28 Day February 2017 Challenge

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28 Day February 2017 Challenge

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  • Day 1 UK NFD

    my goal for feb is to stick with ADF and to finally get properly below 100kg which has been my lowest weight for the last quarter century.

    weight this mornıng 222lbs but I have little confidence in the accuracy of my scales as they read 198lbs on a different part of the bathroom floor which I know is wrong. It is possibly low this morning as I ate nothing yesterday after spending the previous night being sick. I’m not sure if that was from a tummy bug or because I ate three full meals and half a bag of nuts on a nfd and completely mucked myself up as I hadn’t had that much food for months. Food is completely unappealing at the moment. This is a nfd but I hardly dare eat in case I feel rotten again.

    Hi FlourBaby – do you mean you stuck to your TDEE on non fast days rather than fast days? Surely you stuck to 500 cals on fast days? Thanks for clarification – I want to make sure I’m doing this properly. All the best.

    That should have been 176lbs = 12st 8lbs…. wishful thinking!

    Day 1 NFD Country West Australia

    Goal for this month 2 kg weight loss.
    Briefly reached 72.6 kgs yesterday, very excited, but 73.1 today.
    Hope to get to 70 in the next month or so.

    Day 1 NFD UK
    I started in January 2015 and managed to lose 24 kegs from a start point of 109 kg but found my fasting resolve faded around September and whilst I continued to eat mindfully I didn’t fast again until Jan 2016 and this pattern continued and I started again on 4 January 2017 weighing 95 kg. So another year, another promise to myself and one that I will try to keep until I get to my goal of 75 kg.

    Hi S&C, yes I stuck to my goal weight TDEE on NFDs. It really seemed to do the trick and now I think I’ve become accustomed to that level, which is how I’ll be eating for the rest of my life, whether maintaining (6:1) or losing (5:2 or 4:3).
    Hope that helps.

    @mimigogirl – hiya! MFP is a bit frustrating. I just ignore the ‘remaining’ calorie figure, and keep an eye on the total calories vs goal calories as they mount up. I do use MFP to log exercise, including kcals from ‘steps’, but don’t consider them as part of my calorie allowance, as that doesn’t work for me.

    All in all, MFP is not a fantastic tool for this way of eating, but it’s the best I’ve found so far. I would love to be able to press ‘complete diary’ at the end of each day, and use all of the different motivational tools (‘In three weeks you will weigh…’ etc) but I really just use it as a handy electronic notepad with a great food database.

    For FDs, at the moment I’m eating to 500kcals because eating to 1/4 of my goal TDEE, ie losing 50kcals, just proved too much for me. My ‘real’ TDEE is 1,970, so 500kcals is about right for 1/4. That said, I’m not obsessed with 500kcals and if I’m a bit under, but feeling satisfied, I’ll call it a day. I’ve recently allowed myself a coffee with skimmed milk to get myself going in the mornings on FDs and this can be around 20-30 kcals, which is as much as my miso soup at lunch…

    Can anyone recommend an online/iPhone-friendly food diary/calorie counter that works a bit better for 5:2 ??

    Hi UK day 1 CD (controlled day) – starting at 12st (168lbs)

    Haven’t caught up with all the posts as yet but will do. Welcome to all the newbies and hello to my friends from previous challenges.

    Cheerio for now x

    Day 1 NFD England

    Goals for Feb – 8FD
    – walk 30 mins x 3 weekly
    – lose 6lb

    Hi everyone, feeling very positive about this, especially after reading @flourbaby your success is impressive! Think it’s because my weight is 194 pounds – same as your start weight – and you have lost so much with your steely determination.

    I have been fighting a losing battle since an accident last year left me with reduced mobility for a while and I ate chocolate to cheer myself up…..definitely a recipe for weight gain 😒

    But that was then and now is when it really counts, enjoyed all the positive posts it’s really encouraging….let’s go for it!

    Day 1 – Australia -NFD

    Started trying to lose weight on 19/12/17. Lost 6.3kg so far another 11.7kg to go. Started on the 5:2 last week and love the simplicity of it. I hope it will get me to my goal weight.


    Day 1– Colorado, USA– NFD

    Good morning, Friends! So awesome seeing some regular faces & all the new names too! So motivating reading everyone’s goals for the month. I’ll toss mine in too.

