4 week challenge Phase 2 begins Friday 1st July

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4 week challenge Phase 2 begins Friday 1st July

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  • Final weight: 78.2 Kg

    Thank you all!!

    You are awesome!

    Just checking in today. Fasting went well. 36hours. Still find it amazing that I can do it.
    Will leave my weights and measures until tomorrow, if that is ok.
    Well done everyone and welcome to Emily.

    Ok here are my figures for this part of the challenge. I was going great guns with a low of 76.1kg after one Fast but i messed it up a bit at the end.
    Starting weight 77.9kg
    Finishing weight 77kg
    That could have been a loss of 4lbs but ended up being 2lbs. Sorry 6lb buddies ☺️
    On the positive side i am learning so much about myself and why i eat what i do and when, i feel stronger and think i can make some real changes if i stick to this.
    I have also lost 2 cm from my hips and 2 from my waist.
    Overall weight loss from when i started at the 30th July is 2.2 kg, -2cm bust, -7cm waist, -6cm hips.
    BMI from 25.6 to 24.9 – i’m Now in the healthy weight range!

    Thanks Coda and the whole group, you all help so much. Looking forward to looking good for a wedding on September 4th and to looking amazing at Christmas and more importantly staying that way!!

    Surrey UK Day -0?

    Weigh in at 97.9 Kg, up from last week but I was expecting this. Once I get back from Stourbridge to Surrey the routine will be back, though it is not really a reason. Changing life-long habits won’t happen overnight, but it WILL happen.
    My aim is for 75 Kg, because that is the last time I felt happy with the weight. I am looking at it over a year…3 months in and 1 Kg more than it should be at this point.
    Just continue, slow and steady! I said 3 lbs for this challenge, but can’t work out if it got there or not. Oh well!

    Backtothefuture – Who could blame you? lol. I am allergic to seafood, but it does sound delicious! I hope you enjoyed it.

    HollyLJ – Congrats on getting to your healthy weight range! Well done. I am sure you will look amazing in September and more importantly feel amazing!

    Neostaford – Congrats – that’s a great loss. And happy birthday 🙂

    Fuvvie – Well done on the loss girl! You have done so well you should be so proud of yourself 🙂

    Quebecoise – You poor thing. Rest up and take it easy and hopefully you will feel better soon.

    NorthernDawn – I have found the same thing with weighing in. I was weighing weekly and would have no loss and then the next loss a big loss. As you say, some days you are just heavier than others. I try and not get disheartened and look at the monthly loss more than anything else 🙂 My tracker is just pointing down, lol!

    Anna6 – Good luck with weighing in today 🙂

    UK day 0+1 I’m declaring a measly 1lb loss for the last challenge ,done and moving on, I’m aiming to stay steady until 1st Sept then looking to have a good month, want to get rid of the yo-yo ing and settle down to a more even pace,as Northern Dawn reminded us we’ll be thinking about Christmas soon !

    Hi all

    Well thats it..2 week bonus challenge completed, which ended with a 36 hour water fast. Amazed I can achieve that!
    Well done to everyone else who did yesterday’s fast too. It helps me to know that others are doing it and going through the same things!
    Im going to continue with the 36 hour water fasting on Mondays unless something is happening….its my kind of reset after the weekend! I know I shouldn’t let go as much at weekends, but I enjoy it so I just need to build it into my way of life!

    So the results are in.

    4 week July challenge: Aim was for a loss of 5.5lbs to get me down to 10.5
    By the end of the challenge I had achieved 3.5lbs and was down to 10.7 so 2lbs short.

    The 2 week bonus challenge: Aimed to lose those 2lbs and I finished at 10.5 and a half, so 1.5lbs managed and just half a pound off aim.

    Im happy with that, as I have had a holiday in the middle of that!

    Since beginning of July I have lost 5lbs and 1% fat so its shifting! A few weeks ago the scales had me at 35% fat, but now Im at 36% even with the weight lower, so dont quite understand whats going on there.

    Next is to focus on my NFDs…like others, I relax too much, dont calorie count and come in way over TDEE.

