Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Enjoyed the bowling but lost 21-11, it’s just a matter of practice, I’ll get used to it eventually. Football starts tonight so watching ì on telly.

    Good morning everyone watching the lionesses.Dirty devils the Columbians.I think I’ve fell of the wagon as far as fasting goes.I will have to come up with a plan I think. Need to have a good think about it.

    Afternoon All..
    A lovely long walk with Penny and Fudge this morning , met by chance…
    It was lovely and sunny but it’s started to rain now.

    My bag turned out a bit iffy, might throw it away, leaving it to have a think. 😂.. a long time since I crocheted.. it might do!
    Your plants will look nice up the trellis. Thinking of your ironing I have a bit to do too..
    Shoulders very not good again it’s gone three times this week, then it’s better???

    Ladies footy won, was you watching it..

    Tony going in for his biopsy on Monday at 8am..

    Jean x

    Yes I was cheering on the lionesses. Will be hard against Australia especially playing in Australia, they are the only team to beat the lionesses since our manager took charge.Still waiting to hear from my GP about the referral she said concerning weight loss.

    Good afternoon everyone, there’s a severe weather warning for tomorrow.Heavy rain forecast and I’m bowling😱. We play in Sale tomorrow and the first time I played there it was full of puddles, couldn’t see the green. The last time I went there it was called off so not looking good. Roast beef and Yorkshire pudding for tea, Chloe’s licking her lips already.

    Afternoon everyone
    A fairly good week for me food wise after weeks of not fasting. I am always busy in the school holidays because of seeing my grandchildren so tend not to stress too much about food. A mixed blessing 🙂 I got weighed this morning and have lost 1.5lbs this week. A good start to getting back on track. I did try aquafit this week but it aggravated my sciatica so no more until I start physio.

    Dave, after waiting 11 days to see a GP I only got a phone call – no face to face consultation. I did get a lecture about branches coming out from the trunk of a tree though ☹️. I don’t qualify for an MRI scan or an Xray either as you have to be suffering from other related things besides chronic pain to qualify. GP has put me down for physio which should start on the 24th Aug. I have since been told that it’s only a phone consultation to start with. I now realise why people go to A&E to see a doctor. A relative of ours is considering paying private for a hip replacement as he is housebound with pain and immobility. Sorry for the rant but your knee trouble prompted me. I fully sympathise.

    On a happier note our eldest son turned 40 this week. The whole family had a day on Filey beach. Picnic and cake then F&C for tea. I had fish, no chips. I tried not to sit too long, even had a paddle. I am determined to lose weight this week, need to get back into it.

    Enjoy the rest of the weekend. Regards Bronwyn

    Bronwyn I think an hip replacement would cost £19,000. No way I could every go private. My mate as got a bad back he can’t bowl for 2 weeks then see how he is. I’m looking forward to the close season so I can practice bowling 3 me way. It’s supposed to be very heavy rain in Manchester tomorrow so will get drenched.

    Good afternoon is horrible weather here, pouring down most of the day. Not going to speedway tonight. Will watch out on the telly if it’s on. Egg and bacon for tea not had anything so far today apart from tea.

    Evening All….
    We got drenched this morning better this afternoon…

    I had a lazy day I didn’t sleep much last night a busy head and cold feet and hot body.. all strange.

    Finished this evening at 600 cals good considering I was very tired.

    Well done on getting back on track and loosing too.. picnic sounded good at Filey..are you feeling old with a 40 year old son?? 😂

    I had egg, bacon and tomato too… a good stand by..

    Jean x

    I never had it in the end, will have it tomorrow.I had Spanish ommlett and beans for tea.I will end up around 1200 calories for the day.

    Evening (although it’s nearly tomorrow)
    Had a good day food wise, coffee and toast for b’fast, no lunch, then boil in the bag kippers and a small slice of bread and butter for tea. Not had kippers for years, saw them in M&S food. I try to have oily fish twice a week but mostly rely on tinned. Not a proper FD but fairly low.

    Went to the gym for a short swim but mainly for the warm hydrotherapy pool. Afternoon to the launderette to take winter fleece mattress toppers to put in their big machine. Took a book and tried not to think about food.

