4 week challenge Phase 2 begins Friday 1st July

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4 week challenge Phase 2 begins Friday 1st July

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  • OK…I’m going to play too. πŸ™‚

    Let’s have a great month everyone and thank you so much for putting this together.

    Happy and healthy July!

    Count me in from New York City!

    Definitely hit a plateau and want to shift some pesky pounds before my vacation in August!

    Gosh Coda, I’m really going to miss you all and your lovely stories and achievements. Am fasting today and having gained a couple of pounds during the last week but tomorrow I should be back to my target of 9 stone (126 lbs)
    I have decided to start my own maintenance forum from tomorrow under the Little Voices heading again.
    Going back a year Upagummtree put out a challenge to everyone, and from there I mentioned hearing the Little Voices of the fellow posters over my shoulder during a spell of over indulgence. Hence The Little Voices challenge was born, leading on to where you all are today. Here’s hoping that you will all get to your target weight at some point and join me on the maintenance forum.
    I shall keep following you all here and maybe give some advice if necessary if you don’t mind. I wish you all the luck in the world, wherever you are, and just remember all you have to do us DO IT! TTL

    Hi Coda. I would love to join the challenge for the next 4 weeks.

    Day 19 of 19 UK: Non fast day. Confession to make: I didn’t quite get to the end of my 24-hour water-only fast day yesterday. First time I failed from starting the challenge on 1st May. Worse, once I started eating, I didn’t stick to 500 calories….no…no…I ate the equivalent of two meals within a couple of hours! Yes, TWO….on a fast day. Epic fail. I have sensed a weakening for two or three days now. Just at the start of the new challenge too. I weighed myself this morning two pounds up….feel sad and stressed by it.

    US, Day -1, NYC…waving to AnnmaryUSA across the floor at my office. We will be marching the office stairs together as we refill our teas and seltzers!

    Today is a Fast Day with Sprinkles. Fasting today becasue tonight is an office rooftop extravaganza. Could I have picked a better day to fast? Probably but I’m off tomorrow for 5 days around July 4th holiday. So we enjoy the flexibility and do the best we can.

    My goal for the four weeks is 3 pounds and more activity…and getting rid of an item a day. eBay, donations, trash.

    Oh my goodness K-LO..did a memo go out for today? I am also fasting today and I’m surrounded by macaroni and cheese and meatballs…Yup…its a slow cooker celebration in my office. I’m sipping on iced coffee (black of course) and looking forward to my lunchtime stroll around the building.

    Stay strong sister! LOL

    Third Time Lucky– Many thanks for all your support & input during the last 42 day Challenge. It was wonderful having you take part.
    You’ll be missed, but you’re on to bigger & better: Successful Maintenance!

    K-Lo… haha! Looks like you’re carrying the KonMari clean-out forward from our last thread.

    Last year, I did a “remove one item per day” challenge for myself. Made it 100 days of selecting an item to donate to Salvation Army. It was fun & uplifting! And my home became 100 items lighter.
    Good luck on your own mission!

    I would love to sign in as well – and hope I am not too late, it sounds like the challenge begins tomorrow July 1st
    Am away to the beach for the weekend, so will not be able to post until Monday. I want to loose another 20 pounds. In the past 1-1/2 yrs have lost 45, with fasting 16:8, some weeks alternate day, and always eating LCHF. My blood sugars were getting too high, and did not want to go on drugs. Since then, I have been a big believer in fasting as a way to reset your metabolism, and follow Dr Jason Fung very closely.
    My intention is to fast 3 days per week, Monday Wednesday and either Thursday or Friday. Either using treadmill I walk a mile per day, or by walking around my country block which is 3KM – Monday – Friday. With some hikes on the weekend, and extra walks whenever my 2 yr old grandson can walk with me, or play!
    Good Luck to all!

    Cornwall UK. wow challenge starts tomorrow brilliant! So exciting with new 5.2ers on board and from more countries too, this is great!

    Ciren 2 new day new challenge tomorrow, look ahead not back!

    thirdtimelucky, all the best with maintainence, I hope to join you on little voices thread in the not to distant future!!

    When I told OH how excited I am to start new challenge he was surprised and said he thinks I’ve lost enough!! Ive been here before and slipped back into old ways of eating,(he is a β€˜ feeder’, which really doesn’t help!) I’m determined not to do that again!! Grrrrrrrrrr!

