What am I doing wrong-Belly fat!!

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What am I doing wrong-Belly fat!!

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  • I’m 19, 5″8 and around 9st 7- 10 lbs. I have a huge issue with stomach fat. I love the fast diet and have lost around 7 lbs in a month. However I can’t get rid of my stubborn belly fat! I run for 30-45 minutes on fast days and eat generally well on non fast days. What am I doing wrong?? It’s getting me down and I could use a little advice. I’m new to there forums, but find they really help with great advice you all give 😀 x

    hi Birdgirl94

    I can sympathise with you on your issue, I have struggled myself after having 2 kids lol!

    but since starting 5.2 I defo feel less bloated and less stomach fat too!! I would say give it more time, you will loose all over and not just one part of your body…
    have you tried crunchies, or a few abs workouts? as well as walking everyday I do a short 10 m workout mainly on my abs,as I don’t want to gain muscle..

    another suggestion is water retention often cause by salt, so its worth just keeping an eye on that!
    hope that helps a little but am sure others will be along soon to advise you!

    hang in there, and good luck 🙂

    Hi normally the last place on your body you lose weight is the first place you put on ie belly bum etc. So it might take a little bit longer to lose it from your tummy so just keep going and i bet you will get results in time 🙂

    Hello, thanks both of you for advice. I need to keep going but its good to hear it does work in the end!! I will also try walk a little more 🙂


    Good on you Birdgirl!!

    a positive attitude I believe is half the battle!! 🙂

    😀 😀 I can do this!

    yes you CAN 😉 xx

    Hi birdgirl ….when you find out how to really shift that belly fat…could you share the secret? 😀 I’m sure quite a few of us could do with knowing.

    And if anyone knows how to shrink boobs without surgery – I’d like to know that too please. 😀

    I’ll be sure to let you all know 😉 x

    Try to do some weightlifting

    I have done planking from the Fast exercise book–started being able to hold the position for 3 seconds!! now can do for 35. and it’s making a difference. In the book there are some other HIT exercises such as the safe version of abdominal crunches.

    I have stomach fat and big boobs and went on this diet to try and get rid of the stomach fat and Michael indicated it was good for that and your memory. It has not helped either unfortunately. I have lost 24lbs since last March and I am extremely pleased but have not lost anything since September last year when I was on fast and slimming world together. I have hardly lost anything on my stomach but lost it everywhere else which other diets did and although keeping fasting 2 days a week has prevented me from putting it back on. It is just like any other diet where you need to exercise and keep your eye on the calories the other day. I think other diets and Just cutting down everyday is not as brutal. I am reluctant to stop the fasting now as I do not want to put the weight back on but I am stuck in a rut! I do not want to do two diets and I would like to just try the slimming world to try and shift more pounds but worried I will start to put the weight back on if I stop fasting. We all have different metabolism and I certainld do not over eat on the non fast days but this diet is not all its cracked up to be. It is like any other diet where you have to cut down on all days and exercise and does not get rid of tummy fat like it portrays. I think it is another diet that portrays it will do this and that and it doesn’t. Not for me anyway and I throught after reading all the books it would. Big sell eh!!!

    I have just read an article that says fasting CAUSES belly fat!!!..is this right?

    It absolutely does not! My belly has shrunk since starting 5weeks ago. Was a tight 36 pants, now a loose 34. In 5 weeks. And 11 lbs gone.

    I really think it depends upon your body shape. People with pear-shaped bodies put weight on their hips and thighs first and bellies last. So, when the weight comes off, it comes off bellies first, hips and thighs last. People with the other type of shape, where they have nice slim legs and small tushes, but weight in their bellies, loose weight from their hips and thighs first.

    I, for example, am the pear -shaped type. My upper body has gotten quite thin, boobs are almost nonexistent, but still have a lumpy tush and saddle bags on my thighs.

    Sigh…… I would have liked to keep my boobs. I miss them. 🙁

    HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) or HIT as they call it on this site is the very best way to increase fat burning via exercise. In general effort or intensity while exercising is far more important than duration.

