30 Day-November 2016-Challenge!

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30 Day-November 2016-Challenge!

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  • hi B2TF
    id love to join the November challnege, just started week 3 of 5:2 and love the idea of being in a group of people doing the same thing

    Wow B2tf, you sure have got your work cut out. Here we are on page 3 already. I feel like I’ve stepped back a month in time. What a dynamic group this shaping up into. You’ve got to love it. See you tomorrow morning.

    Ok new to all this but going to put everything into it. Hubby is having surgery this month and won’t be eating much so it will be good for me to start this. I need to lose about 30lbs and need motivation, hopefully the group will give me this.

    Hi guys, so it’s Monday here in Australia and I’ve decided to start the challenge one day early for that reason as I prefer my fasting days to be Monday and Thursday.
    My goals for this november challenge is to eat to the TDEE of my goal weight on my non-fasting days and to do exercise 6 days per week. This will include 3 HIT running sessions, 2 yoga sessions and 2 strength sessions spread over the six days.
    I would be ecstatic if I lost two kilos by the end of november and then keep going with 2 kilos per month until I get to my goal weight.
    As today is my fast day, I’ve started with a yoga session (75 minutes) to get me through the morning. My first meal will be at 1:30 and my last meal will be at 6:30 or thereabouts.
    I prefer not to cook on my fast days so as to not be tempted so I have just purchased a pre-made Asian salad from woolworths which clocks in at 130 calories and I’ve added a soft boiled egg for some protein. That’s a total of 203 calories . I’ll do the same for the second meal as it’s quiet tasty and easy.
    I’ll also have a coffee somewhere in between, a 3/4 soy flat white which is 80 calories so the total for the day will be 486.
    I’m hoping that being prepared will mean that I’m not getting tempted by food. I’ll give an update on how I went tomorrow.
    Good luck everyone!!

    Hi bt2tf
    I would love to join your november challenge. I have been doing the fast diet for a month.
    I am absolutely enjoying it and find the fast days very doable. However I have been going up and down the same amount of lbs for weeks. Down after a fd and up on nfd’s.

    my goal this month is to add a third fast day to try and shift this plateau and to keep track of my eating on nfd’s.
    I would like to lose 4lbs this month.

    Thank you!

    hello fellow aussie needachage .. good luck..
    i basically eat the same on my fast days very boring
    kale salad & tuna (monday i add brown rice )
    thursday i dont have rice so i can have fish & veggies for tea

    Hi B2TF,

    I’m in again! I got so much out of September and October challenges! Thank you B2TF for hosting this one!

    My goal is to lower my goal weight range envelope. I’d like my goal weight range envelope to range between 56.5 kg to 57.5 kg.

    Hello b2tf, count me in please. I’m a little worried for you as it’s getting kind of big. So in consideration of this, please don’t feel you have to track me on a chart or spreadsheet if you feel it’s all getting too much, but I’d love to post here, a daily food blog is very revealing about what one is really eating.

    *My quantitative goal for November is to lose 5 pounds. The last few pounds to my goal weight are turning out to be like the last few boxes to unpack after a move – hard to get motivated!

    *My qualitative goal for November is keep the carbs from non-starch veggies at top priority – then fruit and/or starch veggies (potatoes, peas), then bread (bagels, the occasional single piece of toast at a cafe) and pasta, and then and only then the occasional just-for-sweets carbs.

    *My exercise goal – three swims a week, two walks a week (if inclement weather, head to the treadmill at the gym.) This will be very important because November is the last month for my bike before I put it away – sob- for the winter.


    To newbies: someone asked about TDEE: My suggestion is to use the TDEE for your goal weight. That way on NFDs (non-fasting days) you will be like an athlete in training. You will be getting used to eating on those days as you will as a WOL.

    — try to think qualitatively as well as quantitatively. Losing weight and keeping it off means changing a lot of habits, not just one. Try to enjoy the journey as well as fretting to yourself, like a kid in the back of the car on a family trip – “are we there yet? are we there yet?” 😉

    Yes, please count me in on the 30 day November challenge and thanks to b2tf for running it for us!

    # 1 goal is to stick with it, don’t quit! Also stick to eating low carb, healthy fats and lots or organic veggies, small amounts of healthy proteins – seems easy to get way too much protein. No eating past 7pm in evening. Also increase water intake. I think I eat when I’m actually only thirsty. Hope to drop weight by 5 lbs in November. Also on hour walks at least 5 mornings a week -which I need for my sanity!

    Count me in! I want to lose 9 lbs and maintain that weight, but more than that I am interested in the health benefits. right now i eat a high carb-low fat vegan diet and on FD’s I want to aim to eat just leafy greens and fruit.

    Hi! I would like to join your November 2016 challenge please. I want to lose 50 lbs by May 15, 2017 for my daughter’s wedding. Thank you!!!!

