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30 Day-November 2016-Challenge!

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  • Day 28 WA USA NFD

    Yay, weight is going back down after a little bump up. Will plan to post final weight the 31st.

    Pissupoosa & Debbie Q, I’ll plan on joining you for b2b FDs 29 & 30.

    Still enjoying my son’s Christmas visit. We’re planning on taking in the Festival of Lights in Portland this evening featuring a gospel choir at the Grotto.

    HappyMargo – may you get well quickly. Good for you for the 5 day fast but too bad it’s imposed on you rather than be of your own choosing.

    Day 28 USA Hawaii FD
    Will try to make this 24 hour 500 calories or less – just lemon water, coffee or plain miso soup all day. At worst it will qualify as 18:6. (18hour fast with 6 hour eating window) and that’s ok too. Setting aside some baggy clothes so this WOL is working- slowly for me but steady.
    Hoping to end the month with at least a 36 hr Fast and weigh in under 170 on Jan 1.
    Please include me for January group.

    3rd post

    As the evening is drawing and temptations may be all around I’m holding on very tight to you @ciren2 and @bert1802 – we have done the longest part of this FD – together we can see this FD through until tomorrow whenever we decide to break our fast……….

    @happymargo – thinking of you in your hospital bed – hope your symptoms settle without the need of surgery – virtual hug x

    AT: I’m still with you! We can do it. x

    Day 28 UK

    Bert I hope all goes well discoering your family roots.

    Happymargo what a time you’re going aving, I do hope the fast is enough to avoid surgery. And enjoy your jello when you can!!

    today we’ve been on childcare with 2 energetic 3year old grandchildren on a long woodland walk! Great fun and brilliant to get some exercise and fresh air.Certainly tired and will sleep well tonight!

    Still on christmas left overs so bubble and squeek tonight with the last of the turkey delicious!!

    Well done to all those able to fast! I’m being careful, I’m sure I’ve put on a lb or two but don’t feel that Ive over done the festive fayre! I’ll soon find out when I get home and weigh on the 3rd Jan.

    Each day is a new day, lets take one day at a time and try to stay mindful and strong! Good luck to you all.

    Day 29, Sunshine Coast Qld Australia:

    I hope all goes well for you and that surgery is avoided. You really have been through the mill. Reading all the threads on this forum would be an interesting way to fill in some of the time, I imagine. The day is just starting and it is beautiful outside already. Blue sky but cloud building up and the birds are all chattering away. Just my OH and myself home at present. Several family members are camping out on Daughter N0 4’s block of land. She and her family have moved there over the past week and will be building sometime in the next few months. Daughter No 2 is camping out in their new home which is still under construction. So we have all gone our separate ways for a couple of days. Probably tomorrow will see her and the family returning here as she returns to work on Tuesday.

    Today I will catch up on washing and stay completely out of the kitchen. Hubbie can get his own meals and temptation can stay away.

    Second post.

    DebbieQ, Annemarilyn – thanks for joining me. Let’s do this!

    Day 29 NFD overcast country West Australia
    Just holding weight-wise with scales up and down 500gms but hovering around 73/74 kgs so still very happy. Plan to try to get to 73 by Sunday 1st Jan.
    Excited to be doing January challenge.
    Cant believe I’ve been posting for nearly 60 days straight – that in itself is a miracle!!

    Hello all uk day 28 nfd again started well and fasted until 2pm
    I have caught up on all the posts phew!

    @at – you can stay with us as long as you want. In fact reading your posts and inspiring quotes I see a leader in the making – March lol?

    @Ciren, Bert and AT hope you had a successful fd.

    @bert1802 it’s ok to mourn the death of an unknown father. While he was alive there was always the chance to get answers but with his death you mourned not only his passing but a chance to know him and find some answers. With receipt of the letter you have another chance and that you have decided to begin another journey of discovery. I hope your journey brings you some peace.

