2016 Weight loss and maintenance journal

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2016 Weight loss and maintenance journal

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  • Coldpizza, we moved to This Old House in 1996. There are boxes in our basement from that move. I am so ashamed.

    The words really has power, when they got to you in right time. Your words somehow made me more determined. I even think when I have a strong urge to stop my fasting “Just Stick To It!”

    We could made another challenge – to through away 1 item per day or 1 trash bag per day! After 365 days we will get rid of 365 unused items (or even more). Ready for that?
    It is not just our bodies, but also our surroundings affect our emotions. πŸ™‚

    I wish I have a basement though…. πŸ™

    Coldpizza, we have our block sale on June 18. I’m going through drawers and closets!

    Hi Coldpizza, I love your idea of throwing out an item every day. I’ve got a heap of stuff I’m determined to never need again. I’m up for the challenge. When you look at 365 days, that is a considerable haul. Hope your unpacking is going well. I can imagine K-Lo going through those 20 year old boxes. It would be like Christmas come early. We’ve lived in this house, which we built ourselves from concrete and rammed earth, for 30 years having taken 5 and a 1/2 years to build. We’ve never had a lot of storage but still manage to accumulate “stuff”. The house still isn’t complete but we love it. Just needs finishing touchesπŸ˜„πŸ˜‚. Down to 111.9 kegs this morning after 36 hour fluids. Now have lamb bone broth cooking in my daughter’s slow cooker. I’m a total convert but a real pain in the rear for my family as I keep commenting on what I’m reading etc. hopefully it will slide into the background of our lives as it becomes second nature. All the best from not so sunny Qld. It has been raining this morning and we’ve got the fire going to keep the place warm. xx

    I went through my entire closet and two drawers!

    Yey! Great start!

    Sometimes I open box and wondering why I was packing it in the first place, I could just through away at least half of some boxes and move it to a new house.

    Well, now my trash and recycling bins are already full, and pick up day is Friday – long wait. πŸ™

    I liked how some fasters report their weight every week, and decided to start doing that. I choose Monday my weight-in day because it is after two non-fasting day, so I have to watch what I am eating on weekend. πŸ™‚

    6/13/16 – 142.6 lb. Starting weight as of 01/01/16 163.0 Goal – 118-120 lb.
    Even though I lost 20 lb, I need more 23-25 lb to lose. Cannot give up now.
    Fasting today.

    I have completed 42 day challenge from 05/01/16 till 06/12/16.
    Just want to point out an interesting observation about weight fluctuations.

    On 05/01/16 – I was 148.0 lb.
    A couple of weeks I were very good. Completed 36-h fast, 24-h-fast, and two 20-h-fasts.

    On 05/17/16 – I hit my healthy weight for the first time – 144.0
    After that I had really huge binge.

    On 05/25/16 I was 149.4 lb (!!!).
    Then was struggling to stop the binge and was kind of depressed and discouraged.

    On 05/31/16 – 148.4 lb. Stabilizing. The whole May gone, and I did not lose any… πŸ™

    Finally was able to complete a first 36-h-fast after the binge on 06/01/16, and than another 20-h on 06/03/16. On 06/06/16 I was 144.2 again. πŸ™‚
    41-h-fast on 06/09/16.
    Final weight 06/12/16 – 142.8.

    The reason I am putting those details is to emphasize, that nobody should be scared by fluctuations. The body still working on losing if we continue the program. Even our big binges once in a while cannot completely break our weight loss, if you continue fasting.
    The pounds we gain during short overeating time are going away faster, than original pounds. They simply don’t stick for long. πŸ™‚

    So NEVER GIVE UP! Just continue to live the new way and lose! πŸ˜€

    Coldpizza, it was very cathartic. I tried on everything. Fit into outfits I couldn’t get into last year. Found a beloved gold pin, $105 in a pocket. And now my closet is organized and I have a pile of stuff for next weekend’s flea market. Even my husband got into the act… briefly. I’m borrowing one of the rolling wardrobe racks so I can hang everything up. Must get singles and quarters.

    The extended weather forecast is iffy…..

    So happy for you and looking forward to get to the 120 lb goal myself. Keeping all of my skinny clothes, and cannot wait to lose enough to try them all again.