    February is a short month. Plus, I’ll be traveling/ on vacation for a week to Florida visiting my in-laws & Universal Studios Orlando. Whee!! Plus, I finish my Medical Leave & return to work on Feb. 14th. Boo.
    So I want to set reasonable goals. Motivating yet achievable.

    1– Complete 6 true, strict FD. Liquids all day, 500 or less calories for dinner.
    2– No alcohol at home. Dry red wine when out to dinner with DH on Date Night (limit 2.)
    3– Track calories in “Lose it” app for entire month.
    4–Keep up consistent exercise routine: Weight lifting x3, Cardio x3 & walk doggy daily.

    Let’s make February “Fast & fabulous”!!!

    Day 1 Surrey UK NFD Starting at 97.6 kgs Goal: to take each day and make it matter. Can’t change last month, but can change today. Aiming to be ACCOUNTABLE!
    Thank you @lynz for looking after this month.

    Day 1 — Colorado, USA– NFD

    Several posters have asked about Bone Broth
    — Here’s a link outlining all the amazing benefits … keep reading/ scrolling, at the very bottom of the article is a recipe to try out.

    There are many different methods of making broth (mine never gets as thick as the picture in this article, I prefer it thin & runny, so I can drink or spoon it like a bouillon in a big mug.) I toss the bones, onion, carrots, celery, herbs, spices etc into a crock pot. Let it boil for 24 hours to really extract all the goodness from the bone marrow.

    My doggy loves the meat & carrots that are left once I strain my broth off. I make huge batches so there’s always mason jars of this healthy stuff in my freezer ready for a FD pick-me-up!

    DAY 1 UK FD

    I havent weighed in so I’m not sure what I’m starting out at. I’m planning to track my progress for this Feb challenge on how I feel and how my clothes fit. I’ll take measurements tonight.
    I’m 38, have PCOS and I’m insulin resistant. I take Merformin daily and absolutely have to get a grip on getting my BMI and weight down. My food choices are generally good, however sugar and wheat irritate my IBS and my food portions are way too big for my insulin and naturally low metabolism to cope with.
    Sorry for the information dump!

    Good luck everyone!

    Day 1 Belfast FD
    Starting weight 11 st 5.5 or 159.5 lbs
    BMI 25.7
    WOW, I can’t believe that we’re already 4 pages into this thread. Welcome to all friends and especially the newcomers.
    Goals for the month:
    8 FDs
    8 + 16:8s
    Use MFP (HappyMargo I’m going to look at the ‘Lose it’ app)
    3 swim classes per week
    2 other sessions of exercise per week
    Try and leave the sugar alone!
    Thank you @ HappyMargo and Mimiogirl for the links
    Jojo58 while I now live in Belfast, I grew up on the coast of Kent; many happy memories playing on th beach at Cliftonville.
    Have a great day everyone

    Day 1. U.K. / NFD
    Starting weight for this month is 182 lbs.
    Thanks so much to LynzM for leading us this time.
    Lovely to see lots of posters from recent months. A big hi to Ciren, Bert, Coda and Fuvvie.
    Onwards and downwards.
    Not a lover of the gym so along with new scales I have invested in a cross trainer/exercise bike for this year.
    My main goal is to be sugar free and to resist the call of the snack fairy in the evening.
    Wherever you are on your journey, good luck everyone.

    Day 1, NFD, New Zealand. Starting weight for this month is 65.5kg and I’d like to finish the month under 63kg. Today I ate about TDEE.

    Day1, Gozo Malta, NFD

    This morning I was 63.8 kilos. My target is 64 kilos and I’m here to maintain.

    Have a great Wednesday everyone.

    Hi Debster251,
    Cliftonville is 10 mins drive away, I play indoor bowls there several times per week. Great beach.

    I have never been to Belfast but I love Dublin. My Grandmother came from Tipperary which is probably what I love the Irish. They are just so welcoming and friendly.

    Are you swim classes lessons or aquafit? I swim lengths for 30 mins ( heated outdoor pool) 5 x per week. Just started an aqua class too.

    I am also 5ft 5 ins but weight considerably more, used to be addicted to toast and pastry. Never really liked sweet stuff though. Now live on fish and veg. Feel much better for it.

