2016 Weight loss and maintenance journal

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2016 Weight loss and maintenance journal

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  • Hi Fuvvie,

    I noticed that many fasters that started about the same time as me start slacking, and not completing fasts, the same as me. Is it some kind of contagious bug going around the earth? It is so discouraging. I am not just having difficulties to complete my fasts, but also eating more than usual. Today morning my scale shows 152.2. I just stood there and could not believe my eyes. Is it possible that my metabolism is going down?

    trying to fast today instead of yesterday’s ruined fast.

    Hi Coldpizza,
    We need to go back to basics and get to saying “Enough is enough. This has to stop. We know what is best for us. Fasting is not hard. So what is the go? ” What is food masking? Did you see Lolly’s last epistle? It’s worth a read and chewing over.

    Thank you Fuvvie.
    One good thing that happened in October for weight loss for me is that I started to get back in this forum. You are so right “Enough is enough”. we need to start fresh and be more stubborn and determined in our fasting.
    I will read Lolly’s post – she is really example for us all.

    Celebrating Halloween today. This is first Halloween in our new neighborhood, where still a lot of empty lots instead of houses. But I don’t want to disappoint any kids, and is prepared with candies and chips. I already talked with my husband that he will take all leftovers to his work.
    November will start with fast! Goal is to complete 8 fasts in November and to start writing down all my food intake. Let’s show that scale who is the boss!!!

    New month, new challenge. weight in today 152.4. Goal for the month 144.0
    Fasting today – the first fast for the month, I am aiming to complete 8.
    Trying to think about fast as a gift for my body. I am not fasting, but making myself healthier and happier. πŸ™‚

    Hi Coldpizza,
    I see you have joined the smaller group for November. Good luck with it. B2tf’s challenge is huge, but there are so many lovely people on there who I want to keep in touch with. I wonder why it has got so big? October started out with almost 90 people but I was able to take a whole lot off the thread as they dropped out. In the end there were less than 50.

    I’m starting to use the tracker on a daily basis to keep my weight in the front of my mind. I saw friends today who hadn’t really seen me for months and they were delighted with my progress. So have to keep that in mind too. It’s a bit of what Coda refers to as standing on the mountain we have climbed and looking out at the view, knowing how far we have come. As long as we then don’t take that as permission to do the things that put the weight on in the first place and then again in the second place.

    Only 3 days till I’m off on my driving holiday. Excited+++

    hi Fuvvie,
    I hope that you report us all exciting points of your holiday, so we could enjoy it too. πŸ™‚
    I still report on the old challenge, but it became too big for my taste. I cannot even read all posts, and keep up with my favorite people. The smaller group seems more reasonable for me.

    OHH, I guess I rolled down on my mountain for a while; don’t repeat my mistake and keep it up! Nobody comments anymore that I look good. πŸ™

    I need to decide how to change my attitude. Trying to convince my stomach that I love myself more than I love carbs. Fasting today. Wish me luck. Wait, actually wish me determination!

    Not doing something is always suppose to be easier than doing something. For example – fasting – it is NOT eating, NOT shopping for food, NOT searching for recipes, NOT preparing the food, NOT cleaning the dishes. I have so much extra time to spend!

    What can I do instead? Walking my dog, taking a bath, reading a book, watching a movie… wait a minute – TV always triggers snacking for me. OK, no TV. Maybe I will have a haircut during my next fasting day.

    Start re-reading one of my favorite thread – Lolly’s. Here are some quotes:
    “I don’t have control over number on scale, but I do have control over my food choices”
    Fast is a “Gift of loving care to myself”
    “Today is always a good day to treat youself well”

    Brilliant pst, Coldpizza. I agree Lolly has always been a source of inspiration, but you too are wearing that mantle today. Will tell you about the trip as it unfolds.

    Cannot wait for you stories about trip! πŸ™‚

    Another Lolly’s quote for today: “Failing to plan is planning to fail”. I never plan my meals before – maybe I should start doing that. At least for one day ahead.
    Today and tomorrow are my NFDs, so I am spending some time and planning my meals for today and tomorrow. After that I will put my shopping list and will buy only needed ingredients. I also plan nice cleaning “exercises” today: vacuuming, dusting and moping the floor should fit nicely between my meals. Maybe some weed pulling in the yard instead of sweets. For extra sweetness – how about give my huge dog a bath? After that I also will need a bath for sure. I could finish my Saturday with lovely 2 miles walk with my husband and my dog. That’s the plan! Hugs.

