treadmill….eeks.. but not stressing

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treadmill….eeks.. but not stressing

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  • Hey Teri, good to hear from you. You sound proper busy! I remember a few years ago being in a job I hated and spending every evening and weekend filling in job apps – murder! I hope you find something permanent soon. Sounds like you’ve set an eating pattern which works for you at the moment (and everything is always ‘for the moment’, anyway!) so good luck. Remember the motto of this thread: “No stressing!” and hope you’ll rejoin us now and then.
    Bootsy B

    Hi Terry and BB
    I am going well…. 2 fasting days this week went okay, but out by about 100calories but in all I am happy with how I went. Having hubby home on the nights that I am fasting is not always good when he brings out the chocolate! LOL LOL I just have to be strong and say no!

    Yes opening night tonight! Taking my mother in law who is 95% blind with macular degeneration is going to be fun! She so wants to see my art, so it is all good. I just hope she can make them out and not just see blurry colours. I am hoping that it will be a good night… have issues with the brother in law visiting from Queensland who possibly wants to come… but that is a long story! LOL LOL

    Well off to do some work now…. keep going ladies… we can do this with a little planning and little saying no to things….. big hugs and have an awesome day!

    Hope it went well Splssh. “We can do this” brilliant inspiration. Music to my eyes. I realised just now that although I am not really fasting I have a fridge full of untouched food. Because the meals at work are so sustaining I am managing on just fruit at home. Just need to get back in the pool and walk home from work. Unfortunately got functions after work every day next “eek!” 😉

    Checked diary.. walking home tonight. .(6 miles) Just need to do the 22 mile one in my diary for Sunday and I will be back on track. Realised in the early hours that you had both ‘fessed up about brownies and sweets and I had not mentioned the sesame biscuits that came out last week. I’ve also been lacing my instant coffee with chocolate powder. The only good thing is I am taking skimmed milk with it as my colleague drinks that and because she’s away it’s going to waste. I haven’t worked out how to stop it. She’s back Monday week so it’s probably not worth it now. It’s only delivered twice a week. Wishing you both well today.. x

    Oh, think I’ll ‘just’ pop out for a 22 mile walk, too, LOL. Mine is still just sedate local bike rides – not really enough even to raise my heart rate. I have put a low stool on my desk, on top of which is my laptop, so that at least I’m standing at the computer. I’m genuinely not stressing about exercise, though: I’m sure it will come. Just think your exercise rate sounds awesome, Teri. You’ll be doing yourself tons of good.

    Yep, Splash, that’s helpful re ‘a little planning and a little saying no’. Good luck again with the show (and the family dynamics! ;-))

    Doing my 2nd fast of this week tomoz. I’ve just planned it as I think I need a bit of structure at the moment. I’m aware I’ve eaten LOADS of protein (meat and eggs) over the past couple of days. I daresay it will balance out over the week.

    Have a good Sunday,guys!

    Glad you are planning bb….it does help. I lost 400gms last week so really happy with that. I didnt go to the gym which is disappointing. My gym buddy is having surgery next week and will be out of action for 3 weeks. She will be ok but I have to gain confidence to go to the gym myself! Planning on going Tuesday and Thursday so fingers crossed!
    You will go well tomorrow bb…I am sure of it!

    Hi Splash, well done on the continued steady loss – that’s what we want, ain’t it?

    Hope you can (kindly) get yourself to the gym. How about telling yourself you’ll do 15 mins and then see how you feel? Hopefully by then you might be feeling less anxious/ self-conscious about being there and would be able to carry on. Also, might there be any other familiar faces there, just at least to smile and nod to? (Or does that sound your worst nightmare?!) Do your best and be gentle with yourself. Someone once suggested that I imagine myself as a nervous child – they pointed out I would never dream of giving a little one a hard time for feeling trepidation about something. I’m sure you’re the same.

    Fasting is going fine and am confident I won’t break it today. I’ve realised, though, that I will probably have to find suitable autumn/winter food. My raw salad veg and cold fish weren’t too appetising. (I got some herring out of the freezer. It was already lightly cooked, but maybe not cooked enough, as it tasted rather strange, so I didn’t finish it. Our Doris can have the rest . . . she’s not usually too fussy!)

