2016 Weight loss and maintenance journal

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2016 Weight loss and maintenance journal

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  • 98lbs seems unrealistically low for me as I plan on eating what I want but being more mindful. Hope your scale smiles before your weigh in. 🙂

    I’m down 1.4lbs this week so far but my official weigh in isn’t until Friday so I hope I don’t blow it!

    Here are just two of many links online about body shapes.

    For me it is easier to do 36 hour water fast than 500 cal fast. I simply cannot stop at 500 cal, but it is easier for me to avoid eating. I start a day before between 6-8 pm, and than don’t eat before 6-8 am the day after fast. So there are two nights when you are sleeping and fasting. During fast day, I doing really well when I at work. Going for a walk during lunch time. The hardest part is at evening of the fasting day. I try to go to gym to stay faraway from refrigerator and cabinets with food.

    Congrats with another loss! I will check the link. Thank you. 🙂

    I know it is a little outdated, but here is my update for March.

    During March I could not do routine 36 hours fasts for some reasons. I fasted 19-22.5 hours 4 times, but start eating at evening time. I was able to complete two 48 hours no calories fasts. It was hard to do, but doable. Negative that I was sooo much overeating uncontrollably after 48 hours fasts, it was scary. Thus, 48 hour fasts probably not for me.

    I did not go much to gym this month. Morning weight on 03/01/2016 was 150.4, and on 3/31/16 – 149.8. Basically, nothing lost. The heaviest I was during the month 154.6, but at one point, after 48 hours fast, I saw 148.0.

    Average monthly weight for March was 151.5, compare to February’s – 155.1. So even though my final weight-in was not supportive, but in average I was lighter in March by 3.6 lb.
    My goal of losing 5 lb during March is incomplete. Busted! 🙁

    For April, I need to get back to my 36 hours fast routine if i want to lose 5 lb per month.

    It is Friday already.

    My 4:3 commitment was broken this week. I fasted on Monday, but could not complete yet my second fast. Wednesday instead of fast I ate probably more than my TDEE, and Thursday I ate around 500-800 calories.
    But there is a new day, the new start and a new fast. 🙂
    I am fasting today, and hoping to complete it.

    The weather is gorgeous today. After a lot of rain, everything is so fresh. Morning sun softly touches and highlights the trees and buildings. I feel happy and want to sing! 😀

    I was supposed to fast yesterday but ate nearly 930 calories. Fail! I did work out last night and hoped it would help in showing a loss on the scale this morning but it showed no loss and no gain. Trying to decide if I will fast today or start again Monday.

    Good luck on your fasting today! Stay strong. 🙂

    If you can fast today why to delay it till Monday? 😉
    Hope you join me, so I am not so lonely during today’s fast.
    And we could repeat it on Monday again. What do you think?

    Coldpizza, you win some, you lose some.
    Good luck for next week’s fast days!

    Thanks Austrian. Yep, that’s the way of life… I am still fasting today. 🙂

    For me water fasting is easier then 500cal days. When i first started i tried eating small meals through the day or just having one meal but it would awaken my hunger and really had to suffer through it. The water fasting is much easier and i don’t feel hungry until much later or not at all! Everyone is different. My friend can’t deal with out food for a whole day and so does eat as water fasting only makes her feel faint etc.

    Any one else do water fasting? When i do it (like today) my sense of smell for food goes into overdrive (just took deep sniffs of my other halfs blueberry muffin) there’s no calories in smells right 🙂

    Hi europabug,

    I also find water fasts easier than to eat within 500 cal. I usually fast 35 hours, starting yesterday around 7-8 pm, fasting all day today, and eating again after 7-8 am in the morning. Usually I have a hard time after 5 pm, but I keep myself busy and than go to bed earlier.

    My nose becomes very sensitive while fasting, especially during lunch. And sometimes the smell of all of the food around so thick, so i suspect that it might have some calories value in it. So be aware! 😀

    OK, this week was not very successful (I did not lose any pounds). And there is nobody to blame, but myself. Still, on bright side, I did not gain any. I was able to complete only one 36 hour fast this week, no wonder that I did not lose. This week i ate less junk food. And so much less sugar. So I hope I clean my body a little bit, and today starting new week and new fast. 🙂

    coldpizza, same with me, no loss or gain. Also only did one fast day last week. Going to try and step up my efforts this week. Fasting Tuesday and Thursday.

    Hopefully we can do it this week. 🙂

    I hope so, definitely not feeling like fasting today but since I skipped yesterday, I really need to stick with it.

