4 week challenge Phase 2 begins Friday 1st July

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4 week challenge Phase 2 begins Friday 1st July

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  • Coda…many congrats and well done to you!

    Hi everyone.
    Coda. Congratulations on your exam results. Well done you.
    B2TF what an achievement, you must be thrilled to bits.
    Hannah – I am thinking our own emotions sometimes get in the way when the people so close to us
    are struggling with an addiction. On here we all have some insight into that.
    As others have said, no one can help or advise until the individual is ready to acknowledge their
    problem and seek that help.
    Unfortunately mental health is still a bit of a Cinderella service in a lot of places and the stigma still
    I know personally how frustrating this might be for you. Concentrate on the day you have today.
    You have done your research and will be ready when he wants your help. I think al anon for family
    members can be useful.
    Keep strong. X

    Cornwall UK.
    Congratulations coda, a great achievement, and such personal morale boost!
    Thank you for medal and champagne! And thankyou being at the helm for the past 4 months! I’ve really enjoyed being part of this thread. Enjoy your holiday! Looking foward to the next challenge with Debbie!

    Congratulations to all those posting their losses of weight and inches/cms, we have done well!!

    Holly LJ, our thoughs and prayers are with all those caught up in the earth quake, such sad news with so much loss of life.

    HanahWatto – stay strong! Sadly we can’t help other’s until they get to a point when they can help themselves. You have been and will be there for your brother when he reaches that point. It must be very hard for you and the rest of the family.x

    fuvvie – I hope the fashion show went well. You have done amazingly well and will get to where you want to be. Stay strong! x

    I didn’t post yesterday as I’ve had friend staying – I have had carbs and wine! (but life is for living!) And today she has gone so a water fast! We did do a 16mile bike ride yesterday and I’ve done a 9mile one this morning! Time to rein in again!

    Any one else on 36hr water fast today til Fri morning?

    Onwards and down! Can’t stop posting it is a habit now!!

    I’m fasting with you Rocy65. And also likewise i can’t stop posting.
    Thankyou everyone for your thoughts and prayers to those involved in the earthquake. On Monday a shipment will leave our town with donations for the survivors, will be sending nappies and baby food that we don’t need anymore and later i’m going out to buy some things to get a box together. The thought of people with only the clothes they have on their backs is very sad.

    Day +3: Gloucestershire, UK: Non-fasting day. Very disappointed to GAIN 2 lbs after a successful 36-hour water-fast yesterday. How did that happen? Trying not to let it get to me.
    Congrats, Coda, on the maths GCSE!

    Day 3+ USA (Illinois)

    Coda! Wow – terrific accomplishment! Congratulations!

    FD for me today, and still glad for this support here. Will do my best not to fall apart this next several days until September Challenge!

    Surrey UK
    Greetings all, and congratulations CODA! My granddaughter also got her GCSE’s today and very happy with the results. I join everyone in thanking you
    for just doing what you have done on this forum and all the encouragement from everyone. It is so good to know there are many of us, who meet all sorts of hardships, and are still positive and ready to take charge of our lives as well as we can.
    HANNAWATTO my mother was an alcoholic too and it was a shameful thing in the 1960’s..Thank goodness that today there is so much more information and help out there. I have found some of the things the AA says so helpful in many ways. For instance; ‘Just for Today I will not’…and attach to that whatever one is working on.
    I am looking forward to our next challenge, knowing that we will all be working together and there is no fear or favour. Have a good evening, all you lovely people! I am off to see Shakespeare in London tomorrow, and then to Church Stretton in the Shropshire hills for a high tea on Saturday, and then to a plum festival in Pershore on Sunday

    Hi Holly how are you doing my OH is not being supportive but I know I have to do this after the past couple of days! My system needs a rest.

    We have loads of windfall apples so need to hunt blacberries and make jam! for OH, I don’t eat sugar!

    Kept busy since home from my bike ride repotting plants, deadheading flowers and picked and froze runner beans.

    Made an apple and cinamon cake – a way to a man’s heart and all that!! LOL!

