30 Day April 2017 Challenge

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30 Day April 2017 Challenge

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  • 3rd post

    I’m being a numpty again. Just checked my Yumnai scales app on phone and see that last recorded weight was actually 136.1 (which of course I now remember as that’s exactly what I started at beginning of April). I’ll take whatever news I get tomorrow and go from there. However, I suspect all the wine and curry last night will take their revenge.

    Watched The Sugar Film this morning – what a very interesting programme. Already sent the link to my Dad. Spurring me on to be very mindful on holiday. I’ve drunk loads of water today after reading @flourbaby‘s tip. Thanks for that.

    Great news for @bert1802, @okeydokey and @fordprefect – well deserved results.

    Thanks @metatauta and @at, I’m sure we will. Birthday is next Thursday – on our first stop at Gibraltar. Happy Birthday @songbirdme for next Tuesday.

    Had my first ever spray tan this afternoon and am feeling very sticky. An interesting experience…. OH said, “please don’t come home looking like Donald” lol.

    Have a good evening.

    Thanks for the link very interesting. I’ve read so much and watched lots on YouTube my heads mashed lol.
    Who thought sardines would be my savour on a fast day.

    4th post

    @Strawberriesandcream enjoy your holiday and birthday next week! Will miss your positiv comments and wisdom. Take care.

    Day 29 – SW WA USA – FD #6

    It’s been a rollercoaster this month. Have done 5 days of some type of FD but going for a liquid FD today for my 1st time in years plus lots of water. Thanks for the reminder Flour baby. Maybe I’ll get my woosh.

    Sarah57 – do you do straight water or do you jazz it up?

    Bert1802 – wonderful weight loss. You’re encouraging me not to give up. Were you doing ADF this past week?

    Okey dokey & Ford Prefect – you guys are doing great! The Dynamic Duo!

    SongBirdMe – an evening with Celtic Woman music; how wonderful

    Strawberriesandcream – sounds like a lovely holiday. Enjoy your birthday in Gilbrator!

    Newcastle another nice day
    Day 29
    NFD today
    Hello everyone after not being in contact since Day 25.
    Day 26 & 27 were FD’s
    We had to do 2B2B due to both having committments together & apart.
    Really it wasn’t so bad but it was difficult especially around 15:00hrs both days & after dinner.
    I really have not cheated so I am really hoping tomorrow the scales will be kind.
    I have not gone above 600 cals on both days & have tried very hard on NFD’s. Thought I would eat the house out on Friday morning but when it came to it, did not want to.
    I have walked/run/keep fitted as well as 2 days on the ward this week so keeping fit as well.
    The hubby has been able to pull his belt in a notch so well done him.
    I did have a dessert of choclolate & caramel cake last night when we were out with a meal. My resolve is only 2 treats per week & to add another keepfit session of one kind or another. Plus looking for a new bike to get me through the C2C bike ride in September for Autism so will be getting a few more regular bike rides in.
    Next week we are doing Tuesday & Thursday. Anyone else?
    Will let you know the dreaded weight tomorrow.
    Keep going all.

    @annemarilyn If I am drinking water for pleasure, it is sparkling with a slice of lemon or lime. What I have been doing to increase fluid intake for medicinal purposes, as I see it, is to stand by the kitchen sink and drink 3 quite large glasses of tapwater and I have been doing this 3 times a day. On Friday I was travelling a bit so took a bottle and then refilled it. I measured my glasses today and reckon I am getting 2-2.5 litres like this. Probably not enough still but so much more than I was having. It’s not so bad…..

    Day 30 UK NFD

    Might find it difficult to post tomorrow so weight at 166, 6lbs lost over the month and 6lbs away from goal (5ft 9 in case anyone’s wondering why I am aiming for that.

    Thanks again for hosting okeydokey!

