30 Day April 2017 Challenge

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30 Day April 2017 Challenge

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  • @biddiev, @flourbaby and @scs I’ll be looking out for you all in May….we must cling on to each other for support. I know I’ve been a disaster for several weeks now….but May is the anniversary of the start of it all for me, and I mustn’t undo what good I’ve achieved.
    @at, thanks for always being there with a kind word.
    @okeydokey…..up 3 pounds on the month…(oops).

    Day 30 – Switzerland – NFD

    Not a good effort from me I’m afraid, only totalled up 4 FDs this month and stopped logging NFDs on MFP a couple of weeks ago. Unlogged days basically = days above TDEE, with unhealthy food choices. Will weigh and measure tomorrow as I just don’t feel up to it tonight. I really need to work on my motivation as I KNOW this WOE works for me, but every time I get it together and start to lose weight (and feel better, and have more energy) I find some way of self-sabotaging until my clothes feel tight again and I am back in my (comfortable, familiar) self-loathing rut.

    Honestly, I need to work out what I’m so scared about. It’s excess weight and I am making my life more difficult and unhealthy by lugging it around with me all the time. It contributes to the problems I have with inflammation and joint ache. It stops me from sleeping well at night in a whole variety of ways. It fuels my brain in self-pity and negativity. I use it to hide from my dreams.

    Sorry, I guess this is familiar territory for everyone on here. I don’t mean to drag down the group effort and I really appreciate your companionship on this journey. I know I can do it if I allow myself to.

    Big thanks to you @okeydokey for keeping track of everything and everyone!

    Day 30 – East Coast Canada – NFD
    Day 29 – NFD
    Day 28 – FD

    Starting weight 145lbs
    Finish 142.5

    @okeydokey – Thank you for keeping us all on track, it has been a great encouragement. I didn’t lose the 5lbs I wanted to but I am happy nonetheless! Sitting in a departure lounge on my way to Italy for a month…oh boy, this isn’t going to be easy 😬

    Day 30, Germany, NFD

    Hi everybody,
    I hope you are enjoying the final hours of your Sunday.

    @Strawberriesandcream @debster251 @chumi Thanks for all your sympathy regarding my master thesis. Actually, the professor expects a very high literature, that’s why she finds my English insufficient. Fortunately, I could arrange another appointment with her in the coming week to discuss the matter and find a solution.
    @debster251 you are right. I’ll stick to the word ‘proofreader’.
    @Strawberriesandcream thanks for your heartwarming offer 🙂
    @chumi I am allowed to write my thesis just in English.

    @okeydokey thanks for taking care of things here. It was a great month.

    Hope to see you all in the challenge of the following month 🙂

    Day 30 – Newcastle – Sunny but windy & it is really cold in that wind – NFD
    Well, And…exhale – Don’t worry about dragging everyone down as I have an idea about how you feel.
    I got wgt today & depending on where on the bathroom floor I put the new scales, there is no weight loss AT ALL & I have done 2 FD every week since the end of March.
    I decided to settle on 67.4kgs (better than 69.4). What am I doing wrong? I only have 6 weeks left to my target day & it is not looking good. Would not mind as I have followed the rules with only a couple of days where I have eaten what I would say more than the TDEE. I certainly have not eaten more than the 800 cal on the FD & on quite a few only 500 – 600. In addition, the hubby has been told his Bilirubin (liver emzyne) is raised (he does have a syndrome where it is high but not as high as at moment). As he is also itching quite a bit he looked it up & found that fasting, dieting & not sleeping are caused. So he may be told he has to stop which means continuing on my own.

    To compound that awful feeling of failure, I tripped really badly yesterday whilst out walking the dogs.
    As I had my hands in my pockets, I was heading to hit the floor with my face so I worked really to stay upright & was only saved by the hubby grabbing my arm from the back. The result was a twisted ankle & pulled muscles over my Lt hip area. I managed to limp round the rest of the walk but got stiffer & stiffer.

    Then this morning (after getting weighed), whilst making the bed, I was lifting the mattress of the bed with my left hand over to the right, when I felt the most awful pain that made me feel sick, sweaty & nearly pass out. Now I can hardly move with out pain so bang goes any exercise tomorrow & possibly the day after.
    Hey ho upwards & onwards eh?

