2016 Weight loss and maintenance journal

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2016 Weight loss and maintenance journal

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  • OH, those chocolate’s calls!!! How anyone could resist?

    French chocolate, brought into my home by my French guests. Otherwise, it’s NOT in my house!

    I admire your strength! I am still bringing some cookies into my house MYSELF. But I am working on it, realizing what a setback every cookie brings to my loss. πŸ™

    Eating mushrooms with mini-potatoes and zucchini in sour cream at 9 pm – was not good idea (although it was delicious). Stomach felt heavy all night. Scale added some weight to my morning result. Should stick with the latest meal around 7 pm – no later for a future.
    Fasting today. It is the sixth fast with my mom. It is helping so much to fast together. Mondays we are doing clean 36 hours fasts, and Thursday adding hot cup of chicken broth and sea weeds with hint of miso paste (about 100 cal) in evenings. Hoping to develop a habit to the schedule while my mom is here.

    Still, even with two regular fasts per week, I am in some kind of plateau. Weight is going up and down around 140. My goal now to start watching carefully my TDEE on non-fast days, and hopefully never see the numbers above 140 ever again. Happy fasting!

    Coldpizza – I am so glad that you are enjoying having the support of your Mum. I banned my husband from fasting with me because he is so negative when he is hungry. How do you find the difference between the days you have broth and the days you water fast? I have only ever water fasted on my fast days.
    Good luck with the coming weekend and week πŸ™‚

    We actually did water/coffee/tea fast yesterday. Decided to skip broth because we both felt good and not hungry.

    In my opinion, if you could stick to water fast – it is the best. Broth is helping me when I am feel that I am too close to break the fast. I simply cannot stay on quarter of TDEE, if I start eating – it is EATING. Broth helps to complete the fast with about 100 cal. But if I strong enough to avoid broth and complete water fast – I am losing more. πŸ™‚

    Happy weight-in Monday today! – 137.4! The lowest so far.
    It is a mystery how body works. Sometimes you fast and plateau, sometimes you eat two pieces of cake and lose. Go figure!

    Happy fasting! πŸ™‚

    Good morning. I hit a new low this weekend — a number I had not seen in over a decade — and poof! it’s gone today! 118.8. I am moving slowly like an inchworm …the front end pulling up the rear, but I think I will get there.

    Everything fits…. I have no complaints. …except that I’m still a damned D cup.

    Congratulations K-Lo on your new low!! You are so close to your goal.
    My weight is also going slower now than at the beginning. I think the thinner we are, the slower the weight loss. You are example for me, that 118 lb is achievable and doable.
    The gain seems so unavoidable with age. Oh, my, you showed me that I was so wrong! I am already lighter now when I was 45 yo. πŸ™‚

    Coldpizza congrats on new low! You’re right about how peculiar weight loss can be.

    Well done Coldpizza and K-Lo. I too am at new low of 106.7kgs but it is oh so slow. Is your mum’s weight dropping as well Coldpizza?

    Thank you, guys for your support. Fuvvie – new low, wow!Congratulations!
    I am so glad that all of us are going to right direction.

    This Monday we cancelled our fast – a person simply cannot fast when there are lovely girls visiting, but we are fasting today instead.
    I was pleased to see that my weight still under 140 after so many days eating (139.6). Of course I would prefer 137, but I need to be reasonable and don’t expect miracles.
    Just sticking to fasts and TDEE will bring me to my dreaming number.
    Happy losing everybody!

    Well, it is one of those days when I sitting and quietly hating myself.
    “stupid-stupid-stupid-stupid” repeating in my head. And I earned it!

    2 weeks – no fasting – eating carbs – sugary pastry…
    There are empty packages of Cheetos, ice-cream and chocolate wafers on my desk – evidence of my crimes.
    My stomach bloated and hurting <insert moaning and groaning>.
    I am mad at myself and my weakness.
    Good buy to my lowest 137.8 – back to 142.2 in less than 2 weeks.
    What is wrong with me? Why I simply cannot stick to my successful strategy?

