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  • Day 9 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    It’s National Women’s Day in SA today. The annual ‘Pretty in Pink’ 5 km walk/run along the sea front is in progress. So my usual mid-week quiet town will be chaotic. I might venture out after most of the madness is over after noon. It’s the perfect day for it though, a sunny but cool 17 C.

    @northgeorgia – well done with the B2B FDs! 💪 🏅

    @stitchincarol – I’ve never used MFP on a laptop? Didn’t even know you could, so I’ll have to look at that. Some things are just easier on a laptop. The size of the screen & the keys, I guess, & being able to use both hands. I can’t type with two thumbs on a phone like the kids do. I use Duolingo (language-learning app) on both, but I prefer the laptop. @songbirdme & I are reunited on WW Friends! 😊

    @daffodil2010 – yuck re the fish 🤮 🐟 – don’t blame you. I hope things calm down for you at work?! 😳

    No need to worry about not reaching 10,000 steps..

    @at – joining you for a Hump Day FD 🐫

    Pocket List – Day 9 🎯

    Day 9-No. VA-USA-FD

    I am joining @funshipfreddie and @at on a FD today.
    Things remain crazy busy at work, as so many families seem to forget kids are back in school this week and need vaccinations and physicals, and suddenly it becomes OUR problem that there are no appointments left! August is thus aggravating (while also Audacious and Achievable!)

    My DH is back to his usual pursuits. He will likely need an ablation procedure to stop his recurring atrial fibrillation episodes, because he is on maximal medication for this. He has lost weight over the past year, which has helped his type 2 diabetes (probably helped by the Ozempic he has used for the diabetes, not for weight). Thank you all for your enquiries!

    Pocket list, day 9:

    Day 9 – USA/GA – ZBC

    Weigh-in: 220 lbs. I forgot that the lunch that is catered for the board meeting is extra-carby. I should have followed the lead of the person next to me who had a “naked sandwich” without the bread. Then mom had made “chicken and dumplings.” I turned it down at first, but it looked so good and was soooo much better than I imagined it would be with tons of flavor that I had seconds…. Oh well.

    I do have a lunch out today, so I’ll try to remember “balance” and choose which is my fuller meal 🙂

    Day 9 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 158.2

    I was only hoping for the low 159s or to tip my toes into the 158s, so this morning’s number was a thrill. But, I was hanging from my fingernails to make it through the day yesterday. I think I hit about 500, perhaps 600, but I was not in the least focused on MFP, but simply on chewing gum (chomping it madly, actually), drinking water, and reminding myself all the reasons I didn’t want to eat more. So I can’t say I’m feeling PFDS as much as pure relief the day is over, LOL!

    Today, I’m meeting with my friends for happy hour…we eat a dinner’s worth of food, but usually start with happy hour specials and seldom move past them to actual meals. I’m planning on a yogurt for lunch, and I’m still at the stage of promising I’ll TRY to limit my food and drink to reasonable choices and quantities, but, for me at least, to say I’ll try means, “But I doubt I’ll succeed, and I’m pretty much okay with that.” (Which is why I said we ought to ban the word from our language this month, because it’s not in harmony with actual commitment.)

    And before I head to Omaha, I have a dental appointment to get my teeth cleaned, so it’ll be a full day.


    @songbirdme How lovely to have friends bring you such lovely fruits! Here’s a lovely salad you can make with a variety of fruit: I’ve made it several times, and it’s been a hit each time; the only change I’ll make as I continue making it is to reduce the amount of sugar in the dressing; it’s sweeter than it needs to be. The nice thing about it is that it’ll be good when we only have winter berries to use, and it’s so very beautiful.

    @michelinme Oh, isn’t that odd that you’re eating with all the correct restraint but that your body has put on weight?? The last week or so of our vacation (when I was convention, in other words), my face looked so fat, you’d have thought my body was at 190…yuck. Better eating (and almost no beer) for five days has helped, but I also have a way to go; I’m sure your body will finally cooperate and give you some lovely results to your stellar efforts. And you’re camping at the end of this month?? Cool!

    @penz Glad everything is peaceful with you!

    @daffodil2010 How lovely to have lost some of the gain! And lovelier still to eat mackeral tonight that your DH caught and cleaned and prepared for cooking! He’s clearly a good, good man. 😉👍

    @at Sounds like your FD yesterday was not unlike mine, but we made it through! How nice that the gardener is going to be a perfect fit for you; once he’s made it lovely, you can have your yoga friend come over with her DH and she’ll never know how much it was his efforts that made it so lovely, right?? 😂😂 And, in the States, I think we only ever have canned mackerel, so I’m still absorbing that people eat it fresh, LOL!

    @jaifaim It doesn’t seem fair that while @at and I both struggled to have a decent FD yesterday, we both were down this morning, and yet you had a spot-on FD and the scale didn’t give any indication that you did. Frustrating to wait, isn’t it? That’s why I never set goals for how much weight I’ll lose in a period of time, because I cannot FORCE the scale to go down (well, yes, actually, I can, because there’s a counter in front of my scale, so I only have to lean on it…) but I CAN force myself to eat according to plan. Barely, but it’s possible, LOL! Soon, right? Soon!

    @funshipfreddie Ahh, WWFriends…I knew Wordle didn’t sound right, but couldn’t think what it should be. Two of my sisters were talking at length one Christmas when we were all gathered about their fun and games on WWF, and I was feeling quite left out and asked why they didn’t ask me to play also? (I’m the baby so I still get to whine.) “Well, of course we’ll invite you!” they said, and did. And I discovered exactly what the game is. Yuck. LOL, no wonder I didn’t know anything about it; give me number games (Solitaire, Sudoku, etc.) every time.

    @excelsior12309 What good news that your DH is back to his usual tricks. I remember the craziness of August where immunizations and physicals were concerned, and have full sympathy for you dealing with the frantic pace of it all.

    @northgeorgia I’ll be right behind you tomorrow morning, I’m sure, but then we can both focus on doing another FD to drop off the bulk of refeeding. Hey, here’s a question: are your mom’s plates normal size? Does she have smaller plates you could use? @merryapple suggested smaller plates sometime last month, which is something DH and I switched to several years ago for most meals. Smaller plates don’t help with going back for seconds, but it sure helps to keep the “firsts” down to regular serving sizes, instead of the mega-sizes we’ve becomed accustomed to here in the States.

    Okay, time to do some tidying. I never found the needed papers yesterday, but DS31 was able to get a waiver, so the need disappeared as abruptly as it popped up, but there was disruption to where everything goes, and I found things that I’m telling myself I should deal with. Right. Ugh. 😵‍💫 🤪

    Have a grand one, everyone.

    “We must all suffer from one of two pains: the pain of discipline or the pain of regret. The difference is discipline weighs ounces while regret weighs tons.” — Jim Rohn

    So in that spirit, I wish you all the pain of discipline! ❤️👍

    Day 10 FD NZ

    Oh my goodness @maui Are you and your family safe? The fires/tornado look terrifying.

    8 degrees with lovely sun but I’m sitting at the table watching a black front travel across the sky from the SW. We are on a hill and have wide views from the south east to south west. I love watching the sky and see lots of rainbows.
    I haven’t been on the scales but have been doing controlled eating. Today is a FD. Last evening I had poached chicken and vegetables then oatcakes with relish and cheese. This morning I am not hungry even though I ate at 5.30-6pm. I also had 2 claret sized glasses of Sauvignon Blanc then I put the bottle back in the fridge. I’m hopeful @stitchincarol that no or low carbs is a worthwhile preFD strategy.
    My grandmother’s grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather clock movement is coming back today after a year of being serviced. Yes that makes it Georgian. It needed a new great wheel because it was worn. I hope the new one lasts for the next 250 years or so! I have missed the morning ritual of winding the clock, the tic tic and ghastly clang it makes!!