    2nd post

    @redrockgirl302 and @hfxhrt have fun and take care and beware of the Italian temptations

    @okeydokey thank you for your kind words. The physiotherapist and the speech-teacher both will keep an eye on me, they come to the practice on a regular basis and will than do a few tests on me to see if I’m doing well. They work hard on my wellbeing so I can’t let them down and will go on doing the exercises they tought me. I will be fine, I feel great at the moment and I feel very privileged to have people around me that take care of me and think about me. Hugs xxx

    Day 30 NFD St. Louis USA
    Yay! We all made it together another month. I’m ready for the May challenge. Thank you again so much @okeydokey. I started at 144 pounds and finished at 141 pounds so pleased about that. Shooting for 136. Not sure I’ll make it this month but if not I’ll just keep going with the support of all of you.

    Will continue b2b Monday 500/Tuesday 800 and another 500 on Thursday. Just not into those weekends fast but love seeing the rest of you doing it so successfully.

    @chumi I absolutely do have wonderful memories of my Finnish friend. I think of her often and periodically hear from her daughters. She was an amazing person, very talented, loving, and caring.

    @schatzii Are you allowed have somebody proofread your paper for you and give you suggestions or is that against the rules?

    One of the reasons I like the support here for all of us is that in my job as a psychotherapist I do training and treat trauma. There was a huge study done a while back on obesity and what they found as people lost weight they dropped out of the study. When they started investigating, they discovered that many of these people had experienced trauma and the excess weight helped cover up their painful history. I suspect that having this vehicle of support and sharing can be helpful to people who might have a similar background. I would encourage anyone who has things that come up for them as they lose weight to consider talking to someone if it is causing difficulty.

    3rd post

    @and… exhale oh dear, you’re not doing well at all. I just read your post and was thinking the same thing as @sirisan wrote in her post. Would it be possible for you to seek for professional help to find out what in your mind is sabotaging your efforts to lose weight and get healthy? Hugs to you

    Day 30 (we made it !!! ) USA, Missouri Ozarks, NFD

    Thanks to our fearless leader and all who participated in the April challenge. It was a lot of fun and it was great getting to know you all a little better. Looking forward to May !

    My goal was to stay below my target maintenance weight of 145. I am happy and pleased to say that I was successful all month. Highest weight was 143.8.

    Today’s weight for my final weigh in is 143.2

    Thanks, again.

    Day 30 – SW WA USA – NFD

    April stats – began at 197.2 lbs and ended at 197.8. In between I went up over 200 twice; Once even up to 204 lbs. This happened each time after not being mindful on weekend (Fri. Sat.) NFDs. This week it took me 6 FDs to undo most of last weekend’s choices. Backing up a little, I did start the 5:2 journey at 235 back in October and lost quickly the first couple of months. I am enjoying American size 14s; even Petite 14s now rather than a stuffed 18.

    @fatrabbit – you and I were neck in neck a while ago. I’d love to catch back up to you. I too have a lot more to lose.

    @at – thank you for your comment: To those who have not lost what they wanted or have gained some weight – “Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.” ~Denis Waitley

    @chumi – what are your studies in? I wish you well in your weight loss journey alongside your studies.

    @and…exhale – you talk of joint aches at night and other pains. Yes, every pound we lose our joints say thank you. That has been one of my motivators. I sustained an injury the 1st Saturday of June 2016, that started in the foot during a 2 mile walk on pavement in improper footwear. I was limping & in pain for 2 weeks (weighing about 235) before I went for some help at the chiropractor. Long story short, I just finally walked 1 1/2 miles yesterday without pain. It’s taken these many months. Lesson – get help sooner when an injury is sustained. Also, get the right help. My journey included several steps & the chiropractor I was introduced to a couple of months ago, treats me top to bottom. I’m pain free. I think the pounds coming off is part of the reason I’m feeling better but also the right care. Perhaps you need some professional help in your journey to health as well.

    @annursekirk – so sorry to hear of your recent injuries. Some of what I shared with And…exhale may resonate with you as well. I’m glad you’re on this forum. Hopefully you’ll get some more support on your journey.

    Still Day 30 –

    @okey dokey – thank you so much for your hard work leading & supporting us this month!

    @hfxhrt – happy travels to Italy. Looking forward to hearing good reports.