    Moday, my weight-in day. This week I did not complete 36 hour no-calories fasts, but I did complete 500 calories fasts (two of them), and I was watching what I am eating during NFDs. Additionally, I went to gym yesterday, and probably lost some water weight in steam room.

    The result – 149.0; 3.4 lb loss. I try not to be too excited:it is always bigger loss when just started. I am keeping my fingers crossed for the next week.

    Fasting today. πŸ™‚

    Glad to find this message thread. I am pleased to say that I have been on this fastdiet system since June 1, 2016. Started about 210 lbs,, though tracking since 206 lbs. Today I documented 189.0 lbs. I did not start with a goal to lose weight! Rather I was attracted by the fast feature. I have diabetic symptoms, known for ca 10 years, and getting worse, requiring more and more medical intervention.

    This remedy was based on the assumption that digestion time (metabolism) was somehow getting slower and food was causing a clog in the system. The fast gave the clog a chance to clear up. So far, it seems to be working! I eat normally on ‘regular’ days, then strictly 500 calories or less and only twice a day on diet days.

    I also follow the Joslin Center for diebetica online. The have published research showing that stomach fat produces a substance connected with the occurrence of Type 2 diabetes. Now I AM interested in losing stomach fat (weight)! So, this fastdiet is perfect for me! I also find that it is a sustainable metbod, and expect to continue on it indefinitely.

    While the 5:2 version is my mainstay, occasionally I switch to 6:1. Lately I have experimented with verying the 5 to as much as 10, keeping the 2 fast days. I can vary in this way whether I lose a pound or sp per week, or just stay steady. As I lose, I find that my ‘fat’ seems to migrate from outer extremities to my stomach, and then out. I can sense what is happening and adjust my ratio of fast to regular days to suit that rhythm.

    Please excuse my typos! On re-reading I can see them. The light from my room’s ceiling skylights is flickering as the sun shines brightly, then disappears behind the clouds. All in all, a beautiful day.

    PeonyLover, thank you for sharing your story. Keep it up! πŸ™‚

    Hi Coldpizza – just dropping in to say hello. We are doing a December challenge if you wish to join us – we are not advertising per say by not starting a new thread, we are just continuing November with 1st December being day 1. The numbers in November as per usual have dropped so not as big so you are very welcome to join some of your old friends?

    Come on Coldpizza. Haven’t heard from you for a while. 😿We are in this struggle together. Your page is disappearing off the screen so that means you are not using it. Hope the Christmas season is bringing you joy. πŸŽΆπŸ’πŸŒ²πŸŽ„β˜ƒοΈπŸ’πŸ””πŸŽ…

    What Fuvvie said. πŸ™‚

    Still looking out for you, Coldpizza. I’ve been sending out hugs and best wishes to yourself, Buttonboots and ETJ, all people who have sustained me along the way and I miss you all. Lolly and I are hanging in there.

    Hope you are in good spirits Coldpizza. I myself relapsed and gained almost 10 lbs! But I am back on the wagon and feeling more positive. I started making cold brew coffee, si much easier for me to stomach! Laying back on carbs a while and not weighing myself for a few more fasts so I won’t get depressed.

    Hi Fuvvie, Lolly, PinkQueen, Coda.

    I guess I was in kind of depression mood over my gaining. It is hard to start again and keep the schedule. But my checking that web-site is the first step. Tried so many times to start fasting with no good result. Feeling week and defeated. But I keep trying. As soon, as I get something good to report, I will be back, I promise.

    Thank you for your support. It means a lot to me. It gives me new strength and determination. Cheers! πŸ™‚

    I am glad to see you again! Please do not wait to return with good news — it is now that you need us most. We all struggle in our own way, but this is how we learn and grow. Your fighting spirit will bring you to that breakthrough moment, of that I have no doubt.

    Be kind to yourself. Failure is only success in the making.

    Coldpizza, I am thrilled to see you. I have really missed you. Please sign in regularly so we can support each other. I would be back at my original weight if I hadn’t kept checking in. I’ve been stuck for about 5 months now and trying to get below the 100kgs. I find so much support that I refuse to give up. You can do this. Take a deep breath and change one little thing. There are some really good hints on the February challenge. I know it can be a bit overwhelming but everyone is in the same boat. Good luck. See you soon. Big hugs πŸ€—

    Dear coldpizza,
    I have been reading through your stream and feel really sad that you seem to be disappearing. The last positive post from you seemed to be when you did two successful 500 kcal days.
    I must admit I have been thinking all along your journey how hard it must be to do 0 kcal over and over for such long hours. I have admired you and thought how on earth does she do it? It is not so surprising to me that you and your body had had eough of it, especially after loosing some of the gained ground. The idea of a starting up with all that must be so daunting.
    I would suggest to you to go back to planning 2 250 kcal meals per day and religiously stick to it. Ok those days too are a bit unpleasant, there is a bit of stomach grumbling involved, but they are doable, where 36hous fast are not.