    If anybody is thinking to take this little piece of cake -rethink again. Look at me!
    Do you need those problems! Just stick to the fasting… I wish I did.

    Hi Coldpizza. I found it quite distressing to read the first 2 lines. I wonder why you felt the need to have a slack attack? You have done so well and could be patting yourself on the back, thrilled with how far you have come. Your posts lead me to believe you are a very intelligent lady. There must be a reason for your thinking you needed the comfort of those particular foods. I wish I could look at you. Getting mad at yourself doesn’t help. It puts you into a downward spiral. Forgive your lapse and know that you are doing the best you can in the circumstances. Is your mum still around? I hope you at least enjoyed those pastries and snacksπŸ€— And I hope the bloating and stomach ache are a thing of the past. Look back through your thread and see how well you’ve done and how you overcame previous hurdles. You can do this. We are in it together. Big hugs xx

    Thank you, Fuvvie for nice words and encouragement.

    I think that I am out of self-hating and sweet-eating binge attack. πŸ™‚
    Just completed no-food-36 hour fast on Monday and trying to complete another one today.
    I am back under 140 and hoping to keep it and maybe get to 135 in near future.

    My mom is still with me, and we are fasting together. We both had a little slack time, but I cheated more at work with chips and cookies from vending machine. Well, I did enjoy my slack time while eating it, not when the bloating started. I guess everything has its consequences. LOL! Both of us are back on track now. She is leaving next Tuesday. She got her weight under 120 (!) and she is looking great. I am so proud of her and will miss her greatly.

    Well done Coldpizza. It sounds as though you have had a great time with your mum. It also sounds as though you have forgiven yourself and are on track again. Look forward to hearing you’ve made it to 135.
    I think those vending machines should be banned from the workplace lol.

    Coldpizza – I came in here to check up on you as had noticed that you are no longer in the Coda group. Thank you Fuvvie for your inspirational words πŸ™‚ It is so true. The main thing is that it only took you 2 weeks to get back on track. That is amazing. I went off the rails and it took 2 and a half years to get back on track! I have the occasional treat myself on eating days. You need to. If we wanted a diet where we had to be super strict on ourselves all the time, we would have chosen a different diet where the weight loss is quicker! I chose this because it is sustainable long term which you have shown. You have completed one fast and have lost half the weight you put on. Leave it a couple of weeks and you’ll be back to what you were! That is terrific.

    All the best πŸ™‚ Just stick with it! You know it works. You are amazing! Stop being so hard on yourself!

    Thank you!
    I thought that Coda’s second challenge is done already and people just gathering there to chat. :-[ I am waiting for the third challenge.

    Sweets are too hard to avoid. When I treat myself one – another – or even third somehow follow into my mouth. I really enjoy that sensation of having some chowy sweet, but I simply cannot stop. I need to figure out how to avoid this. On non-fasting days, I have a strong urge to have sweets with my tea, otherwise it is not really enjoyable. I am trying to substitute my cookies with thinly sliced strawberries, bananas, and cucumber. But I arrange the slices as “cookies” and give myself a mantra – that those are my new cookies now. It worked once. Today I am “cooking” new cookies – from kiwi. πŸ˜€

    Coldpizza – I can understand your misunderstanding. I don’t quite understand it, but she had created a part 1, part 2 and part 3 of the same challenge. The next challenge starts in September I think.. We are up to part 3 counting down from 12.

    I can never put fruit as a substitute for something like a cookie. It wouldn’t be the same! I do like fruit, but eat it cause I want some fruit, lol. Are you able to find a low calorie like a weight watchers or something to replace your cookie so you don’t feel like you are missing out? I gave up snacking all together before I started 5’2. I do have the occasional bit of pop corn on eating days if I am making it for the boys and I still have a bit of chocolate if I can’t stop thinking about it on eating days, but I do limit myself now. I have to be pretty strict with my mindset because we have enough snacks in the house to survive being bunkered down for a year, lol 😁 And I have had to stop baking which I love because otherwise I would eat it! I am too good a cook I am afraid πŸ˜‹
    I hope your kiwi was nice πŸ™‚

    Nooooo not weight watchers!! Have a read of the label on their “low cal” products. A lot of them have more sugar content that regular snack type foods. Absolutely insane!! If you still crave sugar it just means you haven’t fully detoxed yet. means your liver is still not operating as well as it should be. The longer you can go without sugar the better off you and your liver will be. Took me 7-8 months to finally get my liver “there”. So it takes time.

