30 Day-November 2016-Challenge!

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30 Day-November 2016-Challenge!

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  • Hi B2tf, thanks for running this challenge. Can I please sign up? I would love to make a weight goal for the challenge, but my body seems to lose at its own rate so I’ll just keep going. My ultimate goal is 63kgs so to continue in that direction. Also to keep up my 12 week exercise challenge, I’m 5 weeks in so far. Want to be better with my water intake, I seem to do really well with it then forget.
    Really happy to be joining this challenge. I have found in the last two challenges it’s great to have to check in and also to read how everyone else is going and be inspired and to relate.
    Thanks again B2tf.

    Hello, b2tf, I would love to join (re-join?), please!

    I took part in the first couple rounds of these Challenges & successfully lost 11 lbs.

    Unfortunately, my running/ biking/ weigh lifting activities were derailed by severe foot pain… and I admit suddenly being forced into a sedentary lifestyle was difficult (and depressing) for me.

    Thankfully, I have not regained any of my lost weight. Yay!

    I am having surgery on my right foot tomorrow & then 5 weeks later surgery on my left foot. Full recovery will take 6 months…. But I know with the wonderful support of this group (I’ve missed reading daily!!) and the 5:2 Fast Diet, I will maintain & perhaps even make improvements during my post-op recovery time!

    Let’s do this!

    Count me in too,Backtothefuture. Hoping to get myself on track with some daily accountability on this thread. I’ll be challenging myself to record my intake on nonfasting days and not to go over my tdee for those 30 days. Hoping to lose 5 lbs too.

    Need the accountability. I’m in for 30 Day November challenge

    Hello Diggly, backtothefuture and simcoeluv

    Thank you all so much for the helpful information on TDEE. Just one question. – when you add in your weight, do you use your present weight or your goal weight to get your TDEE. I have seen two schools of thought.
    I had a very good second FD at was encouraging.

    Hello Diggly, backtothefuture and simcoeluv

    Thank you all so much for the helpful information on TDEE. Just one question. – when you add in your weight, do you use your present weight or your goal weight to get your TDEE. I have seen two schools of thought.
    I had a very good second FD at was encouraging.

    Please count me in. I plan to lose 10 pounds and come off a plateau. I am halfway through my second week. For various reasons 36 hour fasts work well for me. I start getting hungry at 33 hours or so.
    I lose/gain about 4lbs of water from the morning of a fast day to a nonfast day.

    Hi Reid:

    It is up to you. Using your current weight will give you your current, approximate TDEE. As it is approximate, it could be too high and if you eat to it you might not lose as much or as fast as you might expect. As you lose weight, your TDEE will decline, so you will need to recalculate every once in awhile.

    If you use your goal weight then you pretty much get rid of the possibility the TDEE you are using is too high, and you also will be getting used to the number of calories you will need to be eating to maintain your weight when you reach your goal.

    Your choice.

    Good Luck!

    Hi, please can I join the November Challenge?
    I’m new to the 5:2 lifestyle – today is my second FD. The fact that I survived the first and am ready for the second tells me it’s doable for me. I’m hoping the daily check in and accountability will help with motivation and willpower. ๐Ÿ˜Š

    Hi all!
    yesterday was my 4 fasting day and I want to go in. The second week results is not so great as first week, but at all I have lost 3 kg! Please can I join the November Challenge?

    Hi can I please join the November challenge I started this week an for the first time I can say I’m managing fast days.

    B2TF thank you for heading the November challenge. Please count me in. I would like to continue losing one pound per week and really making this wol MY WOL permanently without so many struggles and setback binging.
    I have been doing 5:2 since august and have found this forum very helpful.

    May I join you all?

    Day minus 4 until the November challenge begins: Pacific NW USA, 2 meal NFD

    So great to hear Lou Belles, Grammaspice, K-Lo and HappyMargo are continuing with us!