    For the challenge, I worked out my TDEE as per what it would be at my goal weight rather than based on what I weigh now, so I get used to eating the right amount. I have tried to aim 5% below that and keep my activity as sedentary, to cut the cals a bit more.
    Im going to try and maintain that and see what happens.

    Debbie…sign me up for September, I need some support for the non fasting days!

    Ive started recording again on MFP…its the only way for me…otherwise I have licence to eat what I like!!

    There are too many people on here to individually reply to, so just want to say well done to everyone to sticking with the challenge to the end, hopefully you will have had some success.
    Thanks to Coda for leading us and Ciren2 and co for the support in the 36 hour fluid fasts.

    Onwards all!

    Kay x

    Day +1 (?) Cotswolds, UK: Non Fast day. Completed the 36-hour water-fast yesterday….but no weight loss from it!!! Did my other buddies do it? Patti67, I see you did, hooray.
    For the record:
    Overall weight-loss since 31st July (Phase 2, I think) measly 4 pounds!

    However, counting from the beginning (1st May) the total lost is: 24 pounds!
    Not much to go to my target…just 2 or 3 pounds now.
    Thanks Coda xx

    Hi all

    First I want to give this to Debbie

    Thank you for taking over the reins for September.

    It gives me great pleasure to present this…..


    and this…..

    to the following people who completed Phase 2 with all the little add on’s and confusion I created.


    Please let me know if I have left anyone out, it is certainly not intentional

    The amount of weight is not the most important thing – so whether you got your goal or not, you have been presented with the champagne and medal for seeing this phase through to the end. For staying with it even if you didn’t know quite what the hell I was doing lol. Everyone truly deserves their presentation. I hope you have learnt more things along our journey and you all continue to give support to the amazing people on this thread. Thank you x


    B2TF – it doesn’t matter if you have 10 or 100 lbs to lose – this is a journey we take together and sometimes those with more to loose learn the most.

    HannahW – I am so sorry you are being pulled in all directions – please take time to take care of you – without you who will look after the others. I can only imagine how difficult this is especially as your brother is a plane journey away. I have a nephew who has a drink problem along with other issues but he can’t face up yet to the fact he does have a problem. My sister was killed when he was small and although he has a brother who seems to have survived and grown up without these problems his younger brother is not so lucky. I do admire the help you are trying to provide and I hope your brother gets the help he needs.

    I’ll pop in from time to time before and during my hols if I can but will catch up with most of you in September on my return. Liz x

    I did not see my name on the new challenge list, it was in the previous two challenges, not only participated in the bonus because he was sick.

    Please include me, I love you guys!

    Having a last ditch FD, but for now will simply accept 2pond lost during the 2 week countdown…of course, these were 2pounds I’d gained during the holidays, but really hoping that whne we kick-start again in September I’ll be able to tell you they are 2 pounds thoroughly gone!
    See you Sept 1st.

    Day -0 USA (Illinois)

    Whew! Made it through the challenge but didn’t lose the 4 I had hoped, but did lose 2 of them! I am at 164.8 and happy about it. Getting closer to my goal weight of 160, at least goal for now. If I can maintain 160, then I might really want to lose more.

    I’ve had friends caution me about becoming wrinkly if I lose too much at my age (68). I can tell my whole body skin is certainly looser but hopefully my face won’t be as bad!

    I look forward to meeting our new challenge for September as well. GO DEBBIE! Thanks so much, Coda, for all your hard work and efforts. This has been terrific. Love the champagne and medal! Thank you so much!

    aaw, thanks Coda!….for everything.

    California, USA Day 0. I forgot to post yesterday but had a successful FD. I was so busy getting ready for my trip that I didn’t really think about eating. My weight today shows a 4 lb weight loss for this challenge. I don’t know quite how that happened but l’ll take it. I now weigh 166 lbs. I am off to Tennesse to see my son for a week. I hope to maintain or even yo-yo in the 160’s during my vacation.

