30 Day April 2017 Challenge

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30 Day April 2017 Challenge

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  • Second post
    @songbirdme @at @okeydokey thanks for your suggestions. I am not sure if I am allowed to hire an editor.

    Hi Is there any similar in May? I am in Australia and have just started this week. I have managed 2 fasting day and lost 1 kg. I would love to join if there is a challenge in May.

    Day29/NFD/Melbourne Australia
    @shihococo welcome May challenge link – https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/may-2017-31-day-challenge-1st-anniversary/

    @fatrabbit thank you for the hint. I’ve been searching for a humane solution.

    Have a restful and controlled weekend all.

    2nd Post Day 28 – US – FD
    I will be updating and checking for posts this weekend. Wishing well to all NFD’rs and FD’rs and to help however I can in support to keep them going well.✨😇✨
    I will be updating the spreadsheet on Monday for all weight from people checking in. I will have calculated everybody’s weight loss and our April Groups total weight loss, with the updated worksheet by Tuesday.😀
    @cleo120 Your Welcome😊It looks like your definitely going to have some health benefits from your FD’s and your FD800 days 5 in a row✨✨🎉🎉I guess we’ll find out what weight we’ve lost soon.✨
    @triplet You’ve already made progress 😀So you know you can progress and get slimmer and have healthier results. Now you just have to decide how fast you can and or want do this.😊I wouldn’t want to tell you how to proceed. Because you are already making progress. But here is some information that might be helpful in getting closer to the goal you mentioned. ✨7 kg is about 15.4 lbs. That’s 3.8 lbs a week or 1.75 kg a week. You’d have to at least do 4 FD’s a week and or try keeping your TDEE down for your goal weight which would be 500 to 1500 cals per day.
    It’s important that we have our TDEE set for our Goal Weight, not our current weight.😊Then it’s about as @lynzm has shared keeping the dragons⚔️🐲⚔️ away. To stay on course. 😀✨
    @lilymartin ✨🎉Congrats on your b2b FD’s. I agree, we are blessed. Thinking of other worldly problems our 1st world problems don’t seem so difficult.✨
    @lucecita Wishing you a great FD✨👍✨You can do it!✨
    @steve-toon-taxi-driver Great to here… You are in the fat burning zone!😇✨😊🎉
    @sirisan Thanks for the update.✨Congratulations ✨✨🎉on your 7.6 lbs loss. NFD’s for the weekend then?

    Here is the Link to join in the May Challenge
    Please add your name and a little blurb on to the May forum so @pissupoosa can tick you off on her spread sheet.

    ✨Our Group has made this journey enjoyable and beneficial for me and hopefully for you!✨✨Thank-you to all the members of the April Challenge for making it wonderful and special.✨
    ✨Keep me posted this weekend.✨Hoping to have some successful NFD’s and some successful FD’s!✨😊

    ✨A little progress each day adds up to Big Results.😊✨
    ✨Don’t stop when your tired, stop when your done.✨
    Always remember:
    ✨Together we are Stronger.✨😊

    Congratulations to everyone who ‘stayed the same’ or didn’t gain during the April Challenge. Hope you are keeping notes as to how you managed? They’ll come in very handy one day when your challenge is to maintain!

    May challenge anyone? I have fallen off the fast diet wagon but starting again RIGHT NOW. If anyone wants to join me for a May challenge please please do!

    Day 29, Newcastle UK, NFD

    @Shatziii – as far as I can tell from your contributions to this forum, your english is excellent. If I can be of any help please tell me.

    @okeydokey – thank you so, so, so much for your brilliant leadership this month. Your goodness shines through. You’re an absolute Angel! I look forward to ‘seeing you’ in the ‘ranks’ in May.

    I have had a lovely pre-birthday & holiday night out with my close girlfriends of 50 years and have decided this is a lovely point (at 02.28am this morning) to bring my April challenge to a close and say au revoir until I join you again mid May when I return from holiday. @okeydokey, please record my last weight of 137.1lbs as my closing weight. (No loss in April whatsoever!). My mid May weight may be a different story altogether………..

    I’m so sorry if I’ve been too much of a waffler/preacher at times, but believe me bearing my soul to you lot has helped me no end. Thank you; all the very best and look forward to seeing you again in a few weeks. xxxx

    Day 29 Croatia NFD
    Weight: 76.9 Kg

    Day 27 – Sydney Aus – NFD
    Day 28 – Sydney Aus – FD
    Day 29 – Sydney Aus – NFD 68.2
    Day 30 – Sydney Aus – NFD

    A good wrap up for April, my first month of 5:2 fast diet.
    Although didn’t achieve my goal, a loss of 1.7 kg from 69.9 to 68.2. I’m very happy. Will join May as well. Thanks all in this group.

