August 2018- Monthly Challenge – Summer Sun

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August 2018- Monthly Challenge – Summer Sun

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  • Day 1, Guildford UK, WFD 1 of 10

    Cleared out the fridge, froze the last of the goats cheese now my fridge looks like the Gobi dessert.

    @moukinator fabulous way to use myfitnesspal, and to compile the statistics. A lass who loves numbers, welcome aboard.

    @redrockgirl302 I just know you will have an amazing month.

    @daffodil2010 you hit your July goal! Whoops, despite everything. August is going to be Sunny. You will get there again.

    @cornish-jane tortoises always get there, I love the idea of a club for tortoises. Sometimes the lettuce leaf is a great motivator. Love having you here, persistence is so needed on this WOL.

    @rara0292, you are starting August with a bang! In my first month I lost 7 lbs. About 3 kilos an amazing weight loss for a month.

    @marvelioness you have set a very high goal of 4 kilos and have a wonderful motivation to get to goal, a baby. How great that would be. A WFD is a challenge too but I also start with it. To ease myself in I found that 24 hr WFD worked very well from 7 pm one day to 7 pm the next, so I could eat each day! Once before 7 pm and then after 7 pm. A true WFD runs from say 7 pm one evening through to the day after being 36 hrs or longer, but the 24 hr trick worked for me. I Will be cheering you all the way as I know the posters here will be too. Welcome.

    @lilymartin brand new month brand new challenge. Welcome on board.


    Today’s sunshine, I meditated for 5 minutes on Mr Sun


    Day 1 2nd post

    @Debster2010, thank you for the support and great friendship you have shown me, 63 is a baby you know with a further 40 years to go great health is so important. Exam results are late August, so still some time to go. I passed them all so far so this will give me my first year and first stage of Cilex. August is going to be your month, I just know it. The sun is shining and there will be peace this month.

    @ktcaroline 4Kg is a challenging goal, am cheering you on.


    @debster251, the autocorrect changed you to @2010, and can’t change it. Thought there was a window, apologies.

    How I did my votive today, selected the sun image that appealed most to me, Mr Sun and sat with the picture on my tablet which will stay there until tomorrow when I will choose a new one to meditate on. I light my votive candle and concentrate on all of the posters here, thinking that the best outcome should arise for each. I send rainbow strength from my tummy and say that the recipient can choose to receive some strength and healing. Then I think about my day in a positive way and tune out. When my mind wanders I concentrate back on the picture. Then I blow out my votive. This months votive candle is a delightful sunrise colour.


    Day 1 UK CD

    Welcome old friends and new to the August Challenge. Thank you @rainbowsmile for hosting, I’m looking forward to sharing your sunny moments.

    July began with an emergency early morning hospital admission bc pneumonia and pleurisy, and has been all about getting better,breathing and surviving the heatwave. Still a way to go with recovery, I’m very low in energy and on a learning curve. I lost 7lbs in 4 days and have put some back on along with a carbtastic tum, mostly through eating uncharacteristic carbs at strange times.

    Quick introduction – I’m 54 and put on weight with the combination of health issues, stopping smoking and menopause. Last year I realised my weight was creeping up every month, and felt as tho there was a fat suit growing between me and the world – and between me and Me. I started this WOL Dec 2017 weighing 81kg/178lb; by 30 June 2018 I weighed 68kg/150lb and my fat suit had shrunk by 6″/15cm.

    I eat low carb, gluten free vegetarian food, usually following 16:8. I practice adapted yoga and meditation which between them keep me calmer than I’ve ever known. I also learned about magnesium oil in a challenge a few months ago and since using it each night I’m sleeping better than I have in 20 years, have reduced pain and almost lost chronic low level anxiety.

    My goal for August is to get healthier and restore myself to a good place, get back in the swing of 5:2 and set up a good daily routine. I plan to have a good break from project routines and focus on reading, writing, meditation and gentle home things. I don’t want the busy autumn months to overwhelm me, so I’ll be doing gentle preparation to enable Future Me to feel centred, energised and healthy.

    Looking forward to journeying together. Wherever we are now, it’s never too late to try a new direction.

    Day 1, London UK, FD

    Second FD of the week (first being Monday). I’ll be so happy when tomorrow morning comes and I have completed two proper weeks on the 5:2. I’ve found already that my appetite for rubbish food is disappearing and the sheer gluttony that has crept into my life this past year is already noticeably subsiding on my NFDs.

    My SIL has just invited me to the cinema tonight, I instantly panicked thinking I’d have to switch my FD to tomorrow but I’m in the mindset ready for it now…. so I think I’m just going to save most of my cals for a small portion of salted popcorn this evening (unless I get too hungry at lunch time, of course).

    Have a good day, all!

    @michelinme – blimey, I hope you’re feeling a lot better now. Your July sounds like it was very full on. I’d love to hear more about Magnesium oil… I have a long-term condition that gives chronic pain (musculoskeletal). I often take salt baths with the hope of the Magnesium helping, which is does, but would love to try the oil too.

    Good luck and best wishes for August!

    Day 1 – India – FD

    Thank you @rainbowsmile for hosting the August Challange.

    I started with the 4:3 WOL on the 6th of March 2017… I was at my heaviest and weighed 75.3kgs. I was falling sick more often and was finding it difficult to recover as well. The endless course of medicines added to my misery. It was a vicious cycle I couldn’t break. I didn’t have the energy to do anything and I was forever exhausted.