    Jean, I don’t mind my birthdays, I’m 71 – but yes, having my son turn 40 made me think! I mentioned it to my neighbour who is my age, she laughed and told me her daughter is 50!
    Have a good Tuesday
    Regards Bronwyn

    Morning All..
    Blue sky today… and the village cock is crowing, lovely to hear.

    I had a good nights sleep after the night before, I was so tired…

    Boules at 1.30 a few of us but still waiting for people to add their selves to the list.

    I am 74 my daughters 52 and nearly 50, i think Charlie keeps me fit although I am having bother with my shoulder at the moment. It’s strange from really really hurting can’t get undressed or dressed, hot water bottles and tablets then going to bed I wake up better no pain??
    When Steve was in a lot of back pain he went to the swimming pool with me, they told him to go in deep water on a doodle float and gently flap about gentle exercises no swimming.
    Glad your food day went well mine did too..

    A while since I had an omelette..

    Jean x

    Good morning everyone off to the park soon to drop Denise off for Spanish lessons and then to take Chloe round the park. She gets so excited when Denise puts her coat on 🤣.Big bowling match tomorrow,we have to win and then the same again next week. If we do we could be promoted to the first division.Only thing then is we will probably get slaughtered each week. But it’s a learning curve.

    Hi FB Brits hope all is well with you on this beautiful day Xxxx

    What a lovely change in the weather.. very warm here and wonderful blue sky.

    Just come back from my monthly lunch meetup at Buckingham Garden centre with my long standing friend. Once again a lovely lunch.. Pasta today and so very tasty… half the price of the recent restaurant disappointment’s.

    A lovely catch-up and look around ..bought local cider made by a small company will try a glass later sitting out playing with Pip and reading my book.

    Sym… hope the boules went well and you won. Mum used to say as you get older you get aches and pain that come and go you will see.. and I now do lolol

    I think the dog walking does keep you fit .. I am 76 ..and can match my 50 yr old walking friends. I do feel better when moving as I get a bit stiff sitting too long.

    Feeling very full so just fruit and maybe ice cream later. Hopefully lose the other pound this week.

    Hope everyone is having a good day ..“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” Xxxx


    Bronwyn – well done losing last week! Awful that you can’t even get an MRI for your back, it does seem to be a postcode lottery with the NHS, some rellies in Bournemouth seem to have been treated well & quickly! Your family get together sounded lovely…
    Jean- difficult with your shoulder, very strange…shame about your bag!
    Dave- hope your bowling match goes well tomorrow 🤞
    Hemmy- glad you had a nice lunch out! Hope the cider was nice…
    Managed a FD yesterday, it was hard though! Have been to meet a dog sitter today, Xena was good, she had a few dogs about but they were all small so Xena was fine. She is going for a stay next week instead of with us, I was happy to take her but hubby thought we’ll give the a go now we’ve found one, at least we won’t get woken early I guess! Youngest has been round, he said the tiffin I made went down very well. Not a FD tomorrow, we’re out for lunch. Making the most of a couple of dry days!

    Had a lovely day today, went for a walk somewhere new with my friend & her dog, it was really hot but there was a stream the dogs could cool off in! Went out for lunch with hubby to another riverside pub- was good & didn’t have breakfast or a dessert, just fruit & yoghurt for tea. I sound like Hemmy 😀
    Tomorrow we go to get mum, hoping for a better journey than last week!

    Good morning everyone.The bowling went well yesterday,I play again against the top of the league, they will be promoted and we will be relegated.We have been players short to many times so lost most of our games.Cant complain though got a good chance of promotion to the top league on a wednesday.

    Hi FB Brits hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    Another lovely day..making the most of it .. heavy rain forecast for tomorrow.

    Just had lunch 4 dark Ryvita ( my favourite because they taste nutty ) .cheese .. red onion chutney .. apple and a McVities little Gold biscuit. Only small but with a good suger kick. At 95 cals not bad when you want that bit of sweetness. .

    I have lost the other pound I had gained so back to target .

    Today and tomorrow they are resurfacing our village main road so not venturing out as its all round the houses to get back lol.

    H H .. it s a good idea introducing Xena to the sitter .. I wish I had done that with Pip years ago.
    It will be good for you and hubby to get away on your own.. no walking restrictions or worry of letting her out. . That will be restful in its self .

