very very confused on this tdee and fastday calorie limit

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very very confused on this tdee and fastday calorie limit

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  • hi- jenius (study break) hi mimi hi michael and hi all

    i’m getting very very confused on this tdee and fastday calorie limit

    i thought that it was 500 cals a day 4 women on fastdays and 600 4 men

    very confused over how to figure out fastday cals

    now it seems that the fastday calorie limit is 4 only the elite (normal not overweight) 🙂 (planning 2 get there)

    and all of us 200+- or 300+- or 400+-

    i’m seeing on the boards many people say wow is this right? and allot are not that overweight.

    we all understand if we eat a 5000 cals day we defeat our purpose.

    my philosophy is and always will be to average in the week or the month or months. because when i dieted it was 4ever @ 1300 a day or 1400. this always felt like a life sentence. then came mosley and mimi yay & they took me out of prison 2 freedom. what joy!

    example: 9870 divided by 7days a wk. = 1400 a day average

    let’s say we were starving that week or miscalculated the cals and realized u were totally wrong or chose 2 days to go super nuts
    who cares that is the beauty of this lifestyle!!!

    9870 minus SUN 542- MON 1528-TUES 2030-WEDS 1355-TH 2820- FRID 1095 -SAT 500 = 0

    the 2820 day was the only day that some sugar-free wafers got inhaled while studying how embarrassing. however, i dutifully checked it on my
    my foodtracker and compensated it 4 the week

    still averaged & weight loss w/ 2 @ the 500 fastday?

    now it is lower 4 fastdays the calculations????? please explain

    I have no idea quite what your problem is. Upper limit of 500 for women and 600 for men in the 24 hours of the fast day. The TDEE is a RECOMMENDATION of an upper limit for non fast days.

    So I fast after lunch Mon & Thurs to dinner time the next day. In that period I try very hard to keep below the 500 cals.

    On other days I try to keep under the recommended 2360 – I usually go under 2000. I am losing a steady 1 kg a week.

    Odille – 170cm – start 01 June 2013-115kg – current 111.5 – aim 65-70.

    2 Analog6 it is from these comments below. there r many more

    7:33 pm
    17 Jun 13
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    Very easy to use. Thanks.
    ..but my TDEE is about 1600 – does this mean I should only eat about 400 on a fast day

    7:52 pm
    17 Jun 13
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    Oops, lottielastic – Yes, it sounds like it does. Maybe you’ll just have to see how it goes, working out a trade-off between your fast day calorie intake and your rate of weight-loss. If anything makes you too miserable, then you can’t keep at it and an essential factor of the 5:2 regime should be its sustainability. So, within reason, don’t get too hung up about the upper limits and, hopefully, you’ll be able to relax into a steady routine that suits your individual needs. Go well on it!

    No, the book is quite clear these are the UPPER LIMITS for the fast days. I try to eat as little as possible. Once the warm weather is back I’ll just have water. If you set those as the MOST you can eat you won’t go too far wrong, I don’t think.

    Hello, wiltldnrUSA – Yes, the figures do get a bit more sophisticated/variable when one calculates them based on one’s own, individual statistics, rather than on the original recommendations, which use the statistics of Mr&Ms Average.
    The stated 500/600cal fast day limit is one-quarter (25%) of the 2000/2500cal TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) figures for a fictional Mr&Ms Average. Thus, if one’s own statistics differ considerably from the average then one’s recommended non-fast day intake (i.e. the TDEE start-point) will also differ, as will one’s recommended fast day intake figure (25% of the TDEE).

    I assume you have done the calculations to get your own TDEE and 25% of that figure gives you something higher/lower than the stated 500/600cal limit you have so far been working on.
    Your own system of averaging your intake seems to be working very well for you, so – for as long as that remains true – I would say just carry on using the figures you have been happy with so far and keep on achieving your great results.
    I think the more accurate information that the calculator provides – a personalised TDEE base, which enables one to apply a personalised recommended fast day intake – can be useful for some people (especially if they find they are not losing weight and want to understand why). However, it is the simplicity of the 5:2 system – without necessarily having to calorie-count all the time – that appeals to so many people. Being happy to sustain a do-able regime is crucial to success and the 5:2 approach is flexible enough to suit individual experimentation and some adaptation. Being happily and healthily successful in one’s goals is the whole point of 5:2. Amen.

    Hi Wiltldnr…
    I was going to reply earlier but I see Jeanius has got there before me (hi Jeanius!)..I agree with what she says. I do think a lot of forum members are making things far too complicated…

    The basics are really simple which is what makes it easy to stick to. I haven’t worried at all about TDEE BMR or anything else; just the 2 days of 500 calories. Ive found I no longer snack at all on the non-fast days,without trying, and Im sure this has helped too.

    I looked at the “2daydiet” by Dr Michelle Harvie, which Michael also credits; and though I like to see the research and data I find the actual diet too complicated- trying to calculate portions of different foods. The 5:2 is so easy…!

    If in doubt go back to the book/original TV programme or faq on this website..

    best wishes

    hi jeanius! hi sara-gee

    thanks 4 the info. i feel better. amen is so so tru. can’t wait 4 the day, 2 not count calories 🙂

    this fastday lifestyle is the first time i actually count calories which i think is important 4 now.
    it is basic math

    w/ all the cool technology that the usda and i’m sure the uk has, it makes it very easy. it is no longer the chain gang hard labor.

    we know more, by a click.
    Food Groups & Calories Report
    Nutrient Intake Report
    Food Details Report
    View By Meal Report
    Physical Activity Report
    History Charts

    4 example this cholesterol w/ eggs is a fallacy supposedly. they are finding out that it is not have enough magnesium that is causing high blood pressure heart disease not the cholesterol. of course, every thing is a balance in life but we now have the tools to c what magnesium levels have we been eating by a click of a button and as u said the wonderful www. where we can read @ the source of science, is super cool.

    it also shows u where you went wrong and how 2 correct it. it is very tempting 2 not input those cals that were added on, but so far this fastday lifestyle has given me the joy of just doing it the truthful way.

    when i was in jail @ diet world 🙁 we followed the diet recipes and were slaves to this way of life. we were constantly breaking out of jail and being brought back because of overweight. even when we got a get out jail card w/ a petite size 4 clothes 2 buy. we were brought back again and again.

    the freedom of never going in and out prison has given me a strength that i knew i had, however,now i can create my own reality.

    jeanius how has ur homeopathy journey been going?

    sara-gee i’m a type2 diabetic and all ur replies have been helpful

    back 2 study ugh

    Hi All
    Am just about to start the 5:2 diet and have been calculating my TDEE
    I am 53 years old, weigh 9 stone 5lbs and am 4’11” tall.
    By using the site’s BMI Calculator it states that my TDEE is 1326 cals for non fasting days.
    I’ m a bit confused, as I gather that on fasting days you should be eating a quarter of your normal days calories, but on this basis this would take me down to only around 330 cals on a fasting day.
    Is this correct or do women stick to 500 cals on fasting days no matter what?
    Any help greatly appreciated, as I can’t wait to get started. Thanks

    HI tinybudd

    yes ur supposed 2

    however, i do the 500

    it has worked c profile click name maybe longer than most

    there r days where u will do lower laziness of cooking or not hungry

    do what makes u feel great

    find jeanius she explains it very well


    this is not a computer glitch
    just checkmarking
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    u should all
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