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  • Hi all

    I did my first fast day last week, I had a strawberry and banana smoothie in the morning about 6:30 and felt fine most of the day had a terrible headache which I put down to no caffeine or sugar as I would silly have a coffee on the morning and cans of coke during the day. I drank about 4-5 bottles of water during the day and didn’t feel hungry or anything like that but on my way home from work in the car I starting feeling very nauseous and ended up vomiting in the car. Once I got home I had a banana and took some tablets for my headache and then had to go out again, once again I vomited after being in the car and then I went to bed and woke up later feeling fine. Can anyone offer any advice, did I do something wrong? I’ve since worked out I can have a coffee in the morning with 100ml of semi skimmed milk at relatively low calorie intake so that should help with the headache but I don’t want to feel like this every time I have a fast day

    Thanks Chris


    It takes a while for your body to get used to fasting and things should settle down after a few fasts. Vomiting is unusual so it is hard to say if it is related to fasting, coincidental or even related to what you had to eat the previous day.

    Do you really need to have 100ml of milk in your coffee? If you can drink it with less you can have a few coffees during the day without using up all your calories on milk or you could have diet coke which would give you some caffeine although the purists would tell you not to have it despite no food being forbidden when following 5:2.

    I would also suggest taking something salty at the first sign of a headache. Some have beef broth/extract or miso soup both of which are easy on calories, and others which include me, just take a couple of pinches of salt with a big drink of water. In fact I usually take some salt at lunchtime on a FD and an extra pinch if I’ve been to the gym.

    How much is 4-5 bottles of water? If you mean the small bottles then you aren’t drinking enough. We get 80% of our water from food so you need to drink much more fluid than you would have on a normal day, and if you are eating so little in comparison to a normal day you aren’t getting essentials such as electrolytes which is where a pinch of salt comes in.

    If you can it would be worth just having coffee first thing in the morning and saving your banana and strawberries for lunch and eat them whole rather than blending them so your stomach has to do all the work digesting them and they’ll stay there a bit longer as a consequence.

    I hope you feel OK on your next FD.

    Thanks for coming back to me I really appreciate it

    I’ll try the salt in be water and see if that helps. I did think about Diet Coke or Coke Zero and see if that was better but wanted to try and reduce the amount of Coke I already drink.

    That’s a good plan with the banana and strawberries will give that a go next time and I’ve just finished the book so will look into the snack ideas they have put in as well.

    Thanks again for the pointers hopefully next FD won’t be as bad

    I have felt pretty sick at the start of this- I think I got sort of over-hungry. It’s definitely better now that I’ve done this longer.
    Maybe try a small bowl of soup lunchtime to help a bit?

    Thanks will try this as well, think I need to slow it down and just take it easy first couple of times whilst I’m adjusting

    Hi Beecher – I agree regarding the salt. I‘ve experienced nausea with drinking too much water without having anything else – especially salty items. To my knowledge, it’s because it creates an imbalance in your system or electrolytes, but I’m not an expert. If you start to feel nauseous, I would recommend a cup of vegetable broth – it’s helped me x

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