30 Day-November 2016-Challenge!

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30 Day-November 2016-Challenge!

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  • Hi all

    Happymargo just think after these 5 days fasting you will find fasting in future a breeze. Don’t worry once your body let’s go of that fluid you will be fine.

    @norrieb I feel for you as a Mum and as a mum we want all our children to get on. I can see in my own boys those that get on better with each other. Alas although people are family sometimes if they weren’t they wouldn’t even be friends. One of my own sisters and I don’t get on (well she doesn’t get on with my youngest sister either), to be honest I just don’t like her. I don’t like what she or some of her children have done in the past and she has never attempted to apologise, not that I would believe a word anyway. If I happen to meet her I will pass myself. It used to annoy me but I have come to terms with it and accepted, if it doesn’t worry her why let it worry me. I hope maybe with a bit of guidance your daughters can see each others point of view and make up but you will still love them no matter what. But not an easy time for you – hugs x

    Day 30 WA USA FD

    Day 2 of B2B FD along with DebbieQ & Pissupoosa; and AT & Ciren2 fasting too… And probably more are fasting.
    It’s interesting that the scale was up a bit this morning after 1st day of fasting. I think it might have been due to sodium in the yummy farmer sausage as part of my evening meal. I’ll make different choices for my meal today (keeping to 500 cal for day) and hopefully the scale will go the other way for the last day of the month.

    NorrieB – I feel with you. It’s rough when there’s dissension in the family; especially for a mother’s heart. A healthy reconciliation would be desired, I’m sure. May each one take the steps toward that.

    US SC Day 30 FD… b2b with AnneMarilyn and Pissupoosa. So far so good but have to say that when I went to bed last night I thought… I really don’t want to fast again tomorrow. When I got up I felt hungry but as I have to wait 1 hour to eat after taking my medication, in that time the hunger pangs left me and as of now (1pm) I still haven’t eaten yet but have had two cups of tea.

    AnneMarilyn, I’ve noticed on my FD’s that I tend to eat the same stuff over and over.. which is fine with me because then I don’t have to think about what to have. I try to stay high protein .. .eggs, shrimp etc. As a big salt lover, I’ve noticed on my FD’s that what I chose to eat doesn’t require much salt and maybe that’s a good thing 🙂

    Coda, I mentioned before but you might have missed it. I’ll be glad to take on another month here in the new year if you need someone.

    Day 30 – Cumbria UK – FD

    Went for a lovely walk with my Friday morning walking group – very mild and dry – enjoyed a good chat and a pot of tea afterwards. The only downside is that I now have a very painful area behind my left knee – I think I may have popped my Baker’s cyst which is now causing me a lot of pain and discomfort – I have not had any problem with my BC for years……..it will get better with some rest as usual……

    @ciren2 – I am holding on tight to your hand – saw your earlier post – we can do this together and hope that the weigh in tomorrow reflects our commitment this week.
    @annemarilyn @DebboeQ @Pissupossa and anyone else fasting today – stay strong and positive
    @lillymartin – It is amazingly easy to loose track of those pesky calories – I’m like you in that I have to regularly check that what I think is correct
    I hope that both @bert1802 – 20th anniversary and @fuvvie – 46th anniversary had a lovely day
    @Pissupossa – your description of a B2B FD is absolutely correct – it can be fluids only days or 500cal or 1/4 TDEE days – whatever suits you best
    @back2thefuture – I love your recent quote – will add that one to my collection
    @norrieb – I hope your daughters find way back – sisters are precious – big hug for you
    @happymargo – I feel for you – fluid retention is a pain but you sound strong and positive in your outlook xx
    @coda – thank you for your kind remarks – I do enjoy the camaraderie and support that this group offers and I think it will be essential in helping me maintain – I still find it hard to believe what I managed to achieve since joining you in November – Thank You

    Day 30. Sussex U.K.

    AT: You’re doing ok…that’s great, I’m ok too….once I get this far, I know I’ll do it. I can go to bed early if need be!
    Thanks for your support this week. Weigh tomorrow.

    (Very foggy) London | Day 30 | FD2 of b2b

    Checked in on the scales this morning (post FD1 of b2b) and I was down by almost 0.5kg – glad it’s going in the right direction.