    29–MA, USA, NFD

    Down an additional pound this a.m. I actually wasn’t expecting it, but it was a pleasant surprise. Today is a NFD, and tomorrow will likely be a NFD too. I usually enjoy making or having a nice Sunday brunch and/or dinner. But, we’ll see…there’s part of me that wants to fit in one more April fast day! It feels good to be back on track, and it’s interesting to me how I can look forward to a FD sometimes as much as I can look forward to a NFD at others. I think I’ve basically maintained this month, but I’m optimistic about following the plan more diligently in May and possibly making it toward my goal. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

    2nd post,

    I hope we haven’t created a drought with all the water being consumed in hopes of a whoosh!!!!

    I’m on my last 250ml to get my 3L!!!!

    Hi all day 29 (Just about) UK nfd

    Just checking in – sorry I missed yesterday, also nfd went out for dinner with OH and then mums taxi to get my little brood home safe and sound so late night. Will catch up on posts tomorrow x

    Day 27 Melbourne NFD
    Day 28 NFD
    Day 29 NFD
    Day 30 NFD
    have maintained 16:8 or 18:6 ‘moderately controlled’. somehow i don’t think I will have lost for the month (hmmm wonder why πŸ™‚ ) but hopefully not gained too much. 3 FDs over the final week, but still with an evening 400 cal meal and milk during the day – Hoping it will have kept the Fat Fairy at arms length – we’ll see.

    @ciren2 I was considering fading out for a month, but you have inspired me to stay here. I said to myself in November (month 1) I should allow one year minimum, staying connected to all you wonderful people, before I even consider going off to see how I go on my own. And here I was thinking otherwise…. after a poor month, even: silly me. So May is the start of The Next Six Months and finding ways to stay motivated, inspired and On the Wagon!

    Big Congrats to all who have had a great month, slaying Fat Fairies and Dragons galore – well done !!!

    To others who have struggled a bit (me included) – let’s hold virtual hands and just keep on keeping on: it’s worth it.

    Big Huge Thanks for your mighty effort @okeydokey – just, like, Wow….. xxxooo

    Day 29-US- NFD

    Day 30 – UAE – NFD (82.6kg final for this month..)

    I weighed myself this morning and to my surprise I weighed 82.6 kg πŸ™‚ … πŸ™‚ … πŸ™‚
    Very pleased with the result, I guess my Omron scale is afraid from the competition and started to report positive results… my new Yunmai scale is coming tomorrow and I hope it does not show higher number, otherwise it will take the back seat.

    As most of you suggested as long as the number are going down and add to it we are feeling healthy, it is all that matters.

    My dearest stranger friends, keep it up, not the weight though, and I hope to see you all tomorrow in yet another challenge!

    Thinking about it once again, should we call it a challenge or just WOL

    Day 30 Oman FD

    Last day for the April challenge and I have lost 6lb. Not bad despite several blow out days. My wife who was not on the challenge did however take up the 5:2 during the last 3 weeks and has also lost a significant amount. (she does not want me to tell the world that this last week saw a 3lb loss for her alone doing 3 fast days.)
    Keep going all you 5:2ers whoever and wherever you all are.

    Day 30, Newcastle UK, NFD

    The day of reckoning has arrived. Started out 136.1lbs, ended 136.5lbs +0.4lb. Sadly didn’t achieve my goal of losing 3lbs but it is what it is and I’ll keep on keeping on. I’ve learnt some valuable lessons and have to accept that I cannot expect to go AWOL on weekends without repercussions.

    Thanks for your kind comments @snowflake56 – I feel a little better about my waffling now πŸ™‚ And thanks @annemarilyn. Off to start the packing – yeehaaaa!

    See you all in May when I look forward to catching up on all your posts. Together we are Stronger!

    Day 30 – FIN – NFD

    Today’s weight: 60.5 kg (-2.7 kg)

    Waist: 64.1 cm (-1.2 cm)
    Hips: 96.5 cm (-3 cm)

    Not a bad month in terms of getting closer to my weight loss goals. At the beginning I though I was being overly optimistic setting my goal (as I only lost 0.5 kg in March, my first 5:2 month), but here I am, only 0.5 kg away from that goal and more or less at my usual weight.

