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  • Hi all lost 6 pounds on week 1 but only 1 pound on week 2. Is this normal?

    Hi Cath and welcome:

    Very normal. The average weight loss on 5:2 is about a pound a week. Initial losses can be much more as you lose water weight. Once the water weight is gone, you ‘revert to the mean’, which means weight loss slows or stops until you get around the one pound a week average. This can take some time (even months). What some think is a plateau – cessation of weight loss – is not really. You will still be losing fat weight but your water weight will be ‘normalizing’, masking the fat weight loss.

    Information in this thread will explain almost everything: https://thefastdiet.co.uk/forums/topic/the-basics-for-newbies-your-questions-answered/

    Good Luck!

    Yes, it’s normal. at the beginning you lose water which also reduces the abdominal circumference and the weight falls down, then there is a temporary stop or slower weight loss 🙂

    What program is that, 6-pack? How does it differ from Fasting 5:2?

    CatherineRachel, how is it going for you?

    Eat a high-protein breakfast. …
    Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice. …
    Drink water a half hour before meals. …
    Choose weight loss-friendly foods (see list). …
    Eat soluble fiber. …
    Drink coffee or tea. …
    Eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods. …
    Eat your food slowly.

    Yes, it is normal. I want to know how much calories are you taking?

    Hugh, if you are looking for a’silver bullet,’ there isn’t one — not even green tea pills. Sell it somewhere else.

    fitnessH_F, we know that. We lose weight on purpose with 5:2.

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