5 weeks in..never felt better

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5 weeks in..never felt better

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  • 54 yr old M never done anything like this before but was keen to give it a try after watching Michaels great doco...5 weeks in I can report a loss of 9.3kg and 4 inches off waist.I find Monday and Weds work best for me for fast days ...I forget breakfast and get on with the day..dont eat until hungry and usually that is not til mid afternoon…then just a light meal for dinner and it`s all good. I know 5 weeks is a relatively short time however I really feel this is a life change for me…Thankyou for opening my eyes and closing my mouth!

    Amazing results and thank you for sharing as it is so important for us to encourage each other on this journey. A great WOL and I really hope Michael does read these threads so that he can understand what an impact he has had on so many lives…keep up the good work 🙂

    Thanks for the reply..yes ..he deserves a lot of credit

    pert, that is just great!

    This is so great! Im heading into my 6th week and feel amazing, too! Cheers!

    its good to hear so many people are changing their lives thanks to this

    7 Week update…11kg lost and had to buy new clothes!

    Just starting out today – interested to know what you tend to eat for your light meal and do you not have fruit or something before getting hungry?

    Hi Danemi…I usually have a poached egg on toast…

    I find it works better for me to hold off the fruit until later in the afternoon

    7 weeks in for me and I’ve lost just over a stone. I feel my whole mindset has changed. I no longer feel ravenous! I’m more aware of calories in food but not obsessively so. I’m more alert and no longer sluggish. I find I’m not thinking about food like I was initially in the beginning. I think you relax into a pattern and it’s so flexible to choose your fasting days each week to fit around social events. I need to start measuring myself because as some people have pointed out you may still weigh the same as last week but waist and limbs will have some shrinkage!
    A lady in my school playground has lost 49 lbs on this amazing way of eating and she’s my inspiration it can be done! X

    I agree..and if I can do it anyone can! Keep up the good work.

    Thanks perthblue. This is a way of life for me now.

    I have completed 8 weeks now…and I have to say the results are truly fantastic. I am finding the fast days a breeze and even my old danger period (evenings) have been managed well.
    Lost to date 12.4kg and that equates to 1.55kg per week.I have reached my xmas day target,so with continued good results I will have a little bit up my sleeve to counter the holiday season…then onwards and upwards in January.This really has been a game changer for me..and like I said… if I can do it anyone can ..and I tell everyone I meet about the 5:2..even my doctor is impressed!Thanks again Michael for educating me with your great work.

    Perthblue what a fantastic loss in such a short time. Do you count calories on your non fast days and do you have a lot to lose? I have been doing 5:2 for almost 9 weeks now and lost 8k’s but have weeks with no loss too. I agree this is so doable, I only do Mondays and Thursday and very conscious of what I eat on normal days, still have the odd ever indulgence but find the 5:2 very forgiving and often wonder of the over indulgence somehow kicks things back into working again, especially with a no loss week!….take care….CG

    Hi Countrygal…I do keep an eye on calories on non fast days but I am not stringent..I started at 111.6kg..now @ 99.2 and my aim is to get to around 86..so I am nearly half way!

    Hi everyone….wow magic results to catch up on…some great reading…congrats to all. I am on week 11 and have lost 8.6 kg…only 3kg to go. I am really content with this wol as it suits me perfectly and find it pretty easy to stick too. I so look fwd to my breaky after a fast…food never tasted so good!

    Just finished week 9…down exactly 13kg..gotta be happy with that!

    perthblue you have done amazing! Needed to read this thread today to keep me strong, feeling rather hungry and this has just spurred me on! It works 😀 Great job

    Keep going Dragon…how far in are you?

    I just weighed in and after 10 weeks have lost 14.2kg…reached my xmas target 2 weeks ago and now working towards my easter target (I have made allowances for xmas/new year which I intend to enjoy)I find the fast days quite easy because it works for me to skip breakfast anyway..hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday period.

    I’m only about a month in, but am seeing results already! Yesterday was rough, but I got through it. Hopefully today will be easier. I think we all deserve to enjoy the xmas period, I’m planning to adjust my fast days around it all, and hopefully not see any gain. Have a wonderful xmas and stay positive 🙂 So glad we can all come here for support.

    Hi everyone, this is week one for me so starting from scratch. My Dad lost an incredible amount of weight and looks a different man. Being an ex-rugby player/cyclist/runner I used to be very fit, due a pair of dodgy knees now (only 25 years old!) the weight has piled on – not helped at all by also hammering the sugary foods and beers that I banned myself from eating years ago.

    I’ve been trying to get back in to running but simply can’t hack the pain in the knees the day after. So going to give the 5:2 a go and see how I get on. I can weight train along with walking the dogs so that can be my cardio. I’m hoping to lose 15kg in total. 98kgs currently and buying new clothes isn’t a nice experience 🙁

    Can I just say a huge well done to everyone on here for the amounts you have all lost and it’s great to see everyone helping each other along!

    why ?

    Hi Slimjim…all I can say is that you stick to it it will work for you…If I can do it anyone can because I have been o/weight for a long time..but after 13 weeks on 5;2 I have dropped nearly 17k!..so go for it.

    Well done Perthblue. You’ve inspired me. I’m starting this diet this week and i’m hoping for good results. I think i’ll enjoy this, as ‘depriving’ myself (if you can call it that) of food for 2 days will be easier than counting every calorie every day. I’m feelinf inspired reading everyones posts.

    Congratulations Perthblue – this is what we need to hear!!

    Just started 5:2 this week so it is very inspiring to read posts such as this from people who have been doing 5:2 for a few weeks and months. What I like is that it is so flexible and no need to cut out any food groups which makes sense as the body needs all the micronutrients to function properly. Thank you

    Just to update..just completed my 13th week and have broken the 17 kilo mark..bearing in mind xmas/new year/summer holiday (which I am still on ) to say I am pleased with this result would be an understatement..keep on keeping on even if you have a bad day..it is only one day.