    Today’s FD was still tough. Also added stress of it being a manic day at work! I was on my own today, so it was non-stop – calls, questions, reports to sign off, critical results to phone etc etc. (rush to get it all done before the long’ish weekend).
    I didn’t even have time think about taking a lunch break – which helped me get through the FD. Saying that, it wasn’t easy to ignore hunger – my stomach was on a mission to make it clear that it’s empty (or so I felt!).

    Main things is I got through the day! Knowing all my fellow b2b’ers are with me, made it that much easier – thank you!

    @B2tf – thanks for the Andrea Beaty quote. I should keep it in my eye-line on an FD.

    @fuvvie – what an idyllic way to celebrate your anniversary! 🙂

    @norrieb – I hope your daughters make up soon and mend their rift. I must be tough for you to see them like that.

    @happymargo – you’re such an inspiration! I applaud your courage and strength in the face of difficulty. Hope your hospital ordeal is over and you can get back into normality. Fluid retention is a pain (I thought pre-period FR was bad!), hope it resolves soon.

    @at – thanks for the heads up with the b2b definition.

    Hang in there Ciren2! we’re all with you, holding hands.

    Will check in with final stats (for the year!) tomorrow. Over and out x

    Day30 UK

    I am impressed and humbled by those who are fasting. It is just so hard being with the family and all the festive goodies to tempt us and to be finished before new year.

    Its amazing how I could slip back into old eating habits so easily! I am still fiting into my clothes but know I’m not going to be happy about Tuesdays weighin!!

    norrieb I do hope your daughters sort themselves out! I became estranged from my only sister last year, its been an awful few months. We had always been close. I don’t believe we will ever speak or see each other again.

    Looking forward to the new year and getting home so I can get back onto 5.2!!

    Best of luck to you all.xx

    Day 31 Sunshine Coast Qld Australia.

    I can’t believe it. I wrote a whole post and forgot to hit submit before going back to check up on those quotes. I could swear.

    Sounds like you will have a great marathon going to the loo to shed all those kilos of water, HappyMargo. Bet you could have wept when you saw the result. No cheating there, sister.

    Sorry about the family dispute, NorrieB. 3 years ago my OH’s siblings had a huge conniption. I thought they would never get over it, but this far down the track they have papered over the cracks. We can at least get together around Christmas fairly cordially, although one sister hasn’t made it to a family Christmas get together since, but writes best wishes to everyone. Time will tell, but you can only love them both and not get caught up siding with one or the other. It’s their problem I guess and only they can sort it out or not. Big hugs to you though.

    Will post again tomorrow with the devastation that has been my December lack of effort. Then see you on the January thread. Now hit submit.

    Day 31 overcast Country West Australia. NI ( = no idea what the day will turn out to be!!!)

    FD yesterday – went 24 hours with just under 500 calories but had dinner cooked by lovely DIL – homemade meatballs with homemade tomato sauce and vegetables. Yum yum yum and pretty healthy and on a small plate. One teaspoon of ice-cream and no pudding so winning in that respect.
    @norrieb, hope your daughters resolve their situation
    @happymargo, hope you feel better soon and the fluid overload rights itself

    Talking with a good friend about looking forward to 31 day January challenge, she asked me if I planned to keep up this WOL forever? Well, hopefully I said.
    She replied ‘ If not then ,you are simply a yoyo dieter but just over a longer time! ‘
    ‘Well if you follow 5:2 for months, then stop, then put on the weight and end up back where you started you are simply a yoyo dieter but over a longer period than most.’ OUCH !

    Then she wanted to know ‘ Why do you self medicate with food?’ OUCH! OUCH!
    I argued that I simply love the taste of food and overeat.
    So is it laziness? Lack of self-discipline? Lack of self-worth? OUCH! OUCH! OUCH!. I re-iterate that she is a good friend and one who can be honest – BRUTALLY honest.
    I was initially defensive but have spent the day thinking about our discussion – went for over an hour and very in-depth. Her intention was not to be hurtful but to try to understand WHY I overeat or am less mindful than I might be.
    Her contention is that most of us have areas in our lives that we do not want to face and so we self-medicate either with booze, drugs, food or some other addiction.
    Could I be addicted to food??? Interesting thought.
    She admits that she has to work with her own demons but it is only when she is actually honest with herself that she is able to control various parts of her life.

