Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Evening!
    Well done to Nana & Bronwyn with your losses!
    Sorry, been so busy lately, the time just goes! I think I managed 2 FDs last week & did yesterday…i thought I was doing okay but haven’t braved the scales & a different pair of trousers I put on were a bit tight 😱 We’ve finally got the hot weather, lovely, until I had to hoover this afternoon, had to wait until son got up as he’s on nights…
    My sis is getting a puppy! So pleased for her after they lost their last dog…but that means we’ve lost our dog sitter so we drcided to squeeze in a quick break before they get him, we’re trying to book a place through AirB&B but it’s been a pain!
    Majorca should be lovely Jean!

    Hot, hot, hot here again and tomorrow is going to be similar,maybe slightly cooler. Bowling the next three days, I might not be playing tomorrow but definitely on Thursday and Friday. Had plenty of calories today always do on Tuesday so back to 1200 tomorrow or maybe less. Find out difficult when it’s so hot.

    Afternoon All…
    Very hot and breezy here.. a play date with Oreo on the river bank.. a short walk tonight.

    Sat outside reading, I strimmed the lawn, it’s not growing so a tidy up in some parts.

    Cleaning up day tomorrow, bed to change and wash… trying to get organised now. Out to lunch on Friday and a bit of food shopping for Charlie….

    I am in that waiting mode now…..

    Hope the scales are good on Friday for you… I might shake my food around when home…. but I do like breakfast… there will be a few pounds to loose!

    Tight trousers not very good… you are always so good at fasting..
    A treat away enjoy yourselves when do you go?

    A day off from bowling today….good luck on your 1200 calories..

    Jean x

    I had a day off yesterday, I won again today so 2 out of 2 this week. Only 48 calories today so going well.

    I had a day off yesterday, I won again today so 2 out of 2 this week. Only 48 calories today so going well.

    Evening everyone it’s been another hot day but with a nice breeze which made cycling to catch the bus a pleasant ride. A nice lunch and catch up with our friends after missing last week. Off to visit Auntie in Ely tomorrow expect it will be busy.
    Monday and Tuesday were good days eating wise although I have gone over slightly today due to having wine.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.
    Nana x

    Good morning everyone yet another hot day here. Bowling again today and tomorrow.Tomorrow we are going to see the Searchers at the plaza in stockport.A good day calorie wise yesterday.Had tea and toast this morning so that’s over 300 calories so don’t eat until 6pm now.

    Afternoon All…
    A lovely walk this morning before the sun was too hot a lovely breeze, just local …
    I met a couple of boules ladies invited me to go for breakfast with them after our walk… I nearly didn’t go as a FD day but I went.. I really enjoy it lovely full breakfast and the chat.

    I hope not to eat anything else but I will see…

    House cleaning and bedding washing and ironing all done so quite busy.. not so nice when it’s hot.

    Enjoy the Searchers sounds like a good night.. and bowls.

    Hope you find Auntie well she will look forward to your visit.

    Jean x

    I won at bowls again 3 in a row, done well since I changed my woods. Very warm at the bowling, I’ve just got a neck fan, I’m charging it now so will see if it would be possible to wear it while bowling.

    Hi FB Brits hope all is well with you Xxxx

    What some fabulous weather .. apart from two horrendous electric storms we had here early week.

    Such a shame really played havoc with the gardens.. I was tending my neighbours plot too.. It spoilt a lot of young plants.

    Weight is good my lowest in many years I have hardly any appetite in this heat.. Plus cut out alcohol completely again.

    Its so hot for our 4 legged friends with their fur coats. xx

    Have a good weekend every one .”Our life is what our thoughts make it.”. Xxxx

    Afternoon All…
    Very hot here, a lovely lunch out with my Park Ladies.

    More or less packed and ready to go.. trying to be discreet so Charlie doesn’t see too much…. Charlie goes to Auntie Fays at 8.30, my pickup at noon tomorrow.