    Congratulations to everyone on your successes, challenges and sticking with fasting despite the occasional setbacks. I’m sure we’re all benefiting from this WOL even if it wouldn’t always be visible on the scale.

    @sirisan, I’m sorry to hear about the loss of your Finnish friend. I hope you carry good memories of her with you. Many Finns tend to dislike the winter, but I assume it could have more to do with the darkness than the cold – snow makes the lack of natural light more tolerable as it reflects light. Despite that, I too do prefer say the Alps to staying in Finland, as over there you get both the snow and the sunlight.

    @okeydokey, thank you very much for taking care of, keeping an eye on and encouraging our big community throughout April! Also, congratulations on your impressive loss this month.

    Day 30 UK FD

    Final weight 191.4 lbs or 86.8 kg down from 201.6 lbs on the first:)) Waist down from 34 to 32 inches and bust/hips down from 43.5 to 42 inches. I met all my goals and then some:)) I hadn’t dared to hope that I could lose ten pounds for a third month in a row, but I did. I started the Feb challenge weighing 222 lbs :(( These challenges have been so helpful for keeping me focused. Thanks to Coda for starting them and to @lynz M, @at and @okeydokey for leading them and to @pisupossa for taking on the next one. Together we are stronger!

    I haven’t read posts yet because I wanted to post immediately in case the internet goes off. Will do so now. Congrats to everyone on your achievements. I know you are all brilliant :))

    Day 30, Switzerland, FD
    Day 29, NFD
    @at Thanks for the Kefir link. The Kefir drink I bought is really quite pleasant, considering I’m not keen on milk or yoghurts at all. Its health benefits are winning me over. Good luck everyone.

    DAY 30 – UK – NFD (ish)….

    Friends for supper – will try to keep within my tdee – I have to – to maintain my April start weight!!

    Final weigh in tomorrow.

    Day 30 UK NFD

    Completed last 3 days as FD. Was also planning to do again today but having people for dinner tonight so will have a day of very mindful eating and stay aware of the final weigh in tomorrow!

    Day 30, Germany, NFD

    Final weight:
    Starting weight 1. April: 55,6 kg/122,6lbs; Bust 89 cm; Waist 65 cm; Hips 92 cm
    Finishing weight 30. April: 52,9 kg/116,6lbs; Bust 89 cm; Waist 66 cm; Hips 89 cm

    This month I’ve lost 2,7 kg/6lbs, I have to stop losing weight from now on, my BMI is 19,9, I don’t want it to be under 20. From next month on I want to maintain at ~ 54 kg, I think that is doable. I have the knowledge to do this and being on this site makes me accountable. It’s funny, I don’t even remember how I looked like with my January 15th weight from 70,9 kg, I don’t like being photographed, so no pictures of my fat me on the fridge.

    Congratulations to everyone who lost weight, but also congratulations to the ones that didn’t lose any weight, struggled or gained weight, the most important is you didn’t give up and stayed with it. This WOL isn’t just about weight loss, it’s also about living a healthier life, both physically and mentally.

    Day 30 UK FD 🌈

    Happy drink lots of water and wait for the whoosh day. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚planning on ending on a good day, the results are not good ATM. Weigh in tomorrow. 😳

    I did 40 days of Lent previously, showing willpower! Then Easter arrived, and a had a little bit of chocolate, which didn’t stop, the Easter Bunny came and stayed. Forever the optimist, things have to change so the invite to the water imp has gone out and this is my May plan. Drink more water.

    Have a good last day all πŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„you have only failed if you give up! I intend to read all the posts over the next couple of days and take advice from you all, what worked and what didn’t!

    30 UK NFD

    Time for plenty of water and hope for the woosh. Final weigh in tomorrow, which will also be the start for the May challenge.

    Day 30 Notts UK BSD

    Day 28 UK…FD
    Day 29 UK NFD
    Day 30 Uk. FD

    @lynzm you can’t imagine how your “drawer of willpower” helped me to stay focussed, the picture was so convincing. I thought if she can do that, I can too, and guess what: because of your willpower, I did it! You’re part of my success and I really thank you for staying strong for Lent! Hugs and xxx

    Day 30, London, UK, FD

    Final FD for April today, I’m aiming for a liquid fast so, bone broth, veg bouillon, miso, water, water and more water!!!

