5 weeks in..never felt better

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5 weeks in..never felt better

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  • Hello, I have just finished my 6th week. I have lost 17 lbs and 4 inches on my waist. I have been very strict with my fast days, usually eating cooked veggies, some fruit and a couple of hard boiled eggs. I do not eat anything after 5 PM on the fast day. I find drinking herbal tea helps curb the appetite. I am still having a hard time believing this is actually working. It is changing my life. I finally confronted the fact that I was obese and came to terms with the consequences of my poor diet. I knew that I was on the threshold of having long term health problems if I didn’t do something different. I am so very thankful for this program. I am feeling more confident and am hoping to start an exercise program as well. I appreciate all the comments that people share in the forums. This is my first post and I hope it helps motivate as others have helped to motive me.

    Top effort sciencejunkie! stick with it because it does continue to work.

    Hi I have just started 5 2 this week and have just joined this group. Well done on your fab weight loss. I have a wedding in September and hoping to loose 2 stone. You have done really well.

    That’s so great perthblue! I do think eating a light and healthy way is important. I lost weight by learning how to cook at home instead of eating out. Fasting is great tool, but doing it a couple times a week may slow down your metabolism. I think making light and prepped meals when you’re hungry would be great. I recently started using the mobile app, SideChef to inspire with new healthy recipes and teaches me how to prepare them. It definitely helped me lose weight by just eating small light portions. What do you think?

    I think the key to ongoing weight loss and then maintaining a realistic weight is understanding that everything that goes into your mouth has a calorie value..and that you need to keep your daily calorie intake @ the level that will work for you…so it doesnt matter how you do it..its mathematics really…calories in V calories out = …

    I should just update my journey is now @ 21 weeks and I have lost 21.8k

    Hi all, just to join in really. I have lost about 20lbs in 7 weeks on the diet. Have found that only eating in the early evening works the best for me. Perthblue you are dead right. It has made me look at everything I eat,not only fast days. I do exercise regularly and cycle to work daily. Thanks for the post’s as they keep everything that I am doing in perspective.

    Good work Steve2412! I find this forum is a great source of encouragement.

    Hi all!

    I’ve been doing 5-2 since jan 2. I lost 7 pounds. While this doesn’t sound Luke much I only was aiming to lose 10. I had a business thrip feb 27 to March 3. I fasted the 2 days leading up to te trip and began again yesterday. I ate and drank so much during the trip! Huge group meals, cocktails and major dinners every night. Sickening. I am fasting today and decided not to weigh myself for at least a week or two! Was terrified that I gained 5 pounds in 5 days! Is that even possible? This forum helps me stay motivated and focused! It’s a great resource for me. I believe it makes a big difference towards success with this WOL. Thx to all who participate! 🙂

    another update..down to 88.9kg now..that`s 22.8kg in 22 weeks…what a result! Keep at it people because it does work if you watch your intake on non fast days as well..I am having around 1500 cals on a non fast day.

    Well done Perthblue. You’re very insprirational and that’s so important to us.

    17 days and I lost 3.2 kgs

    That`s a good result krishna..is this the first time you have tried the 5/2?

    Hi perthblue,

    Yes, this is the first time. Infact on non-fast days also, I’m maintaining a calorie deficit (because of my religious fasting which is for 19 days). In the past 13 years, I’ve never seen myself weighing in 70’s, but now, its awesome to see my weight 79.2kgs. I was initially weighing 97kgs.

    Yes..it`s a good feeling!

    Hi everyone,
    Its great to hear such a positive bunch of 5-2ers. I only have to lose around 8 kg – I want to drop from 65 back down to my ideal 58 and couldn’t shift the weight which I was blaming on aging/menopause. But no, it was bad food habits and since reading the Fast Diet book, I lost 3kg first week, and am enjoying feeling hungry on the fast days. As a bonus, I don’t feel the need to eat huge amounts on the non fast days, but I know that I can eat whatever I want and it will still be good for my health, if not the scales. Remember, that on the weeks when you don’t lose weight, you are still doing good for your blood pressure, glucose tolerance, cholesterol etc. I am feeling great after 2 weeks and when I feel hungry on a fast day, I think to myself, oh good, my body is probably repairing itself. Win/win situation.

    Congrats, great results!

    Still going! 25 weeks and 24kg later..just re-reading the book to keep me motivated!

    I’ve now lost 13.4 kg in 3 months thats just under 2 stone.
    Love it, best thing i have ever done.

    Good work NancyDrew! Keep it up

    16 kg lost now since Jan!