    I’m going to really concentrate on my NF days and really get to grips with the mediterranean diet as described in Dr Mosely’s book The 8 weeks blood-sugar diet. I’m not diabetic but if I was I would do this diet! It is very interesting and worth a read!

    Good luck one and all.

    Gozo, Malta

    HannaWatto I prayed a little for your brother. You can do all you can but only when he decides to help himself will he cure himself I think.

    Back2thefuture congratulations on your weight loss and your impressive inch loss. I only measured my waist and hips a week after starting fasting.. I need to measure again to see how much I lost. But I know from my bras that I lost inches from my bust too.

    Holly we’ve been hearing about the earthwake since it happened. It’s so sad for this to happen especially hearing about the death toll of the children staying with their grandparents for holidays. They need all the help they can get.

    Coda well done! Congratulations dear. It’s never too late to better ourselves. You should go and do the intermediate too. Go for it! Thanks for telling me to post here it has become a habit as others have observed.

    Today was a nfd for me but I hope I stayed within my TDEE. Tomorrow is a fast day of 500 calories. I admire you people for doing liquids only or one forth of TDEE i.e. less than 500 calories. I’m afraid I won’t do it and start eating more. So for the moment I’m staying as I’ve been doing this two months and a half. I’m doing 4:3 currently.

    Onwards and downwards. Stay strong everyone for the September challenge. Good Day/night everyone.

    Hi Rocy65, i’m struggling a little so i’m going to go to bed. I don’t think i drank enough and have felt a little light headed. Went swimming with my little girl this afternoon it was great then took her for an icecream but i ate none! I know what you mean about getting little support, me neither!
    Buona notte

    Australia NFD weighed in and really don’t know where I am given the issues with scales but I think I have stayed he same. Ciren – am completing 36 hour liquid fast. I had meant to have my 500 calories but hadn’t eaten by dinner time as I was so busy so just kept going. Congratulations Coda and well done to all who have lost weight and those incredible inches! Thank you Anna, and Holly I feel so sorry for everyone in the earthquake. I was living in Naples in 1981 when the area was hit by a large earthquake. A woman I know was killed, our building was condemned. It was the most terrifying experience. Xxx

    Pacific NW USA: 1 week till September challenge starts, NFD

    Ciren – please don’t lament or doubt the worth of your 36 hour fasts. I’ve been wondering if the results of stored fat burning show up immediately on the scale or later. I think water loss (1 US pint = 1 pound) and “elimination tract” loss may have immediate evidence but maybe fat loss takes a while to accumulate. I think that may be why some of us have seen an unusual bump downwards sometimes??

    Coda – many congrats on the extra achievement while fasting! I have not read anywhere that it strengthens one’s mathematical abilities, we’ll have to tell Dr M to add that in his next book (Ha!)

    Thanks for the props, Brighton and Patti!

    Rocy – I’m with you, Dr M’s blood sugar diet book was actually the first that I read and where I heard about the fastdiet website. That book convinced me to drop sugary-carby foods from my diet. OH and I both had Dad’s who developed T2D and since there’s a distinct possibility we have that genetic predisposition we both decided to try eating to promote low blood sugar. Chocolate pot de creme on a restaurant menu still deserves a taste though!

    Norrie – thanks for the idea, I will put it to use starting right now, “Just for today I will not eat over 1200 calories.”

    Thinking about those gone and those surviving in Amatrice.

    Norrie – your suggestion is helping! This is my first week back to work and I found myself ready to fall back into an old habit. That is, driving home imagining what “reward food” I could eat as soon as I got home. I haven’t fully analyzed whether eating in this case would provide an emotional comfort or because of physical fatigue but whichever, it was sure an ingrained old pattern! Instead, I remembered what I had written down earlier and it helped me be more mindful that just for today I would not eat over 1200 calories. That means I need to plan, add up calories and follow through not just react to impulses. Thanks again for the support, it worked, at least for today!

    Felling better after sleeping almost day and night for 48 hours straight.

    I’ m back home and very happy to say that I did my HIT today. Went on a bike ride for an hour, along the river. It was just Wow !

    Have fun everyone and as I very often say : take care and enjoy !