    I find it easiest to skip breakfast, so by mid day I get really hungry, but then it’s only 1 hour or two until I can dive into a lunch that fills me up.I eat lots of veggies, mushrooms, tomatoes salad with konjac noodles.They have only 30 kcal for a big portion. I go for a 250 kcal meal.
    Of course that full feeling does not last very long, so there is another couple of hours of uncomfortableNess until I can have my second 250 kcal meal.I go for a kind of porridge with flax seeds, chia seeds and protein powder, half a cut apple and some soya yogourt. That fills me up again and is very comforting. The next time I get hungry it is bedtime soon and I look forward to an eating day.
    This regime is not exactly a walk in the park but it’s doable, and that’s all that counts on FDs.
    Dear coldpizza, perhaps you have asked too much of yourself before. Please have another go at trying it a different way. All your friends at the fast diet would be so happy for you to join the ranks again.

    Hi Coldpizza – I hope you are well, I know the posts can be overwhelming on the February challenge but even if you can only post once a week and not read everyone else’s post, just skim and see if something catches your eye – give it a go. You are too hard on yourself and perhaps remind me of Ciren at the moment. Bad or good come here and post, you will find it therapeutic in its self.

    I find if I feel a desperation to loose weight it doesn’t happen, I have to go back to basics until I get into a rhythm again and am a bit more relaxed about it all. For now I am eating one meal on Monday evening – what ever the family are having to my TDEE or below then fasting until Wednesday lunch time but if I need up to my 1/4 tdee on Tuesday I’ll have it. I have lunch and dinner Wednesday and fast until Friday lunch time. If I want a piece of chocolate or sweets/candy I have them after my lunch or dinner not as a snack. I had a toffee my OH gave me on Tuesday and kept it saying I’ll have it Wednesday but forgot all about it, by then it was Thursday so eventually had it after my lunch today. Weekends are nfds or controlled days. I am also going through packets of sugar free gum which help take the edge off. Today I am doing a happy dance as I have reached an all time low since starting this WOL – mind you it has taken since i started end of July 2015 but I don’t really mind after all this is a wol not something I will stop when I get to my goal weight. Hope to hear from you soon. xx

    You have a good point. I had a feeling that my body and brain just rebel against rules. Gaining so much back does not help my spirit. Still, I think even my failed journey was not in vain. I had an experience, and hopefully will learn from my mistakes. Maybe i was too hard on myself, and will try to get it easier this time. Will try to switch my focus from losing weight to make right choice. I was avoiding carbs and sugars and I am committed to my first fast today. It will not be 36-all-water-fast, but less than 500 cal. I take raw carrots to work, and will chomp them if the hunger will be too much. For evening, I already prepared some zucchini/squash. If I still feel hungry, I prepared boiled chicken breast. As you suggested, I trying to plan ahead with food and my spirit. Thank you so much!

    I congratulate you for your new low! it is amazing! I am trying to read the forum every working day at least for 30 min.

    For all who posted in my thread, I am truly grateful for your support and suggestion.
    I am in again! Tomorrow I will be brave enough to get my weight-in and start a new tracking spreadsheet as I used to do. πŸ™‚

    Yey, well done coldpizza, looking forward to hear your news.

    That’s the spirit x

    Go Coldpizza. So lovely to see you back again. It’s never easy but we will get there.

    A new spreadsheet is started!
    Monday’s weight in – 157 lb.
    Yes, I am a little upset to see that number, well, not even a little- I upset a lot! I cannot change it, so need to face a truth, and continue my journey.

    Visited gym with my husband yesterday. Both were very happy about it. It felt great after couple of hours exercising, swimming and sweating in steam room. We really need to do it more often.

    With all of your blessings and support – I am fasting today! πŸ™‚

    Good for you! We are stronger together.

    Your gym session sounds amazing Coldpizza. You sound revitalised.

    Great you’re back, coldpizza. I am sure with your fasting the weight will quickly go down again.Good luck.

