Wednesday evening so another few busy days. I must shop and get ready for him.

    Nice to get back on here..

    Jean x

    Good morning another wet day😫will get wet at bowls again. Just had a shower so will jump on the scales when I’m dry. Fingers crossed I’ve lost some weight.

    Hi FB Brits… hope all is well with you xxxx

    Awful day with the weather here today. It hasn’t stopped raining. . No way can we have an hosepipe ban can we ? lolol

    At least I console myself my water butts are being filled lol.

    Sym …. so very glad you got the eclectics sorted..and had a lovely time. I couldnt go on my own though lol.

    H H … Yes cooked twice the amount of potatoes yesterday .. So with todays I added Mayo.. spring onions. garlic .. some thyme .. .. tasty

    Brads.. How did the bowls go and did you do a weigh in.

    Hope everyone is having a good day Xxxx “Focus on the journey, not the destination. Joy is found not in finishing an activity but in doing it. Xxxx

    Morning All…
    A slow lazy start here.. toes are hurting after all my walking.

    Just heard that Tony has had a small stroke and he’s in hospital, a TIA… his friend was texting me off his phone so maybe he’s not very good… I was speaking to him Thursday and he was fine.

    Hope the scales was good to you…

    The potato salad sounds lovely, maybe I should buy some spring onions.. I have got some small jerseys potatoes in at the moment.. I have bought all my food in for Tony so it’s double quantity!
    Nice to be away but nice to be home.. you have your routine.
    Lots of rain here too, good for all your plants and a job less to do.

    Jean x

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