    Well done Coda. It’s always a great feeling when you realise your brain is continuing to function well and you have the piece of paper to prove it!!!! Go girl.
    Fashion parade was fun and then we were given a hundred dollar voucher for doing the modelling and there was a 30% discount on everything in the shop. I refrained from the supper but bought some new clothes which are quite out there. I didn’t expect any payment for the gig, just expecting there would maybe discounts. What a brilliant surprise. Now to get back to basics with my fasting. I seem to have suffered from a relapse, and something I have found easy for months is becoming a challenge. Need to drink more water and stop giving myself permission to eat on my fast days. I remind myself there are still 30 kgs to go. Head forwards towards the goal, not backwards away from where I’ve been. At least I still haven’t given in to the sugar and grains. Good luck everyone in this interim period.

    Hi all after a flight delay we have now arrived on mainland.

    Fuvvie you can now offically say you have done some modelling in you career lol. Glad you enjoyed it and with all the weight you have been losing the voucher and discount to get some clothes will give your confidence even more of a boost.

    K-lo… Are you feeling better? Did you come down with that cold and was the progression the same? Just wondering…think I may be following you with one 😩

    All… I will create the link to the September challenge on Monday … watch this space as Coda would say 😊

    Waaaaa….Ive lost the plot since weighing in on Tuesday!

    I counted cals to stay within TDEE on Tuesday, but for last 2 days, Ive eaten badly!!

    Need to rein back in before I undo the good work. But Im also trying to remember that this is a way of life, so it happens and I need to just balance it out with fasting and it will be ok. Problem is that this is the 2nd failed attempt at a FD, which hasnt happened before!
    Oh well, I can still have a low healthy day and see how tomorrow goes.


    Gozo, Malta

    Back2thefuture for your TDEE you eat only 1,200 calories. Mine is 1,460 calories and I try to stick to that on nfds. Anyway today is a fast day for my husband and I. My husband succumbed to three roasted almonds which are 21 calories. I looked them up and I said he can take them if he wants them that much. Otherwise I’ll be eating 600 calories today as I had smoked salmon salad 300 calories and this evening will eat baked fish with salad leaves and tomatoes another 300 calories. I just prepared the salmon salad along with my husbands instead of eating the usual cottage cheese.

    Today I weighed myself again and I’m down by 0.8 kilos since last Tuesday. I’m 68.8 kilos. Since starting 5:2 fast diet I lost 10.4 kilos or over 22 pounds. Since measuring my waist and hips on 13 June, I was 38 inches waist and now I’m 33 inches – a 5 inch loss – and I was 45 inches hips and now I’m 42 inches – a 3 inch loss.

    My target weight is 64 kilos so I have about five kilos to lose.

    DebbieQ does it mean we can start to post on your link on Monday or Tuesday?

    Onwards and downwards. Happy Friday to all of you.

    DebbieQ, I am NOT feeling worse. I am slightly congested and my eyes are burning, but so far, and I’m knocking wood, not full bloom. I also made myself work out on Wednesday and that may have helped as well.

    I have lost on vacation pound since Wednesday…121.3 this morning. I would like to start the next challenge back at my pre-vacation weight of 120.3.

    Coda, a belated congratulations to you!!

    I am fasting today, but I do not expect or even plan to stay under 500 tonight. Our neighborhood park association is having a White Dinner in the gazebo. We bring our own food and drink, and I have gorgeous tomatoes and fresh mozzarella (and basil), figs, prosciutto and gorgonzola (to grill ahead), and wine.

    Just checking in today and reading all the posts
    Trying to stay focused.
    Bring on Monday, although here it will be a bank holiday. I know it is around 3500 calories to truly gain a pound so will be mindful. That slippery slope is so easy to fall onto! Lol
    Good luck all.