    I have to mention that I told my DIL that a friend was able to recover her drowned cell phone in rice, later realizing I had referred to my on-line acquaintance, K-Lo, a friend. That epitomizes the bonds we build on this forum!

    Happy – we will be with you through your surgery and recovery. At least we know from “our doctors” (Mosley, Fung, Varady, etc.) the weight loss and health benefits of fasting even without exercise are possible and eventually you will get back to moving your body around!

    Welcome new members Maz21, JudyToronto, Cathyh46, in it to thin it, lisa001, LarryNYC, Miesque, babynat, S1u2e3!

    Here’s to a great combined weight we will lift from he planet over the coming month!

    @back2thefuture awesome, I am so excited… I started this fast on the 14th by jump starting it on a 25 hour no food and water fast for the holiday that was on the 12th of this month. I live on the South East Coast of the U.S. (Saint Marys, Georgia) I live near a lot of beaches, I am not here for a beach body because I have a body that can lay on the beach :-)… Just a little joke in there, but I am here to feel better and be able to keep up with my 56 year old husband, I am 46 and it is hard for me to walk and keep up with him and I am so blessed to have found the 5:2 Fast Diet, this has already given me new hope and thank you for allowing me to be a part of this challenge.

    Count me in! I’m new, scared, nervous, excited!

    Greetings all you amazing people in this Forum.

    Wondering if there is a place in here for a Kiwi who is returning after a break and has decided all the efforts of 12 months ago need to be replicated again after falling off the wagon.

    I decided last January that I knew it all and this WOL was easy after dropping 13kgs over 7 months, plus I didn’t need the support of all my Little Voices friends anymore. The lessons one learns from life seem to bite you on the bum after you ignore them, so here I am back again with almost all the old 13kgs back on again and Christmas is just around the corner.

    My good friend CODA has pointed me to this Group so here I am ready to commit to reducing 5Kgs before Christmas with the help of you all.

    And hello to everyone in this group whom I had the pleasure of knowing from past Forums. I’m loking forward to catching up again over the next few weeks.

    Hi action hero
    It’s great to see a fellow kiwi on the forums, there’s another lovely kiwi lady in the October challenge that I hope will be joining us here too (timeforme)
    I would love to be down 5kg by Christmas, we are so lucky to have the holiday season during our Summer and I want to have my summer body out and unashamed this holiday season. 5kg would get me to goal weight so here’s hoping we both see the numbers go down in November ๐Ÿ˜Š

    hello b2tf, i’d love to join the nov challenge. I’m nervous about 5:2 having done 6:1 for a month but my goal is to do 5:2 this month. i also want to lose 2 kg despite travelling a lot this month. i love the good spirit on the forum and i hope it’ll keep me motivated!

    So how’s the weight loss going without giving up alcohol – I’m still hoping to be able to have a glass on the weekends! Lol

    Hi back2thefuture please count me in for the November challenge. I’m here to maintain at 6:1. I’ll report on 1 November. Thanks for taking up this challenge.

    Hi B2F
    Please count me in for November.

    HI everyone, I’d really love to join this Nov’16 challenge. I could do with some help and support on the more challenging days!

    Alright, enough fence sitting from me – please count me in for Nov ๐Ÿ™‚ – and I’m currently in Newcastle, Australia

    Pretty much a noob to the IF life, and think my nerves have more to do with holding me back than anything else… Am I *SURE* I won’t die? Not been a serious calorie counter for longer than a week or two, separated by years, so it’ll be fun to work things out again.
    Would love to lose some flab, but feeling good mentally and physically is more important.

    Looking forward to the month and keeping up with everyone!

    Hi, just registered and would like to join the November challenge. Need to lose 10lbs to get back to my best weight. The 5:2 looks interesting and as I work 2 days per week these could be the fast days.

    Count me in, B2TF~ I haven’t seen my name on a post that you saw my previous post about joining. But if you did and I missed it, well, we’re double covered!