    At the start of this year, I weighed around 65kgs. I then switched to 16:8 to just maintain my weight for a while. As of today, I weigh 63.7kgs (though I went down to 62.9 in July). Back on the 4:3 WOL from today want to get back to reducing my weight. My goal weight is 55kgs.

    Finding it a little difficult to fast today, since I am so used to eating every single day. I will not give up.
    7 hours to bedtime 🙂

    Day 1, Newcastle UK, FD

    Repeating my opening post for July as it worked for me 🙂

    There really is something lovely about the first day of a new month. And it’s totally up to me how I will feel on the last day. So here goes.

    Bit of background. I’m a 58 year old female, 5ft 5 inches and currently weigh 140.6lbs. Having joined the challenges in February 2017 I momentarily reached my ideal weight of 133lbs in May 2017, then bobbed up and down but generally under the 140lb until June 2018 when I completely lost my motivation and piled on the lbs. However, a great July after ditching wine for the final time, saw me despatching 3.8lbs. In the last week I’ve returned to the LCHF diet which worked well for me in the past. Who knew eating peanut butter from a teaspoon and putting butter in coffee could be so satiating and enjoyable.

    I’m going to stick with the basic 5:2 model with FDs on Mondays & Wednesdays. I keep a mental note of calories and tend to end up around 800 cals. So my goal this month – before leaving for vacation in France on August 30th, is to despatch another 3lb.

    Welcome to all the newbies and hello to all the veterans of this forum.

    Let’s start how we mean to go on!

    Day 1 NSW Australia NFD
    (9.15pm Wednesday)

    Hi everyone and warm welcome to all the newbies! Many new names for this month, so good to see!

    I’m a young 66, married to a delightful OH – we share 3 grown up children and 3 grandchildren. We live on the east coast of Australia in a rural country town. I work one day/week in a medical centre.
    I started this WOL on 1 October 2017 at 82.5kg. I’m 159cm and currently weigh 75.1kg – ultimate goal 65kg, then maybe lower 😉. My weight has an approximate 1kg range that varies each day ie from 75.1 down to 74.1, depending on the carbs consumed and water retained! I find a slow and steady pace suits me just fine – the slower I take it off, the more likely I’ll keep it off, so I’m a member of Club Tortoise!
    I’ve usually given up other ‘diets’ after about 3 months because I don’t like counting calories or restricting food on a daily basis. This way of life suits me just fine – it’s so flexible and easy to follow; and the advice, support and encouragement on this forum is outstanding!

    I had a tough personal time in July, for many reasons, and look forward to getting back on track this month! I haven’t posted for days!

    I look forward to sharing our experiences in August and wish each of you every success in your endeavours!

    Enjoy whatever you are getting up to and bye for now!

    Thanks for hosting August challenge. I am in.

    Hello all day 1 from NI FD

    3rd fast day of the week and so far so good. As @strawberriesandcream said there is something refreshing about day 1 of a new month and new challenge. Its a time to let go of what has gone before, strengthen our new resolves and build on achievements and goals. Like a rain shower washing everything clean.

    @rainbowsmile I will make a commitment and join you on day 6 (Monday) of your water fasts with maybe a liquid only fast one of my other days when I will have some bone broth.

    When you feel like quitting – think about why you started!

    Day 1 North Canton OH FD
    Reading all these posts put a smile on my face. I love Day 1, it always feels like anything is achievable.

    Well here’s my story. I am 43yrs old, 5″ 9″ and my current weight is 164 pounds, 29% body fat. I started this WOL last year; I had been skinny most of my life but after my babies I gained some weight and discovered the diet world. I have tried every single diet out there and I was usually successful at reaching goal. However, something happened when I turned 40, my usual tricks were not working anymore and I was beginning to get desperate. Then I stumbled on the fast diet through an online search and the rest, as they say, is history.

    I lost 35 pounds last year and dropped to a low of 153 pounds. My success went to my head and I got in this mindset of – I can eat anything I like, because I can lose it again. After a few cycles of binging on unhealthy foods and alcohol then fasting, I decided I was done. Now my goal is to lose the weight sensibly and in a sustainable fashion.

    I want to lose 10 pounds total and drop to 25% body fat. I am not setting time goals for myself, I will see how far I get this month. and I will post my stats on here once a week for accountability, that will be a first for me. I plan to exercise 5 days a week, complete my 30 day full body workout challenge without missing a day, follow a LCHF diet with a couple glasses of red wine on Saturday, and generally enjoy the journey 🙂

    @strawberriesandcream I hope you don’t mind me saying this but your ex was a total idiot! you come across as so fun loving and full of light, how anyone would not appreciate that amazes me. Thank you for the music, I am considering joining you in a water fast. But I need to prep for it.

    Day 1 Wales NFD

    I love a day 1! Thanks @rainbowsmile for hosting August, great sunny theme for the month. Hello old friends, this feels like it is going to be a wonderful month. Welcome to those of you joining your first challenge – you’ve made a brilliant decision to be here.