    Anna6 Once I have the new link we can start posting there.. or stay here. As long as we’re all moved for the 1st of the month it’ll be fine.
    K-lo… Glad it didn’t get too bad. Enjoy dinner this evening. Your menu for tonight has me drooling!
    Kay65 – I’m struggling with NFD’s too. Not that I often eat over my TDEE… but it seems if I’m anywhere close to it I just don’t lose. I’m still using MFP to record and try to stay in the 1200-1400 range..although not always successfully. Like Coolcat… sweet things are my downfall and also late evening snacking. I don’t know why I cannot stop myself going to the pantry at 9 p.m. It’s not as if I’m even hungry. My new plan is that when I want something to eat (other than my normal meals), then I will have to do a small task first…. Tidy a drawer… sort the mail… put something away… anything to make me think twice about the decision to take the vegetable straws out of the press 😊

    Day +4: Fast-Day, Cotswolds, UK: Despite the setback on Wednesday, I’m still sticking with the 36-hour water fasts three times per week.
    back2thefuture: I know what you say is true and maybe, the extra two pound was some kind of freakish reading yesterday morning. Because I am an “emotional-eater” it DID effect my non-fastday eating yesterday, which was certainly somewhat over the top, even as I told myself not to get downhearted about it.
    Anyway, today, I’m going for it again and hoping for good news tomorrow morning. I may even try not to eat until I get home from work at around 2pm making it about 42 hours….we’ll see.
    HannahWatto: I hope your 36-hour fasting gave you a good result today.

    Here it is 2:52am and I did give in to the sugar and the grains last night. Result: reflux and a raging thirst. And insomnia. Why does one do this to onesself? I think I needed to know . Sounds crazy but I wanted to see what I was missing out on. Let this be a timely lesson. I don’t need this discomfort and feelings of self loathing after my recent feelings of elation and self congratulations. Pride going before the fall. Back on track. Definitely WILL see this 36 hour liquid fast through. May the hunger trolls be vanquished and all fasters have success. Back to sleep please.

    Good Luck Fuvvie xx

    Posting every day gets to be a habit. Having a pretty good day, for a Friday. Hope you’re all getting along well! 🙂 Doing my best not to go crazy on the first NFD after a FD.

    Got into bed after a busy day and realised I hadn’t posted!!
    My 36hr fast on wed night to fri morning went really well with just a miso soup and a chicken bovril, lots of mineral water and green tea. A long cycle ride on thursday and again yesterday! I got a pedometer app on the phone and did 15000steps yesterday!! A successful NFD Yyesterday with first meal at lunch time and a lush fish stew with konjac noodles last night so within my 1200cals. Today again a NFD and will keep under 1200cals.
    Good luck all have a lovely weekend and stay strong, new chaalenge not long to go!!x

    Hi all trying hard not to get into the mindset oh I’m on holiday I must eat! Walking lots as we have no car and trying to make good choices.

    Ciren2 what about instead of upping the length of fasting, reduce them. So instead of 3 fast days just do 2 or eat a quarter tdee on fast days from now to challenge begins and then go back to what you were doing. My understanding is if you restrict for a while your body adjusts accordingly so we fool our body by fasting and feasting. Maybe your body has got used to your extended fasts so to fool it instead of reducing further increase it for a short time – obviously with healthy foods. Just an idea?

    Day +5, Gloucestershire, UK: Still sticking to the water-only fast….since Thursday evening…..approx. 42 hours so far. I’ve now got home from work so it’s tough. I can’t guarantee I won’t crack before bedtime, but I will try to carry on til breakfast tomorrow in order to have two consequetive non-fasting days over the bank holiday.
    Rocy65: You did it!

    Gozo, Malta

    I weighed myself again today and I’m 79.3 kilos after a fast day yesterday. I’m up 0.5 since Thursday morning. It’s true what some of you said weight fluctuates from day to day. So it’s best I’ll weigh myself once a week in this case next Thursday the start of the September challenge.

    Today is a nfd and also tomorrow. I hope to stay within TDEE.

    I babysat my granddaughters this morning and now their mother have picked them up and they have gone home. So it’s quiet here now. My other daughter with her newborn left some days ago as it was time to babysit my granddaughters and the eldest was sick. Now the eldest is fine but the youngest is sick. Next Friday my granddaughters and their parents together with my son are going for a week holiday in Budapest and my other daughter with her newborn son will come to visit again for a week.