    I am pleased that we had this discussion because I WANT to lose weight and KEEP it off. I DON’T want to be this weight in 12 months, so something has to change.

    The psychology of eating/ mindfulness/ discipline etc is SO important.
    So whilst doing 5:2 I will also be doing a bit of ‘self evaluation psychology 101’ ! Interesting times!!
    Happy New Year all – looking forward to the challenge ahead.🍷🍷🍰🍤 (- well it IS new Year!)

    Day 30: Pacific NW USA, 2nd FD of b2b, going strong, make that weak, but every time I pass the cookie tin or chocolate stash and unconsciously start to reach out I stop myself knowing that tomorrow is not that far away. I am now at 36 hrs, clear liquid only today and over night that will make it 48 hrs by Saturday at breakfast. Being at home, tired and a little down after family left has made for a harder than usual b2b.

    Fuvvie and Lily have made it to Dec 31! OH asked me tonight if I was going to miss being your tally-taker and you know, I am. I feel like I really got to know everyone and to take in every detail from reading every post every day for 2 months. It will seem easy to just read and post instead of keeping the spread sheet on my lap top while simultaneously reading and writing on my iPad all on my little lap desk.

    ***** Those of you who started with our group in Nov will you please hold up your hand so I can do a nose count for fun?? *****

    21 of us have hung on till the end of the month posting most days. So if you are reading this you know you made quite an accomplishment NO MATTER WHAT THE SCALE SAYS! Sorry for the shouting but by not quitting you showed a belief in yourself even through the harrowing days of the holidays and you didn’t give up. I know we have one more holiday to go and at our house we will be breaking open the bubbly for 2017 but we all proved if we can make it in Nov and Dec we can make it anytime!

    Bert and a Fuvvie – happy anniversaries!

    Debbie – as I said above that by your keeping even a small momentum going in Dec it will help you off the starting block in January

    Pissupoosa – it really is a great job to lead a challenge month, thanks for volunteering for May, which by the way will be the 1 year anniversary with IF for some of us!!!

    Norrie – I can sympathize, 2 of our children are just too much alike to be cramped in close proximity for any length of time, especially holidays. And to make it worse they still try to drag me into taking sides, at least I’ve learned my lesson about that!

    Happy – I still blame Prednisone for some of my past weight ballooning, but also thank that for the fact that I had some pretty dramatic initial weight losses when I got off of it and stated IF last May. Hooray that you didn’t let the scale arbitrate your emotions!

    Lily – you’re doing some heavy lifting with those mental inventories, I know my attitude and consumption with food has always been very emotion based. I also know that little by little I see changes happening through these new habits we’re practicing. I ate 2 chocolate truffles over this week instead of finishing the box because the taste just did not produce the endorphins or whatever the way it used to. And I’m talking delicious, unctuous chocolate but 2 was all I needed. I note these little changes as evidence that with this WOL we can fuel our bodies and have treats that satisfy without sacrificing our health and without needing to yo-yo diet. We just move forward!

    second post
    Hi b2tf – thanks for all the support, encouragement and just daily tallying that you have done over the past 2 months – a monumental task very well done indeed.
    Yes, some pretty heavy lifting going on but better to start the year with honesty and see what makes me tick ! Having just had 2 chocolates and an extra slice of quiche!
    It’s been good to start the challenge and changing habits in November rather than the new year so that is a VERY good plus.
    However, tomorrow onward and downward.😄

    Day 31 – Staffordshire UK-nfd

    Yeah I’m still here. Funny how I still feel like I’m following this Wol even though December hasn’t had many fasts. I know it’s thanks to you all and checking in here daily.

    Think it was Churchill that said attitude is a small thing that makes a big difference. Going into the New Year I feel like I’m continuing with a Wol and not starting a new diet, which feels less daunting.

    I’ll weigh in tomorrow, I know I’ll be up on start of December, but I know what to do to reverse this.

    Thank you all for being here and thank you back2thefuture for leading us.

    Happy New Year 🎉

    Day 31 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    Restless night due to the discomfort in my leg – but it does feel better this morning!