    You are inspirational! And you are having so much fun. πŸ™‚
    Congrats to getting to your goal. Are you going in maintenance mode now?

    CP, I’m trying to knock off two more pounds by the end of June…all in the bra!! I am fasting today, and will decide if I do 5:2 or 6:1. May just depend on my mood and my calendar. I may shift into a 10:3 kind of calendar. Monday fasting just feels routine by now. Calming.

    Monday is also my fasting day. I noticed that I have a higher rating of successfully completed fasts on Mondays, than on other days. This weekend was not good though, my daughter was visiting with her boyfriend, and I succumb to some sweets. Now yesterday’s carbs trigger the appetite, and I am fighting the urge to eat and gave up the fast. πŸ™
    Calming is good word. I will try to stay calm. πŸ™‚

    Another proof that I am so undisciplined person, and so little will power! GRRR!
    Monday and Tuesday was trying to fast, but screw up both days. To make the matter worse, I was eating refined carbs!!! Of course the punishment hit me quickly: bloating that I did not experience for long time and overweight category again this morning.

    Today is my third attempt to do my 36-h-no-calories fast. Sipping black coffee, and trying to get my determination back.

    I just ran into a colleague who has the same body type as mine, but she’s 15 years younger. She said in hushed tones, “I’ve been meaning to ask you. Have you lost weight?” Oh yeah…. “HOW?” And like a true convert, I told her about my new religion. She said I saw the outfit you were wearing yesterday and it just hit me. An outfit I haven’t worn in at least 4 years. I sent her links to Fung, Varady and Mosely. I think she’s hooked.

    This morning I had a breakfast meeting with one of my “business network” friends. He’s a thin guy who eats a ton. I thought to order a toasted bagel, lox and cream cheese — my idea of heaven… but instead I ordered an egg, onion, peppers, cheese burrito, and ate only half. Still at 120 lbs. I could really stay here, but I’d like to have a little more wiggle room.


    K-Lo! Your new figure is the best advertiser for the way of life! You will make more people healthier and happier. Well done!

    I am way behind you and very slowly going to “slimmer” direction. Still balancing between overweight and healthy categories… This week was not very good, but it is my life – good week than bad week, so I don’t worry too much.

    I am reading on line now more about organizing and de-cluttering. My trash and recycle bins are full this week, and I am so determined to clean up all junk. First I thought that 2016 year will be losing weight, and 2017 – will be clean house. But now I am thinking – why to wait? – Cleaning the junk is really keeps me away from food! πŸ˜€

    CP, at the end of a meeting this morning, another colleague asked if today was a fast day. Pause….then it dawned on me that he had been talking to my “stairwell” colleague from yesterday. She sent me an email that he and another woman may start together. Fun and games!!!

    Wish me luck at the tag sale tomorrow!

    You are fasting expert at your work! πŸ™‚
    Good luck at the tag sale!!! What it is? You are selling tags?? πŸ˜€

    CP, I will sell anything that isn’t nailed down!

    Hi K-Lo and Coldpizza, I loved your reference to your “new religion, K-Lo. That’s just how it is, and my addiction is this forum where I spend a lot of my reading time. But the dust is piling up around the place. Must get more active. Coldpizza, my heart goes out to you with your current struggle with lapses on FDs. I’ve struggled with that this week for the first time but am keeping my eye on the long term goal. This is a road bump, my friend. They are there to slow you down but they are not a barrier. You just carry on. You know you can do it because you have done it. You are going through a time of change in a new home. I bet that dratted cortisol is doing its best to up the insulin etc and make you hungry. Know we are geeing you on. πŸ‘πŸ‘ŠπŸ™πŸ’ͺπŸ’πŸŽ€

    Coldpizza, hi! πŸ™‚ *wave and smile

    I know a woman who started a “get rid of one thing a day” challenge and ended up getting rid of 700 things – so it can be done!
    K-lo, don’t be ashamed of the unopened boxes from several moves ago – EVERYBODY has them. It’s a part of the human condition, I believe: human beings have to have at least one box from ten years ago that contains books you don’t know you possess and kitchen utensils you never missed.

    K-lo, congrats, it’s great to hear that this is working for you – the lovely feeling of fitting into your old clothes and of building better eating habits! Fabulous!