    Day 29 UK NFD

    Tomorrow day 30 will be a FD. I may not be able to post tomorrow as we are going to be without internet for a couple of days as Virgin are making a change and we haven’t got the new equipmeent yet. I will be doing the May challenge but may have to do my first couple of days posts a few days late. @okeydokey In case I don’t get the chance tomorrow thank you very much for hosting this months challenge, you have done a brilliant job. And thank you to everyone for being so supportive. It has done me the world of good:) Together we are stronger!

    Day 29 UK FD

    Will make this my 3rd FD in a row since back from holiday and so far so good! Final weight post on May 1.

    Day 29 UK NFD

    Day 29 Newcastle UK FD.
    Weigh day tomorrow morning or should it be Monday ?
    Keep focus everyone 😉😇

    DAY 29 – UK – FD

    Day 29 UK NFD 🌈

    Went out for a curry last night with friends, fill so full still. Stomach obviously shrunk, yay, as I ordered what I previously would have been able to eat, but had to stop. Enjoyed at the time, but it has not made me feel very good, think these kind of food need to be eaten in much smaller quantities in future. This is a good thing I have found out.

    Did prepare by missing breakfast and lunch but would have been over TDEE easily. Also had wine.

    Going wine tasting today and another meal – hey life’s made for living.🍷🍷🍷🍷and good times with friends. Will be a lighter meal today. But the wine, would be rude to go wine tasting and not taste every wine offered.

    Sunday (tomorrow)day of rest from eating and drinking I suspect. 😊😊😊will be a FD.

    Have a good day all xxx

    Day 29 Belfast NFD
    Well my Fellow Fasters, after saying I had lost my Easter weight, the scales are up 1lb today, even after successfully doing ADF Mon, Wed and Friday. Never mind, I shall have a careful NFD today, then a final FD tomorrow. I will post final stats on Monday morning,
    Have a great holiday @Strawberries
    @Schatzii – I agree with @Strawberriesandcream, your English is very good. After all your hard work, you’ve nothing to lose by asking. Maybe ‘editor’ is the wrong word. That suggests changing the content. Perhaps getting someone to ‘proof read’ it is the question to ask?
    I watched Damon Gameau’s the Sugar Film (thank you for the link whoever it was) on YouTube yesterday. I have been roughly sticking to my TDEE, but haven’t been too careful about what I eat. My goal for May is to eat mindfully on those days and try a few new recipes. (And of course slay that sugar dragon🐉🗡)Have a good day everyone.

    2nd post – FD

    Well I didn’t stay away for long.
    Amendments to middle of night after too much wine post: ‘Baring’ not ‘bearing’. Last weight was 136.6 not 137.1 and I’m going to stay to the end. Having a FD today and will post final weight for April challenge tomorrow morning.
    Have a good day whatever you’re doing.

    Day 29 NFD country west Australia
    @metatauta. Funny you should mention doughnuts – I had a doughnut for breakfast this morning!! Not my usual fare but I went to this specialty doughnut shop ( Topdup) in Willagee that makes THE best fresh doughnuts and had a white chocolate/pistachio/raspberry doughnut just freshly made. It was so worth it.
    And the good thing is that I stopped at one. I then had only half a salad sandwich for lunch.
    Pre 5:2 I probably would have eaten a couple of doughnuts, at least 2 coffees and then had a full lunch.
    This WOL has helped me really think about whether I actually need to eat, whether I am hungry or whether I am just adhering to longstanding social constructs.
    Off to a party now so will practise mindfulness when offered food and try to stick to just one glass of wine.
    Looking forward to May’s challenge as not sure I achieved my goal this month.

    Day 29, London, UK, NFD.

    I’ve finally caught up with all the posts!!!

    There’s lots of whooshing going on, personally I’ve found this happens (3lbs and 4lb whooshes) when I’ve consistently had 3+ litres of water throughout the day whether fasting or not, I think someone mentioned earlier that the body holds on to fat cells if you haven’t had enough water, but when you do, you flush those cells…… hence big whoosh!!!!

    @steve toon taxi driver, I tend to do my FINAL weigh-in on the 1st of the month a.m. That way I get my end weight and start (for the next challenge) which are then the same. This is particularly effective if the final day of the month is a FD!!!!