    Coldpizza, it sounds like the binge is normal and you are in a good place.

    Sometimes we must take 1 step back to go 2 steps forward 😊

    I agree with bigbooty. When I was going to WW last time, I was appalled by what was in the rich toffee bar. Tasted great but didn’t help my weight loss at all. I’d want to eat the whole box once I had started. Each to his own. ETJ, your place sounds like the epitome of a farm, with all the animals, busy busy busy and the smell of baking. Yum. You are doing well.
    Good luck with your mantra, Coldpizza. Have you prepared yourself for next Tuesday when your mum goes? That’s when you will really need to draw on your strength. Missing you times are guaranteed comfort food triggers. Let us know how we can help you stay strong. Enjoy your time together till then. So special.

    Said good bye to my Mommy yesterday… πŸ™
    Will see her again in 10.5 months.
    It was nice time to lose some weight together.

    We “cooked some cookies” for our last tea – out of strawberries, peaches and blueberry. My “cookies” look a little fancier – thick layer of peach, then thin slice of strawberries and blueberry on top and a little bit of sour cream in between “layers”. LOL! I wish I could add that “smell of baking” to my new cookie recipe. πŸ˜€

    Thank you ETJ, bigbooty, PinkQueen, and Fuvvie for your comments. It would be so much harder to lose any without your support. πŸ™‚

    Non-fast day today.

    Scale laughed at me wickedly today morning, and I admit, I deserve it: Ate bag of chips yesterday at work. GRR!!

    Fasting today. I need to push my weight to below 140 again. I can do it!

    Sure I will support your fast today, I am trying to stay as slim as possible today so that I can fit in my jeans tonight 😜 I will only have some coffee with a splash of cream.
    About the TDEE I really feel guilty about not moving enough, I want to start walking with my daughter, at the very least for heart health and for some vitamin d.

    Fully support you on walking. I walk a lot with my dog, and very glad about it. The walking does not really has any effect on weight loss, but it tones your muscles and improve emotional state. Go for it!

    HMM, I just have read the article and discovered that apparently happiness is my trigger to binge. LOL! Don’t know if I should be happy about it or not! πŸ™‚


    That’s a very interesting article, Coldpizza. How are you getting on without your mother there? Hope all is good and your resolve strong. Don’t give up the happiness, just the binging. My husband will be home next Wednesday. Hurray! He’s been gone for weeks. If happiness triggers binging, I’m in for a load of troubleπŸ˜„πŸ·πŸΎ

    I was out for a while and gain some pounds back. For some reason I cannot complete fasting days after my mom left. Today scale shocked me – 144 lb (!). I did not see that number for a long time. Need to start over. Trying hard today to complete so needed fast.

    I hope that you did not repeat my happy binging pattern when your husband came back. πŸ™‚

    I discovered British show on youtube about obsessive cleaners. Somehow it trigger my cleaning urge. I put the show on while cleaning. Lately, my house looks much tidier, and I get rid off a lot of stuff. Now I need to “clean” myself a little and get rid of unwanted pounds.

    Hi Coldpizza, He didn’t come back. Delayed for about 10days so hoping to see him Saturday next week. I’m in the same boat as yourself since the last challenge. Trying to get back on an even keel. Lolly is very inspiring. Need to take a leaf out of her book. Hope your fasting days improve. Missing your mum must be hard, but you won’t want to waste the effort you both put in whilst she was at your place. You’d better put her photo on your fridge and cupboards to remind you gently that there is nothing in there that you need to indulge in. or put her on your filing cabinet at work or the drawer you put your snacks in. You have done so well up to date. This isn’t the first hurdle and I have complete faith in you, my Texan friend.