    He’s ready for a walk but it says 25 degrees is far too hot to walk dogs.. will wait till later 26 degrees at the moment.

    I have stayed the same this week so 1 lb. above goal… so all good.

    No rain here at all… I have a planter to go to cemetery but far too hot, it sits in the shade.. I will move it there when home so I can go and water it.
    Your neighbour should be home soon it seems a while looking after the garden..
    Well done on stable weight.

    Well done on winning three matches.. lucky bowls!!!😃

    Jean x

    Afternoon everyone very hot here again 27°C here at the moment. We changed things around this week and had our Friday night takeaway with friends to yesterday as our local pub in our village had a visiting food truck serving Hong Kong street food so went there and sat in the garden to enjoy a few drinks whilst waiting for our order. This probably explains a one pound gain when I weighed myself this morning.
    Jean not long to wait now.
    Hemmy no rain here for over a week but rain is forecast for Sunday. Will be nice not to have to water and hopefully will fill up the waterbutts.
    Dave well done on the wins at bowls.
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay.
    Have a good weekend everyone.
    Nana x

    I finally lost at bowling today, got beat 21-20 so very happy with that. Going to see the Searchers tonight so that should be good.

    Evening everyone
    Very warm here in W Yorks. Garden very dry in full sun, no shade at all. Watering some of the plants every night. I find the heat draining and we have had no thunderstorms like other areas.

    Looking forward to watching Trooping the Colour on tv tomorrow morning. How all those soldiers are going to cope with the heat I can’t imagine.

    Weigh in this morning and I have lost another 1.5 pounds. I am so pleased. It’s not 5/2 really, more following the 16/8. Fasting but in another form. I only eat lunch and tea and nothing after my tea. It was hard at first not eating breakfast but I have got used to it. Nothing in the evening either. I ao look forward to my lunch every day.

    Still worried about my DIL with Covid. Poorly in bed with painful chest and wheezing and on antibiotics and steroids. Covid is still with us unfortunately. I have been fortunate and not had it but I still wear my mask when out shopping. I am asthmatic so try to be careful.

    A quiet weekend for us watching The Ashes.
    Have a lovely holiday Jean.

    Regards Bronwyn

    Morning All…
    Up early took Charlie out at 6am, so beautiful a good temperature you could feel the heat but a cool breeze.. I thought of walking my other dally Jack at this time in Dubai, he used to join me at 5am to make sure I didn’t forget his walk.

    Having a cuppa, then take Charlie, a quick hoover down stairs, a few jobs bins etc, shower..I suppose kicking my heels…

    Your food truck sounded very different.. good you enjoyed it.

    Enjoy your bowling, hope the lucky bowls come back.

    So sorry to hear about your daughter, it makes you feel quite poorly and very lethargic .. I have had it twice .. hope she soon feels better. I was a good 10 days on my first attack I felt so poorly.
    Very dry here, a bit of rain expected next week if it arrives.
    Glad your new plan is working, although I do 5.2 there’s a lot of tweaking, I only do the two meals a day unless I am meeting up with people.

    Going to have a cuddle with my boy I shall miss him, I think it may do him good to have a change too…

    Jean x

    Good morning everyone.Cloudy at the moment so a little cooler. Going to get some bait for fishing on Monday shortly then off to Sainsbury shopping. Don’t think I’ll lose weight this week drinking far too much juice and milk. And having ice Lolly’s to try and keep cool.

    Been to the tackle shop for some maggots and wriggly worms, got hemp as well. Bought a new reel so most of my stuff is all new. Very muggy today not sunny but so sticky, horrible. I’ve put the maggots in the fridge, Denise not seen them yet🤣.

    A little cooler today, the sun is trying to break out. I think it’s winning it’s just come out. Still drinking lots of juice and milk do no chance I will have lost weight, more likely put it on 🥴. Time for yet another drink tea this time.

    Watching the Ashes it’s a good game, very close. Fishing tomorrow. Got the fan on so Chloe climbs up on my knee to get cool😁.

