28 Day February 2017 Challenge

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28 Day February 2017 Challenge

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  • Please add me, I need to refocus!

    Thanks for heading up the February challenge LynzM , count me in

    @lynz Thanks for leading the Feb challenge. I am in!

    I really liked the Jan group and loved reading all the posts and keeping up with all the peeps around the world doing 5:2. I will check in at the start of Feb with my starting weight.

    Thanks! 🙂

    Hello LynzM

    I found the January challenge really helpful so please add me in for Feb. My aim will be to lost another half stone.

    Hi LynzM

    Thanks for running this – I’d love to sign up if I may.

    I originally joined Coda and the rest for the first challenge in May last year. My MFP shows that the months I join in the challenges go really well, but the other months, er, not so well. So I’ll be starting at a higher weight than last May, but with just as much determination.

    In fact my MFP chart looks like the Alps at the moment. I need to get back to the lovely long slope of losing weight I managed with 5:2 in 2015. Great to see so many familiar names signed up again this month!

    Hi LynzM count me in for Feb too. Thanks for managing the group.

    Yes please – sounds like exactly what I need right now. Thank you!!

    Hi, I would like to join this group after having been a member (and benefitted from) of the January group.

    I also just created my account and I am in!

    I would also like to join, 30 yr. old from Toronto – haven’t done a challenge before so curious to see if it helps the 5:2 efforts 🙂

    As a brief intro, I started 5:2 in September 2016 and lost 15 pounds by Christmas but then added 5 pounds over the holidays (Christmas + 30th bday celebrations at an all-inclusive resort!). Have managed to lose 3 lbs in January – I find winter more difficult for weight loss as I find a lot of comfort in warm food !! – so am hoping this February challenge will keep me more accountable.

    Hi All,
    U.K. Resident, Kent – Age 61
    I would like to join the February challenge too. I am on holiday in NZ at the moment, returning home 10 th Feb. I am finding it tough eating out so a little extra motivation will be great. Currently doing 23/1 everyday (mostly fish/eggs and salad)with 2x 500 maximum calorie fasts per week. Been fasting for 3 years with some yoyoing but currently in control and losing since last September. Started my own thread too, April 2014)it’s been a great help. I would love to loose half a stone average per month but realistically think 1 lb per week is more doable after long term fasting. I am competitive so challenges do help me.
    allsmiles- I agree it’s much harder to fast in winter, cold food just not wanted. Soup a life saver though.
    So do we post daily or weekly?

    I know we don’t start officially until Feb 1st. I am holding off weighing myself until then. I haven’t decided how often to weight myself yet. I think 1 X 7 or 14 days or even monthly. I don’t want to get discouraged with the scale not moving down.

    I have been doing the some sort of fasting but not picked on schedule consistently. I have been able to do that 23/1 every day but something trips me up and I go on a binder. I am currently trying to implement the 23/1 everyday with 2 days of complete fasting.
    Jojo58 – you are my inspiration!
    One of the things I found that I have a hard hunger drive when I incorporate exercise into my days. I am currently trying to do 1 day a week weight training and 2-3 day days of HITT. I think it may take a few tries to get the exercise and fasting regimen that I want to incorporate. But I don’t give up!!!

    I am really looking forward Feb and having accountability and support here.

    Thank you everyone!

    I’d like to join please. Newbie just signed up to start the 5:2 in February (so can we have a challenge every month?!).

    Hi, I’d like to join as well. Thanks and Good luck to everyone!!

    Hi all,

    Lovely to see so many joining up and so many new people too.

    Basics are:

    Sign in every day with the Day of the month, where u are and if you are doing a FD (Fast Day) or NFD (Non Fast Day). I.e. Day 1 UK FD

    Share as little or as much information as you would like to about your day, if you found it easy, if u realised something about yourself, if you have an amazing tip (these are always welcome), very important to say if you are struggling also, we all have bad days and a kind or encouraging word can make all the difference.

    Weigh yourself as little or as often as you like, some like to do this daily, weekly or at the start and the end of the month.

    It’s good to have a start weight and measurements if u can, and also a Goal, whether it be monthly or overall or both. I like to set a monthly goal.

    Tick the box below notify me if you want to be inundated with emails throughout the day, like I do. Or untick and you can still read everyone’s posts when you login and check the forum. As we are a Global group there is always a new post to read.

    Most importantly this is our group, not mine, not yours, ours, but it’s your individual journey. Even if you do the bare minimum and just check in everyday that’s good enough.

    During the month people may start little challenges, it’s up to you to join in or not, these we call pocket groups. They will be self explanatory as we go through the month.

    Ask questions if you need to there’s plenty of us to reply.

    It’s 28 days that’s all. Exactly 4 weeks! Starts Wednesday. What will be your goal???

    ADF12gLess … FD Washington State.

    I too do HIIT and find that an early morning class on a FD is much easier than the extreme exercise the day after FD. I find myself weak so am considering Fasting M, W, F … same days as HIIT. Just an observation with my own energy level. I have been doing ADF for a month now.