    I am in!!!!
    I started 5:2 three weeks ago and I have lost 8 lbs!!!
    My goal for November is to lose 10 lbs.
    I will start couch to 5k tomorrow and also do piyo 3 times per week. I will also do mindfulness daily for 10 minutes!
    Lets do this!

    Day minus 3 till November challenge begins: Pacific NW USA, NFD (logging in very late)

    SongBirdMe – you bet I have you covered! (I watched the game last night with new teeny-tiny grandson in my arms, and his momma and I were rooting for your Cubs!). BTW – I did sign you in with a welcome on Oct 26.

    Also glad to see GreatLakesUS123, Anna6 and Rocy65 keeping on!

    Shergs, ActionHero, fifty four, RichoMcRicho, Swizzle300, workerbee and Wilsoncin – I think you’ll find plenty of kindred spirits here even though some are across many miles and some oceans we do have this in common -> excitement for the possibilities ahead!

    New to this Forum. Please sign me up for the November challenge. Going to try the 4/3 as like to see results quick otherwise I lose interest. Starting with best intentions anyway. I’m great at starting things, following them through to the end not good ๐Ÿ˜Š, so going to need this Forum I think. Good luck all.

    Hi. My first day on here. Please sign me up for November challenge

    Just starting on this 5:2 journey and would love to join the November challenge. Thanks

    Didn’t realise November was already up and running – sign me up please see you with renewed determination on Tuesday morning , I’m going for a 4lb loss .

    Will be starting my 4:3 challenge from tomorrow. Just to be clear, for the best results do I need to fast on 3 consecutive days?

    Thank you

    Hello, please add me to the November challenge. I’ve dipped in and out of 5:2 so really need to focus on doing it properly. My goal is to be able to wear last years summer clothes comfortably!

    Hi back2thefuture – I would love to join your November challenge – I have been following the 5:2 lifestyle since January this year and have dropped 2 dress sizes and lost 2.5 stones, I am still following the 5:2 but seem to have stalled over the past 3 months – I would dearly love to lose that final 1/2 stone and am hoping that joining the 30 Day-November Challenge will give me that final boost. I currently fast after my evening meal and then have most of my 500 cal for an evening meal the next day so nearly a 24hr fast. Any advice on how to change things to stimulate a further weight loss would be much appreciated.

    Mazza1720 you don’t need to fast for three consecutive days on 4:3. I have followed 4:3 since late June successfully and never did it for even two consecutive days. I fasted Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Now I’ve reached my target weight and wish to maintain at 6:1. In total I’ve lost 16 kilos since starting 5:2 on 6 June. 4:3 does give you a more rapid weight loss. You can do it and you will succeed. I usually skipped breakfast and ate lunch and supper at 200 and 300 calories respectively. I drunk plenty of sparkling water with lemon juice. Be careful to eat within your TDEE on the other four days which are non fast days. However I’ve been to weddings, parties ate Chinese takeaways and ate out at least once a week and sometimes I went over my TDEE.

    Onwards and downwards, good evening/night.

    Ok, I’d like to sacrifice myself to the November challenge please. With having to log on daily, this should motivate me to move my carcass and do this 5:2 for a month and see where I get to at the end ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hiya b2tf – please can I sign up as well?

    I knew October would be complicated but kind of thought I’d manage to stick to 5:2 on my own. Turns out that wasn’t such a great idea…

    Looking forward to catching up with everyone!