    Coldpizza, fastenough – good luck for this week’s fasting – hope you’ll be able to stick to your plans.

    Hi all I think I will rethink doing both fasts together. I was so pleased with yesterday (day one) but find I am struggling with major grumbles in the tummy today. I have read some of the posts and maybe will try just water on fast days. All I can think of is foooood. I will go for a walk now so that I don’t weaken.
    Good luck to everyone who is fasting today. Not easy

    I was able to stick to my fast yesterday and look forward to fasting tomorrow. Hope Friday is a good weigh in day.

    @aussie I would think doing them together would be extremely difficult unless your a pro at fasting. Good luck today! Hope you enjoyed your walk.

    Great job for completing your fast. I was hit with allergies and sinus infection this week. I feel so sick and tired. No fasting for me… 🙁
    Doctor prescribed a medication, hopefully be back soon.

    Water fasts are really hard at the beginning. But it is getting better with time.
    During water fasts drink a lot of water, try use hot bath to help get rid of toxins.
    Get enough sleep. Also some people recommend to have low carb diet for a few days before starting water fasting. What is good – it is getting so much easier after you complete first two or three. You can also try several 24 hour water fasting before attempting 36 hour. Good luck to you!

    Yesterday I was not eating till 5 pm, than had 1 meal, and did not eat after 7 pm. Today’s weight was basically the same as yesterday. Is it possible that I ate my TDEE in a single setting?
    I thought that one of the benefits of this diet is no need to count calories. Obviously, I need to rethink my attitude to HOW MUCH i am eating.

    I do not count calories on my non-fast days but may start in the coming weeks. Agree that was the appealing thing about this plan. Lost .4 this week and stepped my exercise. I have heard that some don’t lose weight when exercising, possibly because it can make you hungrier.

    Not crying over 5.2lbs gone in 4 weeks either way. 😉

    Hi FastEnough,

    5.2 lb in 4 weeks is great result! Congrats!

    I start being frustrated with me not losing much. I am not asking much, but I thought that 1 lb per week would be nice to lose, and not too quick. I am eating healthy food, avoid sugar and bread. A lot of veggies. Seems like I really eat A LOT in one settings.
    While I am at work, I am not eating much, but evenings I cannot stop eating unless I feel absolutely full.
    I just need to start counting… 🙁

    Updates for April:
    The highest weight – 151.6; the lowest 146.0 (after fasting)
    I completed three 36 hour no calories fasts, and 5 days 24 hour fasts.
    visit to gym – only 3 times. 🙁
    I am walking my dog every morning for 30 min, and sometimes evenings for 20-25 min.
    My goal of 144 lb is not completed. 🙁
    Average for March was 151.5, average for April is 148.8. In average I lost 2.7.
    Overall loss from January 1 is 15 lb.

    I joined 42 day challenge on this forum. Goal is to complete two fast days per week, write everything I am eating during non-fast days and be under my TDEE. I hope it gives me more strength to complete all planned fasts, and learn about portions / calories intake.

    No good news, but no bad news this week. Still holding 148 lb. Did not complete any of my 36-hours-water fasts, but I did 3 20:4 – with eating until full at evenings, definitely more than 500, but probably less than TDEE. I think this style will be good for maintenance mode, but I HAVE TO LOSE MORE!
    Praying for more determination and will power the next week.

    Talked with my older daughter. She said that if you run for 40 min, you burn calories during the running, and than after due to metabolism rate raising for about 4-5 hours. If you run for 20 min two different times, you burn the same calories during running, and the period of higher metabolism rate will double – 4-5 hours for both run each.

    She recommend me to do two short intense exercise – like 5 min jumping with rope (you need to make your heart pump really fast, and be almost out of breath). That will boost my metabolism rate for about 4 hours. So body will keep burning additional calories due to higher metabolism compare to normal. Than about noon I have to repeat 5 min of jumping, so another 4-5 hours my body will burn more calories. Don’t know if it will work,but I will try that. Any comments on that idea of temporarily metabolism rate increase?

    Michael Mosley talks about using a similar system through HIIT , he thinks it is effective.

    Fasting today. The jumping rope definitely helps to keep me warm. The air-conditioner at work tried to create the same temperature as during winter in Siberia. I am drinking hot tea as a maniac and jumping with rope 3-4 times per day to warm myself up a little. Nice 30 min walk during lunch unfreeze me for a while.