    Day 30/NFD/Melbourne Australia (late posting)

    The last couple of days have been extremely hectic with family gatherings, grandchildren sleeping over, zoo trip and playground visits and more cleaning. I’ve fallen behind with reading posts, a real shame considering it’s the end of another inspirational month. Thank you @okeydokey wonderful shepherding (and @fordprefect ) and guidance.

    I lost my way in the final week and my weight has increased above my happy weight 56.2 kg – a gain of .6 I think. I’d love to think it will be gone in a whoosh but I doubt it. My non stretch measuring jeans are showing a small muffin top. The truce with those little blighters hasn’t lasted. They won the last skirmish. I’m blaming them for my weight gain and the uncorked bottle (or two) – help pocket winos! The truth is I stopped enjoying preparing healthy food and reached for the brie, camembert, gorgonzola, cheddar… I’m a closet cheese eater a la @fatrabbit . Only 1 dropping collected this morning so hopefully I’m winning the battle.

    To quote the inspirational poster Buttonboots (hope she won’t mind) “….the whole thing with 5:2 is fitting it around all the **** that life throws at you!…” In my case both literally and figuratively!

    Hoping everyone had a good month whether they achieved goals, jumped back on the wagon or have decided to cling on for another month. See you in May.

    Day 30 US FD800
    @schatziii Glad you have been in the April Challenge.✨
    I have experience in editing for an American newspaper and magazine.✨😀
    Experience in writing and editing a column and articled for the South Hills Journal. I wrote copy and edited for Real Estate magazine. I have a Bachelors degree in writing and teaching. If you are interested in In having me proof read and edit your work. You can send me a copy and I could offer you a sample of your edited work. My email address is hollynow2@gmail.com

    Day 30 – US – FD800
    I will have the completed spreadsheet with the total weight loss calculations definitely by Tuesday. I will post it here on the April Challenge.✨

    ✨I sincerely appreciate all the Thank-you’s from everyone for hosting the April Challenge. ✨Your Welcome!✨I have enjoyed and appreciated hosting our Group!😊
    @steve-toon-taxi-driver ✨✨🎉 🌙Over the moon is right! ✨Congratulations on your 16lb loss for this month.✨✨👍😀😊I will do all my calculating tomorrow and Tuesday.✨😀
    @flourbaby You are a great example and inspiration for me to drink more water.😊 I will remember to drink 3 liters a day!✨
    @couscous ✨Congratulations on your 6 lb lost.😀
    @ strawberriesandcream
    @at @songbirdme @onahealthyhigh @brightonbelle ✨🥂✨Cheers to the wine aka wino Pocket Group! I managed to celebrate with you by fitting a glass of white wine (130 cals.) into my 800 cal day. Hope your weekend has been safe, happy and well.✨

    ✨April Challenge group members; It’s the last day of the April and I commend and Congratulate each and everyone of you for participating. Each one of us has learned something(s) that we can take with us for the health and well being of ourselves and for our loved ones! Remember to use what you’ve learned.✨Feel good about your successes big and small.😊 It’s not what you’ve done in the past. It’s what you continue to do daily that will bring you the best joy and success! Hugs to each and everyone in our Group! Looking to see and hear from you in the May Challenge. ✨🌈✨👍

    May 1 – Tokyo, Japan – FD 80.6 kg

    I didn’t achieve my goal in April as my average weight ended up being 79.9kg vs the 79.6kg I hoped to achieve.

    On the plus side I’m feeling good, just tried form all the extra work. However that will pass too.

    Last year I was told when I had a DEXA scan in the US that 175 pounds wasn’t going to be easy to achieve without losing lean body mass. I’m just trying to get there by losing fat while hopefully building lean body mass and it is difficult. However I’m now at the point where I can’t pinch an inch anywhere on my body. My worst spot my gut I get 2 cm which is just under an inch. Higher up it is less than a cm and between 1 and 2 cm on my back. So that is awesome compared to where I was a year ago. Since Aug. last year I’m consistently down 7 kg (~15 lbs) on my NFD which are higher weight.

    My goal in May is to continue to improve my diet and try to get back on track where I have more time to work out consistently. So I won’t be commenting much as I have a massive amount of code to get done.

    I look forward to coming back a little down the road and hearing about the amazing progress people have made!

    Hi all day 30 nfd uk

    Will weigh tomorrow to get a starting weight for May. Will forget about April I think.