    I am looking forward to the next challenge. I need to get my NFD under better control. I have lost a total of 22 lbs since April. There was one challenge where I didn’t lose weight. I know it was due to my choices on NFD.
    Quebecoise: I hope you are feeling better. I have seen a lot of patients with similar symptoms at work. Make sure you stay well hydrated.

    Coda: Thank you for starting these challenges. They really helped to keep me on track with the 5:2 WOE, especially when I would wander off a bit. This entire thread has been a huge inspiration for me to stick with the program.

    DebbieQ: Thank you for leading the next challenge. Congratulations on your successful weight loss.

    Wishing everyone a successful week. I am looking forward to The September challenge.

    Gozo, Malta

    Thanks Coda for the medal and champagne. But I did not make it to a 5 lbs loss. ETJ Wishing me luck was essential, thanks for it. I lost 4 lbs 10 ozs but not 5 lbs. on 29 th July I was 71.7 kilos and today I’m 69.6 kilos a 2.1 kilos loss.

    I hope to hear from you ETJ and you too Coda soon.

    Neostaford happy birthday.

    Debbie now do we report on 1 September here?

    Onwards and downwards to all you beautiful people. Happy Tuesday.

    Ok Day 0 -1, Los Angeles CA. NFD.
    Coda, thanks for trying to explain the phases and how to calculate — if I knew when the phases started I know your instructions would work for me! 😉

    Since I don’t, I’ll just wing it:
    Since 8/1/16 I’m down 4.8 lbs (so yay I made it to my 4 lb loss goal!).
    Since 6/30/16 I’m down a total of 7.6 lbs
    Since starting with 5:2 on 3/14/16 I’ve lost a grand total of 27.6 lbs. (I’ve had to lose some of them twice due to the yo-yo affect!)

    So good job to me, and to all of my comrades here. GoGoGo!

    Hi Annaide

    Sorry I didn’t include you as you hadn’t posted for a while – please accept this medal


    and these


    to make you feel better! x

    Hi Anna6 – it doesn’t matter that you didn’t make the ‘5lbs’ it was the trying, it was the sticking to it. If I had told you all you were going to get a bottle of champagne anyway no matter what, would you have tried the same, would there have been the same competition? Setting goals don’t always work – it can make you feel great if you get there but deflated if you don’t. Me personally, setting a specific goal doesn’t work – I will stick to setting my mini goals and tick off when achieved whether that is this month or next – in the big picture it doesn’t matter it is getting there. How do I know this? By trial and error – find what works, learn what doesn’t work. Same with these challenges it is sticking with it whether you have had a good one or not to good it is being here at the end. That is why everyone got a medal and everyone got a bottle of champagne – cus you earned it.

    Phase 2 started 1st July and ended 29th but then I decided to add a little twist and so we really continued until August 22nd – just over 7 weeks.

    Gozo, Malta

    Forgot to add since starting the 5:2 or 4:3 on 6 June 2016 I lost 9.6 kilos or 21 lbs. I was 79.2 kilos and I’m now 69.6 kilos.

    My clothes have started to get big for me and I moved to smaller sizes I was European 14/16 now I’m size European 12.

    My target weight is 64 kilos or 141 lbs. that would get my bmi below 25.

    Have a great evening/day everyone and onto the next challenge.

    Weigh-in Day Minnesota, USA NFD

    July 1-July 29, a net loss of 3 lbs (that’s not including the 5 lbs I gained and then lost in the middle of the month during vacation and grandchildren staying with me). July 29 to August 23 a loss of 5 lbs. Total loss since July 1 of 8 lbs.

    Total loss since beginning 5:2 on April 12 is 23.6 lbs, (or 10.7 kg). BMI is now 22.6. Goal weight is 140 lbs (or 10 stone, or 63.7 kg), so I have 4.4 lbs to go, as of today. If I can get there and maintain for a month or so, I will reassess and decide whether or not to lose another 5 lbs.

    Exercise element of challenge:
    Did squats, press-up/push-ups 3 times week. The squats really helped increase strength in legs and knees. Did planks 2 times a week for 30 sec only, rest, and repeat. Still hate them. Will not continue with planks. I think there are better core exercises for me. I walked 3k 3-5 days a week. Will not continue HIIT during walks, as I don’t enjoy it and I need my walks to be peaceful and stress relieving.

