28 Day February 2017 Challenge

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28 Day February 2017 Challenge

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  • Thanks for starting this challenge!! I’m going to get back on track this month!

    Day 1 FD NZ
    My goals for Feb are
    1. Complete 4:3 for the month
    2. Weigh every morning after my FDs
    3. Track my NFDs in MFP

    I have not been weighing regularly and my final Jan weight yesterday had me up 1kg since the last record in October – very grumpy with myself to have been following this wol for 5months and be down only 1.6kg despite never missing a FD
    Clearly the weigh in needs to happen to keep track of what I’m actually achieving here.
    Also seems I’m vastly overdoing the NFD to be making this process so slow for myself, I know this is a slow process but less than 2kg in 5 months is beyond slow!
    After reading a bit last night I found an early post by Michael which suggested switching things up a bit and trying ADF when stalled.
    I need the pattern of my weekdays to be consistent, not a FD one Monday and a NFD the next Monday etc so I’m going to go with 4:3 Mon Wed Fri FDs. I’ll maintain the ability to switch FDs when events require me to but four weeks of Feb with 3FDs each week is my goal.
    Once I start making proper progress I’ll revert back to 5:2.
    Exercise is not a problem for me so I’ll continue either running, weight training, HIIT and a weekend power walk as usual.
    I’m going to need this group this month to stop myself becoming disillusioned and stay focused on managing my NFDs so I get what is now 7kg of this last bit of weight off for good.

    I’d like to join please. Only just made it!

    Day 1 Aus NFD

    This is my second month with 5:2. Getting the hang of it now. Somehow haven’t managed to get the hang of buying less groceries, so today is a NFD just so I can eat what’s in my fridge before it’s too late.

    Current weight: 79.4. In it for the journey, but would love to be down 2kg by the end of the month.
    In terms of fast days, it looks like it will be Monday and Wednesday, and then as Thursday and Saturday are write-off’s, might make it AD 4:3 and do Friday as well.

    Day 1 FD Melb Aus
    Starting weight 58.6 kg
    Goal 2 FD per week
    Feb goal to lose 2 kg and to increase daily movement
    A little about me. I’m a 65 year old, recently retired female. I started 5:2 in Oct 2015 and successfully lost 20 kg and maintained for over a year. Family commitments and the festive season led to a dreaded weight gain of 4 kg which I am determined to lose.
    Challenges this week: birth of a new grandaughter and caring for my grandchildren. Not easy to fast when chasing toddlers! But at least I’ll be moving!

    Hi – just reading through some posts – wondering, for those who have done this for awhile, does your body get used to it & you have to do 4/3 in order to lose? Or do you increase exercise, lower calories on NFD? Is it an age-metabolism thing or do you just figure it out as you go along? I’m 65 – yo-yo’d for yrs on many different programs. Guess this appeals to me because easy to count calories just 2 days a week & be mindful other 5.

    I’d like to join, too.

    My goals for Feb:

    Keep 5:2 WOL.
    Plan for M & Th FDs.
    Stay gluten-free.
    Check in every day.
    Lose 4 lbs (I imagine this could be realistic). On my way down from 150 to 130, currently at 143.5 aiming to be in 130’s by end of Feb.
    Track cals on FD and NFDs to learn how to stay within TDEE.

    Can I join please, was in for November, but Christmas and school holidays, meant logging on daily was difficult in December and January.

    Day 1, NZ, FD.
    Start weight 77.7 kg

    I’m new and I’m in! I just started following a modified 5:2 plan last month. I fast 24 hours twice a week, but it ends up looking a lot like 5:2. I’m looking to modify my plan a little and it should definitely look more like 5:2. I plan on reading the book this month. The book I read last month was “Eat Stop Eat” which opened my eyes to the wonder of intermittent fasting. It’s awesome! I look forward to having a group to keep me accountable this month!

    Australia Day 1 NFD
    Starting measurements:
    Weight 96kgs
    Chest 45cm
    Waist 45.5 cm
    Hips 50 cm
    Goal for February 4kgs

    Ready for action

    FD 1- Kent – UK(currently in NZ visiting daughter) Age 61-active walker, swimmer. Goal 1 lb per week until I fit into a comfortable size 14 pair of trousers, currently tight 16, used to be 24 though so making progress albeit slow.