    Hi Nancydrew your weight loss achievement is fab – am in the second week of the 5-2 and am pleased with my weight loss – it is one of the few times of taking part in a new eating plan that I can actually feel and see the results so quickly – I have loads of weight to lose so guess that losing 17lbs is how it starts but am very enthused by the numbers going downwards on the scales – will attempt to keep all motivation levels at full pelt! Will not reward myself with too much ‘nice’ food on the non fd days and also keep the lid on the wine bottle!!

    Thanks FizzyLizzy. Its the best eating plan i’ve ever done and def something i find easy to stick to.
    Sound slike you are doing well already! Keep it up.

    Well done you lot! Keep it up.!!

    I’m 11 weeks on and 14 pounds / 2 inches lost. 2 gluttonous business trips and Easter break meant I actually gained a bit of weight in the middle, but the overall downward trend is most satisfying. At this rate I’ll hit my June target of 10 stone nearly a month early; I’m wondering how far I should then pursue it? If I lost another 7 pounds I’d be at a weight I’d not seen since I was a teenager, and I’m 57 now!

    Like many I choose to save my fast day calories till the evening so I can eat something normal with my wife. Couple of poached eggs or baked beans on toast with a mug of tea sees me through to breakfast the following day. (I’ve completely ignored all the meal suggestions in the book; trying to eke out 600 calories into 2 meals and a snack seems to result in some odd and often tiny suggestions)

    The most remarkable result has been that my blood test came back showing normal levels of cholesterol and triglycerides for the first time ever, and the doc’s no longer nagging me about statins / fibrates.

    some great stories on here,finished my 2nd day really enjoying it,doing it to lose weight ..

    nancydrew,youve done fab …

    Coming towards the end of my second week – friends are amazed at the difference already – skin looking good, a waistline, much more energy and happier. Sticking to TDEE and second fast day of the week tomorrow and then weigh on Saturday. Always good to read posts from people a bit further on as it is so motivating.

    Congrats everyone, would try anything to keep focused. Lost 9 kg since January, Its slow coming off me but at least its happening now when it really wasn’t before this diet. Have had the odd binge in there which hasn’t helped but cutting them out almost completely now. Alcohol has been a killer in slowing my progress..looking forward to being in my best nick since my teens come July.

    Hello everyone
    This is my first post on the forum – I hope to record a fantastic weightloss journey like perthblue started. This is my first week on the diet and I am going to have fast days on Mondays and Thursdays. I have felt hungry today but like others have posted here I have stayed strong and got inspiration from the amazing weightloss stories here. Thanks for sharing – it’s very inspirational – I want to lose weight like you all are 🙂
    Keep posting

    Hi all – first week and 1.5 kg lost!

    Five weeks completed and 10 lbs lost as well as a few inches. So inspiring to read these posts and agree that once you get used to 5:2 it does get easier. Choosing healthy options, eating when necessary, being able to eat everything but taking note of the portion sizes. Must admit my will power is not good, so to keep away from ‘tempting’ foods such as chocolate and biscuits I don’t have them in the house. Yesterday there were chocolate samples in the supermarket – kept walking past and ate 8 squares!They seemed very sweet and sickly so next time I’ll give them a miss.

    SW 139 CW 128.6 GW 125 lbs

    Great to read all the positive notes…in my case I did hit a bit of a wall around 6 weeks ago..I didn`t change anything but my weight loss stalled for 4 weeks straight..no gain either though.I decided to stop fasting for 2 weeks (still kept an eye on calorie intake) and weight stayed static.I then reverted to 2 fast days a week and hey presto..dropped weight again…so may have been the jolt I needed after over 30 weeks…

    Just finished day 2. I feel ok, but keep fantasizing about what I can eat tomorrow! I hope I can control myself.
    Perthblue, I have been overweight for about 11 years, I feel so down about it. Thank you so much for your posts. I now see hope, congratulations and you are now officially my inspiration 🙂

    Hi Charley…the best advice I can give is to only think as far ahead as each day..it can get a bit overwhelming otherwise..and don`t beat yourself up if you slip…you can always fix it with your next meal

    I am also long term overweight. I have lost weight lots of times but my trouble has been maintaining the loss. I have been very distressed about this. I eat in a normal nutritious way and do light exercise. I have just started this food programme and have high hopes reading your posts and other information. Starting weight 113kg. I am excited.