    Coldpizza, I am feeling with you in your struggles – this is a long shot, but maybe the LPNG fasts are something that doesn’t work that well for you? Maybe your body or mind get stressed out by long fasts? I am SO rooting for you. Maybe we should work out a challenge that keep us both motivated and accountable? And Fuvvie is right, you may be in a stressful place – and HELLO increased cortisol levels?
    As for organizing and deep cleaning, I LOVE it, but it’s an entirely unrequited love, my place is still far from the minimalist heaven I would like it to be.
    Have you tried flylady to get you started?

    Fuvvie, you are right, we need to find a balance, looking at the long term goal and not being stressed out be current challenges, but not being too complacent either. It’s difficult but we might get better with more practice?
    And still, we are all so much more than our bodies and our weight.

    I see I am rambling – so, off to bed with me!

    Good night and good luck, and coldpizza, thanks again for sending me good thoughts – I’m doing the same for you tonight!

    Another Monday and my scale gave me a big surprise this morning – 141.0 (my new low)!!!
    Wow! I cannot believe it. I was not able to complete one single 36 hour fast this week. Starting fast, but gave up at evening. I guess overall, I did not eat much. Also we were so busy with cleaning the old house all weekend, that ate microwaved frozen food only couple of times per day for Saturday and Sunday. Also, my dog was having diarrhea, and had nasty surprise for me when we came home (another hard work to clean up his mess). Now I could tell, physical work really helps with weight loss. Keeping your mind on de-cluttering helps to keep you away from those cookies. πŸ˜€

    I am happy today and hope to keep it up this week.

    Trying again to complete my Monday fast today.

    It is so nice to here from Austrian. We were worried about you.
    I was laughing reading the word flylady. I was recently cleaning up some paper, and find out a lot of prints out from that web-site with stuff to do and plans to clean up. I was printing them about 2 years ago, but I guess, after printing the directions out, I thought my cleaning job is complete.
    Konmari method works better for me because it is drastic work for a while over category, and that’s it. You are done with this category, and don’t need to do any routine job every day. For example, I konmaried my towels, and now I don’t have a single towel that “does not bring joy to me” πŸ˜€

    My problem that I don’t really like obeying directions for long time. I get easily bored and rebellious. Even with my diet, I have days when I rebel (or binge), and return to sweets or carbs. I guess this is just my nature. What I love that even with my unsteadiness I am still losing overall. Thank you 5:2!

    Look at us! K-Lo, Fuvvie, Austrian – we are all so different, still the magic of 5:2 is working for all of us.

    About plateaus : I call them “stabilizing” now. I really believe that our body need time to adjust to our new weight, to start losing again. This way I am avoiding negative emotions when I am not losing for awhile.

    Keep it up my friends! I am so proud of all of your successes! You are amazing!

    Hi Coldpizza, I really pushed the envelope at breakfast. It was high fat with Brie, avocado, pork belly sliced like bacon, kale coleslaw with olive oil and vinegar dressing. Then fish with really thin chips and rocket with vinegar dressing with a glass of a delicious New Zealand Cabinet Savingion for lunch after we went for a walk. The ocean was polluted by all the run off from the rivers following the heavy rainfall we experienced. It didn’t look at all inviting and the beach at Mooloolaba had at least a metre of erosion. now home again and checking in after doing a heap of laundry. Incidental exercise. Congratulations on your new low Coldpizza. No matter how long we take, we will get there. Bye for now.

    My mouth is watering reading your food and drink choices. You are having great time!!!
    Congrats on your new low (I read it today on Buttonboots thread). You are doing so great!! Happy for you.

    I did not complete 36 hour fast on Monday, but fasted until evening and had a nice diner with my husband without overeating. Maybe Austrian is right, and 36 hours is not for me right now. I guess at certain time one approach works the best, than after a while, the other approach becomes better. 36 hours worked so well at the beginning of my journey, but now seems that I switched to 20-24 hours fasts.