    Thank you for everything, Coda! I don’t think I’d have made it this far and with such enjoyment along the way, without these challenges of yours and this group of supportive, wonderful people. Thank you all!

    Thanks for the medal and champagne Coda and for all the time you put in to co-ordinating everything.
    Congratulations to everyone…loss or no loss we have all honoured our commitment to change our lives and get where we want to be. It can only make us stronger. See you all in September xx

    K-Lo reporting in. Final weight for this challenge. 121.7, which is UP. 10 days of vacation and my willpower is toast…carbs…er…too much food.

    Anyway, I am in for the September challenge and will a week of “back to school” thinking, I will get back to 120 for a starting weight.

    On the plus side, this is first time I have spent any length of time at my country house without waking up in the morning and cursing the bed. No lower back pain! I think a combination of new exercises, a brilliant massage therapist and the MELT method is really working.

    Gozo, Malta

    Thanks Coda for your encouragement. It’s true I tried harder to stick to my fasting knowing there was a weight loss of 5 lbs. I’d have hoped to make it. But what you say is true it’s the trying that matters.

    Good night.

    Thank you for the prizes Coda and your kind words – much appreciated xx

    US Day ???…. NFD. I feel like I’m violating the federation rules by not having a day to report LOL… Big trekkies in this house 😊

    Running around like a blue ass fly all day… feels good to put my feet up for a sec.

    Coda – Thank you for my “big stick” .. I got a kick out of that. As I said before, I will wield it wisely and pass it on to JFitzy in October. I hope you have a wonderful time on your well deserved vacation and look forward to you rejoining us when you get back. It just wouldn’t be the same without seeing your name on the feed.

    Anna6 – I will post a new link for the September challenge before it starts and we will go from there.

    Thank you for the medal and the champagne but thank you even more for your time, your support and your perseverance. You gave a positive attitude to this forum and the challenges.

    I am still sick today. Resting a lot and fasting.

    I will be back for the next challenge.

    Bonne journée x

    Hi uk what no day? it does feel strange Debbie lol

    Before I turn in for the night I just wanted to say how amazing you all are. When I read what you have achieved, the commitment you have shown – you really can do anything and it starts with believing you can do it. Go for it!

    Hope you feel better soon Quebecoise x

    Sunshine Coast Aus Day +1: THANK YOU Coda for the champagne and medal. I think it is wonderful. I shall look forwards to the next challenge under the guidance of DebbieQ and keep trying to meet my goals here in the meantime. It’s been a great journey and I must admit I didn’t feel like I was competing with anyone, just using mateship, encouragement, inspiration to keep me pointed in the right direction. I have been pushing myself obsessively as I have so far to go, one kilo after the other. I’m in the same boat as others on this thread. And we are getting there. Well done everyone.

    Cornwall UK weigh in day. lost 4lbs and happy with that. thank you 6lb buddies for your support, wish I could have met the challenge! I will make it! well done to every one.
    Looking forward to the next challenge.

    Day 00: Pacific NW USA, liquid FD

    Why 5:2 is good for me:
    I’ve lost weight
    My blood pressure is down
    I have stamina and energy
    I look better
    My clothes fit better
    I have fewer head aches
    I can over eat on one day and not despair!

    I’m now at 31 hours into a 48 hour liquid fast after a complete seafood bacchanal. I feel great even if I had to return to work today. I’ll weigh-in tomorrow and report my stats for this challenge. Thanks for the medal and champagne in advance, Coda, have a great holiday and thanks for your words of support!

    Que and asweet – I guess you can catch a bug on the Internet, (Ha!), hope you are both feeling better!

    Northern – I so appreciate your acceptance of the challenge I’ve set for myself. I would not have gotten even this far without you and all our friends. I’ll have a better chance of persevering through the months ahead by remembering your kind words!