    I have been on a long, long journey, 3 years fasting, yoyo Queen, but I have tried most combinations. Currently at lowest weight but long way to go. Weigh morning and night to keep accountable, may seem extreme but I know my ability to hide my head in the sand. Doing 23/1 and 5:2 whilst on holiday but may switch it up to 4:3 at home in 2 weeks depending on progress.

    I plan to do 15000 steps daily, luckily I walk dogs daily so can’t cop out when it rains.

    Good luck everyone

    @scs – some people do 3 fast days in a week because it is more effective for their weight loss goals. Some people lose weight just doing the 2 FDs and not counting calories on NFDs and others – like me! – do 2 FDs and have to stay within my allowed calories on NFDs if I want to see any weight loss. I think everyone tries to do at least 30 minutes of exercise each day and others exercise more for fitness and overall good health. You just have to work out what suits you. Good luck on your journey.

    Please count me in for February to maintain mostly. My target weight is 64 kilos and I’m 64.3 kilos as of this morning.

    Thanks LydzM

    Oh dear – I have previously had a TDEE for NFDs of 2000 calories but just recalculated it based on current measurements etc and my TDEE is now 1190 so my allowance for FDs is only around 300 calories! This will be tough!

    Hi All

    Weigh in at 13st 9lb (191 pounds) today. Belly measurment 36.5cm.

    Feb aim is to lose 9lb and hit the 13 stone milestone.

    I started with a two day fast at the end of Jan that doesn’t count in terms of fast days. I have one more fast day this Thursday, and plan to carry on doing 4:3 for Feb which should mean I do another 12 FDs and plan to add in more exercise to try and hit the 9lb target. So for the next week I commit to doing:

    1/1: 30 min run; I hour swim class
    2/1: 30 min rowing + abs & 70 press ups
    3/1: 30 min rowing + abs and 75 press ups
    4/1: rest day
    5/1: 30 min run
    6/1: 40 min rowing + abs & 80 press ups
    7/1: 30 min run

    I plan to report back daily, weigh weekly and set a new exercise routine for week 2.

    Good luck to all!

    Day 1 Sunshine Coast Qld Australia FD 105.9 kgs.

    Goals 4:3 M,W & F. Get under 103 kgs. Free myself from the sugar and refined carbs.

    Already enjoying your vibe, LynzM. Thanks for leading the challenge.

    Cheerio 😘

    Hi, I’m new and I’m in!

    Day 1 – sunny Western Australia
    I’m a newbie here, and just heading into my third week of 5:2.

    Goals 5:2 Monday and Thursday

    Weight loss goal for Feb is 2kg. This will get me close to my initial weight loss goal of 5.5 kg. Ideally I need to lose another 2.7kg to get to the top end of my BMI! But I want to keep the weight loss achievable. So long as it’s trending downwards…

    I will weigh weekly.

    It’s tough if you say it is! Look at how far you’ve come to be able to get to 300 calories on your fast days. Good on you I say :)) You can do this… you’ve proved that already. @hannahwatto

    Thanks @mimigogirl! Have a great day!

    Hi, I’m a newbie and would like to join please.

    I have 5 kilos of baby weight left to lose, so my goal for this month is to eat healthy (only allowed chocolate once a week!), exercise on NFD and aiming to lose 0.5kg a week. Starting weight = 76.6kg

    Day 1 FD Brisbane, Aus

    Thanks for leading the challenge @lynzm!

    @laddie10. Well done on your success in January. Would you be willing to share your recipe for bone broth? You certainly gave it a thumbs up.

    Day 1 New Zealand NFD
    I would like to get under 80kg if at all possible. That would be a loss of just over 2kg. Staying focused and not talking myself out of a fastday are my biggest challenges.Go well everyone.

    Hello. Newbie to the site, not the 5:2. Would like to join for a modified February campaign. I will be fasting daylight hours Monday-Thursday during February for religious reasons, but would like to post here for moral support to anyone else (and accountability in myself, too).


    Day 1 – Melbourne – NFD

    I’m in! Thanks, LynzM for running this. Welcome to Newbies!