    So this morning I did my exercises to β€˜fight the flab’. When I weighed this morning I was delighted to be a smidgen under 150lbs at 149.4.

    So onwards and downwards folks, forward into the new challenge. Thanks again coda.

    Thanks Rocy, looking forward….My plan is to pick myself up and continue as before. Mostly fasting on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. I have just under a stone to go to my target weight. Perhaps I can get halfway there by the end of July, who knows? And…congratulations on breaking through another weight-barrier.

    HappyMargo I love that idea of donating each of 100 days. Very nice…

    I did 12.853 steps today and 11.256 yesterday. I’m really looking forward to tomorrow, day 1 of the challenge!

    Hi all and welcome theo527 annmaryusa cool cat and LS.
    So K-lo do you really work with annmaryusa? Kayhon are you going to tell us who your sisters are? How nice that not only you have support from this forum but you have it in the flesh as well.
    Ciren2 don’t be too hard on yourself these things happen annoying as it is. If it had happened to someone else what would you have said to them? This will make you more determined to see the challenge through so maybe if it was going to happen better a wake up call now. Put it behind you and move on.

    Coda, I really do! We’re in shouting or semaphore distance.

    Hi TTL I left you a message on our last challenge thread but nice to hear from you and to know you will be dropping in from time to time. Also pleased that the little voices will continue. I will look you up when you get your thread up and running x

    Pacific NW USA: NFD today getting ready for a FD first day of challenge tomorrow

    OK, after 2 months on 5:2 I finally decided to give myfitnesspal.com a try. I resisted because I needed to focus initially on changing my overall diet to healthy low carb food choices but now I’m ready to face the numbers! On this site calorie counting actually wasn’t too frustrating. Some meals like my spiralized veggie Pad Thai recipe that I added shrimp to had to be estimated (I think HappyMargo might have been the one who shared the web site for that delicious recipe last challenge) but over all it did help me feel confident I was staying within my recommended NFD calorie goal. It also helped me not feel guilty when I added creme fraiche to my sliced strawberries and blueberries!

    ColdPizza and Rocy65 – I’m doing modified versions of planks and push ups to get started and challenging myself to do extra minutes or reps each day. This was recommended by my PT, he says I will build up my upper body and core strength in order to eventually be able to do the regular versions with proper form and keep my recuperating body safe. I found a good planking guide and ideas site.
    Did you know the champion planker held it for 8 hours and 1 minute this May and second place was 7 hours and 40 minutes (what a slacker). Well, I’ve got the modified 1 minute down pat!

    But I have to say I think Micky42’s exercise regime sounds like it has the added benefit of mental bliss, let’s see shady flat paths, floating, I’m in nirvana just picturing it!

    Congrats on new grandchild, NorthernDawn, my next one is due end of October.

    ETJ – new hair color sounds lovely, ankle twist not so much – ouch, you are one mighty woman!

    Lisahawk – fasting does get easier. You are re-training your body and when you do the feelings of actual hunger and food choices will take on new meaning. Your body will figure out what it needs to do to burn excess stored fat. In just a few days on 5:2 I began noticing that I wasn’t necessarily hungry early in the morning and on NFD’s tweaked my schedule to a 16:8 hour eating pattern (eat 16 hours after dinner and then eat within next 8 hours). Everyone’s bodies, life style and demands are different but that’s why the flexibility of 5:2 allows for all those variations and you will find yours! I will also say challenges and old habits are also always going to be there so that’s why it’s so important to use the support and ideas from our friends on this forum and most crucial, be easy on yourself, move past any lapses and keep getting back on!

    Ciren2 – those 2 lbs will come off quickly!

    I have my bike and HIT waiting. My, it is taking longer to read through the daily posts again, I’ll have to go back to catching up twice a day! You’ve done it again, Coda!

    K-lo how cool is that!

    Coda, we keep each other on track.

    A 5:2 buddy right beside you – brilliant that you can support one another.
    I didn’t realise how difficult it can be in your work environments. What with roof top parties, pot lucks etc I take my hat off to you all as you negotiate your way along.

    …and another one one floor up.