    I am still wondering about taking Pip with Kristy to Dorset.. She will need to book soon. I am thinking will it be too stressful for me and Pip lol. I will have to decide soon. Xx

    Brads.. You are busy with the bowls… lovely in this weather.

    Hope everyone is having a good day … back in the garden for me. Trimming my Butterfly bushes they are massive this year .. trouble is they make me sneeze lol.

    You can’t have a positive life with  a negative mind . Xxxx

    Afternoon All..
    A lovely day again.,
    Fasting going well I have been busy doing housework.. walk in a hour…

    Three playing at singles.. I won one and someone else won one.. playing again tomorrow have been invited to join the game.
    I am 74 so just behind you.. yes keep moving better than sitting, it must do you good.
    I would go on holiday if will be nice for you and Pip.. you just need the push 😂
    Well done getting back to target.. I am struggling a bit at the moment a couple of pounds up but not happy about it.

    Hope your journey to collect mum is better today..

    Well done on winning the bowling . 👏👏👏

    Jean x

    Back from bowling we actually won. Beat the top team.We will still go down and the top team will go up. We need a few more players for next season had to give them 5 start in one game because we were a player short. Only had tea today no food.My jeans are falling off but I’m not losing any weight.

    Hemmy- well done losing another pound! I think you should try a holiday with Kristy, it’s nice to have a change of scenery…
    Dave- well done with the bowling! Strange your clothes are looser & you’ve not lost…
    Jean- well done with your FD…hope you lose this week!
    Had a better journey to get mum thankfully. Need to catch up on some housework tomorrow, have borrowed a carpet shampooer, not sure if there’ll be time tomorrow though…a few things to get done before we go away!

    Good morning everyone, rain here but hopefully it will pass. Does anyone have snackajacks here only 50 odd calories and quiet filling.I like the salted caramel ones. Just having a cuppa then will take Chloe out. I’ve put her on the screen on my phone and if I open the phone I get a picture of Heidi. If it has three screens I’d put boots my old collie on the 3rd one. Love my dogs but have had 3 or 4 cats as well and 2 tortoise among other pets.

    Afternoon All..
    It’s not the best of days cool and drizzling.. played boules lost two games but really good matches and very close. We had lunch at cafe, cheese and jacket with salad I really enjoyed it.

    Popped to get a dressed crab for Monday, Jacqui is popping by and a few bits from Tesco, some Aussie money for Xmas envelope William can take it back. A few snacks for the plane for my Texas holiday. Just getting organised.

    I lost 1 lb this week..

    Long time since I had snackajacks, the caramel always were nice. What a lot of pets..

    When did you say you were going away, is it coming up soon. Hope your mum enjoyed herself and she’s pleased with her garden.

    Just having a cuppa before we walk at 4..

    Have good weekend everyone..

    Jean x

    Hi FB Brits hope all is well with you on this Friday afternoon. Xxxx

    Beautiful sunshine now after a very wet morning .. lucky it seems to have passed us now.

    Dave .. I had forgotten about Snackajacks. I love the Sour cream ones.. Never tried the Salted Caramel. Will look out for them.

    Sym… I just treat age as a number lol Although I am more careful now.. re getting up on ladders etc. lol

    H H .. Things I try to weigh up re going away with Pip. Is it going to be pleasurable for me and him. .. Then I am thinking all that stuff to take his bed etc etc lolol .. before we book I will have a good chat to Kristy . Did you get your carpet done?

    Hope everyone is having a good day this week has flown by “«The happiest people don’t have the best of everything, they make the best of everything.»” Xxxx

    Yes I must stop going up ladders… but you just do don’t you if you can 😬
    Todays been grotty here very dull and chilly.
    I must say taking Charlie away he takes more stuff than me but it’s a nice change. You will have to roll it past Kirsty.

    Have a lovely weekend ..

    Jean x

    Evening everyone, have been very bad at posting in on here.
    Been a busy week socially which was reflected in no weight loss this morning.
    Was going to have a haircut by my daughter this morning but she’s sadly managed to break two toes and is on crutches so I’m going to have to wait.
    Have got blood doning on Wednesday so am trying to boost my iron levels and had kidneys for tea yesterday, steak planned for tomorrow and liver on Monday. Tonight’s meal was an Indian takeaway and I opted for Chicken Tikka Shashlick and also enjoyed a couple of glasses of pinot grigo as it was OH’s tirn to drive.
    Have a good weekend everyone.
    Nana x

    Nana have Guinness 🤣.Sun is out again here. Just done sausages for Chloe,I cut them up into little pieces then add the kibble, she picks the meat out and leaves the rest🙄. Time to take her out, we got drenched last night on our walk.Steak for tea tonight.

