What to Eat on Fast Days

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  • Hello everyone,

    I am new to this concept of dieting and will be starting my journey beginning tomorrow. I’d like to know what everyone eats on Fast days to stay within the 500 calories. Are most of you eating soup on Fast Days as I think that might be the easiest for me to do. Any advice to get started would be greatly appreciated.



    im new to this as well and would like to know myself.

    Hi, this is only my 2nd week of fasting and I have already lost 3lbs, so chuffed with that! I am using the meal planners in the fast fiet book by Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer which give plenty of ideas. You can also use the ‘female’ breakfasts with the ‘male’ main courses to get more variety and keep within 500 cals. Drink plenty of water to keep hydrated. I’ve found that drinking a mug of bovril or bouillon really helpful when tummy rumbling.

    I find that eating a lot of protein like fish, eggs and lean meat keeps the hungriest away, at least during the day. Beans are filling, as are lentils. Green pea soup is filling as is just about any soup. Lots of people here eat minestrone on FD. As everyone says, lots of water and plain tea helps. I drink diet sodas which helps. (Even though they probably aren’t good for me.) The carbonation seems to help.

    It seems like most of my FDs involve just a few different foods that I really like. FD on Monday and Thursday (unless something is going on one of those days and it gets moved to another day) have become so routine for me now. I’ve been doing 5:2 since May 10 of this year and I never miss doing my 2 fast days. That is non-negotiable for me. If I screw up, it’s because of eating too much on a NFD, not missing a FD.

    Good luck on your 5:2 way of living, PCOSMom. I hope you find it as easy to stick with as I do. My average loss has been a little over a pound per week or .7 kg. Glad you found us here.

    Lots of high fiber low starch veggies with some grass fed butter or olive oil. For protein I like whole eggs or oily fish like sardines or smoked salmon. Water and or black coffee to drink.

    The fiber and fat keeps me very satisfied and not hungry at all.

    I avoid any kind of grains, sugar, potatoes etc.

    Yes! Soup is perfect for fast days! I have cuppas through the day and then a big bowl of soup in the evening, usually miso soup with chicken and vegetables.

    Thanks everyone! This is a great start.

    Hi PCOS mom and Claudy, just starting myself too. First fast planned for Saturday 7, will be mostly eating chicken soup. Let me know how you get on.

    Soup can be great on Fast Days, but you don’t have to limit yourself to that. If you want variety, try this:
    Meze Meal with chicken: 297 calories 5.8 g fat 6 g fiber 21.5 g protein 22 g carb 174 mg Calcium PB GF ‘Meze’ is the Greek equivalent of Spanish Tapas. Small servings chosen from multiple small plates which make it easy to eat on a hot Mediterranean night. Well, we don’t live on a vast inland sea, but we’ll take good low calorie, low fat, delicious food where ever we can find it. There are lots of good recipes in the book Meze by Rosemary Barron.
    1/4 cup white beans ½ Tbsp capers 1/2 oz marinated mushrooms 2.5 oz tomato, cubed generous pinch Greek oregano 1.5 oz cooked chicken breast 1 oz mozzerella cheese [or use feta, same amount] 1 ½ oz lemon-marinated carrots marinade: 1 tsp olive oil + 1 tsp lemon juice + pinch of granulated garlic + pinch oregano
    Combine the white beans with the capers in a small bowl. In another bowl, combine the tomatoes and the oregano. Slice the carrots into small logs or coins and cook until tender. Drain and combine with the marinade in a small jar with a lid. Shake well, remove the lid and let the carrots cool in the marinade. Attend to the shrimp by cooking it and removing the shells, if necessary. Drain the marinade from the jar and pour it over the shrimp. Plate the ingredients to please the eye.

    I have learned the longer you can push off eating it is easier to not be as hungry.. I usually skip breakfast even on the days I don’t fast . On fasting days it is salad for lunch and salad for dinner I add a little bit of chicken to the salad for protein . on fasting days vegetables are the lowest calorie things to eat.. sometimes I eat a bowl of spinach… I love spinach so that works for me.

    Personally I go for no food on FDs. The only calories I get is from Coke Zero/Pepsi Max, black coffee (no sugar) and black tea (no sugar). I find it harder to start eating a little bit and then having to stop than it is to just forego food altogether.

    How’s it going, Mom? And you Claudy?

    After a weekend trip when I went up 2 pounds, I have lost one and hope to be down another 1/2 pound after today’s Fast. At this stage, there are little ups and little downs, but it all averages out well.
    Hope you had a good Fast Day.

    Fast Day today for us: Smoked Salmon/Leek Baked Eggs for breakfast and Thai Butternut Squash Soup for dinner.

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