    Morning everyone
    Dave, you have a good wife if she lets you store your maggots in the fridge 😨

    Much cooler here today. Watched the rain storms last night. I could hear the plants sighing.

    Had a bit of a stressful day yesterday. Had grandchildren with their parents visiting for Fathers Day. One huge tantrum with a GS. Glad when they went home. Opened a bottle of wine and last night helped DH eat the goodies they brought. Felt bad this morning but I felt calm after the binge. Stress was the trigger.
    Back to fasting today. Hope it didn’t ruin things too much. Weigh in not untill Friday so have time to pull back.

    Enjoying watching The Ashes. Very close game. Love Cricket.

    Best wishes to the Monday fasters.
    Regards Bronwyn

    Been fishing caught a couple of decent bream and a few small roach. I’ve lost 3lbs so I’m amazed but I’ll take it. Speedway tonight.

    Evening everyone enjoyed a nice weekend and was quite controlled with my eating and drinking.
    Thunderstorm and heavy rain yesterday afternoon a warm day again today and then more thunderstorms forecast for tomorrow so pleased about not having to water the garden at the moment.
    Dave sounds like you had a good day fishing.
    Bronwyn not really into cricket. OH is into motorsports in a big way.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and well done to those that have been fasting today.
    Nana x

    Morning All…
    All well here, so very pretty, safe and up market, no drinking groups/parties…. hotel is very nice we have a lovely spacious 2 bed suite/apartment, 2 large wet rooms large balcony. We feel it could be a managers apartment as it’s the only one in the hotel.
    We have walked to 4 different beaches, the best was the best and the closest and much quieter.

    Collecting a hire car to see a bit of the island for three days.

    Wifi comes and goes so quite iffy…. I will pop by as I can..

    Good morning everyone rain here so hopefully it will cool it down. Off to the park in a minute to drop Denise off and take Chloe for a walk.

    Still warm took Chloe out in the pouring rain, didn’t seem to bother her.Typical greyhound she’s fast asleep. She must sleep 22 hours a day making up for when she was in training. I’ve never seen her run apart from on YouTube. When I take her out for a walk I have to pull her she’s always behind me 😁.I don’t like that when they walk to heel I like to see them.

    Had plenty of rain today, but red sky at night, so tomorrow is looking good.

    Bronwyn the cricket was very good yesterday,I prefer 5 day cricket to one day cricket. I’ve been to watch them all, it is better when you actually go to the ground to watch it. Warm again here today. Chloe is dozzing off already she sleeps for England.

    Won at bowling again, scored 104 points out of a possible 105 since I changed my bowls. Going to be a low day today only had a couple of biscuits and 2 cups of tea.

    Wakey wakey.

    Morning All..
    Having a lovely time. Lots of different beaches/coves.. we roam in a morning then settle for a few hours on the beach.
    Boys golf day and girls beach day hope for a bit of book reading and a catch up sleep for Charlotte.
    The hotel is very good but some people have areas of complaint fortunately for us it has all gone well. The only thing is the food it’s unbelievably awful, all hot food is fridge cold! If you are lucky pizza’s are red hot if they are cooking them, stand and wait, chips cold or again lucky if you catch them cooking. Bread and ice cream all good!
    Out of 6 three eat anything, three fussy eaters… all saying it’s bad…
    I would sack the lot of them! No TLC at all…
    Well time to get everyone moving…
    Jean x

    Shame about the food Jean but your having a good time so enjoy.Not sure about the weather sunny at the moment but rain is due at 1pm,Start bowling at 1:30 ☔. Will take Chloe out and then see how the weather is later.

    Hi FB Brits hope all is well with you Xxxx

    What lovely weather we are having.. really enjoying the long early morning walks .. it all looks so very pretty in the fields I can understand how the old poets were inspired by the English countryside.

    Not eating big meals in this heat .. just a bacon sandwich tonight and fruit .