    Hope everyone doing a FD yesterday held firm and are doing OK this morning – I will break my fast late morning as I usually do – am not an early breakfast person!

    Weight this morning remains 600gms below my ideal weight – so happy with that – despite some over indulgences over the xmas weekend my FDs this week have pulled me back – ready to start the new year with some wriggle room – will enjoy the champagne tonight!!!!!

    Thank you for the support of this group over the past 2months – since joining in November I have lost that last pesky 5kg but more importantly I have maintained that loss over the festive season.

    Wishing everyone on the forum a very Happy New Year and hope to “see” most of you on the January challenge with @fuvvie

    Day 31 / Tweed Coast Australia / FD

    New Year’s Eve and I’m fasting! Only 2 1/2 hours until tomorrow begins as 2017! I’m happy to be ringing in the New Year with this fast! I’m ending 2016 by starting my fast and starting 2017 by ending the fast (apologies if you read that from me before! I thought it clever enough to repeat)!

    Even though I’m in maintenance, I’m pretty sure I might have reached a new all time low. I’ll report tomorrow morning’s weigh in to let you know!

    Happy New Year to all!

    Day 31 Surrey UK NFD Happy new year to New Zealand! I am so very grateful for all the supportive comments, and thank you…I can’t take sides, I feel for each of them (my daughters) and it is so clear that it is just ideas they have about each other. I wish I had the words to bring them together in understanding. It is going to take a long time, I think. I also have very little to do with my own two sisters. We are just worlds apart in our thinking, so we have nothing to talk about, really. But I have never really had major arguments with them which cause resentment and animosity.

    As far as I can understand, difficulties arise when this way of life is referred to as a ‘diet’. Many of us are so used to dieting, and then reverting to old habits, and this is a slow but sure way of changing the thinking and developing new habits based on knowledge about what happens in the body when one gives it the wrong fuel. Like putting petrol in a diesel engine…. It just makes so much sense to deal with eating in this way! I keep going back to the books to clarify what is happening.
    Going to now look for the new thread and get my name on there!

    Hello all UK day 31 nfd although haven’t broke my fast of yesterday yet. Had a bowl of lentil and bacon soup last night which should be under my 1/4 tdee. Couldn’t sleep last night so got up and read for a while. I couldn’t get my mind to relax. Also bit of a cold. Have been fighting it since Christmas day when I woke with sore throat and thought I had beaten it until last night when sneezing and streaming nose started but feeling not too bad.

    So thinking of the year ahead – we have Fuvvie leading for January, Lynz for February, DebbieQ – would it suit you for March? AT would you consider April? Pissupoosa for May. I’ll be away in June so that month is free for someone to volunteer and I’ll do July.

    Wishing everyone a happy and healthy 2017. Let’s make it a good one. Thank you B2TF for keeping track of us, very much appreciated. This is for you x

    Norrieb well said – this is a way for life! Not a yo yo diet at all and perhaps Lily, is were your friend misunderstands. Even if not for the weight loss benefits, which has brought most of us here, the overall health benefits are well documented. We have found a way back to a better way of eating which we can live with for ever not just until we get to our goal weight. This is the way people ate (and didnt think it unusual) before governments and big companies started messing it up.

    Dat 31….. Florida…… FD

    Our time on this thread has come to an end…. I hope I see all of you on the Jan. Thread.
    So here it is my final weigh for Dec., I am up 2lbs! I’m still down from since my start date in Nov. So, I’m going to see this as a plus. After all, I could have gained a whole lot more!

    Thank you to everyone for you wonderful contributions to my weight loss goals and dreams. I would have fallen of the wagon and laying facedown in the middle of the road, if your hearts and prayers were not with me every step of the way…..

    As we end 2016, let it not be farewell, we say but let’s party on the WOL wagon, cheering for what 2017 will bring us!

    See you soon on the Jan thread!

    P.S… I’m fasting for the last day of the year! Go big or go home……

    Day 31 | NFD | Bucks UK

    Not posted since day 21…
    Day 22 |NFD😩
    Day 23 |NFD 😩
    Day 24 |NFD😩
    Day 25 |NFD 🎄
    Day 26 |NFD 😩
    Day 27 |NFD😩
    Day 28 |NFD 😩
    Day 29 |NFD😩
    Day 30 |FD 😀

    3lbs up but 1lb less since the start of December.
    Thanks to everyone’s support advise and humour over the months, I have loved reading and absorbing!
    Thanks to @back2thefuture for taking the register.

