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  • Hi everyone, I hope you all had a fabulous August. I had my birthday and 3 others to celebrate lol. I ate cake and had some alcohol and enjoyed both. Today I am 7lbs lighter than the 1st of August. X

    Day 30-No. VA USA-FD800

    Just a quick note to say I will be joining the September challenge and thank you to @stichincarol for hosting August and to @penz for hosting September. This past month, didn’t really lose weight but didn’t really gain, either. I will do better in September.

    The ongoing issue of personnel in our office took a bizarre twist yesterday. We had to get rid of a receptionist who was stealing from us over the past 6 months. We have had some interviews for replacements, and one of the prospects had, oddly, the same first name as our former employee. And, before we did her interview today, we did a security search on her online and discovered that in 2014 she was arrested for embezzling from a prior employer and sentenced to three years in jail for that. Yet, she is now cheerfully applying for a similar job!!!

    We cancelled the interview. Can’t wait to see what the other applicants have been up to….I think I take the stresses like this as an excuse to snack. I cannot blame these embezzlers for my weight issues, though!
    See you all in September!

    Day 30 – Rural Nebraska, USA – FD800 – 155.6

    Uneventful WFD yesterday, lovely number this morning, and general PFDS. I don’t yet have dinner planned, but I’ll figure out a way to enjoy it and still stick to 800 calories. I’ve figured out that with T/Th as WF and if I do FD800 on Wednesdays, that’s my pound a week right there; control on the other four days each week will guarantee–as much as that’s possible–a pound a week loss. So I’m focused and determined with that plan.


    Aww,@merryapple, I’m so sorry! DS26 is also sick, but hasn’t tested yet to know if it’s just a bug or the “real deal.” I hope you never get particuarly sick and recover quickly!

    @penz What PERFECT name for September; well done!! Not to get too cheesy, but I read the name and my heart swelled with confidence…I’m looking forward to the success of the 9th month of 2023!

    @jaifaim Do tell where you’re thiking of going; I envy how close you all are to famous old places! The States are rich in geographic beauty, but I also love the history and cultural stuff of Europe, and look forward to traveling there when DH retires, so any ideas you all share are VERY welcome! ❤️

    @funshipfreddie Yeah, I generally WANT lots of food (and I’ve always had a HUGE appetite), but my body has different ideas of what’s appropriate than my mind/appetite, so I’ve been suffering on a regular basis if I go with what my mind/appetite ask for. Slowly I’m learning…

    @northgeorgia I heard about Idalia and Georgia yesterday, and was glad to hear it would hit the SE corner of the state; now we can pray that part of the state doesn’t suffer particularly. YAY for an uncomplicated FD today!

    @jayegirl Happy birthday month, and WELL DONE on being down 7lbs!!!! 🎈🥇💐💪

    Wow, @excelsior12309, what are the odds of an applicant having the same first name AND also being guilty of embezzlement?? Whew, eh?

    Busy day today–the “season of busy” officially begins today–but all reasonably pleasant stuff, just necessary to keep moving. And tomorrow is the first Cornhusker football game, led by our new coach; it’s been so long since we had a truly successful season that it’s hard to have real optimism, but the signs look good so far, so perhaps…?? It’ll sure be fun to watch on TV, however!

    Have a grand one, everyone!

    This quote has resonated with me often over the years we’ve been using it: “It’s going to be hard, but hard is not impossible.”

    Pocket List – Day 30
    @funshipfreddie 🥚
    @excelsior12309 FD800
    @stitchincarol FD800

    Day 30 USA (Illinois) MFD

    Going to do a FD800 today that I am calling a modified FD. Hanging in there having lost the vacation weight of 2 pounds but still over where I want to be on maintenance by 5 pounds. Hope to get a handle on that while I clean out basement storage boxes that do NOT need to move to the new house.

    @stitchincarol – as always, you have been the most marvelous hostess. Thank you for your care for everyone here.

    @penz – I will be with you for September!

    Pocket List – Day 30
    @funshipfreddie 🥚
    @excelsior12309 FD800
    @stitchincarol FD800
    @songbirdme FD800

    Onward and downward.