    A little about me: I began 5:2 late June 2017 and have joined monthly challenges since July 2017, the support and act of daily logging in keeps me mindful of what passes my lips and has kept me strong even through difficult and stressful times over the past year. My starting weight was 159 pounds, I have slowly but surely lost 30 pounds and I am now learning maintenance to make sure those pounds never find me again. I fast on Mondays and Thursdays allowing up to 800 calories. I eat a Mediterranean style diet every day, no refined carbs or sugars, and give my gut a 14 hour rest between dinner and breakfast every day. I only count calories on FDs. I am enjoying food and I weigh the lowest I ever have as an adult….and I’m 59!

    I’ve given myself a maintenance weight range to allow for life’s fluctuations and my personal challenge for August is to stay at the bottom end of this range to ensure I have wriggle room for my wedding feasting which will be on (and around!!!) 23 August.

    This is just one day at a time, we can do anything for just one day and together we are stronger!

    Day 1 Stevensville Maryland USA CNFD

    Quick summary, I am a 61 year old who started the WOL in Mid-Jan 2018 and have now lost 22lbs. My BMI was 28 and is now 23.4 as of today. I am struggling with the imfamous 2lb fluctuation right now. Seems like every other day up 2 then down 2. Should I care??

    @rainbowsmile thank you again for hosting this month. Would you please un-highlight me on the spreadsheet as I don’t think I am ready for maintenance just yet. Need a good whoosh first. Really hope you can make the retreat in October.

    Take time to do the things that makes your soul happy. Have a great Wednesday everyone.

    Day 1, London, UK, FD (1st of B2B)

    @rainbowsmile, thanks for hosting this month, you’re a star to take this rabble on!!!!!

    Hi Oldies & welcome newbies ……………….. BEST……………… DECISION …………………..EVER!!!!

    Well it feels fabulous to be back in the bosom of friends ………………………… too much, too soon???????

    Ok then, let’s just say I’m glad the holiday is over!!! There was wine (shout out to @strawberriesandcream) there was even beer, shout out to @metatauta & @mjrbcd44 (not IPA though) because even red wine couldn’t cut it in the 38+ degree heat of Cyprus!!!! Although I did try once or twice!!!!
    I’m proud to be an honorary member of Club Tor-twah as established by @metatauta way back when!!! I’ve eradicated 38lbs since starting this WOL in Nov ’16 ………………………. Definitely Club Tor-twah!!!! But that’s ok, since the skin isn’t sagging as much as it would have, had I been in Club Gazelle!!!!!

    Things I’ve learnt along the way –
    • Alcohol can derail your efforts as quickly as blinking…………… NO joke, my best months have been the dry months hence ……………………………. Abstinence-August any takers??? Arid April saw a 7lb loss for me – now I have your attention!!!!!! I’m hoping Abstinence-August proves just as successful!!!!
    • Water is your ONLY friend – that hunger dragon just need drowning when he roars, glug down a bottle of water to douse his fire and you’ll be good ………………….…simples!!!!
    • Nobody said it would be easy, but this WOL is truly the easiest system I’ve EVER used for weight loss and it comes with a bonus of improved health ………………………….. Win-Win, I say!!!!!
    • Checking in to keep accountability is a must for me, I’m the queen of procrastination and my friends here keep me honest!!!! I could lie and say I had completed a FD when I hadn’t, because nobody would see me eating the entire loaf of bread, pack of biscuits or chocolate cake!!!! But I don’t because there really wouldn’t be any point and the anonymity this forum offers makes honesty easy especially as there’s NO judgement …………………………. Just lots of hugs and encouragement!!!!!!!

    This month’s aims,
    • Continue with the increased exercise, 30 Day shred round II starts today. I lost 4 inches doing this during June!!!!
    • Get below the 11st mark, so -3lbs minimum, this should be doable.
    • Up my water intake, this too is doable, after all, I’ll need to replace the wine with something!!!!!
    • Get back to OMAD (one meal a day) Bed & Breakfast holidays make for bad habits!!!!!

    Stay strong everyone, I hope some MIA oldies will at least pop in to say hi, to name but a few ……………………. @bert1802, @mjrbcd44, @stevetoontaxidriver, @bigviking????????????????

    Day 1 (yee-ha!), NFD, US

    Hello to both new and old friends. Great to be back for another month and thank you for hosting @rainbowsmile. I love your summer sunshine theme.

    I’m also going to join those on a ‘back to basics’ ride. I’ve been doing 5:2 for about a year now, and initially dropped around 8-10 kilos. But I’ve been stuck for most of this year. I won’t say I’m on a plateau, as such, because that might imply I’ve been doing 5:2 correctly but the weight loss is not happening. What’s REALLY happening (and if I can’t be honest with you gentle posters, who can I be honest with??) is I do great LFDs on Mondays and Thursdays, and then go horrendously binge-worthy-over TDEE Fri – Sun inclusive (EFS doesn’t fully capture it – that’s Epic Face Stuffing for the newbies). I do like my red wine and martinis and do not want to give that up, as my failed attempt at Dry July demonstrates. (Hats off to @flourbaby, and @strawberriesandcream in particular, in this regard.) Balance and moderation is required this month!

    I also recognise that I don’t post on the weekends as if I am somehow ashamed to get on then at a time when I most need the accountability. So call me out if you don’t see me post on Saturdays and Sundays!

    Goal this month: to see the scales return a digit starting with “7”. Realistically, if I can get to 81kg (2kg drop) I’ll be happy. And this will only happen if I am mindful on the weekend.