    My goals for Feb:

    – Make my NFDs more CDs by counting/recording calories daily
    – Lose 2kg/4 lbs. On my way down from 66kg to 59kg interim goal, and if that is doable, to 57kg

    – Starting weight at Jan 31: 60.9kg

    Happy February and Success to All – let’s all be Big Losers 😉

    @lynzm Could I update my info posted earlier to say that Day 1 is a NFD. Of course you don’t know what day of the week it is for me! Sorry 🙂

    2nd post. Well I’m not off to a good start. Have been very,very tired today and have made really bad food choices this afternoon. I will fast tomorrow to undo what I have indulged in. Thankyou @lynzm for this challenge as it makes me accountable.

    Day 1 FD : Virginia, USA

    176 lbs ; goal for Feb is lose 6 lbs.

    Mon FD ; Wed & Thurs b2b (if possible)

    Run 20 miles per week.

    I’m new to IF but lost about 1/3 my weight thru CR a few years ago.

    Don’t give up !

    Day 1 has gone well fastwise.

    Made a batch of leek and potato soup for the next few days, drank lots of water and had salad and 1/2 slice vegetable quiche for dinner.

    My walk (pathetic 4,000 steps) was not quite so successful as it was both windy( minor gale)and wet so I will do extra steps tomorrow.

    Pool in this hotel is tiny but checking out the gym tomorrow.

    Apparently they sell ‘locust burgers’ in Te Papa museum, must check out the calories in those!

    Day 1 was a non fast day. Not a great day. Fast day today. Will post again in the evening. From UK, my day has started! Good luck guys! 🙂

    Hope it’s not too late to join!

    Day 1 – NFD – Perth AUS

    Current weight: 74kg
    Target this month: 70kg (I’ll take 70 point something as a win!)

    I was planning to make today a fast day, but then ate pizza, so looks like I’ll start another day! I’m adding a little bit of daily HIIT to my 5:2 in the hopes this gets me fitter and curbs my appetite a little. I’m still eating “just coz” which is very VERY bad!

    Good luck everyone – we can do it! 🙂

    Are we into swapping recipes here? I have found the most d-e-l-i-c-i-o-u-s soup. It’s been published in Woman’s World Magazine and is free on the I Breathe I’m Hungry web site, so I guess it’s ok to share here. The link is
    It’s a chicken and vegetable soup. It has only 148 calories and each serve is 1.5 cups – certainly a meal. I doubted the number of calories so worked it all out myself, and I can assure you it’s 148 calories!!
    I used my own home made chicken bone broth and I think that contributed to the yumminess, and also the wholesomeness.
    Try it… I’m sure it won’t disappoint.

    Day 1 / Sweden / NFD
    Starting weight 92.2 kg. Goal for February under 90kg. Long term goal, 77kg by September.
    Other goals, to manage my weekend eating a little better.

    I started 5:2 12 weeks ago and have lost 10.3 kg so far. After the first few weeks, the FD became very easy to manage. I eat oatmeal with a banana every weekday morning (FD and NFD) which allows me to change from a NFD to a FD if social occasions arise. On FD, I’ll eat some carrots during the day and save about 300 kcal till supper.
    My only exercise is long walks 4 or 5 days a week but I have also limited my voracious consumption of chocolate to Fridays and Saturdays.
    I often fast on Mondays and Thursdays unless something comes up.
    The best thing about 5:2 is the freedom and flexibility it offers, making it something that I hope to maintain for the rest of my life.

    Good luck everyone and thank you @lynzm for taking on the challenge for February.


    Day 1 NFD Norway (but from New Zealand) 75.3
    I’ve been on/off 5:2 for about three years, re-started two weeks ago at 77.8.
    Fast days are Tuesday and Friday, so today’s reading is low after fast day yesterday.
    I developed a shoulder injury six months ago that meant I had to stop yoga which is my main form of exercise. My exercise programme now is (careful) yoga 5x week and 30-minute walks 5x week.
    My goal is to follow the programme for a month.
    After trying this on my own in the past, I’m really happy to have some fellow travellers this time, and love reading the posts from NZ.

    Aussie day 1 I’m in too please FD tomorrow.

    Day1 UK FD

    Welcome all new people and hello all returning pocketeers! (New people you will get to know this term throughout the month).

    So I will be checking you in each day making you accountable for that extra “someone’s watching me” push.

    Please start your day as I have above, helps me keep track of all 93 of you and still counting. yay.

    If you have any questions about anything please put them on this forum there are a lot of people to be able to advise, we are a wealth of global knowledge in this group.