    Good afternoon everyone watching the Lionesses, hope we can win. Chicken for tea so Chloe’s drooling already. Oh no Spain just scored😭.

    Afternoon All..
    A good walk but a lazy day.. Charlie blankets washing time again..
    Watched the footy a shame they lost, Spain I think played better.
    Chicken for tonight.. daughter is coming up tomorrow so it won’t be a fast day.. maybe Tuesday and Wednesday.. I may see her Thursday.. awkward when you have to change about.

    Have a good day everyone

    Jean x

    Afternoon everyone,
    How fast the summer is going by. I have seen a lot of my grandchildren this week so not posted much. It will soon be back to school and I will miss seeing them but it will be nice to get back to normal.

    Food going steady but not as good as the 500 days of old.. The lockdown had its advantages in that you had time to concentrate on your meals with no distractions. A sad thing to say but true for me. A walk around the golf course this morning, I am missing my aquafit.

    Watched the footie and have to agree with Jean that Spain were slightly better. A shame. The crowd were cheering for Spain too as we knocked the Matildas out.

    Snackajacks! Now there’s a name from the past. I don’t think they did salted caramel when I bought them. Will look out for them.

    Yes, packing for doggie holidays is a faf. So many things to remember. We even have a tiny fridge to keep the dog eye drops cool. It is meant to hold 4 cans of pop so just right for meds.

    May go to the racing at York this week. It is the Ebor festival. As the Knavesmire is public land they can’t stop you going on it. It’s lovely for walking the dogs when the horses are running. They just stop you walking across the track when the races start. When you are in the centre of the track you can watch the helicopters landing bringing the rich jockeys in 🙂

    Fast day tomorrow. Will try to keep to 800. Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone. Watching the athletics now. I am very sporty from the sofa 😂

    We are watching the athletics, recording it at the moment while the footie is on. I must start fasting on Monday, been a naughty boy recently. Chloe’s in the kitchen, always is when we have chicken for tea🤣

    Hi F B Brits hope all is ell with you Xxxx

    Another beautiful day .. I haven’t hardly stopped. lol.. Tomorrow having a new meter in given between- 8am-12. So will need to be out with Pip by 7am lolol ..

    I have smiled to myself though .. as I have cleaned the cottage right through .. the laugh is he will only be in the boot room Well at least it got me spending as much time indoors as out lol .

    I havnt had much to eat today.. just my usual ryvita cheese and fruit for lunch then Beans on toast this evening and some yogurt and fruit.
    Tomorrow will be a chicken and using up veg croc pot.

    .Sym hope you had a lovely day with your daughter.Shame about the football they all did so well though. Xx

    Hope everyone is having a good day. The Day is so much better when you smile at it. Xxxx

    Back from speedway it got called off one heat short because of rain but we won easy. Lost at bowls but only by one point. Do it’s been a good day. A good day foodwise as well.

    Morning All..
    A lot of rain through the night but lovely and bright this morning… boules pm trying to make the effort and get back playing again.

    Fasting today.. yesterday daughter came we had a lovely chatty time with a fresh crab for lunch. We went brambling and picked a large box for her freezer.

    We have had a Dalmatian dog meet up at York race course possibly 50/60 dogs, a load spotty’s together a lovely sight, I always put a red neckachief on Charlie so I could see him. A few times.

    Come on get on board again I am with you naughty me too.

    You have been very busy all clean and tidy. Hope the meter arrived and fitted. I really must start and be focussed again.
    I am in Texas three weeks today, I think holiday head on.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Jean x

    Yes I’ll make a comeback, Was good yesterday and not too bad today. Bowls cancelled tomorrow, should have been a cup game but they couldn’t get a team together so we are through to the next round.

