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  • Hello, I was wondering if drinking a coke could be something you can do whenever you want on fasting days or this might reduce the fasting impact over your body. I already know that you have to have long periods of non eating on the fasting days but I wanted to know if this I also ment for drinking. Thanks

    Are you talking about regular coke or diet coke? Regular coke will COMPLETELY destroy youre attempt at fasting and also negate the fast itself. There is also some evidence that some people respond to diet drinks the same way they respond to sugared versions of the same drink. They have an insulin spike which means they will not be able to burn any fat.

    So a simple 3 word answer would be “Don’t do it”. In fact don’t do it ever would be even better. You need to satisfy your first, drink water. Need a caffeine fix, have coffee without the sugar.

    The only carbonated drink you should consider on a FD is water.

    As bigbooty says, if you need to drink the first choice should be water and if you are feeling hungry then a hot drink either no sugar tea or coffee with a splash of milk if you can’t tolerate it without or miso soup/broth all of which have very few calories.

    I’ve heard that coke is quite good for cleaning toilets though 😀

    Martieda, you ask if Fasting means to abstain from consuming beverages. NO. While Fasting, even if you are eating on your Fast Day, you must drink water for hydration. Other acceptable beverages are sparkling water, hot or iced tea, hot or iced coffee.

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