    @happymargo oh my goodness my thoughts are with you and hope things are healing well and surgery will not be required.

    @moth54 – I hope your stressful and unexpected event is no longer causing you any distress. We are here for you.

    @ratatouille welcome I see you have also signed up for January so look forward to hearing more from you then.

    Hugs to all that need a hug x

    Day 29 Melbourne NFD

    Virtual ((Hugs)) to you both, HappyMargo and Bert1802, with extra ‘stuff’ to deal with, you are in my prayers xx I think it was Julian of Norwich who said “All shall be well, and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well” xx

    Thank you, BiddieV & Coda. Your support, and thoughts from this entire lovely team, is so appreciated.

    Second post. Forgot to say I am doing an FD. Going well so far. Have had to be very mindful not to pop things in the mouth when cutting up fruit for the children etc. Determined to make this a liquid FD.

    Day 28: Pacific NW USA, NFD, as it seems forever since a FD I will try for a b2b of 48 hours from 10:00 AM on Thursday till 10:00 AM on Saturday when I will report my weight changes for December. Anyone else along for that last December ride?

    We’ve had great family breakfast, lunch and dinners this week. Also walked 4.5 miles yesterday and 6.5 miles today. Some family members have begun the return to their homes and the last will leave tomorrow. For OH and I it will be a re-living of
    empty-nesting that for me is a combination of relief and grief.

    At least, all my IF friends, I know you will be here tomorrow and the next day and next month and I so appreciate this stability that we provide each other. That’s why we can say to Bert and Happy, we are each pulling for you in our cyber ways. Happy – so sorry for your flair up, hope you heal quickly. And Bert – seems like your stable sense of self more than makes up for some of the instability of your family of origin but the decisions you are making do sound complex

    Fuvvie – I think your new thread will keep you plenty busy while your hubby is away!

    K-lo – I know you can look forward to being smashing on Jan 28!

    Patti – it was great to hear from you again, it had been a while!

    Is anyone else amazed at the numbers of us that have faithfully posted daily through these holidays?? What a group!!

    Day 29, Gozo Malta, NFD

    Didn’t post yesterday. TodaY is a fast day. I’m 63.5 kilos still below target of 64 kilos. I’m going on holiday to Sicily tomorrow for a week. I’ll be able to post with Fuvvie in January 7.

    Enjoy the end of this feastive season. I wish you a peaceful prosperous and happy New year 2017 everyone. May God bless us all.

    Day 29 : Cheshire, UK : NFD

    I will not be fasting until I return to work next week. Then I will plan my fast days and join any b2b2b fasts. I’m enjoying cooking for my OH ๐Ÿ™‚ (never called him that before but it sounds better than partner) and I cooked for one of my close friends last night. I’ve been wanting to cook for my friend for a while but we are either too tired after work or busy. The main dish I cooked was healthy but then we had a chocolate dessert with fresh cream from Marks & Spencers ๐Ÿ™‚

    Day 29 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    Broke my B2B FDs (Tues/Wed) late this morning by going out for a flat white and a small mince tart with my OH -not the best way to do it I know, but I did not really feel hungry and still don’t atm…..will most likely not have anything else to eat today until dinner tonight.
    Planning a lovely vegetarian meal tonight for OH and I – Yotam Ottolenghi’s – Braised squash with chickpeas and harissa and I add spinach to it as we both love it!

    Hope that both you @ciren2 and @bert1802 made it through your FD yesterday…….I was holding on firmly to your hands especially when I was faltering in the evening

    Thinking of you @happymargo in your hospital bed – hope they are looking after you well and that you are feeling much better even on your enforced FDs….

    Positive vibes coming to all those on a planned FD today.