    I think I’m having some transit issues, so fingers crossed today goes well, I’m feeling the bloat!!!

    Final weigh-in tomorrow a.m.

    @biddiev, I had considered skipping May too, just because I thought I might be more focused on my own……’Doh’…… I consider it a minor brain fart, I’m not sure who I thought I was fooling, but I’m heading over to the May challenge to sign up!!!!

    Final, Final Push everyone, good luck and keep sipping!!!

    Day 30 Belfast NFD
    Final weight 158.25 – up 1.25😟 I’ve struggled all month and I’m just grateful the weight isn’t more. I’d lost my Easter weigh, but a couple seem to have crept on. Never mind, tomorrow is a new month.
    Many, many congratulations to all those who have achieved losses – many amazing – and to those of us who have struggled, let’s leave the past behind and start the new month with fresh vigour. Together we are stronger.

    Day 30 – UK – NFD

    Weighed this morning, and was around 61.3kg. I felt really bloated though, so I think it’s not my true weight. Will report back in two days with my “final” weight for April!


    2nd post

    @lynzm and @snowflake56 that drawer of willpower has inspired me too. I have a file drawer containing a box of Continentals, two chocolate rabbits and an easter egg that I haven’t touched :)) It is just a shame it is not a suitable place to keep cheese! I had another Brie incident yesterday evening:((

    Day 30: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD (another one of TOO many).

    Final weight still WELL up from my once obtained precious gaol weight. I’m a good 11 pounds over, I’m afraid.
    Not sure what I said I was at the beginning of the month. Was it 8 over or 10 over? I can’t recall. Blanked it out I expect.

    Once again, many thanks Okeydokey.

    Day 30 Newcastle UK NFD.
    Weight 14st 2lbs loss of 16lbs I think.
    Neck 16.25″
    Chest 42″
    Waist 39.5″
    Hip 39.5″
    Just come off back B2B fasting and a 23 mile bike ride couldn’t get my weight any lower maybe I should have cut my toe nails and trimmed my nasal hair lol πŸ˜‰
    Absolutely over the moon with that. Really don’t think I could have achieved that loss with out the April challenge and the support of the wonderful people who support each out on this group. I’ve only been doing the 5/2 since mid March and I’m really really impressed with it.
    Good luck for the May challenge everyone. Stay focused peopleπŸ˜‡

    Day 30 Croatia NFD
    Weight 79.5 kg

    Day 30 UK NFD

    Weigh in yesterday was 144lbs so a 2 lb loss this month which I’m perfectly happy with Thanks for guiding us @okeydokey, see you in the May challenge tomorrow x

    Day 30 Maine FD

    Well, weighed in & back up to 181….kind of bummed, but should have thought of that before I mowed down some “baked” potato chips before dinner & added more cheese to spaghetti squash casserole. Knew all the salt was going to make a difference, but couldn’t seem to stop myself. Oh well, fasting today & staying away from all salty foods which to me is more deadly than sugar.

    @biddiev & @flourbaby – I, too, considered going on my own for May, but came to my senses! This is the best support I’ve ever experienced on my perpetual weight loss journey – so why would I turn from that? I’m loving this WOE & believe it will be my WOL for the duration. I’ve learned so much from all the posts, have been so inspired by all of you, & have been thoroughly charmed & entertained by our small community from around the world.

    Congrats to all the April losers & all of us who have committed to improving our health. Again, many thanks to our fearless April leader, @okey-dokey. I so admire your organizational skills, commitment & support.

    Ok, everybody – Make it a fabulous last day of April & see you in May!