    I’m up for this. I’ll weigh in tomorrow and set a few targets. I’ve been doing 5:2 since the middle of September 2016 and just took 2 weeks out for Xmas. My plan is to add more exercise in this month, so supportive accountability will be needed.
    Thanks for setting this up LinzM.

    My goal is 4 lbs per month minimum. It will be hard for the next 2 weeks as on holiday but I am determined. I find 23/1 relatively easy as it reduces temptation time and because I have been fasting so long it doesn’t really effect my energy levels. I will be walking for an hour minimum each day using Nordic Poles, so quite fast speed. I am usually active but not intense exercise. The key to 23/1 is keep drinking all day, green tea, black tea with a splash of trim milk and a glass of water every hour. I am also a vegetarian and avoid sugar so that helps keep the calories down. I have made lots of beneficial changes over three years and feel good but weight wise I am still a work in progress. I will weigh daily and report. Good Luck everyone

    Hi LynzM, I’m a newbie here, but would love to join in! Thanks

    I’m ready for the challenge! My goal for the month is to check in daily and complete the 2 fasts per week. If I can do that, I will feel so proud! I’m not setting a weight loss goal. I’m open to what my body does and just want to be mindful of the experience and enjoy the journey as much as possible. Thanks so much for letting me join!
    -A newb from NM USA

    Please count me in – Newbie & psyched to join!

    Sorry if I’m being dense but just wanted to check is the way to do this to start a fast on 1.2.17 for 36 hours or 24 hours? I’ve read through the FAQ’s but am unsure now about the time for fasting. Thanks in advance.

    Please count me in. I commit to fast Monday and Thursday and report in here every day. Would like to lose 2 kgs and 2 cms off waist by the end of the month. Thanks @lynzm

    Please count me into the February Challenge, too, as I’m a newbie from USA. This is just what I need, as motivation and support may be the key. I just tried a keto diet plan, which works to get weight off quickly, but found myself overeating things I deprived myself of when it was over, so weight bounced back on. My goal is ten pounds this month along with exercise and 3 (500 calorie) fast days. Then next month I’ll scale back (no pun intended) to 2 FDs. Thank you for organizing this!
    Yay! We got this, ladies!

    Hi All, another newbie going to take the challenge. I am from Kent and have been trying to do this since January 15. I have lost 40lbs but struggle with keeping going throughout the year and by joining the challenge I am hoping to break the cycle this year.

    I am from Kent Coast, are you a coast dweller.
    I don’t know anyone local doing 5:2 so joined a Slimming Club to keep me on track. I don’t follow their programme but find the community spirit helpful. If this thread works for me I will stop going. If I don’t weigh daily I put on weight, sad but true. Accountability is everything.
    Mostly in a good headspace over the last 4 months and no gain over Christmas so all good.
    Let’s take one month at a time together, we all need support when life kicks us in the butt.

    Welcome all,

    Reply to curlytot, you pick two Fast Days per week, a Fast Day is a 24 hour period where you only have 500 cals, 600 if you are male.

    The way you eat the 500 cals is up to you. Some like breakfast and dinner, some like just one meal a day, some like to graze all day. You could choose Wednesday all day from midnight to midnight, or you might start Wednesday at 2pm and finish the next day at 2pm, therefore being able to have breakfast and lunch one day and dinner the next – and also have your 500 cals in between.

    There are various ways people Fast you will see as we travel through the month, some do extended fasts as you mentioned 72 hours, (3 days in a row, 500 cals per day).

    I don’t want to write an endless list as there are lots of variations but to all new to this group try the 2 days per week first and see how you go. Remember on the other 5 days you don’t have to count calories however you do have more success if you control these days too by not overeating.

    Read the forum, get ideas, pick the things you would like to try. Check in everyday, see what works for u.

    Jpilch and Erika67, good to see you have weight loss goals but also inch loss and Fast days goals too.

    1 DAY count down!!!

    I’ll be doing the February Challenge, too.

    Started 5:2 WOL on January 2nd, 2017, with the simple goal to KEEP GOING and to not give up, and really give this an honest try. I wanted to consistently fast two days a week, but ended up doing, mostly, a 4:3 pattern, because I’ve found it hard to keep to 500 calories on FD, and figured rather than beating myself up over that, I could introduce an extra fasting day every week and just live with my imperfection.

    This has worked out so well, and have found it so do-able, and tolerable, that I’m pleased with how things have gone in January for that challenge (although I’m going to see what I weigh on Feb 1 as my ending weight for the January challenge, and that same weight will be my starting point for the February challenge).

    My goal for February will remain the same — to lose five pounds. I’m trying to work on PATIENCE but it’s hard because I want patience right away too, just like weight loss. Sigh.

    But all is well, because I feel strong in this approach to weight loss.

    Thanks very very much for this. Ok, that’s clear to me now so I’ll say hi on Wednesday and confirm when I’m fasting. Thanks again for taking the time to explain this, I got confused with the 36 hours.

    Pamela V,
    I am impatient too, we are our own worst enemies but we have similar goals. Good Luck.

    Sitting in an airport lounge in NZ, the food smells are excruciating, guzzling water non stop.