    So here we go! Day 1/ NFD/ Its my Bf’s birthday and we are going out for dinner tonight. I’m planning on making today a mini fast day. Not going to have anything but coffee till dinner. I already checked out the restaurant menu to see what options I have to choose from this evening. Not over thinking things right? Lol!

    Day 1 Tas Australia NFD

    Weighed in at 65.3kgs this morning after yesterday’s fd. So I’m starting there. Am thinking for the month I might weigh in everyday and attach it to my post. Feeling like I have been way too free and easy on nfd’s so maybe this will make me think about it a bit more. Am worried what the scales will say tomorrow so I think this will be good for me.

    So goals for February:
    -at least 8 fd’s
    -weigh in daily and report to stay accountable for the whole month
    -try to get back to pre holiday weight of below 63kgs or at least heading in that direction
    -continue my exercise program

    @flourbaby, I stalked the challenges for a while before joining too. Didn’t realise I could join late, just missed a 45 day challenges start. It is good to get something from it just reading too, but I have found it had made a huge difference being a part of it. Sadly there are often a lot of people who drop off quite quickly,but if you keep going despite setbacks or anything else you will make progress so please ask of u s keep it up!
    Also @flourbaby awesome job with the 8lbs in 3 weeks in January.

    Good luck everyone and thanks @lynzm so much for getting this running, I’m looking forward to your motivational leadership!

    Cheerio 😉☺

    LEW- I am in Wellington on holiday. Just had a 5.7 Earthquake but no damage, too deep. I don’t know how Kiwis get used to them. Currently on 9 th floor of a hotel so it is a bit unsettling.

    I think .I may lose a pound over night just worrying

    2nd post.
    Missed a few posts while I was writing. @lew you and I are almost twins this month. We are starting at almost the exact same weight and have the same goal for the month! We can smash this!!

    Day 1….. Florida……. FD

    Day 1 has put me on a FD. I haven’t been able to get through all the posts this morning, so I’ll have to catch up after work.

    For the newbie….. welcome!
    I fast on M, W and Fri.
    My NFD, I’m still trying to get under control
    I started with Nov. challenge and have lost 14lbs thus far, however, I had no loss in the month of Dec. and no loss since Jan. 14th. The point I’m trying to make is although I’m not losing every week. I’m still here, still working the program. I’m wearing clothes that were once to small and have so much energy.
    Stay with us….. even times of trouble, this WOL works

    Goals in a nut shell…. 6lbs for Feb. and Get NFD under control!

    opheusx……. just touching base with you…… Hope all is well


    Day 1 UK NFD
    Yesterday was FD and this morning I weighed less than in living memory. 3kg to go for target weight, so might even get there this month if I keep up the 5:2, avoid silly temptations and stick to my exercise intentions.
    I won a “surprise” on Monday at IKEA; it turned out to be a glazed doughnut which I rejected. Now a real doughnut soaked in rum is almost as tempting as a Rum Baba, but even the thought of those sugar-coated horrors revolts me.

    Day 1 – USA – FD

    So wonderful to see so many friends here from the January challenge! Welcome newbies one and all!

    In January I started this new WOL and went from 152.6 to 144.2 for a total weight loss if 10.4 lbs. I’m extremely happy with the results. For the most part I’ve had 2-3 FD per week often having a light meal at dinner time totallying approx 400-500 calories. I’ve also done full liquid fasts as well as B2B fasts. I try to stick to a LCHF diet most of the time regardless of whether it be a FD or NFD. I have enjoyed throwing in pizza, ice cream and high carb snacks here and there too as I want this to be a sustainable way of livIng. Like many of you, the scales go up and down sometimes without what seems to be reason, however the decline overall has been consistent.

    In February I plan on continuing to have 2-3 FD per week and LCHF meals the majority of the time. Once I hit my goal weight I will experiment with a 5:2 and add in more carbs to see what will work for a long term maintenance of weight.

    My specific Feb goals: lose an additional 5.2 lbs – including a stretch goal of a loss of 7 lbs. I plan to introduce resistance training with a goal of 2x per week as well as getting in 2-3 long hikes in the month.

    Stay Strong everyone!

    Reminder….. if you want the post to come into your email, so you can read them on the run…check the box “Notify me of follow up replies via email”


    Day 1 Toronto, Canada FD

    It’s 0 degrees Celsius and dark outside, so I need something to motivate me at this time of year.