    Day 27 / UK / NFD after all
    Day 28 / UK / NFD
    Day 29 / UK / FD
    Day 30 / UK / NFD

    Hi all, apologies for my absence, I didn’t want to get into the habit of checking in with the forum while munching away on NFDs. I have gotten through the week okay, even stumbled over an unplanned FD yesterday. I am looking forward to starting a new month next week. Final numbers for April:

    Starting weight (overall, 20 Feb): 71.2kg
    Starting weight (1 April): 65.6kg
    Goal weight (1 May): 62.5-63kg (loss roughly in the 2.5 to 3kg range)
    Finish weight (30 April): 63.2kg
    Loss: 2.4kg

    I missed my minimum goal by 0.2kg, which is a shame, but considering the second half of the month I’ve had I can just accept it and move on. Sincere thank-yous to @okeydokey for hosting us through what was such a difficult month for me and thanks to Easter some others too. Shout-outs, too, to the 5:2 veterans always on hand with help, advice, encouragement for us newbies (I may be starting my third month now, but still feel like one)!

    I am oblivious to what else has been going on in the thread, but I hope you’ve all had a good/better final push for this month: onwards and downards! I’ll see you all over in the anniversary thread, WE CAN DO THIS!

    Day 30 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    Another lovely day – the sun is out and it is rather mild outside – had a good NFD yesterday, eventually broke my fast with dinner at 1900hrs, so went 55hrs on just under 500cals in total – enjoyed my paella and 1/2 a bottle of a rather scrumptious red (pocket winos – note I stopped at that…..πŸ˜‡) saved the second half for tonight! Had a serve of frozen yogurt for afters and then closed the kitchen door firmly! metaphorically speaking as we have an open plan kitchen/dining and family living space.

    Weight this morning stayed the same as yesterday after my FD – so final weight for the April Challenge is 54.4kg/120lbs (achieved goal of maintaining below 55kg for the 5th month in a row!) πŸ’ƒ

    @fordprefect – AMAZING – 15lbs/6.8kg gone! you and @okeydokey are formidable !!!!! Mutual support paying off big time!

    Re drinking water conversations – I have a 500ml bottle that I fill and drink 3 times a day and then drink several cups of warm water with lemon and at least 3 big cups of tea a day as well – usually manage over 3L a day @flourbaby plenty of lovely water up here in the Lake District and tastes nice too!!!

    @sarah57 and @couscous – 6lbs/2.7kg gone for each of you πŸ’ƒ
    @biddiev so glad you have decided to stay with us alongside @ciren2@flourbaby and @scs
    @fatrabbit – 10lbs/4.5kg for a third month in a row – GREAT JOB – Keep doing what you have been doing as it seems to suit you and is sustainable for you – Amazing when I think about everything you have to cope with in your life – Hugs πŸ€—
    @snowflake56 – well done on being sensible – maintaining at 54kg and keeping your BMI around 20 – I have a similar history weight wise to you and so looked back at a picture of me at my retirement do when I was around 75kg and cannot believe what I looked like compared to now at 54.4kg and I know how much better I feel in myself and how much my health has improved – never going back there 5:2 maintenance for me
    @ciren2 – May is a new month and a new start – You know you can do this as you have done it before! and as Winnie the Pooh said “Promise me you’ll always remember: You’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think” Hold on tight to us and we will pull you along xoxo
    @steve toon taxi driver – 16lbs/7.3kg gone WOW how amazing does that feel – Looking forward to hearing from you and your great stories in the May Challenge πŸ‘

    Huge congratulations to all the April losers whether it be 1lb/0.5kg or 16lbs/7.3kg
    Well done to the maintainers – proving that this WOL does work

    To those who have not lost what they wanted or have gained some weight – β€œDon’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Spend your energies on moving forward toward finding the answer.” ~Denis Waitley

    A final thank you to @okeydokey – great job “herding” us this past month, lots of support and encouragement given to all and you and @fordprefect have led by example during this challenge πŸ’

    See those of you joining in the May Challenge – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER

    β€œWe can do anything we want as long as we stick to it long enough.” ~Helen Keller

    Day 29, Mountaintop PA, NFD
    Day 30, Mountaintop PA, NFD Goal weight 150!