    Day 29….. Florida…..FD

    Did okay yesterday, so I’m doing a b2b today! Holding hands did wonders!
    I decided to do another FD because more than likely, it will be my last until I head back to work on Tues.
    Plus, Friday, it will be a total eat day as I meet up with my bestie for our gift exchange and lunch. Boy, I miss this girl, but our work schedules and families keep us busy, I don’t see her as much as I’d like too.
    Then later that evening, my husband and I will celebrate our wedding anniversary. 20 years and still going strong!
    Wow, I know how to pick them….. Those keepers!
    I must be off…. I have potatoes to plant in the garden and I’ve got to get this house cleaned.

    US SC Day 29 FD. This is my first FD this week and planning on making it a b2b. I know I ate way more than I should have this month but still managed to do 2 FD’s a week. My weight, however, is up. I’m hoping with the two b2b fasts I’ll be able to at least post a maintain for the month.

    I was just thinking that some of us are 8 months along in this journey.. since Coda started us all off in May. Can you believe that??? I don’t think I have stuck to any diet that long. But then, isn’t that the difference here… not a diet but a WOL and so much easier to absorb into everyday life. I really have only been managing to maintain since October. I went away for a couple of weeks and for some reason just never could find my stride again. I really hope that January brings with it a renewed enthusiasm to get control of my NFD’s again. Have a good day all.

    Day 29 Surrey UK FD at last! After about two weeks of overdoing things, Got on the scale this morning and no surprise, up by 1.7 kgs. So today is a very motivated fast day, but it also feels good. Getting rid of that permanently full feeling, and once again listening to what your body is saying.
    My daughter has a very good industrial type electronic scale, and I am here with her till the 7th January, so this is a good time to reset, especially since I am halfway through the Fast book by Dr Jason Fung. There is a lot of detailed information in this book.
    @B2tF, will weigh again on the morning of January 1st to get a starting point for the new month and the new year. The information about glucose, insulin, glycogen, cortisol, hunger, fasting, is all slowly beginning to sink in…putting that altogether with everybody’s experiences on this forum is giving us all a body of knowledge to work with that is going to stand us all in good stead. How many times can one reiterate the gratefulness for this group? Not enough!! I really think I am beginning to love everyone here. Have a picture of everyone in my mind, and feel as though we are all just chatting away. What a blessing this is. THANK YOU again!!!

    second post.
    Whoops !!!!! So this is why I was counting calories and being extra mindful before Christmas.
    Have not plugged in any figures for over a week. Idly crunched the numbers whilst waiting for the crew to finish in the bathroom – 5 to shower. Oh dear !!!!!
    Thinking I was being mindful and just eating leftovers – I have consumed ALMOST THREE TIMES my TDEE just today!!!
    I daren’t think what I would have eaten in previous years at this time!
    Tomorrow is DEFINITELY a FD. ๐Ÿ˜“๐Ÿ˜“

    Day 29- Staffordshire UK-nfd

    Georgia/ USA/ DAY 29/FD.

    Day 29: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD.
    Bert, AT….you DID it and SO DID I…..hooray to us.
    I need to do another one tomorrow before I can say I’m back on track. Wish me luck.

    Day 29 SW WA USA FD

    Day 1 of B2B with DebbieQ & Pissupoosa. We can do this.

    2nd post

    Well done us @bert1802 and @ciren2 – knew if we held hands we could DO IT

    @ciren2 – I will join you tomorrow as well – a strong hand held from me to you – before the weigh in on 31/12……..We have got what it takes!

    @lilymartin – I know exactly how you feel -calories are so deceptive – every time I think I know how many calories I’m eating I find I’m wrong – so I just have to check and check……..

    @bert1802 – enjoy your day out tomorrow with your bestie – they are to be treasured

    Who else is joining Ciren2 and myself tomorrow?

    2nd post
    AT – DebbieQ, Pissupossa & I are doing a B2b today and tomorrow so we are planning to be fasting tomorrow. We’d be there with you.

    AT: Thanks for giving me the strength I need for tomorrow. Holding hands together. x

    Day 29. Sussex U.K.
    Just checking in. Made it to 3pm yesterday. Will be out with friends tomorrow so will go for 500cal day on Saturday.