    Thanks DebbieQ for replying to me. When Monday comes I’ll check for your link and hope to find it without any problems.

    Have a great Saturday everyone. Onwards and downwards!

    Gozo, Malta

    I meant 69.3 kilos not 79.3 kilos. I forget sometimes that now I’m down ten kilos. Sorry mistake. Have a great weekend.

    Feasting today and tomorrow. Out for coffee, out for lunch.
    Trying to add in the fillers like beans to keep blood sugar stable.
    Has anyone invested in a blood sugar monitor? I wondered if it might help me focus a bit more if I bought a simple one. What does everyone else think?

    Congratulations, Anna6! Good for you!
    I’m not far behind you, with about 70 kg as my goal weight (75 or so now – 165 lbs). I am down just about 24 lbs. since starting 5:2 in mid-March and very happy with my progress so far.

    Looking forward to our next challenge!


    My father had the machine ( glucometre ) for free when buying the test strips. Maybee you could check with your pharmacist or on Internet.
    Good luck.


    Hi SongBirdMe congratulations yourself. I have about 5 kilos to go before reaching my target weight. You too have the same weight to lose. How are you fasting? 5:2 or 4:3 like me. Are you doing liquid fasts like some others here? I’ve never done a liquids only fast.

    Take care everyone and enjoy the weekend.

    Pacific NW USA: a few last days on this thread till new one starts on Monday!

    Just finished a 36 hour FD with liquids, broth, cream in ice coffee and a 3 mile HIT hill walk. Goal for the day – Just for today I will not eat all the food I thought I was missing out on yesterday!

    NFD today and tomorrow. Anna – you mentioned that I aim for 1200 cal on a NFD. I came to that number after calculating my BMR based on how many cals my age, height and weight burns on a sedentary day. I set a goal for slightly lower than my BMR for instance on days we’re traveling, work days when there are lots of sedentary meetings that I have to attend or just days when I don’t feel up to exercising. But Anna you’ve having such great success, pounds and inches, great!

    Que – glad to hear you’re up and riding again!

    Fuvvie – fashion bonanza! Consider your indulgence a science experiment, you can learn from the trial and go forward, I think this proves your body is now very finely tuned to what is and is not good for you to eat! I imagine in the past and still sometimes I must have been ignoring all the signals and my poor organs just kept trying harder and harder to compenste but, hooray, our bodies can recover. We know from Dr M and F what a wonder our body is when we treat it well!

    Ciren – good for you!

    Patti – in the beginning of this 5:2 quest I was going to buy a blood glucose and ketone monitor because bigbooty made it sound so fascinating. I was very interested in knowing how many hours into a fast that my body switched over to fat burning but I never got around to it. Bigbooty recommended a certain brand. If he’s following maybe he can post a reply.

    Good day/night all, we’re off to see Jason Bourne that we missed while on vacation.

    Gozo, Malta

    Thanks back2thefuture. You are successful. I will continue as I m doing as that’s the best I can do right now ie 4:3 fast. Tonight I couldn’t resist a teaspoon of no viola cream my husband brought me from Sicily last time he went and it was 59 calories extra. Anyway that was not so bad.

    Good night/day everyone


    I use one daily (and Im not a diabetic). They are cheap to buy. Its great for highlighting which foods illicit a big glucose response. Your aim is to try and get as low a basal BG level as possible (within reason and you don’t want to go below 3.9mmol/L). Something like orange juice will spike your BG through the roof within minutes!! Slice of pizza will spike it and it will stay elevated for 2-3 hours. Veggies caase a small spike and it will come down within 2 hours.

    Big booty – thanks for that. I think I will get one. The numbers may just help keep me on track!

    Gozo, Malta

    It’s Sunday and having my two younger daughters and families having lunch here at home. I will have fried crab claws for starters, baked spicy chicken legs with red peppers and potatoes and Sarah my youngest daughter is bringing dessert. The wine is chilled and will get it out after attending mass with my husband and son at quarter to noon.

    It’s a feast day for me. This afternoon I will go with my widowed sister in law for a coffee.