    For lunch, I had a bowl of ‘skinny soup’. An organic shop I know sells ‘stock bags’ ie the chicken carcass left over from jointing. I pressure cook them, give Doris the meat (purr!), skim the fat and then I have some lovely tasty low cal stock. I just added a chopped up leek and cooked until it was soft. Will head to that shop this week and buy loads more, which I can then freeze.

    All the best for Monday, Splasho!
    Bootsy B.

    Well I am going to prepare myself to go to the gym tomorrow… gym bag WILL BE packed tonight ready for tomorrow!

    It was fasting day today, much easier that usual for some reason. The only thing I did differently was to eat an apple at lunch time instead of a miso soup. I had a coffee this morning at work as usual. I had to go to the dentist this afternoon to get a filling redone so wasn’t sure how I was going to go eating tonight. I ended up eating fish and salad on the other side of my mouth but couldn’t really taste anything! LOL I couldn’t finish it so one of my fur babies ate the rest of the fish! The other one just sniffed it and went no thanks! LOL

    So you are going into colder weather we are going into hotter weather. So lots of salads for me and soups for you!

    So today is nearly over, so tomorrow normal eating day but I am finding that after fasting days I don’t overeat which is fabulous!

    So will let you know how I go at the gym tomorrow….. off to pack the gym bag! I hope your fasting day went well!

    Yes it’s funny how the fasting days vary, isn’t it? Mine went very smoothly too. I agree, too, non-fasting days don’t mean ‘Right, let’s stuff my face’. I just enjoy eating whatever I fancy. (Have shelved checking whether I am eating above or below my TDEE, at least for this phase.) I love the flexibility of this approach. There are so many different ways to go about it, I feel quite playful about it sometimes.

    Fingers crossed for you for tomoz at the gym – maybe you’ll find you even enjoy it a teeny bit! Which part of the day do you go? Is it after work?

    All best wishes

    Well I DID IT!!!! 39mins on the treadmill by MYSELF AT THE GYM!! WOO HOO! I kept going after 30mins as I was watching a tv show and wanted to see the ending! LOL LOL LOL

    BB – I go to the gym after work. It is a 40min drive home and the gym is just down the road, so I take my gym gear to work and get changed there. If I went home to change I probably wouldn’t go! LOL

    My food choices have been okay… not stressing about it but trying to make good choices on most days.

    well off working I go… have an awesome day!

    So glad for you, Splash, what an achievement! Sounds good that the gym is near your house: work done; gym done and then home.
    Changed my mind (last night) about fasting today and glad I did. It’s likely that I’ll only do 1 day this week but ‘not stressing’ (to coin a phrase!)
    Overall, I’m happy with how it’s going.

    Have a great day!

    Hello again, Splash (and any others reading). I’m fasting today (Sat). We have been having an unseasonably warm spell here in UK: my thermostat hasn’t gone below 19 degrees Celsius all day. BUT I am sitting here wearing thermal underwear, jumper and cardigan. Half an hour ago I was also sporting fingerless mitten and a hat! Yes, I have those old Fasting Day Chills!!!

    Feeling fine, though. How are you? Hope it’s all going well.

    All the best BB

    All good here bb…getting hair done as I type this! Lol
    No weightloss this week gained about 200grams but not stressing!
    Ended up only going to the gym once this week! Going to try harder next week to go twice at least!
    Food ok but could be a little bit better!
    I had the chills for the only time fasting on the first fasting day but nothing major since then that I can remember. I dont mind the cold prefer it to the heat!
    Have an awesome day!

    Hi Splash

    All good here, too.

    Glad you’re not stressing – overall trend is down and that’s the main thing. Remember your own wise words: ‘A little planning and a little saying no’. I wouldn’t be surprised if, food-wise, next week is a breeze for you. (I find there’s no saying which days will be easier, and which harder – would be interested to know whether you’ve found that too.)

    Reckon you should be kind to yourself while your gym buddy is out of commission. You made it clear how difficult it feels for you to go to the gym solo, so going even once a week is Officially Awesome. So give yourself credit for what you have done, rather than worrying about what you haven’t. (‘It’s a marathon, not a sprint’, as they say.)

    Be fabulous!