    Final weight for April at goal of 150.0. Thrilled with losing that final pound and will continue with 2 FDs on Monday and Thursdays for May. Clothes looser, especially in the bust, waist and hips thanks to regular walking along with the IF Fast 5:2. I have a pile of pants to take to the seamstress. Always fun to fit into old favorites.

    @okeydokey You have been such a positive cheerleader this month. That enthusiasm showed on your scale with the amazing 10 pounds lost. With time and perseverance we see results. Thank you.

    Day 30 – USA (Illinois) – FD

    Okeydokey – you’ve done such a marvelous job this whole month! Thank you ever so much for your hard work, support, and joy!

    I’ve been able to maintain this month right at 160 (+/-2 pounds).That was my goal. For my body and level of exercise, it does take close attention to TDEE on NFD’s and good solid FD’s, generally 6:1. I will be 158 after a FD and at times 162. I always weigh first thing in the morning.

    See you all over on the May challenge of our WOL.

    Day 30 – USA – NFD

    This month whizzed by so fast! I blew 3 out of 9 fast days by being sloppy about my calories, so I weighed in today at 181, down 2 lbs., which was only half of my goal. I switched from inside exercise (bike, hula hoop, weights) to outside activities (gardening, raking, shoveling, trimming) this month. I elminated early breakfasts and now only eat 2 meals a day (16:8); I guess it’s true that if you do something enough, it becomes a habit. Hope I can do better in May.

    Thank you all for your informative, entertaining and heartfelt daily comments. Looking forward to the May Challenge!

    Day 30…..Florida….. NFD

    Good Morning, my friends!

    First, I want to give a big Thanks to Okaydokey….. You are fabulous!

    My final thoughts now for April.
    I know for me April has been a crazy month, March too! I stayed pretty much at 144lbs for both months. I’m finally ending the month, with a crazy 4lb loss. Crazy right?
    This got me to thinking…. I struggled for a whole 60 days to see that number! I’m very happy but the struggle is still in my heart, mind and soul. But I stayed with it, starting a new day, each and every day. I kept trying, kept falling, but I got up!
    That’s the key…… You may fall right though the hole in the wagon, or slide off the side of it, hell the bump in the road may even buck you completely off. However, as long as your getting up and trying it again….. You eventually will be successful!

    I hope to see each and everyone of you in May. Together, we can be successful!

    Be classy, sassy and a bit bad assy!

    Day 30, Wiener Neustadt, Austria, NFD

    Hi dear ladies and gentlemen,

    A quick hello from Austria! I miss you, dear co-fasters. Hope everybody is doing well. After Vienna, Austria, I flew to Dublin, Ireland with a dear schoolfriend of many moons. She was fun to travel with and I did NOT follow 5:2, it was impossible, nor she follow her BSD. The trip was phantastic, best weather, great sights, super lovely people and rich food and for me lots of great Irish beer. We arrived back in Austria on Friday and my body was not happy with me so a did a true 48 hours fast with only herb tea. Today I am almost back to myself. The belt of my pants is in the same notch. Yeah!!! I think our crazy walking helped as well.
    @okeydokey: Thank you so much for being our host. You did an absolutely lovely job!!!😊⚘😊⚘😊⚘😊⚘😊⚘ For my end weight for this challenge, please keep my last weigh in. The belt feels not tighter. I did not find a scale anyway. Hihi! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…
    I will not do the May challenge as I will be in Austria as well as Italy for another month but will join again in June. Hope to see all my old friends then and meet new ones.
    Thanks again!!! 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    Day 30 Lancaster pa. NFD

    Day 30 USA FD
    (Day 29 was a NFD) Final weigh in for April: 132 lbs.

    @okeydokey Thank you for being such an excellent host and coach for April!

    I am back from a very long drive over and back across the beauty of WA State (you go from wheatfields to desert, to mountains to rainforest and ocean, all in a drive!). A loooong day of meetings that ended with a complicated argument about parliamentary procedure ….and a bit of a whoosh weight loss. I think the nuances of the arguing must have scared or bored the weight out of me (@fatrabbit I think I would rather be locked in the shed with you!).