    Swapped my B2B this weekend for ADF, so tomorrow will be my final FD!!!

    Good luck everyone, we’re nearly there!!!!!!!!

    Day 29 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    Good FD which started at 1200hrs on Thursday and aiming to break my fast at lunchtime today so a total of 48hrs with under 500cals consumed – having a cup of tea whilst I do a catchup before going out for the day – light lunch out with friends today.

    Final weigh in for the 30 Day April 2017 Challenge is 54.4kg/120lbs so achieved goal of maintaining below 55kg 💃

    @saffy420 – welcome on board to the “pocket winos” very useful for the BH weekend (UK) – you can stay under TDEE and enjoy wine but hard to do sometimes – so well done you!
    @ciren2 – we all have those “Definitely a NON-Fast-Day! ” No guilt and enjoy!!!!! That is the beauty of this WOL as tomorrow is another day – @and… exhale and @lynzm this applies to you too 👍
    @shihococo and @ayame- Welcome – hope you join us in the May challenge – link provided to you by @onahealthyhigh – Joining a challenge provides great support and it is nice to share across the globe
    @Strawberriesandcream – have a great holiday – looking forward to hearing of your travels when you rejoin us mid May Challenge 😎 Oh and a very Happy Birthday whenever it is during your holidays 🎈🎁🥂💐
    @steve toon taxi driver – good luck on your first ever B2B – STAY STRONG AND FOCUSED AND YOU CAN DO THIS
    @lynzm – Who can resist a good curry and as you say always difficult to stop before you feel too full….. You prepared well by having no breakfast or lunch so enjoy and no guilt. Envious of your wine tasting evening 🥂(see above link as well)

    A huge THANK YOU to @okeydokey for stepping up and doing such a grand job looking after us all in this 30 Day April 2017 Challenge – so supportive and encouraging and doing a great job with her own weight loss – looking forward to your company next month with @pissupoosa

    I think the following quote reflects our 5:2 Way of Life (WOL) – “Stay committed to your decisions; but stay flexible in your approach.”

    Have a good weekend everyone wherever you are in the world and whatever your are doing – enjoy life and make the most of each day as this is not a rehearsal……..

    Day 29 lancastpa NFD

    2nd post 🌈

    @flourbaby, your comment made me pick up that water straight away, waiting for my whoosh!!!! Thanks 🙏

    Day 28-Montreal- NFD
    day 29-FD

    Day 29 Maine NFD

    That bright yellow orb appeared in the sky yesterday & immediately everyone’s attitude improved! Yay! Had a lovely walk after work – tired from standing all day, so not exactly a therapy walk, but still delightful to be outside. Hoping to hit the garden after work today…weeds are calling my name!

    Pretty successful NFD yesterday – should have closed the kitchen at 8, slice of Brie found it’s way into my mouth! Damn Brie – trying to convince hubby to trash it, but he can’t bring himself to throw out delicious cheese. I’ll try to close the kitchen early tonight. I did have a delicious Greek salad for dinner as opposed to fried clams & scallops that hubby ordered. Tonight is leftover Mexican spaghetti squash casserole – very low cal, but yummy….maybe that huge wheel of Brie will be gone when I get home!

    Make it a great day everybody! @strawberriesandcream – have a wonderful Holiday!

    @flourbaby yes I think that is what happened to me this week. I went from drinking the odd glass of sparkling water to a lot of water in the couple of days before my weekly weigh and lost 4lbs. The most I have lost in any week since week 1 nine months ago. nothing else really changed and I had been expecting the usual pound or nothing. Weirdly more thirsty for water since I started drinking more.

    Anyone not drinking water maybe give it a go and see what happens. Will be very interested to hear.

    Day 29 Notts UK BSD

    Maintained same weight despite the large lump of cheese that somehow jumped out of the fridge and onto my plate last night (was rather good though!) Determined to have 2 good days before weigh in Monday morning.

    @flourbaby I too reached for my water when I read your post maybe I’ll have a whoosh too. I like to bubble my water in the Sodastream – much more interesting to drink.

    Good fasting to all – only 2 days to go.

    Day 29, Germany, NFD

    29 UK FD

    Feeling peeved. Not lost a thing in the last 8 days, which included 4x 0 kcal FDs…. 😡

    Day 29….. Florida…. NFD

    All I can say is…. it about damn time! That took like forever to happen! Today, is my weekly weigh in and I finally did it! I lost 3.5lbs, if I’m calculating it right. My weight is now 140.8lbs.
    Man was that a struggle…..I never thought of giving up but I did really consider kicking my self more than a couple times. Hopefully, I’ve gotten over this thing and can continue to waddle down the numbers to my goal weight. What ever that may be!