    Steely Resolve!

    Pocket list

    Day 10, FD, Aus

    My head hurts this morning. 🙁 I ate well and properly yesterday but opened a bottle of wine? Why?!?!?!

    Back on the wagon today and looking forward to my FD to help shift my focus to where it needs to be.

    I love my grandfather clock too @merryapple; I find its slow ticks and quarter chimes to be quite companionable! Unlike yours, though, I don’t know its provenance. It dates back to the early 1900s but beyond that, I don’t know how it came to be. My brother has our grandfather’s old clock and I’m pleased it’s still in the family.

    Day 10 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    An FD that starts with breakfast due to the final antibiotic, but then it’s steady on after that.

    I was good yesterday at being good……my company ordered in pizza and fries and wedges etc to launch some new thingie on the company website……and I took nothing!!! I insisted on staying with my chicken salad 👍 When I went into the canteen to get a cup of tea the only pizzas that were left were those with pineapple 😱 So I happily dodged that temptation.

    @merryapple and @penz, oh how wonderful to have such old grandfather clocks that have been around for hundred and more years. Fantastic.

    Have a good Thursday all

    Day 10 – Ireland – FD 🚫 🚶‍♂️ ✅

    Hello well I’m standing still above maintenance after a great FD and CD (approx: 1000 cals)

    I’m being patient but know I’ll find it tough to stay motivated when there is no change when I’ve applied myself but… that’s another thing I need to address generally: the need to instantly see results and not get downhearted when I don’t…
    Thanks @stitchincarol it is frustrating but I am very happy for the easy losers 🤣 I know we all have easy times and tough times and who knows why it is the way it is.. but fair is fair 🤔

    I am on a pain relief medication since yesterday which I hope doesn’t affect the numbers either but we shall see… just ongoing stuff I’m trying to get sorted and trying not to focus on it too much 👍

    @maui I’m so sorry for you and your beautiful island and really hope that you are safe and that you and your home have not been directly affected although of course a disaster like this affects the whole island. 🥲

    @excelsior12309 that’s great news on your DH 🌸

    @funshipfreddie – I hope you enjoyed the day after the madness! Seems the world is awash with pink at the moment with Barbie and all 💕 🌸💕

    @merryapple great to hear you have nice bright weather! The view sounds stunning and brought a sense of calm as I read about it.. Hope Mr Mac appreciates it too….
    Like you I tried the low carb option last night but am already hungry on my FD… will need good willpower today 💪 but I think generally it’s a great way to eat on the non FDs – have the carbs at lunchtime and more protein at night?

    Your grandfather clocks sound beautiful @penz and @merryapple – great to know that these beautiful old pieces are still going and cared for.

    Well done on swerving the party food @daffodil2010 – always a challenge! And @northgeorgia today is a new day…💪

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Pocket List – Day 10 ⬇️

    Day 10 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD 69.7 kg 😇

    @maui – also thinking of you & hoping you’re okay & that your home is well away from Lahaina?!

    @merryapple – “My grandmother’s grandfather’s grandfather’s grandfather clock…” I read that not too long after waking up & I’m still trying to figure it out 😂

    @daffodil2010 – well done on your steely resolve yesterday! 💪 Although, on the rare occasion I eat pizza I normally go for the Hawaiian, i.e. ham & pineapple 😋
    @jaifaim – luckily I live at the quiet end of town, but I wandered down the main road a couple of kms & saw a sea of pink T shirts. I’m sure the restaurant owners & shopkeepers were delighted. Looking forward to a quiet brunch later 🍴
    More about the 10,000 steps debate:

    Another reason to eat broccoli:-

    “Sorry; I have no space left for advice. Just do it.” ~ Donald E. Westlake

    Day 10 – UK FD800

    Yesterday’s planned FD800 didn’t happen (sorry to have let you down @funshipfreddie and @excelsior12309) but it did end up being a good CD of around 1000cals and this morning the scales continued their downward trend to 60.8kg so going for that FD800!!!!

    @excelsior12309 – good news re your DH – I have a friend who had the ablation procedure a couple of years ago and he has been in normal rhythm since 🤞
    @stitchincarol – 💃 on your scales reading too
    @maui – hope all is well with you and yours – so sad to hear what has been happening to your beautiful island
    @penz – sympathies…..I know that feeling of regret…..working on better control myself…..@Merryapple showed great restraint by having 2 small glasses and putting the bottle back in the fridge – BTW thanks for starting today’s pocket list
    @daffodil2010 – great restraint in avoiding the pizza and fries and wedges etc at lunchtime 😇 I’m with you re ham and pineapple ones 😱
    @jaifaim – I know it’s tough when you don’t see any result but stick with it – we are with you today for strength and motivation as “Together we are Stronger”
    @funshipfreddie – re 10,000 steps a day – if you look at the actual paper (OH gained access to it) you get a different perspective than that offered by the papers…….
    Among the key findings were:
    *Taking a minimum of 3,967 steps per day was the starting point for seeing a reduced risk of dying from any cause.
    *Taking a minimum of 2,337 steps per day was the starting point for seeing a reduced risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, which includes heart attack and stroke.
    *For every additional 1,000 steps per day, a person’s risk of death from any cause decreased by 15%.
    *For every additional 500 steps per day, a person’s risk of dying from heart problems decreased by 7%.
    ** People younger than 60 years old saw greater risk reductions, compared to older people. People ages 59 years and younger who walked between 7,000 and 13,000 steps per day reduced their risk of death by 49%. People ages 60 years and older who walked between 6,000 and 10,000 steps per day reduced their risk of death by 42%.

    Plan for today is to go for a 6-8 mile hike as the sun is out ☀️ before meeting with friends to see a 4.30pm showing of Oppenheimer (3hrs long)- I’m thinking of a late lunch after my hike allowing some calories for a snack on returning home after the film – thankfully I’m not partial to film snacks…..popcorn…etc

    Pocket List – Day 10 ⬇️

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 10 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 222 lbs. Carb bloat over the last two days; including pizza I bought for my niece and nephew and rest of the family last night. However, yesterday turned into OMAD, so that was my only meal. Gotta go because storms coming through then I’m off to my all day meeting in town. Will catch up later.

    Day 10 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD500 or Jazz on the Green – 160.0

    I still don’t know if DH will be agreeable to going to Jazz on the Green tonight; if he doesn’t want to go, I’ll do a FD.

    Yesterday was delightful, and I gave up on trying to eat with any restraint before I even got there. I didn’t actually eat like a pig (for example, we–no, THEY 😂–ordered a piece of cheesecake, and I only had one small bite), but I clearly ate “enough,” given the scale number this morning. Today will be better controlled and will help remove the bulk/water, or “refeeding” as @northgeorgia aptly calls it.

    Wow, I just heard on the radio news about the “apocolyptic fires” in Hawaii; @maui are you affected by them? Directly, I mean, because of course you’re affected! Such a blessing that your DH didn’t have to witness this horrible tragedy!


    @merryapple I’m delighted that the low-carb approach before a FD at least didn’t have you hungry first thing in the morning; we’ll all be interested to hear your thoughts on how much it helped. And your view of the south sounds absolutely gorgeous.