    NYC, Day 29, FD gone south…but not badly. Ended up having lunch. Broccoli and a small piece of salmon.

    Day30 Sunshine Coast Qld Australia ;FD

    Happy Anniversary Bert. We are also celebrating our 46th anniversary today. Well done us. We’ve had our ups and downs, but it is lovely to have someone to share the memories and make new ones. A bit like this thread really.

    So many people fasting at present with such enthusiasm. It is catching. Determination not to finish on too dreadful a note. I was shooting way out of control. Can’t pinpoint why.

    How’s it going, HappyMargo? Aren’t you grateful that you were a warrior when it came to fasting when they put you on that drip and said no food for now? Without your training, it could have been a really devastating experience, but you can salute Mosley and Fung and all the 5:2ers and say Let’s do it. I hope it isn’t long before you are back to normal. What a horrible experience to have to go through. Crohn’s disease is not a joy. I wish you well.

    Well done NorrieB getting through all that reading. It sucks you in and does start to make sense of all that’s going on. Another good book to read is Gut. It also helps make sense of depression and mood swings because of the food we put into ourselves. Knowing all that, I still made hideous choices in terms of my health over the past month but am turning it all around. And it is lovely to have someone to chat to. Better go and see if OH is awake and wish him a Happy Anniversary. Quiet day planned.

    London | Day 29 | FD1 of b2b

    Today was a struggle! Wasn’t surprised after a whole week of ‘feasting’ with no fasting, lol. Stomach rumbles galore, but managed to hang on – very much grateful to my fellow b2b’s for the group strength!

    Just to clarify the ‘definition’ of a b2b fast – this would be the same as doing a <500/600 or a liquid only fast on consecutive days, rather than alternate days, am I right?
    It’s only after having my 321cals at dinner time, I thought, did I just completely mess up my b2b?!

    So dinner was: Courgetti lightly sautรฉed in a teaspoon of butter with mushrooms, mixed in a handful of raw cherry-toms and half an avocado (216 calories). Should’ve stopped there but couldn’t resist a few plain Jacob’s cream crackers – hence the 321 final count (I know, not ideal but I’m going to move on and learn form that).

    Tomorrow will be the second FD. I’ll try and make it a 36h liquid only (until Saturday-day 31-breakfast).

    Just doing some catching up from this page (67?):
    @annemarilyn – well done on getting back on track with the weight loss. I know I’m at least 1.5/2 kg up from my last weigh-in. So need to haul my a** back on the wagon :-p

    @happymargo – sending you good thoughts.

    @at – did I miss you out on my list from yesterday’s post?! sorry if I did. Of course I’ll be joining you and @ciren2 for the second half of the b2b tomorrow.

    @ DebbieQ – just seen your post about the long journey since Coda starting the Challenges: it’s the same for me – the longest I’ve sustained IF. Since starting this WOL in June, it’s the support of this forum that has kept me motivated and going for this long.

    @bert and Fuvvie – Happy anniversary and best wishes for many more happy years together!

    @coda, b2tf and Fuvvie (did I miss anyone out?) – I’d like to lead one of the challenges some time next year, maybe May/June/July time? I have an exam in April, so Jan-April is pretty much out. Hopefully we’ll all still be going strong with this WOL by then ๐Ÿ™‚

    Stay strong everyone! And all the best for tomorrow fellow b2b’s!

    Day 30 Melbourne FD

    First FD since 19th and kind of looking forward to it. I’m pretty sure I’ve gained most of what I had lost, just in 5 days, judging by clothes fit. However, I feel motivated to keep on keeping on, due entirely to this group, so I will be here in January and will get back to where I was and beyond. I have an unaccountably large birthday in mid-March and would like to be looking my best for that, so it’s something to aim for.

    @bert, and @fuvvie Congratulations!! 20 and 46 years and still good…..no mean feats these days. Wishing you both a happy day and many more great years with Hubbies.