    Hi Splash
    Hope you’ll come back on here sometime soon. Oh dear, I can feel my motivation sagging yesterday and today. Am just feeling generally uninspired and a bit low. Prob best to have an early night …

    Don’t you give up on me BB!! You can do this! It is a struggle I know, the brain works overtime in telling us that we can’t do things… but if we don’t listen to that little voice we can achieve anything.
    I put it into practice yesterday, the voices were working overtime telling me that I didn’t want to go to the gym, that I was tired, that I would do it on Thursday instead, to give up that this is not going to work, stuff it, etc etc, but I didn’t listen yesterday and went to the gym. No I didn’t enjoy it when I got there, but I got there! I hate feeling like this but I have to get that 2nd frickin voice to stop!
    I know I will have another battle on Thursday trying to get to the gym but I will be determined not to let that little voice talk me out of it!

    I know what you mean by having an early night, sometimes it is just better to go to bed not to think!

    So hopefully you will get up tomorrow morning with a brighter outlook and more determination to get through the day!

    Take care!

    Hi Splash
    Thanks so much for your supportive words. I enjoyed today but it was quite full on and tomorrow is busy too, so still quite tired. Linked to this fatigue, my ‘voice’ is making excuses as to why it’s ok to overeat. I haven’t had a massive binge or anything but my awareness around food is crumbling and crucially I haven’t fasted yet this week. I do aim to fast one day this week, same as last week. So being honest with myself, that isn’t 5:2, it’s 6:1, and I’m not yet at the size/weight I want, so maintenance isn’t what I need. I’m not being hard on myself – just telling it to myself as it is. And knowing I have a sympathetic ‘listener’ in you actually makes that easier, so thanks.

    From Friday onwards, I will have a quiet few days. My plan is to take some time to look at my motivation for doing this ie not just ‘losing weight’. When I focus solely on weight, it leads to me sabotaging myself and I know I’m on the threshold of doing that again. But as you say, these are major changes in behaviour we’re trying to implement. Might do some writing and stuff about it. I was just skim-reading the Basics for Newbies thread, so will have a longer read of that too. ‘Back to Basics’, as they say.

    Total respect to you for going to the gym and thanks for your honesty in saying that you still didn’t enjoy it. The ‘fairytale version’ would be: ‘I had a massive battle to go but once I did I turned into a super athlete’ lol! As I wrote that, I realise I am actually dreading my next fast – need to accept the fact that I might hate that, too, but that it will pass.

    Anyway, I am spending the day with my friends’ 12 y.o. son tomorrow, who is a treasure, so that’s good. If not pouring with rain, we’ll go for a cycle ride, so will get a bit of activity in.

    Saw your latest paintings on FB – “Like”!!

    Better close now as a it’s coming up to midnight.

    Take care and thanks for support, BB

    Well BB… I hope taking the time to reflect on things will help you… you have to give yourself permission to do these things to ensure that you are doing the right thing for you and ways to do the right thing! It is a tough mental state we have to be in all of the time to conquer this battle of the weight. It is not easy and there are no quick fixes. I believe that mental attitude is the only way to get through this… you have to be strong and not let that bloody 2nd voice take over!

    I am glad that I have my painting to do as it helps me relax and not think about food! LOL Thanks for checking out my new paintings and liking them!

    Well I did a bit of a sneaky weight in this morning (actually not taking amount until tomorrow morning – saturday), but I couldn’t help myself! LOL Well I am pleased to say that I have lost approx 1kg (2.2lbs) of which I am over the moon! This week has been mentally frustrating as you know by my previous post about trying to get to the gym! So I am pleased that my weight has dropped this week… I tried not to be upset that I put on 200gms last week as it was only 200gms, but deep down I was annoyed, upset and a little depressed thinking that this is not going to work! 3 weeks in and a weight gain, but now that 1kg has dropped off I feel so much better!

    I have to keep on reminding myself that I am taking this slowly this time, it is not a race, there will be times of weight gain but if I work at it and be more conscious of what I am eating then the weightloss weeks will be more than the weight gain weeks!

    So keep on progressing, one day at a time, be positive in your outlook and positive in your food choices. Dont be hard on yourself and be proud and celebrate what you have already achieved and not dwell on the past!