    I guess, I should not complain, the cold around probably make me spend more calories and make me more active (walk outside + jumping + trips for tea + trips to bathroom)

    I start getting complements. Not yet about weight loss, but that I look good! Feeling good, and more determined than ever! 😉

    I was so good yesterday (fast day) – only had chicken broth with sea weed (about 60 cal). But after choir practice, at evening, a member of the choir decided to surprise us with strudels, ice-cream and soda. There are only 8 or us, so you really cannot hide. I decided, that if I cannot avoid it – I should enjoyed it. And I did! A piece of peach strudel, a scoop of vanilla ice-cream and some soda. On a positive side, my overall intake was so much smaller than my TDEE due to fasting all day. I calculated roughly – still less than 800 cal for a day. Not bad. Scale was also good today. For the first time I glimpse 144.4 lb on it. Today is NFday, and I determined to keep it under TDEE.

    coldpizza, still less than 800 cal, that’s fine!
    Lovely, so you’re a singer! It’s such fun being in a choir, don’t you think?
    What sort of choir are you in? I used to sing in a choir when I was younger, we did a bit of this and that,mostly masses and folk songs. 🙂

    Hi Austrian,

    I am alto in orthodox church choir. It is very small choir, but we have full 4 voices,and sometimes variations up to 6 voices. We meet once per week for practice and than on Sunday for service. I love practices because it is more for our enjoyment, learn more music, try different music ( Ukranian, Bulgarian, Slovanic, Russian, Georgian, Greek, Arabic, Spanish, American, even Eritrean). We have so many nationalities at church, so during the Easter (Pasha) we use many languages for “Christ is risen” and responses (including German), so it takes a while. 🙂
    Here is some examples:

    I know that it is not so grant and beautiful like professional choir, but I love it! 🙂

    thanks for the link – SO beautiful, I thought that giving the easter greeting in so many languages was a brilliant idea.
    Are you one of the singers?
    So much braver to be in a small choir – you can’t hide in a crowd of singers!
    My dad, who is a basso, just sang Handel’s Messiah in one of those set-ups where people from different choirs practice in their own choirs and then meet up to perform the piece. He was standing next to a guy who actually a) couldn’t sing and b) couldn’t read sheet music. Nobody noticed, except my dad – this is not something that could happen if there are only four to six singers! 🙂

    I am so glad that you liked it.
    My parents tought in musical college, so I started play a violin and went to musical school from age 5 till 17. Even though the music was not my carer choice (I got more technical and mathematical), the musical education helps a lot in a choir. Some of our singers with good voices cannot read music, but a lot of practice, determination and love for music can make miracles. 🙂

    Recently i purchase a violin. After about 30+ years I start practicing again a little. I am trying to find some enthusiasts in our city for a string quartet. So far not much luck. Everybody are busy, and it is hard to find time for practice without benefits of performing.
    I also find out that there are a couple symphonic orchestra in our city with not professional players. They are still very good, and you need to pass an audition to earn the right to participate (it is absolutely on volunteer basis). I am practicing, so maybe sometime will try. 🙂

    That is benefits of having grown up children! – have more time for yourself.
    I know that you are caring for your daughter now, and it is hard 24/7 job. I have two girls, and cannot believe now how quickly the time pass, and my babies are taller than me (well only the younger one). Enjoy your time with your child, and later you will have plenty of time to enjoy yourself as well. 🙂

    My week was not that good, I had only one proper fasting, couple of times attempted fasting (gave up in evenings, but fasted during day), and one major binge on Thursday. Ate more carbs and sugary food than usually.
    Still my Monday weight in shows 145.4 lb. it is 2.2 down from last Monday. 🙂

    I heard that people who grew up as overweight/obese even if they are healthy now, still perceive themselves as overweight. I think similar happened with skinny people. If they grew up as skinny, even if they are overweight now, still they see themselves as thin. I understand now that I have that problem. Additionally, I am very optimistic (sometimes over-optimistic), and once in a while I need a reality check. I lost about 17 lb from January, and start getting compliments. That relaxes me a lot, and I start being not that strict with my fasts, and with my TDEE. So for the reality check I went to store, and pick up some cute dresses size 4, 6, and 8. Well, size 8 is still a little tight, but almost good. I even squeezed myself to size 6 – and it was clear that some parts of my body trying push away from dress in various places. I did not even attempted size 4. But the lesson is learned! – I MUST not give up my fasting, and MUST watch my TDEE.