    Spent most of the day sorting the greenhouse, tomatoes planted along with salad leaves. Need to get some cucumber and courgette plants.

    @songbirdme you share my eldest’s bithday 2nd May!

    @biddiev and @and….exhale we will hold hands together in May and we will make progress. For me I think I stopped believing. The mountain seemed impossibly difficult but tomorrow it’s a new month and a new week and anything is possible if you believe it.

    @annnursekirk I hope all your aches and pains get better soon.

    @mia139 I had a little laugh when you wrote, having people for dinner – lol conjured up a completely different picture ha ha. Can you find them on mfp?

    @okeydokey these are for you


    Thank you for taking the reins this month and doing an excellent job. I look forward to continuing to read your supporting posts in the coming months. Congratulations to you and your OH on the weight loss, be very proud. ♥

    Day 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30 NFD Melbourne

    Only 2 FDs this month, but I’m happy as I’ve maintained my 10kg weight loss. Started at 79kg – finish at 79kg. I consciously slowed down the fasting as my skin was looking a bit saggy.

    I want to get a fitness/toning routine fully happening before I lose the last 5kgs. Unfortunately I didn’t achieve that this month. So next month (which starts today) here I come.

    I’ve been so busy and unable to contribute much, but still love this site and the great contributions you all make to it.

    Best of luck to you all.

    Day 31
    ( I know I know there aren’t really 31 days in April!) – need there to be 80 days in April to meet my goal, but too tired to weigh last night.
    So just for the record, weighed this morning and will also post on May 1st.
    A reality – checking gain of at least 2 kgs in a WEEK!!!!
    73.9 kgs. So this little piggy is now going to approach May a bit more diligently than April which is after all the month of the April Fool’s joke!.
    Many thanks to @okeydokey for keeping us all on track and updating everything.
    Congratulations to all those who have maintained or successfully lost weight.
    Joining all those whose month didn’t go to plan.
    @bert – perhaps I could stretch the longbow and think it was because I was sassy, not too classy and a LOT bad assy?!! .
    @fatrabbit – where’s the shed??

    @okeydokey, my end weight 59.2 kg, yay!

    The FDs last week did the trick, as I was over 60kg last week. So, up a little from the start, but quite understandable and not as bad as it could have been.

    See you on the Other Side, and thanks again!

    Day 30 – USA – NFD
    last day weigh in: 133 pounds, so solid 5 pound loss for April, even with the lyme/inflammation flare-up. Still a hurdle to get into my “comfy” weight in the mid 120s, but I’m on my way for sure. More importantly than scales and skinny jeans fitting again without suffocating me I got my control back.

    Steve toon taxi driver: Kudos to you — as you Brits say “Well done, indeed!” I am inspired by your big results and determination.
    I think you are all wonderful — please don’t lose hope as we continue on our journeys of getting healthier.
    I’ve learned so much from all of you and thank you for letting me share the ride. Good by for now, but maybe i’ll pop in and check in with all of you in a few months.

    @coda – fascinating that your eldest shares my birthday, actually also with MY eldest – 2 May is a great day to have a baby! Mine was about 2 weeks overdue, so I was really happy to have her for a birthday present!

    @okeydokey thank you once again. I weighed myself this morning and my closing weight for this month is 82.5kg. I lost this month a total of 4.2kg and missed my target weight by 0.5kg..

    Final Day Oman NFD
    Based on my final weigh in the month was not a success. I’m pretty much exactly the same. I know where I’ve gone wrong…stopped using MFP and stopped being as careful and controlled as I need to be. It’s too easy for me to overeat!
    On the positive side I’ve pretty much stuck to the structure of 5:2 and I do 16:8 most days. Also I’ve gotten back into my gym work…trying to go 4 days a week. And a few days ago I did 100 squats which made me very sore and very happy. So onwards and hopefully downwards into May!

    Uk Final weigh in for April

    Weight 159.6lbs. That’s a 7 lb loss. Luckily for me my yo-yo pattern decided to stay in the downward phase. I knuckled down to it in the second half of the month but was assisted by doing heavy work in the local cemetery clearing up old graves and neglected areas, like a green gym really and also I knocked wine on the head. Green gym finished now.

    Final weight 158.6lbs. Sorry for slip up. Still 7 lbs loss.


    Starting Weight 1 st April 9st. 13.04 lb.
    Final Weigh in 1st May 9st. 13.08 lb. !!!!

