Week 3 and find that my non fast days are more difficult.

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Week 3 and find that my non fast days are more difficult.

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  • Hi, I started the 5:2 three weeks ago at 10 st 1/2 lb (I’m 46, 5′ 4″and vegetarian). Already i have lost 7lb which i am delighted with but i want to loose 7lb more to hit my target of 9st and keep it at that. On my fast day i have a boiled egg and juice of a lemon in warm water at 7am. Then at 1.30pm i have quorn mince chilli which i prepare and weight out (total 211 caloies) then 100g of greek yogurt at 7pm. I tried eating twice a day but couldnt do it. I drink 3 litres of water, 2 black coffees, 2green teas and one tea with measured soya milk so all within my 500 calories. Ive also cut out bread, biscuits chocolate crisps etc and reduced my alcohol intake (i’ve swapped my cider for 1 or 2 glasses of wine at the week-end ). Fasting days im fine with, but its the non fasting days i find myself obcessing with sweet treats and feel im constantly hungry. Does anyone else eat bread on non fast days? i used to make my own oats bread but feel im cheating and will put on the weight if i have a slice. Anyone else feel like this, would love to hear from you.

    Hi Orlapops,

    Well done for having shed 7 pounds!

    Though there are no foods which are forbidden on 5:2 I find I do best with no bread on either fasting or non-fasting days.

    I don’t eat no carbs, just low carb. I eat carbs via vegetable sources such as cold white potatoes out of which I make salad. Cooled white potatoes contain resistant starch which doesn’t raise blood sugar levels and it also acts as a healthy prebiotic which feeds the intestinal flora and helps reduce visceral fat. Prior to 5:2 I lost 6 kilograms following a diet based on resistant starch, so I don’t count all carbs the same. I do think some are healthier than others.

    I’m sorry to read that you are constantly hungry. I’ve felt this way myself in the past.

    A couple things that really help me with my hunger are eating enough protein. I find that if I don’t eat 50 grams per day, I’m hungry. Another thing that I require to feel satiated is enough sleep. If I don’t sleep well or enough hours, it doesn’t matter how much I eat, I still feel hungry. There is a hormonal reason for this and it doesn’t mean I’m weak willed. Our body produces ghrelin and leptin and if we don’t get the required sleep these hormones become all out of balance and consequently we find ourselves hungry. One sleepless night can take a whole week for me to overcome! …Hope this helps!

    Hi Lael,

    Thanks for the tips! I never thought of cold potato so i’ll definitely add that to my list. I think it is the bread/bagel/wraps withdrawal that makes me think i feel hungry because they were daily in my diet before 5:2. I’m going to see where i can increase my protein and prehaps bulk up more with oats. Do you eat quinoa much? Im going to eat this more often with my salads at lunch. I also enjoy oats soaked over night in the fridge and served with greek yogurt and fruit for breakfast so hopefully this will put and end to my cravings 🙂 Many thanks again for the feedback it has given me food for thought!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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