    Looking forward to continuing the journey with you all.

    Day 1 – UK – NFD

    @rainbowsmile – Thank you for that warm welcome to the August Challenge 🤗

    Started my day with a great strength Yoga class followed by a light lunch of sourdough toast, avocado and poached eggs to break my B2B FDs ending the July Challenge. A lazy afternoon planned then out tonight with 10 of my fellow walkers for an early evening meal followed by the film Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again – no doubt some will be singing along………

    So nice to see so many “old” friends and a lovely warm welcome to those new to this challenge @rara0292 @gretta @mervelioness @hamze @yondi (you were with us briefly in Feb – welcome back!) @babs_b (lovely to have you back I remember your name from the June Challenge briefly)

    @ciren2 – Lovely to have you back with us after your short break since April
    @cornish-jane – You will get there – just hold on tight to us and we will support you on your journey to dispatch those final 10kg x
    @lilymartin – count yourself firmly pulled back on that @bert1802 wagon – we have got you x
    @jisika – glad you have rejoined us for the August challenge
    @bert1802 – where are you my old friend?? hopefully lurking in the background – we miss you and your humour – hope the role in your organisation is going well

    I’d like to share my story and hopefully inspire those of you new to this WOL – it WORKS!!!
    I am a 60 y.o. female, married, with a grown up daughter.
    Height = 163cm/5ft 4in and I have been following this WOL since January 2016 and reached my target in December 2016 and have been in maintenance 53-55kg since then – current weight = 53.4kg/117.7lbs with a BMI of 20.2

    Health improvement markers since starting this WOL:-
    1. Total weight loss = 22kg/3st 7lbs and full of energy
    2. Mental health changes = sleeping well, waking up feeling good in myself and happy with my life☺
    3. My Asthma is controlled to the extent that I no longer use any inhalers either treatment or preventative!
    4. My blood cholesterol has improved and currently is just above normal range

    I still do 2 x FDs each week for the long term health benefits. I follow mainly a Mediterranean style diet with a 16:8 eating pattern daily – no breakfast ever as I never feel hungry on waking; I like to save my calories for when I actually feel hungry so usually break my fast late morning or early afternoon depending on social circumstance or when I feel hungry! This also allows me to indulge a bit on my NFD and enjoy some 🍰🍷🥂 without putting weight back on…………

    I don’t see 5:2 as a DIET, for me it is a permanent WOL – I have lost the weight, improved my health markers, have lots of energy and I am now entering my 20th month of maintenance💃

    Best advice I can give to anyone new is to:-
    *Stick to the basic plan for the first couple of months – it WORKS!!
    *On NFD eat to the TDEE for the weight you WANT TO BE AND NOT YOUR CURRENT WEIGHT and you will lose weight faster!!!
    *DON’T OVERESTIMATE your exercise level!!!!
    *DON’T add the calories lost due to exercise into your calorie allowance for the day and you will lose weight faster!!!
    *Try to drink at least 2L of water daily

    If I could do then anyone can – The following quote is my personal mantra for this WOL and whenever I stray I remind myself of where I used to be!!
    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    USA Day 1 FD

    Starting the new month with a FD seems to be the appropriate way to go! AlthoughI won’t be around much in August, I will do my best to follow the posts and respond! I wish everyone the best in our new month!

    Oops sorry @strawberriesandcream for some reason I mixed your handle up with @rainbowsmile when I called her ex a total idiot. So sorry!!!!

    Day 1, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Hello new and old friends and hello August! 🌞

    Thanks for the warm welcome @rainbowsmile! 😊

    I started this WOL in February 2017
    @142 pounds, eradicated 20 pounds and am in maintainance for a year.
    Weight range: 120-124 pounds.

    Height: 5’4″
    Start weight August: 122 pounds
    BMI: 21

    Going on mini vacation back to our cabin today until Sunday. Days 1-5 will be NFDs. Looking forward to hiking, good food and having fun with DH and our furry baby! 😊🐕😍

    Have a great beginning of this new month everyone! This is NOT a diet but a WOL!!! And it WORKS!!! 😊🐞😊🦋😊

    Day 1: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD
    Hoping to make a fresh start. I was so successful in 2016 starting with @coda‘s 42-day challenge in the May. All went well and I lost 28 pounds (yes, ALL my excess weight!)
    Now after more than a year off the wagon I’m struggling to get back on. Once again I have about 28 pounds to lose….
    I’m nearly 65 and work with Royal Mail as a postwoman.

    Day 1, Gozo, Malta, cd

    Today I weighed at 68 kilos again. Up by 0.6 kilos from yesterday.

    Today my second daughter and I took her eldest girlto a routine visit to a specialist in Malta and then together with her other daughter we went to Explora a science permanent exhibition. We just arrived in Gozo an hour ago.

    I ate out with my daughter and granddaughters today.

    Tomorrow I’m eating out with two of my sister in laws in the evening. So I’ll just have another cd.

    Thanks rainbowsmile for hosting this month.

    Onwards and downwards, have a great evening everyone.

    3rd Post

    I think we will have an amazing month. I took today off work as it’s the first day of my WFD. And on this day because I am burning reserve carbs then there is a lot of water loss. Glycogen holds water. I shall be going to the gym for a cardio workout. Discovered my blood glucose monitor was misrecording so I bought a new posh, techno (@shinything be proud of me it links to spreadsheets) and it also measures ketones. Spent the afternoon setting it up, downloading software etc………

    Anyway the loo is my friend today.

