31 Day January 2017 Challenge

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31 Day January 2017 Challenge

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  • Day 1 SW WA USA NFD

    Fuvvie, we have quite a group starting this year out! Thanks for heading up this challenge.

    I’m starting the month out at 209.2 – down 5 lbs since Dec. 1, 2016

    A little history, heaviest was 245 lbs a few years ago. I lost 56 lbs on another diet but it stopped working and I started giving up. Gained all but 10 of it back. I found out about the 5:2 through a neighbor using diet to beat back his cancer. He gave me a stack of books to read – some on the ketogenic diet and others on fasting. I started researching & decided to give the 5:2 a go. I started on my own at the end of Sept 2016 and joined the forum in November ( so much better with this international supportive, caring group). In 3 months I have gone down 25.8 lbs. There’s still lots more to get rid of but I’m encouraged.

    Goal for January – 5 lbs down, increase exercise slowly as I continue recovering from foot/knee injury in 2016, usually will have M & Th as FDs ( unless I join in with others on occasion for b2bs)

    Steam2567 – I’m not sure if you’re on a FD or NFD, but either way, having prethought liquids on hand help get to the times for eating. I do various herbal teas, coffee, bone broth… It got easier for me too as I liked how I felt without eating.

    HappyMargo – so glad you’re getting to feeling better even though still on enforced FDs. Question – when you do completely liquid fasting days, what liquids do you include? I’ve usually done the 500 cal fast days, but was wondering about trying liquid only sometime.

    Mama2boys – what do you mean my EOD?

    Looking forward to this month’s challenge with you all!

    Fasted yesterday. Weighed 82.5kg this morning. Very surprised to have lost so much, must be fluid!!! Friends arriving shortly for a few days so won’t fast again until they go. Raining here today so think I’ll have a cup of tea and read the latest Jack Reacher book while I have a little time to myself. OH is busy pottering.Good luck everyone.

    Day1,Canada, nfd.

    Happy New Year to all my 5:2 buddies. I am back on the wagon after 2 weeks of festive eating.
    My goals are to reach a weight of 144 lbs and clean up my diet, no more empty calories for me.

    Weeme-laughed out loud when I read your hot buttered toast comment.

    KMENG- What the heck is a “punnet of Bloobs”?

    It is so encouraging to read all your posts, together we can do this!

    Getting lean in 2017

    2 Jan, Day 2. NFD. Queensland.
    Start weight 83.1
    Still hot here, early morning walk for exercise.
    Food and fast days ( Tue & Thursday) for this week planned.
    Keen for this to succeed!

    Aussie day 2. Loved reading the posts this morning. I have made a New Years resolution i don’t usually but i need to remember that it’s good to feel hungry and i wont die of starvation it’s only one day and to keep a food diary on NFD’s. In it to thin it i like that “Getting lean in 17”.

    Day 2 FD Sunny country West Australia
    just posted final post on November thread.
    Very annoyed at myself for being + 2 kgs for December having worked so hard to lose 4kgs since November 1st.
    It doesn’t take long – only a few days in my case – for those pesky lost kgs to find their way home. I thought I had lost 4 kgs forever but 2 of them were hiding under my scales and when I weighed this morning they jumped on with me and remain there at present.
    After a FD or 2 I am hoping they will FINALLY be banished for good.
    Will see next Monday. πŸ€”

    Day 2 Sunshine Coast Qld Australia: NFD: 107.6kgs this morning.

    Welcome to some more newbies: orpheus, Yirrakurl (which part of the world are you from?), Summer skies, Bethdvm, Snortmazribbit, and lucyinitaly. Sweden, Italy, Birmingham, Devon, Michigan; we’re covering the world East to west and north to south. I read these posts and would love to ask a million questions but will let it flow.

    I’ve just spent 2 hours here logging in tons of details on my spreadsheet. So many exciting revelations with AT sharing dropping dress sizes and getting off meds for asthma. This should be enormously encouraging for Amigo. I have mild asthma and at my 12 month check, the physician said my lung function had returned to normal whereas the year before it was deteriorating. So I’m wishing good things for you.

    I’m so impressed with the goal setting. It makes me have another look at how specific I am being. My quote today is from Mimi Spenser , page 121 “keeping a diet diary…..Logging consumption seems to heighten awareness; the simple act of quantifying incoming food (and, don forget, drink) seems to strengthen your hand. Alongside the numbers and food notes, consider adding your FD experiences; try to note 3 good things that happen each day. It’s a feelgood message that you can refer to as time goes by.”