    @at I always get a headache when I drink wine–red or white–and sometimes when I have beer (even though @i-hate-lettuce insisted that wasn’t possible) (and even when I have only ONE beer 😂), so I’ve taken to popping headache pills (I use Excedrin, a combo of acetaminophen, caffeine, and aspirin) as part of my bedtime routine so that I never even get the headache. I envy those who aren’t so reliably affected by wine!

    @daffodil2010 Wow, very impressive that you dodged the pizza and other stuff; well, well done, you!

    @jaifaim I remember when @basyjames was approaching maintenance, and she was fasting every other day or something nuts like that, exercising like an obsessed woman (she was actually on some program 😉) — and not losing the last couple of pounds. And then, WHOOSH!, it all came off and she was below her goal weight. So there’s evidence of someone else not seeing any results when everything is in placce to provide results. I’m certain your results will come, and in the meantime, you’re behaving with exactly the choices you’ll be making forever, right? Because we all agree this is a WOL, not a weight-loss program that gets picked up and dropped. And I do hope your pain gets managed soon, and the causes get sorted out!

    @funshipfreddie I look forward to reading those articles when I’ve finished my post. I have a special motivation for reaching 10K steps–which I rarely do–because we get points with our insurance company when we do, and those points can be used to get goodies like Amazon gift cards or Fitbits. I’ve actually only paid for the first Fitbit I ever had, and have always gotten a new one for free from our insurance points. Thankfully, we also get points for 5K steps, which I pretty much always get. Are you one who always gets 10K?

    @at How wonderful that your scale numbers are going down! And while it isn’t 800, your 1000 calories yesterday are still quite reduced from your TDEE, so I say it’s well done, and today’s FD800 will help cement the progress you’ve achieved!

    @northgeorgia I do hope you don’t have anything dramatic where storms are concerned.

    Okay, I’ve figured out how to eat today: either a typical FD500, or we’ll go to Jazz on the Green and I’ll get a Subway sandwich and allow myself wine, and will have a FD800. Now to find out what DH choose, LOL!

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    Pocket List – Day 10 ⬇️
    @stitchincarol FD500 or FD800

    Don’t ever trade what you want most for what you want now.

    So here’s to no trading today!

    Day 11 NFD NZ 85.3kg

    Everyone is doing so well. It’s a pleasure to read about OUR successes not just those in the Daily Mail!!
    It’s 8 degrees. Mr Mac is in desperate need of a haircut. He looks like a wooly mammoth but I can’t quite bring myself to do it…
    NZ’s FIFA Quarter finals today are Netherlands vs Spain in Wellington and Japan vs Sweden at Eden Park.
    Tomorrow in Oz – Australia vs France and England vs Colombia. England’s Lauren James has a two match ban for stomping… So unnecessary… the world champs USA were completely under par. One more week to go and it will all be over sadly and the radio will be full of upcoming election politics…

    Steely Resolve one and all!

    Day 10 UK FD!
    Day 9 NFD

    This week is zooming past, and project work is squeezing me through the days. I’m sorry not to have read / posted well this week. I am still here – albeit weighing in 2lbs up this morning after a late evening bowl of cereal. I’ve stuck to my guns today with beetroot with elderberry vinegar, heaps of cabbage with sprinkling of nutritional yeast and a mushroom omelette followed by warm strawberries, pear and peach with vegan custard – 550 calories.

    I just drifted back to my laptop and did some late emailing with conference speakers in the US… MUST go to bed. It’s much harder to eat well when not practicing good self care. I’ve not drunk enough water (or enough anything) and not had nearly enough sleep. But i’m nearly through the pre-break concertina with a full weekend ahead – a meditation retreat on Saturday – then 10 days of resting, pottering, catching up with friends, batch cooking, healthy eating, stretching and meditatingbefore a 4 day camping trip at the end of the month – of which more anon – and three recovery days.

    I’ve not even read posts for two days – sorry – but will be more fully here very soon, and very glad to be with you, even on the edge…

    Pocket List – Day 10 ⬇️
    @stitchincarol FD500 or FD800

    Day 11, NFD, Aus

    Language warning: this post contains the F word.

    Yesterday was supposed to be a FD. Evil brain was whispering: Go on, a nice sausage roll will help that headache. You’ll feel so much better. Or even just a toastie sandwich. You need something! You could have both!

    Good brain responded: yes, but then I’ll feel worse because I know I will have FAILED.

    Evil brain shut up.

    When I picked up OH on the way home, he asked ‘have you been good?’ Yes!!! PFDS today and basking in it. (Polishing halo.)

    You and me both, though @jaifaim. As much as I know it’s not real, I do expect instant results!! I need to reset my timeline so that I interpret “instant” against the age of the universe; a few weeks, maybe even months, could be less than a split second’s worth of instant. Then I will see results.

    @maui – echoing others’ thoughts and hoping you and yours are safe and unaffected by the fires.

    I do hope you got to Jazz on the Green, @stitchincarol.

    Go the Matildas!

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Day 11 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Yesterday’s FD was only ok, as the steely resolve of the previous day evaporated later into a lovely red Argentinian with dinner. So not an FD. But, nothing horrific on the scales to show so phew.

    @maui I am only hearing about the wildfires in your island, praying you and yours are safe and ok

    @merryapple it has been a great World Cup hasn’t it? I am now shouting for Spain, my second favourite country in Europe (after Ireland of course), but it’s been very good so far.

    I had a despondent moment trying on clothes this morning, as quite a lot of my nice summer things are slightly tight on the tum, so need to lose that extra inch or so. The menopause apron is real ☹️

    Looking forward to the weekend. May or may not go out for a motorbike spin tomorrow (weather depending), then stepdaughter and Grandaughter are visiting on Sunday.

    Have a great weekend.

    Day 11 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @stitchincarol – I probably average around 9000 steps per day. Yesterday was 8500. Wednesday I clocked up 13,400. 10,000 every day is a stretch for me, especially if the weather isn’t so good. So I tell myself I’ll reach 8000; then an extra 1000 is manageable. Free Fitbits?! Nice! Mine is the only one I’ve ever had & it’s about 5 years old now. A bit scratched & battered, but it does the job. We’re supposed to be getting our own Amazon/site this year, so I’ll splash out on a new one then.

    @merryapple – I saw the Lauren James stomping incident. But I think it was against Nigeria. Either way, she got off way too lightly, despite the apology.

    @penz – the Matildas? 😂 I had no idea until now that that’s the nickname for the Australian Women’s football team. Whenever I hear ‘Matilda’ I think of Roald Dahl’s story, my favourite along with Charlie & the Chocolate Factory. Congrats on your steely RESOLVE & another successful FD! 💪 Rinse & repeat…

    Happy Fri-yay! 🍹

    Day 11 – Ireland – NFD /CD🚫 🚶‍♂️ ✅

    Hi just a quick post… will come back later… cycle first thing and work is busy this morning.
    But…Just listening to an Irish man on the radio calling in from Maui where he lives. He has an Irish pub there – the other side to Lahaina I believe.

    @maui I pray you are ok. So dreadfully sad 🥲

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 11 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 223 lbs. I’m going to check my calendar at work and see what I can do to be audacious next week 🙂

    Day 11 – Rural Nebraska, USA – CD – 159.8

    Surprisingly, DH was entirely agreeable to going to Jazz on the Green last night, so we took along some beer for him and a beer-can-sized-can of wine for me and a half-size bottle of wine for me, one red and one white…I couldn’t decide which I wanted. I also took along a wine glass, because I’m spoiled that way. The Jimmy John sandwiches were a treat (430 calories on mine) and I ended up drinking only perhaps half of the can of red (DH enjoyed the rest, agreeing it was MUCH better in my wine glass than straight from the can); add in the cheese curds I had earlier in the afternoon to stave off hunger, and I’m sure I was below 800 calories. And the concert was delightful, so a totally enjoyable evening.