    Day minus 2 till November challenge begins: Pacific NW USA, NFD

    Glad to see BrightonBelle, and…exhale, Lael, Maui and moth54 are returning for November with your experience and insight! (Of course, Moth, I’ll be glad to take daily attendance for everyone, it’s my fair share after all the benefits I’ve derived from all of you over the last 6 months!)

    And to those new to 5:2 or new to this forum or re-newing your commitment to IF please feel free to ask any questions or make comments about your progress. The challenge hasn’t even started and you can already see that with a world-wide support group someone will soon be there to respond.

    So welcome LynzM, Kallie26, Jessiboo, mazza1720, LEW, AT, wood_dragon, izzybizzy, C45carol, Bert1802, Helsbelsjoe, BiddieV, BibiT, rainbowbrite30, Tumsie, mazzie10, norasma, and chippy57

    Many of you are well into your scheduled FD’s and NFD’s! Just remember, wherever you are in the world’s time zones, starting on the 1st, whatever day it is on your calendar you start your daily posting with that number, where you are in the world and whether it’s a FD or a NFD for you. Example: “Day 1: Paris, FD”

    Hi B2TF,
    I’m a complete newly to the 5:2 and would like to join the November challenge too. Thanks for taking this on.

    I’ve also started early and had a reasonable first ever FD today here in Australia, though I’m sooo hungry and can’t seem to get warm. I realise now that I need to get more organised with food for the FD so I don’t have to think about it too much on the day. Off to an evening pilates class to get me out of the house and let the family fend for themselves for dinner.

    Day 1 – UK – FD

    Hey, I am starting my 5:2 Journey today.
    I would like to lose a stone (pre-baby weight) My kids are 7 & 5 so poor excuse to still be a stone heavier 😂
    Today is my 1st FAST day!!

    I would like to join the Nov challenge.

    I am 29 years old and from the 🇬🇧


    New to the 5:2 and fasting, so joining the 30 Day November challenge to keep myself on track. Setting a target of 10lb weight loss and 3 times a week at the gym/exercise class. Determined to achieve this….

    Just checking in today. Now 12st. 12lbs.
    Will be away for two weeks but will post when I can.
    Feel I have been treading water for a couple of months and have not sustained that positive resolve that is necessary to shed the weight that is not good for me.
    Not even sure which method to use. Brain fog!
    Good luck everyone.

    Challenge Day minus 1 – Switzerland – FD

    Great to see so many familiar names on here. I’m starting the week with a FD because it feels like the right thing to do. I let myself off the hook in October and carelessly put back on almost all the weight I lost in September. So starting weight for tomorrow is 92.4kg (14st 8lbs).

    My focus for November will be accountability. I will log everything I eat into MFP for the next 8 weeks, and will stick to my goal TDEE for NFDs, which is currently 200 kcal lower than my TDEE. No alcohol, to help my willpower. 4:3 as I find NFDs more difficult than FDs.

    I’m also aiming to follow the principles of the Low Carb Mediterranean-style eating plan recommended as part of the Blood Sugar Diet https://thebloodsugardiet.com/the-low-carb-plan/. Seems like good healthy advice, and will help me make choices that stop me from feeling hungry !

    Good luck everyone!

    Hi B2tF, I am also in, starting tomorrow!

    Hi everyone
    Please can I join this challenge? Am starting the 5:2 diet today – fingers crossed!

    Gozo, Malta

    Hi Clairebear12 initially FD are tougher than NFD but once you get going and enjoy the discipline of FDs you’ll find it more easy. I got my husband and daughter to fast with me at least twice a week so that too made it easier to prepare the same food and get encouragement. Try to get those living with you involved and if not try to get them to encourage you.

    4:3 does get you quicker weight loss and I always at 500 calories and sometimes about a 100 calories more.

    Onwards and downwards. Have a great day.

    I have started the 5:2 diet today for the very first time, so please add me to this challenge, as I think that this would be a good way for me to get started

    Day 1 – Aust – FD

    Sorry, had to start early as Monday suits better. Managed to cope with three meals today – my major goal is to stop snacking, it doesn’t work for me at all. I eat pretty well I think most of the time, but too much of it, and of course, snacking. Boredom and stress rather than hunger, so I’m attempting to tune in on what my body needs for a change, instead of stuffing it. So far so good?

