Without breakfast was awesome but felt faint – any tips?

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Without breakfast was awesome but felt faint – any tips?

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  • I have been living off the indulgences of Christmas and haven’t fasted for a very long time.

    I tried two days without breakfast and noticed significant reduction in appetite which was great. The second day however, I missed lunch – mainly because I was working. I nearly passed out! Very unlike me, but felt v light headed. I then had a coffee with lots of milk and properly broke the fast at 3:30 then had a sandwich. I wondered if the dizziness was Worsened or caused by my increased caffeine intake that day.

    I did notice before feeling faint my mood was better and I wasn’t feeling snacky- which has become a habit since the Christmas period.

    Frustrated though, as I found not eating dampened my appetite and I just felt more chilled out. It was nice to feel truly hungry at dinner time too- made me much more mindful. appreciating every bite.

    If I was home alone or at a spa I would continue to fast but it’s a bit irresponsible of me to do it when working or looking after children unless I can find a way to combat the dizziness. As mentioned never happened to me before – years ago i could go a day without eating no problem, sigh maybe being in my 40s instead of 20s May be the reason.

    I have no other health issues (apart from low mood) I also have naturally low blood pressure 90/60 is my average daily reading – so likely my blood pressure dropped?

    Any tips? I did wonder about salt . Also whether it was an effect of lots of caffeine…


    I occasionally feel I bit light headed on FDs and I cure it by taking a couple of pinches of salt washed down with a big glass of water. It works every time.
    If you don’t want to do that you could try a hot savoury drink such as Bovril or Miso soup.

    Great thanks Amazon. I did think about some miso but I think I would be tempted to then have something with it! It may look a bit weird nevkinv some salt at work, do you feel sick??

    A small amount of salt works and it takes effect very quickly. I usually take a pinch or two of it from the rock salt pot sitting on my kitchen work surface. Excessive amounts of salt can induce nausea and vomiting but a tiny amount is no problem.
    you can buy salt tablets but a pinch of salt is much cheaper. You could easily put some in a little container and take a discreet pinch of it when you get yourself some water.

    I have some packets of instant miso that have dehydrated veggies/beans in so it is like a mini meal for less than 30 calories as it has the benefit of providing something to chew!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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