    Lost my voice yesterday evening. Cold or allergy – not sure what, but not pleasant. πŸ™

    Just noticed how I spelled Cabernet in above post. Shocker! Hope your voice has settled. You can’t sing without a voice and our singing provides such an outlet. 🎢🎀🎼 I’ve got a flute lesson tomorrow. I must print out the music from Irish jigs I was supposed to have practised this week.
    I hope that having a little at dinner on fast days works better for you. As long as it doesn’t turn you into a flavour chaser. That’s what I find hardest once I have some food. I start looking for something tasty. Maybe I need to have a tablespoon of vinegar to cut the other flavours out lol.

    I definitely cannot sing now. Took 2 weeks break from choir. But not missing it yet, a lot of work at house. Yesterday sorted out my DVDs and about half of them are going out. Brought some of them today to work, hoping somebody could enjoy some free DVD. The rest will go to Goodwill or half price books. Also started sort out books. But it is hard category for me…

    I feel so cold when fasting. I hope my metabolism is not changing much. Worried.

    Wow Coldpizza. Talk about dedication to the cause. I would find it very hard to give up my DVDs and I have tried to sort books. Got rid of about 60 but have hundreds still. Silly really . My husband would love me to get rid of most of them. Better look at this author on tidying that you are all talking about. I think she should pay royalties to all the declutterers on this forum. FD today. One interesting thing I have picked up from The Art and Science of low carbohydrate living is to have enough salt to balance out what you are losing from your low carb diet which is natriuretic, causing the kidneys to dump sodium. From what I can make out , this affects the balance between sodium and potassium and you lose some lean muscle to sacrifice potassium to get in balance, even with enough protein in the diet. I wonder if this contributes to feeling cold? Of course, I might have the wrong end of the stick completely but the way we are changing our weight and metabolism is bound to affect us in a variety of ways. I doubt if you have to worry. Lots of people on the website have complained about being cold. Better get on and vacuum the floor. OT and Mother due here in the next half hour. Good luck and keep up the wonderful job you are doing. You are inspirational.

    Coldpizza – Don’t worry about getting cold. I get that too. Apparently most of our heat comes from digesting food, so when you don’t have food to digest, you will feel the cold more. I put a heated wheat pack in my bed for my feet to sit on and that helps and I also have a hot shower if I am really feeling it. You’re doing good, just keep going!

    Thank you, Fuvvie and ETJ.
    BTW, all DVDs that I brought to work yesterday are gone. πŸ™‚
    I brought another box of DVDs again today.
    This is the audio-book that everybody talking now: The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing Audiobook(Konmari method).

    I guess, I got hooked on that. I never was cleaning fanatics, it was more on other side – I called it “artful mess”. It never bother me much, but lately, I started feeling cramped and squashed under so much stuff, that I don’t even use. I know it is long process, but I really getting rid of a lot of stuff with better attitude and a smile. πŸ™‚

    The house getting cleaner, I am getting slimmer. The world is definitely changing for the better. πŸ˜€

    Not sure if I am going to fast today since I am still sick and getting nasty cough now. Drinking a lot of hot tea and coffee.

    Fuvvie, something is probably right about your theory. I noticed that salty hot broth is really helping me against the cold.

    Hi Colizza and all your followers. Blue cloudless sky here today with a very chilly wind. We’ve bathed blow-dried and groomed the two dogs. We’ve been putting it off as it was wet and cold. They’re enjoying lying in the sun but I’m inside in front of the fire. I’ve got a horrible cough at present as well so ended up not going for the walk yet that I told Buttonboots I was going to do. πŸ˜·πŸ€’ I know it will bring on the wheezing. But am going to do the plank today getting ready for the challenge on Friday. Friday likely to be extra challenging as they want to send Mother home on that day. Life is about to get considerably more challenging, particularly mood wise. Continuing to work with the psychologist on that one. Doing back to back FDs as I just can’t get off the seesaw between 110.9 and 112.2. Obviously overeating on NFDs although I’ve not had huge helpings of anything. Just can’t afford to stray into the world of sugar and grains. Not that I’ve had sugar as not using it in cooking. The odd potato chip and rice twice. Not even having nuts at present. Starting listening to the audible book about tidying yesterday. 4 hours long and have just heard the first 56 minutes. Very interesting. Don’t know if I can do it, but will see the book through and then make the decision. I’ve been keeping books so that when the superannuation runs out, I will have plenty to readπŸ€— Had better get moving before I put roots down into this chair. Wishing you well in your endeavours. Must pop in on Lolly before I get up and see how things are going there. Xx

    Did not enter my Monday weight-in results. 142.0 – 1 lb up.
    Well, it was expected. I did not complete 36-hour fasts that really make me lose weight. I also having cough and since feeling freezing is not really helping me, I did not fast at all. I am ok with 142 lb at this point. I just need to get out of that balance tip between healthy and sick. Than I will start fasting again.