    My current weight is 135 lbs and my goal for Feb is to lose 5 lbs.

    Planning on Monday and Wednesday to be my FD’s.

    As I have an injured knee, my exercise is limited to walking for cardio and lifting weights for upper body 3 x’s/week.

    I’m new to IF, so I look forward to learning from everyone else and reading all the upbeat posts for words of encouragement!

    Edit — 152.6 down to 142.2 equals 10.4 loss in January.

    Day 1 Toronto, Canada FD

    I’m sorry…..forgot to take Bert1802’s advice and check the ‘Notify me of follow-up replies’ box below. Thanks for the tip!

    Folks I seriously cannot add this morning and am a bit dyslexic! Ugh.

    Jan 1 – 152.6 down to 144.2 equals 8.4 loss
    Feb goal 139 lose 5.2 additional lbs

    Day 1– TX, USA — FD

    Good morning internet pals. I was pleased to wake up to 50+ email notification of comments on the thread already! (But I’m gonna have to turn off the email notifications else y’all are gonna fill my inbox!)

    Current Weight: 87.3kg
    Goal Weight for Feb: 85.0 kg
    Total Goal weight: 70kg

    Ramadan 2016: 24 days left (23, after today)

    I am in the process of trying to make up for missed fasting days from Ramadan last year.. I really want to make up all my days before the end of March. And since Ramadan starts at the end of May this year Is like to use the time between for a 5:2 lifestyle. While I am new to this site, the 5:2 lifestyle is very normal to me as a Muslim.

    Sorry I am a little too personal and deep this morning. Apparently Fasting making me pensive. I digress…..

    I got in a bowl of Oatmeal (w/Honey and Cinnamon), a cup of coffee (w/Honey and whole milk), and 8oz of water. Will Fast till 6pm today then probably have soup (Homemade vegetable).

    February goals:
    -Eat more vegetarian meals
    -Drink only water and one cup of coffee daily
    -Dessert only once a week
    – No bread, pasta, rice, or Potato (is that technically Gluten-Free?)
    -Find a way to walk for 30 minutes every day

    Sorry for the Novel! I’ll try to keep it short next time! Thanks and Best of luck to you!

    HI LynzM – I’m in. Day 1 Australia NFD. Feeling bummed I put some weight back on after nearly 3 FDs last week (my first week on the program. joining because I need the motivation and cameraderie of doing it together. thanks for starting it.

    @ MedSamandtofu
    Another option to selecting the email notifications (which may blow up your inbox) is to save this screen to your homepage so you have a quick link on your phone – that worked well for me last month.

    Second post
    Forgot to post my goal. Would be happy with 4lbs off but would like 6!
    Jojo58 Your progress to date is impressive. Small world. Did you grow up in the area? I went to school in Ramsgate and left when I was 18 and eventually married a Belfast man. On a Monday I swim in a training class with drills etc (about 60 lengths) and on Wed and Friday, I just swim on my own,(about 70-80 lengths) but repeat the drills. I have hip problems so I do kick sets, do sprints for my hiit and practise my butterfly. It is a Victorian baths, so the pool is indoor and actually only 25 yards. I need to cut down my walking, hence I got my bike serviced but the weather isn’t great at the moment, so I’ll try spin I think next week.
    I was in Australia and NZ. We were due to go to Kaikoura when the earthquake struck there. We weren’t actually in it. I think it must be scary and I really admire those who live with the threat.
    Anyway, onwards and downwards. Cheerio

    Hi All, I too am a complete newbie!
    I am from Sydney, Australia and am currently on a NFD. I commenced 5:2 on Monday, managed to get through the day, with much hunger pangs, A nasty headache and light-headedness during the second half of the day. I felt the day was never going to end! Clearly the day did end – especially as I brought a close to it by going to bed early as I was also feeling rather tired. I have eaten well Tuesday and Wednesday and will fast again on Friday (due to various commitments). I am attempting to get into a good routine throughout February with 5:2 and fast exercise so that when I commence full time study late February I can focus on the study with 5:2 and fast exercise forming part of my weekly route – rather than stress eating!
    Wishing you all great success!

