Unhealthy, unhappy 30 something who can't find mojo!

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Unhealthy, unhappy 30 something who can't find mojo!

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  • Hello.
    I have been reading the forums regularly and have been amazed at how much I have learnt, not just about fasting either!
    So, my story is pretty usual. I have generally been over weight much of my life, other than my twenties when I lost 3 stone twice (yo yo ring any bells) and managed to keep it off for about 6 years (helped by the fact I was planning to get married, travel and was obsessed with being thin). After getting married and travelling, babies were on my mind! This proved more difficult than expected- after numerous miscarriages and a ectopic my gorgeous baby boy arrived. Trouble was i felt awful throught pregnancy and after,, had gained 4stone and was like a Mitchelin man because I had so much fluid on board. I was finally diagnosed as having an under active thyroid and started on thyroxine. It took nearly 3 years, a change of GP and an endocrinology referral to finally get my treatment right. 8 years on I still have not managed to loose any weight. You name it and I have tried it! I even was referred to the weightloss management team at the hospital, I managed to loose 9 lb in 2 years, depressing!
    After more miscarriages and resigning myself to having no more kids, along came my wonderful surprise baby in 2013. I gained only 1 stone throughout and felt determined to get back on the weightloss plan.
    A year and a half later I have lost 8lb in 6 weeks (I was happy with this) on5:2 to promptly put it back in 4 weeks despite sticking to the plan. After feeling deflated and opting to have a christmas blow out ( you name it I ate it and drank it in December) I lost 2.5lb, what’s that all about???
    So, here I am again , late thirties miserably overweight and now my liver is not happy (as a liver specialist nurse I know I need to loose about 10% body weight aka 1.5stone to make it happy again) and I feel a little overwhelmed.

    Need to find 5:2 mojo again. I can fast all day but struggle of an evening with hunger, fuzzy head and breaking evening grazing habits. Weekends are a nightmare too! Agh!!!

    Sorry, think I just needed to off load! If your still reading this, thanks for sticking with the essay!

    Hi everyone, Have been diagnosed with an underactive thyroid 5 years ago on where I put 5 stone on in 5 months, of which I take 150 micrograms of levothyroxine, tried all sorts of diets and have stuck to them but been un successful, now time for the 5-2 diet, any tipps or advice please

    Hi Trog1. I just wanted to encourage you to hang in there with 5:2. Sometimes you’ll find that your weight plateaus or even that you put some weight back on whilst your body gets used to this new way of eating but I promise you it really does work long term if you stick at it. My shape has completely changed for the better on this plan and it’s such an easy format to follow. Btw also try limiting alcohol to say weekends. You’ll soon feel really envigorated and the pounds will drop off slowly but surely. You’ll also get to the stage where you will start feeling really full and this will stop you overeating on your ‘free days’. Keep a record of your weight loss over time too as it will really spur you on. Wishing you all the very very best!

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    mojo is great. Sad to you. cuphead

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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