    I read quickly but am so impressed with all the great results – even feeling better when you wake up, K-lo! Brighton and Holly – any loss is still downward and you are winners! Kay – congrats, great results and you’re not short of anything, just where you want to go next! Ciren – nothing measly about your numbers! Dizzy, Minois, Anna, Rocy, so impressive!

    It’s been a great journey since May 1! I would get down and kiss the ground where Coda walks if I knew where she was!

    I’m setting my sights next on what I can achieve between now and Thanksgiving (end of Nov here in the states) and look forward to the next step being Debbie’s September challenge!

    First of all, thanks so much to coda for starting this thread. Also many thanks for the awards!
    Results for me as follows.
    Weight 12.11 or 179 pounds
    Bust and waist no change but down 2 inches/5cm on hips yippee.
    I think this last challenge I may have achieved the 3 pounds down that I wanted but even better is that I started beginning of June on my own and in the past may have given up by now but with your encouragement I am near to a stone gone.
    Looking forward to next challenge and longer term to doing maintenance maybe next May.
    Well done to all you challengers out there. X

    Hi uk 8 days to go to next challenge?

    lol b2tf thank you but I am just the same as everyone else on this thread, I need to loose weight. So with the support of all who have joined me in this journey we will support each other in our ups and downs. And we will get there x

    Hoping HollyLJ is ok. So sad that earthquake in Italy has cost so many lives and caused so much destruction in a beautiful country.

    Thanks Fuvvie, i’m fine it wasn’t near us. what terrible news to wake up to. There are 3 small towns that have been destroyed.

    Australia – I left my brother yesterday morning and he was drinking again by this morning. Heartbreaking.

    US FD

    I was feeling so down on myself, then I came here and read all your positive posts and I feel so much better! I had a really bad NFD yesterday – one bad decision led to another and another… I went to bed feeling sick because I am not used to eating that way. I wish I knew why. I don’t think I’m emotional or stressed. It’s like my old habits came back. Anyway, I need to move on. Today is a FD and doing fine so far. I’d like to add a FD this week, but I don’t think I can. I’ve got 9 miles on the schedule Saturday and I don’t want to risk being under fueled. I’ll just have to stick to healthy foods and stay on track. It’s funny how NFDs are harder for most of us than FDs.

    So sorry, Hannah, that must be so hard. You have no control over his decisions.

    Holly – I’m so glad you are ok. Very sad.

    Well done, everyone. Thanks for all the great, positive energy.

    Day +2: Gloucestershire (Cotswolds) UK: Fast-day. Very hot and busy day on the postal deliveries today, I’ve only just got home! I’m going for the 36-hour water-fast, til breakfast tomorrow. Anyone else doing it today?
    Back2thefuture: Great stuff..sounds as if you are having a VERY successful day, coming up to 32 hours now..keep on going. x
    LisaHawk: Like so many on here, I also find non-fasting days more of a challenge.

    Gozo, Malta

    Can we keep on posting here until the next challenge? That is until 1 st September?

    Today is a fast day for me. Successful so far.

    Have a great Wednesday everyone.

    HannaWatto, so sorry for you and your brother. Nsometimes there’s just nothing you can do to help or get through to someone. Very sad.

    Today is a Fast Day and I am coming down with a cold. I will be interested to see if the usual progression is affected by fasting.

    I sympathise so much with you. My mother had a drinking problem and it hurt my father and us, the children, so much untill she died.

    It’s almost impossible to imagine all the heartbreaking words she told us and how we tried and tried to help her …. Trying to stop our family’s sufferings.

    The one thing that helped us a lot was Al Anon. They help the families of those having drinking problems. One of my sister went spontaniously to a meeting, she cried her heart out and came back home with a different vision of the problem. it helped us all to cope. For myself, I read the info on their website and It also helped me to let go from the oppressing feelings.

    Just be carefull not to drown yourself by trying to save someone else. We are with you.

    Wishing you all the best x

    I checked and they are in Australia also.

    US NFD… HannahWatto.. thinking of you and your brothers struggles. The sad part is that unless he’s ready to help himself there is nothing anyone can do. We are all here for you.