    I’m always surprise when women say they don’t want to gain muscle, particularly those that are a bit older since they have been losing it since they where 20. Muscle burns calories 24 hours a day. Most of our slowing metabolism is due to muscle loss. Weight training is the only way to retain and add muscle for women or men. It is with out doubt the most important exercise for women to lose fat and the only way to increase your BMR.

    Hi 🙂

    Unfortunately, it’s not possible to “spot reduce” fat in specific places. As someone mentioned earlier, the belly fat will eventually go as long as you maintain a caloric deficit.

    Good luck!

    Omg I have tried three times to post here and it just keeps vanishing!!

    But this posted!!

    Can I not use rows of dits,emoticons or exclamation marks?So annoying!!

    Well exclamation marks are ok,is it the rows of dots or emoticons ?

    Will try again,I am nearly 63 and have v
    Been doing the fast diet for 12 months.i am 5ft 6″ and currently weigh 9st 12 lbs (I hear a lot of you saying ‘what the hell is she moaning about!!) I have skinny arms and legs and no butt BUT I do have belly fat,I have just read an article that says that fasting INCREASES belly fat,is this true?!!!

    Not true. Just the opposite, in fact. Excess insulin from eating too much refined carbs (bread, white rice, etc.) and starches (potatoes, etc) is what causes us to store fat. Also, constantly eating and snacking between meals keeps insulin high, so your body never gets a chance to burn stored fat for energy. And we all know where that fat goes to first! Stomach, hips, and thighs.

    Fasting reverses this process. My belly is flatter than it has been in 10 years. I can show you before and after pics! And I’ve only been doing it for 8 weeks.

    Thanks for that.It did seem quite a scientific study though!l have recently started swimming again after 25years twice a week for about an hour breast stroke am hoping this will help,also I walk quite a lot but always have because I have never wanted to drive.Anyway will stick with it!

    Hi Gail,

    Did you happen to take your measurements when you started the diet? If so, has your waist measurement changed at all? Do your clothes feel looser around the middle? Those signs may help you.

    what you did is great .do not push yourself too much .just do it step by step . fast food no ! but you also should mind your nutrition . it is so important for one who is losing weight .metabolism will be disordered if you don’t have enough protein every day .

    My waist or back fat have not diminished at all which is very disheartening.I don’t see how the body can take fat from where there is hardly any and not plunder the “feast of fat”available in those areas.I feel like I could get down to 7stone and STILL keep hold of that fat!

    I think this is sadly one of those things you have to accept. People who have big bottoms wish they didn’t and people who have flabby tummies wish they didn’t. You can’t choose where the weight goes on, and you can’t choose where you lose it from either!

    I have found the best things to have helped me in the stubbon fat has been extra protien and weights.

    Obviously you cannot spot burn, but you can choose exercises that focus on these parts and once a little muscle is built then you will find it all comes off a lot easier.

    Dear Gail,

    You may want to read the book “Wheat Belly.” It is about all the harmful affects (included large bellies) of gluten, but especially wheat. My husband used to have a somewhat distended abdomen until he stopped eating gluten.

    Take care.

    Thank you,I do do weights only a few reps of 3 different upper body lifts,also I have taken up swimming,just twice a week doing breaststroke for about 45 minutes,will the swimming help?

    Going slightly off piste here (but it’s all a means to an end!)…Have any of you good folk had any experience of. Vibration plate cos I have just bought one (well I bought it a while ago actually but it’s being in my gym (shed) gathering dust along side my cross trainer!

    Excuse me?????

    I don’t think the science is clear yet on where fat reduction will occur next on our bodies …

    I have a theory – that the pattern for fat storage is hard coded into our genes, and that the pattern is a LAST IN FIRST OUT system … The fat that has been developed most recently is the first to reduce …

    This is purely anecdotal, but it makes perfect sense in my mind …

    In any case- I am 26 months into using the 5:2 Fast Diet, and have lost 96 lbs total so far … My waist size has went from approx 50 inches to 34 inches … I’ve lost approx 16 inches from my waist … It’s a freekin miracle!