    Good Morning,
    Pouring down here at the moment and it is not on the forecast. Still going to the races as it shows York to be fine so it could be anything – pot luck 🙂
    My fast day was just over 900 cals. Not good really. Need to get back into it properly. It’s getting my head and mind properly tuned in. I would be fine if I lived in a Retreat 🙂
    Dave, I bought some Snackajacks! Caramel flavour. They are low calorie if you have one but they are much too tasty. Taste like popcorn so I don’t think I should buy them again.
    Next FD is Friday. My son and family coming for lunch tomorrow. Vegetable lasangna with side salad and cookie and ice cream. Will try to be sensible.
    Regards Bronwyn

    Bronwyn I just have one with a cup of options hot chocolate before I go to bed. That’s 91 calories for both.It stops me having toast.Going bowling today just 4 of us the cup game was cancelled so we’re having a practice on a different green.Next Wednesday is the big day. We have to score 132 points as a team to be promoted to the first division.

    Afternoon All..
    A miserable warm day, a bit of rain about but not forecast.. blowing in the wind for our walk but didn’t really get wet.

    I have lost my credit card, I never use it no idea where it is, I used it for booking my cruise, it will be in the house haven’t a clue, cancelled it and a new one coming.. clever on my phone the new one has already landed!
    It was embarrassing at the solicitors I couldn’t pay.. all finished there now… I have paid over the phone…

    Second FD for me all is good, up three times in the night for the loo so it must have been a good FD yesterday 😂

    Have a good day at the races hope it stays dry for you. I agree with you with snacks jacks, I think I stopped buying them they were too tasty..

    Charlie and I both have some milk at bedtime we don’t count it.. MM said it was ok to have it to make you sleep! 😂🤣

    Have a lovely break and safe journey.. you won’t get this I know you have no wifi….

    Just made a pan of veggies for the boy and having a cuppa..

    Jean x

    Hi FB Brits hope all is well with you Xx

    What a beautiful day .. came back from a 2hr walk and feeling very tired today.. after being over the fields at 6.45 am. yesterday

    After all that they couldnt fit the smart meter it wouldn’t work as the cottage walls are so thick. I never wanted one anyway sort of bullied into it when I had phoned my figures through.

    Just gave Pip a bath so its nice and cool for him. Kristy trying to book us Fri-Mon in Sept in Dorset.. all very booked.. She is going to try Sykes cottages as a friend always uses them . I don’t fancy a hotel with Pip it may be too noisy .. its very quiet here especially at night. I think it will all end up being more stressful for me going than not having a break lol
    I have to give it a try though.

    Gammon steak with pineapple this evening ..will cook two and have one cold tomorrow.

    Just given my neighbour a boiling of runner beans lovely young and tender. Just a knob of butter and black pepper needed.

    Blackberries coming along now .. soon be picking every day while walking.

    Sym… It so annoying when you lose things especially cards etc.. Good that the solicitors are all done and dusted as with legal things you never know what might turn up unexpectedly. Xx

    Hope everyone is enjoying a good day whatever you are doing. Don’t compare yourself to others. Compare yourself to the person from yesterday. Xxxx

    Been playing bowls for 3 hours, shattered now. Just the 4 of us. I said I’ll bring a swear box next time, would soon fill it up with all the knocking of each others bowls out of the way😁. Exercise is his for me knees but dosent feel good at the moment. Will have a cuppa then take Chloe out.

    Going bowling shortly, it’s been raining so the greens should be heavy. Playing in Stockport so don’t know if it’s raining there. Will have a quick cuppa before I go.

    Afternoon All…..
    A lovely walk and play date, a beautiful start to the day.

    Met up with daughter and two grandsons, absolutely a nightmare.. younger grandson has split with his girlfriend, he drove very badly, Jacqui was in a state over his driving, arguing on the way..then he got up after eating he left them so I had to take them both home. About 60 mile round trip!

    I weighed in with 1 lb off, early this week due to cafe meet up.

    Shame they couldn’t fit the meter I do like mine, keep my eye on things. Hoping you sort something out for your few days away.

    What you like too much swearing .. I suppose we do a bit 😂
    Playing boules tomorrow at 1pm

    Jean x

    It’s just banter really I don’t swear very much and have never swore in the house, Denise as never heard me swear.