    I’m from Australia – and I am hoping to lose 4 kg (approx 9 lbs) by the end of the month.

    I have tried (half hearted) a number of diets and none of them have shifted the weight.

    My job is really sedentary, and so another commitment to myself is to get up and walk more. I would love to be more physically fit (not just weigh less). I’ve not ever been a runner or a sport person – terribly uncoordinated. Any tips???

    Good luck everyone, and looking forward to supporting each other over the coming weeks.


    Hi jojo 58. I hope you are enjoying our wonderful country. Where have you been and where are you going. If you are in my area and I am able (not working) I would love to catch up for a coffee. We are off to Taupo for the weekend to see friends. At last we are having some summer. Its been quite cold until the last few days but the next couple of weeks look promising.Enjoy your holiday.

    Hi LynzM, @burt1802 convinced me to stick around for the February Challenge and to all the newbies out there, this really is a very supportive group.
    I’ll post my starting weight and goals on the 1st.

    Take care!

    Hi there!

    Please add me.

    This is the first time I have ever done anything like this and need the support to lose 10 kg.

    Today is a reading day as I purchased the book for myself for christmas and tomorrow will start as a FD.

    Im pretty excited about this. 😎

    Thanks for your help!

    Day minus 1: Pacific NW USA, I’m in for February, Lynz. I will list my goals and beginning weight on Wednesday!

    Welcome more people the count down begins some will start to post their Day 1 in a few hours as some countries are before the UK with these the time differences.

    Good luck all.

    Orpheusx glad to see u have joined, turn off the notifications if the posts get too much and just check in each day and read what u can. So far we are up to 71 in this group. 😊 Yay.

    Hi Pamie,
    I am in Wellington until 8 th February, my daughter lives here. I have been touring with my husband. We started in Auckland, drove down through Rotorua, Napier, Wellington, ferry to Picton, Nelson, Christchurch, Dunedin, Te Anau, Milford Sound, Queenstown and back to Welly. Last year I did a circuit of every big city in Australia and several more NZ locations including Paihia for Christmas. Love it here and good to get away from UK in winter.

    I am meeting up with another fasting Kiwi here on Wednesday next week. Sadly missing a Kiwi faster who does not get here until the day I leave. I have met up with several faster school in Australia too. All really wonderful people and some very slim now.

    71 in the group is fantastic, good luck all.

    Wow…… looks like we’re going to have some newbies joining us for Feb.

    Just popped in to record my starting weight for Feb…… 151.2

    See you all tomorrow!


    Orpheusx……. I am so HAPPY!!!! You are here! Stick with me kid and we will find success together!!!!!


    Excited to get February Challenge going!!

    My stats:
    156 lbs. = Original start of 5:2 WOL.
    147.5 = November 1, 2016
    145.8 = December 1, 2016
    147.5 = January 1st, 2017 (Hospital, Crohn’s flare up, IV fluids & Prednisone.)
    143.4 = February 1, 2017

    Ultimate goal wt. = 136- 138 (or 62 kg) So very close now!

    I’ll be completely off Prednisone (which makes you RAVENOUS 24/7.) by mid-February. Am pleased (surprised!) that I am not gaining loads of pounds on that med. In fact, still inching downward! So moving forward, stricter FDs coming up along with tracking calories in Lose It app on NFDs.

    Will also continue with my exercise routine:
    –Strength training heavy weights 3 x per week.
    –Cardio (biking or running) 2-3 x per week.
    –Walking my doggy daily.
    –Stretching & Abs in the evening while watching TV with DH.

    Keen to join in for feb please! Had a good Jan so excited to continue, will post my weight etc tomorrow.


    Hi LynzM

    I have been AWOL since November but if you still have room would like to join the February challenge.


    All welcome. Nearly start time! Get ready!

    28 days, four exact weeks, minimum 8 Fast days (unless on maintenance). You can do it, we can all do it!

    I’m gonna be annoyingly motivational all month. This I hope will also keep me on the straight and narrow and a lot stricter with myself to lead by example. Can’t let myself down if checking in all you lot! 😀

    Joining in from Oslo. Looking forward to company after first two weeks on my own.

    I’d like to join the group for February and see how/if it helps me lose more weight.

    I’ve been fasting intermittently since 2014. Work and travel commitments mean I can only do the 5:2 diet about six months a year.

    I’ve been back on the diet since the beginning of January and have managed to put on, not lose, weight – I’ve put on a full kilogram in the last month in spite of fasting and being careful on the other days, when I eat in a 12-hour window.

    I’m a definite for February challenge. The amazing posters and support in January helped me to achieve a good weight loss. My goal for February is a realistic 4lb. I am on holiday in Madeira for a week 3-10th – will really try to keep within my tdee, but who knows….will try and log in daily to keep the ball (of fat) rolling. xx

    Count me in!

    Please add me in. We only fail when we give up.

    I’m completely new to this way of eating/fasting, and will need all the support I can get from all of you. My account has been created and I look forward to learning everything I can from everyone!

    I would like to join in too please.

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