Weight loss and Type II Diabetes

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    My husband and I both started fasting….I have to lose weight (which I am), and he is diabetic. He lost a lot of weight already, and that is how he found out he was diabetic. He is 6 feet tall and before diabetes his weight was 288 pounds; when he lost weight he dropped to 213 pounds and had maintained that, but recently dropped another 4 pounds (in a week)….I think he’s too skinny for his frame (broad shoulders and big farm hands)…so how does he fast to lower sugars and reduce insulin (so he does not have to be on medication), but gain weight at the same time?? With diet and fasting, his blood sugar is within normal range, and has been without medication but how do we get him to a more healthy weight so his body fits his frame?

    Thank you!

    I can’t speak to your question but I did want to get some clarification…are you saying it was weight loss, from 288 to 213, that alerted him to T2D? Or does he have T1D? And does HE think he is too skinny? (It does seem to me that fasting does not necessarily mean one cannot put on MUSCLE weight.)

    But I am wondering if his solution right now might be to choose one or the other, that is, perhaps devote himself now to getting his sugars down and off the meds, THEN once that is under control, focus on beefing up his frame for you. 🙂 I do hope someone with real expertise will weigh in on your Q, though.

    Thank you Robin55!
    Yes it was mainly the rapid weight loss without trying, that he thought he had diabetes; other symptoms too such as excessive thirst for sugary drinks, plus a family history. He has type 2, and is currently not on meds, likely because of the fasting. He was on Metformin for 9 days and I wanted him to stop as I know the effects of that drug. I work with patients that have renal failure so I see it every day. And yes my husband does think he is too skinny; he says he is ‘wasting’ away because I am ‘starving’ him…..hahaha!
    As for me, I am ‘wasting’ away too, but I’m loving it!.
    Hope you are doing well too👍

    @kikiu – I am not a medical professional but you could look at the advice of plant-based doctors, who address the issue of diet, diabetes and muscle mass. Some come across as very reasonable – recommending a diet of mostly plant foods, including high calorie healthy food like nuts, and outlining the big health benefits of making even moderate changes in this direction.

    Its helped some of my family members to make tremendous improvements to their health. One has even been advising his own doctor to change her diet away from chinese take away food – I’d loved to have seen that consultation!

    Good luck with your search.

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