    Sym… you sound like you are having a wonderful time with your family making memories … TBH I was never impressed with the food on holiday abroad ..mind you I think it can be ifffy here now with the cost of food .. they try to keep the price down plus there is a shortage of good staff.

    Take care everyone.. When times get tough the tough get going xxxx

    Afternoon everyone
    Jean your holiday sounds lovely. Lots of beaches to choose from. I hope you are finding time to relax with a book 🙂

    Weigh in this morning I had only lost 0.5 lb. Not much but glad I didn’t gain.

    Went to Whitby for the day yesterday. The forecast said full sun but 19 degrees. Well that was wrong as it climbed to well into the 20s. Dogs were panting and struggling on their little legs. Carried the old one some of the day as it was very busy underfoot for a weekday. Fish and chip places everywhere, spoilt for choice. I had cod goujons and salad and a glass of white wine for lunch. Spoiled it by having a double scoop of ice cream in a sugar cone later.

    Warm again here in W Yorks. We have had a couple of wet days so the garden is looking better.

    Dave, glad you enjoyed the cricket. I was disappointed with the score but England were exciting to watch. Four more to go 🏏🙂

    Best wishes to the fasters today.
    Regards Bronwyn

    Whitby is the best place on earth for fish and chips. If I lived there I would be 40 stone 😁. Looking forward to the next ashes match Bronwyn. The weathers changing I think not as warm today. But still nice.

    Weather seems nice for the wedding, I’ll be boiling in a suit 🥵🥵.Hope I don’t need to ware one again especially a tie.Bought the suit for the wedding but would be very happy if I never have to ware it again, give me jeans and a polo shirt every time.Took Chloe out and will take her again before we go.No fasting today will have the odd pint or so.

    I hope you had a lovely day at your daughter’s wedding. Did you give a speech? Hope it went well. Yes, warm to be in a suit but better than everyone with brollies 🙂 Certainly not a day for fasting. Enjoy putting the suit away.
    Regards Bronwyn

    It was a good night and the weather was lovely we had the photos taken on the golf course.Suit put away now, back to shorts and polo shirt 😁. It’s still warm the fan as been on all night and day. Time to take the hound out.

    Sorry all to have not been on! We’ve been away, went near Sandringham, a lovely woodland lodge, all by itself…had a lazy time listening to the birds & watching wildlife, reading…ate well too!
    So back to fasting next week, I feel like I’ve suddenly expanded 😂 I might try doing a few 800cal days, if I go lower I think I would eat too much on nonFDs, if it stays hot then I can eat lots of salad!

    First FD for nearly 2 weeks 😱 It’s gone okay, making sure I get enough protein as I know I don’t eat enough…kept busy so 805cals. Neighbour walking Obi again so just Xena& then Enoch to walk, which is good in the heat. Lots of jobs done, youngest popped in, found out they do have a tea break on their training night & cake would be appreciated so I can bake for the firemen next week ☺ satisfy my baking urges & can give it all away 😉

    It’s been a nice day here, went bowling this afternoon. Going back to 1200 calories and see how I do.

    Morning All…
    A lazy start I am up and dressed, I shall go to breakfast soon no one moving..
    We have bus pick up at 3 pm..

    Katie, Charlotte and Zack heading home with me then to stay with her dad.. Johnny and Cole heading to Texas…
    A big storm while we have been away and some of their fence is down.. so a job for them..

    Speak when I am back..

    Jean x

    Good afternoon everyone, took Chloe to the park then went shopping in Sainsbury’s. Going for another 1000/1200 day. Had rain today and it’s cooler. Nice to cool off after all the sunshine we’ve had

    Evening everyone, keep forgetting to post.
    Weigh in on Friday morning and had lost a pound.
    Had a nice weekend which included a family birthday BBQ on Sunday and it was so hot 32°C at one point. We intended on walking to the BBQ a distance of two miles but as it was so hot we went by car and I volunteered to drive so managed to save quite a few calories.
    We went and did an Aldi shop this morning and visited our daughter and our great grandson who she looks after during the day and by the time we got back home and I’d unpacked and put the shopping away realised that I hadn’t eaten anything so decided I would have a fast day. Have had 705 calories today so pleased with that as I go away on holiday for a week on Friday so would be good to lose a little bit of weight beforehand as I know I’ll gain whilst away.
    Save journey home Jean.
    Hedgehogs lucky fireman.
    Hope everyone is keeping alright.
    Nana x