    Tonight I will cook some caribbean soup and have little drink for my Dad and welcome in the new year 🎉
    Cheers all 🍷

    Georgia/ USA/ DAY 31 nfd: Is someone hosting a January challenge. If so, please sign me up!

    Day 31: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD.
    Yesterday’s fast day was a SUCCESS! Thanks to AT and Bert xx
    Morning weight back to pre-Christmas…in other words, the top edge of my maintenance-range. Relief.
    Over to fuvvie and the January challenge now. I can’t believe I’ve been signing on to these challenges every single day since May when Coda threw down the first gauntlet.
    Two stones of weight gone since then, hopefully forever. Thanks one and all xx

    Day 31 WA USA NFD

    Yay! The last fast day did the trick, moving the scale downward. It’s hard to believe but I lost 5 lbs in December. So I’ve gone from 214.2 to 209.2 lbs this month. My goal had been to minimally maintain and lose 2 or 3 lbs if possible.

    I still have a long way to go, but am so pleased with the progress. My dad commented that I’d lost a lot of weight as we gathered for Christmas. So far 25.8 lbs down in 3 months on this WOL.

    2nd post

    A big thank you to b2tf for keeping tabs on us and encouraging us on the journey for November & December.

    US SC Day 31 NFD

    After 2 FD’s I show a 1.8 lb drop since December 1… but still just the same up and down for the month so I really think of it as a maintain. Since Coda started the first challenge in May I am down 44lbs. I’m aiming for another 25 and hope to achieve it during our challenges next year.

    Coda… I’m good for March so you can mark me on the calendar.

    Have a wonderful new year everyone… see you over on the January forum.

    London | Day 31 | NFD post b2b
    End of month weigh in 64.1kg (300g down)

    Made it with the b2b AND managed the 36h liquid only fast over the second half (thank you collective strength!). Broke fast this morning with a bowl of porridge with chopped apples sprinkled with cinnamon and honey. The last few hours (though most of it was spent asleep) were a struggle, I must admit, but I’m glad I did it.
    To wrap it all up I did Yoga Flow class in the afternoon.
    What a way to end the year! It’s been an eventful one.

    Weight down by (measly) 300g since the 1st of Dec. Since my goal was to maintain weight this month, what with all the Birthday/Christmas feasting (!), I can safely say I’ve achieved it.

    @lili – I admire your patience with your friend 🙂
    My first reaction would have been to get really mad and defensive! I see what you say – it’s her way of ‘finding out’ WHY you do what you do.
    Also, accepting who we are and making changes is what we do with this WOL. It doesn’t need to be rushed.

    @coda – well done on carrying on with the long fast. I also struggled with sleep last night, not sure why.

    @ciren2 – well done on getting back to your pre-Christmas weight!

    @B2tf – of course May would be the 1st year anniversary you some of you! No pressure on me then, lol. I’ll gladly do my best 🙂

    Well done and thank you my fellow fasters from the last couple of days. And everyone for the inspiration.

    Also a big thank you to B2tf for leading these 2 months and encouraging us all.

    See you in the January thread

    Day 31: Pacific NW USA, b2b FD’s ended, and very happy with results. Started Dec at 168.4, BMI 24.9 and ended with 160.6, BMI 23.7 so a total loss of 7.8 lbs. in December!! My goal was to be into the low 160’s so I am happy to have achieved those results.

    I will continue my 2 month tenure by adding our group weight changes for the month that you post here through tomorrow and will end this holiday challenge with our totals.

    I want to say thanks to Coda for inspiring a 246 pound recovering blimp in May to try Dr Mosley’s 5:2 (along with being introduced to Dr Fung’s advise) and to all the challengers and leaders since then, including you wonderful supportive Nov/Dec holidayers and pocketeers that helped keep me inspired along the way. I could not have done this by myself – you are the reason and so thanks are not enough but I leave you with this: you can reach for the sky and acheive your goals!


    day 31 uk

    Happy new year to you all!!