    Weight gain of .04lb.

    Wow delighted to have maintained after a difficult Month.

    @okeydokey – thank you so much for leading the April challenge, you have been inspiring and a great “leader” – I have enjoyed your posts so much. Altho’ I have struggled this month, as have many, without you and this great group of people I would have lost my way, …..again….. this is the third month now that I have more or less maintained my weight after an initial loss and I feel confident that the extra few lbs I need to lose will come off eventually.

    Final weigh in 🌈

    Up 1.4lbs oops!

    I went down, then Easter Bunny arrived, we had fun, then Easter Bunny left and I continued as if Easter Bunny stayed! I also had a meal (curry)and wine tasting in the final week.

    So I had fun, now strengthening my resolve and gonna make May count. Could have been much worse without this group as my conscience! Jiminy cricket!

    Joined for May challenge see u all on the next group and you can watch me shed this 1.4lb plus more, it’s only a matter of time mixed with will power.

    It’s been fun! Thanks okeydokey 🌺🌟🌸🌷

    @snowflake and @fatrabbit thanks for your comments, they really helped me yesterday, I think willpower drawer is coming back for May as I can’t be trusted!

    Thanks all this group, 😁🌟I love reading the posts and it keeps me accountable xxx

    Final final post 🌈

    Forgot to mention I also got new scales this month, which made me like my old scales more as my weight went up, so a scales adjustment might have added to my weight gain, excuses excuses 😂😂😂😂.

    Final stats for April:

    Weight: 89.6kg
    Waist: 39″

    Not as much weight off as I would have liked but I have come to realise this has to be a WOL not a quick fix as all other diets in my life have been. And most important of all this is about health primarily not what size clothes I wear (although that will be a pleasant side effect) so onwards and downwards and I look forward to seeing everybody on the May challenge.

    @okeydokey thank you for your support and encouragement during this month and your example of an amazing weight loss.

    Day 29 – London, UK – NFD
    Day 30 – London, UK – NFD

    Well that month went quickly!
    My goal was to lose 4lbs and I’ve gone from:

    Starting weight: 77.2kg
    End weight: 75.3kg

    Just off 2kg so 4.18lbs – just about reached my goal!

    Pretty pleased as I’ve been a bit ill this month and I’ve helped keep mum on track – She has lost 5kg this month!

    Thanks for all your support!

    Day 30 UK NFD
    @coda. Yes” I had their liver with a nice Chianti and some fava beans”!! In fact it was a quite healthy chicken curry with lentils and chick peas. Huge pot totally demolished by my 2 tall strapping sons among others! That helps as there’s less left for me!

    @okeydokey. Final numbers for April…started the month on 67.8 kg and today 67.6 kg. So did not reach my April goal of 67 kg but had a wonderful 2 weeks in Australia enjoying food and drinks with my daughter, her husband, in laws and other friends. Before 5:2 and the help from this forum, my results would have been much worse as coming back from a holiday with a gain would have meant a total amandonment of my diet .
    So I’m facing the May challenge with great hope and optimism and looking forward to reading all the helpful and often amusing posts.
    You were a wonderful, inspiring host this month and kept me on track!
    Onwards and downwards!!

    Day 27 – CARDIFF UK – FD
    Day 28 – CARDIFF UK – NFD
    Day 29 – CARDIFF UK – NFD
    Day 30 – CARDIFF UK – FD

    Starting Weight : 160.8lbs

    Today’s Weight : 159.0lbs (1.8lbs)

    Firstly thanks @Oakeydokey for sherperding us so diligently during April, particularly for the support you provided to those of us with personal problems.

    The month has been up and down for me, getting very close to target at times, and hugely over it at others. I’ve ended 1.8lb down for the month, and considering the difficulty I had getting back to FD after Easter I’m please with this.

    At the moment I have to take each day as it comes and can’t really plan FD/NFD, so I’m not sure if I will join the May challenge. I’m also aware that I’m carry quite a bit of personal baggage at the moment, and whilst the support here has been fabulous, people have problems of their own and don’t need to be dragged any further down by mine.