    Hi FB Brits hope all is well with you Xxxx

    What some lovely weather we are having .. I love it. Garden looking sooo pretty with the roses .. honeysuckle .. holly hocks getting so tall and starting to show their pretty burgundy blooms. Tomatoes and green beans doing well too.

    So pleased as my weight is at it lowest for years .. I cut out all the rubbish and just the two meals a day and I really cant eat like i used too. Still have my wine though lolol.

    Sym … So glad you are having a wonderful time with your family. you will miss them. xx

    Dave.. Hope the wedding went well.

    Bronwyn.. Well done with your loss not easy when out and about.

    Hedgehogs.. You will be Queen baker for the Firemen… they will love you Xx

    Nana … Well done on the pound loss .. now your holiday to look forward too.

    Enjoy your evening every one.. Take care Two things prevent us from happiness: living in the past and observing others. Xxxx

    Hi all!
    Jean- have a nice last couple of days with your family, & will be lovely to see Charlie again…
    Dave- well done with all your low days, good you’re sticking to it still after the wedding 👍
    Nana- well done with your loss & extra FD! Hope Sheringham is as lovely as ever!
    Hemmy- you’ve done so well maintaining, I’ve never managed. 😂 All the veggies are doing okay here too, although I’ve got blackfly all over my runner beans already 😡
    Bronwyn- we loved Whitby too- only been once though!
    Did another 800cal FD yesterday, decided to eat more today as I was doing a long walk with my friend & her dog…it was cooler but I still ended up a sweaty mess 😂 Shopping done today & a few jobs…back to an 800cal day tomorrow.

    Evening everyone
    Fairly cool and fresh here in W Yorks today.

    I am not fasting at the moment as I have a bad case of sciatica. I have suffered with it over the years but I think I triggered this bout by carrying one of the dogs when we went to Whitby last week in the heat. I have gone back to having breakfast so as not to take ibuprofen on an empty stomach. Had just got used to not having breakfast too. Have had to cancel my aquafit so not a happy bunny. The pain goes all the way down to my foot.

    Will weigh in again on Friday. Hope to stick if I don’t lose. Cricket not looking good either 🙁
    Regards Bronwyn

    Good morning, much cooler today but still no coat needed, had rain yesterday afternoon.Started watched The Ark, not sure about it yet.

    Watching the cricket can’t say anymore incase Mel is looking in. Think it will be a slightly higher day today but still miles under my TDEE. Nice weather here, we did have rain yesterday but nice again now. Going to clean the carpet later Chloe’s been a bad girl.

    Afternoon All…
    We are back home, washing on and case away…
    I took Katie and children to her dads this morning so all quiet here. I am hoping to see them before they return home.

    I haven’t been on the scales I may leave it till next Friday… our food away was not good at all but the alcohol was, including the ice cream…so no idea.. I have a pair of tight shorts on which was tight before I went away, they are still fitting!

    Time away again they seem to come around quick… enjoy. Well done on your loss.

    You are on an even keel. It’s working well for you. I am not too bothered by food these days. We did a lot of walking while away and so very hot too.. I don’t think I have put on too much…

    Still humid here, no rain.. very warm night….

    I love Whitby but always so busy and hard to park.
    Hope your sciatica soon improves, I had it bad down to my toes for three months.. fortunately only had it the once… I have to look after my back generally if it’s iffy I rest and go steady straight away.

    Enjoy the cricket..

    Jean x

    Just looked at getting a ticket for the test match at Old Trafford £177.😱😱😱. No way I’ll pay that much. That’s just for one day.Could watch half the Lancashire games for that I bet.

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