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  • So, today was my very first day for a very long time that I slept 8.25 hours, with only one pee break. Before today it was many short sleeps through out the day and many pee breaks. So both my insomnia and my excessive pee breaking (presumably enlarged prostate) is so greatly improved that I have to say that the problems are resolved. Both fasting and a super-food (spirulina, etc.) ketogenic diet have played a big roll. But recently I have been drinking magnesium bicarbonate and potassium bicarbonate infused water ( ) , which seems to have closed the deal. Both my sleep and my trips to the can have improved greatly ever since I started with the two bicarbonates. So it is obvious to me that they played a big roll.

    Health can not be attained by doing just one thing, assuming that other things are sub-optimal. And for old people (I am 70 years old.), absorption is an issue.

    Yesterday and this morning I learned a really big lesson (read: suffered because of my own foolishness). It is all about insulin; specifically, the higher the insulin level, the worse off the T2D person is, and protein also jacks up the insulin level. Protein is about 45% (my estimate) as spiking as carbs. Of course, there are essential proteins. But yesterday for “lunch” I had a whole bunch of protein. Perhaps a pound of crab salad (with next to no actual salad, so about 1 pound of crab, and it was oh so delicious), 2 eggs, 30 grams of spirulina. All heavy protein sources. About 4 hours later I was hungry. I couldn’t understand, why am I hungry again. So I ate another meal about 5 hours later. And I was perplexed. Then, while laying in bed it came to me: Protein jacks up the insulin. It is not about calories or carbs; it is all about insulin. Anything that jacks up insulin levels will result in problems. Even my sleep was troubled as per before my previous post. I even had a very slight twinge of diabetic peripheral neuropathy pain, and I generally didn’t feel very good.

    Lesson: Don’t over do the protein!

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