    Blood sugars are 4.2 ketones zero.

    I am curious @michelinme can you tell me more about adapted yoga and how that works, my Google search was only slightly helpful. I am a fan of Magnesium Oil too.

    @babs_b a film? Do let us know which one and whether it is worth seeing? Enjoy the popcorn.

    @jisika welcome to the August challenge. I was concerned because what you describe as fasting is really WFD. Fasting does mean eating every day but in a specified window such as 16:8. That means eating all the calories in a day within an 8 hour window. There are many ways of enjoying the IF WOL, almost as many as there are posters. Several here have mentioned in August going back to basics. I will repost the link about the WOL for you, there definitely is a basic which allows you to eat every day, in fact many of them. The lovely posters here will help you to find your way. Please read the post on the basics as thus WOL is easy when you find the method that works for you.

    @strawberriesandcream, one of the back to basics August crew. It’s always great to reboot! My lovely lady welcome to sunshine.

    @Arkelade since finding out about club tortoise whilst I am not a founder member then I think when I will need a badge after hitting goal 1. Welcome about the August train.

    @hamze welcome, please tell us more about you, a little about your goals for this month.

    @coda I am thrilled to have you join me in a WFD.

    @basyjames wonderful post. Hop on board August.

    @missybear, Aug 23 has approached so quickly! Look forward to helping you celebrate and the joy of the wedding will be one of the highlights of this month for me.

    @diana123 I managed the unhighlighting, but hope to rehighlight for you soon.

    @flourbaby I missed you when you were on holiday and your strong determined posts. Welcome.

    @penz I didn’t include EFS in my abbreviations, but I love love love it. It’s a standard. Hop on board the August train.

    @at as always I really enjoy your thoughts and ideas, so thrilled to see you in August.

    @anna6, my body twin, let’s both be successful in August. It’s great to know you are here on the August thread.


    So today is my first WFD ever!!! Was just wondering how much water one normally would drink on this day?!?! I’m a huge water drinker anyway but just curious.

    Just a reminder for the Newcombers and back to basics posters

    @simcoeluv started this very helpful thread. Its good to get back to reading it. I just took my own headbutt and reread it.


    @rara0292 some WFD I drink a lot of water, on the very first WFD day then your body will release water as it burns your stored carbs.

    I roughly have 5 to 6 pints of water on a water fast each day, more the longer the fast goes on. I drink ordinary tap water mainly but some days I like the fizzy water and I make my own using a soda stream. Because artificial sweeteners spike my blood sugars (hence insulin) then I don’t add anything to the water that has any calories or could spike. The name of the game is to reduce insulin and switch over to burning fat. But reducing insulin stops new fat from being created.

    There is one excellent thing on a WFD, the body also starts to repair itself and my sleep is excellent.

    From day 3 I add a little Himalayan salt.

    Well done for your first WFD, very brave of you. Do let me know how you coped. I am enjoying adding you to the pocket list!

    Pocket list day 1

    @rainbowsmile 1 of 10


    Day 1, Finland, FD

    Hi everyone! Thanks @rainbowsmile for hosting August. I am returning after having a break in August. I didn§t think about what I was eating at all, and surprisingly havent gained anything!

    My story quickly…An Australian expat living in Helsinki Finland for 14 years. Lifetime yoyo dieter who wants to get of that cycle while helping prevent future disease processes. I started this WOL at the start of this year, but have really only done it half heartedly…not making changes to my NFD and not really doing exercise. I am very lazy and love my sofa.

    I am committed to change…it is not enough to just be in this forum and read everyones posts…that wont get my weight off. I have signed up for a new hobby, floorball, once a week, and am joining some work friends in attending our work gym. Also planning a change in diet. I am about to start my summer holidays, the rest of the family goes back to school and work, so am using this time to kick start the process.

    I cant commit to posting everyday, but I will read the posts as they come in on my phone. Once a week i will check in. Goal for this month is 3kg off and to get back in to the groove.
    Starting weight Jan 18: 99kg
    Current weight aug 18: 96kg
    Long term goal : 75kg.

    Look forward to catching up on everyones posts later…for now off to night shift!

    May the scales always be in your favour!

    Day 1 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Bit late posting today on day 1 but delighted to be here. It’s feeling brisk and breezy and full of sunshine on this thread already. I do love a good Day 1……and its started super well for me seeing 8 stone 12.5 on the scales this morning. Woo hoo.

    My July challengers will know about my current work challenge so I won’t go into that now. But as a little bit about me….I am 52, female, slim and petite (oh how I love to be able to say that now), strawberry blonde, married to the biggest, strongest, most supportive DH (Dear Husband), I could ever wish for. I don’t have children of my own, it was not Gods plan ☹️, but I have 4 fantastic adult step kids and the cutest 2 year old step granddaughter. My heart melts when she calls me “Nana” ☺️ . I spent my career working at a quite high level in a huge multinational, but I took voluntary redundancy in 2015, went back to college to study Horticulture, and am working now in what I initially thought was my dream job…but recent issues have me seriously reconsidering that.