    Morning everyone, a one pound loss this week making my total loss for August three and a half pounds am pretty sure it’s down to cutting back on the alcohol.
    A busy week involving lunch out at my late mums favourite garden centre Cafe with OH, sister and brother in law to celebrate mum’s birthday but a week late pretty sure she didn’t mind. Blood doning on Wednesday and was able to donate my 83rd pint hopefully I can make a 100 donations🤞 As I was blood doning there was no usual Wednesday lunch and there won’t be a usual Friday night as our friends are away so OH is making a nice low calorie chicken dupiaza as he’s trying to lose a few pounds but I might treat myself to an alcohol free gin and tonic.
    Went to Ely yesterday to see Auntie who continues to improve slowly but yesterday it was very humid which aggravates her breathing a bit. Market was very busy but it seems to be more food and stalls these days ,only one clothes stall a few fruit and veg and plant ones.
    Daughter and son in law off to a wedding tomorrow and as she managed to fracture two of her toes at the end of last week she’s unable to wear some lovely shoes for it and will have to wear her purple flip flops instead. We’re having our Grandog Poppy for them overnight so looking forward to taking her on our daily constitutional walk which will be much more enjoyable I do miss having a dog whilst walking.
    Jean sorry lunch didn’t turn out as you hoped. Well done on the pound off and enjoy boules.
    Enjoy the long weekend everyone- we’re going to be visiting my widowed friend for lunch on the Monday. Let’s hope the weather is nice and sunny.
    Nana x

    Well done Nana your doing great. Weather dosent know what to do at the moment. Dull then sunny. I talk to the men I bowl against and it’s surprising how many have had new knees. They all say they are better for having them.I will have to struggle on at the moment until something happens. Not got weighed for a couple of weeks. Maybe I’ll do it next Friday.

    Nana & Jean- well done losing!
    Dave- I do like the snackajacks but they’re empty calories really…
    Hemmy- we’ve booked with Sykes before, they seem good.
    Bronwyn – enjoy the grandchildren!
    Nana- enjoy having Poppy!
    We had a lovely break away, very relaxing & peaceful! Had a walk to a pub for lunch, unfortunately a rubbish meal…Xena was good with the dog sitter so hopefully we can use her again. Was going to knuckle down now & get back to fasting but eldest is away for a week so it feels like a holiday 😂 not that he’s much trouble, but we can eat different things if I don’t have to cook for him, & we started with a takeaway tonight.
    Have a good weekend!

    Hi FB Brits hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A mixed weather day here today.. sun and showers. A wet walk for us this morning with no coat lol.

    Just been to my local shop A quiet village today. ..

    We have booked our few days a way.. Beer in Dorset.. Going Fri Sept 22nd ..25th now I have been thinking we should be going longer lolol So told myself to shut up and just go and enjoy it. If all ok we can go longer another time. lol

    I haven’t been away for years since Kristy was here 7yrs ago ..went a few days away with Pam.

    Well done Sym and Nana for losing this week. I am back to my goal happy weight.

    HH.. So glad you had a lovely time. away . .. you work so hard .

    Dave.. Once you set your mind to it you lose pounds.

    Have a lovely day everyone whatever you are doing.

    When you are tired take break .. when you begin again see it as a fresh start. Xxxx

    Booked a week in Gran Canaria, so won’t be losing any weight that week. Self catering so won’t be having a cooked breakfast every day. Hopefully that will help. Never been here before. It will be the 4th Canary Island we’ve gone to. Took Chloe out and it was a thunder storm, very loud but no rain. Poor Chloe got splashed by two cars though🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡.Some very inconsiderate drivers about.

    We are down to 8 players for our big game on Wednesday, and 2 of us are crocks🤪🤣. We have a game the day before so will see how we all do.

    Evening All..
    A long walk with Charlie and met up with Penny and Fudge on the way, nice having a good chat.

    Boules this morning and we won, then to cafe..

    Grass cut and small bushes trimmed, some garden furniture and brolly put away, just left one chair and coffee table. A bit of ironing done.

    A quiet day Sunday nothing planned, maybe some office work.

    Lovely to have your break booked a lovely change. Is it with Kirsty’s partner too or just Kirsty on her own?

    Lovely you have booked too, something look forward too.

    A lovely relaxing break away, hoping Xena was happy where she was.

    Hoping your daughter soon feels better.. shame on shoes at the wedding..

    Jean x

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