    1 day until start- Florida- FD
    So, I’m not the best at posting daily but I started to day to introduce it into my morning routine. hopefully, it will become habit and I just do it naturally.
    Daily, I fast from 7pm until 12:30pm, drinking only water and my two cups of coffee for 45 calories at 6am. I do this to ensure I get my daily water intake in. Plus with out the strictness, I would give in to my diet mt dew.
    My job keeps me pretty active, I stand probably 6 or 7 hours of my shift, and move 5 to 10 lb flooring tile around. Then at night after a tidy of the house, I do 30 min of cardio.
    I also pack my lunch for the next day, I find it easier to pack my lunch on a full stomachs then in the am on an empty one. Today, It’s 2 cup of the leafy stuff, 2 tbs of dressing and 4 oz of cantaloupe for a total of 80 calories.
    Tonight…. leftovers for the kids cuz daddy is on the night shift. So, I’m thinking for me eggs, yogurt and fruit. If I have enough calories, I’ll eat another salad.
    Well, I must be off to get ready for work.
    Also, today I will find out I’d my co worker will be joining me on this new wol. Hey, got to get all the support, I can…… lol
    Have a great day!

    I’m starting today also as mon wed an Fri are my fast days and don’t want to jinx my 1st successful week last week.

    Hi there everyone! I’ve enjoyed the last two months of challenges. Looking forward to
    November. Is there anyone who has started the 6:1? How’s it working for you as far as weight loss and/or maintenance

    Thank you! Yes I think sticking to what you know works and is within the calorie limit will make it easier. Kale and tuna salad sounds good to me! 🙂

    Please count me in. Accountability will be good for me. Hope to reach Christmas – a mere 8 weeks away – more healthy and somewhat slimmer than I am now. Would like to be 4 kgs thinner by the end of November.
    Possible following Dr Moseley’s advice but not so sure with all the parties and celebrations coming up.

    I really like your tip of packing your next day meal when you’re full. Will definitely be doing that. Thank you!

    Hi therealwil78,

    I’m not sure if you’ve read my posts from the previous challenge. I reached my goal weight at the end of the September challenge and went straight into 6:1 the following week and realized then that I preferred 5:2 over 6:1. For me goal weight maintenance 5:2 means that I don’t have to count calories and can eat a bit more than what I regard as my meager TDEE. This is significant since I’m down to a BMI of 19.7 which means that it takes far fewer calories to maintain my size than when I weighed more. So, it wasn’t surprising that I actually found I’d gained weight the week I’d moved to 6:1.

    I’m also an emotional eater and have a history of bingeing and adding in the extra fast day has really helped me in moments of crisis when I really needed something to break my binge eating steam train. That second FD came to the rescue on a couple of occasions. Also, my ill health has continued to improve from keeping the rhythm of the two FDs a week and since I have a health issue which precludes much exercise, it makes even more sense for me personally to continue with 5:2.

    Challenge Day minus 1 – Cumbria UK – FD

    Thank you for accepting me on the group back2thefuture
    I decided to start my November challenge today as Mondays suit me for a FD and tomorrow is my wedding anniversary – 36 years!
    Generally I have been fairly motivated since starting my 5:2 lifestyle this year but felt that joining this group and signing in daily would give me the incentive to loose that final 1/2 stone or so to reach my target after a plateau for the last couple of months!!!
    It is so nice to read everyone’s post and be inspired/motivated and to find out that this lifestyle is a worldwide phenomenon!
    Best wishes to everyone who is embarking on the 30 Day-November 2016-Challenge!

    Hi! I am starting my fifth month of 5:2. Some days I go up, some days I go down, but I have lost 13 pounds and 4 inches from my waist and my cholesterol and triglycerides have dropped to normal! I do an extra FD on a week when I plan to celebrate(family wedding, dinner with friends). This works well for me and keeps me on track. I also enjoy those times without worrying though I remain very aware of exactly what I am having. I plan to stick with this forever as it works better than anything I have ever tried!

    thanks for the tips B2tf!

    I think i added just what my November goal was ( in my initial post) I see that others have added their goal for what they want to achieve with the fast diet as a whole. I need to lose 18lbs to get to my goal weight, so thats my main goal and the health benefits and this becoming a way of life are another draw.

    I am trying the 4:3 method for November since I feel as if I have been hovering around the same few pounds, up and down. I have also found the fast days completely doable, so hopefully this will not derail things by adding another FD. Should be fine.


    Hi All and thanks to B2tf for starting this thread.

    I am new to the forum, but not necessarily new to 5:2/intermittent fasting. I had some minor success in the past, feel good while maintaining this life style, but don’t seem to have the determination to keep going – so fall back to the old routine rather easily.

    I am hoping that posting on this thread and reading your successes, will keep me focused and keep myself accountable. I have been reading posts from this forum for a few months now and finally decided it was time I joined.

    Good luck to all and looking forward to November… Happy Halloween to those of you in the US!!

    Well done anna youve done so well. I think i will try 4 3 for this challenge. Im fasting today weds and friday. Right here goes. Im 15 stone 2 😣 ( 212 pounds) . I dont know if it will be possibe but im hoping to losse a stone this month. I would apreciate some motivation lol. Ideal weight for me this time next year would be just to hit the 10 stone mark. Good luck all xxx

    Please add me! I’m shooting for 5 pounds off by the end of the year. I know that’s super ambitious, (for me, anyway) but I’m feeling positive today, so why not?