    It’s funny to read someone starting at 9st10lb and moving down from there. I can remember when I was in high school and lost weight to end up at 9st 2lb. I was quite slim then, skinny almost. At 5’6″ I had been following diets since I was about 10, initiated by my mother originally and I had gone into boarding school in Sub Senior and put myself on a really strict very low calorie diet. It didn’t last but set up a life long pattern, with a bigger gain at the end of each strict successful dieting period. That is why I’m embracing this WOL even with my last 4 month ‘stabilising ‘ period. Hence, even though I am strongly tempted to make today an FD, I will not do that. I’m trying to do 4:3 from next week but since I had an FD yesterday, it will be Thursday before my next FD. Next week will be M,W and F.

    K-Lo, you have inspired me to do the pantry today. See you there.

    Believe, you and I are in synch. I was sitting beside a 48kg woman one day and she was the personification of the 50 kgs that I had to lose. I said to her that I was the equivalent of a normal weight person carrying her around on my back all the time. No wonder we get so tired. I am 25 kilos less than I was then, but it is a long journey. So glad to have such great company on the way.

    Better get on with some activities. Will check in a bit later.

    Day 2 NFD Gippsland (in Tassie)
    Despite being on holiday I am sticking to 3:4 ☺️
    Off to hike up Mt Wellington today.
    Goal for January is to lose 5 kg.
    Starting weight yesterday was 80.3.

    Cheers all

    Welcome back In it to thin it. While I was typing and entering data, we flipped over into page 5. There are 80 of us. Quite a lot to catch up on. Must move. Stiffness sets in so quickly.

    Day 1 NFD New Zealand
    Day 2 FD

    I lay on the sofa and watched Jason Fung on YouTube last night eating chocolate!
    Haven’t had a big chocolate feast like that for months and felt pretty gross by bedtime.
    Today is always a FD for me and after watching the YouTube info I’ve resolved to make this week a 5 day water fast and kick start my 2017 with a solid metabolic reset so I can go forward into January with my 5:2wol feeling like I’m totally focussed and ready to continue with this as I have been since Sept 16.
    I haven’t weighed for a while, I use my clothes as my guide not the scales but if I had to guess based on how things feel compared to this time last year when I was a much healthier happier weight I would say I have about 5.5kg to go.
    I’m hopeful that this week will rid me of 1-2kg permanently once the water weight loss rebounds and I can reach my target comfort level by Feb/March

    Day 1…. Florida….NFD

    Just finished up the last meal of the day…. a nice chocolate pie to finish out the day! Tomorrow will be my first FD in 2017, as well as the last day of my vacation before I venture back into the real world.

    At 7pm, I’ll start my 16:8. To get started, I started to review all the research I did before I started this WOL. In hopes to recharge my enthusiasm, well and to remind me of things I may have forgotten in the last couple months.

    Well, I must be off… I’ve only have 45 min to get out of the kitchen which means clean up after dinner and eat my pie.

    Best of luck to everyone!


    Day 2 (2nd Jan) – Brisbane Australia – NFD

    I’ll head to the gym today after 3 months of no exercise. It’s going to hurt.

    I don’t think it’s a good idea to fast on heavy exercise days so Tuesday and Thursday will be my FD this week.

    Trying to plan how I tackle FD. I’ll probably start with shakes and try and get more creative as I see how those days go.

    Happy New year to all. Would love to join the January challange. Done 5:2 before so I know it works but fell off the wagon last year. Fasting days this week planned for Tuesday (3rd) and Thursday (5th). Also doing Dry January – that’s a harder challange I think!

    Hi all UK day 2 nfd oh my goodness was out tonight at my last get together for this festive season and not had time to catch up on posts and we are on page 5 already lol. I’ll catch up tomorrow – hopefully my first fast of 2017.

    Day 2 – Perth, W.Aust, NFD
    It’s been great reading the posts so far, lots of inspired and determined people. Although there does seem to be an air of IF being a way to fix all our body ills/problems. While it will give a big boost to weight loss, and I’m looking forward to that, it won’t increase my lean muscle mass (unless I only count it as a percentage against fat mass), and while I may feel good about the numbers on the scale, it won’t help my mental/emotional health unless I deal with the underlying issues that brought about the indulgent consumption in the first place. So I’m looking at IF as just a part of improving my health and wellbeing, one of the mechanisms for bringing about long lasting change, and not just a quick fix for a part of me that isn’t “perfect” (whatever perfect is). So I have a 3-fold approach:
    1- IF
    2- plan and log regular exercise
    3- being mindful as to what I eat and why – and enjoy my food (real food) – after all it is what nourishes my body and keeps it fuelled.