    Fasting today with new determination!

    Well, I really going backwards for a while, having major binges and overeating.
    I need to work on my attitude. The compliments that i received making me feel safe and that I could now get away with some relaxation on rule. BAD MOVE! My numbers are going sharply up after relaxing week and a half. Now I am struggling to get back to the structure.

    I tried to analyze why I binge. Why I am doing that? I am generally happy woman, nothing bad is going on in my life. I have a wonderful husband, good job. My girls are grown up, my mom loves me. My boss is calm and respectful. My co-workers are wonderful.

    So it is not really an emotional eating.What else could it be?

    Maybe it is a little girl in me that thinks that she could get away with some rebellious mood. Or maybe it is more a teenage girl that just want something now, no matter what?

    Whatever it is I need to find a way to handle it. Learn how to stick to the rules for long time.

    I am reading all of those posts that tell me that it is getting easier and easier with time. For me it is exact opposite. It is like I am stretching elastic rope – the longer and farther I stretch, the stronger the opposed forces, the harder is to hold on to it.

    Updates for May – ZERO result!!! 🙁

    In average my weight was less, because I managed to lose some weight in the middle of the May, but than was having major binges problem.
    My lowest was 144.0 after fasting, and the highest 149.4 (after overeating).
    Average weight for May was 147.0, which is 1.7 less than average for April.

    I managed one complete 36 hour no calories fast and multiple small fasts from 20 – 24 hours. Unfortunately, the last couple of weeks I was overeating and consumed a lot of carbs.

    Have to admit, that I enjoy the food, but feeling depressed after the overeating. I need to remember the feeling and be really mindful with any type of food and especially with carbs.

    There were 3 visits to gym (none for the last two weeks).

    Starting new month, hopefully June will be better for me. BTW, I am fasting today.

    I know that the last weeks were hard for you – but your average weight is still down, right? Compared to the previous months? So that would be a positive result of a difficult month of weight loss?

    I think monthly summaries are a great idea – very helpful to recognize patterns and long-term developments. May I steal your idea?

    Anyway…here’s to a better and more successful new month…keep on keeping on!


    LOL! Of course you may!

    I am actually thinking to steal somebody else’s idea and start to report weekly progress (or failure). I think it will motivate and discipline me better.
    Yes, I am also concentrating on my average instead of my normal last day weight. I know it is kind of cheating, since I gain a lot of pounds back, but, as you guessed, I need something positive for May. 🙂

    Coldpizza, we are in it for the long run, so gaining back a little and then (hopefully) losing it and losing a little more maybe is something to be expected?
    Signing off, very tired!

    BTW, I just wrote an answer to your last post on my own thread.

    Yesterday’s NF day was magically turned into 36 hour no-calories fast! All thanks to ETJ, who posted on her thread a simple advice: Just Stick to it.
    Evening is the hardest time, when I usually gave up and start eating. So, I made re-enforcement using Dr. Fung video and putting it loud, so I could see and hear it from kitchen. It is hard to eat cookie when the proof that it spikes your insulin and insulin resistance and makes you fat right in front of your eyes (and in your ears)
    As a result, I was able to complete my first proper fast this month.
    😀 😀 😀

    What I would do without this blog? I would probably gave up already.
    So thank all of you! 🙂
    NFD today with new hope and the goal to avoid all refine carbs.

    You are right, we are here for a long run. So what if we sometimes stumble, or even fall, we just get up and continue. 🙂

    Who knew that today is National Doughnut Day in USA? I am not joking – it is official.

    Some nice people brought doughnuts in my office, and usually I really enjoy it (I always looove a doughnut or two or three). But today is my fasting day. And I am just out of my long binge struggle.

    I am sticking to my fast. I don’t want any refined carbs to increase my insulin level and make me fat. I am trying to get rid of any thought of how tasty are the doughnuts and concentrate of how bad are they. They can trigger my next long-time binge and ruin my success. I don’t want another 5 lb gain in a week. I love my black coffee.

    Oh, please, my dear co-workers eat the doughnuts quickly, don’t make it so hard for me!!!

    Coldpizza, staring down a box of donuts here too. I “cheated” with a Fresca instead. I haven’t had a diet soda since April, when I read The Obesity Code.