    Enjoying family time together!

    Day 31 USA Hawaii NFD
    16:8 LCHF is all can manage today. Will weigh in tomorrow morning and post.
    Looking forward to leaning into it more during January.

    Day 31– Colorado, USA– FD (again!)

    I’m free! I’M FREE!!! I am home without being cut in surgery!
    I was the model patient. No problems or complaints with the 5 straight days of b2b2b2b2b fasting. Haha!

    As a Surgical RN & Crohn’s patient for 26 years now, I know the rules. And follow them religiously, I do not want any more of my bowel tissue removed.

    My current path looks like this:

    3 days = NPO, nothing by mouth. Only IV fluids.
    3 days = clear liquids only. Jell-O, plain tea & plain decaf coffee, apple juice, bone broth.
    3 days = full liquids. At this point, I can put cream in decaf, have pudding, strained/blendered soups.

    That’s a total of 9 days fasting, before moving on to a low-residue, low-fiber, soft foods, mushy diet.
    I NEVER could get thru that without the experience & knowledge I’ve gained doing 5:2 intermittent fasting.

    In the hospital, I was on this forum reading every day for strength.
    Also, re-read parts of Jason Fung’s Complete Guide to Fasting to bolster my resolve.

    I’m still puffy because of the medications I am on, but I know it is not a fat gain. This fluid will flush when I’m finally off Prednisone. My goal now is to finish the full 9 days….. and get *HEALTHY* in the New Year!!

    My path will look odd because my weight going forward will reflect retention, but I fully intend to stick with the Forum Challenges for inspiration. Thanks to all of you wonderful people for your kind words & support!

    Day 31….. Florida…. FD

    Just a quick update for the last day… It’s 3:30pm, my time, I’m going into my 19th hour of fasting. For the last day I’m making it count! Almost done with my house work too! Great day all the way around!
    Late dinner tonight, so I will make it a whole 24 hours by the time I sit down to eat !

    Go big or go home….. I said this morning, and I’m going big!


    2nd post –

    DebbieQ, congratulations on 44 lbs down already. That encourages me to keep going.

    b2tf – Amazing! You started at 246 in May a are down to 160.6 by 12/31? Good for you! I hope to lose about that in total as well. Thanks for blazing the trail.

    Pissuposa – congrats on meeting your maintaining goal for December.

    All in all, it’s been a pretty amazing month. It is so supportive going through the holidays with this wonderful, caring, international group.

    Talk to you in the New Year!

    Coda– I’ve also got an older sister that, thru her own actions & hurtful words over many years, has alienated herself from much of the family. I would never her choose her voluntarily as a friend. There are times though I feel so sad about it. I’m sure it is distressing to my mother too.

    Would have loved to have a full tight-knit family. But luckily I have a terrific younger sister & brother. And am blessed with some awesome in-laws. So life is good.

    DebbieQ– isn’t it cool how just waiting out an hour that hunger pang or wave will roll on by? Glad it worked for you.

    AT– I think it’s lovely you have a walking group. It’s tough with all my friends still working different shifts/ hours to get together. But “Ouch” on that BC! Hope it eases up quickly for you!

    Rocy– it can’t have been all bad if you’re still fitting into your clothes. Plus, our rocking January Challenge is just around the corner… We’ll all be raring to go together!

    Fuvvie– you make me laugh! I have been running to the loo madly for 2 days straight (exercise!) and have already dropped 2.5 pounds of retained fluids.

    And there were no tears at the scale. Told the nurse aide my weight coming into the hospital & how it had shot up 8.5 lbs by eating *Nothing* We both got a chuckle over my “worst diet plan ever!”

    lily martin– what an amazing friendship you have there! It’s good to have someone in your life that can be so honest, when it is coming from a caring & loving place. She’s given you a lot to think about. And since you shared it here with us, we know can ask ourselves some of the same tough questions!

    And just think, if you stick with this Forum, we have 12 months of Challenges ahead, full of support from friends across the globe. You will have success! Remember: PROGRESS, NOT PERFECTION.