    So I’m surprised the scale is not lower this morning; possibly my body is still reacting to what I’ve eaten previously? Who knows, but it’ll go down.

    Tonight we’re having BLTs, and I’ll have yogurt for lunch, so it’ll be another fairly low-calorie day. My restraint is strong, my mojo is determined, and I keep telling myself I can do anything (behave well where food is concerned, in this case) for five months taking us to Christmas, because I WILL weigh 140 in time for our trip to my family at Chrismtastime. I keep asking myself what I ate last August that was so good it was worth this upward climb on the scale; I can’t remember a single thing from a year ago, so figure eating and drinking lovely foods (and therefore to excess) this August will not be memorable next August either. So go my thoughts to enforce my RESOLVE. 😂🤣


    @merryapple We are indeed generally doing well, and it’s good to see you’re back down as well; did the low-carb lead-in to your FD help stave off hunger? Do you cut Mr. Mac’s hair yourself, or take him in?

    @michelinme Those crazy-busy days aren’t necessarily bad and unpleasant, but they sure take away some of the peace that’s so lovely, huh? I’m glad you have some slow down time this weekend! How’s your daughter?

    @penz YAY for good RESOLVE yesterday; that PFDS is well deserved! And I loved hearing your inner thoughts as your worked through to find the determination needed.

    @daffodil2010 I have many clothes that don’t fit nicely enough to wear in public, so I sympathize with your plight; you’re doing so well, however, that I am sure you’ll soon see enough results that you’ll be pleased with the fit of clothes.

    @funshipfreddie Yeah, my current Fitbit is a Versa 3 and I’ve loved having “a watch” as part of it; I hadn’t worn a watch in years until I got this. I still hope they’ll someday again make the pocket trackers; I loved those best of all.

    @jaifaim Good luck on your busy work day, that the things in front of you get accomplished easily enough. As to @maui, didn’t she once mention having to drive to the other side of the island? I haven’t taken the time to read all her posts to find what I’m remembering, but it’s when her husband was in the hospital and then in rehab and there was so much driving involved for her–anyone else remember anything? I’m hoping that means that her house is at least well away from the fires.

    @maui We’re all so worried for you and heartbroken for your island. Hugs and love to you as you suffer through all the commotion and destruction. And it just hit me that one of your sons lives on another island; is he okay, and his home?

    @northgeorgia You’ll get things completely turned around soon, I’m sure.

    The village is working on water pressure with the underground water pipes, and it’s our turn this morning, with the water turned off shortly and staying off until early afternoon. I’d like to go out and weed, but that’s not an option as I wouldn’t be able to shower when I was done, or even wash my hands. 🤷🏻‍♀️ So I think I’ll go do grocery shopping and run a few errands; hopefully water will be back on when I return if I take long enough.

    Have a grand one!

    Don’t ever trade what you want most for what you want now.

    So here’s to no trading today!

    Day 11 UK FD800/CD?

    After yesterday’s successful FD600 I’ve somehow pulled a rare Friday FD800, or possibly just over into a CD.

    My OMAD supper was a huge pile of cauliflower and green beans along with an indulgent vegan kiev, followed by plums, pear and peach warmed with cinnamon and a dollop of vegan (soya) custard. The trick now will be not indulging over the weekend, obvs. I know, but it’s so easy to do.

    Friday is usually my relax and indulge day but keeping it together while trying to finish up so many odds and ends – the end is in sight! After three weeks of spinning plates and struggling to see the wood for the trees I’ve got three things left to do on Monday/Tues (one v big, two small) then I’m done until 1 Sept. Woo hoo & Phew!

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s community retreat day but not looking forward to the early start – i need to leave at 7.15 am (on a Saturday!). I’m sure it will be worth it, a spacious day in beautiful old buildings just next to the river. And if I have energy left I will come part way home by boat :). DD’s coming to stay from Sunday for a few days – more b&b than visit but we’ll catch up in the spaces in between. And then nearly every day has a social catch up or relax and chill space – I’m set for rest and adventure 🙂

    @maui I hope you are safe and well. I’ve been catching up with the news today and am devastated for you and all your neighbours

    @daffodil2010 I hope you are feeling well again after all your recent health hiccups

    @penz woop woop for your PFD 🙂

    @stitchincarol thank you for all your strong messages and keen support this challenge. You cut to the quick of it – we simply have to do the things which we know work, and not make excuses or use weaselly words like ‘just’, ‘only’, ‘try’ and ‘hope’! DD is doing well I think, thank you for asking. I’ve not seen her for a month so looking forward to seeing for myself. It’s the relax phase before tests in the autumn

    Off to shower and relax before bed zzzzzz SO lovely to know I don’t have to get up and face the To Do list 🙂

    Day 11 USA (Illinois) NFD

    I’m doing fairly well. Having dessert around the house (mostly here to satisfy DH’s sweet topth) is hard to avoid. So keeping calories under TDEE as best I can.

    @maui – sure would love for you to check in with us. Prayers for you and all your island. So hard to see all the devastation, losses, and pain.

    @daffodil2010 – hugs and prayers to you

    @stitchincarol and @funshipfreddie – I’m with you on having the Fitbit do its best to keep me moving. I have a Versa 2 and appreciate that it is waterproof for swimming too! You two are WAY ahead of me on daily steps though. Oh, nice that it picks up write movement for conducting or piano playing!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 12 NFD NZ

    Y’day I made fettuccine with one egg and 100g pasta flour. I split it in half and had it with homemade pesto for lunch and then for dinner with sticky stew. I didn’t mean to have pasta twice… Next time I need to invite someone over and I won’t be able to be tempted to eat it all in one day!
    @penz Go you! Love the Seinfeld skit and hearing about your grandfather clock – more refined with a quarter chime than my hourly clang!
    @Daffodill2010 I was wondering what a red Argentinian was until the penny dropped! The World Cup atmosphere has been terrific – very family friendly. The Japanese woke up in the second half in their game with Sweden and it came alive. I didn’t see the Wellington game but your team came through! I hope your weekend with the granddaughter goes well.
    @jaifaim It’s France vs Oz today…
    @stitchincarol I do the haircut which is in part why I’m putting it off because it involves brush, cut, wash and vacuuming. I had no idea your goal is 140lbs. 160 or 70kg is mine so I imagined you were very close to maintenance. Silly me. Kia kaha! You’ll get there for Christmas.
    @songbirdme does the Fitbit in the pool count the dog paddles????🤣🤣
    @michelinme Sending you strength to get to your upcoming break!
    Dear @maui We would love to hear how you are…
    @funshipfreddie In the 1980s Roald Dahl offered me a job as his cook at Gypsy Cottage. I was filling in for his daughters’s nanny and he spent quite a lot of time at the house with the grandchildren. I have nothing but admiration for him. Every sentence he uttered was interesting. We got on quite well because of a black sense of humour – in my case honed by working in ICUs. However I turned him down because I wanted to return to NZ and get on with my life.