    I joined 5:2 in July 2017 and have since lost 41lbs, 18.5 kilos, that’s almost 3 stone. This WOL and this wonderful forum works.

    I have less than 5lbs to get to ultimate ultimate goal and I feel confident that August will be the month. I have never felt healthier (apart from the recent work issues throwing a wobbler) and this WOL and daily accountability is the winner.

    Onwards we go together for the August sunshine train.

    Day 1 – FD – Ireland

    Epic fail on day 1 but will get better!
    Thank you @rainbowsmile for hosting this month.

    @rainbowsmile I am in Texas so I still have several hours to go but so far so good. Thanks so much for the info. Will report tomorrow. Better sleep would be amazing!!

    Day 1 – Altanta,GA – FD

    I’m back to 5:2 after 2 long months being out of country, its so good to get back on track.

    Surprisingly i have not gained any weight and i’m at where i was in May though i was reducing my portion sizes and eating only when hungry.

    Thank You@Rainbowsmile for hosting the August monthly challenge

    @moukinator I somehow missed your post and omitted your welcome.

    @kerryn73 3kg to go in August? Will be cheering you on.

    @daffodil2010 last month not so cheery for you but this month will be great. I look forward to hearing you smile and have some sunshine. Lovely to have you here.

    @basyjames, I am really flattered to be mixed up with @strawberriesandcream. My words for my ex are somewhat bluer than yours! And definitely not for public consumption. (Mutters under breath somewhat….)

    It’s 7 pm and the end of the first day of WFD. Onwards to day 2.

    Final sunshine for the day

    Today is the sunshine after the rain (dedicated to all those who can leave their troubles behind)


    Day 1, UK, NFD

    Hello everyone, old and new friends 😀
    It feels good to be in a new month, I can sense better things coming in August 🙂

    A bit about myself to start with: I am 51 yrs old female, 5.3ft 54kg right now. I went down to 52.5 at the end of June, but July turned out to be a not so good month for me. I was 57kg when I started 5:2 in January, so I am definitely a member of our Club Tortoise 🐢 , and a proud one 😎. I believe that the slower I lose weight the more likely is that my body gets used to the “new” weight and accept it as normal.
    My overall goal is 50kg, which was my long time weight before I got sick in 2016 and due to the sickness, which restricted my exercise as well, I put on over a stone.
    I would feel like my old self if I reach the weight I was before. 🙂

    Lets do this together 🤗

    Rainbowsmile yes let’s both be successful this month. I know you’ll be. Please hold my hand. Thanks for the encouragement and for adding me to your list. Together we’re stronger!

    Day 1 Calgary, Canada – NFD

    Welcome to August! Changes to life, looking to the future. Trying to remember that these ruts that I have been in are not permanent.

    August start weigh: 175 lbs / 80 kgs
    Goal weight: 165 lbs / 75 kgs

    Here is to a month (life) worth enjoying.

    Day 1 – NC, USA – NFD

    Thank you for hosting the August Challenge @rainbowsmile – I am looking forward to making a little progress. I only lose about .25lbs per week but Even if it’s slow, it’s happening :). I started at 147 in March and am now at 129 (between 127 and 130) Hoping to eventually get to 120-125. Thankfully my DH does this with me so we keep eachother motivated. I do 2 FD and he does 3. He started at 207 and is down to 183. So proud of him. For some reason neither of us can eat anything during our fasts. It makes us way hungrier so we do water fasts only.

    This month I’d like to try to be more disciplined with both my eating and my exercising.

    Welcome to all the newbies and good to see everyone else on the board. Even though I don’t post as regularly as I wish, your insights, stories and news keep me going.

    Let’s make it a great month!

    Day 1 London UK FD

    Second post

    Hope everyone has had a good first day of the month. I had a great day in terms of the fast (life was just a bit too hectic) and managed a four mile walk in my lunch hour. Hoping to make it a daily habit on the three days I work.

    By this evening I was hungry and really looking forward to my salad but but little one just would not settle. Took him two hours to finally nod off and was crying on and off for much of that time. Not sure what’s going on there as I can’t blame the heat at the moment, it’s a lovely night. So I have only just manage to eat at almost 9:30pm.

    Last day of b2b2b with @coda. Hope yours went well! Calories came in at 454. During the day I had a couple of earl grey teas with unsweetened almond milk, then tonight I’ve just had a salad of bulgar and chickpea with half a can of tuna tossed with finely sliced mint, chives, coriander, chilli, tomato, red onion and radish. Delicious! I also had a flat peach and a few walnuts and raisins. Thoroughly satisfied and ready for bed. Haven’t had a chance to catch up on posts. Lovely to see so many and will devour them tomorrow!

    Good night everyone, congrats on making through day 1, bring on the next 30!

    Day 1 UK NFD

    Thank you @rainbowsmile for hosting August please count me in!

    Back from my mini hols and feeling all positive and bouncy and ready to kick butt in August.

    I got my body pump workout done, a run and I did day one of another round of 30 day shred. My plan for the month is to at least do 30 day shred and get my 10,000 steps every day. Feeling pretty chuffed with myself for doing 16,000 steps today. 😁

    My big challenge for the month will be to stop being naughty and over indulging on my NFDs.

    First fast day of the month for moi tomorrow.

    Sending everyone positive vibes.

    Day 1 Florida.