    Thanks again @Oakeydokey and all the other wonderful people on this forum. x

    Final April Weigh-in, weight today 170.6lbs

    My April aims were,

    1. Stick to 4:3 or ADF, whichever FEELS right, I MANAGED TO DO THIS
    2. Lose 5lbs+, start weight 169.8lbs. WELL, NOT EVEN CLOSE, +0.8lbs BOO-HOO!!
    3. Incorporate HIIT 4x/week, I DIDN’T MANAGE THIS!!
    4. Increase my steps to get ‘close’ to 10,000 per day.- THIS I DID, AND LEARNT TO ENJOY IT, THE GOOD WEATHER REALLY HELPED!!
    5. Have a mindful Easter, NFDs are not an issue, but family celebrations are ‘tricky’!- OMG, TRICKY ISN’T THE WORD!!! THANKFULLY, NO FAMILY CELEBRATIONS UNTIL JUNE!!
    6. Have a ‘dry’ April…………….I’ll give the red wine a miss for this month! No drinking my calories! – EASTER + CHARITY EVENT MEANT I HURLED MYSELF OFF OF THIS PARTICULAR WAGON!!!

    Well, April has been a bust, so many of us have struggled, is it the change in seasons?? is it because it’s the 1st hols since Xmas???………or just complacency after 3 really good months???

    I don’t have the answers, my food diary looks good, FD achieved, but….. such is life ……… mysterious!!!!!

    @okeydokey…..what can I say, fantastic leadership, encouragement and advice for April……. not to mention the spreadsheet!!! Many thanks, you can put your feet up and take a load off for May now!!!!

    Looking forward to continuing my journey with my fellow challengers in May!!!xxxxx

    Lost 12.8lb / 5.8kg from April 1 to May 1. Now onto the May challenge.

    May 1 – final weight (start for May) – 159.2

    Thanks @okeydokey for running the April challenge. I’m sorry my contribution was so erratic.

    I missed the last few days since I was out of town but……here are my stats.

    Day 29, 30. MN USA, FD and NFD. I finished out this month at 166. Not much if a loss despite 2-3 FD per week. I’m not sure what is going on with me. I know how much I should be eating and I know I have been fasting (500 cal only), so why such a small loss?? I can only blame menopause! But I’m going to keep at it, I’m not giving up. So….on to May!!

    Day 30 Chicago, Illinois – NFD

    @okeydokey, my final weight for April is 141 pounds. Only a 2 pound lose, but happy to have lost. Do you know who is doing the May challenge and do you have the link to the may challenge?


    Chicago, Illinois
    April 29 – NFD
    April 30 – NFD

    Final weigh in 142 pounds

    Final weigh-in for April

    Started April at 91.8kg; weight today is 93.3kg so 1.5kg gain.

    I was worried it would be more… In terms of my goals, I did fine on the days I fasted, but got to a certain point in the month and just lost the plot entirely. Back to basics for May.

    Thank you all for your encouragement, especially the support and wise counsel from @annnursekirk (hope you’re feeling better soon!), @snowflake56, @sirisan and @annemarilyn. I will book an appointment with the physio first thing tomorrow, have to get this foot sorted. Very conscious also of the help I got from seeing a counsellor last year. Might be time to give her a call again too. @coda, I would be very happy to hold your hand as we skip into May.

    30–MA, USA–NFD

    Final weigh in 132. Total loss for April lbs. Not bad considering the fact that I took a week off. Hoping to be better on my NFDs in May.

    @okeydokey Thanks again for all of your work and support!

    Hello again from Newcastle- chilly, dark & breezy today.
    NFD and the start of a new challenge.
    So well done to all those people who have lost weight this month – I am very envious but spurred on by you all particularly those who have challenges beyond losing weight. Respect to those of you.

    Commiseration to those who did not (count me amongst those as well as those pesky scales have not changed this morning either!!!).
    Let crack on with next month. We can do it but it may be a little longer in coming.

    Thanks to those who have wished me well & altho the pain/ache is still there (getting in & out of the car is the worst) & cannot help the hubby with the garden project (it is coming along slowly but we have great vision & braun, well he does, at the moment?), I have just got back from a 3 mile walk/throw the ball with the dogs.

    Thank you to Okeydokey for the leadership & I hope you will be leading us all again this month.
    Will you be starting a new thread or will it just get added to this one?
    Who else is on a FD tomorrow? I really need the help as I intend to only have a grapefruit all day until our evening meal?