    Ciren…… I’ve thought about you all week as I struggled and I’ve been holding your hand across the miles, oceans, valleys and rivers!

    Well, I am behind in my reading so please forgive me. I’m hoping to catch up tomorrow as I must work today!

    Be classy, sassy and a bit bad assy today!

    Day 29 US FD800
    Whoosh? 😲 At the first of the month I weighed 166.lbs. I weighed myself this morning and I weighed 156lbs That means I made my goal of losing 10lbs this month.😀
    I’m going to try and do a 800 cal FD for today.✨Veggies and salmon. Or a taco. Whichever 1 I don’t have today, I will have tomorrow.
    I will be reading the rest of the posts in a bit later today…It’s 7:30am here in Lancaster, PA.✨

    Day 29 Chicago, Illinois USA – NFD

    Weight in day current weight 141
    .5 weight loss.
    Did not meet my goal of 139 for April, but will persevere.

    Wishing all of you successes in your journey to healthier living.

    Day 29, Germany, NFD

    @at thank you for asking! Well, the S’ still gone, the speech-teacher doesn’t know if it’s coming back. I don’t really mind anymore, I got used to it and nowbody seems to notice, or they are so kind and don’t say anything about it. Next week I’m having my last lesson, just wanted 6, too time-consuming, I can practice at home now. The muscles I have in my face, jaws and neck are much stronger now. The physiotherapy seems to be more effective, my left hand and my balance improved a lot, so that’s great, there I’ll also have my last lesson next week. xxx

    @okeydokey The b2b on M/T went so well I thougt I could do a 3rd and a 4th and finally a 5th. When you’re into it, it gets easier. I don’t think I’m going to do it again, I’m at 53 kg this morning, 3 kg below goal, I’ve lost enough.

    One of our lovely girls at work is getting married in June. When I started this WOL she wasn’t asked yet, so it’s nice to go there as a slim person. We tried on some clothes this morning just to find out Bas and Charlotte (a much loved song in the Netherlands about two moths living in an old coat)are living with us now. Everything from the closet is hanging outside now, we finally have a sunny day. But we prefer to have Bas and Charlotte and not the rats and mice @oneahealthyhigh is struggling with!
    Thank you so much for being such a caretaker this last month, you’re so kind and encouraging and moodlifting for those of us that struggle. You did a huge job and there were so many of us to look after and while doing this you were also able to do an immense amount of FD’s. You’re amazing! Hugsxxx

    2nd post

    @okeydokey what can I say about your weight loss? Wow, you did so well and you really deserve it!!!

    Day 29 UK NFD no time to read posts will catch up tomorrow x

    Day 29 – UK – FD

    Day 29 – USA (Illinois) – NFD

    Still maintaining despite not the best choices each day. But, some days “you just gotta live” – know I saw someone posted that recently, but I could not find the post. Thank you for reminding us this WOL isn’t completely about deprivation. I still continue to get compliments on my new slimmer shape, but I am far from skinny. I don’t really want to be as I approach my 69th birthday on Tuesday. What is really scary is that will be our eldest daughter’s 46th birthday. How could I be old enough to have a kid that age?!

    It truly is wonderful when the “whoosh” takes over. Yeah for all of you who have gotten to experience that! If you’re still struggling at losing a pound or two, take ❤️ as we know this WOL works.

    Hugs – onward and downward!

    Day 29 UK NFD
    Thanks for responses to my post.
    Weight is 132, down 5llbs, this is half of my goal of losing 10lbs. . This is good, it’s been a steady decline and the visual change appears to me much more. So with a tricky few social days ahead, tricky as I don’t want to regain this, I’ll sign up to the May to keep me focused. And make sure to enjoy more chat (and water!) rather than just the nibbles! Have a great weekend, see you in May.

    Day 29 – USA – FD

    Day 29 – USA – FD

    Second post – @okeydokey, well done 10 lb. weight loss! @Strawberriesandcream, have a wonderful holiday!

    Day 29: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD

    Day 29 – FIN – NFD
    Day 28 – NFD

    It’s supposed to be the end of April and we’re having a snowstorm? I don’t mind it at all – I love snow – but I do find it interesting, especially as tomorrow and Monday are days during which we usually celebrate spring (among other things).