    One thing I am realizing – I was a fat kid. I was 176 when I turned 18. Through much of my teens I was between 60 and 72 kg. and I grew from 5′ 3″ or so to 5′ 9.5″. I have to forget that “regain the size of my youth” thought, because – well, I don’t really need to. I need to be the right weight for my bone and body and comfort. That I would guess is a 32″ or so waist, and maybe as low as 135lb, or as high as 142 or there abouts. I am after 0 visceral fat, and low low low fasting insulin. Under 1 is my goal with a 10 hr fasting reading. I read 0.8 fasting insulin on Jan 13th as well as under 140 lb but that was a 8 day fasted reading. I need to get there with a 10-12 hr. As well as get visceral fat to 1 or 0 if that’s even possible. Just my thought, All the clothes of my youth, including my wedding pants from 1994 don’t fit – too loose. Yeaaaayyyyyy and not done yet. Weighted in @ 150 or so this morning, after lots of water in the last few hours as well as some bad food last night, but am working on getting the last handfuls of fat out of my body.

    Thank you Srinath_69 for sharing your story, congratulations on your success! I am looking forward to your updates. πŸ™‚

    Thank you Lolly, Fuvvie, and Poggy-Vegan for your support and cheers. It means a lot to me!!
    Unfortunately, I am too busy now at work to check this website every day. It is legislative session in Texas, and bills are coming at alarming speed. Everybody working overtime now to catch up with the bills.

    There is always a good side though! With all this work, I eat much less now. I was able to do only one 500 cal fast this week, but I watched out a little bit better for what I was eating. Still some sweets and carbs snicked into my food, so I was a little bit nervous when receiving a judgement from my scale today:

    156.2 lb

    Not too bad. At least it is in right direction. πŸ™‚
    I will work this week more on my choices of food, and will try 1 or 2 500 cal fasts.


    My brother is busy with the legislative session too πŸ™‚ . We miss him this time of year, he’s mostly in Austin. Works under a State Rep. I am staying as strong as I can with the fasting, but I have not been able to lose. :/

    I’ve noticed I seem to lose weight when I am well … “not constipated”. I tend to need salt and lemon to ease up leg cramps, and salt means you have to equalize with potassium, and that means I end up doing the Ca-Mg-zn X 3 and b complex. That part actually causes me to lose at a good clip, but I suspect its emptying out my intestines more than actual weight loss. However how can it be just that, I am not eating – so I am full on fasting, barely 100 calories, nearly all as fat (in butter or mct oil or heavy whipping cream).

    Anyway, just something that may help people who may have stalled.


    If you just keep your weight for a while – it is an achievement. Believe me, I gain so much back, I wish that I did not relax, but continue my battle. Now I need to start all over again.

    Did you notice, that every progress goes up in steps, not on straight line? It is like studying – first you accumulate your knowledge, keep reading, practicing, and wooala – finally the ray of light – and you got on a new level of understanding.

    Maybe, your body just accumulating that knowledge now, adjusting to new eating habits, new amount of calories; your brain also adjusting to new reality, how to feel full with less amount of food. And after a while, the scale will give up.

    Anyway, don’t forget to enjoy your life. Fasting supposed to make your life better and healthier, not harder. Hugs.

    Austin is the great city even during legislative session. πŸ™‚

    It is a great point! Thank you.
    I did work on my “gut bacterial balance” for a while. I ate a lot of fermented food, yogurts, plums. Magnesium supplements help a lot. Additionally, I always keep plum juice in the fridge for emergencies. And I am more aware how much or little water I drink. I also notice, that I need to limit my nut intake.

    Luckily, I think my strategy worked, and I now go regularly every day. Your post reminds me of that struggle i had a while ago, and make me realize that I don’t have that problem anymore.

    Hi Coldpizza – just popping into say hello – don’t worry you will find your rhythm again and what works best for you. Failure is when you give up and you haven’t given up – just keep on keeping on, plodding away. Its all a learning curve and when you next get to your goal weight you will know what to do as you are better prepared.

    Thank you, Coda, for checking on me and for the encouraging words. I am not going to give up! πŸ™‚

    Monday again.
    The week was not too bad. I completed one fast, and was careful with sugars. Went to gym as usually on Sunday. What the scale is telling me?


    I will take it. A little bit slow for my taste, but so much better than gaining.

    Hi Coldpizza – no point in racing, this is for life – enjoy the journey!

    We have set up our link for our March challenge – if you fancy joining? You can state from the outset you will only post once a week – just to keep you accountable? Would love to see you there – otherwise I will keep in touch here.