    NFD today. A quite day. Had a great workout yesterday and will do it again tomorrow.
    Was able to walked outside yesterday due to clouds which brought the temp down for a while.
    Off to a great month. Will be a challenge this month as we will be going to Cuba. Will try to keep my portions in mind but not promising. 😀
    Have a great evening.

    Day 1 – Eastern WA USA- NFD

    @rainbowsmile – thank you for a sunny start to the August challenge. I’ve been enjoying some of the music.

    A little about me:
    – just retired teacher
    – began 5:2 journey in fall 2016, lost 35 lbs I the first 2 or 3 months but have been bouncing
    – just moved across state & haven’t unpacked the scale yet
    – would still love to lose at least 50 lbs further. I’ll see where I am for August when I locate the scale.

    I so appreciate this group, so I will keep on keeping on. There’s so much encouragement in this place!

    Day 1 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Welcome to the Newbies who are here, and great to see all the the “old-timers.” I am one of the latter having started 5:2 in March, 2016, then joined @coda in May. Been with all the challenges since then. Started maintenance in earnest in January 2017 having lost 35 pounds, down to 160, where I have stayed, +/- 3# makes me happy. I’m 70 years young, and I feel any skinnier would show off too many wrinkles! Ha ha.

    #rainbowsmile – I appreciate your taking on the responsibility to be there for us!

    I do my best to post each day, just like I weigh each day. Keeps me accountable.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 2 country West Australia FD ( hopefully!!)
    It is really cold here at present – below 0 and snow on the Stirling Ranges which is very very rare.
    We don’t usually have snow in our part of the country – ever!!
    Where to start ….. Turned 60, have never been a ‘ dieter’ but saw a photo of myself in October 2016 and was appalled at how big I had become.
    I began 5:2 in November 2016 and adhered to it fairly strictly with 2 good FDs ( under 500 calories) a week and keeping to or under TDEE on other days.
    Started at 77 kgs, lost 6 kgs fairly quickly then hit a plateau for so long that I felt like I had taken up permanent residence there!!
    Spent the next year doing 5:2 but more half heartedly.
    This year has been NOT 5:2 though I have made a few attempts…..
    I have watched the scales climb steadily upwards since January 2018 and July 31st this year saw me at my heaviest at 82.1 kgs!!!!!
    I can’t blame the WOL because I wasn’t actually following it.
    For the past months I have been cooking up a storm and eating a LOT more than I usually do.
    The carb dragon and sweet dragon have been well and truly unleashed and they have brought all their mates with them, with the effect that I have put on an alarming amount of weight.

    Due to life events I have not been getting enough sleep and the leptin and ghrelin hormones are so out of whack.
    I have not done much exercise and am back to sitting most of the day.
    I haven’t drunk much water and eaten about 3 x my TDEE daily so it is unsurprising that I am seriously overweight.
    However as of yesterday I am back to basics as many others are.
    Posting daily, fluids only and ONLY to 500 calories on FDs AND watching that I keep to my TDEE on other days.
    When I began this WOL I found that it was the NFDs which did the damage.
    So welcome to my ‘ old’ friends and my inspiration, and welcome to the ‘ newbies’ – trust me, if you stick with this WOL it DOES work but you do need to do it sensibly.
    Only goal this month is to get back into the habit of 5:2.
    Feeling sunnier already despite the cold!😁

    Day 1 – Michigan,USA – FD

    Hi everyone! I’m new to the forums. I officially began my weight loss journey when I turned 18 about 2 months ago. I’ve been overweight my whole life, and thought it was time for a change! Since then, I’ve lost 20 pounds.

    I’m currently about 5’5 and weigh 158-159 pounds. I found IF through YouTube a month ago and started with 18:6. The pounds started to melt off. I’ll be new to 4:3 and I’d really like to lose 5-10 pounds this month! I’m so close to a healthy BMI so I’m really excited.

    My overall goal is to reach 120 pounds. However, my first goal is 130 by 2019. May be a bit of a stretch, but I hopefully I keep up with my diet plan!

    Day 2 – Mumbai, India – NFD

    An awesome FD yesterday, logged in around 311cals :-).

    The plan for today is simple no over-eating, no junk, NO SWEETS.

    “Sometimes deciding who you are is deciding who you’ll never be again”

    Day 2 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    I just realised I have aged myself on my first post 😆 I am actually 51, not 52 years of age 😆
    Started August with an NFD, so caught up on my Gardeners World with red wine last night. I don’t usually drink during the week, Dry till Fri etc, but I had a need to take care of me.

    Today is my first FD of August. I start my yoga classes this evening, my first time doing yoga so quite excited. Plan just to eat around lunchtime then nothing more until maybe bedtime. Don’t want a full tummy at yoga 😨

    I got a doctors sick certificate for stress yesterday and am off work until at least 8th August. I have a feeling that my boss will remain albeit perhaps with a disciplinary warning against him (I have not heard anything back from HR), and I am 99% sure that I will leave this job either way. I have asked the universe for a “sign” to lead me on the right path, but the feeling in my guts tell me not to go back.
    So big decisions to be made.

    Day 2 London UK NFD

    Not much movement in weight after yesterday’s FD : 50.5kg down to 50.4kg. Happy with that as I suspect the last half kilo will be slow to go and to be honest this is a weight I’m delighted with as I haven’t seen it in three years.