    So guys here’s to day one, well done all who have started already.

    FD for me. I do this by Fasting all day, drinking lots of warm water and lemon and looking forward to all my calories in one meal at the end of the day. If I start to flag I might have a cup of tea with sugar – just to keep me going, gets to be something when a cup of tea is a treat. Ha ha.

    So good luck all, Day 1 and CHEERIO. 😘 XX

    2nd post

    Forgot to post my Goals.

    1. 8 FDs this month minimum.
    2. 7lb Weight-loss
    3. Exercise daily 30 mins/ 3 Gym visits a week

    Cheerio again.

    DAY 1 – UK – NFD.

    Starting weight 10st. 1.4 lb. (1 lb. down from fd yesterday).(64kg – 141.4 lbs)

    Target for Feb: (with a week’s holiday) 9st 12lb.
    Overall Target 9st 7 lb. (not seen for 30 years!)

    Delighted with 1lb. loss yesterday.

    Thanks to LynzM for taking the helm for February.

    Out with OH and D to-day – meeting D for coffee and cake and going to an Art Exhibition to celebrate my weight loss. (nearly 8lb this month).

    Welcome newbies – and immediate congratulations for joining this wonderful community -you’re already on your way to becoming healthier, happier and hopefully lighter.

    Welcome back fellow fasters and good luck to all xx

    Day 1 – Staffordshire UK-nfd

    Starting weight 153.4lb. Target to be under 150lb by end of the month. Good luck everyone.

    Day 1 – Switzerland – FD

    Morning everyone! Going it alone wasn’t a great success, as I stuck to the fast days but regularly took on too many calories on the non-fast-days. I need to improve my accountability, so back to MyFitnessPal…

    Goals for February:
    – Stick to 4:3 (usually Mon, Wed, Fri)
    – Log everything onto MFP. It’s only four weeks, I can do it!
    – Eat to my goal TDEE on NFDs, so 1,790

    My stats: 1m76 : BMI 29.6 : 91.8kg / 14st 6lb 6oz / 202.4lbs

    Good luck everyone. It’s a beautiful sunny morning here and I feel full of determination (wish I could bottle this feeling and take a sip when I need it further on down the line!)

    Day 1 FD NZ
    Second post- biddiev i just read your goals and stats
    We are both starting from the same weight and aiming for the same finish
    I need to monitor my NFD much better to make them
    into CDs
    I feel much more positive going into the month knowing there is a similar 5:2er alongside me

    Day 1 UK NFD start weight 10st 2lb aim to get into the 130s by end of month , have lost around 21lbs since May so slow and steady works best for me . Have a trip to Rome next week that I need to factor in but I’m confident it’s achievable

    HannahWatto – have you got the tape round the right way ,those measurements can’t be right ,can they ?

    @and…exhale Do you know how to stop MFP picking up the exercise calories which are calculated on my Apple Watch and adding them to my daily calorie allowance? And for your fast days, are you having one quarter of your TDEE calories.., i.e. 450, rather than 500?

    HI, just discovered this today beginning the 1 feb so hope i still join as i would make it a nf day

    Morning from a cold Liverpool. Fast day 1 for me. Just weighed at 75kg and not sure what my goal is as I’m recuperating after a routine op 3 weeks ago. I’m unable to exercise until the last week of February and even then just gentle walking but the fasting will give me focus and discipline. I’d like to say I’d get to 69kg but not sure how realistic that is as I can only usually lose weight when exercising regularly. Good luck everyone.

    Day 1 – UK – NFD

    I am new to this monthly challenge and am looking forward to a successful month. Having completed two weeks of dry january and calorie counting, I fell off the wagon in spectacular fashion and undid all the good work. Sunday gone I was terrible with around 4,000 calories consumed. I have just completed two FDs and negated the damage. So my starting stats for February are:

    Height 5.5, Weight 65.6kg, End goal is 61kg, goal for February 2-3kg.
    My fast days will be back to back Monday/Tuesday – I find this easier than splitting, and a strong start to the week. I shall weigh and report result weekly on Wednesday morning. I have also joined the ‘Newcastle Can’ campaign so am doubly accountable.