    3rd post–

    DebbieQ– the idea of making that quilt for your friend is so wonderful & heartfelt. She is lucky to have you as a friend. She is bound to love it!
    (Bonus: crafting keeps hands busy so less chance of nibbling on snacks!)

    Amigo– Congrats on attacking that smoking habit. I wish you worlds of luck in accomplishing that for your health. Keeping *very busy* is one of the best tools on FDs to keep away from food & stay the course, perhaps it will help with your no-smoking goal as well.

    Bert– thanks for your cheerleading & humor! Your stories always a good message.

    SongBird– you’re one tough chick still hitting those skis! Keeps you young & strong. Sounds like a wonderful vacation (keep burning those carbs by shredding those slopes!)

    Laddie– doing fast/eat hours on your NFDs is a great idea & does indeed help. Mon-Friday work days, I never eat breakfast. Easily go 16:8 or 17:7.
    Gives one less time of day to spike my insulin, easily cuts calories from my day, saves me time in the morning & then makes breakfasts on Sat & Sunday with DH taste even more special.

    K-Lo– you will get your mojo back in no time!
    I like having you here, you’re my Marie Kondo buddy since the first Challenge! I’m still holding off doing a full Kon Mari on my closet until I reach my goal weight/ size. Then I’m gonna have a blast with it! Good luck on the pantry. Take before & after pics to marvel at your progress!

    Day 2 , Mon 2nd Jan, Rainy Melbourne Aus , FD . 88.4kg (weigh in days Monday)

    Morning everyone, so much to read and catch up on! FD today but still in bed. Not having a great start to the morning so I’ve made my black coffee got my water bottle and am going to do some reading. Might rewatch eat fast and live longer too and just try get in a good headspace. Gardening later when the rain stops and will take the kids out and about as usual. Going out for dinner so I’m going to be mindful of what I order and just have a side salad and maybe share a steak or something with one of my kids. I’m determined to still stick to my 500 cals today so won’t eat until I go out later on. Have to look at the menu for the place we are going and plan it properly. Also off to the chiro later. Looking forward to that.

    Have a great day everyone .

    Day 1…a sucess eating LCHF….

    HappyMargo – thanks for your reply. I never used to eat breakfast would start work and then around 11 have something small…somehow started to believe everyone when they said ‘you have to eat breakfast to burn calories’ and that whole line of thinking. I am fine waiting for the most part until at least 11.

    Today has gone well – first FD – had some broth that had carrots and celery – I am sure I didn’t go over 200 calories but it was nice to have something warm and a little salt to get through the day.

    Thanks again for the reply.

    second post
    Hi Arvandee – I so agree with your post. I am disciplined enough not to eat/ or keep under 500 calories for quite a long time but it is not a cure-all, just part of the overall health picture.
    Also I need to get the mental/psychological stuff sorted otherwise it’s a bit of a yoyo – weight off, weight back on.
    This WOL can help with weight but I am a great believer that exercise is an integral part of the equation.
    BTW I’m also a West Aussie, in the country.πŸ™‚

    Day 1 NFD, Arizona, 160 lbs, goal is 130. Here we go…..

    London | Day 1 | NFD

    Day 1 starting weight 64.1kg
    January goal weight – at least down to 62kg (0.5kg/week loss minimum)

    My healthy weight is between 47-64kg – I’m approaching the upper limit of my healthy weight range (after 6 months). With a safety margin of at least 4-5kg from that upper limit, I’m aiming for a final target of ~60kg as my maintenance weight.

    Visited a good friend for NY lunch – she does it every year – so, definitely wasn’t planning an FD on day 1. Lovely home cooked Sri Lankan food and great company to start the year off πŸ™‚

    My first FD will be on Tuesday 3rd. I’ve not decided if it’ll be a regular 1/4TDEE FD or a 36h liquid only fast. Shall aim higher and see where I get to.

    All the best everyone. Stay strong!

    Day 2 – Brisbane, Australia | FD

    Monday’s are when I usually weigh myself (officially at least, I tend to jump on the scales way too often), and it come in at a nice even 118.0 kg today, so that’s the weight that I’m taking as my official start to the year.