    Quebecoise, Debbie, Mickey – thank you, you are wonderful to be so supportive. Xxx

    There are at least 160 read in the earthquake and could still rise as it is unlikely to save anybody now. It’s so sad. We suffer a lot with Earthquakes in Italy and the emergency services are incredible fingers crossed they can still save someone.
    Hannahwatto i really do feel for you,,it must be soul destroying. I agree with Quebecoise don’t risk drowning.
    Buona notte

    Hi all – yes Anna6 keep posting here until Debbie puts up a new link. The habit to post everyday is a hard one to break lol.

    Awful about the earthquake in Italy. Strange how even knowing one person living in Italy can bring a tragedy so much closer.

    I really feel for you Hannahwatto, how difficult this must be for you. To know how much you must want your brother to get well. Drink has such a devastating hold and the only way i can understand a little of what it must be like is to think how when i have a craving for something sweet but that just triggers something and before long i have demolished a bar of chocolate or a family bag of crisps or both. Then the guilt. When I have those moments I am thankful it is only junk type food that I have to deal with and not drink. Maybe like this group helps with 5:2 and diet there is a similar on line group for the family of alcoholics – does AA have an on line/forum support? I hope one day he will want to get better and stick with a programme.

    Hi Coda, I was thinking along exactly the same lines as yourself. We fight the addiction to food as HannahW’s brothers addiction to drink. While our dependence on food pushes the hormone and pleasure centre buttons, so does alcohol. But alcohol’s effects just seem to be so much worse and much harder to shake. My heart goes out to you HannahW and to your brother. I hope he can find the peace he is looking for. Take care of yourself.
    Since coming off the challenge, I seem to have thrown caution to the wind. Trying not to sweat the small stuff but it has a way of accumulating and pulling one down. As the saying goes, onwards and ??? Compared to earthquakes, it really shrinks into insignificance.

    Day 000: Pacific NW USA, FD till noon then NFD lunch and dinner.

    I completed my 48 hour fast at noon today. I’m usually end with an overnight which I think is a little easier than to wake and not eat till noon. Those last 2 hours were tough today. But I did it!

    Results for Phase 2:
    July 1-29.
    Weight: down 12.6 lbs.
    Waist: down 2.5 inches.
    Hips: down 2 inches.
    Bust: down.5 inch.

    Results for the ++:
    July 30-August 24
    Weight: down 8 lbs
    Waist: down 3 inches
    Hips: down 1.5 inches
    Bust: down 1.5 inches

    I challenged myself to lose 10 lbs during the add-on weeks after Phase 2 and just missed it by 2 lbs. I also wanted to lose 5 of those lbs with my team from August 8-23 and I lost 4.4 lbs in that time frame. So Team 5, I think we came close enough we can virtually drink that champagne that Coda awarded us!

    I am very happy with my results from this challenge BUT this week I gained. .4 lb. it was the first time since the end of April that I did not lose so I’m feeling a little unsure of myself. I know during the traveling days this past week I didn’t exercise as much as I did while I was with g’children and I had some delicious meals!

    I will forge ahead and have a 36 hour fast from Thursday night till Sat AM. Then I will try another 48-60 hour b2b liquid fast on Monday and Tuesday next week and then see what the results are at my next weigh-in on Wednesday.

    Hannah – it is so hard to let go and know that no matter how much support you and others give him you don’t control your brother’s choice, it’s totally up to him. It is such a parallel with our 5:2 quest because, speaking for myself, I continue to have an over-eating problem that I need to deal with every day. I just hope he finds something that will lead him to health the way I hope we all have.

    Night-night from my side of the North American continent!

    B2TF – wow that’s great ! I always enjoy your posts , you have so much good advice and are always very supportive so it’s great that you are reaping the benefits well done

    Hannah -❤️Stay strong


    You are all so generous in your support. Thank you, it means so much!

    Hi All UK August 25

    B2TF well done – excellent results.

    So….. not sure if any of you remember but 43 years later I can now say I have a GSCE Woohoooo lol. Got my Maths foundation grade C. Am now considering if I want to try and do intermediary level to see if I can get a B.

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