    Where are you, Coldpizza?

    Hi, Fuvvie,
    Thank you for checking on me.
    I am not sure what is with me. I think it is my first really big slide back. πŸ™
    I gain a lot. Ate uncontrollably. And did not even go to 5:2 website because I am ashamed of my weakness.
    Yesterday I saw 146 lb on my scale, and was scared. I was thinking how much effort it took me to lose 23 lb, and now I am gaining so much back and too quickly.
    Trying to push myself back, and trying to fast today.

    Good side, that I started cleaning more. And sorted and get rid of a lot of rubbish at my house.

    Thank you for your nice words, your support means a lot!
    I will try to catch up soon with all new posts that I missed. Hugs.

    Hey Coldpizza – Just coming in to check on you. Don’t be ashamed for goodness sakes! You are amazing. How’d the fast go on the 12th? Hopefully you will get back into the rhythm. Maybe re-read all your posts and see how far you have come. Big hugs!!

    Hi Coldpizza and ETJ, I agree with ETJ. You are a winner, Coldpizza. Look how far you have come. You have the skills to reach your goal. Are you picturing yourself at your goal? Have you got an action plan of how you are going to get there? We forget to do this. I’m on the same rocky shore right now and ate a lot of sweet and sour pork last night but didn’t have the fried rice. I did have the wontons though in the clear soup. It was a feasting night for grandson’s birthday. We are on this for our health as well as weight loss. Are you missing your mum? What is triggering this onslaught, do you know? I will try and practice what I preach. ETJ, Lolly, Buttonboots and the September challengers all pointing the way and are great inspiration and companions. Big hugs and would love to see that really tidy houseπŸ˜€πŸ€—

    Stick in there coldpizza! We can do this, I too am frustrated, but at the least we can control today and forget yesterday πŸ™‚

    I already wrote here, Coldpizza, but mustn’t have submitted it. I echo PinkQueen’s sentiments, Coldpizza. You are so far along the path. Did you see what Lolly wrote on her thread about the difference between a “diet” and a way of eating. That’s not word for word but the idea is there😜 You’ve given me so much encouragement along the way. Please let us know you are ok.

    Fuvvie, PinkQueen, ETJ – thank you so much for your support.
    I did fail the fast on 09/12/16, and just could not deal with it. I basically returned to my previous carb intake and just could not bring myself back.
    I gain a little bit more and now 147 lb. My hot flashes returned this weekend, and I was really shocked.
    I am afraid now to even plan my fasting, since I failed so many time. Today I am attempting again, and I walked during my lunch time. I start catching up in all of my favorite threads. I am praying for strength today evening (the time when I usually just give in). I am preparing a list of tasks that hopefully will keep me busy and away from food.

    Thank you for caring for me. I think I am ready to be back and stick to fasting. πŸ™‚

    Hi Coldpizza, the journey has its ups and downs. Don’t be disheartened. This is just the new starting point. Have a fresh look at your goals and why you felt you needed to do this. What we have achieved is great but it’s where we want to get to is still the most important thing. I think the more we shed, the harder we try instead of keeping it simple and not doing stuff that becomes unsustainable for us.

    Hello again Coldpizza. I saw your post on the challenge. Glad you are giving the FD another bash. I think you need a dose of Austrian, but she seems to have got out of the habit of posting. I miss her humour and quirky way of looking at things. You’ve been posting for a long time. It’s hard when things get a bit stale. But I think that’s when we need to support each other more. How’s your mum going? Did she fall off the wagon when she left your place? How are the hot flashes going? We call them power surges. All power to you, girl. Hope you are feeling better about this whole slimming thing soon, and dwell on the health benefits as much as anything. Is work going well or is it all a bit hard at present? Big hugs. Time to konimari my study.πŸ’

    Hi Fuvvie,
    Everything is good, other than fasting and losing. Sad to report, but I gain a lot back, and it is really hitting hard on my self-esteem. I did not realize how hard it would be to start all over again. I see how my body become fatter, and dresses and pants became tighter again. Still, I have such difficulties to complete fasting. Why it was so easy just a few months ago, and now seems sooo hard?!
    It is Monday again – my fasting day. I counting hours spending without food as a small victories, but still don’t have a satisfaction of 36-hour-completed fast. Maybe it will be today?