    Fasting today, which is going ok – I spent an hour this morning out in the yard carting wheelbarrow’s of mulch around and spreading them on the garden… was a little worried about how that would pan out as they day progressed – am feeling the hunger a little more, but going ok. Still sticking to my usual fast day plan of only having a little milk in my coffee’s throughout the day as the only calories until about 5:30pm or so (just over three hours away now) when I’ll have a cup of soup and probably a small amount of leg ham off the bone… won’t be more than about 300 calories for the day. Might add a banana to that if I feel like I need it, especially if I move some more mulch around the yard this evening!

    @arvandee – every little step helps, sometimes it just helps to focus on one thing and move that forward.

    I have a book recommendation for everyone – a lot of people here seem to like reading diet books, and while this isn’t a diet book, it has some direct correlation to maintaining a 5:2 lifestyle and improving all aspects of your life. It’s called “The Slight Edge” by Jeff Olson and is about why we should try to continually make the right choices. Each choice (good or bad) in and of itself, may not seem important, but when you string enough of them together over time they add up (like compounding interest) and that’s when you start to notice the changes. Definitely worth a read.

    Believeit, that was supposed to read 15kgs, not 25kgs. Fingers hitting the wrong keys again. Wishful thinking.

    What time did you get to bed, Pissupoosa or have you got up extra early? 3:41 am is either very late or extra early. Sri Lankan food..yum.

    I just had olives, cheddar cheese, celery, nuts and a small tin of sea salt and crushed black pepper salmon for lunch. Feel like I don’t need to eat for a month. Have totally Kon Maried the pantry, so feeling very virtuous. Thank you K-Lo for the prompt.

    Welcome runtmc. You are the 81st to join the group. Good luck There are 3 or 4 of us doing a dry January so it will keep me honest knowing that I have more than myself to answer to.

    Day 1 – NFD – Western Mexico (on vacation – Orginally from NY in the US)

    Hello everybody!
    Cheking in from Mexico, where I’ll be on vacation for the next 2 weeks.
    Good luck to you all!

    Day 2 – FD – Sydney, Australia

    Hey everyone. Today’s fast day going a lot better (mentally) than the last but the hunger pangs are definitely there.
    I’ve never actually read the book or watched the docos so I might head to youtube to keep myself occupied!

    Day 2 – Melbourne, Aus – FD
    So my first fast day which I originally planned to be on a non active work day but instead it’s a public holiday. I played golf this morning and was flagging by the end of that. But so far so good food wise . I have a lot of weight to lose, my starting weight is currently 107kg. I don’t have a target weight loss I just want to find a diet I can follow long term that will give me a downward trajectory. I’m really hoping that this can do it for me. I won’t post weight loss weekly for that reason but I’ll post it at the end of the month – any loss will be a win.

    Day 2 – Queensland – NFD

    Well this forum is already helping more than I expected. Today I was down to 67.1 even though yesterday was a NFD. Obviously lost some fluids and no doubt some of that was from yesterday’s horrid humidity.

    Tomorrow will be my first FD for the year.

    Reading through everyone’s posts has been great and certainly helps me to stay focused (she says on Day 2….). I look forward to checking in again tomorrow. All the best to everyone!

    Day 2. Sussex,U.K.
    Just checking in.

    Day 1 (yesterday, my apologies!) – Wisconsin, USA
    Just checking in.
    Starting weight: 182 lbs (82.7 kg)

    Day 2 (today)
    Planning for my first (ever!) FD tomorrow, 1/3/17.
    Going to plan out my FD meals and calories today.

    Question: How much water (and/or tea, coffee) do you guys drink on your fasting days?

    Day 2 – Staffordshire UK-nfd

    Last Day of the Christmas Holidays for me as I’m back to work tomorrow. Will spend the toay taking down the decorations, making sure everything ready for work & school and going to visit my Mom.

    Hi Fuvvie I’d love to sign up again for January. Will weigh in later. Thankyou

    Day 2 | Pune, India | FD

    Its good to be back to FDs after a week of NFDs. Enjoyed the break by visiting a Natural Tiger conservation Project in Tadoba, India. We were lucky to spot a Tigress and her two cubs in a natural habitat.
    Had a blast on the New Year’s eve.

    Now ready to lose the 1 kg I gained in last week, and then downwards from there!