    Day 29 UK
    Quick checkin.

    Hello UK day 29 nfd finding it hard to resist all the goodies still around. I may not get back into the swing of it until next week when I go back to work but will attempt another fast day tomorrow.

    @bert and Fuvvie hope you enjoyed your anniversaries – congratulations ๐Ÿพ๐Ÿพ

    @pissupoosa thank you for putting your hand up much appreciated. I’ll pencil you in for May if that is ok?

    Day 29– Colorado USA– FD (haha!!)

    Fuvvie, you honestly just made me laugh! When I got to the hospital & they put NG tube down, the nurse was explaining how I wouldn’t be able to eat or drink, blah blah. My DH chuckled & said, ” Oh, she’s got this!”

    I’ve had Crohn’s for 26 years, along with 14 bowel obstructions, I’ve been blessed that by being very careful with lifestyle decisions I’ve been free of it for the last 11 years. Free! With no medications!

    But my strongest tool this week was knowing that it would just be a little intermittent fasting ๐Ÿ˜ƒ To let my belly rest & recover. And thanks to 5:2 I didn’t freak out about “What?!? NO FOOD for a week? That’s crazy.”

    Instead it was just like my DH said, “I’ve got this.”

    Secret: now I’m not sure how to rate my final December weigh in. This feels like I cheated & took the “easy” way. Haha!

    Second post – @coda – May is good. I’ll note it in my diary too.

    Happy anniversary Fuvvie & Bert!

    Day 30 country west Australia FD
    @fuvvie and @ bert – Happy Anniversary to both of you.
    @ HappyMargo – girl after 5 days you deserve to count the number especially if it’s looking good , and certainly not cheating. You have earned it!

    To all those fasting today – sort of lost track – I’m in today and not sure about tomorrow as my DD is coming home for a few days. But my body is really telling me a FD is in order and I don’t want any rich food for a while. We are eating lots of salad with the ham and turkey but just too much of everything I think. Also the Christmas pud, ice cream, biscotti etc.

    I have taken off my rose coloured glasses and reverted back to my reality ones . And Boring and Dull as it is I plan to calorie count ( groan) for the next few days until I know what my TDEE looks like again. Sort of lost it in the excitement of Christmas and all the FOO ( means Food On Offer and is a term we use to calculate what and when to feed our sheep ! Simply far too much FOO for me in the Christmas week.)
    Ending 2016 on a better note than I started it weight and health-wise.๐Ÿ‘

    Day 29….. Florida….. NFD

    Did quite make FD as I wanted too, but to be honest, my wonderful husband picked some veg out the garden and made a wonderful ham and veg omelette for breakfast. Ohh, how I love a man who can cook…..

    So, tomorrow isn’t looking any better food wise, but what the heck. I guess, I’m going for broke until the first of the year. Then I have to find the belt and buckle down because before you know it my 10lb loss will turn into a 10lb gain…..

    Thank you everyone for the wonderful wishes for our anniversary. I always say God could only gives us one thing….. either love or money. I guess he figured our lives would be better off with love then money. Or to quote my husband….. We might not have it all together but together we have it all!


    Day 29: Pacific NW USA, liquid only FD today, at least since 10:00 AM when we finished brunch with departing children and grandchildren. Will continue this fast through Friday making it 48 hrs by breakfast on Saturday.

    This first FD after all the Christmas feasting has been a bit more difficult today and when I weigh on Saturday morn whether up, down or the same I’m going to remember:
    โ€œLife might have its failures, but this was not it. The only true failure can come if you quit.โ€
    โ€• Andrea Beaty, Rosie Revere, Engineer

    Second post: Thank you for your lovely warm wishes for our anniversary. We went for a walk on the beach, hubby went for a swim, I walked about 3km then we went to a cafe on the front and had panfried barramundi with kipfler (?) potatoes and peas, chorizo, avocado and some sort of green followed by Weis mango bar when we got home. Not earth shattering but delicious.Oh and one glass of wine. So broke my fast at about 6pm after 46 hours fasting. Will fast again on Sunday. Lovely quote, Bert.