    Thank you, Coda! I will join later, when I settle with my fasting patterns better. πŸ™‚
    Monday weight-in was not good – 156.0
    I gain a little. But to my excuse, I had foot sprain and did not even had my morning walk with my dog. I had to use crutches for couple of days, and now wearing special foot wear to limit movement of the foot.
    I guess it is part of getting older – something hits you without any reason. πŸ™

    Still walking carefully, but don’t need crutches any more!
    Celebrated Women’s day with tiramisu cake at work yesterday. Not smart probably, but so tasty! πŸ™‚

    Today, I am walking again in morning with my dog. It is nice to see more people running and jogging with their dogs at such early hour (between 5-6 am). Enjoyed a sunrise – the colors just unbelievably beautiful. The colorful movement of the sun was accompanied by Rachmaninoff’s Vocalize in my head – sometimes it is all you need to feel alive and happy, and to hear your soul sings. And now I am ready for work, filled with beauty and music. What else to wish for?

    I hope your injury is healing alright, coldpizza.It must be annoying when you can not move about freely.

    How is it going with the fast days? Do you still do water fasts only? Or experimenting with low calorie days?

    Wishing you some nice Easter days without too many treats, hihi.

    Hi Coldpizza, Just catching up. I’ve stayed away from daily logging in as part of my trying to get more active. The weight crept up and now I’m staying away from the scales as well but endeavouring to put a cap on things. Trees planted and now lantana to be cleared up on a slope which makes it all very tricky. It would be lovely to be more supple. Easter is well and truly over so no more excuses. How are you going? I think of you folk a lot and use you to keep myself from sliding totally into old habits. Hope we help you the same way. Hugs xx

    Hi everybody. Long time – no see (or read, or write).
    There was some good and bad in my life. I lost my beloved dog, Sammy. It was so unexpected and fast, I still cannot believe that he is gone. I am glad that my mom was here visiting when it happened. Now she returned to her place, and house is so empty.
    I am trying to create a new routine for myself and back on losing weight.

    Weight wise I did not fast for a long time, but concentrating to develop healthy habits, like drinking a lot of water. I am trying to walking/jogging in mornings the way I did with my dog, gradually increasing my jogging part.

    I managed to stabilized my gain between 158-160 lb, and last week decided to try 20 week challenge to lose 20 lb. Starting Monday, 08/14/17, I was 157.4. Today I am 156.0: 1.4 lb. lost. Will see if I could keep up for the rest 19 weeks. Anybody would like to join?

    I am trying to get into fasting again, but so far could only stay without food 16 hours twice per week.

    I became more active at work. Doing rope jumping with my co-worker twice per day for 1.5 minute. It is hard!

    Also I start using Myfitnesspal to track my food. Trying to create a habit of putting my food into the Myfitnesspal BEFORE eating it. So far struggling, only about 60-70% of my intake go there. πŸ™‚

    It is nice to see many familiar names and to know that you did not give up!

    Second week of my 20-week challenge loss is 0.8 lb. Not much, but with the first week I am still ok.

    Beginning of the challenge – 157.4
    2 weeks later – 155.2
    Total loss 2.2 lb.

    Goal: to lose 20 lb for 20 weeks.

    Pluses of the week: I start visiting gym again. Did a couple of IF for 14-16 hours.
    Minuses: ate 3 pieces of cake! – why I cannot stop on just one piece?

    Find the youtuber that motivates me a lot. Check him out:

    Hi Coldpizza glad to see you back and with a plan in place. Good luck! Here is a quote I found and posted on our challenge thread. Weight loss is not a physical challenge but a mental one! So many things in the mind can derail you – stay strong x

    Thank you, Coda!

    Hi again Coldpizza,
    I’m sorry to hear about your loss of your dog, Sammy. It was lovely that your mum was there for you. That 12 months since she was with you last went very quickly. You’re doing well. Keep up the good work. Big hugs, Fuvvie xx

    THank you, Fuvvie.

    Weekly update: I did not lose this week AT ALL!
    Scale said: 155.6 – I even gain a little.

    But no time to cry about it.
    The reason for my gain – I learn that it is easy to substitute chicken in recipes with white fish. There is a ton of chicken recipes that I never tried because my husband is pescetarian. This weekend I did a couple of magic healthy recipes, but I was overeating them. Both, my husband and I gain this week. πŸ™
    Two birthday parties at work also did not help.

    Will try be better this week.

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