    Just keep going … Don’t stop – you will be successful if you persevere … Good luck !

    TrajanGregory, what you say is very impressive! Congrats! I’d be interested to know what sort of calorie levels you use on non-fast days. Do you stick to the ADEE limits?

    I did 5:2 last year and lost a stone, then weight loss stalled for ages, meaning I had to reassess my TDEE etc. Unfortunately my other half then quit the diet January this year and my will power dissapeared

    Fortunately I’ve only put on 2 pounds since January. But my 36″ belly has not budged the entire time I’ve been on 5:2 (am 9 stone 4 and 5’4″). I want to exercise but fibromyalgia and hyper mobility makes that very difficult. I walk as much as I can, but I need to build muscle which, for me, is not as easy as it used to be before I got ill.

    I have a two pronged attack which I feel I can stick to:

    1. Water only fast Monday to Friday until a normal dinner and snacks in the evening. I’m three weeks into this and finally, this week, I don’t feel like hell.

    2. Body weight/core strength type exercises. Definitely going to try planking, potentially press ups when a wrist injury heels. Squats etc. I expect this is all going to make me hurt and feel like crap but it has to be done.

    I hate my belly, I used to be in the military and was super fit, it makes me feel pretty bad about myself now.

    woo hoo! weighed myself this morning – 9 stone 1! Back in December/January I could not push past 9 stone 2 with the standard 5:2 so this new method might be the way forward for a bit. I thought my jeans were getting loose on the hips the past few days and i was right.

    Belly still there of course! Although it *might* be shifting. Before I could distend it out to nearly 37″ but now I can’t push much past 36″ this morning. when I was over 10 stone I just looked plump, now at this weight I actually look pregnant. My arms and hips seem to be where most of the weight loss is coming from. Currently in a size 8 ‘under bump’ maternity jeans but thinking a size 6 might be a better fit. This current trend for high waisted jeans is just too tight and too painful to wear.

    Hi there, I only recently started the 5:2, but I have been doing some serious abs exercise since about 8 weeks now. I do it with the fitness blender videos on youtube. There are tons of them online, I find them really great as you can do them at home, they are free and it is really motivational to follow the lead of a person that tells you exactly what to do. Now that I have added the diet to the abs workout, my belly fat is finally disappearing. I still cannot believe it that I actually might succeed in getting rid of it. So, I guess the answer to the problem is the diet coupled with some very targeted exercise. By the way, you dont need any equipment for these exercises, which is great as well. I am not a big fan of lifting weights. Hope this helps.
    Good luck

    Thanks for the tip Karen, I’ll definitely look into the fitness blender videos.

    Down to 8 stone 12 and not an inch off the belly. That’s 18 pounds lost but from everywhere else it seems 🙁

    birdgirl94 have you had any luck yet? Mine has finally started to shift – I suspect my body has been hanging onto that belly fat until the bitter end. I’m now 122.5 lbs and finally the measurement around my belly button has gone down to 34″.

    Apparently stress can cause belly fat due to the excess cortisol produced, which encourages the body to deposit fat there. Omega 3 fish oil can apparently reduce this. I’m 3 days into taking capsules and hoping it helps me get my belly under a safe measurement for my height (32″).

    Well I’ve reached my goal weight – 8 stone 7. But the belly remains. The good news is that it’s gone from 36″ to 33.5″ – on average 3/8″ per month lost. Because I’ve lost so much weight everywhere else I’m still having to wear low rise maternity jeans. I’m going to keep going for now, rock bottom healthy weight for my height is 7 stone 10 but I have a very small frame and very little muscle so not concerned yet – no ribs or hip bones showing at all currently. Excercise other than walking still problematic – whenever I try gentle resistance work I end up having to pay a fortune in chiropractor fees to fix the damage, which I can’t afford. Diet is it for now.