    Day 1 – Tokyo, Japan – was NFD – I ate a lot, even felt full

    Day 2 – FD
    Started my fast around 6 pm yesterday … so I’m 24 hours in without food. I’ll probably go to breakfast which is still over 12 hours away.

    Weight this morning 80.6 kg. I would like to get to the point where my weight stays below 80 kg. I have a target weight of 77 kg, but that might be too low. However I don’t have a six pack yet, still plenty of fat on my mid-section so I’m in no danger of starving because of fasting.

    I’ve had a couple fruit favored teas today, I like blueberry and yesterday before starting the fast I had a cup of coffee with a heaping spoon of milled flax seed stirred in. I drink the coffee with a straw and this does cause some texture but I find the taste okay. I tried cooking the flax seed in oatmeal and that made it smell and taste how I expect ground up particle board would taste. I read many claims that milled flax seed should have a slightly nutty favor, I guess that is from people that don’t really eat a lot of nuts. The flax seed provides Omega 3 fats and good fiber. The fiber has been most helpful. πŸ™‚

    Mid-month I have to travel on a fast day so I’m planning on modifying my schedule and maybe do a double fast day before going. Not sure.

    Day 1 Hampshire UK
    Starting weight 10st 2lb (142lbs)

    I want to lose at 8lb as I know this is the weight that I feel most healthy and energetic. I know I can do it as I lost 7lb last year before my holiday. My big downfall is comfort eating at night and wine, so I’ve eaten all the chocolate and cakes from Christmas and aiming to only have wine at the weekend.

    I’m away tomorrow until Sunday so my first FD will be Monday 9th, start my excerise DVD and get out walking. I’m looking forward to reading daily posts and the support we can all give each other!

    Hi Fuvvie – I just found this thread tonight. Please may I sign up for January too? I’ll weigh in tomorrow, when I start my first FD for 2017 (I started IF in Dec 16).

    I have 30 kg to lose. Hope to lose 5 of those in Jan.

    Oh yeah, I’m in Auckland, NZ.

    DAY 2 – Bucks UK – NFD,

    Just checking in – FD yesterday – Good start and still smiling.

    Day 1: Pacific NW USA, NFD with cream and coffee, poached eggs and steamed chard for breakfast then veg and beef stew for a warm winter dinner.

    I’ve been following the IF guidelines of Dr’s Mosley and Fung’s and with these challenges since April 28, 2016. I had a lot of fun being the challenge leader in Nov and Dec and now I will be very glad to throw my hat into Fuvvie’s ring for January. My Beginning January weight is 160.6 lbs. My goals for January are:

    Reduce weight and BMI. I would like to get to the low 150’s by the end of the month. My ultimate goal is to maintain this WOL in the middle of the healthy BMI range and I believe that will eventually be in the mid 140’s. I know with the continued support of these challenge groups I can do that!

    I will continue eating LC/HF with little or no refined or simple carbs. It has been fun this weekend of the New Year holiday to imbibe the champers and Sazeracs but that is not my norm. I will continue my 4:3 fasting with a flexible schedule either Mon, Tues, Fri or Tues, Thurs, Fri depending on weekly events.

    I will do HIIT either walking or on the stationary bike 3 days each week. OH and I want to get back to resistance training workouts but it will not be on our schedules this month. I will take the time to have at least 2 massages this month.

    Good luck everyone! Remember what Rosie Revere’s aunt told her, β€œLife might have its failures, but this was not it. The only true failure can come if you quit.” (Andrea Beaty, from “Rosie Revere, Engineer”)

    Day2 Surrey UK NFD Good morning All, on this frosty lovely morning!
    After going back through my own posts I have reached the conclusion that I need to be a little more focused in order to reset this body. The weight has been here for a long time, and will take a little more effort than is being given at the moment. So this is my goal for January, to be more vigilant. I will also go for a ‘dry’ January, so let’s do a mini challenge…let’s get a few of us supporting each other on this and see how it goes. Either way, I am doing this!
    Great to have so many newbies join, do stay because you can only benefit! Good luck @fuvvie, and it looks like you are going to have your hands full with all of us!

    Day one – NFD
    Day two – NFD

    Day 1 Italy – NFD
    Day 2 Italy – NFD

    I weigh 77.3kg, right back to where I was in August. In 2 weeks I have undone 4 months work😞. So right back on it…

    Day 2 : Cheshire, UK : NFD

    Day 2: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD.
    Back at work tomorrow…must make it a fast-day…first of the new year, right?