    Well done this is exactly what I need to read to keep my going through my fast days it spurs me on and this is only my second day of fasting today I hope I have your determination never before have I been excited to lose weight. Thank you for sharing your journey Perth blue

    Perthblue you are my inspiration!! First fasting day today and i can honestly say so far i’m not hungry at all, though i know i may feel a few pangs later! It helps that i’ve been really busy at work. Think my other fast day will be Saturday but i may adjust this next week to 2 week days as i’m off weekends and not sure how easy it’ll be at home, feel its easier at work but we’ll see.
    Anyway today i’ve mainly had fruit and a nutrigain bar, lots of water a few coffess which i take black. Dinner is going to be sardines on toast. I now its very early days but i’m feeling inspired and looking forward to having ‘normal’ meals tomorrow.

    This is inspiring me.
    It’s day one for me today, and I’m struggling and obsessing over food.
    Not made easier than my six year old hitting the fridge!
    I don’t think today was a good day to start, but I felt that if I didn’t start ASAP I would keep procrastinating!
    Thanks again!

    17 week update..18kg! ..considering we are still on summer holiday and I have relaxed my calorie counting I am well pleased..if anyone is talking themselves out of starting 5;2 because of an upcoming event…don`t ! it is very flexible and any weight loss is better than a gain..so go for it.

    Did you find it got easier or more challenging once the novelty of first week or two has passed?

    I’ve done 2 weeks now, so 4 fast days and lost 3.4 kilos! I’m so pleased especially as i polished off the remains of my xmas choccie on my feast days!

    steveric3..I found it gets easier with each week..because you get a bit better at it as time goes by..and you know what to expect…well done nancydrew!

    Yeah i’ve found it easier you get to know what foods fill you up keep you from feeling hungry on fast days. I find soup and fruit is a big help for me.

    Just to give a 18th week update…down 19.4kg…pleased with that after holiday period where I wasn`t all that focused..back to normal now..next target 20kg! keep at it!

    Hit the 20kg mark today..19 weeks

    Very encouraging to read all these messages. Cant wait to start 5:2 for me (getting my bloods done first so can compare later) and hope I get fantastic results as you all have! 🙂

    I’m nearly 48. I heard about this diet on the radio a few weeks ago when the author was being interviewed. I don’t normally do the latest “in vogue” diets but this was ticking all the boxes for me…specifically with regards to glucose intolerance.

    I was diagnosed with glucose intolerance two years ago, which probably shouldn’t have been a surprise to me given the fact I’m 6′ 5″ tall but weighed in at a decidedly unhealthy 28 stone.
    Anyway..I started this diet after reading the book from end to end on the 26th of January. As of today,(12th February) I have lost 15lbs in weight.
    I chose Mondays and Wednesdays as my Fast days, simply because Monday was post-weekend when I was likely to have indulged to excess. Wednesday was preferred as I didn’t want two consecutive fast days bearing down on me each week. At least I could always look forward to a normal day of eating after a fast day, which helps immensely in my case.
    I dont have any specific weight loss target in mind,but I thought that 7 stone in a calendar year would be a good start.
    So watch this space!

    Wow you have inspired me I started yesterday and already woried it is too good to be true I have 28 weeks until my wedding and want to loose 2 half st this has mortivated me thank you

    Ah you’ve all made me so excited to see my progress in 5-6 week’s time!

    I am very impressed by you all too, especially Perthblue! I have done 1 fast day yesterday, and lost 1 lb which put me down to a new stonage, so a good start! I found it much easier than I expected and was amazed to feel no carb/sugar cravings at all – I normally just have a wee sweet thing after tea, but had no desire for it, so am very intrigued by that – I had heard that carbs make you crave more carbs, so maybe this is the proof. Anyone else notice that?

    Not sure about the carbs thing ..but I know in my case I just forget about eating on fast days for as long as poss (usually I get to about 3pm) and then have a poached egg on toast or similar..that way I still have plenty of calories left for early evening..my danger time!

    5 weeks could be down about 9 kilos is a successful venture. But does it apply to everyone? If like me who are already obese offspring how? Please help solution!

    Well I was very overweight at 112 kg…so I simply do what I do on fast days and watch my intake is not above 1800 calories on the other 5 days..very little exercise to be honest..and if I can do it then I think anyone can..but the key is you have to be aware of what you are eating on non fast days or you will undo all the good of the fast days..and if you do splurge at anytime just adjust for it afterwards..if you stick to it it will work..it is simple mathematics..intake v outake…just got to give it the time to work.

    Wow you are so inspiring perthblue I am on my 2nd fast day and am feeling better by reading your post. I have lost 7 lb by calorie counting but thought I would give the 5 2 diet a go. I have quite a long way to go to reach my ideal weight and think this could work for me. Thank you for keeping track of your weight loss

    Still going strong…weight loss now @ 21k still getting good results after 21wks

    That is impressive Perthblue, but weight loss may not work as fast for everyone else. I started a month before you, e.g. October 2014. I cycle to work as well as go to the gym on most days. Weight loss to date is 8 kg. I’m very happy with this and will continue of course. Just thought I share this with others in case people feel despondent if they can’t achieve the same quick results.
    Our bodies are all different, some will take longer to respond to fasting than others. Hunger doesn’t bother me anymore and I can exercise without having had food. Works for me but may not be the same for others.
    Just experiment and stick to the diet for a few months.

    I agree Arry..everyone is different and we all lead different lives..I just wanted to show that even long term overweight people like me can get good results…not to compare.Any weight loss is good and should be celebrated in the right way.

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