    Steely Resolve! Especially to me because my Chinese friend is taking me out for dumplings tonight😋

    Day 12 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Crazy weather here yesterday, 31 C?! I actually caught some sun after deciding to clean some windows, not realising how hot it was. Back to a wintery 22 C today.

    @michelinme, I don’t envy your early start, but I hope you enjoy the retreat.

    @merryapple – I’m fascinated by the fact that you actually knew Roald Dahl?! I love his short stories too, which were made into a TV series, ‘Tale of the Unexpected’ in the ’80’s.

    Michael Mosley’s column:-

    I’m pondering another FD tomorrow; it’s overdue. Has to be either tomorrow or Monday 🤔

    Wishing everyone a lekker weekend 🌤 🌈

    “When you resist doing what you know needs done, it is difficult. Find a mental way to enjoy it, and just do it, and it is easy.” ~ Joe Vitale

    Day 12 – Ireland – NFD 🚫 🚶‍♂️ ✅

    Hi everyone I hope you are well.

    We will have a lovely family weekend this weekend remembering my beautiful dad and visiting some of his favourite places. His birthday falls next week so some more nice plans for next weekend. The sun is shining and he absolutely loved good weather and getting out and about around the countryside… we spent much of our childhood in the car seeking our new places to visit with him and he instilled a love of travel in all of us and the next generation 💕 So today will be fun 💕. It is hard to believe it’s been three years but what a strange étole we’ve all come through.

    Otherwise all is good and the meds are doing their job … I’ve been super motivated this week although I was grumbling about not seeing the changes but I feel they are happening… yesterday was a really good CD for a Friday… like some of you I often have some nice food to round out the week but have adopted the mantra of every little effort helps… so I had one or two little treats but didn’t splurge.

    Great work on your day 11 @penz.. and @at , @stitchincarol and others things seem to be going well!
    @daffodil2010 seems to me that you will be back in those clothes very soon… don’t buy anything new!
    Enjoy your day out of life @michelinme 🧘‍♂️ and your DDs visit.
    @songbirdme well done on the sweet resistance.
    @merryapple what an interesting life you have led… he sounds just lovely! I love his work.

    Ok best get ready and chat soon.

    @funshipfreddie just spotted your post – you too ⛅️ 🌈 ! Hadn’t heard that term in ages (and only see it here!)

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 12 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 223 lbs. Up a pound from last Saturday, but the week is averaging down a pound and a half over last week, so will re-group, strategize again for tomorrow’s FD and coming week, and see what audacious thing I can do coming up 🙂

    Day 12 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD – 160.0

    I call today an NFD, although yesterday was both that and a feast day. The combination of fresh-picked blackberries and so few carbs over the last seven days led to cravings I didn’t manage to control. Thankfully, I didn’t eat like a crazy woman, but I did eat far beyond my intended calories.

    But in the spirit of whether I’ll remember in a year what I ate yesterday? I grew up close to unnending wild blackberries, and Mom and I would go picking multiple times every year, eating them like gluttons while we picked, and then freezing all but enough for the blackberry cobbler Mom would make that day. So then, of course, we had blackberries pies and cobblers all year ’round, compliments of the stash in our freezer. So, will I remember yesterday’s cobbler? Yes. It was glorious because it was not only tasty, but made me feel complete the way you do when you’re a kid, you know? So, regret? No, not really… 😂🤷🏻‍♀️ I will have to behave particularly well today, however, to compensate, and that will be a challenge because I’m making potato salad and a flourless chocolate cake for DH’s birthday celebration with the boys tomorrow. So much for thinking August stretched in front of me unimpeded by social temptations! 😵‍💫🤪😂😂 But it’s time I learned to use self-control (as you are, @songbirdme!), so let the challenge of today begin!


    @michelinme Well done on a FD of any sort on a Friday; they are indeed extremely tough, as far as I’m concerned, and I’m very impressed you pulled it off! And nicely done on being nearly finished with the preparation for your long break until 1 Sep!! Enjoy time with your daughter, even in bits and pieces, and we look forward to a joyous report after tests in the autumn.

    @songbirdme On the Fitbit picking up arm movements when directing and playing piano (and organ to some degree, as well), yup, I hit 10K steps by noon every day during Vacation Bible School when I’m playing piano for 2+ hours every morning, LOL! And for those of you who don’t play piano (especially the energetic music of VBS), you’ll never persuade that a pleasant walk of 10K steps is somehow more physically demanding than 2+ hours of high-energy piano playing! 😂😂 Say, Gwynne, how is how you eat now different from how you ate before you lost wait and began maintenance? Some things had to change, obviously, because that was why you had gained weight in the first place, but is it anything like “normal” from before you lost weight? Or has everything changed about what is now normal? And, David, you too, please. I think that kind of mental preparation would be good for us to tuck in the back of our brains, plus it will help–at least, I hope so!–show us how we simply must change how we eat.

    @merryapple Yeah, my weight is currently very close to where I STARTED back in Feb ’20, sigh. But I’m on the way back down, so I’m past the self-criticism for letting this happen again. Your homemade pasta yesterday and my blackberry cobbler, eh? I remember reading something about carb loading being an effective approach to weight loss, and am thinking I need to read up on it to see if I find any nuggets of wisdom. It’s delightful the fascinating people we each have known over the years, and you have quite a list! And, since you cut Mr. Mac’s hair yourself, I can entirely see why you’re stalling; back in the day, when we still had our Peekapoo, I tried cutting her hair exactly once. Never again, LOL! A frantic and squirming dog despite three kids trying to calm her, hair everywhere, and a bad haircut? I paid to have her groomed thereafter.

    @funshipfreddie DH and I are laughing uncontrollably that you call 22 “wintery.” Should we have 71 degrees in the wintere in Nebraska, it would be the sole topic of amazed conversation, LOL! In fact, 22 degrees is the norm–22F. 😂 It’s all in what we’re used to, right? Did you see the question I asked @songbirdme about how your eating habits have changed now that you’re down to maintenance and staying there so well? Alcohol’s absence is clearly a big factor, but what else is different/the same?
    Ooooh, and what a WONDERFUL quote today!!!!!

    @northgeorgia Wow, you post way early even on a Saturday, don’t you? 😂 “Early” and I have never been friends…

    I just added up the calories in that cobbler from yesterday (4/5 of which I’ll end up eating as DH simply doesn’t love it and there’s some left for me to enjoy today) and the salmon I have planned for tonight’s supper, and the total calorie count does not look good. But I’m calling this a blip on the path, and don’t intend to let any of that cobbler go to waste as it’s too treasured a treat. Tomorrow could be decent, despite being DH’s birthday dinner, as long as I don’t have seconds, or drink large quantities of beer and/or wine throughout the day. It’s always a challenge, isn’t it?

    @funshipfreddie, may I please take your quote and use it as my own? It’s perfect.

    “When you resist doing what you know needs done, it is difficult. Find a mental way to enjoy it, and just do it, and it is easy.” ~ Joe Vitale

    So may we all enjoy our plan for today…tomorrow can wait, our only job is to enjoy our plan TODAY.

    In support of that, I send you all RESOLVE to find a way to actually enjoy today’s eating plan–it’s what I’m determined to pull off today!

    second post

    @jaifaim, somehow, going down the list of posts, I went straight past yours! So sorry! Your time gathering with family to celebrate the lovely man your dad was sounds absolutely wonderful; enjoy the time together and the precious memories! What day is your dad’s b-day? DH’s is the 15th. 😍 And I’m so glad to hear the meds are doing their job; a pain-free life is so much more joyful than trying to live past the pain.

