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  • I love noodles! I was just looking up calories for tonight’s meal and discovered Zero Noodles. 100g is 4 calories!! After doing some research on them, they look pretty good. Just wondered if anyone else had experience of them.

    Details here:

    That’s my favorite.

    I love using the Zero Noodles, they taste a bit strange in texture but take on the flavour of what you cook which is great. They also a fantastic way to eat what you think would be carbs, imagine that lovely bowl of pasta but its actually zero noodles.
    I like making the chickpea in a hurry curry from the new fast diet book and having with half a packet of noodles.
    There are other brands I have posted about the noodles before and lots of people offered links and other brand ideas but I live in Mauritius so choice is limited and usually only what I can get posted.

    I found the taste and texture of them fine and was delighted that they were so low in cals.

    However, they had an unfortunate side effect on me-they gave me severe diarrhoea! I thought it might be just the particular brand I’d tried so I bought a different brand but nope, same thing. I haven’t heard of anyone else having the same reaction to them though so it might just be me. I’m gutted though cos they were so handy on fast days!

    Tried the zero noodles but absolutely hate them; even with some sauce added.
    I will adjust my menu so that if I have dried egg noodles ( about 200 calories) I will cut down elsewhere.
    Really dislike the zero noodles with zero colour and taste.

    Are these similar to Slendier Noodles made from a vegetable called Konjac? On Fast days I make a yummy and surprisingly filling soup with slendier noodles (well rinsed!), with 1 cup of homemade chicken broth, snow peas, zucchini, asparagus and spinach leaves, dash of tamarin and dash of child flakes. It is really tasty and is as satisfying as a real noodle soup!

    Hi Allure, yes they are. Lots of detail on Wiki which also explains Laine’s unfortunate reaction. I’m intrigued by your recipe though. I love children but have never tried eating them! I have 4 scrumptious grandchildren. How do you flake them?

    ha ha what an unfortunate typo! Chili flakes of course!

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