    Sunshine Coast Aus: Good morning on a lovely crisp sunny day. Weighed in this morning at 111.0kgs exactly. Didn’t do a successful FD yesterday so will kick off with a fast today. Aiming to do 4:3 with Mon, Wed, and Friday as fast days. Will make Friday the official weigh day, but I do weigh daily. Have been as low as 110.4 earlier this week, but have tended to plateau last week or so. Using this challenge to commence my walks. Will endeavour to get 10000 steps in a day. Also will follow the plank etc regimen as suggested by Coda. Good luck everyone and thanks for the support. Fuvvie πŸ€—

    Sunshine Coast Aus: 01/07/16 : Waist 113, Bust 115.5, Hips 120.5 Neck 38
    Upper arm 38.0 cm. Forgot to include these. I’m 168cm tall. Still excited by this whole process.

    Repeat post on recipe ideas for those with a veggie spiralizer!


    This link has a demonstration video, other recipe links & suggestions of models to buy (& bad ones to avoid!)

    Aust Day 1 NFD 83 kgs! I have it 2kgs on in the break. Not a problem, this is a WOL and worksZ, Happy Weighing all! πŸ™‚

    K-Lo– I’m officially jealous of having coworkers joining 5:2 with you!

    I agree with Coda. Between pot-lucks, break room snacks, birthday celebrations, Taco Tuesdays, Bagel Thursdays, Donut Fridays & much more, work days can be full of hazards & traps. Would be nice to have coworkers for back-up!

    Guess I’ll just keep coming here for the wonderful support!

    Aussie day 1 NFD today FD yesterday woke up at midnight with the worst indigestion ate my 500 cals in one evening meal might have to break it into two meals walked 16,000 steps with 3 runs included also the plank almost 1 min welcome newbies good luck everyone.

    Rooftop party report….another colleague reported his 5:2 loss to me. Someone else overheard. She’s starting on Tuesday

    Australia, day 1, FD
    2FDs/ week – Monday and Thursday,( except this week Monday and Friday.)
    ME/CFS = non exerciser, cheerer of those who can.
    5:2 for 20 months, 3.5kgs from goal weight

    Hi everyone, lovely to meet all you new challengers, and how fantastic to have co-workers, sisters etc in the challenge too! The workplaces seem to be stepping up there food-oriented celebrations since I was last there!

    Ciren, back into the saddle for you and I both! Yesterday was my usual FD but the day held challenges I wasn’t expecting as well as extra cold, and I decided to put my FD off till today instead. That’s one of the fantastic and flexible things about 5:2. This isn’t about long term deprivation, it’s about living and loving life with all it brings while we gradually get our weight back to normal and our health as good as it can be too. Miss a day on a “weight loss diet” and wham, you’ve failed the day. Miss a day on 5:2 and switch days. Easy-peasy. I much prefer to keep the rhythm of the same 2 days, but hey,” Life” happens.

    Onwards and Downwards everyone!

    5:2 parties coming your way K-Lo!

    Haha! Merryme, it would be easy to host a 5:2 party. Just offer a wide selection of hot & cold, unsweet teas, black coffee & Miso soups. Done!

    Croatia, Day 1, FD
    2FDs/week, Wednesday and Friday.
    Weight – 84,3 kg
    Height – 182 cm
    Hip – 95 cm
    Waist – 95 cm
    Bust – 101 cm
    Neck – 40 cm
    Daily walk one hour
    10 kg plate Swing – 100 reps
    Mobility and Streching

    India, Day 1
    Weight: 60.2kgs

    Thank you soooo much for the effort you are putting into this Coda 😊
    Also, I check my weight once a week (since I get majorly affected by the day to day ups and downs:/ ) hope that is okay. Shall check in daily though. Thanks!

    All the best everyone. May the force be with you :p

    USA, Minnesota, Thursday about 11:00pm FD

    I just want to thank everyone who sent their congrats to me for the birth of my granddaughter: Dutch, Coda, Fishing Gran, Rocy65, HannahWatto, Merrryme, HappyMargo, Back2theFuture, and anyone else–your well wishes are so appreciated. Mom and baby doing well, thank you. So grateful!

    I can’t believe the difference a couple of good nights of sleep can make regarding appetite! Not to mention stamina for exercise, activity, and mood. I finally had a very good FD today after struggling with them for the last two weeks. Like Ciren2, I was becoming upset by the weakening of my resolve. I think stress was playing a part. And I was feeling deprived and a little rebellious. I had to ease up on myself a little to find my resolve renewed. I blew some FDs, and the world didn’t end. I gained a pound or two and already have dropped one. So, back on the horse. You’ll find your way, Ciren2!