    US Day minus 1. Hi B2TF… Sign me up for November please. I never did get back onboard for October challenge. I went to Ireland for a couple of weeks to surprise my sister for her birthday. Ate too much of the wrong things of course, and just couldn’t make myself fast. I gained but started back to 5:2 when I got home. When I look at the 4 months I spent on these challenges and the one month I didn’t… there is no comparison to how well I have done. I had a great time in Ireland and wouldn’t change a thing… but I am more than ready to get back to business … I also really missed you all! ☺

    Hi, I’d like to join. I started today and am on my first FD. I NEVER thought I’d make it to 4pm on 260 calories but I’m doing well and don’t even feel hungry. Am really hoping I can do 5:2 until Xmas!

    Hi please add me. I am completely new to this:)

    Please can I join?

    I’ve been 5:2ing since June and have lost 30lbs so far. Over the past couple of months I’ve hit a plateau and it’s made my motivation droop a bit.

    I’d like to get back on it with full force and do something between 5:2 and ADF (depending on what each week has in store).

    I’m going to set a modest target of 4lbs as I’ve lost nothing over the past few weeks. Plus, it will be my birthday in November and I know I have a few fun days planned!

    Day -1 FD UK
    Wasn’t sure I was going to fast today as hadn’t planned properly but I’ve managed it so feel pretty pleased with myself, I would like to lose at least 1/2 stone this month but I don’t know if that will be achievable, I’m going to post every evening when I sit down after tea, without my glass of wine 😀 Good luck everyone and happy Halloween

    looking forward to the start of the November challenge. Lovely to see names from previous challenges any many new ones!

    Thankyou B2f for hosting this month!
    I will post start weight in the morning as I had a fast day today.

    Good luck to everyone on this challenge!!

    Onwards and DOWN!!

    Good evening. Ironically I’m starting the 4:3 diet tomorrow so I’d love the support and motivation of the November challenge. Please count me in 🙂

    This is exactly what I need. Having lost a lot of weight in 2014 thanks to the 5.2 fast & having put it all back on due to life getting in the way and being a bit weak. I was feeling so good about myself in everyway in 2014 and it’s time for me to get that back for good. I’m giving up smoking, starting to run again and 5.2 ing starting 1st November! So here goes!
    Brittany France

    Hi I would like to join the November challenge. I will be starting 5:2 diet tomorrow…fingers crossed for me everyone. I hope I stay on track.

    Good morning from NZ. Day 1. Starting weight 78.9kg. Feast day today – am going to the Races (Melbourne Cup – NZ style) today, so won’t be watching too closely what I am eating and drinking, but will be back to mindful eating tomorrow. Goals for the month are just to loose weight – I don’t mind if it takes a while.

    Need a change… I used to pack lunch in the am but soon realized, I was overeating at work and felt sluggish because I packed it based on my stomachs needed at the time rather than logic. I tend to be hungrier on FD in the am then in the afternoon. Plus, it’s nice to know I can grap n go!
    AT…. congrats on 36 years! What an accomplishment!
    Health and Wellness….. I promise you it gets even easier…. even NFD will be a breeze once you get the hang of it!
    I wish everyone the best of luck on the month of Nov. Remember, we all fall sometimes but you’ll never fail as long as you stand up and try again! Fall today…. Fast tomorrow!
    Have a great night/day depending on where your at!

    day 1 FD UK North East . im new and want to lose a stone. Dont think this will be possible in one month. I want to do some exercise too. I lead a sedentary life but think i eat healthily. Need to look at my portion size. Ive managed ok today so looking forward to losing weight.


    Greetings from New Zealand, glorious spring weather here and looking forward to a long hot summer. I’ve been back on the programme for 10 days now and have dropped 1.2kgs already (probably mostly fluid but hey I’ll take it). I’ve started my November daily calendar, I have entered all the regular days I need to be mindful of then programmed the FD’s around the social and scheduled events. It’s great to be organised again and thanks for all the encourgaement and advice being received.

    Hi all. I’m in and looking forward to going on this Nov challenge with you all. I’m in Melbourne. Today is FD for me and my start weight is 64.8kg. Good luck everyone!

    Day 1, Australia NFD

    Really looking forward to this month and hopefully continuing to move towards my goal weight.
    Weighed in this morning after a fd at 66.0 kgs so super happy with that after being stuck for a while. So starting there. Ultimate goal is 63 kgs and staying steady there. Really would like to achieve that by mid December if possible, but just wanting to keep heading in that direction anyway.
    Good luck everyone on day 1 of November challenge! There certainly is a fantastic group here.

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