    Hey everyone, anymore updates on belly fat? I have lost 4inches around my waist in 3 months but I still look fat around the tummy area, which is quite annoying. I’ve started ab exercises to hurry it along.
    I would love to hear how you guys are getting along.

    Well, if you still have belly fat then you simply need to keep going … Don’t stop …

    I have two mottos or creeds in 5:2 Intermittent Fasting:

    1) “I can eat that tomorrow ….”

    2) “Keep going – don’t stop!”

    4 years later, I am down a solid century 100# … I started strength training a good two years into my 5:2 career … The ab work is bringing great rewards … However, the excess skin, while slowly shrinking on its own, is going to always be there, even if just a small pocket or two …

    My advice to you?

    ‘Keep going – don’t stop’

    PS: I am happy to report to all of you … I was about 115 # over my high school weight when I started … I lost a good 36% of total body weight, and, while I was worried about the excess skin problem, much of it has rebounded and is growing normally now … Since it took four years to lose that much, it’s plenty of time for your body to repair itself … Not perfect, but better than expected … Good luck!

    I’m at BMI 23, previously BMI 31. Still not happy with my belly. Lost 15kg on 5:2, 25kg total. Waist 38″ to 33″ in 4 months. I think I will be happy later this year if I stick to 5:2. Hopefully no excess skin problem. I reached my goal of healthy BMI. Next goal is toned abs. I’m doing abs training, resistance training, walking and jogging.

    Part of the answer to the question about belly fat depends on what you are calling ‘belly fat.’ No, I’m not a lawyer, but 2 things are at play.

    Stand straight and pull in your abdominal muscles as hard as you can. Push gently but firmly with your finger tips on your abdomen. do you feel that ‘solid’ surface? That is the abdominal muscle wall.
    [BTW, if you don’t feel the muscle wall, then you need to do sit-ups, crunches, planks, anything to build up those muscles. They hold in all your organs and help to define your body outline.

    1. Is the extra flesh that you want to get rid of outside the muscle wall? Ok, then that can be due to 2 things. A: if your are post-menopausal, it could be to hormone changes [increased testosterone vs estrogen]. Because of that, diet and exercise will not affect it much. [if you are a man and you drink a lot of beer, there’s your reason] B: If you are younger, than what you have is extra fat and dieting will deal with that. Be aware that some foods affect some people differently: beer and rice make me hold on to weight.

    2. Is the extra flesh inside the muscle wall? Then again there are 2 possible causes.
    A: Abdominal fat which will reduce with Fasting the 5:2 way.
    B: Bloating, caused by certain foods. If you are otherwise slim, with a low Fat Percentage, the issue is bloat. Otherwise, back to 2.A. {The foods that cause bloating in you may not cause them in me. Experiment.}

    I lost 2″ off my waistline and 2″ off my hips that I didn’t know were there to lose, but that was not the same as abdominal fat. Am at a good BMI for me and 13.5% body fat, all due to Fasting.

    Good luck

    i have trouble with my sides 🙁
    i think to do smartlipo, liposuctio or another procedures. But, likely, it costs a lot of money…hmm..what fo you think? Maybe you know where i can do it?

    Marta, here we lose weight and change body dimensions by diet and exercise — neither of which costs money. Those are short-term changes and do not teach you how to reeducate your body around eating.
    There is no magic bullet.

    You cannot spot reduce fat-as you lose weight you’ll get smaller overall though. Genetics, what ‘shape’ you are etc are what dictates where you store your extra ‘squish’. I’m pear shaped and have a flat stomach, but carry my extra weight in my thighs/bum. I’ve lost 50lbs and while my shape has stayed the same, (still a pear lol), I’ve gone from a size 14 jean, down to size 4/6. I know I’ll always carry a bit extra on my bottom half, regardless of how much I weigh, (I’ve gotten down to a 18.5 BMI and was still not able to completely get rid of the extra bit on my bum/thighs), and I now just embrace my body for what it is, no sense worrying about what I can’t change 🙂

    Do The Slo Carb diet from Tim Ferris. Works very well

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