    I think Merryme is right that we have to live life, too. So I accepted my little binge as a special event, if not exactly a celebration. πŸ˜‰ And thank you, HappyMargo, for pointing out that my binge was a way I was trying to boost energy when tired. It felt like that. It’s behind me now and I’m looking forward.

    I’m going to focus on doing 2 FDs a week eating under 25% TDEE instead of trying to do all-liquid fasts or no calorie fasts (that will come in the future, I hope, but just stresses me now), increase my activity, and get a good night’s sleep consistently.

    Thanks for the emojis Dutch, and though you aren’t quite at 3 min planking yet, you are still beating me at 2 minutes! πŸ˜ŒπŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
    ETJ, take care of that ankle, Rocy65….congrats on under 150, I’m not quite there yet.
    Micky42: well done on lowest weight in years!

    I’m so looking forward to the morning posts! This is getting exciting!

    Italy Day 1 – NFD
    Weight 79.2 kg

    Good morning everyone, yesterday was my first fast day, i hope i did it right because i sailed through it and felt great – even managed to notch up 14000+ steps. I got loads of little jobs done trying to keep myself busy and not think about eating. This could be a life changer!
    Took all my vital measurements last night but will only remeasure at the end of the challenge, and i will weigh in once a week on a Tuesday. I am a terrible planker can barely manage 20 seconds but I’ll try really hard this week to improve that.
    Feeling positive and have all my meals planned for today, really hope this is the much needed kick up the bum i have been looking for. Good luck and see you all tomorrow xx

    Scotland, Day 1 0600

    Current Weight 58.98kg (9st 4.02)
    Challenge Goal Weight 56.25kg (8st 12)

    Height 161.54cm (5ft 3″) Don’t expect that to change lol!

    Fast days Sunday and Thursday (can’t do less than 600 cals)
    Non Fast days a maximum of 1400 cals

    Walk a minimum of 10000 steps daily
    20 minute arm workout

    Day 1 – UK. I’m in for the new challenge, Coda, because I found it really helped me to be mindful when I was committed to dropping by daily. But July is a nightmare of juggling as the boy is off school from today, so I have to cover work, having him around, some holidays, a week helping at a kids holiday club…and trying to disguise my FDs from him because (as I’ve mentioned before!) I don’t want to raise a boy thinking that women are always dieting. So I’ve marked some definite FDs on my calendar, and the rest will have to come as opportunity arises.
    The good news is…if I take all the opportunities to run that the boy gives me over the school holidays, I should hit the HIT targets no problem!

    So, to begin:
    Weight: 11st 11lb
    Challenge weight: 11st 6lb
    Method: FD on Sundays, all other days a mixture of FDs, NFDs and LD (low days, when I will aim to only have the family meals, no biscuits, cakes, sweets, chocolates…alright, better stop now, the gorgeous things of life are starting to swim before my eyes!)
    Exercise: run every time my boy says run

    Today is a LD.

    The Netherlands – Day 1

    My weight this morning: 67.2 kilos (148 lbs).
    My length: 165 centimeters ( 5 feet 4 inches)
    My BMI: 24.6

    My measurements:
    Waist: 75 cm
    Hips: 97 cm
    Thigh: 50 cm
    Upper arm: 27 cm

    I’ve already lost so many centimeters since I started 5:2! Mainly around my waist and hips. My BMI also has improved. It was 26.1 when I started.

    The next few weeks I want to stick to two fast days a week. Maybe I’ll try three the week after the teambuilding holiday. I also want to lose another 2 kilos (a bigger loss is welcome!).

    Good luck everybody!

    Checking in -USA (Illinois) FD for me today but hope it will work because I just fasted on Wednesday. This challenge I hope will get me down 3 more pounds.

    I have been doing 5:2 since March 15 and have already lost 17 but want to lost 10 more. Weight seems to have come off more than inches, especially not so much in my waist. But overall, I feel much better. Current measurements:
    Height – 5’6″
    Weight – 170 lbs.
    Waist – 38″
    Bust 41″
    Hip – 41″

    UK day 1 Back in the saddle with so many old friends and good to see lots of new names too Well done Coda .