    Hello @Chitown Gal and @annnursekirk

    See below for the link for the May 2017 31-Day Challenge (1st Anniversary!) which is being led by @pissupoosa

    Hope to see you both there

    Day 1 after Day 30 😀
    @coda How very kind of you the flowers are gorgeous. ✨They are my favorite flowers. Thank-you very much. ✨Thank-you for initiating the weight challenge and maintaining groups. You are a beautiful, thoughtful, calm and logical voice bringing beneficial ideas thoughts and gifts for our groups. Please don’t feel like you have to work to hard. I could see how that might be overwhelming. That is just who you are which helps us all become better.
    ✨🎁Happy Birthday! 🎶 🍰 @strawberriesandcream on Thursday! and @songbirdme Tuesday!
    @steve-toon-taxi-driver awesome … I’m still tallying all of the weightloss amounts but so far:✨✨🎉🎉Congratulations you are our Top loser!! Starting at 15 stone 2lbs = 212 lbs Losing 1 full stone equaling 14lbs brings your weight to 14st and 2 lbs = 198lbs!😊😀✨✨🎉🎉
    @annnursekirk Way to go on the 6FD’s in a row. It shows you what you can do when you put your mind to it! ✨✨✨🎉🎉Congrats on your successes this month. I will be joining the May Challenge😊Here’s is the link. Looking to see you and all of our other April Challenge group members there!😊✨🌈✨
    Here is the Link to join in the May Challenge
    Please add your name and a little blurb on to the May forum so @pissupoosa can tick you off on her spread sheet.
    @annemarilyn Thank-you for the wonderful compliment. @fordprefect loves the idea of the Dynamic Duo! also.🎉✨😀
    @flourbaby I’m currently drinking water and thinking of you😊. While tallying our April Challenge group spreadsheet. I’m remembering your 3liters of water and I am going to drink that today!
    @taraga ✨✨🎉🎉Congratulations on your 4.2kg : 9.25 lbs weight loss.✨✨🎉🎉Way to go! ✨😊Keep up this WOL!✨✨🎉✨🌈✨

    ✨✨Thanks to all for being in our group. I’m doing the spreadsheet today! Will catch up with the May group soon!✨✨

    @okeydokey thanks for hosting and all your hard work final weight 223lbs

    @schatziii I really hope you can come up with a solution through the upcoming discussion with your professor.

    @sirisan I’m glad to hear (read) that, and it’s nice that you haven’t lost contact with your friend’s children.

    @annemarilyn, I study architecture. Thank you for your kind wishes. I wish you success in your weight loss journey as well (and that the upcoming month will be easier for you than April was). Your journey so far is impressive!

    2nd Post Day 1 after Day 30 April Challenge

    @fatrabbit ✨✨🌈✨🎉🎉You made your Goal🎉plus lost 7 more lbs.🎉🎉A total this month of 10.2lbs lost.✨✨🎉🎉Congratulations✨🎉
    @bigviking Congratulations on your IF working really well! Congrats on your 12.8 lb loss 5.8kg loss✨✨🎉🎉
    @obesa ✨✨🎉Congratulations on reaching your Goal plus 2 lbs more!✨✨🎉🎉😀🎉
    @ciren2 ✨✨You Got This!✨✨Thank-you for being involved!✨✨
    @scs Thank-you for the compliment! Congrats✨✨🎉on your 2.4lb weight loss in April!✨🎉
    @at ✨✨🎉Congratulations on an excellant job of maintaining! Also lost 3.5lbs:1.6kg.😀✨😊
    @bert1802 Thank-you for the compliment.✨Fabulous!😀✨🌈
    @redrockgirl302 Your vacations sound fabulous!😀🎉Glad to hear you are able to fast to make up for your food adventures.✨✨Congrats and Thank-you for checking in!✨✨😀
    @lilymartin reading your posts about all the fun food and drink sounds wonderful! You’ve had great fun and you’ve pretty much maintained! Good for you! See you in the May Challenge!
    @and-exhale I had issues of fear of not eating. I found a hypnotic tapping method that was free that helped me. If I can do anything, possibly share that with you? Or helping you in another way, please let me know.

    Day 29 Florida USA NFD Stayed within my TDEE, in spite of much stress. Had to get my head stitched today from a fall.
    Day 30 Florida USA NFD The month went fast. I’m losing but slower than I’d hoped. Looking forward to the May challenge.Thanks @okeydokey

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