    So keep smiling and have an awesome day and weekend! It is Friday here and I will be so glad for the weekend!

    Hi Splash

    Thanks for your thoughts and encouragement. Great that you got yourself back on the downward trend but you’re so right that it’s bound to be up and down (for both of us) – with weight, mood, motivation.

    I seem to have got my mojo back today. Had a good restful day yesterday which helped. I am going for it and fasting today. it’s midday and so far so good. I’m reminding myself that I can only live in the present moment: if I get hunger pangs or addictive urges to eat, I can experience them, live through them, don’t have to act on them.

    Just for fun, i looked up Perth/UK time difference, so I know it’s 7pm for you. Hope you’ve had a good Saturday. (We put the clocks back here tonight and go onto ‘winter time’ – it’s all to do with keeping the mornings lighter for longer – so you will be 8 hours ahead from tomorrow. What a boring sentence!)

    You keep smiling, too.

    i have a treadmill and stationery bike but i have not used them in more than a year. decided a few days ago that the weight is out of control and also since turning 40 i realize i have to get back to exercising/keeping fit.

    i’m a little slow, please help. where do i get the eating plan?

    Hi Swazi and welcome:

    This will answer most of your questions, and includes the ‘eating plan’:

    Good Luck!

    Thank you Simcoeluv. Will keep you posted

    Hi Swazi and welcome from me, too.

    Simcoeluv got there just before me! That ‘basics for newbies’ thread is very useful and I still have a look at it every now and then.

    Good luck and let us know how you get on.

    Hooray I had a very enjoyable fast day yesterday. Felt comfortable when I had hunger pangs – I ’embraced’ them and they passed. Feel a lot more confident that I can continue with this way of life/ way of eating. Slept fine, too.
    I am eating to my TDEE today – just to see how that goes. Usually don’t count cals on non-fast days.

    Hey Splash, it’s now 7pm for you. I HOPE Sunday evening blues aren’t descending 😉 I used to get them from about 2 pm, when I was working – but I know you have an ‘awesome’ boss, so that must help. Plus my impression of you is that you are basically an optimistic person – the world needs you!

    Hey BB… yes all good here! Awesome you had a enjoyable fasting day! Embracing small things is a way to embrace life fully! Just go with the flow and live happily! As I have said before I am not going to let anything stress me out, especially this diet program. I want this to be a way of life without stress and worrying of what I am eating. I don’t want to feel deprived so fasting days are my way of getting stronger mentally by saying no to things that I can eat on my other days. If you feel like you are struggling on your fasting days, break the day down into hours or half hours… like you said embrace the hunger pangs!

    Believe me… writing this down helps me as well. I don’t normally think like this but when I see you writing things down and other people writing things down I just seem to be able to put things into words of support. I do like helping people and making people feel good about themselves. We all have our bad days but always know tomorrow is another day!

    Yep,Sunday night here! I am watching Telethon which goes for 48hrs raising money for Princess Margaret Hospital here in Perth which is a kids hospital. It is such a wonderful telethon raising money for the sick kids of Western Australia. We have just reached a record of over $21 million dollars! One guy just finished riding his bike for 24hrs straight (stationary bike) and raised $84000! It just makes me so happy that people will do things like this to raise money for research for the sick kids. Seeing kids donate their pocket money is so wonderful! I see all of those sick kids and think I have nothing to complain about… I am healthy (apart from being overweight! LOL) but I really don’t have anything to complain about, so doing 2 fasting days in a week is nothing compared to what these little sick kids have to go through. So I am not going to whinge or complain, just going to take one day at a time and make better choices in food and….. try and get to the gym to do the treadmill at least once or hopefully twice per week! I am going to be strong and stop listening to that 2nd voice in my head saying I can’t and don’t want to do it… It might take a while to silence that 2nd voice but I will do it!

    Thank you for your kind words to BB saying that I am an optimistic person and that the world needs me… that is such a lovely thing to say.. so thank you. Believe me being positive all of the time is hard but it is definitely better than being negative most of the time.

    Be happy, made good choices, take one day at a time and keep smiling!

    Hi there everyone

    I’m a newby from Qld in Australia (Brisbane) and trying to wrap my head around this program.