    Eased myself back in during the week in preparation, did manage 2 FDs but they were hard, more mentally than physical, I can get to mid afternoon easy then I need distractions , ate dinner early last night ,around 7 ,weirdly up early this morning and don’t feel hungry ? NF for me today but want to get a good hour of excercise in , will aim for a 2.5 min plank

    Surrey Day 1 Duly weighed and measured…will make every effort to keep the sense of quiet determination that is present now. I do not want to be thinking about food all the time. I want to establish this as a way of life and get on with it, and this 5:2 method actually makes that possible. As the weight shifts, so the movement becomes easier, and that can only be a good thing.
    JML60, I can’t think anyone who weighs 58 kg needs to lose weight! Even if you are 5’3″! So fortunate that you only have 2 kg to lose. Though my daughter tells me it is more difficult the closer you get to your goal weight. Well, for me this is a long term goal, so I am pleased with every bit of weight that is dropped…still wondering what a realistic goal should be for this challenge..any ideas out there?

    Count me in please.
    Day 1. UK. NFD.
    I am 67 and have been a silent watcher of the thread and found it so inspiring I decided to jump in!
    Out of the country at present on grandparent duty (with grandad).
    Will start properly on Tuesday when I get home. Will fast Monday and Tuesday next week.
    Have lost a few pounds since starting 5:2 a couple of weeks ago but always find that eating breakfast on non fasting days seems to make me want to graze all day.
    Good luck and happy fasting to everyone. X

    Norrie I had got down to my goal weight of 8st 3Ibs (which is quite normal for my height)in December 15 and I have put on just over a stone since then. When I tried to resume normal eating I gained weight. Admittedly I’ve been eating a lot of rubbish as being a home carer I have cups of tea and biscuits etc. It’s not easy to get the exercise I need so I figured I needed to commit to the diet and try to find a way of maintaining. Besides all of that I have a wardrobe full of size 10 clothes that now feel too neat and since I threw out all the 14/16 I had better lose weight quick!

    AUS day 1 – goal 4kg loss in the month.
    Fast days Tues and Thurs or Fri at 500cal.
    NF days mostly low carb Mediterranean.
    Today was a fast day. I already exercise daily.
    I have previously done some Fast 500 days with good results but still find them difficult. Good luck to everyone in this journey.

    Day 1..UK …Yorkshire

    NFD for me today.

    Height 5′.7 ”

    Weighed in at 11.13 lbs or 167 lbs this morning.

    My FDs will be Monday and Thursday.

    Again I am a 67 year old and have been following the last challenge, lots of weight lost and everybody supporting each other. I was too late to join so in I jumped in this time.

    I love following the world coming in at each time zone, we are a big big world.

    I have lost 22 lbs over 6 months and I am 7 lbs from my goal although may go down another 7 lbs depending how I look. At my age I don’t want to look scraggy and too thin. My clothes are getting baggy I don’t know if I want another size down.

    I am having a challenge today as I am having a farewell meal out with the family as my daughter and her family are returning to the States. I may miss lunch out to balance the calories.

    I am going to walk 3 X 30 mins a week, which I should but don’t do now. My feet are not good so will do some house exercises also.

    Good luck to everyone


    NL day 1 NFD
    In a hurry.
    Starting at 69.2kg.
    Have a great day!

    Australia – Day 1 – 30 days to go of challenge πŸ™‚

    Hey guys! So exciting to start the new challenge! So I’ve lost 5cm off everything since the last challenge in the interim and 1.4kgs.

    My stats are: 77.8kgs
    Waist – 92cm
    Neck – 33cm
    Bust – 99cm
    Hips – 112cm

    I am hoping (all fingers crossed) to be under 75kg by the end of this challenge. Nothing like a goal!

    Wisconsin FD1
    214lbs……lost 6 lbs in the three weeks I’ve been using this plan and would like to lose 6 more during this challenge. I look forward to the accountability here.

    I will walk my 10,000 steps and do arm workout today….also will do the planking :))
    Plan is for celery, chicken, grape salad later today and some broth around noon.

    US, Day 1….roof party was a blast. Way to end a fast…NOT.

    37, 29, 37…
    5′ 1″
    121.5 lbs. And that’s up.

    Goal: 118

    I will be in a car for a good part of today so exercise may not be possible. 12,300 steps yesterday. Back home on Tuesday. Short term goal is to come home at same weight.

    I packed my Pilates ring and a DVD. And I will swim!!! Leaving in an hour for Lake George.

    No KondoMari while away but I will knit this.

    And NorthernDawn….congrats!

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