    Anyway, if at any time my weight will be higher than 144 (my official heaviest healthy weight), I will make an emergency fasting.

    Very busy at work now, and still unpacking and de-cluttering at home.
    Getting ready for the second challenge starting Friday.

    Stay strong! I feel ashamed since I did not wash my dog for a long time. Will do it this weekend. Thank you for reminding me. πŸ˜€

    How does it go coldpizza? Just read your thread, hope you are doing well. It’s funny that you write about clutter, for many years I have felt the same way, like my clutter is affecting my emotional well-being all the time. I started cleaning recently, decluttering one room at a time, but I have many rooms to go! We have lived here since 2004 and with 3 kids, and my shopping obsession, there is soooo much stuff in my house. Funny thing is that I haven’t wanted all this stuff for a few years, but doing a deep cleansing is hard for me. I just need to see it as a process.

    Hi Coldpizza

    Well done on your losses.

    I am 41yrs old, 5ft 4inches and currently weigh 143lbs – I do 1 water fast and 1 500cals fast during the week, and on NFD’s stick to 1800cals.

    I’ve lost 7lbs in the last 4 weeks and want to get to 125-130lbs. I saw 142lbs on the scales last week but then it disappeared! I’m desperate to hit 140!

    Look forward to hearing more about your story.


    Hi PinkQueen

    Seems like I got a little bit obsess with konmari method. I am cleaning by category, but my categories are too small: DVDs, towels, nail polish. Yesterday I put out all of kitchen utensils and get rid off all triples. I don’t know why I had so many. So 6 of them went to trash bag. πŸ™‚
    I guess it is easier for me to de-clutter now, since I am unpacking at the same time. Sometimes I am opening the box, and than ask for each item if it sparks joy or really needed – guess what? – some of my boxes goes directly to GoodWill or trash. So I feel that de-cluttering process is actually going with hi speed now. πŸ˜€

    Hi Amritpc,
    Looks like we have similar goal! I am going slowly in right direction. Because I am kind of fluent person, it is hard for me to stick to the schedule for long. When I am sticking to the schedule, I lose very quickly, and than I have disorganized weeks, when I gain some back. For now my weight is between 140 and 144 lb. So when I am organized, I set up a goal to lose weight, when I am disorganized, I set up to maximum allowed weight for the period. If I hit the weight, I MUST fast.

    People of this forum, who are very disciplined obviously losing weight faster than me, but even with my problems, my weight is going down.
    There is a challenge starting tomorrow, I am hoping to be good and organized for a month and lose about 5 lb, which will get me somewhere between 136 and 140 by August 1st.
    Wishing you the best and congrats for your loss. We can do it! πŸ™‚

    OK, time for June update.
    Weight on 05/31/2016 = 148.4 lb
    weight on 06/30/2016 = 144.0 lb. Total loss for June is 4.4 lb. Not bad.

    The highest weight in June – 148.2
    The lowest weight in June – 140.6 (Wow – I wish I stayed there!)
    Average weight in June is 143.5 (Not bad – healthy average weight).

    Starting a second challenge in July. My mother is coming for 1.5 month visit tomorrow!
    She is very discipline person, and hopefully will keep me away from food.
    In the past we both were losing some weight during her annual visits, and she was keeping her weight, and I always put the pounds back between her visits. This is the first time I was able to lose a lot of weight BEFORE her visit (almost 20 lb!). She will be proud of me. Cannot weight to hug her, miss her so much! πŸ˜€

    LOL! just realize that I spell “wait” and “weight” – That what happened when you are on path to lose weight. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Lucky Coldpizza. All joy to you having your mother to visit. Enjoy those hugs and the fun you are going to have together. I bet she is going to love holding the thinner version of the daughter she loves. I miss my mum so much. I’m lucky that I have 4 daughters who give me joy and lots of hugs. And they give me so much pleasure. We don’t always see eye to eye and have been known to clash at times, but the good far outweighs the occasional fireworks. Mothers and daughters….great combination. Will be interested to see how you both get on weight wise with this visit. You might be too busy to post, but will keep an eye on the thread for any updates. Hugs to both of you.

