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  • Please forgive me if I am posting this in the wrong category but this is my first contribution:

    It occurred to me that if the 5/2 diet kick starts the immune system, it could explain why certain illnesses cause a loss of appetite. The reverse of, ‘a little of what you fancy, does you good.’ If you are sick and ‘fancy’ nothing, is this the body’s way to instruct the immune system to do it’s job?

    Certainly, the absence of any activity in the digestive system does free an enormous amount of energy that can be focused on healing.

    From a purely anecdotal viewpoint, I have to agree with you abfab. And not just when it comes to how one responds to illness. I find if I’m craving a particular food, I probably need some macro-nutrient (fat, protein or carbs) that the food I crave has. So if I’m craving candy, I go for fruit or juice (sugar). If I’m craving a burger & fries, I’ll have a vegetable with a big pat of butter (fat) instead. So far, it’s working for me.

    hmmm interesting question)

    The immune system is supressed during fasting. Or at least the production of new white cells. Those that are poorly performing. Breaking your fast promotes rapid white cell production. So your immune system is as good as it can be with regular fasting. Many organism have evolved to run on glucose. Not many run on ketones. So fasting does tend to naturally starve on kentones, including cancer cells.

    Thank you for this, bigbooty: fascinating. My theory was clearly over-simple… a bit like me really!

    I started 5:2 9 weeks back and my waist has gone from 39 inches to 34. When I hit 32 and can once more fit my tailor made wardrobe, it’ll be 6:1

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