    Glad my working week is done and am looking forward to a couple of days with my boy. Today I plan to take him to the Victoria and Albert museum, as much for me as for him! They have an “Italianate courtyard is home to a beautiful lake fringed with water jets. The oval-shaped central water feature is surrounded by shallow steps which are perfect for little feet, and fragrant lemon trees fringe the garden lending an extra sensory dimension to the elegant space.” sounds like a little oasis. Reality could very well be chaotic, packed with tourists and children on school holidays but worth a try. We are promised another rise in temp in London.

    Looking forward to my NFD today and planning to making healthy choices…and a glass or two of rose this evening!

    @daffodil2010 I’m sorry to hear that HR haven’t updated you. Worth a follow up email? Have you had any advice? Not sure if Ireland is covered by Acas but you may have a similar organisation over there. They offer free advice and are very good.

    It would be such a shame to leave a job you love. However, ultimately I believe going with ones gut instinct usually leads to the right decision. Do what you feel is best for you and your health and happiness. I know it’s a cliche but life really is too short. Thinking of you xx

    Day 2 – UK – Reading – NFD

    Less than a brilliant start to the month for me. It was supposed to be a FD, but OH wasn’t feeling well so wanted a “proper” dinner – with wine. Oh, well, back to it today. I realised I haven’t said much about myself, perhaps because there’s not much to say. I’ve generally been pretty slim all my life, with periods of piling on the pounds. I’ve got about another 7kg to go before my ideal weight, but I’d be happy to settle for half of that. I love yoga and walking, and of course good food and wine. Obviously …. Onwards and downwards folks.

    Day2 Belfast NFD

    @rainbowsmile – I liked your analogy with the Gobi desert!
    @Strawberriesandcream your peanut butter diet regime sounds interesting. Do your just cut carbs and eat lots of veggies or do you make carb bread etc? That’s an area I need to look at.
    Diana123 – weight fluctuation is normal with water retention, food in transit etc. I think the best indicator of progress is how your clothes feel. What great progress you’ve made!
    Good to see you back with a bang @ Flourbaby!
    @penz – from one weekend sabotager to another… If it weren’t for weekends I would be half my weight!
    @ciren2 good to see you back
    @emma 1202 it’s great that your OH is along side you. Slow and steady wins the prize!
    @lilymartin – great to see you back!
    @cosmokid what a great start you’ve made! This WOL really works!
    @jisika – great quote!
    @daffodil2010 – I hope your stress is subsiding. I’m sad for you having to make that decision. I know you love your job, but I too am a firm believer in gut feelings. Whatever you decide will be the right choice; enjoy your yoga, it’s so good for you.
    @beedoo – haven’t been to the V & A for years. It’s a wonderful place to share with your little one.

    Off to take pup to the woods. Have a good day everyone.

    Day 2, London, UK, FD

    Thanks for the numerous ‘Welcome Backs’ the break has done me some good, it’s reset my 5:2 brain and I’m raring to go without pressuring myself, I know I’ll never be perfect & that’s ok, I learnt that this WOL takes a little while to ‘stick’, last years’ hols saw +10lbs because that little deprivation dragon was still fit & healthy on my shoulder, this year, I killed him!!!! I may not have fasted whilst away, but bread and huge breakfasts didn’t appeal to me – yoghurt + honey breakfasts then a 1 or 2 course evening meal (with wine of course!!!) and a minimum 20k steps per day. I think the brain re-training is nearing completion!!!!! Although there will always be bumps………………..hence ……………

    …………..Yesterdays’ FD wasn’t as successful as it could have been, let’s just call it a CD, although I am -1lb …………….. all water, no doubt!!!!

    @daffodil2010, I had to go back to your earlier posts to find out what was going on with you since I completely skipped July, so sorry you’ve been working with an arse!!!! I’m not man bashing, but recently I’m being reminded more & more of the arrested development of the male brain!!!!! How was the yoga? I’m back to class this evening after 3 weeks off, I’ll feel it tomorrow ……….. in a good way!!!! I hope the universe highlights your path, I know you love(d) that greenhouse!!!!

    @lilymartin, you know we’ve got you, stay strong, you CAN do this!!!

    @jisika, welcome!!! I love your quote, so I’m stealing it!!!!! – “Sometimes deciding who you are is deciding who you’ll never be again”

    Onward & Downwards folks …………………………… We’ve GOT this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll end with another stolen quote which resonates with me!!!!

    Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind. ~Dr. Seuss

    Day 2 UK FD

    Yesterday was v nearly an unplanned FD, having only eaten fruit and salad from my packed lunch. But blew it with mindless zombie evening eating when I got home tired and v grumpy and found the dangerous leftovers from my mother’s birthday tea – clotted cream and jam which went well on toast, followed by a sliver of chocolate and raspberry cake. On the bright side, I didn’t eat all the cake!

    I’ve been reminded of some useful things to carry into the month. Back to basics with writing everything down will hopefully help with the mindless, zombie eating. Remembering the feeling akin to addiction when food takes over and will is switched off. Generally it’s a red flag that I’m in need of good self care – rest, meditation, time off. Hard when everything feels hard work, but important to do.

    Blood tests and chest x-ray today, make some plans for the next few days. A framework for good eating, rest, last bits of project work and things to restore and refresh body and soul.

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