    Today we go to London for nearly a week’s vacation and I’m feeling positive that I can stay in control. We will be mainly be eating at Wetherspoons who helpfully put calories on their menu. I plan to keep calorie intake somewhere between my BMR of 1279 and TDEE of around 1750 – the closer to BMR the better. I will check in each morning to report how well I stuck to this plan.

    Thanks to LinzM for coordinating. All the best everyone – we can all do it!

    Day 1 : Cheshire, UK : NFD

    My starting weight is 9st 1lbs, 57.60kgs or 127lbs and my goal is to lose 3lbs in February. That will take me to my goal. I reached my goal in 2015 but then left the forum without learning how to maintain, I won’t make that mistake again.

    I will only have liquids ie herbal tea and water, until this evening when me and my OH (Other half) have been invited to friends for dinner.

    A warm welcome to all newbies, you will find this forum extremely supportive. I also look forward to hearing your experiences and pearls of wisdom.

    Remember to start your post as I have above, so that the day equates to the date of the month no matter when you started this WOL (way of living). So Day 1 will be 1st February, Day 2 will be 2nd Feb etc. Then where you are from so for me it’s Cheshire, UK. I love seeing where everyone lives and miss it when people don’t post it. Then whether you are doing a fast day (FD) or a non-fast day (NFD). Feel free to share anything or nothing about yourself.

    @lynzm – Thank you so much for leading February.

    Day 1 FD, London, UK
    Goals for FEB……..
    1. 176lbs, current weight 182lbs
    2. Stick to 4:3 including at least 1 water FD/week
    3. Daily weigh-ins
    4. Track NFDs with MFP
    5. Continue 30 Day shred even if it means weight/muscle gain!
    6. Don’t panic & breathe!!

    Soooooo many newbies for February (including myself , I’ve been the voyeur at the window…………errrh so to speak!……….observing from the outside, but unsure of whether I had anything to offer, particularly to the ‘Oldies’, (would that be the correct opposite of ‘Newbies’??? …..little chuckle!) Wanted so much to offer encouragement to @orpheusx, @bert1802 and @ciren2 over the Jan challenge…….. their frustration was so tangible!!! I hope for them, January is the ‘Monday morning’ of the year, struggle through it, move on and don’t look back……you’re not going that way!
    Background –
    -194lbs – Started 5:2 – Nov 1st 2016,
    steadily lost and weighed
    -182lbs – Dec 29th 2016,
    Xmas excesses came back to bite the next week and weighed in at
    -190lbs by Jan 10th 2017!!!!
    Jan 11th pulled my finger out, followed 4:3, combined it with 16:8NFDs, completed 4No. water only fasts in the last 2 weeks of Jan AND (importantly!) scavenged support from the January challengers (silently!!) and today as above, Feb 1st weight is 182lbs!! February aim is to get to 176lbs (12st 6lbs) which I haven’t seen for a loooong time.

    The thing that really helped was eating to my goal TDEE on fast days, which is a hell of a lot less than my current TDEE……..….No really, it is when EVERY calorie counts! Valuable lesson learnt and I’ve been using MFP for the last 10 days to keep me honest.
    I read so many posts over January which encouraged me and helped me over the wobbles, and I have by no means got this licked, but I’m here, to encourage and to be encouraged!!!
    Thanks LynzM for taking the baton!
    Good luck all all, we’ve GOT THIS!!!!

    Day 1 – UK – FD

    Starting Weight : 173.3lbs

    Only started FD 2 weeks ago and find FD quite easy but struggle sometimes on NFD either eating too little or too much – need to improve consistency.


    1. Lose 8.3lbs
    2. Minimum 8 fasts over the month – will try for 4:3
    3. Sugar Free February

    Really glad to be joining in this challenge.

    Day 1: Brittany, France, NFD

    Fasted yesterday; today’s weight is 68.3 kg. My ultimate aim is 60 kg; my aim for February is to lose 2 kg which will be tough – in my last four months of 5:2 diet I have lost only 1 kg, so I’m being quite ambitious here. Hopefully signing up to this forum will help!

    At 67 kg I’m right at the top of the BMI scale. I do need to lose weight as I have quite bad arthritis and still fairly young for it (55 next month) – the doctors have told me it’ll only get worse and the less weight there is on my hips and knees, the better.

    My fast days are normally Tuesdays and Fridays, and I weigh myself on Wednesday and Saturday mornings. I will have a full week this month when I won’t be able to fast, due to work commitments.

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