    Hi. I am in for the November challenge. This is new to me so hoping this will give me the support and help I need.

    hi please can i join the 30 days November challenge please ? I live in Spain but am English.. i work in Gibraltar in a betting company. I started 5-2 but went to Thailand and fell off the wagon big time, I have brought my husband a five day fishing trip to Gran Caneria for christmas and the hotel is a spa and i dont want to be a whale there, so am starting again now and need support to lose a stone before Xmas, i have three to lose but the more i can lose before our holiday the better i will feel. Thanks Guys xx

    no you should leave a day between, eg.. monday, wed and friday

    i am doing this, i saw in the daily mail today – I am suffering with a lot of migraines at the moment and as i will be in bed some of this …

    Weโ€™re not over-prescriptive about timings of a fast: the plan should be flexible, so it can be adapted to suit your lifestyle and daily agenda. That said, you can experiment with timing. You may, for instance, choose to fast not from bedtime to bedtime, but from 2pm until 2pm, with reduced calories (or none) consumed at all during that 24-hour period. Here is how to go about it:
    โ— After a normal lunch on Day 1, eat sparingly, amounting to no more than 500 calories for women and 600 for men (or nothing at all) until a late lunch the following day. That way you fast while you sleep and no single day feels โ€˜deprivedโ€™ of food.
    โ— You might choose to fast from supper to supper, which again means no day is All Fast and No Fun. The point is โ€˜adjust to fitโ€™. If either of these approaches feels wrong, stop and revert to the usual 5:2 Fast Day approach.

    Hi C:

    The 2 to 2 is simply an every day reduced calorie diet. You have to make sure you don’t eat over your TDEE before 2, or after 2 the next day.

    So make sure to count your calories!

    Please add me to the list for the Nov. challenge. I did 5:2 a while back fell off the wagon hard but started again about a week ago. My goal is keep this as a life style not just a temp. thing. Tues actually is the start of my second week…. so perfect for this challenge. The hardest part for me, is going to be posting everyday but I’ll do as it part of the challenge. So… this is me I work full time, I’m a mom of two young men, 20 and 17 respectively. Married to my husband for 20 years now… my family love me just they way I am but are extremely supportive of everything I do. Believe me, I’ve taken these three on some wild rides and they’ve always jumped on, encouraged me and even cheered me on….. Last weeks weight 165.6…… goal…. to weigh less and have more energy…. oh and I forgot…. I’m in Florida, USA.
    Okay well…. I’m done boring you.
    Good luck to you all!

    Count me in, I need to lose 2 stone so will start fasting tomorrow (know it’s not November until Tuesday but I’ve had a stomach bug and haven’t got my appetite yet!)

    I plan to go to the gym 3 times a week and not drink wine Monday to Thursday, also am going to limit carbs

    let’s hope this works, people seem to have great results so I hope I’m one of them!

    Hi – new to this forum (Melbourne Australia, FD); last tried fasting over 12 months ago. I went great until the weight loss stopped…I suspect because I over-ate on NFDs. This time I want to control intake on NFDs and do better. I am IN for the November challenge! Best of, er…focus and determination, everyone!

    Hi there back2thefuture. I would love to join your November challenge please. I have dabbled with 5:2 from time to time but if I’m honest I have probably never given it 100% but am now determined to do so! So a November challenge is perfect for me! One reason I think I may fail is that I’m never sure on the NFD’s – some advice says 2000 calories, some say your TDEE, and then I’ve read a post on here earlier that says for even better losses to go with your TDEE based on your target weight so now I’m really confused! So if anyone can offer any advice on that I’d be most grateful as I’ve also heard that it won’t work if you don’t eat enough! Very confused! But hopefully the challenge will make me stick to the 5:2 this time around ๐Ÿ™‚

    Hi all, mazza i think im going to try 4 3 aswell for this challenge. Well done anna on your loss. Did you find 4 3 easy. X

    Hi Bibi and welcome:

    The way it goes you should eat to your TDEE or less on your non diet days. Some calculate their ‘TDEE for non diet days’ by using their goal weight rather than their current weight. This makes sure that they won’t be overeating on their non diet days because the TDEE calculator just gives an estimate and it can be too high sometimes. 2000 is just a number to ignore, as it is simply the average TDEE for a woman and means nothing for any individual. The basic rule is the less you eat, the more you lose – just common sense. The quickest weight loss possible is to eat nothing at all. If you want to slow down your rate of weight loss, eat more.

    Here is how 5:2 works and some tips: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

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