    I’m looking forward to meeting you all, hoping that it’s as easy to follow as everyone says it is!

    HI Brisvegas! Yep, have a good read as there is a lot of information but well worth doing! I love 5:2… lost 3.2kg in 4 weeks so very pleased!
    I am originally from Toowoomba, where abouts in Brisvegas are you?

    Hi splashabs! I’m in McDowall on the north side.

    Wow your loss sounds great and it’s very motivating. I haven’t been able to exercise today though…. I own my own business so some days it really is more stress than it’s worth to go for a run or to the gym. Was considering getting a treadmill for home but again – not sure.

    But I’ve done fine for the first day anyway. definitely in the lower part of the calorie band. Here’s to some noticeable change before xmas I say!

    Hi brisvegas…like the title of the thread. … treadmill but not stressing! I was so sick of putting pressure on myself I decided this time not to do it. So dont put pressure on yourself..take one day at a time!
    You will see results soon. Concentrate on keeping your calories low on your fasting days. Throw in a bit of exercise if you can but dont pressure yourself to do so. Things will all fall into place! Keep smiling!

    Hi Both
    Although I usually do the same as Splash and only count cals on fast days, yesterday I aimed to eat only to my TDEE. (Brisvegas, if you’re interested or don’t know about that, just click on ‘Diet by the Numbers’ on the Home Page. Also there is a v informative thread called ‘the basics for newbies’).

    Well, I did it, even ate slightly less than my TDEE. For me, it’s all about not being scared of experiencing the hunger. (In times past, when I’ve even eaten something I didn’t need, I’ve rationalised it to myself by thinking ‘Well I might get hungry later on’.) As I get more used to physical hunger on Fast Days (FDs), I find I can tolerate it on non fast days too. I experimented with eating within an 8 hour ‘window’ (there’s a thread about that too. There’s a thread about everything on here!) I had m last food – a huge meal! – about 1.30 pm, so in fact I had a mini fast until this morning, ’embracing the hunger’. I did still allow myself my beloved cups of tea, though: made the PROPER way, in a pot, with tea leaves!

    I think Splash is on the money, Brisvegas, with her advice to concentrate on FD calories and just chuck in a bit of exercise when possible. (Are you at a desk all day? If so, maybe do 5 mins jogging on the spot, or stretching, or any movement, every hour.) But once you’re in the swing of fasting, you could check out ‘Fast exercise’ aka High Intensity Training. Not that I have yet, but it’s on the menu for me at some, as yet unspecified ;-),point in the future.

    Btw, absolutely no cal counting for me today but who’s stressing??!!

    Great to chat to you both
    Have a good Tuesday
    BB – ‘Token Pommie’ 😉

    Well 2nd fast day today! Going okay.. but this afternoon is dragging on a bit!

    Food choice have been a bit hit and miss… had some corn chips and chocolate this week… well learnt my lesson last night and nearly choked to death on the chocolate! LOL…. I said to a friend, if I did choke, hubby would have found me on the floor this morning with chocolate oozing from my mouth! LOL… well not funny but funny! hehehehe…so no more chocolate for me!

    So going to be extra good today… going to be strong and not have anything that I shouldn’t for dinner tonight. I am going to stay back at work tonight to do some extra typing (i get paid to do it!) so that when I get home it will be dinner and probably straight to bed! So no time to think about not eating properly or over eating.

    No gym as yet this week… fingers crossed for tomorrow!

    Other than that,… nothing else exciting happening her in Aussie land…. hope you are all well!

    Hi all

    Well I had my first fast day yesterday and coped ok, all things considering. kids and sports! Never mind my exercise, I think watching my kids run around a sporting field for 3 hours straight plus all the driving around to get to everything is enough of a workout!

    Yes I’m at work and I try and get out to at least walk to the shop for lunch every day. Costs me $$ in store bought salads but sometimes it’s worth it for the walk. I also see a personal trainer twice a week and I’ve re-started the couch to 5k training so I can work back up to a 5km run (previously 8-9km a day so I have a way to go). I think maybe I’m doing enough exercise, hopefully so.

    How long is it before everyone starts seeing results?

    Pardon my delay in responding – between work and kids it’s hectic some days!