    Day 13 NFD NZ

    What a match between the Aussies and France… It was the final that wasn’t a final! The French were the better team but never underestimate the ‘little Aussie battler’ and they came through with a 10-9 penalty shootout. The English thought they were going to walk all over the Colombians and got a huge fright when one of the best goals of the tournament was scored against them. They did prevail 2-1.
    I thought I was having dumplings last night… My Chinese friends ordered enough for 3x the number and sent me home with the doggie bag for today which was gratefully received by the doggie. The haul was fish cooked in chilli flavoured oil (like a confit); chopped chicken in CHILLI oil; washed bread – a cold Shanghai specialty where cubes of bread have been washed leaving only the gluten structure (not for the IBS crowd…); thin strips of crunchy shoe string potatoes washed to rid them of starch and v hot flash fried; dumplings filled with pork and stock so when you bit them you got a mouthful of meaty soup and the lastly mustard greens.
    @funshipfreddie What is a lekker weekend???! Your weather is worse than having a mood swing.
    It is a magical misty morning here at 10 degrees. I hope it fines up because Sunday is our favourite biking day. However today we are going to join friends at Cornwall Park – donated to the city by a founding father. It is stocked with sheep, some rare breeds and cattle and has paths through the middle of paddocks. I have been told to bring the pram for Macintosh that was picked up on the road side. He had never been in it… Hmmm. But carrying a 10kg dog around when he gets slow…
    @jaifaim What a lovely way to celebrate your father. It is so important I feel to pass on a love and appreciation of the outdoors in this day and age. Too many people are disconnected from nature.
    @stitchincarol I love blackberry cobbler! I’m thinking of all the blackberry recipe possibilities when you have a glut – a tart jam, blackberry and apple pie… Yumm!!
    Have a great Sunday everyone. And advice to me, Monday morning is a weigh day.

    Steely RESOLVE!!

    Day 13 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @stitchincarol – a wintery 22 C! 😂 I guess that is something of an oxymoron. But, seriously, on the coast it always feels cooler, especially when it’s windy.

    As for eating habits in maintenance…🤔 I guess they’re totally different, because when I started fasting I was working on cruise ships. I didn’t initially start fasting to lose weight. Because of my lifestyle I think my weight was all over the place anyway. I was working long hours, on my feet for most of the day, & eating the same food as the passengers. I ate whatever I wanted during my 7 or 8 month long contracts, but didn’t really have much opportunity to snack. Then I would eat completely differently during my 8 weeks-long vacations. I think I’ve been 80 kgs max, so about 10 kgs more than I am now. I would shift that mostly by doing low-carb & exercising. After I quit working was when I got serious about fasting, because I knew the weight would pile on if I just ate when I felt like it, plus being much more sedentary & naturally lazy. I didn’t want to eat low-carb long-term; I didn’t really enjoy it. Getting to 73 kgs was my goal, & I got there quite quickly by following 5:2/4:3 & eating only two meals on NFDs. Maintaining was a bit tougher, & I’d occasionally have to do an extra FD to stop my weight from creeping up. An extra 3 or 4 kilos came off without effort when I quit drinking. My eating window is now around 11:30/12 noon til 8:30 pm, & I stick to 2 x FDs per week.

    That is a great quote though, isn’t it? Find a mental way to enjoy doing what needs to be done… & just do it! ✅
    @merryapple – ‘lekker’ – informal – South African – good, pleasant, “the lekker local flavour of South Africa”. Slightly intoxicated – “the snacks helped keep people only lekker. Well – “we got on lekker”. Extremely – “he was lekker drunk”. Australia v England on Wednesday 😳

    Happy S🌞nday!

    Pocket List – Day 13 🍄

    Day 13 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 223 lbs. It’s a pound higher than last Sunday, but the stabilization of the heavy end of the range is going away from 225. I think the change in mindset is working. I still have “mess up” days, like yesterday, but the warnings are louder: “You don’t need this soft drink. Why are you having a doughnut? Isn’t one slice of pizza enough? Do you really need to eat right now — it isn’t meal time. Here — have some apples if you want something sweet. Eat this protein first.” And I think even on my “mess up” days, it’s limiting the effects by reducing the calories being consumed. After last week’s success, I’m considering doing another B2B FD, with today being a WFD and tomorrow once again being a FD500 with a R.B. Salad 🙂 And add another FD in later in the week of “my choice” of a WFD or FD500. Change it up a bit and see what results I get. Be audacious!

    Pocket List – Day 13 🍄

    Day 14 FD NZ 85.5kg

    Everyone must be having great weekends!!
    I’m off to the quack this morning about my cholesterol ☹️
    We went to the park y’day but there were “no dog” signs up on the paddock gates because of lambing and calving. We walked on the paths under some huge auld English trees then settled in at the park’s cafe…
    @funshipfreddie Not sure I like the sound of maintenance if it involves no alcohol and two FDs… How much does your weight vary to keep you in the zone? I suspect I am one of those unlucky my people who digests food so efficiently I don’t need a lot…
    @maui Thinking about you and hoping y’all OK.

    Monday’s Pocket List

    day 14, FD, Aus

    Not feeling chatty today but always nice to start the week by reading everyone’s weekend news.

    Day 13 – USA

    Glad to see everyone is determined to keep on keeping on, and to report that I finally feel that the IF is working for me, although I still have to find that sweet spot. Down to a little over 141 lbs., aiming for (eventually) my goal weight of around 136-138. Amazing how much harder it is in maintenance to lose those last few pounds! Your consistent examples are cheering me on!

    Day 14 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD 69.7 kg

    @metatauta – well done! 👏 So close to your goal 🎯

    @merryapple – I imposed my ‘no alcohol’ rule purely because I knew it wasn’t doing me any good. I can’t do moderation when it comes to booze 🥴️ I love waking up feeling well-rested & not looking like something the cat dragged in. The weight loss was just a bonus. My weight has hardly varied at all recently, within maybe 0.1 or 0.2 kgs. Everyone’s different, & I’m sure there are people who maintain doing 1 FD per week. I could probably get away with it too, if I counted every calorie on NFDs. But what I’m doing works for me. I hope you had good news from your ‘quack’ 😅 🦆

    Almost at the half-way mark of AA August. Sending RESOLVE to the Monday fasters 🦁

    “The whole idea of motivation is a trap. Forget motivation. Just do it. Exercise, lose weight, test your blood sugar or whatever. Do it without motivation. And then, guess what? After you start doing the thing, that’s when the motivation comes and makes it easy for you to keep on doing it.” ~ John C Maxwell

    Monday’s Pocket List

    Day 14 – Ireland – FD 🚫 🚶‍♂️ ✅

    Hi all, we all had a fab weekend out and about… we were blessed with great weather. 💕☀️💕
    Still bobbing just above maintenance but feel I’ll get down to my target zone soon and I’ll stay there then…
    I think I’ll have to stick with 2 FDs in maintenance for a while too
    like @funshipfreddie as can’t see 1 FD working to keep me between 152 – 155lbs just yet… maybe when I do get there and am comfortable in that zone I can begin to think about 1FD… I did not notice huge differences when I went AF – I think some people find it drastically helps weight loss, not me… my reasons are similar… it just didn’t bring me enough joy to warrant the horrible feeling after drink…

    @stitchincarol Dad’s birthday is 18 August – a very special day for us 💕 We will hike somewhere nice that day and have lots of cake. Happy birthday to your DH for tomorrow! A lovely Leo 🦁

    Yes @merryapple that was a fab match – poor old France! I hope all went with the doctor 🙏…

    Hope you’re ok @penz – we all have days like that and it’s reassuring to know that you don’t always have to have the chats 💕

    @metatauta you are so so close!! Absolutely agree – so near but yet so far comes to mind… I keep hitting the target 🎯 and then bouncing away…

    Today I am hungry already but I WILL have a good FD and the motivation for that will of course follow at some
    point later in the day🫡

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Monday’s Pocket List

    Day 14-No. VA, USA-FD800

    It is so nice to read all the input from the Audacious fasters. I am plodding along, weight slowly going down, but at this rate, it will take another month to lose a pound! Nevertheless, I persist! Work is very busy, so it does prevent snacking during the day, and that helps. Once I start, it is hard to put on the brakes, even if I didn’t really like the snack that much (for example, small sample size candy bars my receptionist keeps near her desk. I don’t even really LIKE them, but if I eat one, I will surely eat another…and another…well, you get the picture.). that is enough to derail the entire fasting thing.
    Staying resolved today!