    B2tF– cookie tin & chocolate stash? In the house? You are MUCH stronger than I am, for sure! I’ve done major kitchen purges. All the goodies are banished. The only way I stay on course is by keeping the temptations “out there.” The break room at work, where everyone brings in the goodies is my arch nemesis!! I’ll have to channel your will power the next time work snacks are calling me!

    B2tF– almost missed you wanted a head count.
    Technically, I started in May with Coda’s first shout out for Challengers to band together.
    And, yes, I’ve been here for November & December too.

    !st January 2017 Sunshine Coast Qld Aus:

    B2tf, I have to thank you for the past 2 months. I would dearly love to report a loss over this period, but alas, I went wildly astray during December. It could have been a lot worse. I started 1st November at 106.4 kgs. Then 1st December was 104.9 kgs. Yesterday I was 107.7 kgs which was a gain of 2.8 kgs over December. This morning, I am 108.9 kgs which is probably last night’s dinner in transit, although when I first got up this morning at 5am it was 109.3kgs. Loo trip and better result. So as you can see, I am all over the place like a donkey’s breakfast. Why did I allow this to happen in spite of all the wonderful encouragement from this thread? The Lord alone knows. MIL went into care and that should have been a big plus. But for some reason, it really rocked my boat. OH came home after 2 months absence. This always disrupts the equilibrium as the emotions are a bit of a rollercoaster. Lots of family staying over Christmas. It all mounts up and I have always been an emotional eater. All excuses aside, I still feel better than this time 1 year ago when I was well over 120kgs, 123.9 at my worst by April 26th. Being leader in January will help because I am trying back to get to root cause and will do 3 fasts per week.

    MissyJ2002, you made me laugh. Thanks for that.

    Thank you everyone for your ongoing support through 2016. Will look forwards, not backwards, through 2017. Looking forward to great fellowship and tons of further support and breaking through to new highs / lows lol.

    Day 31 Sussex U.K.
    FD turned into NFD.
    Getting in under the wire. 184 pounds, exactly the same as when we weighed in on December 1st.
    Entertaining family over next few days, so no fasting until they go home!
    Happy new year everyone and see you on the new thread in January.

    new update:108.6 kgs. That looks better already. STEP AWAY FROM THE SCALES.😉

    For therealwil78 and any others here is the link to our new challenge


    See you there x

    1st January 2017 / Tweed Coast Australia / NFD

    Fast went very well yesterday and I was pleasantly surprised that as I weighed in this morning, I actually came in weighing below my goal weight envelope and feeling fabulous, so am now considering revising my goal weight envelope range! I should have taken a photo with my feet on the scales just in the 55 kg range at 55.9, which means I’m traveling with a BMI of 19.3. I’m glad I fasted on New Years Eve since how I saw something very positive for the start of the New Year! Thank you everyone again for all your support!

    Lael– I like that idea of snapping a pic of your feet on the scale, showing a mile-marker goal weight. Very motivating! Congrats on your success & positive New Year start, indeed!

    Day 31 : Cheshire, UK : NFD

    Happy New Year Everyone!

    Sorry didn’t have chance to post yesterday but I weighed myself. I’m down 4lbs from my original weight in October. The most I have lost is 5lbs but with one thing and another I put back on. I just have 7llbs to lose. I’m so pleased because I have over eaten in December. I’m looking forward to the January challenge – see you all over there 🙂

    Final weigh in – Staffordshire UK

    156.6lb so have undone most of Novembers good work in December (so glad I had the lower starting weight for December).

    On the plus side I am still 7lb lighter than my heaviest in May 2016.

    I’m on the new forum with @fuvvie but wanted to say a big thank you to @back2thefuture and everyone on the 30 Day-November 2016-Challenge for the support over the past 2 months – you guys got me to my target weight and helped me maintain and even end December just below that target – WOW I would not have done this without you.

    B2tf – I started with the forum in November weighing in at 59.5kg and have ended December at 54.4kg – a weight loss of 5kg and even went below my target weight of 55kg! Since starting this journey in January 2016 (initially on my own) I have dropped 3/4 dress sizes and have lost around 3stones/19kg and the health benefits have been so worthwhile.