    HI Brisvagas
    well done on your first fasting day! If you need to buy store bought salads go for it. I am doing liteneasy for breakfast and lunches which makes it so much easier for me. Dinners for fasting is usually fish and salad, so that is monday and wednesday nights. The other nights I just wing it! LOL sometimes I get main meals from liteneasy but not every week.

    Exercise for me is a “dirty” word! LOL… I try and do some but am not stressing if I don’t do heaps! Sounds like you are doing enough exercise for me as well! LOL

    I think everyone loses differently. I lost 1kg, then 1kg, then put on 200gms, then lost 1kg… so very happy with how it is coming off at this stage. I am just hoping that this program “fixes” my metabolism and gives it a kick start to help me lose weight. I am giving myself 18 months to lose 25kg. Slowly but surely it will come off… not going to stress..which is my motto this time around, no pressure on myself!

    Have fun and keep smilin!

    I like your motto lol. That’s my main issue – stress has piled it on and stress is not helping with taking it off! But I just want to be ‘me’ again.

    Well I’m off to bed. Night all!


    Congrats on your first fast day Brisv. And, Splash, on your 2nd this week. I have tomorrow (Thurs) and Sunday booked in for fasting this week. As you know, I had a bit of a drop off in motivation the past couple of weeks and only fasted 1 day per week, so will be back in the groove with 2 this week. Here’s hoping I don’t sabotage myself again – but am feeling committed.

    Glad you survived the Choc-Attack, Splash!

    Life sounds plenty active for you already, Bris-v. I like the sound of ‘Couch to 5k training’, although I have never attempted running. Cycling is/was my ‘thang’ and I am gradually building it up again. There is a short, steep-ish road on my way back from the shops (with overloaded panniers, usually!) and yesterday I was pleased to find I got up it quite easily. Early Sept, when I started Fast Diet, I was having to get off and push.

    Splash, just keep in mind your intention to go to the gym but if you really find it too difficult this week, hope you will get your confidence back soon. Any news on your gym buddy? Hope she is on the mend. Steady weight loss, steady exercise increase, is my hope for all of us on here.

    I used my TDEE as my calorie guide again today. It’s funny, I used to hate the idea of counting calories everyday but I don’t mind at all with this system. I suppose I don’t have the sense of ‘continual deprivation’ that I used to have on conventional diets. In fact, I am amazed at how full I feel eating my 1814 cals per TDEE day.

    Happy Thursdays!

    Cycling is good although I sold my road bike – one fall off that thing and I couldn’t be convinced to get back on it! The couch to 5k is great – I was never a big runner either but to be able to say ‘I can run a 5k run without wanting to die’ is a bit of an achievement.

    2nd fast day today. On non fast days I am trying to stay at the lower end of the TDEE range. It’s not that hard for me, I’m not a big eater anyway, never have been – not on a regular basis. So yesterday I think I got to maybe 1250 if I was lucky and that was with ordering pizza because we’ve been so darned busy that I couldn’t face cooking! I just wanted a night off!!!

    Hope everyone has a great day 🙂

    Sorry I haven’t posted for a few days. I thought my computer had died but luckily my techie friend sorted it for me – phew!

    Glad you did 2 fast days this week, Brisv. So that’s your first week done. Yay!!

    I fasted on Thurs so will do tomorrow and get my 2nd day for this week in.

    Hope you’re ok too, Splash. I think I’ll try fasting for the same 2 days per week, as you do, and see how that feels for a month or so. Maybe it will help prevent me resisting, as I have done the past couple of weeks, where I ended up only fasting once each week.

    Enjoy your Sunday!

    Just a quick reply today as just about to start consulting!
    No weightloss this week, but seems to be a pattern – lose, nothing, lose, nothing…..
    all good.. happy… am keeping on with program!

    Glad you’re ok with your progress, Splash. Like you say, overall it’s a downward trend (like my bank account haha).

    Sunday fast was pretty tough but I was very pleased that I achieved 2 fasts last week. Glad to be back on track. Decided not to leave it so late in the week to start, so I’m fasting today and will then have more choice later in week as to which day suits me best for my 2nd one. (not started regular fast days yet.)

    Keep happy and motivated, guys!