    HollyLJ, so pleased to see your name here. I’m also wondering where Rocy is. Did she say she was giving it a miss this time? I’m struggling with the same dilemma as yourself. But really am feeling very revitalised right now. We pushed ourselves so hard in that Buddied challenge that we did losing 6kgs in that month that I think it broke a spring in me lol. So now working to overcome that lethargy.

    NorrieB, there are a few of us looking at a dry January ..BrightonBelleSummer Skies, Yirrakurl, myself and now you. Quite a challenge within a challenge, especially when those around you are unwinding with a drink. Sparkling mineral water will be my poison of choice when others are drinking beer or wine.

    London | Day 2 | NFD

    @fuvvie – lol, I didn’t think anyone would notice the time I posted last night (or this morning!). I think my body clock has gone a little off kilter since NY-eve. Hubby and I sat up in front of the lovely log fire till really late – chatting, drinking tea and catching up on Sherlock on BBC – hence the late post πŸ™‚

    Heard from an old friend from my school days, after a long time. We got chatting and I mentioned my 5:2 journey, weight loss and benefits of IF. She’s now hooked and wants to know more about what I’m doing and how to take up IF. I’m putting together a little blurb for her. It’s a great feeling to know how our WOL inspires others to take up a healthy lifestyle.

    All the best to those who are doing the dry-January challenge.
    My poison of choice is SUGAR (and other processed carbs). I’m thinking of going ‘sugar-free’, may be in Feb/March… Alcohol doesn’t pose me much of a challenge compared to sugar. Same problem, different S**T? Lol :-p

    Have a good day all. I’m off to do some chores at home and prepare things for the first working day of the year (and FD) tomorrow.

    Stay strong!

    Day 1 | NFD | Bucks UK
    Day 2 | NFD | Bucks UK

    Happy New Year everyone

    Fuvvie you were wowing me with the 25 kg! And I am still wowed by the 15!

    Vaderz going to check out that book. A friend of mine and I talk about the choices we have made and how we beat ourselves up over them too often.

    This is day 2 for me, will be a FD. Thinking I will put my scales in the closet and weigh once a week instead of every day..I start to become obsessed with the scales!

    D 2 | FD | Singapore

    Successful fast day! I’m finding it really doable so far… Before these few weeks I’d never had imagined that I would go on 500 cals/day and survive… It is very liberating. Also the mantra of ‘If I really want it I can eat it tomorrow’ is the best motivator ever!

    B (10am): Was intending to skip it but got offered starbucks by my boss, so I can’t resist! Got a small iced soya latte hmm!
    L (2pm): While watching the latest episode of Sherlock (I know I know, watching TV and eating is a bad bad combination!) I had a whole head of steamed broccoli and 2 hardboiled eggs
    D (7pm): a chocolate protein smoothie – 1 frozen banana, soy milk, scoop of sunwarrior chocolate protein, handful of ice cubes – makes a huge bowl and very satisfying! (if I was having it on a NFD I would have topped with more bloobs, cacao nibs and toasted coconuts!)
    S: Lots and lots of lemon water also a cheeky coke zero :S

    Exercise: 30mins HIIT (Anyone heard of bodycoach on youtube? best at home workouts! Short and sweet and to the point! Also, does anyone seem to have more energy on a NFD? My body amazes me sometimes!)

    Just a little about my exercise goals – I’ve previously exercised almost daily, did Kayla Itsines workouts, ran marathons, but at the moment because of work I’m sticking to shorter sessions at home, or at my condo gym (where equipment is scarce!). I do walk around quite a bit at work so just 30mins of additional exercise a day is a good achievable target! My goal is 4-5 days/week of 30mins.

    Going to relax this evening with some reading and another big mug of lemon water πŸ™‚ Press on everyone!

    I meant to welcome Marinermum. I’m glad you found the thread. You are not alone in wanting to shed 30kgs. This is a good place to try and do it.

    I hope I haven’t left anyone out. Give me a yell if I have.

    I’d better sign out for today. It’s 10:22pm and time for me to be asleep. Poor sleep hygiene is a big issue with me.see you all tomorrow.

    Hi, so excited to find this site. Female 51, soon to be 52 on the 13th. Starting for the first time today. 5’5″ starting at 12stone 12pounds!!!!!!!
    Have just heard I am to be a Nana by the end of June so serious action required!
    BMI i think is 30.

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