    @norrieb – you are in my thoughts – hope your daughters find a way. I totally agree with you that the 5:2 way of life is a forever WOL – weight loss and long term health benefits are the result.
    @coda – can I let you know about leading in April – I will have a think but am not sure if I’m up to it…………
    @goldensun – You know you can do it – well done on the achievements so far
    @Lael – well done – what a great feeling
    @ciren2 – amazing how virtually holding hands gets us to the end of that FD – together we are stronger
    @happymargo – it must be so good to be back home – so happy for you that you avoided surgery – this 5:2 WOL does give us strength
    @back2thefuture – congratulations on your achievements – simply amazing

    I leave us with this quote from Dr Joel Fuhrman said:- “Permanent results only comes from permanent changes in diet and lifestyle.” and will restart in the January forum with the same thought.

    Final weigh-in results:

    156 lbs. = Original start of 5:2
    147.5 = November start weight
    145.8 = December start weight
    143.4 = weight prior to hospitalization, day after Christmas
    147.5 = Final December # (out of hospital, retaining fluid on Prednisone.)

    Prior to my Crohn’s flare-up, I had lost 2.4 lbs for December Challenge. Which is great during holiday season! Since I’m on medications that make you swell & retain, I will use the higher 147.5 as my January start figure.

    Ultimate goal wt. = 136- 138 (or 61.8- 62.7 kg)

    Final weigh in. 122.9. My VERY REVISED goal was below 123 for this challenge after putting on three pounds from my low. I lowered the bar enough so I could step over it (not lindy under it).

    Thank you all for your support.

    HappyMargo, hang in there. Feel better. Prednisone is no fun, but necessary right now.

    Final weigh in
    169.2 lbs
    Started the September challenge at 177.8
    My goal was to get out of the 170’s and so I am very happy today. I’m not sure if I posted a starting weight for Dec 1st – I wrote down 169.8 on Dec 6 so if we go with that I have a .6 lb lost for December. Not much but I am thrilled that I have found this WOL and it’s working – very slow but steady and that’s just fine.
    I would love to make it into the 150’s by end of 2017.
    Thanks to b2tf for running the NovDec. Challenge. And to all sharing this journey – I read and appreciated each post.

    Thanks, K-Lo, I’m already feeling much better just being back home again!

    Still on liquids. My last real meal was Christmas dinner!!

    I honestly wouldn’t be able to stay on clear + full liquid diet for 9 days if I hadn’t been practicing 5:2 and 16:8 with these Challenges already.

    Also, was quite pleased with my 2.4 lb loss during December. That’s a win!
    And I’m feeling healthier every day. 🙂

    Final weigh in before starting on new thread: 62.5
    Maintained since December 1, although I dipped a bit in the middle, so a small gain. But amazing, as I was sure I would be practically back to square one. See you on the Other Side!

    Day 2 FD Sunny country West Australia
    Standing in the naughty corner – self imposed.
    Started November 1st 77.3 kgs, dropped as low as 73.3 in mid- December then went on a ‘what-the-hell-it’s-Christmas-rampage’ and in less than a week have put on 2 kgs.
    Not happy Jan! ( line from an old ad that Aussies may remember)

    I am really annoyed and disappointed in myself as I ate loads of carbs, chocolates etc in the past few days and NO exercise at all. Just sitting and eating. I could feel my body groaning in protest but chose not to listen – and it only took a few days.
    Still trying to work out the reason for such self-sabotage.
    It took SO much work and self discipline to lose the 4kgs I want to know why I would revert back to my old WOE so deliberately and, yes, it was deliberate.
    I could hear one side of my brain saying’ No Lily don’t eat it. You don’t need it and think of the consequences’.
    And the other side of my brain was going’ Go on Lily. You can eat anything you want. It’s Christmas and it’s only once a year. You know you can lose the weight again.’ Guess which side won??
    BUT I don’t want to lose then gain the same kgs time after time.
    Whilst IF is beneficial for my body, I am pretty sure that the lose/gain roundabout is not.

    Still trying to figure out why I am careful to look after my outer physical body by not putting it deliberately in harm’s way e.g. I wouldn’t jump out of a tree in case I broke a bone.
    Yet I don’t take the same precautions when it comes to eating/ drinking and the damage overindulging can do.
    Anyway b2tf – I am + 2 kgs for December.

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