    Hi Fuvvie,
    Thank you for your sweet post. Hugs to you too!
    We (my mom and me) doing our first fasting day together today. We decided to do 36 hour no-calories fast. I have big hopes for the successful fast. It is fun to do it together.

    Doing a 36 hour fast too, got to makeup for Sonic! Let’s chug along!

    Hi Coldpizza and your mom, You are discovering more about each other doing an FD together. What does your mother think of your konmari house CP? And does she like your new house? I’m down to 108.7kgs this morning. I rubbed my eyes in disbelief. I didn’t dream this was possible. So enjoying the journey. Aussie hugs

    Hooray for Fuvvie! – drum roll! Great new low!!!

    My fast with my mom was a success! the scale showed new lowest numbers for me and for my mom. We are both very happy this morning and proud that we complete the fat. Decided to do another one on Friday. πŸ˜€

    Mom gave me a lot of compliments about my new figure. I know it is not modest, but I still stare at my flat stomach in disbelieve every morning, even though I still have to lose about 20 lb to get my wedding weight. πŸ˜€

    My mom loves the new house, but she miss the old one too. My house is not really konmaried yet, and a lot of boxes still unopened. So it looks messy. Still, I shared with her the idea, and she is supportive, kind off: It was hard for her to see me thru away a lot of plastic containers – still in perfect condition (by thru away I mean they go to GoodWill). She also wants to go thru my go-away-clothes boxes before I could bring them to GoodWill. Still, she likes the idea, just need time to really be into it. We are working on it. πŸ˜€

    Second fasting of the week today. Feel determine and strong! πŸ˜€

    Hi Coldpizza, I wrote a whole post to you but looks like it didn’t ever get up. It was about my happening to be listening to the Konmari audible book and her comments on not letting your mother look through what you are throwing out, because even though they probably don’t need what you are getting rid of, Mother’s feel they have to hold onto some of it. I thought that was very funny. I am loathe to go through my DVDs. Lots of them bring me joy and I will just want to sit down and watch them all. In fact, I feel so lousy with the whooping cough, that I am going to go and watch a movie rather than do anything els. The exercise can go hang! Hugs to you and your mum.

    Well, it is Monday today, and time to weight-in. Unfortunately, I ate yesterday very late, and included some bread and chocolate candy to my meal. Of course the weight went up – 141. GRR, I just set up my new “highest allowed” as 140. I guess it is time to fast. Still it is a pound less than the previous Monday. Loss from the beginning of 2016 – 22 lb.

    I remember that Konmari recommended to keep the boxes that you plan to get out away from mothers. Life sometimes makes corrections. I am glad, that my mom very enthusiastically helping me to thru away a lot of stuff, other than clothes. I think that clothes are something that we actually could share. After I lost some weight, I am using some Tees of my daughters around house. They gave me warm feeling that my girls are closer. I miss them dearly: one lives in different state, another in different city. I guess my mom has the same feelings toward my clothes. πŸ™‚

    I still have a lot of DVDs, and I gave away those that I actually did not like, or never have wanted to watch for the second time. All of those that bring me joy, I kept. That is the point. If ALL of your DVDs brings joy to you, you are absolutely right to keep them all. They don’t classify as “clutter” anymore, they are officially “joyful, beautiful, necessary”. Keep them and enjoy them!!!

    I do understand the bond of clothes. When my mother passed away 13 years ago, I kept several items of her most loved clothes. Most I couldn’t wear as she was so much smaller than me. There was one item, a lovely cardigan, that I finally let go this week, as I felt it should be worn and giving joy to a smaller needier being than myself. My 4th daughter was married from home. The caterers underestimated the number of plates needed and I pulled mum’s dinner service out to make up the difference. So once again mum came to the rescue of one of her much loved granddaughters and added that extra element to the wedding. So you are absolutely right that life sometimes makes corrections.
    Not fasting today. Trying to get well. Will stay under TDEE. Love getting your replies.