    Have a great Sunday everyone. Enjoy, life is a blessing and can be fun.

    Well my liquid only Fast lasted longer than expected! I’m at 85 hours! I caught gastroenteritis and have had a high Fever with sickness and diarrhoea. I feel terrible but ma going to try to eat a piece of toast now as i feel a little better now the fever has gone.

    Sorry to hear you have been so unwell, Holly. Hope you recover quickly. There’s fasting and then there’s fasting lol. I’d rather a voluntary than involuntary fast. NFD today. 36 hour fast tomorrow. All the best everyone.

    Day +6 (Sunday) UK: Non-fast day. I held out for a little over 46 hours on water-only yesterday and Friday. I then kept within a fast-day limit with a smallish snack til breakfast today.
    Non-fast days are more of a problem…..I find it hard to stop eating!
    HollyLJ: I hope you are feeling ok by now. Unintentional fast, eh?

    Holly hope you’re feeling better! Sounds a nasty bug.

    NFDay today, not done so well today but did do a 18k bike ride!! Must help!

    Tomorrow is my usual fast day but being bank holiday we’re off to daughter’s for a family bbq. Hopefully well be able to go body boarding in the afternoon to burn off a few calories!

    Looking forward to seeing the new link and new chaalenge! I’m hoping I haven’t put on weight since last challenge!

    I’m also on holiday to bonnie Scotland from the 12th until the end of the month so really going to have to be careful!

    Good luck all!

    Pacific NW USA: new challenge soon!

    NFD today started with green smoothie and BPC, then Tum Yum Thai shrimp soup for lunch. Dinner will be green salad with poached eggs and bacon with a garlicky homemade green goddess dressing and blueberries and creme fraiche. MFP says that’s right at 1200.

    After dinner tonight I will start a 2 day liquid only fast on Mon and Tues and I will weigh-in on Wed before starting the next challenge. I have my broth for tomorrow all ready.

    Yowser, Holly! That’s not how we want to do a fast, sorry for your illness!

    Ciren – 46 hours, wow! I know, those NFD’s are a b____! I keep trying to figure out what wakes up my hunger dictator – no longer a nice little troll, it’s now an oligarch with very rich tastes! On some NFD’s I feel like a puppet master is in control, all the while I hear the dictator saying, “I’m not really hungry I just want to eat!”

    Hi all! Hope you had a good weekend. Have to admit to being absolutely stuffed after a family b-b-q today. I’ve created the link for the September challenge… You can begin posting there from now… or wait till Thursday if you like. Here’s the link..
    https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/september-challenge/. Looking forward to seeing you all over there!

    Before I leave here and head over to the new link, just want to say thanks again to Coda and wish her a very happy holiday.
    Also, I can totally relate to B2tF and whatever it is that drives one to eat. Your day’s food sounds absolutely yummy and makes me even more aware that I need to start planning and, heaven help me, calorie counting. I’ve just been eating and hoping for the best. Bye 4 week challenge and add ons. Here’s to the next challenge.

    Yes thanks Coda and do have a great holiday. Holly look after yourself – that bug sounds bad. I was supposed to have a fast day today but had lunch – Chinese – so not today afterall. I have bought new scales though so all ready for Thursday. Happy week all!

    last post before moving to new link tomorrow.
    Thank you again coda have a fab holiday! Lots of walking and hope you can make good food choices, not easy when you’re not cooking from scratch!

    Debbie I wonder could we list the food we eat on non fast days, as we’re concentrating on them? It would make us all really consider our choices!

    NFD today off to give blood before heading to family bbq! Must be careful but have made a big salad to take, also an apple cake but I’ll not have any!!

    Weighed this morning and have lost.7lb since end of last challenge, not what I expected, so I’m really pleased!

    Have a good week every one, see you on the new link!!

    Oooooh excitement is building for the new challenge.
    Not been concentrating too much as have had to take medication for upper back problem. Had tests and awaiting results. A lot of sitting around. Will post weight on Thursday.
    In the meantime am doing 16:8 which is more feasible for me at the moment.
    Good luck everyone. X

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