    Day 14-No. VA, USA- FD800
    Also, please put me on the pocket list for today!

    Day 14 – USA/GA – OMAD

    Weigh-in: 219 lbs. Was going to do another FD today, but GUMBO! Had a bag full of okra someone at work picked from her garden, and it was time to use it, so it cooked over night in the crockpot, and I’ll keep it warm until I get home. Yum yum.

    Day 14 – Rural Nebraska, USA – CD – 160.6

    Yesterday’s b-day celebration was delightful, and while there was wine and (flourless) chocolate cake (the King Arthur recipe–excellent), there weren’t cocktails or beer or gluttonous quantities, and my belly feels entirely fine this morning, not stuffed to the point where I think I’ll never again want to eat, and that’s a huge contrast to what I have felt in the past after such a celebration.

    I’m still sorting out what I’m going to do today, since DH is going down to Lincoln to do a long bike ride with DS26; I could go with him, or I could stay home and garden (weed), or I could go off on my own adventure…once I figure that out, I’ll know if today is actually a CD or I’ll make plans to eat differently.


    @merryapple I’ve only had quite standard “American Chinese” so your description of your food was fascinating! And, I would surmise, quite challenging to minimal-eating goals. But when that’s the way our lives are, with all the social events, we have to learn at some point, right? (I’m actually talking to myself here! 😂😂)

    @funshipfreddie Actually, I do know that a temperature that’s very lovely in Nebraska is going to feel quite different on the coast–I grew up on the coast in the Pacific Northwest, after all, but had forgotten that detail of temperatures until you pointed it out. I enjoyed reading your thoughts on how your eating changed after you retired, and really, you’ve said all that before, so I knew it, but it was good to read it again. Here’s a question I don’t think you addressed: do you still “eat whatever you want” or has that changed, and you either naturally want less, or you consciously make more restrained choices on NFDs?

    @northgeorgia I think that plan of WFD on Sunday and RBsalad today and another FD on Thursday is indeed audacious, and you’ll FEEL audacious once you’ve done it all! Oh–just read about your gumbo. That makes sense. Will you have leftovers you can freeze?

    @penz I too love reading everyone’s chatter, and I’ll be delighted to read of your PFDS tomorrow. 👍💪

    @metatauta EXCELLENT news! The last pounds have always had a reputation for being particularly hard to shake, but staying the course WILL accomplish your goals; it’s very exciting to see you’re so close!

    @jaifaim So glad you had lovely weather to go with your weekend family plans. It must add an extra dose of joy to be doing all these things at your goal weight–bouncing around within a kg counts as “at” as far as I’m concerned. 😍👍

    @excelsior12309 I know well that S.L.O.W. progress in losing weight, and also that impulse to eat things I don’t even like–it’s a sickness, isn’t it? LOL!! 😂🤣😂 So, since busy days help you avoid snacking, I wish you VERY busy days for the rest of August! There. Is that a good wish? 😉

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    “When you resist doing what you know needs done, it is difficult. Find a mental way to enjoy it, and just do it, and it is easy.” ~ Joe Vitale

    So may we all enjoy our plan for today…tomorrow can wait, our only job is to enjoy our plan TODAY.

    In support of that, I send you all RESOLVE to find a way to actually enjoy today’s eating plan–it’s what I’m determined to pull off today!

    Monday’s Pocket List

    Day 14 USA (Illinois) OMAD

    Raining pretty hard here in NW Illinois, so badly needed rain is good. Not exactly sure what today will bring, but hopefully not over eating. OMAD to eat up some leftovers seems to be on the menu. We leave Wednesday for our Myrtle Beach, South Carolina week long vacation.

    @stitchincarol – When I began 5:2 in March ’16 I pretty much ate whatever I wanted to, still conscious of carbs trying not to overdo them or sugars. I had lost about 25 pounds 10 years before doing South Beach, but that didn’t seem to be doing anything in early ’16. (All that weight came back likely due to menopause.)

    It seems like maintenance was going well until surgeries (my cataracts and DH’s knee) meant either I couldn’t exercise or I was driving him to 3times a week therapy (often overlapped with my Silver Sneakers time). So, I am not moving as much as I was in March, hence I gained several pounds that I now must work harder to reduce.

    It is wonderful that so many here can find time and energy to stay with our WOL and posting!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 14 UK FD
    Day 13 NFD

    Such a full weekend I’ve been sleeping like a log but not for long enough yet. Saturday was a really long day but glad to be there. I was proud of myself for being super sensible and consciously deciding not to undo my week’s progress with impulsive delicious things. I resisted all sorts of goodies in favour of tofu with broccoli and salad followed by fruit salad, Sunday I broke my habit of buying big bargain bar of chocolate in favour of two teeny ones. It’s slow but sure progress 🙂

    Into town this afternoon for a hospital appt – new neuro consultant, my first in a decade – then met up with an old friend for coffee (black, decaf), reminding myself that it’s a FD and I didn’t need to reward myself for surviving hospital appt with a sugary ‘treat’. Back home I was v hungry but resisted the whisper of abandoning FD for faster food, had OMAD supper of a huge pile of cauliflower with a little nutritional yeast, plus vegan mince and peas followed by strawberries, peach and plum with kefir and linseed. I hope tomorrow brings bucketloads of PFDS!

    DD didn’t come and stay because trains were a mare, but will come up next weekend/week instead. So I have a bit more space to do the odds & ends of project work catch up, around meeting up with friends for catchup over lunch or tea – more resistance and careful conscious choices ahead.

    @metauta wonderful that IF is working for you and you are so close to your goal – well done!!

