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  • I’ve booked my first yoga class for first thing on Sunday morning! Ok, so it’s not high intensity or cardio, but it’s a start! Right?
    I live a very sedentary lifestyle.
    Since starting 5:2 I’ve been slowly trying to incorporate more walking into my life. If I’m at work on a fasting day, I get out for a walk during my lunch break instead of watching everybody else eat!
    At weekends I try to get out for an hour or so of brisk walking (just out of breath type walking).

    I’d like to get back into jogging, but I think this may be best started when the weather improves a little. (I won’t stick with it while it’s snowing and cold).

    To get myself back into exercise classes I’ve decided to try yoga. Never done it before and I don’t know what to expect!

    Does anybody have any advice for my first yoga class?

    Wear stretchy, comfortable clothing that can move with you. Doesn’t need to be flashy, expensive yoga clothes. Listen to your body. Your instructor should be sensitive to each student’s needs and suggest modifications according to ability levels and physical needs (high blood pressure, problems with knees or shoulders, for example). Don’t be dismayed if you can’t do a particular pose, or can barely approximate it at first. I started a yoga class a few months ago and am pleased with my progress. I practice outside of class as well. My posture is improved, my balance is improved, my flexibility is improved, and generally I feel calmer. I’m gaining strength in my shoulders and upper arms. Yoga is a great place to start for someone who has been sedentary.
    Another woman in my class, probably in her late 60s, moves like a teenager. She said that when she started yoga, she was less flexible than I am. I’m at least 10 years younger than she is, and I can’t keep up with her. (Nor do I try.)

    I started doing Yoga about 3 years ago, and I love it and now practice at home. Yoga has increased my flexibility and stamina. You will be asked to do poses that are also used in high impact exercise formats but you will do them slowly, and hold the pose for a short time.

    When I went to a high impact exercise class the instructor was very impressed by my technique, I told her this was down to yoga practice.

    The key to yoga for me has been to find the right teacher, someone that suits me, my abilities and can work with my injuries.

    Also remember its not a competition.

    Thank you Debra and Linda for your comments and your helpful advice.

    You both sound very positive about this form of exercise! And it’s great to hear that you’ve seen improvements in your flexibility and strength.

    I feel like I need something low impact to get myself back into exercise. I have had a few back and joint issues in the past, so I certainly won’t be pushing myself too far at the beginning.

    I’ll be sure to introduce myself to the instructor as well, let her know I’m a complete newbie!

    Way to go @clickbeetle85! Here are some of the health benefits coming your way: Although it’s not a huge calorie burner, its effects on your strength, balance (both physical and mental) and flexibility are some of the many reasons to incorporate yoga into your life.

    Don’t be discouraged if you don’t find the right class or teacher right away (as Linda says, this can make or break the experience). Some prefer a more spiritual approach whilst others just want to get moving. Here’s a handy info-graphic to help you find the style of yoga that’s right for you!

    Keep up the 5:2 and keep us posted on your progress!

    Yoga is fantastic exercise, don’t discount it just because it looks all slow & gentle, it can give you a really good workout and you can still wake up the next day aching from it, even if you’re already pretty fit. Yoga can surprise you! It can also really compliment whatever other exercise you do – helping you push on to the next level.

    Do remember that it isn’t a competition though. I feel quite bad in my regular yoga class because I’m quite new to it but I was already pretty fit from swimming and I’m naturally very flexible anyway. The others in the class wouldn’t have necessarily realized I was pretty fit because I don’t really look it yet and I always wear pretty loose clothes in the gym anyway. It was pretty clear to start with that I was new to yoga and didn’t know what I was doing but I was always the one doing the full pose with no issues first time, which I can see sometimes makes others in the class competitive and wanting to push themselves to reach that far too, even though our instructor ALWAYS stresses that we should listen to our bodies and do what is comfortable for us and ALWAYS gives alternatives for those with injuries or flexibility restrictions.

    It really isn’t a competition. I couldn’t run for a bus and you’d never catch me wobbling down the road on a bike but I can swim you under the table and tie myself in a knot with no problem – don’t compete with me or those like me – we’re all different and have our own strengths and weaknesses. Do what YOU can do. Yoga is all about mindfulness, self-awareness and YOU! It’s brilliant!

    Ooh lovely – a yoga thread.

    Yoga is the only exercise I do at present and it’s the most wonderful thing ever.

    I totally agree it should be non competitive, I have terribly tight ham strings and can’t touch my knees never mind my toes, but other poses I can do quite well. Everyone is made differently and actually being inflexible in places is a very compelling reason to take up yoga rather than a reason not to.

    I’m really hoping to go to Turkey on a yoga retreat later in the year.

    It’s not just about exercise, my class is on a Friday night and after a heavy week at work I don’t always feel like going. But I can guarantee that after the class, work is a distant memory.

    I can’t recommend it enough.


    Oooooh CakeyWakey you make me quite jealous – my yoga class is on Saturday mornings and it’s brilliant but there’s no Friday evening option and that would be THE BEST time ever to do yoga.

    Do you do the 15 mins of relaxation at the end? We do and somehow after that, I have to gee myself up to go and do my shopping and other weekend errands but a Friday night – oh that would be bliss, to just go straight home have my tea and crawl into bed still all loose & sleepy from yoga. 😉

    Hello TracyJ

    It’s a super time to do yoga, although after the relaxation I just want someone to put a blanket over me and let me sleep.

    We are very lucky as the class is held in a tiny yoga studio at the back of a quaint cottage in a lovely village. I love it so much.

    It also fits with this WOL because although I don’t fast on a Friday I don’t eat my tea until after yoga at 9 pm. Every week I think I’ll get a takeaway on the way home and then I never ever have as I feel so good after yoga I just want healthy food so I end up with something light like scrambled eggs on toast. My calories on a Friday are usually about 1000 in addition to my 2 fast days so think that works out quite well.



    I’ve recently got into yoga. Its really great. I can’t get to classes so much, so I bought a DVD which I do in my living room. It works better for me anyway because I’m so embarrasingly stiff that I’d rather not go to a class of bendy yoga bunnies!

    Its a good DVD. If you want the name of it, let me know. Hannah

    Hello everyone, I hope its all good for you too, am sure it is and with no more thing

    I advise you use this guide ,it can help you make good use of yoga.
    it also explains how to start Yoga Training Step by Step

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