    Day 31 NZ NFD 83.8kg

    This is a crazy weight after 3 pseudo FDs because I haven’t had the desire to eat anything much. I also know that once I regain my appetite the scales will go up…

    @jaifaim Thanks for your advice. The Mini One is the first model BMW produced in 2002 and is two door… Also my bike is an e-bike and weighs just over 20kg. I have thought about upgrading the car that can accommodate the bike. I take your point on if strapped to the outside it is exposed to dust and dirt and chips. Hmm much to think about.
    @ StitchinCarol Thanks so much for hosting August and your words of wisdom. You sound all fired up for a very Successful September!
    @excelsior12309 What rat bags you have had to deal with. I hope you pick the perfect replacement. Looking forward to being success in September with you and the gang!
    Welcome back @jayegirl

    Cheers big ears!

    Day 31, OMAD, Aus

    Usually a FD but I have a work function tonight, so I’ll fast until dinner time.

    What an odd coincidence, @excelsior12309!! At least you know which name to steer away from in future!

    Thanks for hosting @stitchincarol – you’ve been fabulous as always.

    See you all for a super successful September!

    Day 31 -Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Not finishing the month well. I am actually up from August start weight. It’s been a month of stuff going on.

    September is holiday month, well, starting from 22nd, so it will be successful before then.

    Thanks @stitchincarol for your super hosting.

    See you all in Successful September with @penz

    Day 31 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD 69.3 kg

    We had a mini-heatwave yesterday, when it went up to 34 C?! And still officially winter. I walked to the mall & then back again with two heavy bags of shopping, about a 5 km round-trip. I was a bit ravenous when I got back, but managed to stick to my FD. I got my wish of ending the month lighter than I started it – a whopping 0.1 kg lighter. I’ll take it 😅

    Horrific news this morning after a fire broke out earlier in a block of flats in Johannesburg. So far 60 + people have reportedly been killed. I also heard something about an earthquake in the same area, but I don’t know if the two incidents are related.

    @jayegirl – well done on the 7 lb loss, despite all the birthday celebrations! 🥇

    Congrats to everyone else who participated, maintained, made progress or just clung on to the wagon 🎯

    Thanks so much for hosting, @stitchincarol, & for keeping us on our toes with the questions 💐

    2nd Post – Day 31

    Pocket List – Day 31 🍏

    Day 31 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 218 lbs. Goal for August was 217 and I did hit that a few weeks back, just once, but 218 several times. So, I feel the month was successful, reflecting a lighter June weight than the heavier uptick in July.

    Next FD will probably be Monday (yikes); thanks, holiday weekend — then a stressful return to work. Still, it will be nice to get September on the same track downwards.

    Day 31 – Ireland – CD 🚫🚶‍♂️ ✅

    Hi all, happy to be back to maintenance zone. I’ll weigh again tomorrow as normal at the end of the week.
    It has been tough this month … Meds and life playing their part in the struggle but so very glad to be here.

    @stitchincarol thank you for your support this month. You have been a fabulous host – full of chat and enthusiasm ♥️

    @merryapple yes you’ll never get that bike in the mini but I wouldn’t upgrade a car just to accommodate a bike 🤣 I’m or would I? 🤣😂 I am a little precious with my good bike <10kg so luckily my car is big enough for it.

    @penz hope the function went very well!
    What terrible news from SA @funshipfreddie – that is just awful 😞. Bravo to you on the drop ⬇️ 👏

    Goodness what are the chances @excelsior12309!!! Just as well you did the checks…. Is it all in a name I wonder??? 😃

    @daffodil2010 you’ve had a tough month and some trips away… all very difficult to balance but you’re doing really well 🌟

    Hi @jayegirl and well done! You’ll have to share your route to 7lb ⬇️ success with us. 👏

    @northgeorgia like me you are bobbing around a number but … if you see it you will see it again… ✅

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 31 – Rural Nebraska, USA – WFD – 155.0

    I clocked in at 850 calories yesterday, and avoided the temptations of the day. Amazingly, they weren’t as tempting as they sometimes are, a big switch from the beginning of the month. I started my month weighing 161.4 on the 4th–who knows what I weighed on the 1st, but I shudder to consider how much worse it likely was, because I’d eaten with restraint on the 3rd, so know I weighed less on the 4th than I had on the 1st! So my official loss for August is 6.4 lbs, probably a record for me for a single month; tomorrow will be even higher after today’s WF. I’m thrilled with my re-found mojo, and am determined to keep losing and hit 140 by Christmas; August proves that’s entirely reasonable.