    Oddly enough, the guy who brought in the donuts did not realize that today is THE DAY. I let him know that July 18 is National Caviar Day. Hint…


    I never was a fan of soda, I don’t really crave it, but doughnut is another story…
    Good luck to staring down your box of donuts, I am afraid to go and look at it, since it is a huge temptation for me. I am glad that today is a fasting day, otherwise I would succumb for the donuts’ serenade for sure.
    I was reading about your 120 lb success. Congrats! It is so impressive!
    Who needs donuts, if we are losing our lbs right now, getting healthier, and prettier, and stronger! 😀

    I also use Dr. Fung’s video as an extra support. I am on part 4 of “The Aetiology of Obesity” video and he is talking about artificial sweeteners. 🙂

    Coldpizza, Fresca is a guilty pleasure and it conquered the mean donut. I do think you have misunderstood my weight loss. I am in the 120s as in I weigh 120.5, but I started at 130-131. I did NOT lose 120 pounds!!!

    LOL! I know that your goal is 118 lb. 🙂
    I guess my bad English creates that confusion. To BE 120 lb is a success – be proud!

    BTW, I just checked – the doughnuts are gone! I feel much better now knowing that there is nothing to be afraid any more. 🙂

    CP, LOL!! The donut was far more afraid of you!

    This week was very hectic. We moved to new house. Were so busy packing and realizing that we have so much junk. Seems like we became hoarders. When you are so busy, there was not time to fast, but also no time for overeating. I was so surprised that for the last week I actually lost pounds. I am steadily at the top of my healthy BMI and very happy.

    Also I noticed that the 5 pounds that I gained after recent binge were easier to lose than original pounds. 🙂

    So from the start of this year I was 163 lb; Now 142.8! Good bye 20 lb! 🙂
    Now I would like to lose a little bit more and be at 120 lb, the same weight I was married. My mom is coming to visit in July. Maybe I could make 140 by the time of her visit. It would be a nice surprise for her to see thinner me. 🙂

    Good work, coldpizza. I’m riding along and finding your story inspiring. Like the 36 hours fasts, but 0 cals is a bit bootcamp variety for me. Prefer 200 cals or so during fast days; it keeps you socially engaged yet in control of your food intake. My daily threadmill math tells me i need 40 minutes of speed walking to burn 200 cals, so i am very picky about my food choices. Good luck, will be reporting results in a week. Don’t have a goal as I’ve reconciled i need to be on this forever, still i’d like to fit in some older pants soon just to celebrate.

    Thank you aFanOf52.
    I am fasting today. In the morning I always am full of good intentions and determination to complete 36 hour no-calories fast, but in reality I am completing maybe about 20 % of the fast as intended. Many times I succumb at about 6 pm when I came home. Sometimes I drink hot broth with sea weeds at evening (about 60 cal) – another 20 %, but sometimes I simply cannot stop eating, and end up with 500-600 cal meal – about 40 % of all attempted fasts. The last 20 % – I eat a lot more at evening – maybe 1000 -1200 cal – which I cannot even count as proper fast. Still even with the last situation – I am having no-calories fast for about 20 hours.

    How do you fast? I also have some old pants/dresses I wish to fit. Best luck to you and happy losing. 😀

    I can relate to all of it … It’s natural to crave food, especially good food. The secret is to sin carefully … A banana = two tomatoes + two nectarines + three almonds. Which are you going to have ? Good luck; i’m sure you’ll make the right choice.

    Happy to report that another proper 36 hour no calories fast is completed. It was actually 41 hour because I ate last by 2 pm on Wednesday and start eating on Friday 7 am. 🙂

    Since I put all info in my excel from January 1st, I counted how many 36-48 hours fasts I have completed so far. I was surprised to see that only 14 was completed for 5.5 months. So it is 2 or 3 per month. And it is still working! 🙂

    Even though my weight goes up and down like in yo-yo diet, but overall it goes right direction: down.

    I was unpacking another boxes at new place and realize how much junk I have. We lived in old house for 10 years, and I am discovering things, that I NEVER used during those years. Then I start thinking, that I am so much careful now about what I am bringing to my body, and maybe I should be as well careful to things that I bring and keep at home. I am starting major de-cluttering process. Used some tips from internet and put three boxes: to through away, to bring to Goodwill, and to thing about.
    I wish to find similar blog about organizing a house.

    Coldpizza – I found you! Congrats on lasting the 36 hours! Somedays are certainly harder than others. You must be eating the right food on your eating days to be keeping the weight off. At least you know that you will be right once you reach your goal weight at maintaining the weight loss.
    We only moved out here in December last year, so I remember unpacking the boxes well. Be ruthless! lol.

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