Words you'll never hear someone say: I just binged on spinich

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Words you'll never hear someone say: I just binged on spinich

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  • I keep banging on about it but to give yourself the best chance of success you need to go to the cupboard and fridge and anything that has sugar in it needs to go in the bin, never to be seen again. Ive yet to read someone on this forum say that they had a really bad day and busted on their fast day….they ate way too much salad and veggies.

    Go to the cupboard now and throw the biscuits, cakes, ice cream, chocolate, crisps out.

    Hi bigbooty,
    Good suggestion! I did throw out all of those stuff from my home, but still manage to get them once in a while in office or while visiting friends. I hear that some long time fasters are do not even have cravings for those things any more. Cannot wait to achieve that. So far my cravings are with me, so it is constant battle.

    Easier said than done, Bigbooty!

    I keep a stash of chocolate in a back bedroom closet. It’s off limits except for Sundays and then I try not to go overboard. I don’t ever cheat during the week and won’t even go near that room except Sunday mornings to avoid temptation. On Sunday mornings after walking the dog I go into the “Chocolate room”, pick out what I’m going to have for the day, and lock it back up. It has been a workable system for me for the past couple years. If I had cheated even once all that chocolate would be thrown right in the garbage.

    I do like my veggies during the week, though. You’re so right, it’s best to avoid sugary stuff but sometimes I just have to have a little to satisfy myself.


    Wow Bronx if you can do that I tip my hat to you. I think the vast majority of people (that want to lose weight) don’t have that level of self control.

    BB, I’ve been a maintainer for two years and I don’t have that level of control. Some people freeze cake in portions, but I’ve discovered that frozen cake (and cookie dough) is a delicious frozen dessert…!

    I don’t have much of a sweet tooth…except for if its in the house and already open… So as you say, best not to leave temptation in my way.

    Although… I do now binge on full fat yoghurt and nuts 😊

    Very proud of myself that I stopped at half a Reuben sandwich yesterday on an NFD. I loooove Reubens but I ate only half. Gosh, was it good.

    Yep, you have to learn to enjoy just a portion and not the whole thing. That was my problem growing up; I wasn’t taught portion control and had to learn that it’s not mandatory to eat everything on my plate at every meal.

    One thing from my childhood that stayed with me is if my cousin left food on his plate at the end of a meal his grandmother would finish it. It was said she lived through the depression and thought it was wrong to waste food. That might be part of my past problem, being an old cheapskate I hate to throw good food out. Learning how much to put on my plate in the first place has really helped with this.


    Yes I was guilty of mopping up the kids left overs. That’s our pet dog’s job now. Funnily enough he doesn’t mind having to do it. A win win situation, I maintain my weight and his tail is always wagging come dinner time

    I love spinach. My family has always cooked with it. We make a wonderful spinach casserole dish, pour it over mash with a side of fried eggs. Also make a creamy spinach pasta, its the best and goes really well with cheese or dairy in general.

    In terms of keeping sweets away. If you just cant cope with them in the house I guess you have no choice but I prefer to have the odd sweet and or bit of junk, it’s good for the soul. Also I believe it is necessary to raise my kids teaching them it’s OK to have the odd chocolate or biscuit instead of keeping it away from them because it teaches them moderation and coping skills around these foods and it seems to be working as my five year old never ever drinks sugary drinks, almost never drinks juices she just prefers water and milk and the same goes with chocolate, its always there in our house and if you eat your food and be good you get a piece but sometimes she just prefers an apple.

    At that age its a case of monkey see monkey do. As a family we collectively stopped buying chocolates, biscuits, ice cream etc. about a year ago. We don’t actually miss all those treats now. All the kid’s complaints lasted about 2 weeks and now its really not a problem. Funny how your taste buds change when you detox yourself from sugar.

    I am a recent 5:2 newbie and I wanted to add – I am a person who binges on spinach. I bloody love a bag of fresh spinach leaves. I also like cake and tortilla chips, so, not all good.

    It’s funny that we know how bad these sweet foods are even when we aren’t fasting, and yet throwing them out is difficult. In my case, I have grown around sugar — that’s most of my lifetime I had to undo.

    I have a stock of chocolate, including a Hershey Bar I bought in Philadelphia airport last March, a box of orange Matchmakers and a packet if the small bats if chocolate from Aldi. I will treat myself very occasionally, after I’ve done a big housecleaning session, for example.

    It’s ice cream I find hard to resist. Maintaining on 128 lbs though.

    You’ve made your point pretty clearly.

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