    I am 2 weeks in and have lost 3.9 kg and 3 cm off my waist.
    I have never been on a diet in my life but now I really need to lose a third of my body weight to get back to the healthy weight I was 20 years ago – before having children – the past two weeks have been really easy for me to do and I am really enthused by the results and feeling so much better about myself and my future.
    My goal at the moment is to stick to it for the next twelve months to allow for the formation of new habits and then see how I’m going.I have no doubt I will continue and this will become my lifestyle not just a diet.

    Good to read the posts…I started in October 2014 so well on the way now…I must admit human nature being what it is I am not as strict with my food intake as I was,however some extremely valuable lessons were learned along the way and I have never felt better. I look at the bigger picture now rather than a day at a time and I just make an adjustment for any extra food I eat…so I dont feel deprived or naughty..its a conscious decision..and I am in control .Good luck everyone!

    Started in Jan, now lost 19.8 kg!

    12 months on…..ok I am still going..I admit not as stringent these days but still embracing the whole concept…never felt better!

    perthblue your story is awesome! such a positive read 🙂
    I have just started this week and today is my 2nd fasting day, wow it is so much easier that the first!
    I am getting married in 5 months so I am hoping this will let me lose the last 5-10kgs I need to be in the best shape. I have been working out for a while but every week there would be NO loss. Just goes to show that it’s all about what you eat and not about the hours at the gym.
    After not even 1 week I have lost 1.5kgs which is quite a bit for me – 2% of my body weight. I can see this as a lifestyle change and am excited to start this journey, am 25 yrs old so want to be in the best shape ever 🙂

    Thanks everyone for their inspiration!

    Hi all,

    I just started yesterday and am inspired by all your posts. Its amazing. have struggled with weight my whole life and tried many diets. So starting with skepticism but trying to be hopeful. Want to loose about 13 to 15 pounds. You have all inspired me to hang in there and see what happens.. Reading all this is what helps.

    Thank you again.

    Perthblue what an amazing weight loss, I really needed to read this thread as it has inspired me no end.
    Well done and keep it up.

    I think one of the best things about the 5:2 is that it is extremely flexible..and if you do fall off the wagon..you just get straight back on.

    Congrats to all of you. An inspiration. I am just on day 2. Had one fast day and one eat day. I was almost afraid to eat today but have to get out of that mindset and trust all your stories and my body and the process.

    Thank you for all your posts and providing an inspirational road map for the rest of us.

    Live in Newcastle, Australia. Currently 43yo and weigh 86kgs which is what I weighed when at full-term pregnancy!!! Am even more devastated because in Sept 2012 I won a body transformation competition at 58kg!!!
    I have had a tough 18months… Losing my Dad and finding myself in an increasingly psychologically abusive relationship which saw me attempt suicide Oct 4th, 2014. I have spent a lot of time in a 5-star psych unit where the food was amazing… And the weight kept creeping up and up! I am hoping the 5:2 is the answer for me. It was actually suggested to me by my psychiatrist! Fingers crossed!!!

    JenB. So sorry to hear about everything you have gone through. It’s not surprising that you have struggled with weight. Appreciate your honesty in sharing your story and struggle. Glad you are here and hope people’s stories help support and inspire you. All the best. You can do this and are amongst many who are doing it and succeeding.

    Its been a while since I posted..just a quick update...I now only fast one day a week but am glad to say the weight has stayed off..I kept an old pair of trousers that used to be a tight fit before I started and now I reckon I could fit in them twice....the best bit of advice I can offer is even if you fall off the wagon...just start again next day...and dont be too hard on yourself..it probably took a long time to gain the weight and it will take a while to lose it….I know its a cliche but one day at a time.

    I started the two day fasting diet after seeing the Horizon programme. I am very skeptical of diets but the evidence seemed compelling. Since starting it 9 weeks ago I have lost 7kg in 9 weeks and my weight has now stabilised. My BMI is now 23, about right for my build. I hill walk and at 64 was finding the steep slopes a struggle but my fitness and stamina have improved enormously and now find little problem getting up a mountain. I should say that I have combined the diet with a fitness programme of my own design.

    Another unexpected benefit of the diet is that it appears to have cured my IBS problem. I had IBS for 15 years and it was so bad that I gave up my job as an engineering consultant as travelling was becoming a problem. It seems that giving the digestive system a couple of days off was all that was required. I would provide photos of my newly acquired 6 pack if this site would accept them.

    Well done Lazlo! Congratulations. You have found a new you and a new lufestyle all at once.


    Perthblue you’re so inspiring to me.
    Just finished my first week.
    Really curious to know how you are a year later.

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