    Anyway, ending the month with more of a loss than I expected and can start focusing on May and my final goal. Thanks for this forum! I missed all of you while I was away❀️

    Day 30 NFD country West Australia

    Looking forward to a good May. The weekend was full of me being extremely mindful – mindful that I was eating way way WAY over my TDEE.
    Two parties in a weekend with wine, champagne, lots and lots and LOTS of finger food meant that the fat fairy came and brought her family with her. They all sat down on my scales for the entire weekend and are refusing to shift.
    I suspect there will be even more of the Fat Fairy’s Friendly kilos tomorrow.
    But it was a terrific weekend and a blip on the social calendar.
    About lunch time Saturday I realised what was unfolding and decided to go with the good old adage
    ‘ Eat , drink and be merry…. for tomorrow we diet!’
    Can’t wait for a much more mindful May.

    Day 30 US FD800
    Wow, so many people having so many great results this month. Tracking and learning about healthy eating and weightloss.πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€βœ¨βœ¨I will be updating and posting the results of the spreadsheet and calculating the Groups total loss for the month by Monday or Tuesday. πŸ˜€βœ¨πŸ˜‡βœ¨Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of everystep you take toward reaching your goal.✨✨✨Winners are not people who never fail but people who never quit!✨✨
    @ciren2 The time you have put into bettering your health and losing the weight you have is worth it! Your worth it! Keep on keeping on, Girl!πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜€βœ¨I’ll be looking for you in the May Challenge. We’ll be there together!✨
    @snowflake56 I know it took our son a long time with the speech therapy so he could say his S’s and F’s correctly. Many, many times he didn’t want to do the therapy, but it paid off, it was worth it. If he’s tired now sometimes it can get more difficult again to say his S’s and F’s. It sounds like your doing well. I’m hoping you will get all the therapy and attention you are willing to have.😊Hugs to you, blessings to you that you will have the support you need and want.✨I was busier today than I thought I would be but wanted to post to you before the day was over.
    @snowflake56 5FD’s βœ¨βœ¨πŸŽ‰Congratulations that is pretty tremendous✨losing 3kg. Being at 53kg 116.8 lbs you definitely went over your goal for maintaining. πŸ˜€πŸ˜Šβœ¨πŸ‘βœ¨For now you don’t need to lose any more.😊

    ✨✨Stay positive, work hard and make it happen!πŸ˜€βœ¨βœ¨
    ✨✨Together we are stronger.✨✨🌈✨
    ✨✨Celebrate every tiny successβœ¨βœ¨πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

    Day 30, London, NFD
    Day 29 NFD

    Thank you @okeydokey for your support this month – I will try to drink more water.
    Overall this has been a good month – I think the B2B helped reign in my over-eating. Loss of 6lbs this month and most importantly inches off my waist.

    Day30 – UK – NFD

    Just checking in, we’re away for the weekend so no access to scales till Tues/ Weds @okeydokey, I’ll go with the last weigh in and declare 5lbs lost for April (still waiting for a whoosh moment). I haven’t been taking measurements but I did try a dress in the other day that I have my eye on for our cruise in July. It zipped up quite easily, after Christmas the zip wouldn’t go anywhere near. Still a bit tight in the bosom area but as every woman on this forum knows that’s the first area the fat goes from so feeling confident I’ll be the belle of the ball(in my head at least)
    The weekend has been strictly NFD, and I’m diligently tracking on mfp, doesn’t make for good reading! Still done quite a bit of walking up and down hills so hoping the damage isn’t too extreme when I weigh in.
    Taking all the advice and trying to drink more water – definitely fallen off the water wagon last week.

    Many thanks @okeydokey and all you other 5:2ers out there, you’re all so inspiring.

    Day 30-Montreal- NFD

    So the scales are reading 78.6 kilos this morning, a 2k loss for April, so I’m very happy 😊.
    Thank you for hosting @okeydokey and see you all in May.

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