    I also do miss Austrian, and some other folks that I talked here. I did not realize how attached I become to those people (and I don’t even now how they look like). And when they just disappear, it is depressing. πŸ™

    I might not write much now, because there is nothing good to write, and I don’t want to complain all the time about my failure. Still, on the good side, I started reading this forum again and regular basics, and start trying.

    I appreciate your support, and care. Big hugs to you too.

    Dear Coldpizza, You do sound down. I’m sure there are lots of good things to write about, that aren’t necessarily related to weight loss or otherwise. That image of clothes feeling looser is something worth holding before your mind’s eye. I will try and hold mine there as well. One of our past prime ministers was oft quoted for the quote he made “Life wasn’t meant to be easy” but he didn’t add the rest of the quote “but take courage my child, for it may yet be delightful”. We do struggle, but like our mates Buttonboots and Lolly, we will prevail. I’ve learnt how to maintain, 30 kilograms too early πŸ€”

    Hi Fuvvie,
    I am so excited today. It is after 8-30 am in Texas, and I still did not eat anything from Sunday evening. I kind of afraid to jinx it though and hoping to repeat it on Thursday.

    I realize that this eating style is for life, or I will gain it all back. It was scary how fast the pounds come back if I don’t fast. It took me 8 months to lose 23 lb, and 2 month to gain 10 lb back! All started with skipping 2 weeks of fasting, and relax on eating carbs and sweets. BOOM! and I gain 10 lb back and was unable to complete fasts anymore. I pray that I broke that cycle and back on regular fasts.

    I agree with you, that life does give us a lot to be grateful for. Every day I am walking my dog in morning and evening, and often I see sunrise and sunset – and they are truly breathtaking in Texas! I am really enjoying my life, and the only thing that I was upset about – is my lack of strength to do what is good for me – FASTS and create habits of healthy eating. I cannot even blame anything for that except myself.
    My husband has boyish figure, and I noticed shamefully that I eat like twice as much as he. No wonder that I gain weight! My children are grown up and out of the house, so I don’t need to prepare a lot of food. My mom comes every summer for 1.5 month and losing every time. More importantly, she is keeping the weight for the rest of the year. I talk to her every week on skype, and she is very encouraging and supportive.
    How illogical it that – know what is good for me and still not able to do it.

    I so admire Buttonboots and Lolly for their steadiness and determination. I wish to learn that.

    Well, I am normally optimist. I see Mondays as “there are only 4 days till Friday” day. I do believe, that we can do it and reach our healthy weight and keep it.
    I am looking forward for my next fast.

    Thank you so much, Fuvvie, for your kind support. It means a lot for me.

    Look at your maintain mode from good side – you are not gaining back! After a while, you will start losing again and dismiss those 30 kilos. Hugs. πŸ™‚

    You have the strength, coldpizza — more than you realise. Getting back up after a slip is always harder than those first heady days of success — but it’s proof of genuine character and I admire your determination.

    A year ago — even 8 months ago — I was a mindless eating machine, desperately unhappy about it but unable to stop binging. So I do understand, believe me. I wish I could give you the magic formula to flip the switch but everyone has to find their own. The struggle is part of the process, finding a solution is another, but creating a path forward is a unique journey. For some, there is a pivotal moment when everything clicks into place. For others, it will be a constant battle. For most of us, it’s somewhere in between.

    Every success will build your confidence. Arrange your plans for that success. If 36-hour fasts are too daunting, commit to the basic 5:2 for a month and stick to it. Play for the long game because this is your life we are re-jigging, and slow and steady will win this race. Whatever plan you choose, it has to be one you can live with. Make goals reasonable. Otherwise, you’ll have a sense of failure when you don’t deserve it.