    @songbirdme Well done on losing your 2 vacation lbs; I’m sure the other 5 will happen, and possibly even quickly given both your determination and how busy you are as you get ready for your new house!

    @merryapple I just looked and on the last day of July you were 85.7kg, so whatever the reason behind your weight today, you’re down 1.9kg; that’s VERY impressive given you were on a trip (two??) and had loads of social engagements. Well, well done. I do hope you feel much better by tomorrow, and can start September in good health!

    @penz I love the confidence in your words, saying you’d normally be fasting today but for a work function, so you’ll fast until then. You’ve got this, and thank you for taking on September!!

    @daffodil2010 You may be up for August, but you went through some crazy health issues, and you’re not up boatloads I’m guessing, so I think you get to call it a successful month!

    @funshipfreddie Congratulations for ending August lower than you started it, and your temps yesterday are the same kind we’re having in August in Nebraska, LOL! That is indeed a heatwave, and I hope you’re at least a little cooler today.

    @northgeorgia Good job on being so close to your August goal; you’ve had some crazy stress, and you’ve shown solid fortitude and RESOLVE, so I agree it’s a success!

    @jaifaim How wonderful to be at your target weight again and not bobbing dramatically, as it’s so easy to do; with long bike rides like you love, you’re burning many calories, and your RESOLVE will keep you where you want to be, I’m sure.

    I’ll check in later to see if anyone else gives a final post for the month. Thanks for the kind words, everyone; hosting once again worked to regain my mojo and I’m delighted it’s as strong and full of RESOLVE as it is.

    I wonder how far around the world this news has gone? Nebraska had a volleball game yesterday that set both a world attendance record for ANY organized women’s sport event: Lots of people I know were there; our sons and we were planning to go, but the tickets sold out last spring much faster than we realized they were going to, so we had to watch on TV. What a fun state we live in!

    Pocket List – Day 31 🍏
    @stitchincarol WFD

    Have a grand one, everyone, and I’ll see you in September!

    @stitchincarol – we watched some of that Nebraska v. Omaha volleyball. WHAT A RECORD to fill the football stadium!! NB is a force to be reckoned with not only in the Big 10 but also nationally! Our ILLINI VB coach who did so well for us a few years back went to Stanford, and now they are ranked up high.

    Day 31 – USA

    Hello, all! Thanks, @stitchincarol, for hosting August and thank you, @penz for taking September! I got down to 140 on my birthday (17th), but bounced up and down to 146 and then to 144 over the past 2 weeks. Staying steady at 144, but eager to end the year at my goal of 136-137. Seems so hard to lose those last few lbs. after maintenance! Still enjoying all your posts!

    Second post

    Yeah, @songbirdme, Nebraska is really strong in volleball, and it was a joy to see that stadium filled!

    @metatauta You are so very close; just keep thinking about what the triggers are that keep you from sticking to any given day’s plan. Plus, check out @penz‘s trick for how to avoid eating something not on her day’s plan (in the September challenge); it’s brilliant. Well done for making all the progress you’ve made!

    [technically day 1]

    But @stitchincarol – I had to post. The Nebraska v. Omaha volleyball record crowd numbers made the radio news in Australia’s capital this morning. Over 90 000 people – it’s almost hard to comprehend that many people in one space. And volleyball is not played over a large area! Amazing stuff and so nice to see womens’ sport becoming more popular, and receiving better coverage and increases in salary. (I think English cricket announced yesterday that women would now be paid the same as the men. About time!)

    See you all in September!

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