4 week challenge Phase 2 begins Friday 1st July

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4 week challenge Phase 2 begins Friday 1st July

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  • Day +7 (Bank holiday Monday) Gloucs. UK: Shifting my fast days this week to Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday, as I am at home today, which makes it harder to fast…
    So I will try not to overeat today…..ha.ha!!

    Gozo, Malta

    This is my last post here. Thank you Coda for everything, your time, commitment and dedication. Thanks again. Have a lovely holiday.

    Holly I hope you’re well again.

    Onwards and downwards. Happy Monday to everyone.

    Day +7 (USA – Illinois)

    Hi everyone. Doing a 36 hour liquid only today. Keeping busy with weeding and yard work before we get any rain later on.

    Anna6, I have consistently stayed with 5:2 and varied my 2 fast days to liquid only or under 500 calories. I don’t have plans to go to 4:3 – you are more motivated than I am!

    this will be my last post here too – see you on September 1st with new challenge~

    Thanks, Coda, for all of your very diligent and hard work! Onward with Debbie!

    Monday, Aug 29: Pacific NW USA: Switching to DebbieQ’s Septenber Challenge

    I feel like I should make one last tribute to which ever lucky stars helped me find fastdiet.co on nearly the very day Coda offered a 42 Day Challenge that started May 1, 2016. Good fortune plus good people who also gravitated to Coda’s thread have made this a wonderful and successful experience for me. Coda added this present challenge that lasted to Aug 22, 2016. I lost 54 pounds during these 2 challenges of Coda’s but more importantly I’ve gained a whole new WOL! My thanks go to Dr. Mosley, Coda and this group!

    Coda, just wanted to add my thanks to you for a fantastic ride since the 42 day challenge. I never thought I’d stick with something so long but you and this group made that possible. I hope you are having a fantastic vacation. Looking forward to you joining us for the September challenge when you get home. Debbie.

    Day +8: Cotswolds, Gloucestershire, UK: Fasting day. Just a quick “hello”…torn between two threads here! Also showing myself on Debbies’ new pages.

    Day +9: Wednesday. Non Fast Day. Last post here. Over to the September Challenge from tomorrow. Bye…

    Day 7
    Day 1 for me just back from beautiful Portugal holiday
    and 8 pounds heavier…
    Now have 30 to loose
    This morning I started the 8 week blood sugar diet, so day 1 and I will be consuming 800 calories per day. Plan on light lunch approx 200 calories and will eat 600 calorie dinner.
    Did my early morning walk, plus a short walk at lunch.
    Busy getting back to ‘normal’ but look forward to routines again
    Will try to catch up on last couple of days, but know that I have missed a lot.
    Looking for a buddy that is doing the 8 week plan ??


Viewing 9 posts - 2,651 through 2,659 (of 2,659 total)

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