    PS What’s the temp in Oz now? We’ve had the ‘warmest October on record’ but that’s all changed today. I’m typing this wearing a pair of fingerless mittens 😀

    Well Melbourne Cup yesterday ruined my chance of ‘planned’ fast days so I’m fasting today. And I’ll have to fast on Sunday because even if it was advisable I couldn’t pull off two days running….

    The temp here in Brisbane has been around the 25 mark but we’ve had some really hot days – up in the high 30’s. My pool started leaking on Sunday night which was quite a cause for concern (for me) but it turned out to be a minor issue and a friend who is a diver fixed it up for me no worries at all yesterday. So we will be back in operation on the weekend with a swimmable pool. I have a feeling we might need it.

    I have a headache today. Trying to decide if it’s extreme tiredness, the 3 glasses of champagne I had yesterday, or the fact that I’m fasting which in itself is a mini detox twice a week (I detox really quickly).

    Well I hope everyone is well. Have a great day!

    HI Everyone!
    Well on the 2nd fasting day this week…have a mild headache today but don’t think it is related to the fasting but then again it could be with the weather getting hotter and I may need to drink more water!

    Eating okay still…. still head hunger and 2nd voice in my head! Not going to the gym but am happy with what I am doing at the moment.

    Hopefully with the trend that i have been on, this week will be my loss week! Seems that I lose nothing or gain about 200gms, then the following week i lose 1kg! Overall at least the weight is going down… slowly but surely! I will only start to ‘panic’ if I gain a few weeks in a row or stop losing altogether. Then I will add an extra fasting day to shake things up a bit!

    Work is good, earning some extra $$ doing some extra typing. hopefully will save enough to redo my kitchen next year!

    Hello there

    With fasting Sunday and yesterday, I experienced ‘AF’ (alternate day fasting) for the first time. Quite demanding but I got into the swing of it. Not sure I’d want to do it every week like you do though, Splash. (On Mon and Wed, I mean). And I certainly don’t think I’d like to do it as a full time approach.

    Wow, a pool – that sounds wonderful, both for cooling down and for exercise.

    I went into town today, which I hate. It’s so hectic. I had some depression/anxiety probs a few years ago and, though I’m a lot better, I still hate crowded, soulless places like the city centre. (Christmas commercial pressure is starting to be cranked up, too.) So as a learned response the ‘head hunger’ began nagging at me. Regular readers 😉 might remember last time I was in town, about a month ago, I succumbed to chocolate cravings. Today I reminded myself that it was a fantasy and that I wouldn’t enjoy it if I did have some: it’s such a synthetic taste to me now. I bought a banana and some grapes at the end of the trip and had them on the bus home. Happy with that.

    Splash, I know it’s hard but do your best to concentrate on the means, not the end. That’s ‘Do as I say not as I do’ advice lol, as I am forever looking to the future and hoping I can drop to the next dress size asap, rather than simply taking one day at a time. You’ve done brilliantly so far and, fear not, you’ll carry on with your strategy and reach your goals.

    Brisv, hope the fast yesterday went well. How is it fasting at the weekend for you, with it probably being a family orientated day? I’m pretty glad I live alone, when it comes to fasting, as I don’t have to take anyone else’s meals into consideration. Main thing is, good luck!

    Keep cool, if you can, chaps, and drink plenty 🙂

    That’s what my issue with Sunday is really – I am not sure how I will go with fasting on a ‘family’ day. Although my son has an oztag carnival Sunday so maybe it won’t be so hard after all – I’ll be spending a lot of time watching his games and I can just have my water bottle handy.

    I haven’t weighed myself for a while which I know is kind of counter intuitive to the whole ‘thing’ of diets but I got out of the habit years ago and never really got back into it. What I do know, though, is that my waist is steadily declining which is a good thing. That belly fat is the best stuff to shift!

    I’ll keep cool – my office is airconditioned lol 🙂

    Yes, air conditioning offices where would we be without them!
    I am really happy with myself.. yesterday only had 1 coffee, water and dinner. Stopped myself from having anymore after dinner…. which is a bit achievement for me!
    Today have been good so far with eating. Had liteneasy breakfast and lunch. Going to meet a friend for coffee this afternoon so going to be strong and not have any sweets ie cake! Dinner not sure what I feel like yet which is a bit dangerous as usually get something that I shouldn’t! LOL… if I do I will make sure only to have a small portion!