    Thank you for lovely touching story. May God bless your mother’s soul.

    Monday was another successful 36-hour-no-calorie-fast. I have to admit that without mom fasting I would succumb to eating at evening time. Yesterday we just looked at each other and made ourselves busy with other stuff, to keep thoughts away from food. I even managed to cook for my husband without testing the food. πŸ™‚

    Today I tried on a dress I did not wear for about 6 years, and it fits! I am wearing it today at work. πŸ™‚

    That’s fantastic about the dress, Coldpizza. By the time your mother’s holiday is over, she will have trained you in new eating habits and over time if you go to give in at meal times on an FD, you will be able to picture you both looking at each other and choosing to get busy elsewhere. I have culottes that I wore the first time I met my future parents in law (yes, the same lady who lives with us now). I haven’t fitted into them for years beyond counting, but keep them in the drawer in case I can ever squeeze into them again, not to wear in public, but just to feel the joy of wearing them again. My daughter once wore them to a fancy dress 60’s theme. I look at her and wonder how I ever got to this size, and could I ever have possibly been her size. I must have been. The evidence is there. And to think I thought I was fat. I must have had maggots in my brain!

    LOL, Fuvvie. Everything is in perspective!
    I have to google the word “culottes”. You can try it once per month to see the progress, and eventually will fit into it. Will it be wonderful?

    I liked that I saved all my “thin” clothes, and now I don’t really need to buy anything new, since I use “classic” style that still is very in fashion. Today I used another dress from the past. My husband gave me a complement, apparently he loved that dress. His complements gave me extra boost, joy and determination to continue. We recently celebrated (really quietly) our 27th anniversary. I really hoping that by Christmas I will be at my wedding weight goal. Staying away from carbs today, and will fast tomorrow.
    Stay strong Fuvvie! We are going to be healthier and better looking at our “ripe” age than in our forties. I look at my mom and cannot believe that she is 70. Joyful and active, kind and curious. She got her first computer ever when she was 60, and now is a pro. Learn to drive and got her first licence when she was 66 (!). How many people you can see that still very enthusiastic about their jobs at 70?

    I really admire her and so lucky to have her as my mom! πŸ˜€

    Hello Coldpizza and vibrant mother of same. We had the most glorious sunrise this morning, a brilliant fuchsia pink filled the sky highlighted by clouds. It’s supposed to be going to rain today. I brought my mother in law home from hospital yesterday 7 weeks and 1 day post her fractured femur. She said she is glorying in being home. She’s 92 but her dementia does not dim her appreciation of the beauty around her. I’m 3 years behind your mother, Coldpizza. I know I have a good relationship with my daughters but I don’t know that they could use such lovely terms. Loving terms, yes, but somewhat different in nature. Your mother has achieved a lot and it looks like the apple hasn’t fallen far from the tree! The family are just leaving for work and school. Chaos reigns supreme. Had better go and wave them off. New low of 107.7kgs.

    Congrats on new low!!! By what I learn about you so far, you are very loving and caring person. Providing so much for your family. Surely, your daughters and grandchildren simply adore you! I know I would. πŸ˜€

    Wow, you MIL is 92 (!) I don’t know anyone around me who is at this age. All my relatives live at least a decade less. And my father passed away at 47. It felt so weird when I realized that I became older than my father.

    Texas sky is the most colorful sky I ever see. Maybe it is highway that rise above the land, and you feel like flying while driving, so close to that beautiful wonder. I was living in such part of the city, that in the morning I was facing sun-rise when I was driving, and sun-set on my way back. The first year of living here, I was so overwhelmed with the dramatic beauty of the sky, that sometimes cannot hold tears while driving. I could not believe what colors and what movement the nature is able to create!
    Unfortunately, we moved to opposite part of the city 2 month ago, and now I am driving the wrong direction every day, and all the beauty is behind the car. When I realized that I was very upset. The beauty really enriches your live and make your spirit go up every day. Lucky for us, the nature is so generous, and gives us chance to find beauty in so many things. πŸ˜€

    It was not a good week for weight loss. 141.2 lb this morning. Well, I have to be honest – those cookies does not come for free. Fasting today, and trying to get away from all sweets and carbs.

    Coldpizza, Chocolate from France called my name this weekend. oy

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