    Day 1 – Surrey, UK – NFD

    Hello again everyone. Isn’t it exciting to be starting a new challenge? A bit like how nice it was to get new exercise books at the start of a new year at school (or was that just me????).

    Starting weight this month is 13st 2lbs and my goals for Feb:
    lose another 7lbs AND
    go sugar free

    I successfully went sugar free a year or so ago when I was struggling with hot flushes and it really worked. I felt fab. But of course old habits crept back in. So I’m giving it another go. I hope that by announcing this to the world I may feel obliged to see it through 🙂

    Have a great day.

    Day 1 UK – NFD

    My goal for February is as follows:

    1. Get back to regular exercise I have been off since 9 Jan with back problems but hopefully the physio will give me the all clear this Friday to go back swimming 🙂
    2. Stop weighing daily – just weigh once or maximum twice a week
    3. Complete 8 proper FDs
    4. Lose 4lbs

    Good luck everyone for this month x

    Day 1 – London Uk- NFD

    Hi all, just checking in for the first day! Weight this morning was 9st 6lbs. Pretty pleased with that as I started January at 10st so a loss of 8lbs, not too shoddy!

    Goals for feb are…
    Continue doing my two fast days a week (normally mon and thurs) as I’ve been doing in Jan. I keep them very simple, carrot for lunch and a piece of fish with veg in the eve, not very exciting but find it easier to not have to think about food on a fast day.
    Lose 4lbs. I am away for a week in the middle of Feb with my husband and just know we will be hitting the wine and yummy food! If i was based at home I think it could be more but want to be realistic.
    Try to cut down my coffee intake. This doesn’t really effect the 5:2 but I find myself quite reliant on it. I have two young children so sometimes essential!

    So good luck everyone, we can do this!

    Day 1 USA – FD

    Starting weight: 162.5 pounds. 5’6″ tall
    Goal: 160 maintenance
    Home: Illinois
    Retired music teacher, 68 years old, real name Gwynne

    I started 5:2 in March 2016 at over 190# and steadily lost to get to 160 in mid-November. It’s been a maintenance strategy of 6:1 since then. I’m happy with making it through the holidays. I have found NFD’s to be the challenge since I enjoy wine and fatty foods. At various points in the past 2 months I have been down to 159 much preferring to stay under 160. Might even want to get 5# more off but do not want to look old and wrinkled.

    I visit Utah daughter and granddaughters which is where I am now. Skied yesterday for great exercise but also clean air up in the mountains. Had a delicious bowl of chile with crackers for lunch. I am sore today, so will go to the gym and use the hot tub!

    I enjoy recipes and food ideas people share on here, and also the international flavor of our group. I love learning new lingo.

    @and…exhale: If you just use MFP for calories eaten and do not use it for exercise, then it works just fine. Just realize how much exercise you did, and if it fit in with your proscribed amount for BMI calculations. It is far and away the easiest I have found for calorie counting – something I really hate!

    It is wonderful seeing so many familiar names as well as terrific newbies. @coda began my first challenge last May, and I’m grateful for all who have taken the helm. @lynzm thank you for stepping in this time!

    Onward and downward!

    Day 1– Colorado, USA — NFD

    Welcome aboard! This is a fast moving thread loaded with very useful information, tips & best of all, support.

    Relating to your feeling light-headed + nasty headache on FD, this is a very common issue, especially when new to Intermittent Fasting. Many people find relief by enjoying a sachet/ packet of Miso Soup, bone broth with a pinch of salt or boullion cube. The electrolytes (sodium, potassium) and extra fluids are the magic that help!

    Here’s some helpful info from Dr. Jason Fung:


    Most likely, you’re becoming dehydrated. Preventing this requires both salt and water. Be sure to drink plenty of fluids. However, the low-salt intake on fasting days may cause some dizziness. Extra sea salt in broth or mineral water often helps alleviate the dizziness.

    Another possibility is that your blood pressure is too low—particularly if you’re taking medications for hypertension. Speak to your physician about adjusting your medications.


    As above, try increasing your salt intake. Headaches are quite common the first few times you try a fast. It is believed that they’re caused by the transition from a relatively high-salt diet to very low salt intake on fasting days. Headaches are usually temporary, and as you become accustomed to fasting, this problem often resolves itself. In the meantime, take some extra salt in the form of broth or mineral water.”