    Lovely to catch up with posts and see all the progress, goal-setting and RESOLVE going on today 🙂 Just remembered I have a gas engineer coming at 8am and a 1030 zoom so I’m off to wash dishes and zzz

    Monday’s Pocket List

    Day 15 NFD NZ 84.8kg

    Yes 84.8kg!!! I’m in the second half of the 80s at long last!
    It’s our wedding anniversary today. I have bought lots of daffodils to fill the house. They were our wedding flowers and you can’t help but feel happy in their presence despite moments of sadness too. I am so lucky to have had a DH.
    This evening is FIFA NZ semifinals day (Spain vs Sweden) and dumplings and stew are on the menu… I have a big day ahead tidying and cooking… It’s clear and 8 degrees. I hope the weather holds. Not one game has been washed out in NZ which is amazing considering the winter weather we have had across the country.
    Because of slowly loosing weight since January (thank you 5:2) the GP has opted to see me in December for more bloods before making a decision about cholesterol pills. I have to see a shoulder specialist for a steroid injection to sort out my TV yoga injury (don’t do this at home!).
    @funshipfreddie You are amazing the way you have made maintenance / lifestyle work for you. I am sure I will have to do 5:2 when I get there in 15kg time😵‍💫. Maintenance is like a promised land where I can eat sensibly and well 6 out of 7 days but I suspect I’ll be on a food leash for the rest of my days or at least until my teeth fall out😦
    @northgeorgia Keep going on your u-turn. It feels from here you’re on your way to trending downwards!
    @jaifaim and @metatauta You’re nearly there! WOW!
    @excelsior12309 That’s the attitude! Over time 1 becomes 2 then 3 then before you know it, it’s a clothing size!
    @songbirdme A vacation somewhere warm sounds gorgeous. I imagine North Carolina being so interesting.
    @stitchincarol Well done on your control. It has to make the celebratory feeling for your DH’s birthday longer and stronger knowing you’ve kept the eating in check!

    Kia Kaha! (Stay Strong!)

    Day 15, NFD, PFDS, Aus

    Yesterday’s non-chattiness was due, I’m sure to a. it being Monday and b. it being a miserable grizzly grey day. Today the skies are blue and we are trying a new Japanese restaurant tonight (tonight is its opening night and customers are encouraged to give feedback!). It will be a good day.

    Well done @merryapple!! Super news!

    Where are all my fellow Aussies?!?

    Day 15 – Ireland – CD 🚫 🚶‍♂️ ✅

    Good morning all. We are pretty much half way there.
    A fun today for me in the city with friends.… off work and the sun is shining… it feels like I’m playing truant…
    Will take in some culture and most likely some good food along the way.

    I am feeling good in my clothes and I’m looking forward to seeing the scales Friday… had a good FD yesterday… the action definitely preceded the motivation 👍 so that worked for me.

    @stitchincarol I hope you did have an adventure yesterday! I love just taking off and seeing where I get to… And happy birthday to your DH 🎈

    @merryapple happy anniversary to you! How fabulous that you had daffodils 🌼 as your wedding flowers… @daffodil2010 will be so happy to hear that. You poor thing – you must miss him so 💕 I am thinking of you today.

    @songbirdme I hope you are all packed and looking forward to your trip. 🏖️ I hope you have a lovely time.

    @michelinme I’m glad to hear you have some more time to breathe… and it will be lovely to see your DD at the weekend. I hope the new neuro doc works out well for you…

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 15 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Due to a mistake being discovered by me in work at 5pm on Friday, and then not being able to get hold of anybody to fix the system issue precisely because it was 5pm Friday, and the worry of the implications this would have (I work in financial services so we are talking big money), I spent the weekend wishing it was over so we could solve the problem on Monday! Such anxiety 😨

    But by lunchtime yesterday all resolved, teams of people got on board and did their thing, and all is in order. The RELIEF I felt yesterday evening (this wasn’t my mistake but it affected everyone).

    Anyhoo, going for an FD today after the drama.

    @maui still thinking of you with the desparate news of Maui

    @merryapple I had daffs at my wedding too as we got married in March and it’s my absolute favourite flower with its promise of Spring and new beginnings. Thinking of you xx

    Have a great Tuesday all.

    Day 15 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Yesterday morning – what a wind-up?! I tried to open my garage door with the remote, when it made a horrible screeching sound & then stopped when it was barely open. Then as I was inspecting it & noticing it was slightly dented, one of the other residents appeared & told me, “oh?! That happened on Saturday. Or maybe it was Friday? Anyway, it was a bakkie. I heard a bang when it reversed into your garage door, but I didn’t realise it was damaged & he just drove off”. Splendid. Anyway, long story short, I managed to get the door open with a crowbar about 40 minutes later. And I’m hoping to get the door replaced via our body corporate insurance. The current one must be 40 years old & is full of rust. It sticks out like a sore thumb next to the doors either side, which look quite new.

    @merryapple – congratulations! 🥳️ 🎯 Daffodils always remind me of my maternal grandmother. She adored them. She would have been 114 this month.

    @stitchincarol – “do you still “eat whatever you want” or has that changed, and you either naturally want less, or you consciously make more restrained choices on NFDs?” Oh, what a question? And so early in the day! 😅 I think it’s a combination of the two. I guess I eat what I want, within reason & knowing what’s good or bad for me, & what’s likely to put the weight back on. I’ve read so much about good/bad carbs & fasting, e.g. Jason Fung’s Obesity Code. So I try to apply that knowledge. I think everyone has to show restraint with food if they want to stay at a healthy weight. That’s the price we pay for having food in abundance. I drink a lot more water now too, although I don’t particularly enjoy it. It feels like a chore. But I drink a minimum of 1.5 litres per day & feel better for it.

    @songbirdme – enjoy your holiday in South Carolina. I enjoyed my visit to Charleston several years ago, with its historic buildings & horse-drawn carriages. It’s about 100 miles from Myrtle Beach though.

    @penz – have you been following the bizarre case in Victoria? According to CNN it’s ‘gripping the nation’. I think it will come to be known as ‘the mushroom murders’. A woman claiming to have accidentally killed her ex-husband’s parents & aunt with the most poisonous mushrooms known to man. And neither she or either of her two children happened to eat them, despite being at the same meal?! 🤔

    @daffodil2010 – oh no? So sorry your weekend was marred by work-related worries?! Bugger. Maybe you’ll get a raise or something for discovering the mistake?

    Pocket List – Day 15 💐

    Day 15 – USA/GA – FD?

    Weigh-in: 222 lbs. Yesterday turned into a bust. My original plan of another FD with a R.B. Salad was derailed by my attempting gumbo in a crockpot. Eww… did not turn out well. Sausage must have been too oily and the roux had little effect; also overcooked that way. Couldn’t even find any shrimp or most of the chicken or the four cups of okra!! Taste was OK. Just need to skim the fat after it cools and mix with rice then freeze up.

    But the derailment happened with some unexpected coworkers coming down to work on a project and then heavily insisted on lunch. If any silver lining in this, mom offered additional leftovers after the gumbo that were very tempting, and I kindly took them home and only had one small bite and told myself, “but I’m not hungry now. I’ll save this for another time.”

    Soooo, I’m moving my planned FD500 to today! Having that R.B. Salad at home to look forward to after work is somehow working for me, tricking me psychologically in a way that a WFD can’t.

    I know my mom’s homemade lasagna lurks one day this week. Could be tonight, but I’m hoping later in the week 🙂 If it happens again, I’ll postpone my FD to the next day. Thankfully, no work lunches this week, so anything is possible.

    Pocket List – Day 15 💐

    Day, 15, USA/Hawaii NFD
    Just checking in as I finally have access to Internet and able to communicate. We were finally able to locate our artists and gallery staff who lived in Lahaina and all are safe but lost their homes. Our prayers are with thosewho lost family and their homes. My Home is about 4 miles north of Lahaina where the fire took place.I was ok but without power cell signal and Internet. I finally needed a break, and I am staying in an Airbnb in another part of the island here I can communicate with family friends and start answering the many emails from our Gallery clients. Also came over here so that I could get back up to visit my husband at his resting place.
    Not sure what is next for me ….just trying to connect with friends who evacuated to this side of the island where everything is pretty much normal and we can meet at restaurants for a visit. I will post more happy to be able to connect here again.

    @maui – oh so relieved to hear from you — sending so many hugs and prayers for you and all of your island

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