    As an all-or-nothing person, this was one of my hardest lessons. I still work at it!

    You’re here. You’re struggling. You want to succeed. Good things will come from that.

    Hi just dropping in from my normal forum. I have read many of the posts from Fuvvie, buttonboots, Lolly and ETJ and from you coldpizza! Although we haven’t met I keep reading your posts to give me inspiration to continue my journey.

    Coldpizza, It can be really difficult, I feel that too, but you inspire others with your tenacity. I was so pleased to read you have started to break the FD problems you have been facing. You are happier when you are in control. You’ve broken the bad spell. Please keep going now. There are more people than you know rooting for you. Sarah

    It is lunch time. I was checking the forum again, and burst into tears after reading your supportive posts (Lolly and Sarah57).
    After 2 month of failure, my first small success scares me a little. I see my small victory as such a fragile thing. I hope to complete another one on Thursday, and to have my confidence back.

    I cannot even express how important your support for me. Thank you! And I hope to give you more good news in future. πŸ™‚

    Good luck on your loss! Hugs.

    Yesterday I went to gym. It was nice feeling after. Zumba is definitely is for me – dance&sport together- something for soul and body. Was a little bit upset to see my rounder-then-before reflection in those mirrors. But there is no point to dwell on something that you cannot change. So, decided just have fun.
    Steam room was also God-sent. πŸ™‚
    Interesting, that after gym, I am losing appetite. Usually I search refrigerator at evening time.

    My co-worker told me about Asian market that has cheap seaweed (nori), that I really love. I bought a lot of them and munch them for snack. They have very little calories. They also absorb water and gives you a nice feeling of being full.

    Today is choir day – that will keep me away from food at evening. Tomorrow if fasting day and another class of Zumba. I keep my finger crossed.

    Second fast of the week almost completed. It is already 24 hours. I am going to gym in a few minutes so there is no way I am eating today. Tomorrow at 5:30 am I may have my breakfast or wait till later. πŸ˜€

    Too bad that it took 10 lbs gain and a lot of frustration to start doing it again.
    Please, don’t repeat my mistake – don’t take breaks from the diet, just stick to your fast days religiously. Hugs and happy fasting.

    No-fasting day after 38 hours of fast. Looking at my lunch box and laughing- seems that I grabbed everything from fridge: peach, apple, banana, tomato, half of large cucumber, 2 packs of seaweed (nori), container of berries, yogurt, and homemade cheesy bread (round shape, and cheese mix, ricotta, mozzarella and feta inside dough made from buttermilk or kefir). Looks like I was really hungry in the morning. πŸ™‚

    I decided that I will continue to keep my weight-in day on Monday morning. It is a little bit unusual, because majority of fasters prefer weight-in after the fast. But I seems too overjoyed from my small accomplishments after fasts, and it makes me overeating during NFDs. Monday morning weight-in will be after 3 NFDays, and will encourage me watch what I am eating. Hopefully.

    Ok. I cannot hide any longer. My Monday morning weight-in result was terrible – 149.8 lb. πŸ™
    Monday fast was really great until 5 pm, and than I kind of gave up. Ate at least 1000 calories. Well, on good side – it is less then my TDEE.

    I noticed that being lazy couch potato really tight together with my food intake and level of hungriness. Going to gym today evening.

    Hello Coldpizza, Have loved catching up on your last few posts and Sarah and Lolly wrote lovely posts. Great team going here. Your fast days sound great. Mine have a way of morphing into NFDs lol. Not funny really but this has been a month of letting the hair down. Even had garlic naan with sauce from a couple of curries the family ate last night. That was on top of my own dinner of tinned salmon and kale coleslaw with dressing. Really pushing the envelope😈 Your gym and Zumba sessions sound great. You are a healthier you and it will inspire you to do better. Keep up the enthusiasm and good work. Big hugs from very sunny Queensland.

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