    The entire article has excellent Fasting Tips re: feeling tired, headachy, constipated, etc.
    Check it out here! 😀


    Day one – Canada – FD

    Starting weight: 144 pounds (65.45 kg)
    Goal for February: to lose 5 – 7 pounds. Complete 4:3, check weight daily, post weight every Monday and stay with in my TDEE on non FDs.

    I’ve gained 2 pounds since yesterday. Hopefully today’s FD will get rid of that.

    Good luck to everyone. Welcome to all the newbies. You will love this form and you will get lots of support.

    Day 1, NYC, NFD….

    Starting out this month at 122.5. My goal is 119-120. I am on a rigorous medically imposed diet for esophageal erosion. No coffee – not even decaf, no caffeine, no SELTZER ( GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!), no chocolate, no alcohol and above all NO ADVIL, which was probably the cause of the problem. This is not permanent, but until I heal up….feeling very sorry for myself. I think the coffee is the worst.

    Will I lose weight without even trying? Or will I resort to bagels and pasta for consolation?

    Day 1 – London, FD

    Weighed in today at 118.6 lbs

    Goals for February are to lost 1 lbs per week, ending the month on 115 lbs!

    Trying 4:3 with some exercise too but currently have an injured neck.

    Good luck to everyone!

    Hi all,
    Day 1 of the February Challenge in the Rocky Mountains, US.
    Start weight 137.3 pounds, goal weight for the end of February 129 pounds. Ultimate goal 119 pounds.
    I am trying 4:3, today is a fast day.
    I will try 18:6, 18 hours fasting with a 6 hour food window.
    This is my first time doing intermittent fasting. Also the first time being part of a group
    Thanks for organizing this new challenge for all of us, LynzM

    Day 1,Canada, NFD

    will try to make this a CD-control day.

    Goal for this month to track my daily intake on MFP and stick with the 52 plan. I find focussing on the process, rather than the # on the scale is a better approach for me, as the scale is such a liar, sometimes!!

    Good luck everyone.

    Day 1: FD AZ USA.

    Starting weight: 149lbs
    Lost 10 lbs in jan doing 4:3
    Kicking up my workouts in feb hoping to drop another 10 pounds. Ultimate goal is 130.
    Hubs did 4:3 and dropped 30lbs in jan!!! We are both still super motivated to continue.

    Day 1| CD (NFD)| Toronto |85.1 kg after a CD
    Greetings to all and happy February!
    My weight goal for Feb 28 is 83 kg
    Exercise goal is to do a HIIT program 3X a week
    Tools to achieve both: continuing to use a food and exercise diary while
    working hard to stay under TDEE on CDs

    My first challenge to stay on track is the coming weekend that combines a men’s offsite retreat with lots of “stick to the ribs” country cooking, plus the Super Bowl. YIKES!

    Good morning or evening (depending on where you are) 🙂

    Feb 1st here in good ol Texas

    Weight in: 60.50kg (133.4 lbs)
    BMI: 26.1
    BMR: 1100 kcal
    TDEE: 1500 kcal

    Over all Goal: 48.kg (106 lbs) Not trying to make this by Feb
    February Goal: To stick to my fasting schedule for the whole month!

    NFD – Mon,Tue,Thur,Fri,Sat – 23/1 (Eating window 11-3)
    FD – Wed,Sun

    M or W – Strength training with weights
    Daily – 10 Before 10 (10 min exercise before 10 am)
    M,W,Sun – HITT (1 min sprint, 1 min of active recovery for 30 min)

    Wellme – Thanks for the tip! I am going to give HITT on my fasting day a go.

    Would anyone be interested in using an app called CoachMe? It is FREE
    You put in your goals and set up friends so you can monitor how you are doing. For instance: I have set up a goal to exercise for 10 min everyday before 10am) and when I have completed my exercise, I check it off for the day and others can see that I have done it.

    If anyone is interested, you can download the app, and find me under YS K. It would be really awesome to have some friends there!


    Day 1 – SW WA USA – NFD

    Starting out at 205 lbs. So far have lost 30 lbs with this WOL beginning Oct 2016. Long term goal 140 lbs. For February 4-5 lbs is my goal.

    I also want to reign in my NFDs more – mindful eating.

    Thanks LynzM for taking on February!

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