    I felt a bit… fed up with fasting on Thursday, probably mostly due to the lack of sleep (I did stay at approx. 500 kcal regardless). I’ve also been unable to resist sweets on non-fast days despite the positive determination I had at the beginning of the week, but in that regard it’s admittedly still been a better week than the previous one (I’ve only had a handful of sweets most days; breaking the handle on the sweets jar last night was also probably a sing I had had enough for the day). I’m assuming I won’t have reached my goal of exactly 60 kg when I weigh myself tomorrow, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be satisfied with the results regardless. The constantly shrinking measurements are at least an indication of that I’m moving closer to my goals, which I’m glad for.

    @schatziii Are you not allowed to write the thesis in German, or is that not your mother tongue? I can very well understand your frustration if you’re not allowed to write the thesis at all due to language barriers, especially after all the effort you’ve put into your education. I really hope you can come up with a solution your professor approves of.

    @debster251 You’re welcome (although I didn’t really post the direct link to That Sugar Film but rather the document’s website, so if there was one, it might have been someone else).

    Day 29 – 2nd Post

    Unfortunately my friend rang up feeling unwell so lunch got cancelled 😞

    OH has been out doing a Fell Race so decided to carry on fasting as I did not really feel hungry – had a small glass of Kefir as a late lunch – I think I will carry on fasting until my evening meal – and will keep drinking plenty of water to keep me going…….(should end up being around 55hrs of fasting!)

    Planning a seafood paella in view of OH fell race – he will be starving tonight no doubt despite eating plenty of cakes after the race – my plan is to have a small portion with a large glass of wine………to celebrate another month of maintaining 🥂

    @bert1802 – 3.5lbs gone 💃
    @okeydokey – that was much more than a whoosh – 10lbs – another big loss for you – keep doing whatever you are doing 👏💃😇
    @snowflake56 – Hugs – you are such a strong and positive person
    @songbirdme – maintaining is an art in itself – all about balance and certainly not about deprivation – we both seem to have been able to keep maintaining since end of last year – let’s keep doing it!!!
    @maisie1 – 5lbs is definitely a reason to have a happy dance 💃

    I’m thinking to the “pocket winos” this weekend – let’s enjoy but not overdo it this weekend 😇

    Good luck to all who are fasting today and also to those on a NFD.

    “There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure.” ~Colin Powell

    Day 29 NFD St. Louis USA
    @chumi Just noticed that you are from Finland. I had a dear friend from Finland who passed away a few years back. I think of her often and again when I saw where you were from. She always hated the cold though. She preferred living in Florida where it was warm all the time.

    @okeydokey Wow! A 10 pound loss in a month. Amazing I’m happy for two or 3 pounds. Always appreciate your support of everyone.

    It’s been raining really hard here for two days and still more rain today. The sun did pick out a little bit yesterday but not for very long. I’m heading out for a haircut and then a massage. Thinking I deserve some self-care and comfort time. Hope everyone has a lovely weekend rain shine or snow.

    Day 29 – UAE – NFD

    @tillysmum you are absolutely right that I should be doing, using the same scale and stick to it.
    @johnnyr I would actually trust the shop in the mall that I used for weighing myself, it is a nutrition shop selling diet products. The scale looks sophisticated and weighed less than then at home. By he way I think my Omron scale should be ok, because i went yesterday to the local pharmacy that had another Omron scale and showed me the same weight as I my scale.
    @okeydokey I have ordered a new scale Yumani based on the positive reviewed that I found in Amazon… so hopefully it is good one

    Thank you all for your support with the great @@Okeydokey leadership and hope to see you all in May challenge with my new digital scale and weight…

    Pocket Winos – yes! Let’s have a great weekend of balance! 🙂

    @at – you’re so right about balance. That is a great way to envision our WOL.

    Forgot to mention that I got to see “Celtic Woman” last evening. They were spectacular on their “Voices of Angels” tour. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Voices_of_Angels_World_Tour

    I wish I could understand Gaelic as they sang several really beautiful songs in either that or some Irish tongue.

    241.8. Down 15 pounds for the month

    Day 29 – USA – FD

    Third post – WOW, Fordprefect, if we were giving out prizes for weight loss, you’d take the cake….oh, sorry, wrong choice of words, haha!

    3rd post

    @fordprefect I totally agree with @metatauta, you just silently lost a huge amount of pounds this month, another WOW from me!

    @okeydokey: Well tomorrow’s the last day, so thank you for all your hard work hosting us all.
    I have to say, I’m almost afraid to check my weight….I know I was 10 pounds up, and I fear it may be worse than that.
    Well, here’s to MAY, maybe?

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