    Day 30- Staffordshire UK-nfd

    Looking forward to fasting next week, think my body is ready to get back to normal.

    Day 30 / Tweed Coast Australia / NFD

    I’m still here! I didn’t get around to posting here yesterday. It was a good post fast day though!

    I’m fasting again tomorrow (New Years Eve) and will be ending the fast on New Years Day, which I feel is a bright and happy way to start 2017 and on the right foot too!

    Admittedly I overate late this afternoon and evening! I munched a lot of cashews and other food while cooking and then ate dinner after that! …It felt like I had two dinners!

    I want to thank Back2theFuture for hosting these past two months! It has been a joy participating in this challenge and I appreciate the opportunity to do so!

    Hi all uk day 30 fd

    So far so good. I have left some soup out of the freezer for my dinner tonight. Like most I think I am ready to fast.

    Day 30 Surrey UK 2nd FD hopefully… Feeling really down today, my youngest and oldest daughter have had a massive argument, I don’t know how the rift will be healed. It is very upsetting. Well I just don’t feel like eating, so will carry on until I do. There is nothing I can do to help them except remind them that they are sisters and need to love one another.
    I add thanks to all of you who have been hosting this forum..such a service to us all!
    Thought I would weigh this morning again, and down by 1 kg, but we will see again n the morning of the 1st January. Love and hugs to all.

    Aww, NorrieB, that makes me sad to hear of your daughters’ rift. It must be so difficult as a mother to be on the sidelines of that. I hope they are able to mend this rift shortly, for everyone.

    Day 30– Colorado USA– FD (again)

    You know how it’s impossible to get decent sleep in a hospital? Workers tromping thru your room all night to do their important tasks (& I say this with respect as an RN myself!)

    Well, I was wide awake at 2:30 AM ambulating the hallways like a good patient when the CNA said, “Hey, no one’s updated your weight since you got here.” So I obligingly hopped onto the scales.

    So after 5 full days of non-stop NPO (nothing by mouth) Fasting, the results are….
    Drum roll, please…. I have GAINED 8 pounds!! ๐Ÿ˜ณ
    Yes, that’s correct. UP. EIGHT. LBS. ๐Ÿคฃ

    With all the IV fluids plus corticosteroid drugs (Solu-Medrol, Prednisone) I am retaining massive loads of water in my feet, ankles, legs, abdomen. Actually, everywhere!

    I am not the slightest bit worried. I just remember: The scale lies!
    I’m pleased I made it as a Fasting Warrior, as Fuvvie says.

    Day 30: Gloucestershire, UK: Struggling a bit with my FD….but hanging on, so far. Reading the posts helps a lot.
    AT: How are you doing?
    Fuvvie and Bert: May I add my congratulations….it’s good to hear of marriages that last these days. We will be on 30 years in summer 2017.
    HappyMargo: It’s just the drugs that are doing it….sorry, I lost track of the reason for your hospital stay….but hopefully you get well shortly and can come off them…..then see the weight fall back off!
    NorrieB: I do hope your daughters make it up SOON xx

    Day 30 – USA (Utah)

    NFD – hanging in there! Visiting daughter and granddaughters. Got skiing yesterday – good workout! Still keeping up with TDEE by MFP.

    On HappyMargo – fluid retention is just awful… ugh. I feel for you! Hopefully you’ll lose it as fast as you gained it.

    Happy Annivrsary, Fuvvie and Bert!

    Onward and downward!

    Day 30 : Cheshire, UK : NFD

    Preparing myself mentally for January. I don’t drink alcohol so January will be a sweet/chocolate free January instead of a dry January.

    @norrieb. I’m sorry to hear of your daughters’ argument and hope that they can make up soon. Sending you a big warm hug.


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