    Other than that… feeling rather good. Hopefully the scales will have a drop this week, but then again if it doesn’t it might be the kick in the behind I need to go to they gym for treadmilling again! LOL

    All ok here too.

    Pouring with rain most of the day and the 10 day forecast doesn’t show much variation. Lovely prospect!

    My biggest struggle continues to be sticking to my TDEE on non FDs. I am very resistant to counting calories, except on FDs, when I take it is a spur to being creative with what meals I prepare. I had a real blowout yesterday but funnily enough it didn’t feel as binge-y as it would have been the other day in town, had I bought some chocolate. But I so easily tell myself ‘Hey,I deserve a treat, or two ….or three’ and that’s what happened yesterday. I was aware that it could lead to me sabotaging my good work on FDs this week, so decided to fast today, rather than wait till weekend. That’s going fine, though felt freezing again before I had my dinner. Just had my soup and am warm again now 🙂

    Splash, I guess lite and easy takes a fair bit of the TDEE guesswork out for you? Brisv, you said you generally ate below your tdee on ‘feed’ days, so do I take it you count calories then, too? Although you did also say you’re not generally a big eater. Trouble is, I am, I know I am! I love feeling full. On the other hand (I’m just thinking aloud here, guys) I just read back through the past couple of weeks and found I said I was amazed at how full I felt one day when I did keep to my TDEE. So I think I had better challenge my own resistance and give TDEE cal counting and meal planning another go. Maybe I’ll commit to doing it 2 days per week (like fasting) and permit myself to eat ‘ad lib’ on the other 3 and see how that goes for a few weeks.

    Hope you all have a great weekend. Enjoy your fasts, your food, your fun X

    Well… I think it is time….. for…. the…. blinckin…. dreaded….. treadmill! No weightloss for 2 weeks now and no exercise in those 2 weeks. I think my metabolism is so totally stuffed that I think even just going that once per week was helping shift my weight…. soooooo with dread and I can tell you dread it is off to the treadmill for me this week… at least once! LOL

    Oh, mate, best of luck with it and congrats on your determination. Any sign of your gym buddy to go with you?

    I’ve come down with a virus. It feels as though I’ve got flu: aches, exhaustion but at least no cough or cold. So I’m not worrying about diet at moment.

    Take care and will think of you on the t~%@>mill!

    Well.. still no treadmill…LOL.. nothing unusual for me as you all know that I dread, hate, dislike, can’t stand the gym! LOL LOL

    Eating well this week. I did jump on the scales this morning and have lost about 400gms which I am pleased with. I have been trying not to weigh myself during the week and only do it once per week, but thought I might try and give myself a boost (if I lost weight) or a kick up the butt (if I hadn’t! LOL)…

    what I have gotten out of this week is that I haven’t quit the program which I think is an accomplishment in itself as usually when I hit the no weightloss mark I give up and eat stupidly! This time I am not phased and will just continue on with my 2 fasting days and will see how I go… NO STRESSING!

    Eventually I will get to that dreaded place called the gym. My weightloss buddy is still out of action until 1st week in December… so things will improve when she is back on track… hopefully she is determined more than me to get to the gym and lose weight so that way she will kick my butt into gear to get on the treadmill with her! LOL..

    Hope you have all been ticking along with fasting days etc….

    sorry to hear that you have been unwell BB… hope you are getting better!

    Hi sorry I’ve been a bit manic with work.

    BB – I did say I don’t eat much and sometimes I’ll count calories just as an interest type of thing to see how much I HAVE eaten for the day.

    I’ve done 3 fast days this week because, let’s face it, Sunday was a bad idea right from the start.

    I’m finding on non fast days I’m really not craving anything bad? Only good food? Is this normal? Not complaining at all!

    Well I’ve walked twice this week and will have a pt session on Saturday. Missed my second session for the week (Monday) due to work and life commitments. Ugh. Xmas time – trying to clear the office out.

    Sorry to hear you are unwell BB – I hope it’s a speedy recovery.

    Splash – just do what you can do 🙂

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